Defending Jacob – Series Review

published on July 2, 2020

defending Jacob is a new show that just

had its finale on Apple TV and it stars

Chris Evans Michelle Dockery and Jayden

Martel and is based off of the book by

William Landy and it was created by mark

bomback so Chris Evans plays an

assistant DA he has a very nice life he

loves his family things are going well

he likes his job and then one day a

young kid is brutally murdered the

bodies found in a park and his son is

implicated in the murder and a lot of

the evidence points to his son there's

not a lot of key figures in this murder

most everything seems to suggest that

his son did it but his son Jacob is very

confident that he's innocent and what

this show explores is what a family

that's accused of a crime like this goes

through in explicit detail for some

people that might be a little boring it

could drag a bit because you're going to

see just about everything that might

affect a family that's going through a

very public disaster like this the

family has to start shopping for

groceries at like 6:00 in the morning

right when a store opens to make sure

there's not a lot of customers that

could see them and they have a hard time

going out in public and since Chris

Evans character is an assistant DA

obviously he can't really be involved

with the law or any legal consequences

or decisions for other people's lives

when his son is being tried for murder

and of course all this is taking a toll

on Jacob as well because kids at school

are looking through his social media

posts things that he said in the past

they are looking into every single thing

he ever said at any point in time in

public or in private and trying to make

it seem like he's a murderer and this is

where the show really excels the family

drama around this situation you really

start to feel the weight of it it really

begins to feel like you're watching a

family that's their lives are fucking

over even if the kids innocent they have

nothing to go back to after this so the

whole series has this feeling of dread

that never really goes away because we

also flash forward to the future and we

see that Chris Evans is involved in some

kind of a hearing and he just looks

gaunt and you're thinking to yourself if

that's in the future what happens in

between now and then that gets him to

that point and so the whole show has a

lot of tension built up from that where

the show is

week is the fact that it can stretch

things out a bit it's eight episodes I

think it might have been better as six

there's some episodes in the middle

where it seems like not a lot is learned

you don't really get a lot of info and

since except for the first three

episodes that all dropped at once the

next ones were dropped once a week you

know you can't really Bingen so you're

sort of like you're hoping for

information and sometimes you're not

getting it

and in that way the show can drag a bit

but the performances are absolutely

great Chris Evans gives one of his best

performances I think he's really really

good in this show and Michelle Dockery I

think might be the best performance in

the whole show she's brilliant jaidynn

Martel is really good and what's so good

about his performance he might have the

most difficult one actually because the

thing that's most interesting about the

show is that you're not exactly sure if

he's innocent or guilty there's a lot of

the show where you're wondering I don't

know he kind of seems like maybe he did


but then there's evidence that presents

itself that makes it seem like he didn't

he's that perfect modern portrayal of a

kid who through social media makes jokes

doesn't realize the implications of said

jokes and then when accused of something

like this doesn't know how to come to

terms with that and everyone looks at

everything this kid has ever written and

just uses it as confirmation that the

kids are murderer so in that way the

show is fascinating because it's able to

take tropes and cliches of a former

legal dramas and apply them to today and

you can see how they change with

modern-day technology the show also had

some surprise casting that I don't want

to spoil it for you so at this point I'm

going to talk a little bit about

spoilers and that's your warning if you

haven't seen the show I do recommend

that you check it out

I don't love everything about it we'll

get into some of that in a second but

there's your spoiler warning JK Simmons

shows up and I had no idea he was in the

show he plays Chris Evans father who's

been in jail for many years for a

terrible crime and that relationship and

the dynamic there I thought was very


acting was phenomenal what I didn't like

about this show was the final episode

the second to final episode is

amazing it's the best episode in the

entire show thus far really riveting the

courtroom proceedings you know it just

feels like everything is happening and

the family is just fucked like you're

like okay they're done after that

episode you have no idea how they're

gonna claw their way out of this

situation but from the beginning of the

final episode

it just takes this turn where the case

is over somebody confesses to it and

then they just go on a vacation and it

just slows way down and all of a sudden

you're wondering where the show is going

they present a maybe scenario where

another girl goes missing and Jacob was

the last person to have seen her and for

a while you were like oh my god this kid

get away with it did he do it again you

find out that JK Simmons character paid

a guy to confess and then that guy

killed that person making it look like a

suicide with a confession and so now

you're wondering okay did Jacob actually

do it like the confirmation you thought

you got which you were hoping for for

eight episodes suddenly doesn't matter

and now you're left wondering again but

the red herring situation they set up

with this little girl while they're on

vacation she shows back up again she's

fine it wasn't Jacob but in between that

time frame Chris Evans confesses to his

wife that he knows his father set up

that suicide confession and it was

actually a homicide so it just seems

like this weird red herring scenario

that was used to make the family

situation even worse the mom goes out

with her kid one day smashes their car

into the side of a fucking tunnel

because she's just so angry at her kid

and believes her kids are murderer but

then the characters don't even die

they're in a hospital and Evans is just

sitting there and apparently the mother

has now lost her memory of plowing her

car into the side of this tunnel and in

attempts to kill herself and her child

and because of this memory loss I guess

we're just back to square one now and

the only person who knows anything is

Chris Evans who's sitting there terribly

sad and it just ends this to me was an

extremely disappointing finale and I was

sort of pulling for this show because it

didn't get great reviews but this fan

I just felt like such a whimper you know

like the entire show I felt this did he

do it or didn't he do it tension and for

the final episode just kind of be like I

don't know

I love ambiguity I really do

I am always pushing for it but when your

entire series an 8 hour event is

basically about did he or didn't he and

then at the end you're like I don't know

to me that feels lazy it's kind of a

cop-out I like that idea

it's just that when your whole show

relies on that builds up tension and

then in the end you don't really have a

release for it that's disappointing

still I think defending Jacob is worth

watching and I'm gonna give it a B I

would have given it a much higher grade

if they stuck that landing but what I

did like about the show is the way it

just in grotesque

almost detail shows what a family can go

through when they're accused of

something like this and I thought that

aspect of the show was riveting the

performances in the direction are super

strong and the writing is very good but

that final episode just didn't do it for

me well guys thank you so much as always

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