Decentraland Complete Review – Future Third Dimension?

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

If you thought that cryptocurrency was crazy you haven't seen anything yet decentraland is making a 3d virtual world you can put these virtual goggles on and immerse yourself in it and they're selling plots of land for thousands of dollars you wouldn't

Believe how much the prices of these lands are selling for okay in this video I'm going to do a complete review slash tutorial make my own plot of land and basically a walk-through of this virtual world

Keep watching what's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video you would think this is a gaming video but it's not it's cryptocurrency real world crypto is being traded in exchange for these crazy pieces of land

Let me scroll back real quick gonna show you guys well would like whoa this is crazy a virtual world owned by its users built explore and earn money from your creations so you can spend real money

Cryptocurrency to purchase these plots of lands guys I want you to think about an entrepreneur that's for example selling t-shirts or something that perches you know a plot of land in this digital world and sells this t-shirt I

Just just imagine that you know the reason why I never went brick-and-mortar with my business and I like to online marketing is because you know a lot of brick-and-mortar businesses are going out of business right with decentraland

That is kind of merging both weird worlds into some type of crazy new invention that we have never heard of but before we get started guys if you haven't already subscribed to my channel my name is Alex I talk about everything

Internet entrepreneurial if you're looking me to make money on the internet this is definitely the channel for you do me a favor hit that subscribe button as well as the push notification bell so you can get the videos first I usually

Talk about more money stuff but you know I decided to take a little a little break from that it's a little bit more fun right here so let's jump in to decentralise very interesting stuff here so basically it's it's just owned by its

Users they use the blockchain to give real-world value to the plots of land so you can actually buy a piece of land now let me go to the market place first and show you guys you know how much these are going for so like for example let's

Just click get started here this is the world now obviously it doesn't look really too crazy or anything like that but they eventually plan on actually integrating like virtual goggles so if you have the HTC vive or you know I

Don't know if any of you guys have actually played virtual reality games but it's already pretty crazy it's already pretty realistic imagine in five years when graphics increases that's the only thing stopping us from not being in

Another parallel universe is the fact that graphics is just not there yet even though it's pretty dang close it's pretty dang close and it's only gonna get better and better so something like this look cube

Advertising like what what you can advertise on this right now let me just show you guys what type this type of stuff is selling for so we copy this right here they basically sell for mana so if we go

To coin market capcom and we search up the cryptocurrency mana or however you pronounce it mana or whatever decentraland mana let's see exactly going for right here point oh point zero two cents two cents

Two point five cents so if we take a calculator here and we put in how much that was going from times point zero to five that's selling for three hundred dollars now that's just like one place these are you guys you can advertise on

Is it brick-and-mortar is it online advertising I don't know I honestly just don't know I don't know you go to the cheapest ones there's also really expensive ones let's go to let's try to find like a super expensive one so I

Could show you look at this Oh Mike this is crazy let's see how much this is going for and you can see look people are bidding for it for a huge amounts of money you know it's selling for huge amounts it's not like someone's

Just throwing up a price of their know this is actually selling people are actually interested in this point zero to five that's selling for fourteen about $15,000 $15,000 for a virtual world a virtual world okay this is guys

You know I always talk about you know price predictions always talk about how to analyze cryptocurrencies all that good stuff you know it's great and all but this is why I like cryptocurrency man you can't do this anywhere else you

Can't just sell it $15,000 virtua-pod of land anywhere else why because the blockchain decentralized is the way we store value on the internet this is possible and can't be recreated right so think about like a video or something

Somebody can go pirate that off you know the pirate beta org or steal order copy it you can't copy this plot of land it has inherit value that's what people don't get it's not just about the coin it's not just about I hate the world

Word cryptocurrency I really do because it's not a cryptocurrency it's a technology a coin and asset whatever all these things mix into one and it gives you capabilities to do stuff like this right so now I you know you can go and

Search it for yourself you know I plan on buying you know maybe one cheap plot of land for like 250 dollars or something like that just to play with it again guys all my videos as well as this one not investment advice this is just

Fun interesting new things that you can look into and let me just go back let's create a plot of land here let's just create my own land if it wants me to go to let's go to D central and try this again here let's just click here website

I'm gonna create my own land and I'm going to make it the best land that anybody's ever seen before let's go to the Builder we're going to start building boom so from when I first saw this it will see I made my own

Little weird scene when I first saw this you know it was not this developed I could see that they've been putting a lot of work into it I know hence the price has been going up let's go to coin mark Cabot I call me just

Confirm that see I'm not talking out of my my head you know hold on one second go to mana let's see so from looking at the chart you know hasn't been going up lately but at one point it has investment potential to bind to mana was

Worth 15 cents you know it's been going to but it's not you know it's not the it's not an investment coin the whole point is that when people start to use this stuff then the value increase isn't it crazy but let's just be honest here

Is the craziest game I've ever seen on cryptocurrency there's all types of weird games that you can get into a smart contracts and stuff that are boring and don't do anything but this one is actually kind of real I wish that

You guys can see like now III when my my actually HTC vive recently broke but when I did have it you know if you guys have never experienced virtual reality you're gonna understand why I think this stuff is crazy I mean you guys are

Seeing like the 2d version of me just being on the computer you know like this world here let's actually put something in there but when you put the goggles on it feels like you're generally in a different world especially if you could

Have good audio I don't know if this is what is this I don't know Exodus HTC let's see sci-fi you guys know I like sci-fi let's see if some put a boulder on there the two boulders on there it's it's a different world though I mean

Like if you ever played like a video game let's say you need to do it you need to do it if you're interested in games and it's so funny because a lot of people scared of it man I don't see why you'd be scared of it I get it you know

It could be a different world in all these movies you know making it look like the virtual world is the worst thing ever it's gonna take over our lives but I don't know I think it's cool I like to think of it you know as a good

Thing obviously it could be a double-edged sword people can over can use it too much and abuse it but personally you know think about it man you can have a digital conference or somebody in China and you can they can

See your body language when you're pitching them think about as a sale salesperson when you're talking to somebody trying to sell them something they can see your body language they can see you're serious right you have a

Virtual conference and have to leave your your home in your house on D Central and write it you could have an impression on the Internet like somebody walked out nice house we spent some money on this all right sit

Down at the table we'll have a conversation and sell something and actually make money is this I don't know is it brick-and-mortar I don't know is it I don't think it is it's just another virtual world that you could potentially

Make money off of I know when I make money and it's actually if it takes off which I think it I have high hopes for I mean there's a lot of people building on it I would not mind buying a virtual plot of land and working out of it and

Selling whatever I have to offer out of it that wouldn't why would that be a bad thing and they could pay me a mana you know it's just more ways to get your product out this is like people are not thinking about this type of stuff right

You got to do things different all right I made a little land here with some stuff I'm not a designer I am a youtuber there's a completely different thing I'm just exit out of that let's jump into it okay so I mean I know my girlfriend when

She gets into the games like she hates like this kind of like childish looking thing but it's what we got now man it's what we guys probably what's gonna only work Oh what is this interested in can I go in there no but there's a it's what

We got you know it's not gonna be super realistic hopefully in the future that's a thing but people's computers are just not powerful enough for that so you know this is what we got for now and I think it's really interesting we know for what

It is what is that Oh what did I just pick up what I don't know what I just did whatever but you know you see you guys see it for yourself very different let me try to click that open it's not opening but there's other

Videos you guys can see on YouTube walkthrough videos of people kind of just going and actually showing the land I believe you have to be a developer or creator or something to do that I'm not jumping too deep in it maybe I'll buy a

Plot of land or something like that but it's you know the only video games I play is called duty the new Call of Duty so I think I really been playing life is like my video games playing just playing guys just joking I like video games too

You know that's really it guys I mean you could buy you look at it for yourself do your own research something you want to invest in mana you know I wouldn't be opposed to it I don't see why not

This is they're actually doing it they're actually executing that's what we look for guys why we look for execution they're actually executing they're having like all the easy designer meetups and stuff like that and

Contests to design your own whatever and I think that's very interesting I just really do think that this is just the future for sure and keep in mind your seat you're looking at it on an 2d or like on a computer you're not looking at

It in the world that's there's a night and day difference there is a night and day different you never have virtual reality I highly suggest you guys look into it and try it for yourself because it's very interesting but let's go to

The website see if there's anything else that we can look at hold on one second click website here alright if it wants to load for me yeah so I mean other than that you guys have a builder there you can play around build your own land put

On the goggles they have white paper let's build together they have coding scenes you can I don't know if you guys are into 3d modeling or anything like that it's something you can jump into potentially make some money you can make

Your own avatar and everything how you look all you have to do is go wow that's interesting so yeah cool this is man I don't know I just think it's really really cool but that's it for this video guys if you like the quality of content

I knows a little bit different but I like making fun type of videos like this just to get your mind off of you know the price of cryptocurrency cuz again it's not it's not just a an asset that you can make money off of it's it's more

Than that there's a lot of a lot to do with this technology and behind the scenes what's going on pretty interesting in my opinion but if you like the qualities content hit like if you don't leave some constructive

Criticisms subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys I'll catch you in the next one

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