Dad Sees the Truck for the First Time #ETCGDadsTruck

by birtanpublished on August 28, 2020

Greetings viewers the day has come dad is just outside the truck literally just got finished I just got back from the alignment shop I just picked up dad we're leaving tomorrow morning talk about cutting it close anyway let's bring dad in and let him

See the truck for the first time and get his reaction see what he thinks of what happened at the truck he gave me three years ago we already we're ready not ready when you are all right I mean I'm waiting to see this I'll tell you yeah

I've been waiting to show to you better be careful I might want to drive at home you can if you want don't walk wouldn't do that wouldn't be opposed to it yeah she looks familiar but looks I like the stance that's not I

Like the exhaust – that's cool very cool just got put on this morning like literally this morning I like that looks good yeah I mean he he may are with that I did everything up to the muffler and then my friends at Flo tech exhaust they

Did over the axle and out the side I wanted dual pipes but there isn't a whole lot of room no was it with a gas tank and that doesn't leave me any room exactly so I just said you know what taking both pipes coming out this side

It's still quote unquote dual exhaust it's single coming out of the engine anyway it goes out of a three inch pipe and actually it comes out of the engine and goes into a catalytic converter cool it's a little bitty one you have to look

At see it but it is a catalytic converter it's not the monster that was on there before very quiet it goes from that into an exhaust cutout which is kind of the reason why it rattles everyone sauce cut rattles the other

Room master yes and then after that it goes down into the muffler which has two two and a half inch pipes coming out of it which you see the Terminator yeah yeah I also put the hitch back on and I put the spare tire back underneath there

We're going on yeah this is in case for some reason you need something in that in case but also when they did the exhaust I wanted to be able to have it on there so you only where it fits and everything so there's

Still there's still the option to take it off but anyway all right well the suspension is where I started in the brakes you got rear disc brakes now yeah 373 gears in the rear its wondering what the ratio was I thought you said 373 and

It's got a monster transmission T of 4l60e so it's electronic and also I've tried will overdrive yeah yeah that's what they use you don't have to switch the switch underneath today I don't have to do that anymore I don't have to resit

Down it is a true automatic oh yes but not only that but we could change the ship point no I'll show you the shift button that you also have so you can you can change the attitude of the transmission all kinda button let's that

Sounds cool right well come on check out like the wheels now what what size of you had 15s originally visit he's one of the 1717 ok for all wheel circumference or dying as the Saints the same yeah so I just made the wheel bigger inside the

Tire so there's less tired you see really wanted white letter tires because I like to look at what you had to me this truck is not only attributed to you but a tribute to the 80s when it was made even though it's 1990 right right

Old you know technology in the 80s and that kind of thing you know I wanted to sort of stick with that look so the American Racing wheels are kind of what I went with and similar to what you had sort of Center lined I think they were

Called the originals yeah yeah well I think that's a style it was like a I want to keep that look so the truck looked period-correct I wanted to bring some things into the 21st century looks very good yeah it's good seeing it again

Yeah been a while it has looks like a lot of different things inside to here oh yeah we'll new gauges different radio yep there's there's actually push buttons on it yeah yeah it works and there's none

Of this gobbledygook under the dash or anything and also has hands-free for your Bluetooth like you can hook your phone up to it and have phone conversations just by talking there's a microphone right up here oh that's nice

Yeah yeah I've got bluetooth on the the other one I use that uh Noi down yeah Bluetooth hands-free and you've got a couple of new buttons and get in it I'm afraid – still fits my butt still got dad's old tape yes there were a lot of

Things that I left in the truck that I felt needed to stay there yeah and things that I felt needed to be changed and one of those things was those gauges yeah I didn't like those weird Beauty gauges no I didn't either but that was

Like you say that's an 80s 90s thing that they had right they were all about their buttons and strangeness those look great no that's really turned out nice and it's got its own I put separate turn signal lights those

Green lights that are up they up and also there's the red light down below for parking brake so if you leave the parking brake on accidentally that will give you a nice bright red light to let you know that no it's a good idea this

As long as we're going over buttons this is new stuff this is the dimmer for the gauges which really doesn't matter cuz this dimmer also still works the one with the headlight switch okay so I've just got it turned up all the way

Brights like they're red this is that transmission switch that I told you about so if you hold this down for three seconds it'll change to red this ring around the outside and then it's in a we'll call it a sport mode for twirled

Overhead transmission gauge is pretty self-explanatory other than this one's your air fuel down here kind of like mine which you can't I don't really have to pay attention to and that's transmission temperature up above that

Dang else is just your bolts ohms and all that stuff and then attacks over here and that's the speed oh no attack and speed Oh together it looks like it's got this GPS it does you can actually do quarter mile times with that and

In fact that lump on the dash over there okay that is your speedometer alright and know that when you go through a tunnel the speedometer will go down to zero hmm but you're actually still moving you're still okay yes it's it's

Not like time stopped or anything like that good to know glad you told me that right and then another new button over here no that is your cooling fans and even with the truck off and that that'll turn them

Both on but whenever you're in traffic and you've got the AC on turn that on okay and that'll that'll help keep the AC working better you know like when you turn right but if you're driving down

The road you don't really have to worry about the AC because this thing runs so stinkin cool this thing runs probably about I'd say 170 if that that's good oh yeah like those good we need to see the radiator

You wonder how I ever got it in there but it's the biggest one you can get for one of these drugs this is your exhaust cutout so if you roll into the fairgrounds or whatever and you want to be seen to make a little noise yeah you

You just it's it's a momentary switch so all you really have to do is pull it over to I believe pull it inward and that opens it and just just click it once like that you know and it'll open and then when you want it to close you

Just really go this way and then closes so in other words you don't need to hold the switch and right for it to right just have to click a tab yeah you just have to click it so it's like on one side of the other radio that's pretty

Self-explanatory it works kind of like the old one did but you it comes with new speakers so the new speakers in the dash new speakers by your head I didn't get the one with satellite radio but you can't get them with satellite radio

Whole new shifter that's I was gonna say you really cleaned it up now know that I thought boy that was really you really polished that up no it was really worn out is what it was and it wasn't really connected properly this one look you

Actually got a light in there uh-huh yeah the other one didn't have a light in it now now I I did it right so that that works unlike your other one that didn't quite work but you know you pulled up down he handle you put it

Drive and then you can Ratchet it down three times right and then if you want to bang if you want to bang the gears to go up you know one two three four is what you got and then that tablet sitting up there that can come off it's

Just held on by magnets right now okay so that you can access the engine computer and the transmission computer with that and I can make it display gauges and other stuff with the engine management system something like that so

That's that's basically the interface with you brought it up into this century that's for sure right and look up above you oh right I saw and I hadn't noticed that yet I saw when you had the one of your instagrams that it was shiny when

You had it out mm-hmm I saw that the headliner was out and I thought well good at least it's out but now you got a new one in besides that's great I didn't realize it was plastic till it came in but I don't hate it yeah also

While I was in there there's some insulation up in here yeah that'll that gives you a little sound a little bit of sound but also a little bit of heat it is a black truck after all right yeah it was very old it kind of happy with how

That turned out that was all that this happened because I wanted to run this wire for the hands-free okay up into here so in order to get this trim down you gotta take them got to pretty much take everything

Never done all time you're the headliners just about out so I wasn't planning on doing anything with it cuz I didn't feel like I had the time but it was important started yeah it was falling down by the time I ran that wire

Says it with heck yeah and I had the windshield new one I got it cuz I told the guy it had a chip and I said I'll take it but you got to put a windshield in it so he put a windshield when I got it looks great I mean looks really great

Yeah I'm sorry I didn't have time to wash it but I did wash and rain-x your windshield so and it's got brand-new wiper blades so when that rain does come that we're know we're gonna run into you'll be just say I think it's gonna

Get washed anyway one way or the other way down there yeah it's just I'd I just simply round I don't know how it's gonna react it's actually going home what's that oh yeah came from Charlotte

That's it that's right the game from Newton Newton North Carolina the deal you know what I want to see because I wonder if it came from the Earnhardt dealership which I don't even know if it's there anymore but at the sticker

Which is very faded was Newton Earnhardt Chevrolet Newton North Carolina you know maybe we'll have to take a pilgrimage to take it home yeah this is that hey they might come out and say I love what you did with it at home we want it back oh

By the way horn still works just push Chevy Wow so it's a little in there okay the answers that question I had that question in my head so what you want to see the good is underneath sure oh yeah

Been a while pretty never look like that before and have it twice puke oil everywhere and something that viewers may or may not be aware of if they follow me on social media so the dipstick down over there I

Don't air with a thumb yes I had that I had to change out the original one because it just wouldn't go around the headers and all that kind of stuff well anyway that fit in really loose and it blew out on my first test drive seating

In the Rings and sprayed oil all over this side yeah so I put that lock nut on there yep so that that'll hold it in place and I either didn't drill or tap it straight I'm disappointed about that but it does the job which holds that the

Main thing you so I got that part self so I went out for a second test drive and then what used to be the breeder over here this one from Summit just today but by the way some in really stepped up with

This truck I mean I don't when I was following on Instagram I see a lot of things mentioned about summit you were showing all apart numbers net and that was great you might as well call it a summit truck but anyway they got this

Out to me today which I'm very grateful for because before that I had a different style breeder and it wasn't sufficient so I got on and again the dipstick didn't blow up the breeder blew out hit the hood and went on the side of

The road luckily I was able to find it again so he'd arrived around today until I got out but instead of a throttle body injection like what yeah yeah you're looking at the stains instead of throttle body injection which is what

You did have it's now multi-port multi-part okay nothing much much better to try to adjust or tune or anything well yeah I mean it's individual cylinders and all that kind of stuff but the problem is that there's only one air

Fuel sensor and it's down in a common pipe so you have the ability to control the cylinders more closely but no way to MA okay so it's it's kind of a it seems like a wash to me it seems like a system

Like this should have come with two o2 sensors so you could monitor each Bank and if one bank is lean or rich or something like that you can adjust for a tweak it no but it I was able to clean up the idle just before I came and got

You quite a bit it wasn't bad before but it was a little shaky so I went into the computer and I did the idle adjustment procedure and that's smooth it right out and I also made it a little richer a tiler no it

Looks great different different master cylinder you got a different master cylinder and I think one of the things you'd be impressed by is how the brakes work now because I hated the brakes when I had you I always had to be careful

Especially when I was taller and careful if I was towing a boat yes was like better thinking when you're gonna stop yeah like way ahead of time you don't panic stop the truck for nothing it was like trying to stop a boat yes reverse

Yeah where's the brakes yeah I know exactly what you mean do you want to put it up in the air we could do that now yeah could do that I'd like to look under it all right let's do that speaking of cruise control I had to take

It off fernette never worked and never worked that's good to know it didn't for me because it was cruise control for a stick so I don't know if there was a clutch switch somewhere clutch switch

That's bypassed in order to start the truck in fact I left it in there that way because I didn't want to have to mess with it because the wires go into that clutch switcher meaty wires they're like

Bigger than those so somewhere in there was probably the kick down on the cruise well it probably never worked because it never did one I've had it well cruise is set to kick off when you push in the clutch so right now the clutch wishes

The press so you can start it oh well that'll give you a hint in case you ever decided to do it but you gotta hide I tried to give you the information that I knew but I'm supposed to forgot to tell you that that this brakes got to make a

Lot of difference well I mean I'm not a hater of drum brakes like some people no no I could they never quite worked right I didn't know if it was the age cuz I mean kept it good but I had a lot of miles originally let's see I probably

Had about the mileage that that 350 I've got behind a 51 sitting there out of the old suburban that's got probably about same mileage at 77 block I got the whole thing this this truck has the same mob just a 77 block I'd say right around

There huh oh so like you had like half a million miles on you don't know if speedometer broke twice and after oil I just winged it and drove it it's the 373 373 is in the back that should give you a little better

Road ability with it yeah and then the overdrive and the transmission makes up for it so it's not too terrible on the highway so that's your toss cut off right there yeah and that's what revs that's cute yo

You'll hear it rattle yeah but what you can't see here is I replace the fuel filter but inside this fuel tank there's an Aeromotive fuel pump fuel pump for the fuel injection yeah there's a high performance once I'm not a fan of

General Motors fuel pumps from this era no as it is but it now has an upgraded one so that's got a supply and return or something like that's the exact same supply and return that you had okay I just changed the lines and the fittings

Going into the engine that's all it's different but yeah it's got a return in this apply very nice looks very good yeah then a lot hours and a lot of work on this yeah I started in January and I just finished today yeah and I really

Can't call it finished cos obviously there's still some oil yeah you've never gonna call him finish gave you a halfway decent start oh heck yeah like just the fact that I didn't have to torch every bolt to get it out so much the stuff

Came apart because you took such good care of it I was thanking you health and the other fellow that I bought it from because I he was the second owner I believe yeah he drove a lot with the windows down and he had a dog I know

This because I had the carpet and stuff no there's a lot of there was a lot of dog and closer – yes that might have been the first owner because this one he had kids and that's why he decided to pass it on because he got one little

Scratch on the door and I think they put their finger in the headliner or something and he wanted to preserve it and he knew that I would do that so because he had he went to school down in Charlotte so he bought it used

I wonder what do you think of it now I I don't know I sent him an email and I don't know if I have the right address it's been three years so I sent him an email and told him where to look it up so whether he has their weather or the

Email ever got to him I don't know no it looks very good looks like new under here yeah everything I didn't do a great job of painting it I just went through the wire brush so it looks pretty darn good

Get some stuff off of it but yeah what do you want to drive it yeah it sounds good to me not used to closing this well a rag you know just put the rag on here done now looks good excellent yeah it's driving that sounds like a plan all

Right dad before we head out I'm gonna show you right back here behind the seat is no extinguisher cool and this is not a chemical type it's a hell guard so in other words you can spray it on the energy and it won't cover it with a

Bunch of junk but I've been keeping it right here behind the seat good spot like it seems like the easiest place so yeah if you ever if you need this in an emergency it's right here from H&R performance and you don't suggest when

You just go yes and this stick is up higher to I adjust it so the shifters actually up a little higher I should tighten that belt do that no fine

sounds good katella's got a little cam to it I can tell them the seat of my pants a little bit it sounds real good

All right you want me to back her out yep I'll close the door I'll meet you out there okay I'll try to miss everything that one goes into gear a little better

one two they'll kick you in the pants so don't be alarmed that first shift is we're coming out and it happens really early but it's like boom I'm sorry but just it might seem

Alarming but no it's just now this I was always gonna put them in rubbers and it never did I'll get there at some point I agree that does need to be keep the water out of the doors but I

Didn't drive in the rain that much so shouldn't have done too much damage to her steering seems a little tighter it was fairly loose before it's still and I don't know if that's the rack joint or what but yeah wreck joints make a

Difference in them yeah I adjusted that adjustment on a little ones I did adjust I don't want to go too tight it was too tight so I backed it off a little bit I was thinking about just put a new steering box in and

Right joints they say help drag doing a lot help a lot I mean is it stiffer and it's like years old it's got a hundred and eighty thousand on them so they get soft yeah

I think that's what the play is because the entire steering is new the only thing I didn't replace was a center leak oh yeah you don't you just look out a

Lot of peddle up before I was down closer to the floor there's a long nice so you can drive it like an over person but I can tell you when you've added it's a different truck and I'm not saying you have to because that's oil

For me to clean up it's still I don't my no just to see the look on your face but you're driving how about the ride its I wouldn't call it stiffer it's more accurate or you know yeah good good handling it's still it's still weirdly

Mushy it's not like it was but it feels a little smudgy to me it's not like the Fairmont set up to be tight yeah this is this is a lot looser than let's be that guy

Right but then you just click it the other way that's better yeah trying to get used to where things are speedometer it's 55 here it are starting to pick up a few

I say you can drive as fast or as slow as you want I've got to get used to stuff for I tried portion anything on I get it you should be used to it after this trip good up we got air too

That stays oh I forgot to say inside this vent like some of the you saw that insulation it was stuck inside yeah I was coming out of it well hurry this whole Center event

Was the seal and it was all gone these center vents were weren't working at all so I went in there with some you know HVAC tape fixed all the gaps and now it actually blows out the center man rolls out of

There right there's nice a call to and on where's the adjustable and the still up and down for you everything else is the same now it's been a while so I got to remember you

Got the van it's fan speed there whatever there's two feet or the but either way and to be completely solid into the truth we got yep

That's keeping oil which we're gonna count I got to get used to what I'm looking for for all the gauges where they are at us well I set warning lights so if there's something you got to worry about warning light will come

Up don't soil pressure it's okay so when you first started up you'll notice them – like when I shut off the ignitions on the oil pressure light will be on so but red lights will come on when things are what they're supposed to

Be I've gotta get you stuff out here not exhaust Li that was a little more than exhaust leak I called that the mummy muffler because it had so much of that muffler tape on it that was coming off it looked like a

Mummy so yeah there was in the work so I put more on it first so you could get it back down without a bow and a part yeah I was really happy to take a sawzall the exhaust rusty alright we're almost back

To the shop you think it's gonna work for you what's gonna work for me whether you'll ever get it back or not I don't that's fine Dan seriously if you wanted to take this truck and drive it go ahead

Seriously I got the Fairmont I know I built this trip it's called dad's truck it up so literally if you want to drive this drive it enjoy it I'll enjoy it on the tour how's that okay but if you're not sick of it by the end

Of the tour okay and you're thinking yourself man get in that truck well take it you should've told me that before he traded vehicles now I got a more money into it see I could've left the other

One well I'm saying I'm just saying it's dad's truck and dad wants to drive the truck dad drugs fair enough well that is it meet your standards do you approve mine that is a yes that sums it up in what war at mine

I want it back well you know I had had the thought you know you've had that 51 for my entire life and longer than that and I'm thinking that's pretty much sat in the garage and you've never really had the opportunity to take something

Like this that was like close to finish and do anything like we're doing with the power torso I was that was kind of my goal the whole time in my mind I wasn't really think of me driving this the whole time I'm doing this truck I'm

Thinking I wonder what dad's gonna think she had it there when I had it for a lot of how many 11 11 or 12 years I think he had it for 12 years he like you know the truck better than anybody know the truck and to get it back like this I was I was

Looking for the lesson turned out wonderful it's great I'm very happy to hear that you like I'm very happy to I'm happy to see that went to a good home they'll be passed on down line someday and do it well you can't take it with

You right nope anyway well I could but the plot isn't big enough so well I mean if that's what you want dad we'll work it out it's supposed to be a container but I think this is a little big you know well it's

Not the size of your container never misses anyway thank you for watching I hope you've enjoyed the series with dads truck it has now come to a close we're gonna go on the hot rod power tour tomorrow morning today is June 6th grade

A team by the way and maybe we'll come back to recap whatever when all is said and done but I'm very happy here that dad is happy with the truck and the work that I did and I hope you enjoyed the videos and I hope for those of you with

GMT 400 pickup trucks were able to get useful information out of all the things I did to this truck do you have automotive questions I asked you had to air at the car guy calm that would be linked in the description along with a

Bunch of other stuff including all the videos or a playlist of the videos of this truck if you want to see where it started and well this would be the conclusion I guess so thanks that good job song thank you love

You love you too

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