Deadliest River Monsters Hiding In The Amazon

published on July 9, 2020

The amazon river is filled with mysteryand intriguescientists have barely scratched thesurface on just how many species callthe hostile river their homeyet we do know there are many dangers

Lurking beneath the murky watersit's not unusual to see massive snakesswimming spiders and carnivorousfish rampaging through the waters someof the animals therelook more like they belong in a

Lovecraft novel rather than in our realworldtoday we're going to look at some of themost dangerous creatures that livewithin the amazon riveras well as how valuable these enigmatic

Beasts can beso let's get started arapaima can bemassiveusually they're around seven feet inlength however some reports have them at15 feet long and weighing 440 pounds

Which is more than wwe wrestler the bigshowat 384 pounds due to their incrediblebulkthe arapaima is the largest freshwaterfish in the world

They also have an armored skin toprotect themselves from other foes suchas piranhas arapaima are alsoair breathing fish they can usually befound near the surface of the water asthey can only be submerged for a maximum

Of 20 minutes before needing to come upforair arapaima are hugely sought after byfissures due to their incredible sizebut not everyone is keen on braving theamazon river to find this fishy beast

As a result there is the piruruku lodgein brazilit's a fishing lodge that is also asustainable development reservethey farm arapaima for people to catchuntil their hearts content but it's not

For cheapfor five nights the cost is around fivethousand four hundred and eighty fivedollarsper person that's not taking intoaccount insurance

International flights and other suchcosts so with that on the topthe price could be between 8 to 10 grandyou don't want none of this anaconda thegreen anaconda is the heaviest snake inthe world

They've been known to reach 30 feet inlength and weigh an astonishing 555pounds which is more than andre thegiant was at 520 poundsif you came across this monster snake inthe amazon you might think

Getting into the water would be a goodway to escape nope in fact theirscientific nameis eunestis marinus with eunestisderived from the word that meansgood swimmer in greek former us

President teddy rooseveltdesperately wanted a 30-foot snake afteralmost meeting his demise in the amazonbasinroosevelt put out a reward to anybodywho could provide a massive snake

It started with an offer of one thousanddollars in the early 1900safter roosevelt's passing the bronx zoocontinued the reward it was eventuallyraised to 50 000in 1980 there were a number of claims

But on further inspection the snakesdidn't reach the elusive 30 feetin 2002 the reward was thankfullydroppedin order to discourage people fromdisturbing wild snakes for some cash

Bull sharks are a very aggressivespecies they can reach 12 feet and weigh500 poundsthey're usually found near the saltyocean shore however they have been knownto venture into fresh water such as the

Amazon riverthe bull sharks have a special kidneythat can change in salinity of thesurrounding water and adapt accordinglydue to this some scientists havedescribed the bulls as the most

Dangerous sharks in the worldhowever their numbers have beenshrinking in the last couple of decadestheir fins are especially sought afteras they can be used in cookingshark fins can be as much as 500 dollars

Per poundif for some reason you want to get an upclose and personal look at these beaststhen you can swim with them in mexicothe cost of spending the day with thebulls is around 200

However this doesn't take into accountflights accommodation and other suchfeesyou'll also need an advanced open watercertificatein order to scuba dive with these

Creatures the price of such a credentialcan be as much as five hundred dollarsfor a two to three day courseblack caimans are the largest in thealligator family and can reach nearly 17feet in length the dark color of its

Skin is used as camouflage in the murkydepths of the amazon riverespecially when it hunts at night thecolor is also believed to help themabsorb sunlight during the daywhich is useful since they're cold

Blooded critters black caimans will eatanything they can get their jaws onwhich is mostly fish and other reptilesbut if a mammal gets too close to thewater they could be caiman bait as wellat one point black caimans were

Endangered due to the value of theirhide and meatnowadays the species is doing bettertheir skin is still turned into leatherfor fashion howeverthe cayman leather is said to be brittle

Due to bony plates under the skinyet there is still a market for it theprice of a whole cayman leather hide canbe sold for 270each online while the leather ofcrocodiles can be sold for 650 dollars

Cayman skin cowboy boots can be sold forover a thousandwith suede cayman hybrids costing asmuch as 2 grandthe fish of legend and myth whilehollywood has exaggerated their gnashing

Featsthe red belly piranhas aren't to betaken lightly they have many razor-sharpteeth they usually stay in large groupstheir whole livesmostly as a form of protection the red

Belly variety has been known to reach awhopping20 inches in length they will usuallyconsume fish insects and other suchcreatureshowever if a weaker animal is in the

Water they will consume that if there'slittle resistancethey will try their luck on a stronganimal if they're starving the sale ofthese creatures is prohibited in someus states

But if you live in one of the statesthat are fine with it you could haveyour own water monster for the smallsize of 075inch to 1 inch it'll cost you around 10each considering that they are packed

Creatures you might need a large numberof themhowever if you want the larger size of 7inches you're looking at around 150a piece once again you'll likely need tobuy multiple piranhas also eat

A lot and as such the cost of owningthem can easily fall into the thousandsthey might look colorful and invitingbut like anything with a bright color innature there's a big reason why that'sthe case

The colors are to deter predators andwarn of dangersthis is called a postmatism the poisondart frogs are considered one of themost toxic creatures on earththey secrete their infamous poison

Through their skin if an animal tries toeat one it could befatal for them some tribes in the amazonhave used the poison to coat theirweapons with when huntinghence the frog's name the frogs develop

The poison due to what they consume inthe amazonfrogs in captivity won't produce thepoison depending on their dietso with that in mind you can actuallypurchase your own poison dart frog

Depending on the color whether it wasborn in captivity or in the wild and theexact species the price can varymost estimates are between 45 to onehundred and fifty dollars onlineand frog terraniums can go for fifty to

Two hundred and fifty dollars dependingon the sizeyet with so many amazing colors youmight fancy collecting a whole rainbowof frogs which would mean a lot of frogsa lot of terrariums and a lot of money

Being spentfor those that are scared of spiderswe're afraid not even water is safe toget away from themall over the world variations of thefishing spider can be found

With the amazon river variety being oneof the most fearsome they can be aslarge as 16 inchesfishing spiders get their name due tohow they hunt they walk on top of thewater their legs are covered in

Sensitive spines that can detectvibrations within the water when a fishor a frog is close enoughthey pounce they quickly ingest aparalyzing agent that slowly liquefiesthe creature's insides

Nice they've even been known to createan air bubble in order to dive into thewaterif you're a spider fan you can buy amedium-sizeddolomites ocopheno kensis species online

For around forty dollarsit's also recommended that they arehoused in a ten gallon terraniumthe cost of which can be around onehundred dollars fishing spiders cancause havoc with people's ponds

Small pond fancy goldfish can costbetween a couple of dollars all the wayup to 30 giving a stray fishing spiderthe potential to cost the pond owner alot of money and fishif things that bite and sting aren't bad

Enough in the amazon river there's alsosomething that can electrocute youelectric eels can be as long as eightfeet and weigh44 pounds their bodies contain thousandsof special cells called

Electrocytes these cells are likebatteries they store up electricalenergy when they're attacking or doingsome huntingthey release the built up charge to stuntheir foe these eels are like sentient

Tasersmost of the species are thought toproduce around 650 voltshowever a recent amazon species wasdiscovered that can produce860 volts the strongest of any animal

For comparison a car battery producesjust 126 voltsif you want this slithering taser as apet well it's going to cost a farbit around about 742 that's not takinginto account its habitat and feeding

Feesdue to its size it's going to need amassive 200 gallon tank at leastand those can cost over five thousanddollars due to the dangermost places won't sell someone an

Electric eel if the buyer has childrenin the housewe're going to stick with cockerspaniels as pets the matamata turtle iscertainly a strange-looking speciesprobably why pokemon use them for the

Inspiration for designingthe turdinator matamatas can grow up to20 inches and weigh 33 poundstheir unique appearance makes it easyfor them to camouflage in the amazonwaters due to their resemblance to

Foliage matamatas hide in the waterdebris as they hunt once they see a fishthey'll use their really long necks thematamata will dart their head near thefishthen they use a vacuum effect with their

Mouth to suck the fish withinonce they close the mouth they slowlyexpel the water and finally they swallowthe fish wholeyum due to their incredible looksthey're highly sought after by turtle

Pet owners but the species is alsorare a nearly fully grown matamata canbe bought for just shy of one thousanddollars due to their hefty potentialsize the mata matas require abig tank in adulthood most experts state

That the tank should be a minimum of 125gallonsthe fancy tanks of this size can be asmuch as three and a halfgrand it's easy to see why the peyaraare known as vampire fish

Because of their giant lower fangs ofcourse the fangs actually go right intoholes in the upper jaw when their mouthsare closedit's bizarre there have been reports ofthe payara reaching up to 38 feet in

Lengthbut the adults are usually around 1 to17 feetthe payara use their fangs to impalesmaller fish to eatthey're aggressive and known for their

Incredible quick speed as they huntthey've been known to consume up to 50percent of their own body weightyou too could be the proud owner of avampire most of the costs are between 80to 190 dollars

For a four to five inch peyara but ifyou want the thrill of battling thisbeast yourselfthat's possible too instead of traipsingthrough the amazonyou can go to one of the lodges nearby

In brazil such as the amazon rooseveltlodgeyou can try and fish up a payara for theprice of nearly four thousand dollarsper person for an eight night staythat doesn't take into account

International flights bait orother additional fees so it could pushup the cost to around six to seventhousand and that's it which of ourbeasts frightened you the mostdo you own any of these creatures pop

Your comments below if you enjoyed thevideo please likeshare and subscribe those really help usout finally thanks for joining us todaywe'll see you next time

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