Dead animals, lasers, and more strange instruments

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

at some point this winter you probably

shared this video that's a shank

an ancient Chinese instrument that

evidently houses part of Shigeru

Miyamoto's soul but it's not the

strangest instrument in this beautiful

world not by a long shot

beginning with fire and ending with the

magic bullet

humans had invented some pretty cool ass

guitars are cool rums are cool

laser harps are cool

laser harps

laser harps

you can buy one of those for less than


or you can build one yourself with basic

soldering skills and protective eyewear

because you are working with a laser

still not the most dangerous instrument

not by a long shot

inspired by Peter Tosh's m16 shaped

guitar Wyclef John had Jimmy director

convert an ak-47 into a functional

prototype for what he's dubbed the

guitar a statement on musics power as a

weapon and a revolutionary tool sort of

the opposite of the lego harpsichord

made using regular Lego box and rubber

bands the greatest thing about this

instrument is the sing-songy voice that

its creator uses to introduce it in

every single video hello this is my no

go hops accord hello this is my Lego

harpsichord okay hello this is my Lego

harpsichord something tells me that a

bunch of Norwegians playing ice cellos

would be a less delightful bunch

oh the ice music festival challenges

musicians to create their instruments

from local natural ice the colder the

better the results and the more

confidently you can perform the music of

Prince your kiss not everyone can make a

playable cello from a pile of snow but

almost anyone can drive on a road that

plays the William Tell Overture

it's not a perfect reproduction but it

is a road and you know what sometimes

gets killed trying to cross a road

Badgers who are then stuck and jammed on

the theremin

a theremin is an electronic instrument

with two antennas controlling volume and

pitch a badger Minh houses the

electronic elements inside of a stuffed


there's all kinds of art instruments out

there Musical trees and caves and ocean

tides but we're going to leave all that

for our to your videos cuddle the wimpy

nonsense and leave you with a man

playing a barbed wire fence


what other animals should people put

pheromones inside of or if that's morbid

what's the strangest instrument that

you've ever seen someone play let us

know in the comments and subscribe for

new episodes of this exists every week

please be careful with your laser harp


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