Cult Movie: The Musical: The Trend

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

there aren't many pieces of pop culture

left unmusical sure there's big-budget

whales like Shrek The Musical and

Finding Nemo the musical but when you

can go see Debbie Does Dallas the

musical or reanimate or the musical we

have reached peak chorus line in 2006 I

wrote and starred in a musical

adaptation of Jaws

it was called giant killer shark the

musical because we didn't want to get

sued and it seemed funnier it sold out

runs in Toronto and New York and we

retired it in 2008 I miss it giant

killer shark was part of a larger trend

the musical musicals which had kicked

off in earnest a few years earlier with

that I'll kill you fucks when I'm

outside Evil Dead the musical started as

a school project in Kingston Ontario

before premiering in Toronto in 2003 by

2006 it had moved to New York and on to

the view which is insane

and tested

a new world evil dead the musical became

a worldwide success it's still up in

Vegas and has played everywhere from

Tokyo to Madrid by proving that song and

dance numbers of a blood and guts were

kind of funny by default it paved the

way for a slew of cult movie the

musicals Herbert West you're alive as

you might have been this isn't a dream

this is real

and so on and so forth and so forth

oh my laughs up in a passionate man

right now you really piss me I don't

know why but what was the first the

musical how did we get here

how did we end up with Toxie singing

about being loved by a blind woman and

of green gables naturally

as far as I can tell Anne of Green

Gables the musical was the first

adaptation of a popular work for the

stage that added singing and dancing and

the today trendy the musical suffix it's

been running in Prince Edward Island

since 1965 they basically have nothing


in Prince Edward Island it's hard to

take a step without bumping into

fictional character and of Green Gables

that's not a joke I've been there and

it's like an island cult which despite

the lack of bloody prosthetics makes the

family-friendly ginger from Canada a not

terrible spiritual predecessor to this

the 70s had Snoopy the musical and the

90s had big the musical but it was the

early aughts that gave us everything

from menopause the musical to the Ten

Commandments the musical which to be

fair isn't really a cult thing and it

stars val kilmer how can you build your

kingdom on the blood of generations so

why now

why does every off-broadway theatre have

a preview running of 80s horror movie X

the musical I have opinions about this


sequels traffic school military scoop

scoop of classics is the channel still

up Hollywood churns out sequels and

remakes because people have more

entertainment options than ever and

they're more likely to spend their

limited fund dollars on something

familiar and it's the same with Broadway

which explains Finding Nemo and Shrek

but less Lovecraft that takes something

else which brings us to two geeks penny

did you ever wonder how Starfleet

captains now

no but seriously the war is over

geeks one we run every creative industry

and therefore control the world and you

know what we watched growing up

groovy but clearly some of us thought

that cats rule too because it does cats

is an amazing musical adding together

you've got an eager audience to market

to and enough dork steering the ship to

make something like evil dead the

musical popular worldwide or to make

giant killer shark the musical popular

for one summer in Toronto

what do you think are the musical

adaptations just to flash-in-the-pan

trend or is this just staging Rocky

Horror with a different name and

existing material let us know you think

in the comments and be sure to subscribe

for new episodes of this exists every

week be excellent to each other


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