Cyberpunk 2077 PC Case Mod & Dual-Socket E-Waste Build, Pt. 1

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

What's up guys Steve's $0.02 here and today we're doing a one build Dave all you've been asking me about what I'm gonna do a one day build because you say my builds take a year so today that's what we're doing before that this video is brought to you by the Corsair

Virtuoso RGB wireless gaming headset the Corsair virtuoso headset is Comfort focused with a set of memory foam ear pads headband and lightweight construction the virtuoso wireless headphones use a 50 millimeter drivers

That range from 20 Hertz to 40 kilohertz with a a wireless connection that ranges up to 60 feet Corsair also includes a detachable high-quality microphone for voice comms learn more at the link in the description below ok so really we're

Gonna do a build today and Patrick and I will be stepping outside of our comfort zone with computers by expanding into modding one of them it's been a number of years since I've done any kind of case mods I think the last time I did

Them was probably about 10 or more years ago and at the time it was an Ironman mod and like a Hemi mod on a case didn't even really like cars just thought it looked cool and so that's the last time I had any experience with it we are not

Experienced models but what we want to do is not submit an entry to cyberpunks cyber up your PC thing that we ran ads for in the last week or so but actually just try and do it so what we're gonna do is mix two things one of them because

Patrick and I are well aware of our limited artistic ability when it comes to doing case mods we're gonna try and play to our strengths and the way we're going to do that is by fulfilling a long requested user scenario or user video

People always ask us to do and try and get this more a three radiator onto the side of that case so that's what we're going to be working on primarily and then we're also going to put together just a sort of weird system to fit the

Theme of cyberpunk which has the advantage of being structured around reusing things and not looking quite so clean so that benefits us here trying to reuse old computer parts and a waste to fit the theme so that's probably gonna

Involve cutting some holes in it getting some old PCBs and things like that but first we need to figure out what components were using and go from there other than the more obviously which is the easy one what's up

Guys pets two cents here we're gonna take a tour of the storage room right now Steve's two cents here it's not shade at Jake everybody's always like lo love the J shade it's a what you'd call a

Reference because we're referencing him okay this is gonna use J here to do the water coin yeah we could actually use J's house Jake please come over here oh he's much better at this than us okay so we need to pick out parts and my

Thinking is weirder is better because the weirder the components are the more we can mask our inability to competently mob the system yeah so then everyone will be focused on the components and they won't even know are you recording

Don't do that if weirder is better than we have a selection of Chinese motherboards that we bought on aliexpress yes some of them are about that in watchon Bay yeah I think so

This one is cool in theory I think this is the one we did the the BIOS modding on if that wasn't the other one but like the russian yes russian enthusiast board but it doesn't look especially interesting it just looks like a normal

Little boy so I like the one on J board yeah which is a dual socket x79 board so it's not really x79 with dual sonic what we did a whole review on it was a lot of fun you can check out the previous video on that but kind of a weird size it's

Not gonna take up the whole height of the motherboard tray so we have dead space in there but just it's dual socket so that makes it strange and interesting and I guess we also get the bonus of I don't know when I think of cyberpunk not

Necessarily the game but just as a genre mm-hmm there is always there's a lot of Asian influence in it yeah I mean like you see Blade Runner or like references to Hong Kong or Japan pretty often so I'm liking the extra yeah spice we got

From that okay so we're gonna save some time and just show you the rest of the parts we picked out oil in there so I'm liking for dual socket I like I think it'll look kind of weird if we do and ever cooler on actually so here's

The board right here pictured on the box and my vision for this I guess would be air cooler on one of these and then water cooler on the other just because I'm sure it's been done but I haven't seen that and it's strange and would

Look I don't when I think of cyberpunk 2077 a lot of their stuff is really there's a lot of like grungy lower level city stuff mm-hmm there's a lot of mismatched things there's a lot of repurposed things I get

Kind of like a almost like a Mad Max make anything to work vibe from it yeah and these CPUs aren't there are 12 core 24 threads Aeons they are definitely not over talkable so even though they are like the top tier Xeon

In the the v2 dual socket range they are not super hot yeah I think an air cooler is gonna be fine any LGA 2011 and works I don't know I mean it's not like we're gonna really we could but we're not really planning to use this system when

We're done with it no it's kind of just like a build for the sake of doing a build so I like this also because so this is an ID cooling what does it call se 234 or a RGB it's a brand-new one they sent it to us for

Testing we have two of them so I have one I can do the actual benchmarking with I haven't worked at the cooler before I can't speak to how good it is but I can't speak to for once we actually care about RGB in this because

Cyberpunk has a whole hell of a lot of neon everything in it so we've got the this sort of like patterned design on the top that will I think it pulses an a RGB pattern or something plus matte black so I think that's gonna fit the

Theme really well and we'll have a RGB fans on the bottom that are 200 millimetres to give us a big like kind of void like circle and we'll just probably match these all not doing like the rainbow RGB effects but when I pick

More blues yellows purple they use a lot of we'll find a controller for that later this board obviously doesn't have RGB controls built yeah that's gonna be a lot too much of a challenge what we have controllers

These are wheel chocks from the barrage wheel case that we reviewed they're just solid rubber and they've got adhesive on one side we've brought them out because the mo oh that's handy they labeled it mo – or a three

The Maura which I think stands for more cooling for your PC so we need I'll talk about a half a minute but either wheel chocks to just help elevate the rad on the left side of case conveniently I think that is almost

Exactly the size of a side panel yes so that's gonna work out look at that that's like almost dead on so for the front panel we were thinking it's a very smooth plane design stocks we're thinking maybe do some battle

Damage maybe bullet holes the bullet holes don't work out we can always make the holes bigger yeah but we're gonna do some damage here so that you can see through and then we're gonna back it with flat PCB yeah we need to find some

PCBs this is where the e-waste can come in so we'll probably go over to Crandon institute which is a local a waste recycler and they build and refurbish computers and distribute them to people who actually need the older computers so

They they're a really good cause I'll link them below just because I like the work they do but they're a non-profit we're gonna go over there probably and see if we can just pull some older colored board just like non black boards

That we can pull it gets something from maybe you know five ten years ago so we'll go for that and then like I stated earlier I'd love to do a lot with paint you can do cool stuff with paint I'm not skilled with it the best I could do is

Maybe a stencil or like a full coat but I can't do anything artistic with it so we're gonna avoid that I think the bullet holes and then using the PCB to back it is probably the best way to play to our strengths of like let's just

Accumulate hardware and then stick it on the case somewhere sounds good to me so okay so let's I think at this point probably needs to pick up the e-waste that we want to use and then we can figure out where it goes

And started actually modding it so we're gonna head over to Kramden Institute and see what we can find so this is Kramden Institute I first visited Kramden about a decade ago in a different building they do really good work here you've

Probably heard Linus talk about free geek and Canada in the past like during scrapyard wars the two organizations do some similar things our host gave us relatively free rein of the massive waste bins to dig out whatever parts we

Wanted Kramden has tons of random stuff come in so if you need some obscure components to repair an old laptop or desktop they probably have a unit that you can pull it out of it's kind of like a scrap yard for PCs and they work with

Individuals and large companies to reduce and recycle e-waste and collect it normally by stripping components down to bare metal and then shipping them to specialized processing facilities for rare metal reclamation or by reusing the

Components for education so we recently for example showed on the side Channel how we dropped off a bunch of cases mod mats and components for crammed into using its PC building workshop for middle and high schoolers and they also

Refurbish and reclaim computers to solve for cheap to people who can't afford them so we really like the work they do we're happy to support them and of course extremely appreciative that they were able to support us on no notice by

Helping us get access to some just cool stuff we could use for this mod and within an hour we were able to dig everything we wanted out of the bins plus some extras they for example had IBM model I'm keyboards that Patrick was

Tempted to buy for himself so we'll link them below in case you're local or in case you want to donate to their nonprofit organization and if you want to stop by I'm sure they'd be happy to receive you just give them a call

Okay so we've acquired we've acquired a bunch of stuff and we also have I should point out some stuff from viewer submissions like a lot of dead CPUs or CPUs that might have been functional then viewers just shoved it into an

Envelope and whatever happened to happened on the way here we didn't ask for functional CPUs yes we specifically asked for dead ones so we have a bunch of those that I'd like to use some of them in this mod

At the same time is just like shout out to the viewers who sent that stuff out and in addition to that we have I don't really know that we can make use of this today but when I picked this up it's a Dell server board my thought was

Replacing a side panel with it mm-hmm but I think since we're doing the Mora thing will probably not do that and we can either use it to cut a part later or we can just use it as a separate mod thing in the future or even just hanging

Out of the wall I don't know all this stuff was going into the electronics recycling facility to be chewed up so yeah we should clarify that so it's not like it's been wasted for this project if we cut it into pieces

This wasn't a bin to be shredded and what was gonna happen – it was crams and works with some metal recyclers they reclaimed the gold and other rare earth metals that are reusable so otherwise it's completely non-functional and we

Bought some stuff while we're there – so it's it works for everyone okay so other stuff do you want to talk about why I think if I picked this for you but so we picked up a couple motherboards here they actually look pretty undamaged but

That's we don't need them to be on the image for our purposes we need them to be pretty colors so we picked up a red one nobody makes red motherboards anymore that's disgusting so we think the design on the back of

Here looks really good the trace layout especially on this one here I think the in the light the copper and the dark green we need build died – tell us if it's tea topology or daisy-chained I yeah these

I'm sure these boards were built for overclocking this uh actually yeah what even art what's the socket this is a 1999 f1 socket 939 Athlon 64 in here suck it 462 we also have this and don't know what to do I don't think I wanted

It and that's the end of the story that Kramden they told us they would disassemble these and use them as helmets yeah around the office yeah yeah so basically everyone in this

Industry is professional yeah exactly everyone knows what they're doing and everyone's professional okay speaking of knowing what we're doing that was almost a Linus transition in two and a half yeah I guess we should

Definitely task boot this make sure it still works before we do a whole build around it and if you want to work on that I guess they know I want to do for it's this probably try and get holes in the case for that radiator okay

Okay so I think we are not going to use the wheel chocks unfortunately as much as I like them and instead we're gonna use just some of the actual a waste that we have from NR max they actually make this and sell it at full retail prices

Just pre-made a waste that you can buy for anything you want to use it for it cost full price they market it like it's a fully functional liquid cooler but actually it's garbage so we're gonna use it for this and the plan is to just

Stand up the Mora on top of these so we might be able to do something interesting sort of routing this into the front panel or into the let's get liquid into it or in the side panel and getting some kind of wiry garbage going

On the Mora will end up standing on this so Patrick determines that the distance from where we want to mount the Mora to the table is exactly to enter max radiators tall and we've got four total to use two on each side it will mount it

Stand them on those just to give it some extra support because I'm not really confident that this radiator once it's filled with water will will hold on its own with just the screws and they fit our theme of e-waste anyway so that's

The solution need to drill the holes though that's cool do they all line up I think there's enough flex in the case yeah to make the

Case line up yeah cuz these aren't yes I think these will work we'll see how it does with the glass panel on that's I guess we might not even keep the glass panel though this is mounted now Patrick finished up getting this kind of figured

Out we drilled the holes were necessary together then there's some additional airflow holes in the case now and we're standing on the two Animax radiators high of e-waste one of the things discussed was that these things are

Extremely nasty so I don't know if we expose that for purpose of the mod or if we'd like find some kind of jerry-rigged mounting solution to just get like a Doctor Octopus kind of set of tubes and stuff coming out of the fan but next

Step I probably ought to buy some compressed air to blow out some of the debris and then you did a test spray-paint that we should show that was a yeah so yes we knew this over here yeah this is a stencil that I made

Yesterday and I just wanted to do we we have three colors of paint here we have some primer leftover from the pink and white build right there I don't think you could see any of the painting I actually didn't that which is good

Because it was terrible we're gonna do a better job this time so we have white primer and then we have these two colors that we picked up yesterday yellow for the cyberpunk logo and then blue for some accents on the

Logo we've been looking around at their branding and they do kind of like a teal drop shadow or outline and we did some test sprays the fluorescent yellow can't mask darker color very well so this is what it looks like when it's just

Straight over the dark blue I'm not really happy with that color but I am happy with the kind of offset colors you can see there's the blue shows up here and the yellow shows up here

That's spring in like two different directions with the stencil on top since it doesn't lie completely flat some of the paint can get on the edge and then this is more like what we want I think I can do it more directly to get a cleaner

Edge on this but we have the yeah yeah so we have the two tones visible and then with the UV lighting Steve's got some UV to boot so we can put in I think that'll look really cool yeah it looks really good I'm pretty impressed with it

Fortunately cyberpunk picked yellow for its branding because high visibility vest yellow is really easy to get yes so your choices for this wear or injury yellow I think yeah so it was yeah really common for construction on normal

Use so yeah so we're gonna do that I guess the we probably want to spray that on the panel after drilling the holes in it so you started and we should finish this but marking spots that can't be drilled

Just because it's where the these mounts are you also did a repair on the panel from the complaint we had on the review a year ago whenever we reviewed this and these ones had come out which was a Coolermaster manufacturing issue yeah so

Those have been glued back in I think we're just gonna mark roughly where each one of these is and then if we want to do a bullet hole near it for some flare through something here I'm thinking like a spray from like a machine pistol or

Something I don't know what kind of weapons they have in the game but we're gonna assume that there's ammunition they have a praying mantis arms your regular long hand of holes here I mean I feel like I'm putting way too much

Thought that's probably we can get a gun and shoot it yeah do the America do the harbor arrange the harddrive maneuver on it yeah well that's true we do actually have something literally with bullets in it

So if we want this is from I think this from Mustaine's by Matt he is one of our viewers and I don't remember if it's his I shout out to Matt I don't know if it's his job or his hobby but part of what he does entails destroying customer hard

Drives well destroying the data on customer hard drives and this is a pretty good way to do that so yeah there's actual bullet holes I guess I forget what he said he shot that with yeah let's uh we can line up a bit with

That mm-hmm that way we get a size that's somewhat accurate that's about right okay yeah let's drill some holes I guess I got some ocean commenters that's weird that they use would sustainable

Materials COO and masters gonna see this video there anything not again it's like the third time they've done this one of our cases I'm just improving the air flow a dremel might be sufficient we could take an angle

Grinder mm-hmm just put gas I guess depends on if we want it to cut through or if we just want it to be scratched thanks pretty good yeah yes that's

Impressive this tool yeah what what specifically I bought it for but that's really well yeah definitely a lot better still kind of sharp so just be careful okay so I think the order for the next part of

This I think I can get the stencil taped down and do the base coat of blue and then while that's drying get the hazmat mask on and got some PCB okay I'm gonna leave it like that because blue isn't the main color we want anyway the edges

Of it will be kind of like spattered and not clean but I think that kind of adds to the look that we're looking for so I will go put this in the Sun someplace and we will come back in a little bit undo the next two coats

Do you remember that one time and his subjects there were that one time a J jewel the holes through the motherboard so we've got the blue base coat on there

The paint's still a little bit tacky but I think it's ready for the white primer coat and then once that's dry we'll put the yellow on and then we'll actually wait for the paint to dry and then we can glue the PCBs and behind it so

Because the frame is separate we can actually attach the PCBs while the aluminum section is drying out there as long as we don't cover up these screw holes that are for attaching the aluminum section so I think we're

Probably just gonna epoxy the PCBs on and we don't really have to we can use whatever we can use tape if we wanted to but that should be the most secure I think and we have some already so these are now sized to fit it might be a

Little tall this is the yeah so that looks really cool honestly would be a cool front panel design on its own but I think the battle damage we've done is also pretty cool luckily the aluminum is fully removable so we could just change

Our minds about that at any point check it out oh nice so there's a little fuzzy around the edges but I think that's kind of what we want in it makes it actually

Look at like it's been spray-painted on the a rather than just print it on I kind of like it so it is you he reacted so we can use that use some of Steve's tube lighting so nice so I will clean up these cross hatches here that I used to

Align the logo we have the PC I did this off-camera but we've glued the PCBs into the frame and we're just waiting for this to dry now so we can take a look at how those are behind the front panel and we may or may not want to take more

Aluminum off so that we can see more of the PCB we can make that decision later but I'm happy with this logo looks good to me so I just got done adding some extra damage to this and now we're prepping for part two which is when

Patrick will be building the PC unfortunately tomorrow I'm gonna have to be fully dedicated on some AMD and Intel content including reviews so he'll be doing the build and you can check back for that but this is how the panel

Damage came out again as like a first mod and well first real mod basically ever but first mod in a long time pretty happy with how it came out the PCBs lined up really well you can't see the scene between them and it's filed down

Where it's the sharpest we added a big gash and ripped out this hole some more to expose more of the PCB we kind of made these holes less perfect so they're not perfect circles that way you can see some additional damage and ricochets and

Then also some of the tools I used for the scuffing was this brush that Patrick bought really good actually so we just run on the drill like that and you can scuff it up some on the panel works really well the other 12 years

That I like a lot was just a simple file which is what we use for this corner up here to get that really rubbed like raw metal look from sliding on the ground or something also hit it with a hammer a few times so that's the front panel we

Need to finish the rest of the mod in the build now check back for part two on that and that's where it'll get really interesting with the PC components picked out thanks for watching as always subscribe for more go to store documents

XS net to helps out directly and we'll see you all next time

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