Dark Web Credit Card SCAMMING 101

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

so let's just be honest here you clicked
on this video because you are a scammer
and you want to know everything there is
to know about credit card fraud where do
they come from
how do you get your hands on one so you
can go play xbox with your friend and
then you call a duty well in this video
I'm going to show you exactly how to do
it and I'm not gonna do it because this
is informational purposes only keep

what's going on everybody Alex back with
another cryptocurrency video kind of
cryptocurrency cryptocurrency was made
on the Deep Web it was a deep web
ecosystem with a lot of deep stuff but
in this video we're gonna be talking
about credit card fraud where does it
come from you know the Deep Web credit
cards where is it guys I'm gonna go
through all of that for you all you have
to do is keep watching okay in this
channel we talk about everything
entrepreneurial now this is not that
entrepreneurial but it does have to do a
Bitcoin so you know I got to talk about
it okay so if you're interested in
internet entrepreneurship in general I
talked about everything and I try to
keep it as realistic and down-to-earth
as possible I'm not here lying to you
guys I'm showing you the real deal no
spill hence this video please I hope I
do not get fired from my job I hope
people don't look at me differently
watch the whole video in its entirety
because I'm not here to actually scam
anybody I'm just showing you guys where
it comes from okay guys so keep watching
this video and if you haven't already
subscribe to my channel do me a favor
hit that subscribe button as well as the
push notification bell so guess what you
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thanks for watching guys
but look so the hidden wiki right here
this is where you're gonna get all your
stuff now I've been doing this for I've
known about the Deep Web for like six
okay I've known about it for a while now
and I kind of just search it because
it's cool and it's it's literally look
let's let's look at a physical
representation over the Deep Web right
there's this picture I like to show
people because it makes a lot of sense
so this is really how the internet works
right now so you have these big websites
like regular you know website so you see
e-commerce website YouTube Wikipedia
Google all these huge websites that's
just the tip of the iceberg man that is
just like 5% of the internet there is so
much more to it than you guys think it's
just that they don't give you access to
it and if you do get access to it hit
chances are you're gonna get hacked if
you don't know what you're doing you're
gonna get hacked you don't want to get
hacked do not get hacked so I'm gonna
show you guys exactly how to do it
so we you can't and I'm gonna do it in
style okay
I'm gonna do it in for real style
cryptocurrency style I'm gonna show you
guys this web browser which is called
brave if you don't know what brave is
basically the greatest invention ever
made when it comes to a web browser it
uses one tenth of your resources so if
you're using Google Chrome and your
computer slow delete the Google Chrome
and download brave browser I'll leave a
link in the description below
brave browser is really cool because
their main focus is to give you you know
block all the ads so if you've seen my
videos had advertisements on us lately
go ahead download the brave browser turn
this little thing on right here the
brave shields and it's gonna block all
the ads and if you want to watch the ads
well even better look you can get paid
from well I'm the guy that blocks but
look 51 minutes here you can get paid
now in fact it's not a ridiculous amount
out here trying to lie to you guys but
guess what you could also search the
Deep Web with the brave browser okay if
you want to search for everything else
when I get legal firearms now this is
informational purposes only but if you
wanted to there is websites for it you
ever heard of Silk Road right this will
basically cryptocurrency and you know
cryptocurrency was built on primarily
illegal trade okay not a hundred percent
there is you know right now it's not
built on illegal trade less than one
percent of fraudulent and terrorists
transactions go through the
cryptocurrency blockchain but you know a
lot of the help came from you know Silk
Road it came from gambling websites
basically so you can like be under the
radar and it does give possibility to
privacy so that people can't get you now
bitcoin is not completely private there
is other coins for that privacy coins
and I do not recommend you do any
illegal activity at all guys but if you
wanted to it's there it's called Zee
snark technology we'll talk about that
in later videos but this brave browser
not only does it block ads not only does
it pay you to watch ads not only does he
use one tenth of your total resources of
Google Chrome it's by the way a chrome
it's it's basically chrome it has the
same thing it's a it's made from chrome
but it's just the brave it gives you the
brave functionality but it also has a
private tour browser
a private tour let me say it again it
also has a private tour browser what is
the private tour browser a tour browser
is something you use to navigate the
Deep Web before I would have to download
something called the onion tour a whole
new browser right brave browser gives it
to you they give it to you just like an
incognito window they give you the
private window right it right now is a
incognito they give you the tor browser
with tor I'm not gonna explain the
complexities of it but basically it
hides your IP address so you can't get
hacked and it makes it safe to navigate
the Deep Web so all you need to do guys
it finds something called the hidden
wiki the link for it now this could
always change I just Google searched it
on a regular browser it's a regular
browser I just searched the hidden wiki
you're gonna find it and there's all
these different types of sites you can
go for right like double your bitcoins
and be careful this 99% of this stuff
our scams they're gonna take your money
if you try to do something I mean some
of it I've had people say they had
success you just got a Vera file in a
lot of different ways that the website
is good so like if you want to get a
fake ewis I don't this is not something
you do guys this is informational
purposes or I do not want to get in
trouble for this stuff but if you the
options there did you get some cannabis
you can get some drug so I'm not gonna
even go into that I'm just talking to
you guys about informational purposes
only you go on the hidden wiki here okay
so all I did was copy this link and I do
not do any of this stuff just to read I
am an honest person when it comes to
making money I think all of this stuff
if you try to scam somebody it will come
back to bite you whether or legal
whether you're just lazy cuz you're
scamming a whole bunch of people making
money whatever it's gonna always come
back around you know I believe in karma
it's always gonna come back around and
do not recommend any of this stuff but
this is probably how you got scammed in
the past if your credit card you know
the whole bunch of random charges they
probably did it this way there's a good
chance and I do want to show you guys
that do you want to show people all the
options so I don't want to see no
negative comments people say oh alex is
trying to scam people because you didn't
watch the video watch the video okay and
then you can start making your comments
and all that stuff right watch to the
end I always say so you copy this link a
I always ramble now but you copy this
link here you come here
private tor browser you paste it in
there that's all I did this is what it
is it's the hidden wiki it basically
gives you all of the legitimate stuff so
to say legitimate and I want to talk
about this later the matrix basically
talks to you about how to hide all your
information like so that because if you
guys don't know right now Google owns
like 95 99 percent of the Internet and
they have all of your information all of
your sensitive data I'm talking about
your age what you look like facial
recognition everything your voice sound
everything that you would every little
detail about yourself and a server that
they own and like an aunt article or
something like that to keep it cool but
they have these servers filled with all
of these humans all this human
information so they can do things like
what send advertisements you take your
attention away okay so this is the new
money nowadays it's not about money
because quantitative easing made money
worthless there is no fixed amount of
money they can print it out a year err
but guess what there is a fixed amount
of time so this is why things like
the brave browser was made to save your
time to save your attention they made a
token called basic attention token to
save your attention from all of this
advertising and all of this you know
invasive marketing that is out there
that's taking your attention away from
the things you really want right so
that's why they made the brave browser
and basic attention token you know
that's just a little a little gem right
there but you know we're not talking
about that we're talking about scamming
so let me come to this other browser
this is it right here so I get all types
of stuff man the Green Machine you know
experienced vendors you can get fake
PayPal and take money out of people's
PayPal is horrible you know financial
waste is all these different types of
thing bit cards I don't know if you guys
seen this before but you know there's
all different types of schemes out there
people and maybe they're legit maybe
they're not look you can get MacBooks
for the low listen I just want to just
quickly see this cuz I was thinking
about buying a new iPhone let's just all
right it's taking let's see by the way
these websites are gonna take very long
to load because of how how the internet
works it's not like very supported
because it's obviously the Deep Web and
there's a lot of scams out here I've
actually heard at one time where the US
government put out a really crazy
algorithm puzzle to see if one of these
scammers or hackers can solve and they
recruited them there's stuff like that
all over the Deep Web but look you can
buy iPhones for 300 ollars do I trust it
probably not I don't trust it if you are
a millionaire and you wanted to test it
out be my guest
you know you might get yourself some
cheap iPhones be able to resell it or
something like that but I do not
recommend any of this iPhone goes for
$1000 if they're giving it to you for
300 Eva it's too good to be true or they
robbed it from somewhere meaning you
have a robbed device in your hand a
stolen device in your hand which can
lead to putting you in prison man like I
don't know how to explain to you guys
all this stuff I'm showing it to you but
if you take action on any of it good
luck don't come back to me it's not
gonna come back to me because I told you
literally already in the first five
minutes this video like 6 times not to
do this but
let's go to credit cards right here
premium cards all this vendor
top-quality and you know when I first
looked this way it kind of scared me
because when I first clicked this
website look at how beautiful this flips
this is crazy but look our services the
first Deep Web Deep Web prepaid card
with funds few major advantages transfer
these cars I mean like it's just this is
straightforward you can buy prepaid
cards with money on them probably stolen
from somebody or you can make your own
prepaid cards right here look from Amex
one card 250 look at this look at this
you come by them and guess what this is
where the cryptocurrency channel comes
in in Bitcoin litecoin aetherium Manero
Manero is probably the safest one to buy
it in Ripple stellar lumens you could
even Western Union I guess these guys
legitimate look at his guns horrible
stuff guys they make these cards they
send it to you maybe they work maybe
they don't but people are scamming out
there people are scamming out there okay
be careful with your information I mean
it's too late
you guys didn't already know it's too
late but I'm not trying to scare anybody
I'm just being honest alright so let's
go to credit let's go look up some more
options we got here so that's the
premium cards okay look at this net
let's open these new tabs cash machine
oh yeah let's get some cash machines
Queen galaxy oh man I don't know you
guys heard of Silk Road you know the
United States government seized all the
big Bitcoin and Silk Road it's one of
the biggest operations with illegal drug
trade in the world all run on bitcoins
this is like I gotta tell you this is we
gave Bitcoin a lot of value look at this
look oh my gosh you could spend $35 and
get $500 back
I'm not gonna do it but I mean it's
pretty tempting as you can see here and
see what other people did we've got
these landing pages and stuff I mean
you're 90% gonna lose your money but
look you can give $1,500 with point zero
one three Bitcoin I mean that's like
what 50 bucks or something I don't even
know I'm not gonna do the math but cash
machines guys cash bit cards oh look at
this website
no Bank China oh yeah a hundred percent
proven and safe I mean this kind of
looks like a regular website here guys
be careful man
this is all for informational purposes
only I do not buy a credit card off of
this I repeat do not do this but if you
wanted to it's here for your disposal
all different types of credit cards
quantity let's get a oh my god is
ridiculous just ask I guess you can get
a plus credit card daily withdrawal
limit this is ridiculous I mean I guess
you know the government's printing money
with quantitative easing and pretty sure
there's a lot more look they got reviews
dirty money buy from these guys safe and
legit I've been buying for months okay
and you don't even know what these
comments come from like this is oh yeah
man perspex man you helped a lot I was
in a bad situation now I can afford
things I wrote you guys a song suppose
they can just put their own comments
they don't know we got a Chinese oh yeah
all these scams finally a top quality
after all these scams I like they're
just selling you ninety percent of the
time this is bullsh I don't care what
nobody says are you legit they even have
a FAQ section queen galaxy is he Oh
Weston use services cash out
Bank services prepaid card sir this is
be careful guys be careful do not do any
of this but if you wanted to download
the brave browser be my guest
it blocks advertisements this is the
perfect response to Google's big data
stronghold that they had for the past
fifteen to twenty years on all our lives
brave browser will protect your
information and block advertisements
indefinitely if you wanted it to or you
can watch the advertisement to get paid
for it it's as simple as that
in basic attention token if you don't
know what basic attention token well
I've got to show you join market capcom
let me get off this scammy browser here
let me just go on coin marquee capcom
look by the way it saved me 51 minutes
of my life I don't know about you guys
but I would I don't even uses too much I
have a work computer and it saved me 51
look Bitcoin jumped 5 percent let's see
what basic attention tokens
basic it's how it went down but look
recently I did like a huge jump it's
been going up ridiculous right lately it
went up like 20% in the past couple of
days so you see here I gave you a
legitimate way to earn money which is
called the brave browser basic attention
token and my channel is about legitimate
ways to make money you know you got
crypto currency trading cryptocurrency
mining I talk about marketing I talk
about YouTube everything guys it's at
your disposal and if you want to go to
the dark side I mean that's your
but that's it for this video if you like
the quality this content do me a favor
leave a like below leave a comment if
you want some constructive criticism if
you want to tell me off by showing you
guys what's happening to you you know be
my guest go ahead and leave a comment
below and subscribe for more video
updates because like I always say guys
if you don't get with it you will get
left behind catch you in the next video
thanks for watching

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