David Beckham Coiffure 2018 | Royal Wedding ceremony

published on July 3, 2020


thank you very much for tuning in on

slick hair TV today we have a very

important person we have Alexander


and it blends it from Sweden yes correct

we're happy to have you here today thank

you very much

what hairstyle are we going for I'm

going to do the royal wedding

we're David Beckham I could probably

tell by the nice suit you are wearing

very nice it is so I'm today we'll cut

Alexander's here a little bit shorter so

we have the perfect David Beckham wipe

he's a little bit short right now so

alright white sugar yeah it is but you

can wear it of course I can't great so

let's do it


feeling so cold now put me through still

sitting right next to you but it's

always the same he'll try to tell me

that you're gonna stay I'm trying

everything to myself

don't you dare turn back around

come in sama can I just keep on breaking



we can just get some


when I say





don't you did some background terming

sama can I just keep on breaking down


got me true about you




and then we have it the David Beckham

hairstyle how do you like it Alex yeah I

like it very much it's very short and

summer freshets I'm looking sharp I

think it's very good because here in the

summertime it's getting hot to have that

long hair as I have so thought about

getting my hair cut short as well anyway

maybe Lena did a great job perfect it

looks exactly like the David Beckham

hairstyle during the wedding I think so


yeah we would like you guys to come and

in the comment section down below and

let us know what you think about this

hairstyle and also for your chance to

win for biplane products and you have to

hit the subscribe button as well if you

want to participate now we have four

photo shoot right yeah




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