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by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

And I think we're alive okay let me check I didn't uh I didn't announce this to literally anybody so I don't know who's actually I don't know who's actually gonna show up to watch this I have welcome back nation welcome back nation oh I just got a notification that a crypto candor has gone Lize Hey look it check me out yeah cuz I do have you guys on I do the guys on that but I'm gonna turn my phone off right now just waiting for my group to come in because I literally didn't tell anybody that I was going live so what's up people I see message that Elizondo not you're alive very cool yeah I think we're live on my

Own nothing I'm all good too sweet so what's going on friends well can we start off with something non crypto related sure I just wanted to let everybody know out there that I cannot stand wearing these headphones so I specifically went out of my way to buy the air pods turns out that they don't work with OBS studio which is what I need to stream so now I'm wearing these again and I bought headphones basically for no reason yeah I asked for those for my birthday for the same reason got them and then realized that I couldn't use them so I actually posted in the OBS

Because it's a it's an open source project so there's nobody that like runs it so I posted on their forum to see if it is a possibility if we're just dumb and we don't know what we're doing or if there is any you know maybe they'll develop it or make it for us but we'll say yeah if you guys ever need anything done instantly just talk to Alex because I was having issues with the brave browser and so was she and my my logic is like well screw it I'll wait for them to fix it so I turned off the brave browser I open up my Google Chrome she's like no and she literally emails brave

Browser and is like these are the problems that traffic and they literally fixed it like you know I just I don't I don't like putting stuff off because then it bothers me so like if something's not right and I think I can probably fix it I'll just investigate and then if I can't I can't and I'm done but if I can fix it or like for Kyle we can figure out a better way to do something then why not yeah the only downside though is that I don't have the ability to share my screen right now which is the one thing I do wish I could kind of do a little more of

On the channel when we do these uh live streams you can through this I can know that that is true I can but then on Maya and it only shows my screen I think yeah so it'll be our beautiful faces and on your screen so I was going through some of my old research type stuff let's let's see if I can do this I want to show you something really funny no I can't wait share the chair screen see it yeah it's gonna show some stuff on my back drop it doesn't really matter look at this diagram can you guys see this that blockchain Brad used to draw it he used to do this by hand on his on when

He used to do his research look at his drawing of the connection of ontology to the Neo universe look at this ontology justice that makes this makes business pop possible buffer into on chain and from on chain you have the connection to Enterprise Council private oh look at this permission hyper Ledger this it's insane neo ID neo asset I mean this guy's hardcore man he is definitely the reason why I got into this I mean if this isn't devotion I don't know what you should go in the whitepaper advisory that drawing should that would be front and center

Yeah it's a that's a marketing material right there oh definitely so what is everybody doing in these horrible horrible markets creating content lots of it not sleeping more content it's really difficult what's up bit boy crypto I see you all the time in the group bro yeah it's definitely super super tough because you know and obviously everybody wants to talk about the money but it's there's not a lot of money being made right now and even the ico scene is getting kind of crazy right now where you're seeing people just like I don't even want to touch them you know

And they used to be like the safe haven like oh yeah get in the ico you're gonna get 5 10 X and people don't even want to get in I SEOs right now well the problem is just because the markets so beat that even even the good I SEOs that might be coming out aren't just aren't doing what they're the kind of market movement that they used to do you know it was almost like a sure thing with certain projects and now we're seeing that that's the case which is unfortunate yeah I think is Bryce the client I find it sort of soothing it gives you time to figure out what's my strategy Kate have you

Know this I'm just purely focusing i CEOs and the websites really focus on education content I cos when Bitcoin is only twenty thousand no one was paying attention to these adult coin projects and I really feel that all coin projects for pushing the envelope in terms of innovation so stable Bitcoin allows I think a general audience to focus on these I SEOs I agree yeah unfortunately though the the icos were being fueled by unstable Bitcoin and by the the real rise in Bitcoin that's where the ico money was coming from was from a huge etherium swell and a huge Bitcoin swell

So that's like why I SEOs were selling out five ten exiting right off the bat and you know it's definitely a complex it's it's an interesting dimension that we've entered into with so many futures markets now I think is the real I think change here is that there's ways to profit off the market no matter which way it goes and so yeah I mean it's it's it's a little bit of a different way to look at it but futures are kind of where anyone who's really making money right now is making their money well assuming that they're playing it right but um you know I mean as far as that goes a lot of

People got really super excited cuz aetherium ether you know they were gonna start doing futures or whatever they were gonna do and I don't know I mean look what it did the Bitcoin like the thing is is everybody was like when is the institutional money coming in when is it coming in and it came in and it came in all over the counter and it came in all like outside and futures and it came in all with VCS into these icy OS so we didn't really see it you know like we were so excited and it didn't come in in the way that we thought it was really gonna come in I guess it's here it's

Just hiding so I don't think it's really being traded like a real commodity you have you have a small fraction of people who have taken nibbles but I don't think like the big bags have come in yet at all I think the ball the volume is a testament to that it's a you know and and yeah the futures I think I think people are making crazy crazy gains on the futures I know that Fudd numbers that the members of this Fudd team are doing really great on futures and so it's just it's so risky though that it's hard to preach about futures because it requires such

Technical analysis and it's so short so short term that if I put out an episode two hours from now it could be irrelevant so it's it's just tough to make content based on futures I mean if I could I don't know anything about futures like nothing at all it's you basically just predict what bitcoin is gonna be and you don't actually buy Bitcoin I mean that's like the simplest explanation it's all cash it's all you know it's not even simply fueled for income and for making money I mean there's no there's no accumulation or anything like that it's basically a bet

On the price move in a Bitcoin derivative financial instrument modern finance has all sorts of scaffolding so there's not essentially just stocks and equities and bonds but a whole set of synthetic instruments that people use to figure out where to place their park their money essentially bitcoins there are a contentious issue just because when those features expire there's all sorts of this is going yeah futures are yeah I didn't do it you've finished off there but you got kind of got cut off at the end there oh that's it my piece all right yeah futures are just a derivative

Product so people are just betting it's it doesn't affect it well it does affect the price because the reality of what's happening right now is the most money being made period is being made by the owners of bit mechs and their perpetual futures and if you see those crazy liquidations it's like if you if you total them up the amount of money that the bit mechs organization is raking in on a daily basis is staggering it is frightening and that's just cash liquidations off the table this isn't like you know increases in holdings or decreased it's just straight

Liquidations being taken and so they have so much money on these exchanges that when they have an account that's this oh they're like oh if we bump the price by 0.2% will liquidate a hundred million dollars so they go to their bit for next account and bump the price and either sell and it's it's not nice but that's that's I guess bit mechs mafia is the term I use but that's that's really especially at these times of low vol it's like so easy to manipulate so and and they have just they have more power with their capital the lower the price goes so it's kind of a really

Unfortunate moment we're in where until we get another swell of retail interest those futures markets are really just going to be and they're making money whether it goes up or goes down and I think that's sort of what people don't realize yeah dude– absolutely my biggest concern is what's everybody that's watching these videos doing what's what are you know you guys out there everybody out there watching I mean I know we're all invested so you know good and dandy for those guys but you know how are we gonna survive and I think for us we have to really start

Being more critical with these I think the old model of the whole ICO thing of like buying in and just instantly getting a 10x and whatever I don't think it's gonna work the way that it used to unless you're getting in on these super super early private sales you're getting in on seed rounds or something like that but outside of that I think people have to really just start picking better better projects and unfortunately we're getting a lot more critical on on what we're gonna start investing in you know what I'm saying because even with stuff like I've had a few people talk about

Zebby on this channel so far you know and I have no problem admitting that I had spoken about zabi because in my opinion I had seen Zebby almost as India's icon in a sense you know but you know you have these market conditions plus you have the fact that no one's actually willing to give these people time to establish their relationships it's crypto if you're not like if you're if you don't go from ICO to like a full-blown Google in like a month you're like I don't care I'm gonna sell it you know what I mean and it's unfortunate because that's not how the real world

Works I mean these companies that we all know today these ones that are on our you know our Netflix or Google or Amazon or all those ones that we always talked about it didn't happen in like a month or two months it took a lot of time it took a lot of trial and error and I'll tell you what I download iOS updates on my phone and I still have to get the bugs out on the software update they're still not perfect they still don't have it right so when people are complaining about EOS it's like I get it it was a four billion dollar I get it they should have done it right but at the same time

Like it doesn't matter how much money you put into this there's gonna be a bug there's gonna be something wrong with it and I think that we really need to just pay more attention on the guys out there that like I know we were talking about looking at the teams but like really seriously like what is the experience what is the objective and if you're gonna get into an ICO how much are they what does the is is it a fifteen million dollar ICO is there's a hundred million dollar I see how do they need that much you know and I think people I think we're gonna start looking at more of

These signs or else we're just gonna keep losing money people just gonna keep losing it has a lot to do with the fact that we have to you know at least from my perspective like I was never involved in stocks I was never involved in normal financial market so when I got in a crypto although I understood that these extreme swings were unrealistic and totally didn't happen in any other place besides crypto you get accustomed to that and that's because that's the way it is so when we CI cos when we get involved in people flip them and they're getting a 10x or that or we have

Projects coming out that like icon that are promising to basically reinvent the wheel we everybody gets very excited about the money or excited about the tech or excited about whatever it might be and people don't realize like you said Google didn't happen overnight you know Facebook all of these things they were all built on years and years of trial and error and time and we have we're so new into crypto there's so much more time needed for these projects to be successful and that's the biggest problem you know like you said 30 days they flip it if it doesn't turn into

Google then nobody's interested anymore and it's a shame because like you know the saying is what is it the tech didn't change overnight so why is everybody selling the projects though that's kind of you know that's what that's we have to move away from yeah yeah I oh go ahead I was I just want to say real quick I'm oh and I'll be really quick on this one I just wanted to say that like these maximalists and it's not even Bitcoin maximalist I mean that's just a totally different camp I don't really about that I just mean these people that are just like there

Can be only one I don't agree with that I think there's multiple use cases for multiple blockchains for multiple partnerships and i don't think we need one blockchain to rule the whole world i think we can have plenty of different applications for plenty of different projects so sorry Elliott I agree 100% okay dub yeah obviously Bitcoin maximalism is is a term that has an extreme connotation but in in the end you know as as the market has shown its correction really back to the law if you go to the log scale of the Bitcoin chart it's just correcting back in a way

Has typically before and and hope you know ideally you know for all of us it'll it'll take an upswing after that but really bitcoin is the one that everyone wants to use so it's sort of like Bitcoin still unfortunately not quite ready we have lightnings really starting to get up and running now and scalings in them very very we're like right here on the brink of it but we're still like the one that people really want to use we're still is not you know has not quite shown its resilience yet and not ability it's not ability to stack up to a whole global use case and

So I think as we look into it I always compare it to where's our iPhone where's our Facebook where's our Netflix where are the things that yeah you needed Wi-Fi before you needed internet before but did you need it did you need it need it like you need it when Netflix did you need it need it when you like you did with your apps like what you need it and so it's just a question of you know what are the things that are gonna be compulsive I think one of the best use cases I've seen that I think you know if we're talking about decoupling like what are the coins that are capable of

Causing even a decoupling right and it goes back to what you're saying Kade up about experience that thing that has nothing to do and I would actually argue that ontologies already decoupled for for reasons of its financing and and if you look at the price and the fluctuations of ontology I'd argue that it's fairly decoupled obviously it has down days with the market as well but it's its price it doesn't fluctuate nearly the way other coins do and I was looking at loom Network I really like what they're doing I think that their approach is great and I think their use

Case around this new hearthstone sort of clone game the zombie card game there have been very few real card collector games and what they're doing I think is very much so a use case that's targeted at a younger generation that I could see really catching on and it has just nothing to do with anything but a game that I think could go could go mega viral so what do you think about the irony of them being in the blockchain space and deciding to raise funds with Kickstarter as opposed to an ICO though you think I don't know with the way that they provide introductory resources and

They started with aetherium and and yeah I think it's you know I I could judge it both ways you know I've had a history of rolling out products and I will tell you that as when you're when you have a product and investors and and a team and they're they're a company that dates back before they actually turned and be you know scramble a few eggs to make an omelet type of thing you're maybe hon 7:00 p.m. I am really wants to dinner uh to go back to your comment about the about loom in the Kickstarter I think it's pragmatic you these developers they can take eat the theory amor any other

Crypto but as soon as they sell it people are thinking they're just dumping they're not believing in their project so what do you do if you need to beat some outs the people who work for you they need to put some food on the table so I can see it both ways Fiat versus etherium versus Bitcoin I also think that where we are with ICO is right now we're kind of at this precarious point where there are honestly two mini projects how many of them are great projects if you're an investor and we've shifted the onus of being a venture capitalist down to the retail investor

This has never been done before where the average Joe has to really think like a venture capitalist how do I sift through project a or project see which is better where do I get my advice from and where do I park my money I think that's a very difficult thing to shift over to kind of the average retail investor and you know channels like all of yours are trying to infer you know your audience's of how to be smarter about training and looking into the industries and really evaluating this so the more information that we can provide the better

I just think personally most of the projects out there are money grabs I try to review the very best ones hopefully you know even even myself I can get caught off-guard at some of these projects maybe they're not really trying to solve real problems yeah it's actually gotten to the point where people used to ask me how do you do your research and I used to be like well I look at the team I look at the experience maybe I look at the ico the token ah mix the metrics and now it's like if I can't like have a Skype call with the CEO I don't know if I want to

Touch it now like that's literally how intense it's getting like I have to physically talk to these guys and I've been reaching out to all these different projects and I mean as far as the interviews and the stuff that I roll out on my channel it's very selectively picked it's not like I just throw a dart and talk to some people you know what I mean there's a reason that I speak with the people that I that I talk to on my channel and all though maybe today you may not understand why I hope in a month or two

Months you do because my whole thing in this bear market was well what do I do I'm obviously not gonna make any money clearly there's nothing going up so I might as well do some research talk to some projects and these are not just I SEOs these are also projects that are established as well I've been reaching out to many many different projects you know obviously just because I don't do an interview every day doesn't mean I don't talk to people you know what I'm saying but I I really am trying to reposition myself especially for people that are watching and I want to make

Sure that when this next run does come because it will come I don't care what you guys say if you don't believe it whatever get off the channel it's coming okay and when it does come I want to make sure that we are positioned in the absolute best projects possible that's my goal that's my whole goal for this whole this whole bear market I'm a hundred percent agree with you I it can be stressful obviously to see the market dip but you know Jeff like you said it is kind of nice to have this down period to focus on other things to make content

To not be so focused on you know my portfolio and that's exactly my plan has been to keep my eye on what I want to buy accumulate a little bit here and there and because like you said we are it the bull market is coming back we will have that rush it's just a matter of one and everybody it just needs to be patient yeah I mean and as for like making like monthly or short-term revenue within crypto obviously if the strategy is is buying coins and hoping they go up then you're gonna be living a stressful existence so I mean that has you know personally never been the way I

Intended to pay rent or do anything like that my my investment strategy as I hope I make clear on my channel is is you know really for me it's sort of like a 1 and a half to 3 to 5 year but obviously I have coins that I'm that I'd be willing to play around with when they have huge influxes but when I make real buys I make buys and coins that I think are you know I want to hold on to for at least a year and so you know it's I guess as far as like day-to-day money you know in this market you have to you you've got to be relying I guess on other skill sets I you know I've sort of

Made it clear we have a few other businesses we run here but it's um the real the real thing for me is once this market and I do believe this next Bull Run is gonna be the one that they're gonna equivocate to the 2001 or the 1999 stock I don't think we hit the 1999 stock bubble one yet I think we're about about to approach it with the next run because we'll have the infrastructure finally but regardless I think that the next one is gonna be where you're gonna get your pets comms you're gonna get your ones that are just so absurdly overpriced and obscene and

Every projects gonna boom for either malicious reasons as pump-and-dump groups or or non malicious reasons and that they're great and I think that oddly enough it's kind of gonna be like if you are invested pretty heavily on the next bull run you're just gonna be really far up but again I think what happened is a lot of the people in the space right now did come in in November December in that post in when the price was so overextended that there they're gonna be okay but they're not they're gonna only see those real big green numbers once we actually see a reversal

Of this trend and it's gonna take a little bit more time yeah that's those retail guys they come in they always come in late they come in after everybody is already pretty much bought up all the good stuff so um it'll happen again it'll happen again it's funny because when that was happening I had every single friend calling me up guys I haven't spoke to since high school coming out of the Woodworks family members I didn't even know I had suddenly want to be my friend again ask me how they get involved in this old cryptocurrency you know shenanigans and

Then you know it fell where'd everybody go where is everybody they're not they're not around but you know it's funny when it goes back up again they'll go be back and then it's like well you know I never left so when I've been steady dollar-cost averaging and accumulating all the way down all the way back up and you sold at a loss because you got a freed and you know it sucks because this the problem is is that this market is so easy for anyone to get into like literally anyone can get into this market you know what I mean like a 13 year old can like

Literally send some Bitcoin to an exchange you know get the to Bitcoin withdrawal from finance and just start trading so that's a problem when when you know the 13 year olds are panic selling so when I started I had two fusions of kind of capital into my portfolio the first was last summer on a whim heard about litecoin and Bitcoin I actually heard about Bitcoin back in I love it but for whatever reason I just never jumped in I was in graduate school but last year I thought well why not I'll just put some money in and when December came around those prices

Started to jump and just kind of piqued your curiosity so I put another infusion of capital in back in December and I can remember on on the top of that crypto zombies telegram crew man in February and March those were some rough weeks the whole community but you know I've seen some maturity in our telegram group people know that we're in a period of potential price consolidation and I can see the comments like you know people are kind of catching on to you know this is just how crypto is the volatility that you live in so it's sort of like bein living

In the darkness on dark night it sort of you're born in the volatility you came in in January you'll be all that much better in 2009 dude I started my channel in January all I know is the bear market if this market ever turns around I don't even know what kind of content to put out like seriously like I am like born for the bear market like my whole job is to like tell people like you know it's almost just copy the word moon and just paste it everywhere and you know I mean I mean here's the thing here's the thing I put my money where my mouth is okay so the

Truth is is I don't claim to be any type of an expert trader I don't have really any insider information I wish I did guys I'm sorry wrong channel so the thing is is I just do the best that I can and I when I look into something I consider what I would I tell my father to buy this what I would I tell my sister to buy this would I buy this you know so that's really all I do and I just try to set myself up for that potential and listen we screw up man nobody's perfect you know people think youtubers like we're some kind of genius specimens that can just predict

Everything I'm in the same boat as you guys I mean listen like right like right now like what are you guys looking at you want to talk crypto what kind of Quinns what are you guys into right talk about crypto about crypto on the crypto shell what do you guys into right now I want to quickly just add before we change the topic that Jeff makes a good point about seeing maturity in the telegram group I think it also has to do with you guys got to give yourself a little credit because obviously we're all relatively level-headed content creators and I think that we sort of

Infused that into the community with the people that I hang out talk to us and get information from us and I think it's important that we do that because it does help other people find solace when you help educate people about things what's going on about the truth and not to freak out that's important and instead of listening to other maybe other channels that people are hyping and then freaking out and so that's good that you're seeing that because that obviously means that whatever you're doing k-dub is you're doing it well yeah but this I I do thank

You for that compliment I appreciate that but really it's just time I see this so I've been saying this I swear if you go back to one of my earliest videos I say time in the market is better than trying to time the market and I still 100% agree on that because the longer you're in it the more you see these repetitions these patterns they repeat themselves over and over and over again oh sorry somebody somebody just came in so you see these patterns and they repeat themselves over and over again and it's like after like okay for me seriously I'm just gonna be straight up

With you you guys know I was the biggest I mean I still love neo but man did I love neo when I first heard I mean I was like a like gun you know colt adds a kid right I mean I was like literally almost a hundred percent in neo and I remember when the China flood came out and the price literally halved in like two days I mean he managing you just lost in two days half of everything that you basically have because keep in mind I went all in so when you deal with stuff like that and then you deal with the the China flood and then you deal with the Korea flood and then you deal with the

Freak out over the first Bitcoin cash hard fork you know and then you deal with the second Korea fund you know load the dip botnet off right so after you after you live through that you know five six seven eight times you kind of don't really care anymore you just laugh at it like I look at it and I'm like oh great I'm down 75% again okay let me come back in a week hello it's up again a crypto you know so like I said what I did over the weekend was I look you guys saw me I went for a bike ride I went to an art museum I went out had like a picnic I just was like screw this

I can't do this everyday you know and I don't think it's good for you guys either watching you know everybody just take a break it's fine there's a whole world out there man you know and and and I think that's the best thing you can do because I know it's going up I know like I just know it's going up like when you talk to these guys with the blockchain tech and I speak these CEOs and developers and you hear how passionate they are and they're talking about like yeah I mean look at what they're telling you I BM is doing it Amazon is doing it Google is doing it

You know it's it's blockchain technologies not going anywhere but sixteen hundred crypto currencies a lot of them are not going to be around that's just that's just the facts so yeah I don't even know the prices until I see the telegram mood I can read the the chatter like oh we must be dipping today because everyone is everyone's hair is on fire on the channel yeah in my discord I can see usually based on how people are talking what the what the price is yeah I do I I personally think that as far as the amount of coins I think they're gonna dramatically expand

And I think there's room for for many more thousands of coins and millions of coins and the eventualities I see them sort of like websites and apps and yes there are so many that are useless and there are very very very many numerous that are very useful and so it's just gonna be a new layer of Internet infrastructure and and you asked what I'm looking at most I'm gonna be getting more of Bitcoin and other big cryptocurrencies that I feel like aren't tremendous discounts and to me I you know did I have a chance to get you know the best price on icon at wallet in

January no of course not did I did I wasn't in the eyes icon ICO so when it hit the market when it bold like crazy you know they did I get all the coins I wanted in the bull market no but in this crash I can go and swoop up more of the coins that I feel like are the ones that are going to lead the decoupling the D sort of the charge of bringing blockchain to the mainstream and so yeah I think it's going to be interesting but I think that there's room for a lot more coins but I always invest by sector I I approach it by sector if you're gonna look at a coin

That needs AI to be a reality for it to be a successful project then you're gonna be looking at what's the timetable on AI and so you know that's that's what you should be thinking about if you're looking at a coin that's about tracking items through the shipping through shipping or logistics chains then you're gonna be looking at a much shorter time table because that's already already pretty much implemented so I think it's just a matter of I I go by sector always and I think that just comes from just being a product guy you know and I'm obsessed with product and human

Psychology using products and that's sort of how I've always approached everything which is where's the human element where the people yeah definitely and also just realistically just practically use cases I mean like you have to actually use the damn thing like straight up I mean it doesn't matter if you could like have something that could like travel to Jupiter in five seconds I mean am I gonna get in the ship and go I don't know you know like it has to have practical use cases and I think that these projects that are coming out for me it's a lot more important to almost

Put the pressure on them you know especially in like these interviews you know I've had a lot of people tell me oh you're wait you're way too easy on these guys and interviews um it comes across that way but the reason is is because I've done a lot of research before I have them on so I'm already confident in the project you know what I'm saying but at the same time I really should really just ask them straight up like why are you better like seriously why are you better you're your buddy at the 10th AI platform that's come across this month what the hell makes you better than all

These other guys really tell me I'd like to know cuz uh you know I'm not trying to lose any more money they're not trying to lose any more money so yeah I agree with you man but at some point it's like enough is enough yeah a billion tokens are great but I mean do I really need a Barbara token every time I want to get a haircut do I really need a TV token every time I want to watch game well it's no no we need that that's think that's necessary we need that it's not it's it's not about need it's about do you need a different app for every different restaurant no but that's the

Way that restaurant chose to do their app and so it's just if you want to use Shake Shack then you'll go through it and maybe the experience of using the Shake Shack app is nicer than using a post overeats or postmates so it's just gonna be about a the ways in which the it's all about the economy the people uses and it's and so the coin itself to me is is almost like it's just a utility mechanism it's it's a technology that can be applied it is the utility mechanism but at the same time the whole market concept of buying trading holding that's gonna just go out the window if

Every single person has their own token like when in human existence have we ever had this many different ways to pay for things we used to barter but how many things did we used to consider necessary to barter I don't know food water shelter you know maybe you want to shack up with a nice you know but that's about it I mean really beyond that what other things do you barter as a human being so I'm just saying I get what you're saying but like they're not gonna have value like for example the Starbucks this that they'll have their value but this whole concept of just

Constantly trading on the markets this and that like and these stable coins coming out at some point like okay when I see all these that like there's the thing called Bob's repair now it's an IC oh right Bob's repair it's like rip it's like repair work on the block chain my question is why can't I just tell you in ether what's wrong with that it already hasn't so he's my question for projects that I'm like what why I token why do you need to token for your platform when you're referring to currencies like I think currencies are sector right if you're looking at what's a current like

Why there might there I believe that there will be dominant currencies for sure I don't think that everything will be a currency and cryptocurrency I feel is kind of a misnomer because it assumes that all these coins are really supposed to be used as currency instead of representative of economies or value really value so it's like oh how many types of value are there to me it's almost infinite so if you have coins representing different types of value then there's to me it's it's an ever expanding as far as what do I need a sort of a base holder as for currency I

Think that there will be dominant currencies I think you're looking at a few leaders with I think Stellar's a great currency I think it's gonna be really successful I think bitcoins a great currency I think but as far as what you're saying should there be that many currencies no but I will there be that many coins I believe that that the list will continue to grow and that they will continue to hold tremendous value depending on what they represent I'm in the I agree bound no no I define as crypto assets cryptocurrencies is just one class of crypto assets and so this

Crypto journey I really look at blockchain base layer protocols for now and then at some point you have an oversaturation of these protocols all offering similar like slightly differentiated features and rating system for these applications devalues gonna approve these base layer protocols but because they're open-source there is an incentive to just simply for copy code and you'll see a lot of these protocols built up over time at some point that applications will built on top of it and you will see those applications probably capture all

The revenue all the value someone will build the next Google next Facebook on top of these apps so you know my almost primarily focus on blockchain investments there are some interesting sectors that I think are cool like decentralized key management I think is really interesting now wallet solutions maybe oh no that wasn't brought by Bogdanoff cut aman he knows too much to jump from the chat I hope Geoff's comes back on oh and that was the end of Jeff something in my tracking us if we want to disclose our top three holdings everybody knows my

Top holdings it's uh icon Bitcoin and alas dose those are my top three holdings I mean per percentage I haven't ton of small but yeah yeah percentage for me because I got in early it's block net well it's etherium first and then it's block net and then it's actually now cuz I got a good price on it was done cash those are my top sorry yeah I'm really heavily invested in ontology and I'm really heavily invested in I call envy chain a lot of all the supply chain crypto is I'm really heavy in those and anything that pays a dividend you know what's actually crazy

Is I made this as I'll tell you a mistake that I made so I had this vision way way way way back when finance first came out I bought the finance token for $1 66 you guys this was at like 15 bucks right now or something like that right yeah and back then I understood the utility I understood like this is gonna be something that we're gonna use because the whole idea is if the token is being used that's probably I mean I it may not directly correlate with the increase in the value but it probably will the more you're actually using it on the network and the fact that the

Finance token is actually used for 50% trading fees it's used to accumulate percentages of trading especially if you use your referral links and stuff like that and that's why if I had to pick one exchange token personally that I'm looking at hoho betoken I think hello' betoken is the next big exchange token I mean if you and Jeff can you back me up on this because you recently have been looking into Hobie lately I mean tell me about some of the stuff and I sux with the whole US citizen thing but men tell me about they are cranking out so much in

The background men yeah Whoopie feels like this giant octopus that has tentacles everywhere Sampo be pro quo be i I said this tweet out with all these different logos that was happening at Kobey's to building an entire ecosystem it feels to me that they have a grand overarching strategy but as a business owner I get concerned about focus and finances sort of building you know different sectors one by one but what we's really trying to race to cover all the ground first sort of the these that can't be abused their 10th on the best spot first and then

Just waits for everyone the parade and that's what I feel like Colby's doing as opposed to binding I think I think there's there's definitely a friendly competition between hue OB and Finance and whatever by Nance does UOP will announce a version of it and I think that they're both really phenomenal what what they're doing is providing infrastructure for the whole community because they see and and I personally am of the belief that exchange exchange tokens will hold value for now but there will be so many exchanges in the near future that I would say that there's a

Proliferation of these abilities to buy and trade crypto and I see that expanding and almost an exponential way and so for me I do love the exchange tokens but I like even more the value that they're creating in the m/v ecosystem by the hue ob blockchain the by Nance blockchain the finance one billion dollar fund that they're distributing to VCS to help cultivate new projects and I think that that to me will be their their lasting mark on the community beyond being big exchanges for you know their heyday if you will like you know by Nance's clearly in its in

Its heyday and and you know hopefully it lasts forever but you know they're clearly making moves towards the decentralized world because they already see the writing on the wall in my humble opinion as far as how long this whole game is really going to and it's centralized sort of current version I mean we already have hey Dax though hey Dax is basically the decentralized hoo be in a sense of what Finance is trying to do where they're not really like they're not having any regulation over which coin gets listed there's no anything and you know cz even

Came out as far as finance was concerned and he was like yeah we'll open up a dex but if you guys get scammed if these coins come out you know we're basically not responsible and also to add on top of that fact I agree with you that eventually it will get decoupled and there will become all these different exchanges I do agree with that however you can't deny liquidity and in the end liquidity wins so if you have two hundred three hundred four hundred Dex's great we're totally decentralized I'm still gonna trade on Finance because I don't want to sit there and have to

Keep refreshing or waiting so that I could send five percent of my order in I don't want to crash the order book right and I also don't want to pump my order up so high that the next guy just crashes it back down on my purchase so as I mean I may not be using the you know the the accurate terminology but you guys understand what I'm saying I'm going where the liquidity is because I've held tokens before that on paper they looked freaking amazing I was like y'all mana doesn't be great once it went to sell them nobody's buying I can't even sell the damn thing and and and the

Dex portal is necessarily gonna evolve and your liquidity is quite right now in liquidity and trend you know the ability to have a user going back to user experience use case it's just it's not a great user experience use case right now and it's only really useful when you are going after some coin that for some reason you can't get on the on the exchanges that you have access to and so it's it's a very limited the use case right now but increasingly it's going to become hopefully a very parallel by me let me give you an example of a coin since I'm apparently I I want to talk

About coins and projects cuz this is what I love so I have been looking into nkn recently it's it's one of my top projects I've been looking into you know Boley look at his connections on chain Jun Li dong Fang neo ontology I mean I don't need to like spell this out okay this coin is sitting well below a hundred million dollar market cap it's literally only on gate IO and switch o which I I think the last time I checked the overall volume was less than $10,000 hmm so and I can't even get in a gay do because I'm a US citizen so like do you

Know how much it sucks to watch the price of something go up and I can't own it I've been eyeing and KN since it was like 20 to 23 right and now it's up to like I think 28 and I'm just sitting here like well I can't get involved so I see your point with the centralization I do see that because look at that I can't get in I can't trade that's not right but at the same time look at the decks there's no liquidity we have to we have to marry these two components together we have to find a middle ground because obviously centralization isn't working

And decentralization it works in the beginning when everybody's like idec's the idec's gems right when everybody was buying Zebby when everybody was buying holo chain when everybody was buying I don't know next so pick pick your pick your gem of the week right now try to sell the damn thing no one's buying I think of all of all the decentralized exchange sort of molds that I think are gonna be most successful I think Stella lumen is really bringing the most as far as solving the biggest question of by having liquidity anchors and that's been one of their first and

Primary objectives is bringing in the necessary liquidity to make decentralized exchange clothes fluid you know fluid instant and and user friendly and available to almost any type of asset they really see stellar as morphing they literally use the example if you want to hold sheep and wanted to pay for in your sheep coin you know and someone and someone with a liquidity anchor accepts that that they can then go through the network and translate your sheep coin into Google stock or whatever whatever value holder they want to be able to let you hold that and pay

And you live through that value holder so I think I think from a from a deck stamp when I'm really excited to see the evolution of stellar I think right now the user-friendly aspect of it we've actually built certain things on stellar internally on the team and the user the sort of experience is extremely poor but it's again these things evolve and I think that the liquidity aspect is being solved mostly by place I think by Nance will approach that problem I think stellar Ripple I think eventually will come out with liquidity solutions for more of your average person but you know

I don't like to throw out ripple because it's got such a such a connotation and now we're seeing that they're having some trouble with their test pilot use cases but in the end as far as liquidity anchors I think that that's definitely gonna be something that is more of a you know that's gonna get solved and my I think it's gonna get solved I would make two comments the first is for exchanges what is the utility of an exchange token there's really two instances one discount on trading fees and two is a Treasury function for the

Exchange so they can use their tokens flip them and pay for operations do I think that's the long-term goal of exchange tokens and value for the average holder I think fragmentation of exchanges is likely to happen and continue happening so how do you manage a wallet of just exchange tokens for where you trade I think you're likely to see a cross exchange platform that is the guts of any exchange out there if you're thinking of building a an exchange you might use this white white labeled service and that would be the cross

Chain cross exchange service so I know a few projects are approaching this I can't name names at the moment but I think the long-term future of exchanges is really connecting the webs and the dots between all these different fragments exchanges and the tokens are really used to move liquidity or provide different and n makers to the to the exchange so for example if you're in exchange if your token you want to get listed maybe you buy this token if you're a market maker a liquidity provider you would use this token if you're but the valuation teller

Approaches that concept that you're talking about because they they're obviously not iudex they allow you a white label solution to create Dex's so you think that that approach is in a sense what you're explaining personally I think anyone that builds an SDK or a tool that anyone else can then pour it into their application and exchanges are going to be around whether these they're decentralized or centralized and not everyone wants to reinvent the wheel so maybe they find some off-the-shelf parts and those tokens are what holds the entire infrastructure together so

Whether it's stellar and the tools they build around it it's certainly certainly its solution Stellar's white label solution is live already better decks white-label solutions so and their liquidity anchors are in action so I'd encourage all you to check out what's tellers doing as far as pushing decentralized exchange one of the reasons I'm so bullish on them okay to worry you're smirking over there oh it's not quite live maybe maybe it's not quite live on the white labels oh no no no I'm just laughing because I love I love reading my comments personally so I

Have just as much fun reading what people write as listening to you guys oh yeah to everybody out there if I'm not responding to your comments I am watching I am reading what you guys are writing oh and I'm taking very very strong mental note of it I just don't want to interrupt people so thank you for everybody that's on the chat just want to say I love you guys you know I'm doing the same I'm reading but I'm typing back to everybody as usual I'm multitasking Oh see I don't do that I should do that but mine is gonna show up

On my screen so I saw somebody in here I forget who it was way way way back up and if you're still watching you can chime back in but somebody said that they they work a full-time job they're a landscaper I don't remember who it was and they said that they listen to me and they're in their headphones and I gotta tell you dude that's my story so yo man if I could do it you could do it so you know that's real life inspiration I love it yeah no absolutely man it's um like I said this this that's the beauty of Bitcoin I've said this from the beginning and it sounds really corny

When you kind of say it out loud but like Bitcoin and crypto like this is gonna be like my like really corny moment give me like ten seconds it doesn't care what you look like who you are if you're a guy a girl what color skin you are what country you live in crypto doesn't care you know what I mean like anyone can get involved and anyone can can do well if you unfortunately don't do your research etc you guys know so anyway go on I'm done no good point I actually had um I was doing a livestream one spot I think was by myself originally and some girl came in and

She's like I'm a dietitian and I got into crypto and I'm like what what are the odds I'm like I'm a dietitian and I got into crypto so it's funny to see like when you've kind of find yourself in other people through this whole spiel definitely makes for a more interesting environment yeah I mean I'm not like a developer or a coder or anything I'm gonna I'm just a kid that used to play Nintendo at you know when I used to come home I used to beat Super Mario and you know get the latest gadgets you know and that's all I ever did so for me this is

Just the most awesome playground of tech as a grown adult that I've ever had the opportunity to look into and for me yeah I mean I want to get rich but I could dive into this stuff forever like the guy I like I'll probably people will probably watch my channel and then like not care and unfollow me and I'll still be interested just because that's my type of personality I just really love progression it doesn't have to be blockchain it just happens to be blockchain right now blockchains the big thing right now you know we could be

Having the same discussion five years from now we could be talking about hash graph form you could be talking about block lattice or something that we don't even know yet you know what I mean so I don't for me it doesn't matter there's always another opportunity if you if you bought too high and you lost your money well still and wait for the next big thing I I hate to put it that way but there's day look at people we're never happy we're never happy in society education can i le o le o way back in the beginning what were you talking about you were talking about did we

Really need it right I remember a time when it was like just make sure that you have some quarters in your pocket so that you can go to the pay phone in case of an emergency right then it was make sure that you have your pager on the side of your belt so if mom pages you it's dinner you can then go to the pin now it's like if I don't have my freaking smartphone I lock right so do anything right exactly so this is just the tip of the iceberg there's gonna be so much more don't worry about it if you made a bad trade if you screw it up there's a hundred more coming your way

So yeah and the enthusiasm for this space I think is what always separated this you know like I I got into this I think everyone got into it probably primarily thinking of it as an investment vehicle and then you start to I mean for me just learning about the implications of blockchain was why I started I wouldn't have started making content if I didn't think that there was something really a lot bigger than just a hey guys come over here and we'll make you some money yeah it's it's just not it's just there's just so many ways to make money and people talking about

Making money has just really never been something that I find entertaining and at its core I kind of I think you guys you know you all do a great job of you know I try to focus primarily on on making things entertaining because I think it's so important to understand that if you want someone to listen at all you need to put it in a context they can hear it and so we're just in a such a high stimulated overly stimulated world that if you don't package something then it's like how can I even expect someone to listen so you know in and yeah we are making

Condit we are making it but in the end it is the technology that drives the interest in the enthusiasm for that technology that will keep us in the space and will will prevent people from really getting rid of their holdings out after a while there's a big enough community that believe in the future this that they will see it as an opportunity to buy after a certain price point is hit and and that's what you'll see the prices continue to go up well you know they say the saying is knowledge is power right and so I agree with you and and showing people or

Educating people in a way that they hear you which is part of the reason I created the channel is cuz I always said when I first got in a crypto I have no tech background I'm not I'm not a computer whiz I just in just an average person who happened to come across cryptocurrency and was interested and there was no there was no like unbiased information that was just you know not crazy tech heavy just information about the project what their goals are what they're doing what to look forward in the future and that's all I wanted so that's why I created the channel and

Then you know everything else kind of just snowballs and you know not to be cliche but obviously everything happens for a reason because it seems it like we've all made these connections are all doing these good things we're trying to help benefit the community but it's definitely important to make content interesting and easy for people to digest because it's definitely there's more than enough confusing stuff in this space already so it's nice to be able to give content that people connect them learn from I have a technology background and so my whole site is

Focused around taking the complex and making it simple living between that business world and that technology world and how do you still that information and explain it to someone else and then graduate them up to a level where we can start talking a little bit more about the business or the technology at some point I'm a little bit out of my depth but I focus on what is the bull's eye what is the long term what are we looking for we're trying to build applications that people will use and replace what's already out there and retain their value

When I think about the ultimate killer decentralized application I keep thinking it's Bitcoin you know if I go to Venezuela and I'm holding you know the local currency I'd rather have Bitcoin than a currency that's going to be devalued and so when I think about real-world use case some of these technologies I mean they're experimental that's why you you probably should right size your adjustment right size your your investment because it's highly speculative when it comes to Bitcoin I mean the thing would have if it was useless it would have died by now and

It's still around so I I do think something else is going to emerge I don't know what that number two is it might be a theory am as a IC o—- vehicle but at some point something else has to come along and so that's why you keep studying keep learning and channels like you know all of ours are in my own website um you know hopefully you come you learn something and join the conversation cuz we don't know everything either I always find little tidbits from the community and they send me off on a really cool treasure on every single day yeah it goes back to

What you're saying I mean if they're iam was not meant to be used and I bring this word it wasn't a meant to be your currency it's never meant to be a currency it is a vehicle for raising technology money to build new technology that was what set it off oh we now can raise money from the world for a venture without having to go through the hoops that we previously have and if anyone watching has raised venture capital like I have I can assure you it is fun it's not fun it's fun it's not fun it's horrible it's it's insane they look through your whole life it takes months

And months and months and months and months you end up paying the piper on a bunch of people who don't necessarily benefit your project to get the funding you need introductions bubble there is a system that was kind of fundamentally broken but was aetherium meant to be used to pay for coffee no I don't think that was ever its intention and so I think you know Bitcoin you know I think a lot of people would imagine it could be used to in the proverbial sense be used to pay for coffee but you know and and do I think that eventually with you know the infrastructure we're building I

Hope that we approach that very soon that you could use coin for small purchases micro purchases and I think that that's a reality we'll see soon and once we see that yeah it might be a very well that other currencies are kind of unnecessary I still think that there would be more but then they would use what is the point of this card is this currency like stellar I think they're focusing a lot on decentralized exchange and facilitation of liquidity that's not really what bitcoin is focusing on and so it's it's about use case focus utility and I think

That you know when when people start to really understand these investments on a core level which is you know what we do I think all great job of is trying to say hey here's what this is actually trying to do and all the buzzwords aside this is what its gonna do and this is why it's important and I think when people get a taste of the actual importance the actual utility that's when they can start saying oh I get why this is different I get why this is valuable and I get why I should hold both and that one's not gonna kill or eat the other yeah my uh my girlfriend

Got into a car accident a random tire just came off the side of the road we literally have no idea where it came from wheel attached completely destroyed the car the car got totaled so obviously having insurance they sent the check so they reimbursed her with the check so they sent it to her and it took I think like three days to clear right now people complain that Bitcoin takes too long because it's ten minutes it took three days to get the money from the insurance that's supposed to cover the car so that we can get another car so that we can get to our job but bitcoins

Too slow cuz it takes ten minutes tell that to the Venezuelans seriously that's all I have to say about that so that's my – yeah what's funny and people actually I actually had viewers drop off flat this is too horrifying like these markets are bad but car crashes now you've gone too far kid sticks to me losing half of my portfolio please yeah what's actually funny what's actually funny to me is the the total change of conversation between the way we used to talk talked when the markets were going up versus the conversations that we have during these bear markets we focus on

Completely different things and it's just so funny because in the end like I think Alex said the very beginning is the tech doesn't change it doesn't change it's the same you wake up tomorrow bitcoins not like a different Bitcoin it's just a different price so yeah it's a different price than everything on the market sentiment is different so that's the problem yeah but you know I guess what what drives me is seeing I do think the tech is getting day by day better better better better better and I think that that's the story that I'm trying to portray and the more

That we portray that story the more we can explain okay yeah Gold has a value but can you is gold more useful today than than it was a year ago or two years ago or three years ago it well is Bitcoin more useful today than before seg wit or is it less useful is it going to be more useful after lightning Network so it's just a matter of you know and obviously there are debates as to like how a Bitcoin should have evolved and I don't want to bring that up but essentially it's just and of course I did but uh but the end but yeah in the end the the value of these assets

Is increasing so it's sort of the actual utility and what they do so I think that's sort of the story that we need to keep explaining and that's why we that's why we do news what's interesting what's interesting is I was actually speaking to a CEO today which um I suppose I could say the project but I don't want to because it might come across as a shell but I was speaking to a particular CEO today you guys will probably find out soon enough and he was telling me that what's ironic is a lot of the projects that came out last year that we're claiming to do all these things

They can't actually do that until now because only until recently have projects actually developed the tech that these guys last year were claiming that they would be able to do so I agree with you in that sense Elio is that the tech is a lot better it is I mean because you know what it is before it was kind of this thing like oh maybe blockchain will make things easier maybe it'll be cool to have things on the distributed ledger screw the bank's let's let's have Bitcoin but the amount of attention and and and just focus on blockchain products in general solutions

It's astronomical right now man I mean the space is so big and there actually have been some really amazing developments I know I'm being very like elusive to them right now but I'll tell us there's I don't it's not the right time I don't really want to talk about projects in bear markets it's you know what I'm saying like just watch the channel will be on will be on unveiling some pretty cool stuff so sure so let's talk about what I'm buying so actually seriously guys if I could buy one thing right now and I'm not shilling it because I literally don't

Own it cuz I can't I would buy in can I actually was just gonna interrupt you quickly k-dub I thought when you said gate I oh I have an account on there and how did yeah but are they yeah but ever since they did that now they put they put the KY GP in I just signed it I mean I'm on the account now I signed it out of curiosity so I don't know I don't I will I made it ages ago I heard that you have to provide kyc to withdraw I don't know this is a very awkward conversation to be having live right now like can we legally get though if anybody out there

In in in YouTube world wants to help me buy some nkn hit me up I would like to I would like to purchase some but I have no I don't know how to do it because I just have no access so I got imagine that I've got a guy in the corner you guys got any more that cheap nkn yeah yeah the infrastructure plays are definitely I think gonna be the you know the proverbial everyone likes to make the Google reference and I think people forget that there were in excess of 20 search engines that were very popular at the time that Google came out and it was a weird mix of factors they had a great

Algorithm they had a minimalist approach you could argue this you could argue that in the end it's like it's sort of like when things are so cheap right now and I would argue that they're getting I honestly believe and I tell my my followers I don't think they like hearing this but I think over time you know I think I like to think my channel is a source of credibility for all the businesses I run in the space and I do believe we're going much much lower or not hopefully not too much lower but I think we have a little bit ways to go on this dip and I think things are going to

Become extremely appetizing and infrastructure plays are huge and one of those is gonna be the one of these main infrastructure pieces that ends up fueling so many use cases so I think from that perspective like looking at infrastructure plays and trying to get in on them with with the dip prices is definitely something I'm a huge fan of yeah I definitely picked up in this most recent dip I picked up more icon and B chain and elasto so it was pretty happy with those those are all good projects B chain is phenomenal I I unfortunately

Don't actually own any V chain and I say that shamefully I say that with a whole heart of shame I you know it's just you ever just it's just you ever just see a project where you and I cover the damn coin that's fine I'm always like wow that's such a great project and I don't own any of it but you know what though that's the thing like okay I don't have to own projects to like them you know it's like oh you're shilling cuz you own it oh you're shilling cuz you don't own it no I just talk about things I like I think V chains a phenomenal project I'm not invested in it doesn't change my

Perception of it whatsoever I still think it's a great project I think anyone that's in it you'll do you'll do just fine it's just there's only so much cheddar to go around as crypto LARC would say you know I only got so much I know I'm right there with you got a priority bus I I haven't touched anything to be honest I've just been writing writing and scheduling interviews you zero crypto investments I haven't I haven't buy anything I've just been sitting on my position for weeks oh oh okay okay I was like you don't own

Crypto that's what's novel no that's enough yeah I mean I basically I've basically been doing the same as well you know like I said I you know I do have a little you know I do have some income on the side you know in the real world so I do buy on these dips not a lot you know you got to still live but um I do I do buy on the dips so I always buy on the dips you can't go wrong if it's a good project if it's if it's a project and whatever but if it's a good project you'll be fine you'll be okay you know this is your population the thing is like everybody wants it to

Go up but here's here's the situation okay you have the opportunity to dollar cost average so you figure we've been in this bear market now for I'd say almost six months we're going on in a way you know and the thing is is if it had gone up instantly everybody would be celebrating but you know if you only if you put a hundred bucks in it goes up five you got five hundred bucks right but if you've had time to accumulate and you have five hundred bucks and then it goes up five well now you got twenty five hundred bucks right so I think that people

Should appreciate the bear market as much as they hate it because once this opportunity is gone it's gone so embrace it while it's here because I won't be here forever history is gonna repeat itself like it always does yeah it's the blessing in disguise is this dip and and you know I I would have so loved for things to keep bullying so that you know the mining profits and all the other things I was involved in would just be like whoa look at the numbers but in the end you know I you know we've persevered and and I wholeheartedly believe that this dip is gonna be the thing I look

Back at as one of the single greatest things that allowed me to accumulate so many more of the coins that I knew the writing was on the wall partnerships the development the the engine behind these are so big and only growing stronger and stronger and now I get to buy more at more discounts and more and more debt so it's sort of like one of those ironic like oh yeah I want it to go blast off so everyone goes oh these are the let's go follow all these channels and we get you know so many more viewers and and more and are get to look at blocked folio going through the roof but that

Sort of satisfaction is obviously going to be all that sweeter having persevered and understood the tech deeply and invested in great projects based on that deep understanding and by more V chain k-dubb we also want a healthy sustainable market and we can't expect it to just be moonmoon all the time of these ridiculous returns it's just not realistic at some point there has to be a pull back and this has been a good healthy pull back and we're at a situation the shirt prices are great for buying as some people are definitely not

Happy with where their portfolio might be looking but it's it's necessary that's what it comes down to it's just it's and it's the nature of things so it's gonna happen and it's gonna come back and everybody will be just fine in a couple months absolutely so there's been so many people talking about so many projects on my side but I've kind of been letting it slide although I have to say at some point man I love you guys but I got to do like a one on one with my with my audience man I love my I love my subscribers so much and I feel like I

Don't get to answer their questions yeah you got to do it yeah I mean there's so many well I mean everybody's talking about you know nebulae Walton chain you know these are all really great projects I love what Waltons doing I don't think that I don't see Walton as a competitor to feed chain I think they're doing their own thing I see that so that's an example of two block chains that can live in harmony so yeah I don't know guys uh so I've been doing do it's been about an hour for me it's it's kind of late I actually think I got to get going I don't if you guys

Want to keep it going I was about to segue out to I'm shot yeah I just want to say to everybody out there that's been watching I understand it's a bear market I mean listen I know we all want to watch you know live streams and videos that are just gonna give you the secret elixir to life in the end we're all in this together I'll tell you what I'm busting my ass right now I'm doing research like I've never done before I know Jeff is doing crazy research right now like we've been in contact we've been talking with each other and I'm actually hoping that some

Of these icos that are coming out we're really trying to sift through the crap and find the few gems that are there because in reality everybody knows the best is the one getting in early is key in anything it does enough to be the ico if you want to buy on exchange fun be the first guy to buy on exchange sure but you got to get in early and the only way you're gonna know which ones are the ones that are worth getting in is by doing the research and putting in the effort and I've really been focusing on that in this bear market and I and I just I can't wait to share basically

What I've been looking at recently so that's that's my goal I just want I want to help people make money I really do I I don't want these people that got involved in January in February to just up and leave I want them to really understand the potential and the power of this and you know if that has to become my mission over the next course of the year then so be it so that's that's my stance okay dad for president yes we can though before we go up I just wanted to say if you're in San Francisco next week Caleb and I are actually gonna be there so you're in the area we could

Try to find some time to time today yeah we'll be in San San Jose for the blockchain connect conference if you guys actually go on my channel I have a 30% discount if you guys want to use it it's uh yeah just if you don't find people pay full price I don't care anyway so but I really hope to see you guys I'd love to see you guys out there it'd be really awesome so I love you guys you know I love you stay crypto blah blah blah blah see you tomorrow you got were amazing everyone on this channel you all do such a great job wonderful

Reviews wonderful news Jeff you're the man I don't know Joe Jeff doesn't have a YouTube channel that's why but Jeff I mean this guy he's in the trenches man and he's got a day job to like like candor and this guy the amount of time he puts into researching is just it's really incredible so and Ellie oh look we got good peeps thanks so much guys it's been amazing fun nation love you guys I'll see you very soon see you later

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Hi i'm brad garland house the ceo here at ripple it's an honor and really a privilege for us to be one of the founding members of the international asso...
Hello the cubicles and welcome to another video maker of the currency event over the series the aim of the series is to find any upcoming the currency events an...
I have to apologize to everybody because I've been promoting a company who only has their best interests at heart top salesmen best interests at heart and n...
It is Monday and you know what that means another episode of Krypto segments what's going out everybody it's your boy Krypto Bobby I hope you were havin...
What's going on everybody Alex back was another cryptocurrency video but today we're going to be talking about how to control yourself how to emotionall...
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Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this stuff boasts a Bitcoin the crease though of creeped up is avoid BK and if you don't like me you must no...
Okay come down here boom that would be picture-perfect beautiful guys look at this we actually have this candle come down right on this line right here right ab...
Wow you guys are going to want to check this out guys as you may know Bitcoin has decreased a few hundred dollars as of about midnight last night we have some i...
What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video today&#3...
Hello tokens and welcome to another video nice update now today's third of June and I'm looking at news that happened from 28th of May until today I alw...
hello it's Brad Lori or blockchain Brad and today we're speaking exclusively with icon many of you know it you've known it for years and they'r...
People what's going on this an update on Tron all right so the market right now market cap is 431 billion we've got a Bitcoin dominance roughly 34 perce...