CryptoCandor | With The CryptoBasic Pod & Adam “Roothlus” Levy

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

all right I will play the intro music
let me know when you started recording
and oh cool hi hi guys but I'm not
streaming I'm just recording no worries
all right here comes intro that's the
first some of them that live so it's
cool to watch people dance to it alright
welcome to the basic podcast man this is
this is gonna be simulcast this is the B
team today this is the a team and I
would I would love to replace our actual
team with this one but Mike and Kareem
are gone for the week so that leaves
that left me luckily to be filling in
with Mike and Kareem with two of the
best people that I know one of the best
in the crypto space one of the best in
the poker space we've got crypto candor
and ruthless I guess you want me to go
by the screen names I don't I know it's
gonna that's kind of just what it's
always set on perfect all right so we're
we're gonna do the Friday flagship and
we're recording it in such a way that we
can put it on both channels so there's
gonna be some video there's gonna be
some audio and we're gonna show Karima
and Mike what a real show is like now
you're setting the bar high I'm getting
nervous oh yes no this is gonna be
awesome and as long as Adams mic doesn't
keep making that noise all right show
Mike alright so we always get started
with announcements on our Friday
flagship podcast which generally means
we talk about things that we might have
got wrong and we messed up something on
our V chain 101 came to our attention in
the V chain telegram
wait a minute I'm hearing a hearing an
echo I don't I mean I haven't heard
anything okay this way I didn't hear it
on my end okay we're good yeah video
doesn't get cut so you get to see that
all right it's gonna be a learning
experience for everybody like I said are
we good sure so V chain we messed up
their white paper so this is this is
kind of weird but basically they had a
development plan that I found and when
we do different researches for projects
we always look for their white paper
right well I found their development
plan on the first page it says this is
not a white paper it's really specific
not a white paper and I also went to
their website and there's no white paper
on the website which was V Jane calm
well it turns out that there's also a VJ
org and on v-j org there is a white
paper so I think we got most of the
information that was necessary out of
the white paper but we said there wasn't
one that it was coming with their
maintenance not accurate it's already
out so important to own up to it when we
screw up that's bizarre
i-i've never not found one before so I I
did tell them I'm like eh I'm pretty
good at doing my research and I didn't
find that so you might want to make a
link somewhere I don't know but yeah I
had found that in the past but it said
this is not a white paper on it so it
was like um I've seen like this is a
white paper this is a yellow I know
there are other colors has a purple
paper yeah okay so that anyway like to
own up to it when we screw some things
up also for our podcast listeners
Kareem's fireside chat number two is
finally coming out next week look for
that on Wednesday I so I made him say he
was gonna finish it we were gonna have
it released in June he did finish it but
it's not gonna be out until after June
so I don't know if that counts as I'm
actually doing it or not I feel like
it's like kind of like ASMR when
here like in Kareem's fireside chat like
he should you know I picture him Oh
roasting marshmallows over like a nice
fire and then he's like in a robe like
I'm just kind of sitting in a chair oh
yeah that's yeah that would be a good
video for you guys to stream petting his
dog yes and and we have one extra
announcement we do we actually have an
announcement that I had to clarify to
make sure it was cool that I did it um
but so I have tweeted and thrown up on
my youtube channel that I'm doing a
wallet giveaway basically what happened
was does coolwallet sent me a wallet to
review it ended up getting lost in the
mail because I sent it to Australia I
guess not the US but it found its way to
me they ended up sending me another one
to replace it in the mean time which is
the one I did the review on on the
channel so now I have a second one I
contacted them I asked him do you I'm
gonna send it back or do you want me to
do a giveaway they said do whatever you
want with it so it's a brand new cool
wallet I'll have Brent put the
information in the show notes for the
raffle but basically you just need to go
subscribe to my youtube if you already
subscribed you just enter the raffle I
think it's either gonna be maybe
Thursday or Friday of this week that I'm
gonna livestream and I'll do a giveaway
you don't have to be present for the
livestream but you have to realize that
it's you within 24 hours and you know
contact me and prove it so that I can
send you your stuff so it that's
basically a hardware wallet like a like
a nano or or a treasure yeah it's just
not as it's not as well-known because
it's a little bit new of our company
it's shaped like a credit card if you're
curious what it is and you want to check
it out before you do the raffle you can
go on my channel because I do have it up
the unboxing and the review up there
that I did like I don't know like two
weeks ago now maybe so yeah so give away
free stuff this is a real giveaway just
not if this time I feel like you cannot
giveaway theum under any circumstances
yes now like we we considered when we
were talking about giveaways like for
our sponsored content we we just we were
discussing whether we do it in the token
or in a theorem a Bitcoin and we just
decided because of the scammers there's
no circumstance where it's okay to give
away there iam so no spaces like italic
I don't give away II
my name forever and then I don't know if
Twitter's crackdown on it or we're just
seeing less of them or what if there's
like some sort of filter I don't seem as
much so I took it out of my name but I
did have it up there for a while myself
because it was getting insanely out of
hand yeah yep there they were I felt
like that was how you knew you made it
in the crypto space started targeting
you yeah I really want the scammers to
target us I just feel bad because
obviously if they were continuing to do
they were clearly making some sort of
money off of it because people aren't
gonna continue to do something if
there's no end result right so obviously
people must have been doing it which is
the worst part about it yeah they were
getting they were getting them that is I
mean it was there were a couple times
where I looked at it I'm like they're
giving up wait a minute they do such a
good job of looking like the real
account yeah yeah it's rough all right
we're it's time to move on to current
events I'm not gonna be as good at
stopping the rants and stopping
everything is Mike usually is but I'm
gonna try my best
the first current event is kind of a
collection of current events and we're
gonna be talking about us
cos I don't actually even know how to
say it oh yeah so I mean unless you've
been kind of living under a rock you've
definitely seen this screenshot that's
been floating around this week of a
conversation that looks like it might
have been on telegram or something I
don't know but it's conversation what's
up okay that makes sense
so it's a conversation with the one of
the eos block producers who's pretty
much stating that they have better
things to do than securing the newly
running us Network which is the whole
purpose of their existence to begin with
I digress but basically the chat is just
one of the black producers showing the
absolute lack of care and then someone
from a think what might be the EOS team
essentially threatening them with some
sort of legality because of the fact
that they weren't in a meeting or they
weren't part of something so I actually
don't know anything about a OS or the
network or how its operated but in the
process of reading I read it and kind of
just looking online to kind of get some
clarity I found a thread that basically
down why this is bad for us and
explained it in a way that was better
than I would have been able to so pretty
much block producers control all the
decisions made unto us from validating
blacks to seizing funds from under your
private keys which is something that
there's been a controversy you know like
most block producers or any kind of
nodes in most networks they can be
nominated by a 51% token majority and
right now that means the top 15 años
wallets are the ones that can nominate
them so every other individual that
votes is powerless if the majority
colludes or agrees with one another any
OS tokens are not well distributed so
the voting power is condensed and also
the voting power system is designed to
give the majority of the ability to
nominate every block producer with a
handful of backups so pretty much at
this point we have 21 puppet block
producers who have to do whatever
they're told or they lose their power or
they're replaced by a different node and
the richest wallets are in complete
control of Eos which is obviously what
we try to avoid which is the whole
concept of cryptocurrency so everybody's
complaining now that they're saying you
know it really shouldn't be called a
crypto because your funds are literally
not safe cryptic actively speaking and
that means that us is extremely
centralized and it's probably going to
end up being a legal mess they're not
all that different from a bank at this
point right people have been saying
they're they're like a worse Bank they
can they can take your funds they can
move them around they can say up
something fishy is over here we're gonna
freeze this account for a little bit see
what we can find out is happening and
it's only up to these 21 people what's
happening so there's more right before
we got we got on the air an I'm gonna
pull this up on my phone so I don't get
it wrong so video sorry this looks
stupid it's alright it's real life a few
hours ago somebody posted a screenshot
from one of the chats with Dan Larimar
actually talking about this and
basically he is saying that his opinion
is that with the stolen funds issue
which we discussed last week but
basically EOS froze some accounts
thinking that they had just hacked
people he no longer thinks that the EOS
21 block producers should be giving that
back and taking it back from the
scammers and giving it to the people he
thinks that the 21 block producers
should be donating it if somebody gets
their money stolen from that $10,000 a
day that they get so he also said well
if you don't donate it maybe you lose
your seat which is that strong arm that
you're talking about where yeah it's
supposed to be 21 people who have
different agendas and different things
and they're supposed to vote for what's
best but they know if they do something
that those top 15 wallets don't like now
all of a sudden they're out they're not
on the 21 they're not getting 10,000 a
day so yeah that's a pretty strong
incentive to do what somebody tells you
to do including Dan so if he says you
have to donate the money you have to
donate the money he also said that he
doesn't think that arbitration should
happen with the 21 people it should only
be about the code so they they can
arbitrate changes in the code but if a
hack happens they got to donate they
can't move it back which is an article
of the Constitution that is now being
taken out so EOS was developed as
something that had inherent hack
protection inside of it we didn't
realize that it was just like these guys
send out a fax fax machine think about
that they sent a fax and said these
different wallets you have to stop you
know I have to physically enter those
items from the fax that you got because
it's not on the computer so you get copy
paste it and the whole thing is just so
convoluted to me like I don't understand
why all of these processes and even you
know need to have happen in the
beginning why can't why is there a
constitution why are there all these
rules why are there all these laws why
is it governed why do people have strong
arm ability like I just just too many
variables and moving parts for this
project for me to ever feel comfortable
being a part of it like if I can't
understand something at least unlike a
baseline level then I'm not gonna buy it
and I just don't get an EOS honestly I I
always had a snake a hard stance I did
take a stance against it but not like a
hard-line like this coin is bad don't
touch it why and it was just like here's
some red flags that I see can't really
blame me if you want to invest but I
won't be doing it myself
now I'm
actively on the opposite team I'm saying
I feel like this is dangerous and it's
very volatile and it has a lot of money
so I wanted to succeed but I would never
I would never touch the coin until this
I'm not trying to necessarily defend do
us but also this is like kind of like
Dan Larimer it seems like he did do
something that was kind of like helpful
no you know but it's still it's like
there's so much going on you're like
like I want okay we just want to talk
about something another coin he's right
what he's basically saying this should
be more like other cryptocurrencies and
it shouldn't be people deciding if this
person sold a Lamborghini to this person
and then they didn't pay up on their end
of the deal or whatever that it should
be part of the code he's right it's just
the way it's going so it even though I
like what he said in that particular
screenshot meanwhile the icon launch has
gone off without a hitch they have 18
second transaction times there's no
drama everything is working perfectly
thanks and we don't get to hear about
the good stuff enough
yeah well I'm okay with that because I
can't I hold icon and I actually it's
one of the three coins that I've been
sort of reaping my holdings as we've had
the market dips because it was something
that I definitely felt bad that I didn't
buy more when I had the opportunity when
the market was kind of surging there for
a while so I am glad to hear that yeah I
enough from the poker spectrum but
there's a lot better just like I love
Ike and it's just kind of that was
actually where I heard it like last year
I think around this time but it's been
really interesting to see it just kind
of do mostly everything right I'd say
from since its kind of become a thing I
know that there was like a hitch couple
maybe a couple weeks ago but it was a
kind of small and that was almost it was
something like Brent I think you
actually clarified it for yeah it was
like they were able to cancel
actions but that was like the most they
were able to do right yeah it's so it
was it was an issue with their aetherium
code if I understood it properly so they
could actually like there was a troll
spamming the network with this canceled
transaction and he was like paying to do
it or she whatever and it was canceling
all transactions for the icon tokens on
that block chain there so that it wasn't
stealing them it wasn't moving them
around it was just like nope fail nope
fail nope fail so there was you know it
was costing a lot of people guess I
guess I it may have also it was before
the icon main that launched so unless
somebody was messing around on icon I I
understood it's begun I could be
completely wrong on that though but it
was cancelling the transactions they
fixed it so I don't know I liked a lot
about icon you can listen to our icon
101 episode they are very decentralized
they've got a really good vision for
combining everything and even in our
like pretend future episode we mentioned
the icon council so I think there's a
legitimate future for them yeah I I did
a video on him too I think probably
about the same time you guys might have
done yours because I remember like
looking at information for reference and
just being like Jesus it's like one of
those Pratt
projects at like if there's just so many
levels and facets and things and it just
took forever to get through but it was
definitely kind of satisfying after I
finished it to feel like okay well now
like at least I have like a slight grasp
of what's going on all right so Adam you
brought this one to our attention this
is actually kind of cool there's a
venture capital firm I hope I'm actually
I'm gonna stop I'm gonna stop you
because on the outline here oh
Andreessen but it's like with three
there's four there's three e's two S's
it's like entries it's and it's two e's
then then two S's andreessen horowitz
hopefully close enough about this yeah
but yeah they're launching a 300 million
dollar which is as funny as you I was
glossing over it
but yeah and do you know and I don't
know what you guys know about
integration or but that's Marc
Andreessen and ben horowitz which are
like to venture capitalist Titans I feel
like there was a period of time where I
just started watching
Pando daily fireside chats actually uh
and it was like Ben Horowitz was on
Wonder Woman and I actually read his or
listen to his book on audible it's like
the hard things about hard things I
think so it's a point of it so I mean it
they're just they just want to get
involved I'm not okay yeah they're just
kind of it's more long-term vision stuff
and they are very I mean I think they're
probably a sixteen you've probably heard
of maybe seen them on the interweb
somewhere webs
yeah they have a podcast there the
podcast I so I didn't I didn't know
either and when I start looking through
this I'm like wow these guys a podcast
so I got a notification that they opened
my email where I asked them to do some
sort of correct collaboration I'm like
hey you're a podcast or podcast let's do
something I don't know if they're gonna
do anything with it but I know they
opened it so if you see this I see you
yeah I know I know that you know that I
know anyway it looks really cool they're
specific about being long-term they
don't care about the day trading they're
investing in what they consider to be
great future technology they are you
know they're they're not pulling out
there is only only good for the space
only good for them and I hope a lot of
great projects get are they gonna share
like like publicly what they're
investing in I don't know that would be
interesting the announcement of the fund
was just like a one-page almost like a
press release what we'll have it in the
show notes but it's at a 16z crypto calm
you can go there and and take a look at
it I do want to mention that it's a 300
million dollar venture fund yeah like
just starting and out the out of the
gate with 300 million put in a crypto is
that currently just 1% of like yeah
isn't that just
1% of the current market cap yep current
market cap is it's actually more than
one website it's under 300 billion
that's kind of absurd when you put that
in perspective
also to mention how if they're investing
like relatively soon imagine how far
that 300 million is going to go on
situation with the market this could be
like a big bull sign this is just god I
like thinking about the fact that there
are probably other funds they're gonna
do start doing this as well one can
either hope there's a lot of people who
are very close to having their fund or
their firm ready to invest in crypto so
watch Silicon Valley the show I love it
I am actually integrated the Pied Piper
parody coin oh that's hilarious I think
I might have seen a little bit of that
but it's kind of like that where you
know in silico I feel like it's really a
depiction where it's like oh he invested
they Mark Anderson interest in Isaiah
krypton fun now I need one yeah
yeah well I mean and that's I think
that's probably how it really is in real
life I'm guessing I don't have any
experience but if one big corporation or
one big group of people with a lot of
money are going into something everybody
else is gonna take at least take a look
at it yeah you know here's how it works
they go to their like galas and their
fundraisers and they go up to each other
and they're like oh john how you doing
today buddy and they smack glasses and
they're like what are you investing in
these days I'm that's not their
cryptocurrency about you well I am I
really know why I was using that accent
but yes that's kind of how it that yet
but they they're gonna run into each
other at big events where there's a lot
of people with a lot of money they're
gonna see somebody whose success will be
like what are you doing I'm doing this
all right maybe I'll look into that
spread slowly so more more money in the
space can only be better at brandy and
we gotta move on to the next topic

appreciate that
so anyway real quick
pornhub we're talking about porn up I
like talking about pornhub on on crypto
podcasts no I'm gonna show I'm gonna say
this how I found out about it so in the
discord somebody posted pornhub is to
accept TRX accepting Tron and I'm like
wow so pornhub is just trying to form
scam Voltron like they they acted verge
and now they're bringing in Tron and
then unfortunately a little bit later
they're also bring on basically my
favorite coin which is Zen and I'm like
what what is going on oh how is Zen even
in the conversation with Tron and Virg
so yeah Justin Suns had a busy week he
bought BitTorrent which is it seems like
big news but the company is actually
useless there they pretty much failed to
everything they've ever tried to do but
he maybe he can make something happen
with a little hype machine I don't know
they tried to do like a video streaming
service that failed they tried to do
like there's something else they try to
do and that completely failed they tried
to bring out new CEOs they in a fight
each other I'm paraphrasing but go look
up the history of the BitTorrent company
you will not be impressed other than the
fact that that's where everybody gets
their porn so this is this is an
interesting thing that so Justin's
cornering the porn market here he's got
TRX making the pornhub partnership and
he's got BitTorrent it's a good way to
look at it so I I was not happy that Zen
was involved in this I was hoping that
they just got it for free and they're
like of course this is good so I
actually listed it on their bi-weekly
call and they and I asked they do a Q&A
section and there's not a ton of people
that listen so they read all the
questions they skipped mine my question
was did you get paid for the Zen in
integration into porn up now if you mean
pay for it
yeah yeah sorry the other yeah the other
right pay for the integration I was
hoping that they just they they came to
them and like hey we like a privacy can
we no of course not
so they they did pay they can't disclose
how much but they said it was a good
deal so they probably paid a lot less
than Virg and we don't know how much
Virg paid but the guy had to beg for 3
million so
I would imagine I'm gonna riddle me it's
probably three million in the range of
from the ballpark of three million I've
seen numbers as high as seven and a half
million or was 75 million Virge I don't
know what that turns out to it so like
this is once again we're kind of like
okay yeah it's weird that like then cash
would choose this route but also like it
kind of like more kind of aligns with
like like there's just it kinda is like
like in-between like it's kind of a
seedy thing a little bit like maybe
crypto is at times so I'm like if there
is a little it makes some sense
if pornhub is really trying to get
involved with crypto just from that but
it is a little weird that it's like Tron
version like that you know from just
really like everyone being like hmm like
oh these three but we've already seen
what these others are doing that could
people kind of net them but also it
might end up being like just like kind
of a probably a good way to get people
to use a coin it's important to note
that this is not just pornhub there's
more to this they are doing reality
Kings Digital Playground brazzers mofos
babes twisties Shaun quality traffic
junkie youporn redtube bromo and men
calm so all of those are included in the
payment it's not associated with a porn
website adoption is adoption uses you
this how about it I don't care who's
using it but if somebody's using
cryptocurrency cool it's good for
it's the now that they're there's gonna
be articles and titles and and talks of
Zen cash and then it's gonna be followed
by Virgin Tron so it's not porn for me
so much as it's the association with two
very as far as I'm concerned not
legitimate projects that have a very
spotty past and that being said Zen
cache is a pretty reputable project
working with IO HK and they've got a
good following in a good community and
they've got awesome goals so really like
what's the what's in it for them like
getting out of this partnership is what
I don't really understand like maybe
people read headlines it's a Zen cache
and some people get interested in google
it like what I just don't understand a
point so here's here's why I don't like
don't like this a lot now I the morality
of porn in my opinion porn is fine
there's nothing wrong with it
it it's considered seedy I don't think
it should be I don't think there should
be as much of a stigma attached to it I
invested in spank chain we've we've had
one of the spanked chain models on the
podcast look I love the industry but I
what I don't like is what happened here
so the porn industry makes a lot of
money but they make a lot of money for a
few different reasons
pornhub specifically doesn't make a lot
of money off of people paying for
subscriptions they make a lot of money
off of advertising yeah so the amount of
transactions that this is going to
result in for xen cash which is the idea
the marketing spin here is it's good for
adoption is going to be minut compared
to say picking a random internet
retailer that's nowhere near as popular
as pornhub I have a friend who owns a
company called wild foods Co if you're
well that's the website many companies
called wild foods if they had made a
partnership with him spending probably
one tenth of the money they would have
probably gotten more physical
transactions because he has he sells
coffee and matcha and that kind of thing
and that's transactional and there's no
free way to get coffee so on top of the
fact that most people probably do get
their porn for free the ones that don't
are probably not cryptocurrency users
they may be on by Nantz buying and
selling and day trading or whatever but
I would I would guess that there's a
very high correlation between getting
your getting your porn for free via
pirated means or for just going and
looking on pornhub and cryptocurrency
use so another reason that it's not
going to be very many transactions so
what it was so once you eliminate the
help adopting the currency because it I
don't feel like it actually helps a lot
now you're left with the marketing side
and increasing awareness of
in cash which is fine if SCIM cash was
the first one to do this
it'd be yeah but it isn't yeah they look
at the power of what verge was when
people are Oh verge and like but it then
it kind of just died down but if Zen
cast have been the first one it would be
completely different you're right it's
just like you don't want to tie them
together also tarnished to me like
everybody mocked everybody mocked the
partnership with porn hub for verts how
are we gonna stand here now and be like
okay yeah this is good for crypto this
is good for Zen cash when we were
literally just saying a couple months
ago ha terrible stupid partnership they
paid for it so I can't you know would be
it'd be contradicting my entire thought
about it from the beginning and I'm
obviously not gonna do that so my
opinion still stand
I just don't think like you said
transaction Airy wise it's not really
beneficial and yes or maybe who's gonna
get some Google's out of it but it just
doesn't seem in the long run like a very
good use of their funds even if it was a
good price right and what I'm most
worried about is now we're gonna see
memes like oh we got 51% attacked time
to join pornhub because they had they
had a 51% attack handled it perfectly in
my opinion and they've moved no you're
fine I can edit it all out or I don't
doesn't we'll see how it goes because I
was curious like and it is a gay site
but it's like emo you have to know right
it's for science or something yes I had
to know now you listen now we know I
can't wait to see the Facebook ads you
get for the next week now yes you were
saying that you were afraid that now
there's gonna be memes for 51 percent of
times like oh I got attacked and then
whatever because you were saying that
it's n cash handled it really well but
now it's maybe gonna be a point for
contention for people so one of the
reasons you want to market is you want
people to seize n cash so they're gonna
be a lot of people who are unaware of
what Zen cash is and now they're gonna
see it for the
first I'm grouped with Tron and Virg
yeah they're not gonna do level two
research go through and see that this is
a good coin so that's why I think it was
a poor choice hopefully they just end up
bringing on like 30 more coins and it
doesn't matter but for now it's it's a
little it's money that could have been
better spent somewhere else
and remember pornhub has no
responsibility to vet the people that
they're doing business with so they can
do business with Sam because they're a
porn site they can just be like
regulated up an industry either we
talked about this on the last podcast
that I did the last episode I was on and
saying how that poor time has nothing to
lose they nope they have no they're not
gonna lose people if they mess up a
partnership is n cash or Tron or Virg so
what's it matter it doesn't they and I
saw on reddit somebody posted that I
think it was on the verge subreddit and
the first comment was you know you
virgins or whatever they they joke about
them being there like you should ask for
your money back because it was a you
paid for that partnership yeah that's
not how it works at least not in this
setting and it is hilarious to watch if
you had gone and apparently some of
those n cash people went into the verge
chats where Mike was reasonably
recruiting chip and I put they are like
freaking out they're like this was
supposed to be a an exclusive
partnership what is going on and we we
all the whole Bristol space call that
out immediately they're like sometimes
be refreshing or terrifying depending on
who you talk to you I do want to clarify
that this isn't like this I think maybe
a bad move by Zen cos I'm not like I
feel like the coin you know I'm very
much into the coin but it's just like
maybe this wasn't necessary secure no
I'm not gonna sell it now because of
this but I'm not so pleased about this
decision I think they had their doubt
that this probably wouldn't happen
their Dow is not in place yet they still
are waiting to put that there and I
believe this would have been voted down
by the community in its current state of
joining verge because they probably
didn't know about Tron but let's join
verge is not something anybody's gonna
be happy with so it makes sense the
privacy aspect I could see people not
wanting to signal that they are looking
at porn we actually on we just recorded
I don't know when it's coming out but we
did the Z cache 101 that we've been
avoiding and we go into privacy and the
reasons for it a lot ice a bit of
waiting because we did Bitcoin private
and we did yeah it was e classic so it
was kind of we it was almost like
rehashing so we tried to really focus on
a lot of the different reasons that
privacy matters to a law-abiding citizen
and you know if you don't want somebody
to know that you're looking at porn then
to do that but to touch on why privacy
is important to someone who's not
breaking the law because one of the
things that I I got a lot of comments
from people when I was very I'm still
obviously probe hit X but when I was
like more talking about it cuz I was you
know freshly working with them and
getting involved in the project and
people were saying what do you need a
privacy coin for what's the purpose what
does an average person need it for so I
think it's important to remember
obviously you know that not everybody
lives in the u.s. not everybody has the
kind of freedoms and liberties and
rights that we do and sometimes that
there are definitely use cases for a
privacy coin that aren't something that
we would be a custom to or may be
subject to so it's and even if we aren't
it's still important to have back up
privacy options like I don't really see
why that's even a questionable thing
it's just hard for some people to wrap
their heads around if you have nothing
to hide you shouldn't need to hide it I
think that once people sit down they
really think about that they realize it
and maybe some things should be hidden
yeah so alright enough enough of this
another for on transversion porn and oh
I got that tab oh yeah no I'm kidding
but yeah I should keep you guys on track
I'm the Mike I'm Milwaukee here alright
the next one let's go Facebook is
reversing its ban on cryptocurrency
oh yeah right so now shouldn't the bull
market be back us because everybody was
blaming that um yeah so there's been an
article that's been going around and
basically Facebook is reversing its ban
and crypto ads it's gonna allow some
pre-approved advertisers to moat to
promote crypto businesses and services
like exchanges or anything that's
reputable and maybe has you know like
actual things on it and it's not just
like ico ads and stuff so Facebook
banned all crypto ads back in January if
you guys remember I guess it was also
around the time that Bitcoin price was
surging and you know people thought
maybe that had something to do the fact
that they were trying to decrease the
amount of promoting for services that
were misleading or deceptive so
obviously like we saw bit Kinect ads and
stuff like that back then too so they
were trying to cut back on that because
obviously bitcoins price was surging
more people were interested new people
who were kind of none the wiser we're
coming in to seeing all these ads so now
advertisers that have been pre-approved
by Facebook through an application
process can promote crypto products
however an important point to mention is
that oh I already went over this the I
SEOs are still banned
I like how I skip over things so
interested advertisers may show Facebook
licences that they have obtained and
whether they are treated on public stock
exchanges and other relevant public
background information about the
business basically just like
legitimizing the company or the group of
the project that wants to set an ad or
run an ad so like you know a project
that people know and that has a good
backing instead of just random I SEOs
that we see all the time popping about
an hour yeah out of control I mean and
it sucks because we were just starting
the podcast then and we wanted to use
Facebook to increase our reach we were
willing to invest a little bit of money
in that to even to kind of get a get
ourselves out there and right away we
couldn't do it so but I was getting sick
of it just scrolling through your
Facebook feed the next Bitcoin is this
next Bitcoin is that
luckily I've pretty much almost gotten
rid of all of my Facebook ease at this
point so the only thing I was doing you
something you had to like post about
like Luke Cage or something yeah you're
totally like like oh but I have to make
this you know Luke Cage oh I don't like
it no I I was using buffer to post on
Facebook which is like a third party app
that I'll post for you kind of like
manage your social media yeah
well Facebook is banning all third party
ads or software so I can't even use
buffer anymore I don't know they I guess
they want to have more real people
interaction maybe their partnership with
Cambridge analytic atoll them they
needed to do that yeah yeah I do think
it's kind of I see a little bit of like
a parallel you know how we always hear
like news from China like the
government's gonna ban crypto currencies
or whatever and then it runs like oh my
god well this kind of seems like I
wonder if the Chinese are like seeing
this and like but it's like Facebook bad
crypto oh my god there's you know it's
kind of like you're only worrying about
the FUD from yeah ya know it's kind of
like sometimes they like will see
something like this like oh no like
we're screwed so so so like I'm sure
there's some sort of panic that happens
in other countries oh yeah absolutely
but I mean I don't know if China really
cares about us so much and you know we
also don't know how much they're
actually seeing because their internet
so anyways what is their internet over
there exactly color forget I don't know
but I see little jokes online that they
say that you have to cross the the Great
Firewall of China to get in which I
liked that play on words John Oliver
just did a segment on China's censorship
and now HBO's bandage oh yeah I saw that
they were trying to wipe John Oliver off
the Chinese internet clearly but I'm
sure I forgot what the Facebook is I
know that I've like an actual name for
it yeah they basically have versions of
Google yeah so to round up the end of
this Facebook section though I did apply
for the
so we'll see if we end up passing the
pass in the test I know if we're gonna
take any ads out but I'd like to be able
to if I want yeah nothing the option
would be nice and I mean you know do it
while they are allowing it cuz who knows
they might change it again out of our
mm-hm yep and also Adam to your point
Luke Cage was terrible and it would
needed to be said like that is one of 10
Facebook posts I made in the last month
and I season 1 was amazing easily in 8
or 9 out of 10 season – was it – it was
worse than it was worse than iron fist
yeah there are no chose oh okay yeah the
main character from Luke Cage is
actually a big part of The Good Wife
which I've randomly watched all of and
he was really good in it yeah I randomly
12 hours of my show was on Netflix in
Canada and it wasn't in America so just
like this is very I mean I enjoyed it
it's a good show sometimes for stuff
like that is good yeah all right let's
move on this is actually something I
brought up so the engine know that the
CTO Brent sorry the CEO the CTO who I
think we might have briefly talked about
on the engine 101 which I was actually
on yeah that's right
and he I think he's just he just seems
like a like a boss whatever he's doing
over there and he's been in industry for
a long time what like the whole gaming
kind of like I've heard I forget I
should have actually just like refreshed
myself with the CTOs like accolades but
anyways they created a new token
ERC 11:55 and this will kind of help
with the non fungibility aspect of like
e tokens which is kind of what we were
talking about on engine 101 right I did
a little bit more research into this cuz
they created a new a new token already
or reusing a new token I don't know if
they created it but there was one called
the air
see 721 which specifically was created
for the nun fungibility in to track the
entire life of the coin and I think the
UT EXO's had to be entirely full and you
couldn't split it but what they've done
here is the RC 20 was completely or was
not not fungible at all I know that's a
weird way to say it but it's also not
but you couldn't track the entire
history of every coin person to person
to person in some fashion I don't know
why I didn't look in enough to
understand that but the 7:21 fixed that
11:55 is going to allow you to do
either/or so you can kind of make it
like in the RC 20 or you can make it
like in the RC 721 and also you can
group a bunch of tokens to do a single
transaction a bunch different types so
if it's long a RC 1155 you can send like
a sword a shield and some armor with the
same transaction so that'll help with
their engine thing it is kind of cool
and it's just coming out now so link in
the show notes for their get up if you
want to see what it actually does and
now bad I butchered it go ahead alright
I think um if I remember correctly brent
actually screwed up with the naming of
the CTO in the engine 101 oh yeah I
think it's VTEC Radomski is the CTO and
so there we go that's the guy he's I
think he's actually the founder of like
Jack's if I remember correctly I
realized probably just have this in
front of me but I couldn't get to it
before I came back um so anyways I I
think people are really I underestimate
the adoption that will come from video
game related use for cryptocurrency it's
like being able to trade things game by
game through the blockchain
via engine coin is a genius idea you
know I mean I played quite a few games
video games growing up so I see the
value in that I
so have a tendency to get really
addicted to individual games like I'm
still very much fully involved in
Pokemon go so um that's just a minor
hiccup on on my end but it's important
to realize that these kinds of things
like I always say you finding a way to
incorporate blockchain technology in a
way that people don't realize they're
using blockchain technology is the way
we're going to get stuff adopted and I
think that this is a great use case for
2017 I started seeing a lot of hype for
like this is gonna be the year of
eSports or gaming and blockchain kind of
thing and there really are a lot of
coins out there that have kind of I mean
Mark Cuban invested didn't want to think
it's unit coin coin wax and then
obviously engine and I know that there's
like even a lot more out there that are
just kind of I think dream teams one
that's also interesting there's just so
many it's gonna be well I don't really
know if it's the year of do of that just
yet but ever seen this thing is that
building I know
supposed to be year Bitcoin being
$20,000 to you know so I guess we'll see
how that goes
yeah john mcafee and his penis are not
happy about the way this year has been
going so i this is actually funny that
you brought this up I have to quickly
shout out my friend this this guy on
Twitter his name is cryptic crooks he
does all original content and he does
like animation and cartoons and he drew
a cartoon of McAfee on the day holding
said body parts with a fork pretending
to eat it as like as a play and ended up
tweeting it at him the guy never said
anything but he was hilarious so if you
guys want some funny crypto related
comics check him out on Twitter I do
want to before we go to the next thing I
do and I just mentioned about the
founder of Jax he's the co fat that was
just wrong
he's just a co-founder of Internet ah
and and yeah and the CTO so I think he's
been there since like 2009 so whatever
he's doing he's crushing it all right
the next we're now the Ares crushing it
you're crushing it we're crushing it
crypto around the world is the next part
of the show now I feel like Brent who
drops for you so crypto around the world
I'm something I actually found this
morning which I thought was pretty cool
is apparently Switzerland is getting
into blockchain voting in the town of
Zug they're starting a trial run of
blockchain election systems essentially
allowing citizens to vote on a couple of
soft issues to start the mayor says
there's a quote here that says who knows
in five or ten years time blockchain may
be used for votes
not everyone has faith and blockchain or
even a voting but I personally believe
it has potential he strongly believes
that blockchain base elections will hold
their own against other electronic
voting systems especially since properly
set up systems would theoretically
reduce the probability of tampering
significantly again another awesome use
case I think for having people use
blockchain tech without necessarily
realizing it and considering the kind of
state that you know the US political
system is with the last election of
things like that
I do think purifying the voting system
could definitely benefits kind of
everyone overall right yes I agree with
that a hundred percent that's awesome to
see this is how it's always gonna start
like little towns starting to adopt it
and then bigger towns realizing there's
less risk and they adopt it and now now
of a sudden it's County now sudden it's
a state or a province and and now all of
a sudden it's country like that there is
this is really really good do you have a
dude so when you say little town have
you heard of Zug prior to this no no
Zhou he is like the crypto capital okay
like time we're all like I think there's
some Akasha is like some I don't know I
remember back and like will say to like
2000 late 2016 now just like found out
about it and it was
they're so many it's just crypto
everywhere and so in Switzerland and I
kind of just want to go to Switzerland
anyways and a lot of companies I think
are out of there it's just yeah so the
fact that Doug is doing this is not a
just a coincidence they've been kind of
yeah so I think we definitely look into
it if I was using my head I would have
googled this town to see like what
there's you know the residence size was
how many you know like people they have
what they're doing all that stuff but
now I just kind of so thanks for that
type of information yeah I could have
just also googled it and then that's
alright Adams our designated Googler
right now so as Adam was googling I
realized there's something missing from
our outline and I had like cut it to
paste it up when I talked about the
chain earlier but this is now falling
crypto around the world I'm sorry this
is a bad organization I guess it does
but there is actually it does because
this is definitely not in the u.s. there
is an automaker that is gonna use V
chain to track everything about the
automobile from start to finish so or at
least they programmed it in on the V
chain blockchain to do and I had
summarized this awesome summary of of it
on reddit it was by a user named crypto
leaf but like with us CRI pto le te and
i did i did ask him or her if I could
use this particular summary because as I
was reading the article it was kind of
tough because it was Google translated
from from something else so basically
that there it's gonna boil down to a few
different things that one marketing they
they want to be able to reward users of
this particular auto company and I'm I'm
saying auto company like like like
there's any that you haven't heard of
but I don't remember them the the
company is Ygritte and I don't know
which auto company they're partnering
with so Ygritte consulting is
who made it maybe they haven't partnered
with anybody yet but the point is they
want to reward people for using those
cars with the v chain tokens and they
also want to put insurance on it as well
so you can get rewarded for good driving
habits or have to pay more for bad
driving habits so you'll be able to in
theory if you're insurable you'll get a
better insurable rate and if you're not
then probably won't so that could be
good or bad
car-sharing we this is another one of
those little throwbacks to our through
our future episode where we were talking
about other people use in our car and us
making some sort of cryptocurrency while
they're using it while we're at work
absolutely part of the IOT thing here
that they could do and they're having
IOT sensors put into everything so and
then finally you get to know the supply
chain of all of the parts in the car
know how many times they've been resold
that kind of thing so super interesting
use case for 4 V chain and Adam found
that but I didn't have as much time to
research it as crypto leap did encrypt
Italy crushed it so thanks for letting
me steal that it's uh I'd like when
these projects are trying to do just
gargantuan tasks almost like a yeah ok
so there's a lot of risk in it look at
kind of what's going on with obvious but
when V Chen is like we're gonna try to
do this and we really like we already
have like a good amount of it kind of at
least start it and and I think it's
really cool for these visionary kind of
ideas well someone's got to be
successful right I mean at some point
all of these ideas are gonna have to
come to fruition at one point or another
whether it's one project or another
people are gonna start laying the
groundwork to figure out what's the best
way to do it and how to pull it off so
yeah and V trains got you know a hell of
a mount of partnerships and I'm just
like you said the gargantuan ideas it's
really exciting to think that like
you'll be able to know all the stuff
that's in your car do all the car
sharing or whatever the only thing I
would not like is being able to track
driving ability because that may not
benefit me so well hood oh yeah
you have like the fast cars and you're
driving your other YouTube channel one
day and I'm like what is this really
taking a car apart and you're like yeah
yeah that's how it all started that's
pretty badass I have never taken a car
apart my I barely changed a tire I don't
know if I have my dad basically was just
like the handyman like the goat handyman
and I just was like oh like broke this
and he's like I'll fix it so yeah kind
of got away with that I did shingle of
roof once though we have that on me I
mean it wasn't I know how to do anything
is because my boyfriend works for
Porsche and he taught me so that was
pretty much it but otherwise I wouldn't
sound yeah
so speaking of Adam's car he has a
recording of me from like 12 years ago
still in his car of return missing and
return of the Mack that if he like
presses the right buttons it comes up
and I start saying in return of the Mack
in his car yeah I love it
it's it's pretty hilarious yeah but I
was not very happy when it he did it a
long time ago but it's still very funny
because he would just be just be in the
car and it's like I have other people in
there he just like put it on like I
don't want to hear you Brant all the
time and he's got a really good singing
voice is not as normal oh it is tear it
is terrible but after a while just
became hilarious maybe I should actually
just record that so you guys can hear
that at some point of maybe I'll and
yeah yeah so I did want to just kind of
comment that when you say well if all
these projects can't fail I mean there's
sixteen hundred fifteen hundred ninety
six coins currently listed on coin
market cap if all of them fail like if
none of them do anything worthwhile that
is I mean that's just it it's just kind
of the law almost like how can they all
fail they can't come ability all right
yeah yeah and I mean like I really in
recently from picking up you know doing
the interview with seal doing research
on the supply chain coins I really feel
like that is gonna be a huge
way for adoption to happen and I
definitely think that out of the gate
that's gonna be where we're gonna see
the most use cases initially for crypto
and so V chain working with automotives
Walton doing whatever they're doing you
know Wahby and modem and Ambrose sis and
all these projects yeah I you know I
just I think it's awesome and I love to
see what problem they're solving a what
concept are trying to use or what tech
they want to get involved in but yeah I
know I just don't think that they're all
gonna fail I think one of them's got to
give and V trains one of those ones that
I picked up since the markets been down
so yay for that yeah my only not gonna
be chained in there episode was their
pseudo centralization but they may not
be wrong that that is a better way to go
than complete decentralization I don't
know I would prefer complete
decentralization but more you get more
like corporate kind of like you know you
try to go you know supply chain or kind
of business oriented you're not got what
is it you're gonna be to be kind of
thing I think it might be a little more
important to be little more centralized
than you would like I think you've
actually said that print on yeah so I do
before we go onto the next topic I did
Google's up and there's this thing
called crypto valley it's actually
called a crypto valley dot swiss that's
literally just the wet though domain and
basically they established themselves as
a global hub for crypto and blockchain
development in i think like 2016 they
launched an initiative or no yeah to
become one of the world's leading
ecosystems for crypto blockchain and
distributed ledger technologies so they
literally have a nickname already cause
of the like the hub of all things crypto
you know like wisconsin sure sure
oh wait no no it's got some wyoming god
oh wow sorry well it's like user
I think none of Wyoming is trying to be
like a crypto hub in the United States
no taxes all kinds of stuff yeah I
didn't know things about how nobody is
from Wyoming and nobody's there so like
our one listeners probably like upset
with us but so I like to apologize that
lists nervous we have a soundboard
to be like yeah for the one listener
there you go okay next one's you Adam
we're talking about the fact that you
can buy crypto at 400 post-office
branches in Austria I didn't know about
this one this is yes to me yeah that's
kind of wild I've been to Austria
do you know Vienna I think has one I
don't know if it is anymore but it's the
number one like highly most highly rated
sitting on the planet or something like
if you were to look it up the rankings
over I know that when I was there and I
didn't really get it but yeah so I think
Austria decided they're just gonna put
it into 400 I mean that's a lot a parent
lots and not only is it just it's not
just Bitcoin it's like it's Bitcoin
Bitcoin cash beef like corn iota ripple
– and comodo randomly moto moto get in
there good job Komodo maybe they're
Austrian that or not well maybe so but
then like was it gonna take people 45
minutes to buy stamps if they're using
Bitcoin like I don't know it's it's it's
a little bit different they're
partnering up with a company called bit
panda which is I think kind of similar
to like a coin base in the way they
process payments okay and you can buy
gift cards so you can buy a $50
aetherium gift card of $50 like when
dick gift card or whatever and that
person can redeem it on the bit Panna
platform so that's how you're getting it
but it's interesting that you can just
feel like y'all take these stamps and
give me ten thousand in Bitcoin get
though the website seems pretty cool you
can go 50 100 or 500 euros yep they're
very specific denominations 50 100 or
500 euro and
their fees are next to nothing I mean
the Bitcoin crypto ATMs here have you
ever gone to one or tried to use them
and they pop up 15% higher higher higher
the only one that I ever tried was 15%
I'm blasting them on Facebook I'm like
what is wrong with you and they're like
oh well there's a lot of fees involved
on our end but and they actually said
this they said the 15% is negligible
because of the gains you're going to
make any ways the company check the fees
on your ATMs before you get involved
with those yeah be careful out there
yeah just be careful in general normally
it's the part of the episode where we go
to the mailbag I didn't put anything on
here from the mailbag we might did you
get any questions no I I tweeted it I
put it on my community wall on my
YouTube channel and I put it in my disc
court apparently people were not having
it this week man I mean people are just
you know that first of all we're
reporting this today early so on our end
people are used to asking the questions
on like today oh I actually have one
that came in at 6:02 p.m. so after we
started recording it's a long one I
don't actually know we're gonna be able
to answer this but let's see all right
hang on let me its mailbag time wait
what we're the mailbag shop never fails
our portfolio when they munille harris

flambo there we have the mailbag shop
what there's been a couple those are a
couple of user submissions that we can
are now alternating with on Friday so
sometimes we have the $0.50 sometimes so
you got the blueproof loose screws
ripoff that was that's what I had ready
for today all right this is asked by
Chicago trip Allah
I imagine it's a play on Chicago hey
guys love the podcast curious as to your
thoughts regarding Jimmy songs medium
article of the truth about smart
contracts well I haven't read this so I
don't know if I'm going to be able to
give any thoughts he basically argues
that smart contracts are impossible to
enforce in a trustless way because all
are because of the Oracle problem I know
that is either there needs to be a link
from the digital to the physical world
real estate smart contracts are useless
unless there's a third party to enforce
them prove ownership and you still need
to trust a centralized Authority any
examples you can think of in the real
world not digital where smart contract
doesn't rely on trusted third party to
enforce or confirm
so I actually the IC o—- that I just
covered one of their major and I
recently just learned about what an
Oracle really is and the use for it
within blockchain tech and so he's right
I mean it you know it as is a
centralized issue and you are relying on
that for information as far as porting
that into your blockchain and utilizing
that for whatever other process whether
it's like time temperature sale price
whatever so I don't really know of a
situation off the top of my head that
smart contracts wouldn't still be
falling victim to that issue I also
again we didn't read the articles so
that that right kind of prevents us
there I can't think of any legally
binding ways in which blockchain
interacts with the physical world yet I
it's not that it's not there you have to
have an authority willing to enforce a
smart contractor you can enforce a
written contract with a lawyer but you
can't enforce a smart contract with a
smart lawyer or anything I think there
are companies working on this but there
certainly is nothing yet so that's
be something we see in a couple years
where there starts to be some legal
precedent for this but I cannot say any
I'll top my head any I can there's
digital goods like engines a great
example of transferring a good from a
game to a game but there are not and no
there's people putting pieces of things
on the blockchain but I imagine they
just have contracts in place yeah
sorry I've been off googling so I
googled the article on medium also just
to give a little perspective Jimmy song
is a Bitcoin educator developer and
entrepreneur and then he's got a PGP
fingerprint whatever that means and and
then I guess it kind of just goes
through it I didn't really I'm just like
didn't really read it like but it seems
like it's just yes trying to explain why
like why smart cat contracts are a thing
a lot it's not just like say I think
that's kind of like a sensational
headline from what it seems like the
truth about smart contracts it seems
like it's in like a kind of a negative
light and I think it's like he's trying
to just talk about it more it would be a
Bitcoin match but he's also not wrong it
they cannot interact with yeah physical
realm and without something changing in
jurisdictions that's not gonna be
possible so maybe Zug can that was
actually a reply in one of the comments
yeah I even went into the comments to
figure it out basically saying that like
people are trying to kind of do that
like I appreciate the article but people
are trying to you know are trying to all
to do that yeah yeah alright so from
this point forward it's gonna be
nonsense this is we're in the rant
section so if you're like looking for a
hard-hitting analysis you can just get
out of here now we've already got your
download we've already got your view
don't worry about the rest of it let's
let's let's get a little bit ranty I got
something written here
it says yose or e OS – honestly though
so I just you know obviously this is a
song that keeps getting brought up and I
don't want to beat a dead horse but I
was in my the reddit Bitcoin slack that
I'm in and they were and somebody was
trying to sort of not back them up or or
rationalize what was happening but just
like try to give maybe a valid reason or
kind of speak to issues that they might
be having and you know I've been on
crypto zombies channel where k-dubb and
I have talked about how like obviously
we all get updates on our phones we
there's always bugs that needs to work
out nothing is perfect and that's
totally understandable and I think for
the most part people are really good
about getting that tech is always gonna
require some sort of improvement but
they had a year there I co was a
freaking year long and they got an
astronomical amount of money and they
had people talking about how this
project was gonna walk on water because
it was a Dan lemare project and like I
just I don't know I'm so disappointed in
the not the community but the project
and how it's worked out and I really
think it's it's poor for the space and
that's what it comes down to is it's a
project that took a year it's a project
that took a ton of money and now they're
having all of these problems and you
know fresh people coming in are gonna
see this and it's going to be a huge
deterrent for them to want to invest and
stuff because it's everything's gonna
seem like a risk become a project that's
a year-long can't get there you know
together for free no other better
word then you know what hope do people
think there's gonna be for other things
they don't even have a test it actually
I found out this somebody told me that
they did have like two or three test
nets but I didn't I personally didn't
read anything it was just information
that was told to me oh I I thought
they'd never maybe they had some sort of
like internal Testament that they never
released but I didn't think there was
anything test net I mean maybe they're
referring to bitshares and and steam it
as pseudo test nets for or the etherium
style I mean or the yes yes it's really
really bad nothing I wanted to be wrong
so much about the red flags and it's
also the people who are like blindly
defending it
I I ran into a guy on reddit that was
blindly defending it to me too his
argument was there are problems with
etherium when it came out what does that
have to do with anything just because
experiment problems yeah if you're Ian
didn't even come close I can't remember
how much they raised but it's probably
it was like 30 I don't remember but
point is it was the they are not
comparable and you can't just what about
ISM it and say well yeah it's here iam
did bad stuff – no no alright alright
cos I think we don't need to rant for
too long because it's like a snooze at
this point like yeah no it's it's stupid
you know not stupid just us like you
know I hope that I'd like work out you
want to talk about this next thing so
well this one is this was like I even
read the article and I don't even I
still didn't understand how most of it
not even half more than that because
there's nothing to it but we can talk
about it it's called the e8 theory where
I guess that's a scientific theory oh
well there might be something be a
theory I don't I didn't look into that
understand it there is nothing to the 21
EA – yeah but people like I guess found
this hashed last week and they just were
they just started thinking that
it was like Satoshi was a time traveler
because the hash would be a possible
discover unless he puts it there and it
was just like like people were freaking
out a little bit for I'd say probably
like Monday or Tuesday maybe it was
yours ashen and and seeing patterns and
like putting on tinfoil hats
there's where there aren't patterns is
what's happening but basically e8 refers
to the theory of everything is a certain
way in satoshi nakamoto
is very loosely related to like
something everything like the what the
name means so they think that he had a
part in the 8th theory or was liked it
or something and then 21 is a number of
number of million bitcoins that are
being created so they saw this together
after a bunch the first thing after a
bunch of zeros they're like Oh
this has to be Satoshi and he has to be
the one who found it because there's no
way to find this on purpose so he must
have time traveled and put it there and
then found it later or we're living in a
simulation like we also didn't land on
the moon and there's also the world is
flat and Adam disappeared to reach for
my charger you know and this reminds me
of Adam what this reminds me of the
Mandela effect that you tried to
convince me was real one day so I'm not
gonna say they'll effect
I guess if you want to explain it first
seconds you'll probably do it better
than I was yes I I will so for the
listeners the Mandela effect I wake up
one morning to Adam just like when we
were living together he's all about he's
like oh my god oh my god dude do you
remember the Bernstein Bears and I'm
like yeah I remember the Bernstein bears
he's like no you don't they're the
Berenstain Bears and I'm like what so
apparently our teachers were reading it
incorrectly when we were kids and they
were saying steam and it's stained so
he's like no that means we're living in
an alternate reality so it's called the
Mendel effect because people remember
Nelson Mandela dying in prison and he
didn't die in prison so so I've done it
there's a sire subreddit apparently Tom
Cruise wait hold on let's test have you
heard this theory before at all Alex no
okay do you remember the Tom Cruise
movie risky business yes do you remember
the scene where he's dancing to that
song is this the same movie he slides
across the floor yes that seam yeah what
do you look like what was he wearing
thank you is wearing like a t-shirt and
socks and boxers I don't remember
anything else
sunglasses it's so funny because like
you see the sunglasses from different
points in the movie and you think that
he was wearing sunglasses in that scene
but he wasn't so be that's another one
of the ones where people are like no it
wasn't universe because yes so if you
think we're in an alternate universe
then this probably applies to you go
look up 21 ei theory you're gonna love
it and for our final our final rant
we got another we got the CEO of sky
coin he's on the show get back on the
show we're talking about him again last
week he was talking about murder babies
right yeah this week he says Adam posts
this you want to read it off okay
the insider trading thing was me mocking
how stupid people are just this is the
first sentence of his response so how
stupid people are and the fact that they
will fund anything even when I am
obviously mocking them and being
sarcastic the insider trader trader
channel quotations is the public sky
trunk sky coin trader telegram people
okay it has a public channel that he
calls the insider trading channel that's
the first mistake offer him money to
join it he says it right there it's so
crazy and he's caught this and then
again that gets weird it's a public
channel where people post cat memes all
day and say when moon and people are
lining about other doesn't try to pay me
ten bit going to get into the cat me
room and he want to believe the flood is
a low IQ basement-dwelling chronic
masturbator I think at least half of the
flutters are in on the joke whereas the
whereas crypto news network is just
stupid anyone who fell for the fun has
marked themselves as fake news and an
idiot or our page show I don't know what
I just read what guys really yeah he's
insane or he's trying to work on a
partnership with pornhub well is
probably true yes yep please yeah don't
do that
this is the tinfoil hat part of our
episode that just like we'd go off the
deep end episode the part of
oh how long I haven't even normally I
have my audacity on screen but I've only
got one screen and I just realized we're
over an hour and 20 minutes already so
sorry did not mean to go that long this
is again just a far superior episode
than all the rest of our flagships that
may be that one that we film 12 years
from now and um and I am super happy
that both of you came on we did a really
bad job of introducing each of you
because you've both been on episodes
before so let's give you each a chance
to kind of plug your individual channels
for our podcasts it's gonna look kind of
dumb to your YouTube listeners but our
viewers but yeah we'll start with Adam
so that we end with Alex Adam tell us
what we can do with you and find you
somewhere you can follow me on twitter
at ruthless ro th tell us that was my
I'm a poker player who's played pretty
much like played for 15 years or so and
that was my online screen man and still
is and I'm gonna be playing the main
event the World Series main event next
week and that's gonna I'm really pumped
for that yeah so just hit me up on
Twitter I will stream occasionally at slash ruthless with two zeros
instead of O's so yeah just poker player
loves the game and loves gaming and
electronic music and obviously you guys
know me I am Alex but also crypto candor
run the channel you can find my youtube
channel literally just search crypto
candor and for my viewers brent is the
the podcast that i'm always shouting out
and telling everybody to go listen to
it's three very fine individuals who
make content that is almost identical to
mine but in podcast form in with much
better humor so if you're interested I'm
gonna leave the links for a demand for
their podcast in the description please
go subscribe this is actually the third
podcast that I'm on with them so you can
go find some Easter eggs of us hopping
around on different episodes and stuff
but content is great please go subscribe
go give them the love and yeah we also
have just chords and stuff too so you
can you can bother us there as well yep
always Oh
feel free to join the discord both of
our discards are active yes no not a lot
no moon boys and I love that that's
coming back up by the way it's May gonna
come back we might not have met have
enough listeners that Kareem can't just
get his family to download us oh alright
that that will that will end the episode
thank you so much for coming I wish that
the first time we went on YouTube it was
Kareem because he's prettier than me but
yeah I'm absolutely down to do it again
or Kareem can come in my place so I
thank you so much for covering for them
they are having way too much fun at a
music festival right now and I'm sitting
in an escape room and literally in 20
minutes I have a group coming in here
that's gonna try to get out of this room
so I'm gonna set it up for them alright
finally we are not financial advisors
this is just entertainment please do
your own research and this is for
entertainment I don't know I lost myself
whatever entertain purposes only don't
sue us all right we're out bye bye

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