Daniel Wellington Classic Cambridge Watch – Unboxing

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

hi everybody this is me my book set for
today and today I'm going to have a
stranger books naturally cuz it's not me
to do technology and having to do with
gadget is basically a watch so this is a
watch which I bought which is good
Daniel Wellington okay if you haven't
heard of the brand Daniel Wellington is
one of the famous famous brands for
watches and they do beautiful watches so
I've got like a cambridge watch which on
the website on Amazon it's are actually
90 pounds which were really good for the
price because on other websites I think
it's like 150 and 200 pounds etc but I
got this for 90 pounds on Amazon and I
trust it because Amazon sells itself so
that should be a genuine item and it
should be real so well I want to add to
this video is I'm very sorry guys I
haven't been making videos for like 3 or
2 weeks because I have a lot of exam you
know how to do my results and you know
it wasn't easy to do that but I hope you
part of me for that and I hope you enjoy
unboxing so this is an Amazon so if
you're planning to buy this watch from
Amazon then this is what it is like ok
so you can see you know everything
everyone out there knows how that Amazon
package looks like so you just rip this
open ok and in the box
whoo so the watch is outside ok so you
can see the watch how it is so to the
side so this is the Daniel Wellington
watch ok and it says Daniel wanting to
new one in turn that watch ok so I'm
going to open it now in a good fashion
not a bad one so I'll show you how it is
so this is what you get so you get the
Daniel Wellington guide as you can see
ok so this is like the kind of
instruction manual what you get set
aside this is a watch blog which I will
be coming back to later and this is the
box ok so this is the books that you get
so if you get this as a gift for a
friend or something then this is the box
which you actually get so if you have a
Daniel Wellington manual and you have
all sorts of things inside there so very
very good purchase there and you have
the box which is just like this okay so
it's the Daniel Wellington I don't know
if you can see that properly but if I
just put my
sho'nuff probably you probably can see
that bit better or bit worser there we
go okay so you can see that how it is
and inside it's not much of a big deal
and just have some manuals which I'll if
you want to remember to show you this
just in case oh you have the daddy one
into manual you have your warranty okay
I'm just do that show you that you have
your warranty okay um and you have these
things inside it here okay so this thing
here is a bit of holes in the watch if
you need it
okay so let's go all out to a side and
let's see what's inside the box so again
ninety Ponce's watch it quite expensive
but hopefully it's well worth it so I'm
going to open this I'll try it quite
surprised as you can see here it's by
Daniel Wellington and it is a classic
Cambridge watch in the color red okay
I mean so not red in the color rose as
you can see there so the 14 millimeter
size strap okay so let's just get that
open now and let's see what's inside the
box okay let's just pull that out and
there we get the beautiful Daniel
Wellington watch so this is a very nice
watch again it's the cambridge classic
cambridge watch and it looks
high-quality as you can already tell you
can see how high quality that is so you
can see that how high quality that is it
looks really good and it's really nice
you can see the tag at the back and you
can see i've trucks on me so many videos
of how look on the back anyone want to
wonder how it looks on the back this is
how it looks at the back so that's how
it is so I hope you enjoy some books and
guys don't forget to leave a video a
thumbs up I really can't make a review
on this watch I can just basically
target looks nice its high quality is
very high quality you know there's no
downforce on his watch it's 100% genuine
as you can see I bought from Amazon I
don't think I'm going to rip me off or
anything so I think I'm very happy my
purchase and I will purchase this
virtual future on Amazon I'm sample
watches etc so
let's do the kibitz are blue guys and
like subscribe and comment take care
guys bye

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