published on July 20, 2020

the father of the Space Age as they called you know what he said I'm not the father of the Space Age that's the real father of the Space Age okay now this guy who was at Cal Poly tech

Right this guy Jack Parsons was openly a devil worshiper he developed the fuel that enabled us to penetrate the stratosphere satellites could not have come about without this guy in his diary that he himself wrote he had a dream

This is 1948 he had a dream where he saw somebody that he calls belly old Dajjal and he tells him you are helping me well I am NOT making this up you go look it up yourself okay so where's all this stuff coming from where seriously where

Is it all coming from we're in the age of the Dajjal you know it's just a lot of when and where and what but this is it people as far as I'm concerned endgame water and prayer and Cobra can't take that away from us so we need to

Prepare as much as we can you know but the technology you study where all this technology comes from read about the magic and the Enlightenment period all these scientists were magicians they were all into black magic you read about

Francis Bacon yeah I just read a biography of Francis Bacon called knowledge is power magic and and and the creation of modern science Francis Bacon was reading all these magical books arthur c clarke

Arthur c clarke great technologist he actually has most of the patents that enabled the satellites right if you look at his interview with BBC in 1961 where he predicts the internet he predicts the cellphones he predicts texting he said

That by the year some people are gonna have handheld devices that enable to talk to anybody anywhere right arthur c clarke said and he has three laws of technology one of his laws is no technology reaches a

Level of complexity except it becomes indistinguishable from magic I'm not a Luddite but I'm using a microphone right now I'm not a Luddite but this whole worshipful attitude towards technology to me is really

Stupid the average American now spends more than four hours a day using a smartphone by the way that's what the survey say the real numbers got to be higher than that because that includes making phone

Calls surfing the internet checking emails probably hundred and fifteen other things taking pictures texting him to your brother-in-law the typical person is obsessed as smartphone is indispensable you literally can't do

Without it just placing your phone even for a minute is like losing a child at Disney World that's all you can think about till you're reunited but how healthy is this not spiritually healthy you know the

Answer to that of course but physically healthy is it good for you to be with your smartphone all the time as it turns out is probably not several published studies have linked mobile phone radiation to cancer the National

Toxicology program a government organization found the quote high exposure to radiofrequency radiation used by cell phones was associated with clear evidence we're quoting now of tumors in rats in 2012 Italy's Supreme

Court upheld a ruling that said there was a link between a business executives brain tumor and his heavy use of a mobile phone our trusty FCC though says there's nothing to worry about according to our federal agencies smartphones are

Entirely safe here's the problem with that claim when the FCC screens for phone radiation they allow companies to test their phones from up to 25 millimeters away from a person that's really far the manual for Samsung's

Galaxy ten note plus for example tells users that the phone quote should be positioned at least 06 inches away from your body okay well what was the last time you actually held a phone at that distance if you're not on speakerphone

You've never held a phone that far well you have it right up against your ear and when it's in your pocket is it typically is the phone is mostly about two millimeters away from your body a lawsuit filed in December against

Samsung and Apple cited its own test from an FCC accredited lab that showed at zero millimeters the iPhone eight hit users with five times as much radiation as federal exposure limits allowed Samsung's Galaxy x8 was three times as

High now both of these companies regularly run ads encouraging the use of their phones in unsafe ways an apple a days a woman falling asleep with an iPhone touching her body a Samsung commercial shows a pregnant

Woman holding a cell phone to her belly to take a sonogram can you imagine they did that we should be worried about this in this country there's almost no public conversation about the risks is this none let's hope

It off – wait until the statistics become undeniable to talk about it radiation from your mobile phone may affect your memory new research suggests the study found that when teens frequently held their smart phones to

Their ears increasing their brains exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation it had a significantly adverse effect on their visual memory especially when the cell phone signal was weak go to settings on

The phone all right under general under settings then go to about which is at the top you got there about yes okay now you have to scroll all the way down to something you don't normally see called legal you got to legal all right now

Click on RF exposure now you can read it later but it's basically telling you that you need to know that you can not keep the phone directly next to your body without exceeding the as-tested exposure guidelines all smartphones come

With some information that basically says don't keep the phone in your pocket or you will exceed the as-tested exposure guidelines now how many of you knew that before today a mobile phone and the microwave oven use a very

Similar frequency the difference between them is power the power of the microwave oven is a thousand watts and of course that's power that can heat up a cup of water in maybe 60 seconds the microwave oven the mobile phone the

Cordless phone the Wi-Fi monitor the baby monitor they all use the same frequency they differ in power they also differ because mobile phones and Wi-Fi devices emit pulsed microwave radiation it's the pulse not

The power that appears to be biologically most important the pulse that is erratic and irregular like for thousands of minutes a month for dozens of hours a week over a lifetime that irregular pulsed signal may be much more

Biologically important and in fact the continuous wave signals have a lot of therapeutic effects as are being applied in medicine today this visualization from my colleague at the University of Athens shows you the variation in

Frequency in amplitude in pulse all of these variables influence the properties a signal have and how it can affect a biological system this is just to show you what happens in a four-second mobile phone call this is power density power

Density indicated here and of course a phone is on standby it's not doing too much but 900 times a minute it's looking to for a signal it says to the tower where are you here I am where are you here I am it's smart

Now when the phone rings the worst time for you to put a phone right next to your head is when you answer it and say hello because it's smart and it goes to max power they're programmed to do that max power now it's going to go to max

Power you're going to listen and then it will go up and down and up and down and again it's that variation it's the Delta it's the cumulative integrative dose under the curve over a lifetime exposure that looks to be biologically important

And this is a modeled microwave radiation dose of a six-year-old with greater levels to the frontal and temporal lobes eyes and cheek and watch this here now yellow white and red are the hottest alright and if you look

Carefully you will see it's going into the eye the nose do it again just so you'll get to see it and partly into the brainstem now that's just showing you that there's going to be some exposure into that area of a young head it

Doesn't tell you that there's any biological effect right now the next slide is going to show you something that might be of interest to students and faculty here and that has to do with exposure to the reproductive organs I

Think if you say the testicles and bone marrow and look here at the radiation as it gets into the groin area and that's just from having a mobile phone modeled into the pocket and this is a three year old brain that we modeled and you see

That by the end of that six minute call the peak radiation yellow and red is is is getting all the way into almost both eyes 5g fifth-generation technology promises

Faster download speeds and conveniences that most of us have never dreamed of but will also be blanketed with a new type of radiation called millimeter waves health experts are warning about the rising risks with a 5 g rollout it's

Not been made clear to the public that 5g won't just be another number and letter on your cell phone it requires an entirely new infrastructure of thousands of small cellular antennas to be erected

Throughout cities where it's going to be installed what would 5g infrastructure look like small cell antennas could be placed as close as every third hydro pole scientists from 42 countries are now

Warning their governments about the emerging health problems associated with wireless radiation and Canadian doctors and scientists have added their voices the most prevalent symptoms include headache fatigue decreased ability to

Concentrate tinnitus irritability and insomnia impacts on the heart and the nervous system are also a great concern dr Rena Bray has been working at the provincial environmental health clinic for 15 years and seen the number of

People suffering adverse effects from electromagnetic exposure rising we are concerned that the upcoming introduction of 5g will significantly increase the proximity and extent of exposure to microwave radiation in Ontarians we

Predict that the number of people who develop the symptoms I just mentioned will rise in the places where 5g is first installed doctor Magda Havas is internationally recognized for her research on the biological effects of

Electromagnetic pollution she said that at high intensities these waves cause intense heat and pain because sweat glands on the surface of our skin act like mini antennas at lower frequencies scientists are predicting damage to eyes

Loss of insect populations which are already declining antibiotic resistance and bacteria and physiological effects on the nervous system and on the immune system radiation from radio frequencies is classed in the same category

Carcinogens us-led 10:1 adviser to the World Health Organization said there's enough evidence that if they were to re-evaluate radiofrequency radiation it would be placed in class one ie a human carcinogen and governments could

Not possibly ignore that some say the scientific debate about the health effects of microwave radiation is over but the question remains can we afford to take this risk medical doctors are requesting delayed deployment until

Testing can be conducted on the long-term biological effects of 5g technology it's the dawn of a new era in China 5g is now commercially available for the first time the commercial process of 5g

Is speeding up with more than 130,000 5g base stations expected to be open nationwide by the end of the year 5g is a hundred times faster than 4G ten million users have already pre-registered for the service and that

Number is expected to explode to a hundred and seventy million within the coming months you see it's not the technologies that they said if you don't have to fear from Allah your technology will destroy you

That's the difference you see is that when you when you have taqwa of our minds of the channels data online easy to fear when you're doing these things for the sake of Allah Allah GU tosya and so those things become beneficial to you

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