Courting suggestions, the easiest way to rearrange a date 🕺💃

published on July 2, 2020

all right guys it's soon Valentine and I

like you to join me on the journey you

might not be the perfect alpha or

mastermind of dating you have probably

seen thousands of movies or from

magazines on how to approach this matter

of dating so how can you be the

mastermind of your Valentine here I have

some advice it should be easy and

effortless to go on a date although you

should put a lot of thought into it how

do you get your girl to say yes put

together a program so you'll tell her

where to be at the different points and

what you're going to do you don't need

to spoil everything but you can

definitely make her thirsty for more and

she'll clear a schedule 100% for you

this special day planned out perfect you

want to impress your date no matter how

much you're thinking through you will

never be able to make it just perfect

however you can do the best on the

planning you can pick out the places

freehand and you can make the

reservation double bookings if you're

not sure that it's the right place just

remember to cancel it you can go to the

movies but if you usually go to the

movies then you might think out of the

box it could be ice skating or climbing

just think of something that could be

fun to do you don't need to be an expert

that's the whole point if you go

somewhere and learn something new you

can be together learning this new skill

maybe even build a new hobby that's just

a good tip sometimes I like to cook

dinner for my date and sometimes I like

to go out I think it's all about what

you feel is right in the situation if

you have the time to cook then go cook

if you don't have time then you can go

out on a good restaurant it doesn't need

to be five-star Michelin it could also

be some nice unique place that you have


especially for the date another tip to

be more attractive on your date always

start your hair to look cool be

well-groomed or clean shaved have a nice

Cologne on not too powerful not too weak

find something in between your style

should be casual but also I recommend

something that you feel comfortable in

anytime or suit so it could be that you

just spice up your jeans with a white

shirt or that you're spice up your

t-shirt with a blazer just feel

comfortable confidence is the most sexy

thing you can dress up in on a date you

might ask yourself how to get some extra

points when it comes to your

attractiveness you can start out looking

at any option to have a good laugh and

build on the positive sides

forget about negativity in your talk and

always try to make a good joke or good

compliment when it feels naturally just

to get this traffic off the table should

you bring a gift or not actually there's

no rule or no way to describe it but you

know your girl if she likes a small

thing it's a good icebreaker anyway if

you like to give her a really big pocket

of flowers you might consider sending it

to her home address or even better if

she likes the attention you can send it

to her office space or school and she'll

get all the attentions however if you

like to bring a gift on the date make

sure it's not stealing all the attention

away from the nice setting you already

been spending hours of planning it's

very normal that you sit in front of a

new person and you need to find out how

to have the conversation going and

you're out of weather talk and food

truck then you need to talk about

yourself so prepare yourself for giving

away some of your personal stuff and

we're willing to listen

a good place to go is New York Times

they made the 36 questions that leads to

laughs it's some basic questions that

make you get a better conversation and

get to know your partner even better

when it comes to the conversation it's

about getting to know each other even

though you have been dating for a while

or in many years it's always nice to get

the talks about something that is not

everyday stuff maybe some life goals

adventures is something that can build

your relationship to the next level

remember do not talk all the time be a

good listener

and when you listen to your partner you

also get all the feedback that you need

to contribute to the conversation so she

tell you something and you add to the

conversation and eventually the

conversation will evolve to the next

level and I know what you're thinking

you can easily get carried away in a

good conversation but always be yourself

tell the truth and respect her and you

will get an even better night and future

from my point of view it's important

that you not take my advice for the

measurement and only inspiration

you should always find your way and as

always we have a competition so if you

want to participate write your best

dating advice down below in the comment

section like the video and be a

subscriber and you can be lucky to win

free nice biplane hair products also we

have a blog post on slicker shop calm

and if you like your advice being

featured on the blog post then hurry up

and write them and we'll pick out the

best for the post in the next week see

you guys




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