Dear Apple

by birtanpublished on September 12, 2020

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed one fell down and bumped his head mama called the doctor then the doctor said no more monkeys jumping on the bed I have been thinking you know a couple days ago I made a video about the upcoming iPhone se the iPhone se second

Generation or two whatever you choose to call it well a lot of people were interested in that video and it appears many people wanted to hear some thoughts about that upcoming device of course people on either side as would be the

Case with any popular device release but prior to making that video you know I was browsing the press release just like anyone else would be that's the place that the news broke there was no event so we're looking at it iPhone se a

Powerful new smartphone in a popular design April 15th and I'm scrolling this press release and I get to the bottom here as you would and I see this spot press contacts press contacts okay these are people you get in touch with if you

Are in the press or media or on YouTube and I realized I haven't really talked to you guys all that much about my relationship or lack thereof with Apple specifically even though Apple has begun to embrace the YouTube community in

Certain facets the relationship between myself this community unbox therapy and them sort of non-existent well completely non-existent to be honest if a product from Apple shows up on the show it's because I went out of my way

To get it and I don't mind for the record because it's obviously content you guys want to see and it's what you click on and so it's part of the business the way I look at it but I'm sitting there scrolling the the thing

And thinking to myself why does it have to be that way is there no potential path forward in which unbox therapy becomes a place where Apple does send those review units and you guys can actually get this content

Their upcoming devices as soon as those other places on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet now for a very long time Apple didn't embrace the YouTube community at all and so for that transition to this new model I applaud

Them to embrace anyone on this new media platform the one that you guys participate in the one that you guys are so enthusiastic about but it just got me thinking about how we got to this place because obviously the unbox therapy

Community it's a huge community now and it's actually it's kind of unfortunate to be honest that that dialog doesn't exist so that you guys get the most timely Apple content but instead often if you want to watch something here and

From me you have to wait until the product is publicly available and if I can get it on the first day and then rush to make a video and other other people have had the opportunity to spend time with the device and publish a video

Right on the embargo date which is often actually a little bit before you can even buy the device in the first place so it got me thinking about the history the origin with Apple and it actually even motivated me to finally send an

Email to Apple directly YES on my personal behalf but also just on behalf of the community in general the whole many millions of us here that participate in this thing that are enthusiastic and so on so I went

Backwards to figure out how we got here and it made me realize just how big of a role Apple and Apple's products have played in the success and progression of unbox therapy and how much they've contributed to the development of the

Tech scene as a whole we all owe them something here's a video of mine from March 11th 2011 and I consider this video it seems crazy it has a hundred and thirty nine thousand views today six hundred and ninety-one thumbs up I

Consider this video to be the jump off point for this entire channel it's a crazy story behind this video it's an iPad 2 unboxing video I was in Buffalo New York even though I'm based in Toronto because this

Was available in the US first so I drove down there I actually did the unboxing video inside of a Starbucks with everybody watching I set up a tripod they were looking at me all strange because it was the hottest product at

The moment and believe it or not when I made that video I still had notifications turned on for new subscribers on the channel that's right and my phone began to pop off like crazy and it was a it was mass confusion for

Me but it was also a sense of giddiness that this thing that I was passionate about technology was going to become something that I could do professionally that was the first kind of inkling for me that that was going to be possible

And of course it was on the back of the popularity and hype surrounding an iPad and iPad 2 that I unboxed in a minute and 53 seconds inside of a Starbucks in Buffalo New York it's kind of incredible so of course I turned off notifications

At that point and I got down to business now the next video I want to highlight it was called the MacBook Air affair and it is something completely off the wall that I did in August of that same year in 2011 when I got the new MacBook Air

And it kind of made the MacBook Pro jealous well you'll have to watch it to believe it I still don't believe it to this day to be honest I'm doing some acting it was fun to make some people still reference it of the 47,000 people

That even know it exists but again showcasing sort of the history with Apple before the next big event which seems to be this seems to be the most important event leading to where we're at today in terms of the lack of a

Relationship between Apple and unbox therapy that video right here iPhone 6 plus bend test I don't know if it's the most-watched tech video ever that isn't a commercial but it it just it was a it was an out-of-body

Experience this particular event I've talked about it in the past but it's just hard to really encompass what you're going through when something like that happens it has 72 million views to this day I think it was the third or

Fourth most watched video that year according to some data that YouTube sent me in this video if you're unfamiliar it's an iPhone 6 plus I talked about the rumors that it was

Bending I bend it on camera and then everything explodes in the universe and all of a sudden I'm all Bloomberg and I'm doing interviews and it's a whole crazy whirlwind now I'm not trying to claim innocence here I knew it was gonna

Be a hit but the channel was so much smaller at the time that you don't truly understand the scale of a properly viral video which that one was I was getting stopped in the street maybe more than ever you're the guy that bent the iPhone

It started to become an entire identity not one that I perceived to that extent I'd be lying if I said I knew this was gonna get 72 million views I just didn't know that people were sending me texts my grandma doesn't want to buy the new

Phone because it bends it just got blown up now I need to be clear I feel like since a lot of people here are probably new I didn't know if it was gonna Bend or not I figured maybe I could but it was not something anyone had ever talked

About in smartphones previously and you could choose to believe me or not but the initial motivation and this is this is another crazy story the initial motivation to even attempt it didn't come from a blog post that I read it

Came from a family member of mine who was snowboarding with the phone two days after it came out or whatever this was fell on his butt took it out of his back pocket and it was bent and sent me a photo of it bent knowing what I do for a

Living he asked me what he should do he said should I take this back to Apple will they even do anything I said there's no way it bent I couldn't believe him I just didn't believe it was possible and of course the rest is

History since then there's so much that transpired I had fun with it I played it up I made follow-up videos I bent other phones and if I'm Apple at that point I'm thinking to myself who is this guy this guy's just taking his stuff we work

For years on and bending it in half course in the meantime you get to build up this tremendous audience that's you guys who sit there and think well I gotta watch this channel because who knows what's gonna happen and

Entertainment and surprising things have kind of been part of the DNA of the channel at least compared to the rest of the tech scene for a while now I'm not trying to brag you know that I tend to treat things just a little bit

Differently than everyone else now in the meantime I didn't really enjoy bending these things I kind of did it progressively after that video only because honestly people were kind of demanding it it became a meme and now

There's even somebody on YouTube who essentially took the whole role completely and turned it into a viable profitable business and of course I'm talking about jerry-rigged I didn't want to do that I kind of put it down after

That particular video but I it's totally understandable obviously people are interested the view count doesn't lie but a lot has changed since then I went on to make another video where I got kind of artistic because of the fact

That I didn't have access to these devices early I would always try and think of some other angle to play up on the new iPhone when I did finally get my hands on it cuz it felt like so many impressions were already out there from

The event or from the early access where people could publish the video before I've even seen it so I made a video like this one don't buy the iPhone eight buy the iPhone 8 and this honestly this might be the most fun I ever had making

A video I got to play two roles actually acting the dilemma between being on either side of the fence that the debate between whether you need something or don't need something need to upgrade your phone want a new phone is your new

Phone your old phone over again is it enough of an improvement it was this internal debate and dilemma that I go through as a person with this job but also that you probably go through as a user as a consumer trying to figure out

What's right for you how much you should spend when you should upgrade all these questions that come up frequently that video aimed to kind of encompass that entire feeling that entire narrative they

Didn't do a good job I don't know I like like I said it was fun to make if you haven't seen it you can go decide for yourself some people got it plenty of people didn't get it but that's kind of I mean that's the risk you take if

You're gonna try to do something that's a bit different from what you normally or typically do alright so here we are now that was 2017 and I've been making tech videos for over ten years it's a crazy thought it's hard to

Comprehend there's over 1500 uploads thousands of uploads so many tech products covered and Apple has been a constant in there in that time the channel has grown tremendously there are now over 16

Million people in the subscriber community of unbox therapy and I feel that the time is right to kind of put this narrative aside and to move forward to give you guys essentially what you deserve and maybe even what I deserve to

Have the privilege of covering Apple products of getting hands on the Apple products in line at the same time as the other people who have that advantage who put things out onto the web in advance to create a dialogue between

Unbox therapy and Apple that allows for timely coverage that allows for me to bring to you Apple content when you want it instead of after the fact instead of after you're making a decision on whether or not you want to preorder

Something see that's where things get difficult if you know you want to preorder something and you've got limited content to go on and one of those pieces of content isn't here and you do value my impression then that's a

Blind spot that's a piece that you just don't have simply because Apple and myself can't exchange a few emails and arrange it and that's unfortunate now I feel the need to say this not to apply any kind of pressure to Apple honestly

Apple if you're watching you should know things continue either way I'm obviously going to cover this stuff it's two important a component in the tech realm for me to ignore I'll just have to continue doing it the way that I have

Been but I do feel the need to say that every other brand on the planet does have a dialogue with unbox therapy well maybe not every brand but all the big brands find a way to get their products here in line with the various other

Outlets and I realize that's a privilege I realize there's many of you watching who may be an upstart youtuber you may have even been at it for a while and you still don't have that privilege so I don't take it for granted I do

Truthfully appreciate it you're behind the scenes maybe when the video cameras aren't rolling it's a tough thing to discuss and talk about but if you're talking about Samsung obviously you guys saw the oneplus coverage which hit the

The Internet it hit the YouTube page like nothing we've ever seen before across the long list of various influencers or youtubers which is I guess a term that I prefer if I'm forced to choose one of them is it a perfect

System absolutely not I can see your skepticism you sit there and say well we we like it the way it is you would sit there and say Lou this frees you up this lets you speak your mind well I don't want to change that for the record I

Want to write an email to Apple today and I want to make it clear that I can't really change that and if you're wondering why you're involved it's because you're the reason that they may comply because of this audience you're a

Part of it it's collective it's progressive this thing doesn't exist without you so this is sent to the generic media email at Apple I don't want to single out any particular press contact I have spoke to Apple in a very

Limited fashion in the past but it never really evolved into anything meaningful so I want to start fresh with the generic media help at the subject Apple and unbox therapy here's the message hello it's been a while

Since we last spoke and I appreciate that you've been busy since our last conversation unbox therapy has grown into one of the largest tech communities in the world full of passionate technology fans as you guys

It appears that Apple is now actively engaging with the YouTube community through the seeding of review units unfortunately reliable dialogue between Apple and unbox therapy hasn't yet materialized I'm hoping this email can

Change that I'd like to formally apply for the privilege of receiving Apple product review units this would allow me to better serve the growing unbox therapy community and their appetite for timely Apple content of course when

Covering Apple products or any brand for that matter I'll need the freedom to express my thoughts accordingly however I will commit to covering Apple products with respect and appreciation the new iPhone

Se is around the corner and I'd love to get started thanks for your consideration sincerely Lou and a link to the unbox therapy channel what will happen from here of course I don't know the ball is

In their court and honestly to you guys if no response takes place nothing changes here you just have to continue to wait a couple of extra days for me to get my hands on new Apple products or in some cases maybe a week is it ideal no

But it hasn't been to this point and we've still found a way to cope if this goes through it will simply create equal footing between this community on unbox therapy and the other channels and outlets that have this particular

Privilege all right so what do you guys say shall we send it there's the button right there three two one bang that's real that just happened that's going to Apple now now one thing I don't want you guys to do is to harass Apple to make

Them respawn honestly it's up to them they're a company they're a business they get to make these decisions it's within their right this is by no means a demand which is why the email was written the way that it was

I want you to know nothing changes on this channel I'm still me I still speak I can't help it it's just what happens and I need to let you guys know before I take off because I've involved you in something kind of intimate kind of

Behind the scenes right now then none of this happens without you I've told you before and I know it can sound old because you've heard it on a platform so many times but I have this position in life where I get to engage with the

Things that I like most technology and sometimes it's easy to forget you have these things lying around you're deep in the job and you can forget what that privilege is like and ultimately it's you guys who enable it so this right

Here if this is a win it's a win for us collectively and I will work my best to keep bringing you value and to continue to try to be as useful as possible as I can in your world when it comes to you making decisions about how to spend your


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