Deaf rappers are def

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

a lot of deaf people are into hip-hop it

makes sense there's heavy bass there's

words that can be signed and so it only

makes sense that there are now rappers

numerous rappers who can't hear much of

anything so to get this out of the way

death is the preferred term I thought it

was hearing impaired but it turns out

that shit is played out and we're back

to death you might have seen that video


Halim an EAD unseated Lydia Callis is

America's favorite sign language

interpreter when Bonnaroo enlisted her

to sign for artists like wu-tang clan

and killer Mike that video is just the

tip of hip-hop's online ASL ice berg

knowledge eyes

you tell my thing and I'm like the

masses now I'm back with this camera you

look at the eizember I know what you

said isn't area to never fuck nobody

without telling me

Sean Floyd's had deaf raps first hit

with I'm deaf thank you the base camp

you the Tropic lat what do you accept

he's a multi-instrumentalist who

produces his own tracks but raps because

according to him you don't want to hear

me sing not all the songs are about

being deaf but it does make for the best

wordplay ha ha talk about the death

death to sums up something about the

death poop when forbes tours he brings

his own vibrating dance floor which

sounds pretty fun he also co-founded the

deaf professional arts network or deep

and who make music videos for deaf

audiences no one else we walk to school

bow sounds good

uniforms from chasing

feather signmark a Finnish rapper signed

to Warner Brothers in Europe he deals

almost exclusively in Deaf culture in

history and he only signs his rhymes

while a hearing counterpart vocalizes a

vacuum monkey sounds like they're often

fair kids got here because gave me the

game stare and he almost represented

Finland in the 2009 Eurovision contest

almost knocking at your front door

demanded you to the meadow you need to

get on my level to know what I'm about

Prince D is just both Forbes and


the former for sounding death and the

latter for using a hearing person to rap

for him he also claims to be the first

deaf rapper and a shit does bang we pump

enough to from that be spoken though yo

got me so hot we think in the gochang

born Darius McCall Prince recently was a

subject of an extensive feature in Spin

where he stressed his ultimate goal of

crossing over to a hearing audience

which is really the final hill to climb

and also a subject that greatly divides

the deaf community


so there's definite of medical condition

in death as a cultural identity and

rappers like Prince Dee aren't immune

from the accusation that they're trying

to act hearing it's a pretty familiar

refrain when someone from a marginalized

group appears to be trying to cross over

for a mainstream audience but really we

have deaf athletes we have deaf Oscar

winners why can't we have a deaf rapper


what do you think our deaf rappers

abandoning their community by emulating

top 40 sounds and top 40 themes or do

you give a shit if a rapper can hear or

not let us know you think in the

comments be sure to subscribe for more

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music videos in the description


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