CryptoCandor | Live with Crypto Zombie & Crypto99

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

check these little stream health make
sure yeah make sure that he's muted so I
don't have noises alright so we are I
believe we're live yes yes look I hope
I'm live ready to preview oh I haven't
previewed I sure you don't preview this
live event sure why not why not
awesome awesome so Laura Lars wants me
to clap yeah Lars I know I haven't done
the class but um I got a UH I got a I
messed my wrist up guys what did you do
um I was working out it's not well okay
it's more than that I actually had a
wrist wrist injury from a while ago from
many years ago they told me it was
basically one of those things that you
can't really heal you just got a chill
it's like a ten and night is tendinitis
though yeah so I was just an idiot and I
was just not not you know like you know
four years passed you're like I'm fine
and you're not because you don't listen
your doctors so what's going on
everybody so we have a special guest
today we have Danny crypto 99 and the
you know as well as always crypto Canada
right in through yeah what's up not too
much how is everybody
how's everybody going
working your right hand too hard huh
actually is my left hand but it flipped
it flipped on the screen for you guys
yeah I get it that was a funny joke but
this is my left hand okay idiots
haha okay I mean what are you gonna do
what's up – fire oh it's been a while
I've got gas in mine too she's all over
the place she's just hopping back and
forth alright cool so I thought it was
really awesome to have an opportunity to
have Danny from crypto 99 join the live
stream for the simple fact that I'm
pretty impressed with you know you you
actually do TA you look at charts if I
did I did yeah so I do you want to kind
of start out with that what do you think
about what do you think about what's
going on man not to put all the pressure
on you know technically this makes like
no sense I know that's like a weird
thing to say but it's the two days or no
four days ago without getting too far
into it with no charts there was a setup
short term bullish long term bearish so
I'm still on the 5200 number I'm
sticking to my guns until it actually I
get yelled at by 200 people and look
okay well that sell sell sell I'm
celebrate this is not a veteran advice
this is not meant to be blah blah blah
disclaimer yeah
nothing nothing on our channels is ever
financial advice and if people don't
realize that by now I don't like clearly
you know if if we could if we had
crystal balls we'd all be millionaires
and I wouldn't probably wouldn't be here
I probably would be here actually but
you know what so ya know so I like that
you do TA because obviously most of the
people that we've you know kind of done
a collaboration with isn't something
that has really been talked about on the
channel cuz a lot of us do just like
research or news or you know ICO stuff
so it's cool that there's that aspect
when I first got in a crypto I actually
well at first I thought I was going to
mind and then I learned very quickly
that that was not profitable as far as
what I was looking to invest and then I
started looking into trading and there
was like a short period of time where I
was trading to a margin trading teaching
myself like technical analysis I ended
up not turning out to be the best trader
so I just gave it up and started doing
like long term buy and hold investments
so I come and you because that stuff's
not easy it's you have to be very
unemotional yeah which I'm not so I'm
like cold or dude man telling you but
that's good though cuz now that must
mean that you at least you know a
halfway decent yeah I don't I'm very
conservative so like I have a built-in
buffer to where if the market looks like
crap or I'm not certain not only the
mess that I just hang out so–that's but
much more on the conservative side than
people would probably like me to be but
whatever I mean it worked for me so why
not yeah I definitely did a whole lot of
nothing I definitely didn't touch much
trading at all I feel like if you look
at the way that Bitcoin moves it just
drags everything along with it so if you
know you're if you know you're in a good
project it's a legit project and it's
down because the markets down and you
didn't get a chance to sell at a higher
number just hold
because once Bitcoin goes back up
everything goes up anyway so it's not
like you know you don't really lose the
tokens you lose the dollar value yeah I
I worry when I lose the Bitcoin value
that bothers me like if I'm looking at
my portfolio and I'm down in dollars I
don't really care because you know I'm
in it for the long run but if I'm down
in Bitcoin then I kind of feel like damn
I should have just all Bitcoin so that's
going alright a lot of people get caught
up on that they get looking at the
dollar value in their finance account
instead of looking at oh well I have you
know let's just say point to Bitcoin and
I used to have 0.18 well you're winning
in the long run just ignore the little
dollar sign or the yen sign or whatever
other sign you have planets ya know it's
it yeah I mean you're right sometimes it
stinks to look up that you're all coins
and see okay well if I'm down and USD
whatever but I'm down a Bitcoin so I'm
like double losing at this point yeah
I've been double losing before it's not
no it's not funny
oh yeah so I mean not at I mean how many
people have in here 31 alright I'll wait
till a little bit later I have this
fancy little wallet that I'm gonna be
doing a giveaway for I'm gonna raffle
going for the last week so the back
story behind this just in case anybody's
worried because it's not wrapped in
plastic but I promise it's brand-new and
I've literally never even opened a box
what happened was is coolwallet sent me
one to review and they accidentally sent
it to Australia and so they had to send
me a second because the first one ever
showed up and so the second one came I
did the review and then this one showed
up like last week so I contacted them
and I'm like well I got it the mail do
you want me to send it back to you guys
or what do you want me to do with it and
they're like well what do you want to do
I'm like I don't know I could do a
giveaway on my channel they're like yeah
I'd do that so it is brand-new although
it's the box has no plastic wrap on it
but I just wanted to clarify for people
so at some point this evening the stream
I will be doing a screen share and
raffling that that bad boy off very nice
so is that gonna be only on your side
are you gonna take all of our viewers or
how does that go so it's it's whoever
entered my raffle last week I think I
had 118 entrance okay so yeah I've been
tweeting all the Rafflecopter link and
stuff like that so we will see what
happens I told everybody
they don't have to be on the live stream
to get it but I have to here with them
from them within 24 hours so I can ship
it out or else I'll just rewrite it cool
yeah I noticed you were doing a lot of
those reviews lately that's really
awesome I was trying to I want to branch
out too and do a little bit more but it
gets so busy over here you know between
then you know the news the interviews
the reviews I mean you know how it goes
you know whatever what people see a
video and it's really you know a
20-minute video probably took you like
four hours to actually do so so much so
much behind the scenes and there's a lot
of stuff like I like doing the wallet
unboxing and stuff and I like doing the
icos but I try to you know I've got like
five or six like different kinds of
videos I do now so I try to do like one
and then go into the next category then
go to the next category so it doesn't
get redundant but it's exhausting yeah
to answer somebody real quick on my end
Andrew I didn't have a chance to read
the snowflake Avalanche yet super busy
but I'm looking forward to it so anyway
guys oh by the way Danny he was at the
blockchain connect conference I was
there and we I saw him but we didn't
actually have an opportunity to get up
with each other which was crazy but we
were in the same place for two days
straight so Danny by the way totally
jealous of your nkn t-shirt Cody yeah
there you go yes I am yeah I did not I
was not able to get one so unfortunately
every time I go they're already down to
like the triple XL and they don't fit me
though I don't know so what did you oh I
mean I'm sorry candor you weren't there
but Danny what did you like about the
conference what was your like what was
your big takeaway did you lose anything
that you liked her yeah I thought the
quality of the projects that were there
was really good I mean that's something
that like I SEOs have gotten a pretty
bad rap over the last six months for
most of them being scams but I thought
there were some pretty good projects and
a lot of them were data-driven which I
thought was very interesting like there
was the one it wasn't health shares it
was like meta blog or something like
that but it was the it was about all
your health data and then nkn was about
you know just data sharing in general he
got extra data you can put it on the
blockchain sell it it was all data
driven which I thought was pretty
thing and I did not expect that to be
honest yes oh definitely I have to say
you know no offense to consensus but the
quality of projects at this conference
we're in my opinion way better than some
of the projects at consensus you know
not all of them but some of them
no that's hype and it's more about the
fundamentals of the projects versus
people go to consensus because they know
they're gonna get seen and I want to be
there for the sole purpose of being
there but other you know other events
maybe because they're a little bit
smaller and they're less hyped just
projects that are looking to network
actually go and that's probably why you
get better quality stuff I'm just yeah
mm-hmm actually the one thing I wanted
to say – I didn't realize this in my
video when I when I did the interview
and kN I had a lot of people saying that
they they prefer substratum over n KN I
don't think that they're competing as
far as what they're actually doing use
case I think sub stratum is more
concerned with the actual like almost
like don't not not like domain but the
hosting of the actual web itself whereas
nkn is more just sharing your network
for example I have a Verizon phone and
you have a t-mobile or something and you
don't have a good service you're trying
to upload a video and then essentially
you could just borrow my network you
know in exchange that's different from
what substratum say you know so like a
lot of people were kind of like giving
it like negative comments and I'm like
they're not competing you can you can
actually have an can and substratum
they're both legitimate people will say
that you realize it like there's this is
an enormous space and there is room for
a lot of different projects and people
there's gonna be different iterations of
things and you know what maybe not all
of them will survive but it's not to say
that one's necessarily better than the
other but yeah so and that happens a lot
there's a lot of inconsistent comparison
with projects I've noticed mm-hmm yeah
my favorite projects Walton and everyone
is oh there's there's already three
other supply chain projects I just
didn't say how many to go and they all
are different they're all working on
different like specific things so people
just got to do a little research and
they'll figure that out yeah yeah I love
Walton – actually I you know
I've been very transparent about my
Walton play I actually sold my Walton
but I just I just did so well on it I I
bought it at a dollar 66 and I sold it
at like 10 20 so there you yeah and it's
not that and it's not that I don't love
Walton I cover Walton all the time
Walton is one of my favorite projects I
just don't own any because I you know
it's just a really good opportunity so I
got and cold storage do you all do you
have an you have a master note or you
should try to get one if you can ID I
wanted hey now's the time to accumulate
man yeah five master notes no yeah I
like all these projects I think they're
all gonna do very well the one project
that I've been a little actually kind of
upset with what happened recently was
morph if you saw what happened with
their tokens they they had that issue
where there was an error with the code
and somebody was able to mint eighty
million of them basically totally
crashing the market and I feel so bad
you know especially for the CEO Danny
he's such a good guy he's got such a big
heart and you know you think about all
the people that lost money and also just
think about this guy you know and hit
and his baby his project you know so I
really do hope that they can figure that
out and and do it in a way that maybe
the investors can can somehow make a
makeup make a gain out of it because
it's really unfortunate so yeah yeah
that sucks but Danny just speak to your
point about going to that conference of
being surprised how much of them are
we're data based or you know surrounding
data you know so many of the ICO is that
we've been having coming out recently
have all been very much like big data or
sharing data or decentralizing data and
I'm actually reviewing DX Train probably
this week yeah and that's another one
and you know there's like I was reading
an article and I've said this before on
the channel too that in like 2017 like
right near the end of 2017 they said
data surpassed oil is the most
come on today so it's really not that
big of a surprise now that people are
gonna start trying to utilize the
blockchain for that but it is pretty
crazy to see like the progression it was
all seemingly like all platforms last
year and now it's like all data this
year but yeah
it's not absolutely one of the one of
the really cool ones too was um Marconi
they're dealing with the the ethernet
layer that that's pretty interesting cuz
that's that's like the that's another
one that people thought that was
competing with nkn and they're dealing
with a completely there's so many
different layers to all these different
projects and what they're able to do so
Marconi's definitely one block cloud I
really like what block cloud was doing
they were definitely doing some cool
stuff as well I got to meet up with some
old old favorites there too deep brain
chain a chain there you know just a good
old good old favorites
so yeah that was really cool I had a
great time I don't know I I got to go to
de Hong Fei had a birthday party
actually he had the cast of all that
picture picture murder well that was
actually the night before and then the
next night he they had another at a
house that we went to so that was really
cool I mean I literally went from
meeting to hang say and and and and Jun
Li for the first time to actually being
at like a house party with them it was
crazy I didn't I didn't take any
pictures out of like respect I didn't
want to be intrusive or anything but it
was really cool so no that's cool that
was pretty awesome yeah and everybody
can say that they've done that oh no no
that'll tell looking mean that lunch was
awesome oh definitely I was shocked to
see how they had all the the DAPs lined
up ready to go to I mean they're gearing
I mean they're serious they're serious
man I definitely think ontology is gonna
have a really when when this one this
bowl when the bowl comes back eventually
I think ontologies gonna do really well
I actually think neo is gonna for awhile
I was kind of thinking that people
forgot about neo but now that they have
their updated they have the I think is
whitepaper 3.0 a whole slew of stuff I
can't even remember it I'm actually
thinking about doing a full-fledged
video on it because they got like six
brand new features coming out they have
an interoperability feature coming out
so they're definitely doing it actually
pretty upset because I put in I told
Twitter that I had put in buy orders for
neo and Cardona or a DA like two days
ago when the market dipped really hard
and I put it a little bit lower than
where it was at thinking it would hit
overnight and it didn't
price everything went up overnight no
woke up and I was like no but I still
have those byword in there cuz I figured
I'll probably drop down again leave them
because I had a buy order for 6000 on
Bitcoin and it was like 65 foot that 64
hundred or so dip in April and everybody
told me you're stupid this is the bottom
you're an idiot and I just left it and
it triggered like whenever we dip that
little below six I'm sitting there
pumping my fist I wanted to go on an fu
rampage but I didn't
so that's floated slide crypto is
unfortunately one of those places where
you're always gonna have criticism
somebody's always smarter than you I'm
just kinda you know even with yeah it
just gets to a point where you just got
to do what you got to do and you know
basically you literally spin the wheel
you throw a dart if you're right you're
a hero if you're not you're an idiot you
know and it's just like guys that works
especially well I'm according to
everybody I just I'm a shill anyway but
the truth is is like I actually like
disclose what I own and what I'm what
I'm invested in and what I do so at
least I'm a transparent show like I've
told you that I own I quit and I saw
like I don't have to be more transparent
than that yeah I'm pretty transparent
myself and people still still I get
comments all the time is this paid for
videos a sponsored video I'm like did I
say it was sponsored the beginning No
so it's not sponsored like I'm not I'm
not trying to hide anything from anybody
III think people need to just like chill
out with the sponsored video content as
far as getting you know if if a channel
wants to do sponsored content you know
there's ads before radio shows you know
you know it's an ad right and just
because I hear somebody telling me to go
buy coca-cola or go buy a particular
shoe company you don't have to do that
you know what I mean so it's I don't
know I I think to each his own I mean
you know I don't do the sponsored
content myself but that's just my
situation you know I mean I just I just
try to invest I try to invest and I try
to get as lucky as possible and you know
I ride the waves with the market so we
are we are where we are and sucks but
any thoughts on the icon yeah yeah yeah
mark I love icon like take over the
world I figured everybody knew that on
the channel so still still totally
totally bullish on e last dose that's
still one of my big ones I'm getting a
lot of the last those comments on my
until he's like do it do a passive shill
for last those just passively show it
so so we got so we got Walton in the
house we got icon in the house and I
don't know Kendra you're pretty well
rounded I feel like you you have a nice
well-rounded portfolio me I just go like
ninety percent into one coin because I
get so excited
it was when I started and I would the
problem that I'm so impulsive as a
person like I like instant gratification
and so what happened would be so I would
do a bunch of research on a project like
that's it I want to buy it and instead
of like waiting and like learning the
prices and like seeing what's low what's
high and like being patient I just
forget it and then the price would dip
like three days later I'm like are you
kidding me but it's because I was
impatient so I've gotten better at
waiting so the last time I've picked up
icon and V chained and alas dose the
price was significantly lower than it
had been so I feel kind of proud of
myself and I'm trying to get more NiO
because I like the idea that in theory I
could benefit from air drops in the
future so Daz fire said not not to call
a girl rounded I think I meant well
well-rounded portfolio to Clara oh
alright why didn't I I did not mean that
say she has a well-rounded portfolio
yeah that's it oh my gosh that's funny
mm-hmm so I want to get controversial
for a second and talk about Ripple shoot
I get crushed by people in facebook
discord everywhere it's the select
ripple fanboys what I ever say ripples
gonna be a classified security it's like
they take Thor's hammer and try to rip
my house down so I want to know your
thoughts on ripple because I think it's
gonna be a security I think it's just a
matter of time when they classify it
like they came out and said it was being
classified security was almost solely
based on decentralization
Ripple's the opposite of that so I'm
curious what you're both both of your
thoughts are on ripple after their
rebrand so if you didn't know it was
rookie yeah that was I don't the hell
that was but I I did a comparison video
on that and stellar and I tried to be
now I'm biased but I think I was I guess
I was not
it's not bison I thought because people
called me out in the comments saying
like well obviously you're a stellar
Lumines fan and I get it everybody's got
their thing and you know Ripa obviously
is a crypto but it's not it's not what
people get into crypto for like I don't
see it as a centralized project I see
that it has its use cases I think that
there's a little bit maybe not
dishonesty within the team but like in
lack of education as far as the
community goes and people liking Ripple
not understanding the difference between
ripple labs and XRP which i think is a
very big distinction which most people
don't understand as far as being in
security I mean if decentralization is
the defining factor then it's definitely
going to be a security because it's the
furthest thing that ripple labs owns
like 65% of the XRP in circulation so uh
no I mean yeah I don't know
nobody likes when I talk about it either
because I I try to avoid like tweeting
about it cuz then like you said I just
get like flamed with the comments but
yeah I get yeah I usually I usually just
don't talk about it so I've actually
taken a new stance instead of talking
about coins that I don't have agreeance
width or I don't like etc I just don't
even talk about them that way it's not
controversial unfortunately sometimes
you do have to bring up ripple I mean
it's it's kind of an ongoing thing I I
would I would say that most likely but
then again Who am I I don't know I would
assume it would be classified as a
security but let's be real if they
really want to clamp down the hammer I
would say a lot of these are gonna be
securities I would say the majority
would be according to the actual
definition so I mean for the most part
handling those yeah exactly um I
actually did a thing on the video at my
video today where instead of doing I cos
they're now doing these stos which are
actually secured security traded tote
was it I don't know whatever but yeah so
it looks like they might be moving to
that where they're just gonna move just
to accredited investors and you know in
that particular case with the scooter
company they're offering dividends and
things of that nature which is funny
because I feel like after all things
were said and done we're kind of just
molding this back into the traditional
model that were used to anyway right
like the whole decentralized concept
seems to be going to the wayside and
we're just turning it all in this
centralization but it's like it's
starting to look a lot like traditional
stocks now essentially is what you're
trying to do but the one thing that I do
see as once they do do this is these
exchanges that are going to be coming
out that are going to be security tokens
focused because there are some that are
that are preparing right now to set up
they're going to do very well when they
do come out I would say that's like
that's like polymath isn't polymath
basically trying to make a way for
people to make icos in a regulated
fashion if they fall under the security
like categorization I think that's what
they're doing because I remember my
friends at crypto basic pod who I just
did a video with on Friday they were
taught they had just done a review of
polymath and I listened to like the
first half but I didn't finish it and
once something starts talking about like
regulation and securities and and
following guidelines I get very bored
because it's not interesting but I was
surprised to see that that's the purpose
of the project because like you said
Kyle it kind of feels like we're almost
circling back to the thing that we were
trying to avoid in the first place
exactly there's definitely oh good sorry
good it no go ahead no no no wait nog
great they hear me talk all the time man
go ahead no say there's projects that
are actually gonna that are actually
gonna do IPOs like traditional IPOs now
instead of tokenizing anything they're
just they're blockchain way to projects
and instead of kind of forcing a token
they're just gonna do a straight-up IPO
and they're doing like seed rounds and
an a around and a be around and they're
done so it and there's that scares me
when I start seeing that oh my god
really we already have this what's
special about this through the app and
then on top of that even worse you've
seen loon Network and they're having the
one of their gaps come out not the
crypto zombies when it was a different
one and they were just doing a crowd go
fun like a go fund me basically yeah
like they weren't even they were just
like we're just gonna do like a go fund
me we're not even gonna do an ICO
because we just don't even feel like
dealing with that whole space right now
PS MAV from ReadySet Kryptos in my chat
he says hi
oh hey MAV I feel like all the
celebrities always go to candor's chat
well cuz I know that I type and I
respond so I talk to you guys but I'm
also holding conversations with them I'm
trying to get better
that but it's difficult I got you know
my whole multitasking thing I'm good at
multitasking that's not your strength
and that's okay um but it's in speaking
about like things that sometimes seeing
projects is like well we already have
this like what do we need it for so
somebody actually came into my discord
earlier today and left me some I see oh
that they wanted me to look at it was
basically like Airbnb on the blockchain
and like I understand it like
everybody's Pro blockchain and it's
really cool tech and it can definitely
help to like remove middlemen for things
but I also don't think that everything
needs to be frickin tokenize and put on
a blockchain I think it's starting to
get reviewed it's something close to
that I think it were at that conference
a child I don't know I just feel like
we're like over block chaining things
that's possible I don't know I could be
wrong about professional obviously but I
mean I know last time we had the chat
with Elio he was pretty much convinced
that we're gonna tokenize everything so
I mean Julie even from from ontology he
was making a little bit of a not a joke
but he was saying like you know
tokenized this chair tokenized this
table yeah I mean you could you could
literally represent everything with a
token if you really wanted to you just
have to think about the use case of it
and the thing with crypto is right now
we're still in that investor type
mindset where we're looking at these as
investments we're not really looking at
them as it's almost like sometimes I
think the tokens would make more sense
if they didn't if they weren't traded if
they were just placeholders that
represented something and they had the
value of simply what the value of that
was you know I'm saying so that's like
the one thing about the ERC 7:21 I like
that concept I like the idea of I could
give you ownership like for example you
guys know that I buy and sell used
records and posters on the side that's
like my side gig that's how I get an
income so you know essentially I could
send this to you but then you could have
that one token that would represent
whatever the value of that is that makes
sense to me but when you start thinking
about tokenizing everything it just
starts looking like a coupon to me
really it starts looking like frequent
flyer miles it doesn't you know so but
that's cool because that's like the
difference between like fungible and in
fungible assets right like so fungible
things being able to be transparent
words in fungible is basically you have
and it's not like one thing is not like
the other right isn't that the
difference I'm asking cuz I genuinely
don't big basically yeah yeah and it's
sort of it yes okay yes I actually don't
know much about the more complex tokens
on a key theorem Network I only have
early experience with the ERC 20s and
I've been meaning to do some research
and figure out like what the other ones
are because I've been seeing a lot of it
come up more it's like less ERC 20 is
more whatever the other ones are which
I'm interested in 3 yeah yeah I've seen
a lot of the two to threes
well people were supposed to go are
going to those more than a twenty
supposedly in the next you know six
eight months but well it's cool because
they have like more advanced features
and more purposes than just kind of
being like essentially this like random
token which I mean I have an e rc 20
token I made candor coin as a joke you
could tip in my discord with it so
that's a yes
oh man that's funny well all you gotta
do now is make an announcement of an
announcement of an announcement in your
coin old triple and values correct but
frog Letran model you know at first I
thought that that was kind of ridiculous
but then I thought to myself maybe
that's actually incredibly clever
because think about the value think
about the value of a TRX token right now
think about how much you know think
about what you could so like it's funny
it's like in a way that kind of reminds
me of that richard branson fake it till
you make it
right so let's just pump our coin all
the way up to the top ten now we
actually are really rich and now we can
get all this money to actually create
the project that we promised the whole
time yeah so it's a little backwards but
you know I mean doing something right
yeah I know they made it to top ten pre
Tron dogs think about that they were top
ten but we're on dogs existed it's crazy
which doesn't even matter about it yeah
that's like don't get me wrong like
everybody knows I absolutely love Cardno
and like obviously because I talked to
Hoskinson on my channel and a DA is one
of my like long-term holds but I think
that it's kind of a little ridiculous
market value where it is because it
doesn't really do much right now and
that's not like to hate on the project
cuz I love the project and I think in
the future well
but it's really hard to compare
something like that see cerium which is
doing stuff and has working products and
is actively working on scaling solutions
like all this other stuff I just don't
think it's really comparable but the
same thing would like Tron it's just why
is it where it is on the top ten or
whatever I don't know I mean Tron was
they were going back and forth on
Twitter Charles Hoskinson was talking to
Justin son he was telling him to try
using me I think it was the Mantis
instead of what he was using and they
were joking back and forth so it looks
like it looks like they're doing well I
don't know Tron kind of is one of those
projects where it was a little confusing
in the beginning if they actually can do
what they say they're gonna do it's kind
of like the whole eos thing they had a
four billion dollar ICO right
well Tron was able to become basically a
top I think are they in the top ten
right now they are right there like
that's why I said top ten maybe because
I actually wasn't sure
I think they edged out tether oh yeah
well I can't wait high growth model so
so did you hear this joke it was so
funny so somebody you know there's this
big thing about well what's what's
behind tether what's what you know is it
backfire real dollars is it not well I
read online and it was like even if
tether is backed by real dollars by US
dollars it still really isn't backed by
anything so what are we so what are we
fighting over this forward Gardner yeah
I was telling Kyle before we strained
I'm going on vacation in three weeks and
so I've been trying to like on the
weekends I've been trying to record like
a video so that I have a couple extra
videos like lined up to still release
stuff when I'm on vacation and the one
of the ones that I recorded recently is
like a 101 unstable coins what they are
you know why tether is dangerous what
the background history is behind it
because when I got into this I didn't
know I was I was putting things in and
out a tether all the time and then
somebody's like you really need to
understand that like they're not
transparent and they're not getting
audited so after that I was like okay
I'm not gonna mess with this but I see
people talking about it all the time and
I'm like it's it was like rated like the
third highest cryptocurrency when I was
writing the article behind it for kidney
theory I'm like what happens if
something if that crash is in it and it
says that it doesn't have the Dean of
the funds to back it that's that's a
serious catastrophe as far as our market
cap goes it's mount GOx 2.0 so that
would be absolutely yeah though not good
it's I mean it you're right it's the
third highest cryptocurrency by vault by
a daily volume the trading volume yeah
ahead of everything so it's a job that
would not be good supposedly had that
the law firm that set up it's packed
well that's so did or could not funfair
party that was a law firm not an
accounting foundation so like Wade or
yeah they're it's not an audit they said
okay in this exact moment on that one
day Heather may have held close to
enough to cover it okay so but that
doesn't mean anything and on top of it
it wasn't a third party that just came
in and did it tether hired buzzes so was
a conflict of interest the whole thing
and you know and the only reason I know
any of this is cuz I did the research on
the video but yeah it's it's silly for
people to think that I I don't know to
me I think it's ridiculous I genuinely
don't think that they have the money to
back it I've been nervous about tether
for a while I mean I you I've used it
but I'm almost more apt to use you if
I'm gonna do any switching in and out of
the market I'm almost more apt to use
dollar wallet on coin base and just
subject myself to the taxes rather than
risk losing everything of tether crashes
yeah cuz you never know worst case
scenario I mean the dollar could crash
but I think that's a less chance than
the other unless you ask John McAfee
then he thinks that the dollar is gonna
crash that guy's interested he blocked
me on Twitter he doesn't like people on
jealous that's that means he's like made
it if he black I know that was my I hung
my head on that that was back when I had
like six or seven hundred subscribers
that's back in like wow yo he does he
didn't like me I mean 18 people follow
me on Twitter and got mad so whatever
yeah that's crazy man I mean technically
the dollar does crash it crashes by two
percent annually but no one really
notices until like thirty years go by
and then you go to sell your house and
realize that due to inflation you're
actually you're actually under on it
because the value you know so it's all
it's all a big whatever so personally
for me that's why I'm all in crypto I
still like Bitcoin because we look at it
on a day to day basis and it's like oh
my god I'm down 68% it's like yeah but
look at the long term
if you look at the way that Bitcoin
moves it does this systematically over
and over and over again so for me
personally I I just I would rather
because the thing is is like I don't
have money in crypto that I have to take
out right now and if people do have that
type of money in crypto that's the time
when it gets really serious and that's
when I would say don't do that
don't put everything you have into it
you know what I'm saying like if you
have to pay bills and stuff keep that
money out but you know I always look at
this long term and it's funny because I
go to all these conferences the one coin
that everyone says Bitcoin Bitcoin
Bitcoin Bitcoin they're not that's the
only one that no one's worried about you
know even aetherium it's like well you
know some other token or something
platform smart contract thing might come
along Bitcoin it'll be fine
like literally so you know if anybody's
freaked out right now just by Bitcoin
call it a day come back and I mean it is
the tried and true I just saw a post
write it or something and it was like
since Bitcoin started and what it was at
2008 it's been not it's been like active
or up and effective for 99 point like
nine nine eight percent of the time like
there's no consistent we don't see
consistency like that other things I
mean it is you know it definitely is
secure and I agree the price might be
volatile but it's definitely the safest
as far as long-term holding I think if
you just want to be conservative I also
just like owning my own stuff yeah I
mean like when you put your money in a
bank where is that money really it's
it's just I mean that is truly an
imaginary number on a screen at least a
Bitcoin bitcoin is verifiable yeah I can
go on the ledger I can see my
transaction I own that little piece of
the code that represents my specific
amount you know like that's real to me
that's more real so very much so I talk
about that all the time people are all
mad about cryptocurrency crashing and I
get I mean we all have friends that
don't know what bitcoin is or don't know
what blockchain is and they always I'm
not convinced it's real well it's
probably real because the dollar is not
real it hasn't been real for 40 years
the dollar has not been real for 40
years guys smash up the like to the
dollars not smash up the likes for the
dollar is not real what I
you say that cuz when I started getting
into crypto currencies I was like I'm
gonna make a channel I'm gonna do all
these things and I told my boyfriend I
was like sitting next to him like
telling about what cryptocurrency was
like cringing waiting for him to tell me
I was crazy and he goes well actually I
kind of makes a lot of sense because
something's back in the US dollar
anyways so hey why not why don't we look
into it I was like oh that was not the
response I was expecting but all right
cool let's do it and that was that's
pretty much it so but it's good to have
it's it's important to understand that
because I don't think the average person
I think most people think that the
dollar is still backed by gold I
genuinely do think that that's a still a
common misconception yeah my dad is
still confused about that he's like yeah
but the dollars backed by gold I'm like
yeah not since like Nixon said it wasn't
yeah so that was before I was even born
yeah it's been a long time it's been bad
long wait a minute well I hope
everyone's hanging hanging really well
right you know dealing with this very
well I know it can be tough I've
definitely does read a lot of the
sentiments especially in my comments but
I have to say shoutout to the to the OGS
and everyone that keeps coming back to
these live streams everybody that's
watching right now you guys are awesome
someone say thank you this is my way of
smashing up the reverse likes these are
like reverse likes because you know
without the community yeah no I
appreciate it – I love these these chats
where we have all these people come on
and it's like oh it's very humbling to
have these channels and talk and have
people want to sit here and BS with us
you know it's pretty cool so yeah as
usual guys I'm super appreciative of all
the support always yeah as hard as it is
for us to sometimes find quality content
in the markets like this I know it's
five times as hard for you to stay
engaged as a viewer so we I say this all
the time like I'm really appreciative
for whoever's like cows of oh jeez if
you made it from January to now you are
a straight-up thug because that's not
easy to do if you got in bed and you're
down 70% oh yeah oh yeah I actually just
did a interview with a project called
ten Zoram and they're dealing with
private key management because that's
one of the biggest issues is that people
really I mean aside from the fact that
the markets went down people still think
this is too complicated like I know
everybody watching right now is like
this is so easy we do it every day not
for regular people I was riding in my
over actually from the conference
talking to the cab or the cab driver the
uber driver and he was just telling me
you know he said I think bitcoin is the
flatout he said it but he was like it's
just too complicated I can't figure out
how to fly on coinbase and then he was
like I gotta send it to G Dax and then I
gotta send it to finance and then I
gotta send it to my wallet but I don't
know which wallet to use and then how do
I track it I have to download an app so
these are the issues that we're seeing
and I think that the big well what do
you guys think let me ask you because
I'm just I'm just rambling on here what
is everybody in the chat everyone on in
right now what do you guys think is the
catalyst what do you think we need right
now what do you think would be that that
one thing to really give this a push
actually a question I don't know because
when when my brother asked me he had
Bitcoin he wanted to cash out of it and
I had to you know obviously I started or
Minos I started like two years ago and I
didn't even know what a wallet was my
brother had to walk me through setting
up a wallet on coinbase cuz I had no
idea and so he called me like last week
actually and was like all right I want
you to help me get out of my Bitcoin and
get into USC so I showed him how to go
down G Dax and and trade and get the
money back to avoid the fees and all
this other stuff and it's like he he
knows what he's doing he's relatively
savvy when it comes to tech stuff and he
even he was like are you sure this is
right like this what's this wall address
like this is crazy and it is
intimidating to not you know there's not
like a there's no security there's no
like insurance there's no nothing you're
just kind of out here figuring it out I
don't know I ease-of-use and I don't
know that's to me what would be the most
important thing to make it less scary
for people I think about so do either of
you invest in the stock market at all no
or have you know okay this is this the
really good parallel this is why we need
Bitcoin ETF or crypto ETFs and read some
sort of regulated fun yeah because 90%
of the people wouldn't have got 90 but
the vast majority are in somewhat
in that some form of the stock market
mutual fund whatever but they're not
online trading it cashing it out they
just send it to a manager and he does it
so if we could have that ease of use and
cryptocurrency that would be the
catalyst because people don't want to
learn how to trade stocks and the fees
and all kind of stuff on that either
they don't want to do that for
cryptocurrency don't have time or
wherewithal to do it so they just want
to send it to somebody and go on with
their life if they could do that that
would be what we need in my opinion I
think it just has to look more like what
we're already used to we just have to
get the whole space looking like what
we're used to you shouldn't have to go
through 18 different steps to figure out
how to do stuff that you're already used
to doing you know if I can go on my
paypal or I can go on a bank app or
let's take it even somewhere else like
social if I like snapchat or something
if that's really easy for me what's just
why am I gonna go through these extra
steps all these complicated things just
because oh my security you know that the
truth is is people don't really care
about their security until their
specific security is actually threatened
you know you could hear about it
happening to somebody else I mean it's
like with anything right like anything
if it's not happening to you it doesn't
matter and the problem is is like when's
the best time you know to buy a plunger
right when the toilets clogged
no you should have had that before you
know what I'm saying so unfortunately
people don't think about these things
until it's too late and I think that
crypto really needs to marry the two
together so that we can kind of get on
those other good sides of those people
that wait when it's too late you know
what I'm saying like get him involved
make it useable make it something that
they're used to just that's really for
me user experience user experience I
can't for me that's where I stand
because I've been in crypto now for well
over a year and the user experience in
my opinion is what scares most people
away it's just not it's not friendly
okay double down on that and and retrace
retrack my previous statement I agree do
I think I think yeah UI and ease of use
for sure as far as not being afraid of
the way it looks you're right well you
so I've only been in it since I mean I
was interested in it but I pressed it
was September so I'm coming up on a year
but how for you to I don't know how long
much farther than a year you've been
has a user interface change that all has
the UI experience gotten any better is
it exactly the same pretty much than it
was a year except for like minor
projects let's say like and this is like
totally like not necessarily relatively
important but like first sis going or
like particle or projects that give you
like a username that's attached to your
wallet so you can search someone's name
and send them funds that's one time
where I've been like wow this is like
really useful this totally would catch
on but outside of that no I haven't seen
I mean I started in I think October 2017
I don't really know I got to look back
and see but no I mean it really hasn't
changed that much as far as still use
the same things I used last year I still
use my ether wallet as my portal into my
you know my aetherium wallet I still use
my neon wallet for you know yeah and I
mean Steam it was around last year so
really we had a scene we've seen a lot
of promises of innovation I don't think
we've seen it yet and I think that also
has a lot to do with the the decline I
think last year there were a lot of
white paper promises like I like to put
it and we didn't really deliver on a lot
of the stuff we said we were going to
and it really discouraged people and
people started asking the question what
the hell am i buying why am I putting my
dad like why am I putting my hard-earned
money into this what are you guys doing
you're you know you're essentially
creating a problem that doesn't exist
and then you're not even solving it
that's like a double slap in the face
somebody in my comment said well bit ryx
looks a little bit different I think
they made it look worse honestly I don't
like the new UI edit they had a dark
mode yeah and move stuff around
isolations yeah I haven't used bit Rick
since I think the last year the last
time I use bit Rick's I think I was
buying neo when it was still called ant
shares that's how long ago I was that
was a while ago I use districts yeah
that was like last May urn before that
April yeah yeah no it was the yeah I was
like a round mag for me that was when I
was buying it yeah yeah it's I haven't
used bit ryx since they originally they
were the first ones to cut off new users
and then as soon as they did that there
was no new money the liquidity went way
down and people have started swapping
money back and forth from coins I'm like
I'm out of here I'm gonna buy Nance
because this is way better yeah I mean
I'm not that good
with ta like you are Danny but I will
say that I have noticed recently the
volumes have picked up a little bit and
that kind of made me happy that's
showing there's actually trading going
on for a change so that was that was
kind of a good thing I'm not net now are
we going to friggin 20k tomorrow I don't
know but but the volume did come back so
that was kind of a good thing yeah
there's so my general rule of thumb is
if we are at the 5% volume level 5%
volume as a percentage of total market
cap we can kind of hang around the same
level if the volume starts to dip and
the price starts going up get ready
because something's not gonna hold for
very long but if the volume starts going
up and the price starts going up then I
get excited yeah that 5% level
historically has been like spot on you
kind of hang out for a little while
that's what I look at at least maybe I'm
freaking so wrong but that's from my
experience that I've seen well you would
know better than we would I mean I
always figured yet volume trading volume
but even still one like I tried to
really understand that stuff it was a
little bit over my head
I just never really I could never really
get like the patterns and and whatnot
but trading volume makes sense I mean if
there's volume and things are moving it
means people are on it and there's you
know there's acquitted a so that's a
pretty easy concept yeah yeah you know
you know who uh you know who actually
taught me a lot about how to kind of
read volume just just not you know not
long term but kind of you know on the
daily is actually crypto but I know you
guys do you know crypto butters yeah we
were at NAC 3 and I and I pulled him
aside and I was like yo man just show me
what are you looking at when you're
trading and you know he gave me examples
and stuff like that so you know I got
excited today for example I don't know
if you guys saw you know obviously I I
hold icon I'm very transparent about
that and the the volume on icon was
massive today I mean it was like we
hadn't seen we hadn't seen volume an
icon like this and uh almost I'm over a
month so that for me says people are
interested people are definitely trading
they're getting back into it like you
said I think we are looking for that
catalyst and I agree with you as well
Danny and everyone in the chat that also
said ETFs over here to ETFs are gonna be
a big catalyst absolutely I don't know
after that I don't know Bennet Dennis I
hope everybody's on board then it's fair
I say a lot I say your I've said it a
lot I haven't really said it publicly
that much but I've been thinking about
how to how where's my place in this
whole thing and people are so focused on
mass adoption and one thing I think is
kind of missing we're not even at mass
adoption we need to be at mass education
first yeah we're not even if we got a
hurt jump that hurdle before everybody
can actually use it cuz you don't even
know what it is so that's it that's
something interesting that I think
people need to take a step back and say
okay we gotta learn what it is first and
projects have to figure out that making
short-term money is not the answer for a
long-term adoption like we're talking
about the user interface hasn't changed
in 18 months almost well whose fault is
it's the project's fault they realize
they can make a crapload of money just
by just pop a white paper in an icy
dough and cash in well nobody won except
for them I think it's showing in the
market sentiment right now yeah that's
why people hate I see us yeah there were
there was there was a long period of
time where I wouldn't even talk about
him on my channel I just absolutely
refused to talk about I cos now I do
talk about them but I think it's because
I've had the opportunity to meet some of
these guys face to face now and they you
know there really are great startups now
and the problem was is we kind of had
the carriage ahead of the horse last
year we were trying to solve problems
that we didn't really have the tech for
yet but now that we're able to kind of
build on top of these because you know
it's all open source so everybody is
able to kind of build on top of where
other people may have failed and the one
thing I can say is that not all there's
I think there's always gonna be scam
icos but these these some of these newer
startups are actually really good yeah
and I think they're going to do very
well so in a strange way I could see
2018 being like a redemption for icos in
the sense of like we're gonna actually
have some you know we've already had
some good ones I mean silica you know
silica did very well ontology did very
well so we are seeing them but it's
unfortunately cork chain did really well
yeah that's a great project Sam cheese
that's a good project
quark chain and IO techs are both
getting a lot a lot of flack right now
and I actually did an interview with IO
text and some people were
why did you do this why are you getting
involved with these guys well one of the
main reasons was one I wanted to
actually talk to them about this newer
token model which is what a lot of AI
SEOs are doing right now they're doing
really really really long lockup periods
now for seed round some people you're
not even able to you can't even dump
your token dump it on the exchange for
up to a up to a year you know so they're
really protecting the investors and
what's interesting is if you look at
what happened with both both cork shape
cork chain and IO Tex they totally
slammed down I mean they were sitting at
their all-time lows since they came now
but yet the investors of the ice eels
were still up 6 6 X 7 X right so they're
protecting the investors which I know
the average user doesn't like that
they're not into that I would be pissed
too but I had a discussion with bite
size Capital I don't know if you're
familiar with them they baton well they
well anyway that's these two brothers
they run an account really really great
really in-depth and they were basically
telling me you know as a start-up you
have to protect your investors and this
is something that we don't appreciate as
the the people that buy it secondary on
the exchange right but in reality it's
that money that was given to them
initially that was actually funding the
projects themselves so they kind of owe
it to the investors to secure and make
their investments safe I guess what I'm
trying to say so I don't hate these
models but at the same time I hope that
people realize I've said this about a
hundred times when an ICO or a project
comes out on the exchange just give it a
second just see what's going on because
you you know you have market makers
coming in I can list it if I'm the first
guy to list it right and I have a
massive bag if I bought the ICO for five
cents I could literally put that for 50
cents if I want to start the the sell
right so a lot of these I SEOs you'll
see them either go all the way up for
example alas dose did that where it went
all the way up or you'll see some just
drop right down and those poor people
that were buying that all the way down
so just be patient allow the coins to
kind of find their price discovery so
that's my advice don't don't jump into
an ICO as soon as it hits the exchange
I've seen time and time again that's
like the best way to get burned so I
also think like in speaking and what you
said about protecting investors people
also have to realize
that I mean investors found the project
from early on and are betting quite a
bit on it and although yeah maybe it's
unfair that they're trying to protect
them in a way but they are like you said
funding the project they're helping to
support it they believe in it and they
don't want these people to get burned
necessarily when they're taking a risk
on them so and obviously the average
person doesn't have you know millions to
invest in in one of these startup
projects so I think we all have to be
it's kind of a little bit understanding
about that but no and you're right about
waiting for things to hit exchanges
because then a lot of times things will
dip you know the running joke for a
while but the ICO is wait till after it
hits in exchange then buy it because
then it's spite it'll dip and then it
will spike so you just gotta just gotta
have a little faith and keep an eye on
it and not be so impulsive it's the same
chart every single time like it's almost
the same thing and unless you know the
details of what the private tree sale
price was with bonuses and discounts
don't even buy it until it levels out
because that'll kind of tell you where
the true value is if you know those fine
if you don't which most people don't I
wouldn't worry about it
ya know oh I know my chats being funny
right now no I didn't say go all in on
an ICO when it comes out stops don't
also dr. Eadie dr. ed is in the is in
the chat right now I got to meet him
face to face so that's the really cool
thing when you get to go to these
conferences all these names that you
always see in your chat you get to
actually know people so that's all
what's up dr. ed
Javier Gonzalez has an interesting
question he says do you guys believe
that the SEC is gonna come out with a
list cura T's wants coinbase buying it
circle and Jim and I all acquire their
licenses oh that's interesting
I don't even thought about that ever I
mean what they have to like you would
think if they get their licenses and
they're approved by the SEC the SEC is
gonna have to start categorizing things
that are allowed to be on those
exchanges that are approved right so I
mean I guess inevitably I don't really
know that's what I was thinking it's the
gap yeah I guess I kind of have to I
guess you're right like it wouldn't make
sense not to it would you know giving
someone a license if it's not gonna be
regulated what's on the side
yeah it's a bug yeah oh that was I've
got something flying around regulation
get away yeah really should somebody
should've edited that with a regulation
word popping around by your hand I do
hope Tony does do that if anybody has
any editing skills please feel free to
make that mean for me yeah absolutely
yeah I I actually had a bug flying
around here before too
that's uh but but getting back to that
Danny that's one of the reasons why I
wanted to actually I thought it'd be
cool to have you on the stream because I
think you're a lot more knowledgeable
when it comes to things like that with
um the SEC and and what they're gonna do
I I don't know you know and I I feel
like maybe I should spend time focusing
on it but I'll be honest I don't I I
just figure they're gonna do what
they're gonna do anyway so I just you
know I just I trade I hold I do what I
got to do and they'll let us know well
no you know yeah but we look that for
I'm alright I'm already a Yuma citizen
so like I feel like I don't know I'm
always afraid everything I'm doing is
illegal like am I even allowed to have a
trip though YouTube channel are you guys
okay with that or is that exactly I
don't know I know so is it weird to have
these mic is this plugged into the
computer is that am I good yeah see
those FBI memes where they you'll say
something on on the computer and then a
Twitter chat will pop up or someone it's
like no get off that website from the
FBI that's funny yeah that reminds me of
I saw a meme too or it was like in the
1950s it was like hey get off the phone
it may be wiretapped and now it's like
hey walk it's like hey wiretap does
Amazon have what I need like it's like
yeah basic Siri like you're set like
it's like before you used it like be so
scared and now it's just like
everything's connected everything's
recorded so no kidding that's absolutely
so I'm gonna screen share quick and do
this raffle before I forget
yeah crap do it I'm gonna drinks this is
how I cope with the crypto market oh
yeah there you go oh this I will be I
will be in your I will be in your boat
as soon as we end the livestream because
I'm actually uh I'm actually going to
the beach tomorrow guys but I but I will
have a I will do a on how many Hawaiian
shirts do I have Johnny well you're just
gonna have to keep watching the channel
to find out is that Johnny be
uh Johnny Santiago dang it yeah he asked
well he asked my opinion on I don't know
if it's agro or ergo you know that I see
oh that's coming out yeah data data fuel
for the blockchain yeah well well sort
of yet but I've been I've been looking
at this project for quite some time I
just don't I haven't made a review or
anything on it because I want to dive
into it a little bit more you know
before I don't like to just make just
because it's like a hot topic I don't
want to just talk about it just cuz it's
like popular the other thing too is you
know I was looking at this before Ian
valina was and Ian ballina he recently
came out with like uh-oh everybody's got
to go in and buy ergo I think it's a
great project I just I don't I'm not a
100% fan of you know when he chills
stuff cuz it just I don't know gives it
a bad name but I still think it's a
great project so I do plan I do plan on
what's up know says you here he found
out information about who supposedly
hacked his account did you see that
really yeah yeah it was some hacker
group that had hacked exchanges and
stuff in the past and if you had any
more information email I met Ian Balea
18 valina 88 at gmail I'm gonna make an
account in ballina 8 8 8 at gmail just
to see if people email me on accident'
I'm sure they well it's actually kind of
funny is um I mean I would never
disclose this because these are people I
you know I'm my friends or other people
I know but you know how you get those uh
those emails all the time getting you to
like do sponsored content I know you get
um you're a youtuber right oh yeah all
the time I get like ten of them a day
you know talking about to say about
what's funny is I got this one and it
was a group message that was sent to
like 25 other youtubers of which I'm not
gonna name and some of them started
responding back not realizing that they
actually they had everybody they were
doing reply all
no like I got a list of like all the
popular youtubers prices for what they
yeah though that was pretty much if I
had eight hands it would be facepalm
just all over I mean obviously I would
I'm not gonna share that that content
but it's just crazy I'm like damn he's
really getting that much – I must be
doing something wrong over here yeah we
need to be less agreeable I need to
start doing some sponsored content on
the idiot over here so candor are we
doing this wallet giveaway or what yeah
well you guys are chatted up I didn't
want to interrupt all right so can doors
giving away a wallet on her channel but
unfortunately I think the uh oh yeah
alrighty guys let's see I think I just
clicked this let's do it let's see who
the winner is whoever this is not sure
what to put here but sub bed as bad okay
well this time gonna screenshot this
link and myrrh bird bamboo if you're on
the live stream you won and if you're
not I will email you and yeah give you
24 hours to get it if you don't get it
24 hours then then we will rear a 'fl
awesome so congratulations to whoever
just won that wallet yep a bird bamboo
22 how do you like the Wally have you
tried it out yeah I think it's really
cool I like the concept it's like
basically a credit card that that you
know I can send and receive most major
crypto currencies on it and it's the
size of credit card so it stays in your
wallet so like if I'm out and I want to
send you Bitcoin cuz you bought me a
beer or something I don't have to like
go on new and I don't have to have it
attached anything else it's got its own
app it's got everything so I can just
like use it like a credit card kind of
like almost like venmo or PayPal I
thought it was really neat hmm that's
I want to saw your video and I like guys
I was like that's actually a really good
idea yeah it's just simple I mean I
wouldn't leave like a lot of Bitcoin or
eath on it but like if you're going
somewhere with your friends and like you
all use crypto and you guys are gonna be
spending it or using it for stuff it's
cool to just have it kind of hanging out
in the wallet and it really is just as
thin as a credit card which I liked
absolutely that's awesome so uh yeah
guys I don't know is there any uh what
else you guys uh what else you guys
feeling today I mean kind of a kind of a
chill day even with the chat chats not
really too aggressive tonight everyone's
just relaxing I think we're just i think
we're just we're just happy to see a
little bit of green you know yeah but
what's that about that so yeah guys um I
don't know
is that it's been an hour I don't know
what else is really going on I mean
unless you guys have something to talk
about I can certainly go to sleep my air
conditioning is on in my room and it is
900 degrees where I'm sitting right now
so I'm ready to go and az1 does the same
exact things say I need to put a sensor
in this room so it starts like filtering
air down on me or something
hold on real quick Kiko suave says I'm
disappointed not one of you three will
answer the questions how do you invest
in the companies what do you mean by
I don't companies how do i yes actually
seven follow-up questions what companies
define invest what tokens like there's a
bunch of questions about that olive oil
it's wherever you want but yeah well
somebody says something sorry somebody
on my fat says that uh that talk is
boring and I should show some coins so
fine I'll go to coin market cap right
now and I'll start at the top and I'll
tell you exactly what coins I would
would and wouldn't well how's that I got
one guy said keep talking sleep is for
the weak I like it
hey guys they can't all be the most I
mean what do you want like okay let's
see here going down from the top if I I
would share my sperm to fight no Danny
what kind of wine you're drinking uh oh
god I'd only and remember it's alcoholic
that's so Francisco it's not barefoot
and it's light oh I don't know that's a
good question how to pee no I know
bargain bargain yeah a lot of wine oh I
don't know these things me either
so for example they were like how do you
invest in ripple and not X are pigs cuz
they're not but you can you invest
correct I don't
the company know pretty sure it's a
private cop not that I know of
it's not probably I don't I don't know
yeah absolutely I'm I don't know so
let's see coins that I would be looking
at from my perspective I'll tell I'll
give you guys a quick rundown I got my
second computer over here so just to
give you coins that I really really like
obviously I think bitcoin is the
greatest coin in the world cuz it'll
never die like coins pretty cool card ah
no neo I think I think exchange tokens
that are legit like finance ontology
icon silica 0x nanos pretty cool basic
attention token Wan chain NAB know by
the way nebulous guys nebulous is
something you should keep your eyes on a
lot of projects I've been talking to
have actually been moving or starting to
utilize nebulous I think that's like
I've been talking for reviewing or I'm
doing research on right now yeah I spoke
to deep cloud a I they were building on
top of nebulous and I spoke to tan
zuoren and they've been talking to they
worth a lot of people they know are also
looking into nebula so key that's just
something I don't talk about I did a
review on it a while ago so keep your
eye on that I'm like halfway through all
of you they're right up for a review on
that hmm
Lew purring so strange interjection I
used like my computer which is much
smaller you can invest or could have
invested in triple the company they had
a series be drowned in 2016 and raised
380 million dollars so you had to been a
VC to invest in ripple the company
it's dude have been just like any other
very strange in a team and everything
for their private company and then they
raised how much money through make on
their IPO because they mo 65% so how
much are they holding is yeah yeah they
raised 380 mil don't uh Wow okay so I
mean I covered this a couple months ago
but ripple was actually hit with
class-action lawsuit over a never-ending
ico suppose which is kind of what it is
I mean if you think about it technically
bitcoin is a never-ending ICO I mean the
miners are still getting rewarded I mean
technically so yeah all right I've had a
bunch of people I and yes I do read the
chat a lot of people are asking about
digit by it
do you guys know much about that I've
looked into it while I'm not so somebody
I'd like a wave of people asking me
honestly I didn't do a ton of research
but what it seems like is just basically
like – without the privacy feature
pretty much yep that's what I think it
is with the dit I mean the digi ID stuff
is pretty cool but I have people that I
mean there's guys that are less
mindlessly not I don't want to say
shilling but they just every single post
it's not even related to digi buy at all
and it's like how about digi by airplane
airplane rocket ship like yeah what is
this I have been getting that I mean are
you upset with me now cuz I'm like I'm
not really interested in talking about
it it's like one of those coins that
just doesn't really I don't know I just
never read about it yeah I should do a
digit byte review I feel like just bring
it back from the graveyard I remember
when I first got into crypto currencies
this is before I even had a youtube
channel I used to actually listen to
soup oh man a lot I don't know if anyone
else is guilty of this but you know but
he's got he listened as much as he's a
chiller or whatever and he's got that
like super infectious oh he's like yes
yeah I mean like you know and when I
first got into Crypt I used to listen to
a lot of soup oh man and I remember for
like the first two months he was like so
did you bite like digit like this and
digit like that and then digit lights
just tanked and tanked and then
eventually yeah he ate crap like the
price like went bad
well they had that thing a while ago
where they were gonna be they were gonna
be in Minecraft right it was gonna be a
mine of all that was there their whole
thing is you're gonna mind did you buy
in Minecraft and then they had won some
kind of a big award was it on she was it
chase or some kind of a I can't remember
some kind of an award remember yeah so I
mean I don't know I'm not I'm not gonna
take a stance on digit by I don't really
I haven't looked into it in in quite a
long time I
say months so maybe I do owe it to
everyone to kind of do a little bit of a
revisit but I really can't speak too
much on it right now
unfortunately so I mean I did a I did a
video a day for a hundred and forty
something days straight and didn't do a
video and did you bite because there's
just not you there's so much to talk
like I have no poker face I don't like
what I'm talking about I'm not
interested in the project like you will
tell but I'm not like enthused and I
won't ever get through the research or
the write-up or any of the stuff that I
do like for pre-emptive work so for me a
lot of it's like okay ask people for
their input because I want advice like
maybe coins I haven't heard of before
just because you tell me I'm gonna to
cover something doesn't mean I'm going
to and also like there's just a lot of
pride like – I'm probably never gonna go
over – because everybody knows about –
nothing really new is going like it's
not it doesn't pique my interest enough
to make a video on it you know what I
mean like it's something against the
project I just don't really care to do
thing yeah I hear that and you kind of
feel like at this point people know
these coins you know there's so much
content on them um there is one project
that I wanted to kind of revisit because
I think it's extremely undervalued and
that's comodo I don't know if you guys
have looked into Komodo
yes Komodo is a great platform I don't
know why people don't well I guess I
don't really talk about it either so I'm
guilty but it's a very very good
platform I mean it's it's so secure it's
so secure I mean it's the most active
github github contributors on it out of
all the blockchain projects yeah and it
syncs with the Bitcoin blockchain they I
don't know the specific terminology but
it's like every you know every 10
it does something where it backs up to
the Bitcoin III I don't know I got to go
into more research but yeah I really
think one of these days I'm either gonna
reach out to the comodo team or I'm just
gonna do a updated review because I
actually can see Komodo being a
long-term project in this space for
quite some time I just think right now
they just they don't really get a lot of
exposure so maybe I should start talking
about the Moto kind of similar thought
process of being decentralized exchange
and interoperability and like nobody
really heard about them until like their
ex router came out but I'd been like pro
block Nets it's like pretty much when I
got into crypto nobody knew
the project so in Kumamoto is just
another one that's good but doesn't get
any hype unfortunately a great exactly
so guys been awesome I think that is a
good yeah I could tell that I have to
say guys the chat tonight has been quite
interesting it's been a it's been a
really interesting mix of people a few
few trolls in the chat some old school a
couple trolls and I've had a lot of
people just talking amongst themselves
and not asking me questions which was
strange I I think still here I think
some people misconstrue the fact that if
I don't talk about something that means
that I don't like it or that I'm
ignorant it's just that you know it's
really easy to have an opinion on that
end but when I have a channel that
people watch I can't just say stuff
about things that I don't know
understand that inevitably you know and
I'm only one person I do try my best
guys so yeah and I also yeah I'd like to
remind the new people that are on my
channel I have a full-time job I work 40
hours a week at a hospital so I all the
content I make is literally I get home
from work I eat dinner and I make stuff
until 10 11 o'clock at night all week
and on the weekend so I do my very best
to make as much if I was didn't have a
trust me I'd be making my two videos a
day if I had it by the choice that I
wanted to make it but I don't so I have
to prioritize my time for content so
sorry you had a great uh yet a great
alas dose video though candor thank you
I work by alright I actually run your
course I think your video is better than
my video honestly I do I why would you
say that though because it is I just
feel like you you just the way you
explained it you know I I have to get
like how you do it where you you you
align all the information it's when I do
reviews it's just me sitting in front of
a computer I have I have a Trello which
is attached to my discord so people can
access it now
and for each like fur for my reviews for
my eye cos for my comparison videos I
have a like a list of things that I'd go
through to make sure that I have for
every single solitary video I have like
a write up to said like make it
structure so that they're all identical
cuz I otherwise I'd forget stuff and
then I'd lose it because I'd forget it
and I'd want to rerecord the whole video
it's tough yeah
that's my life very professional OCD I'm
the same way
I sit in front of a computer I just go
through the white paper with my face on
the bottom right I'm just I go through
white paper or website team roadmap
token ah mcc's stumble a little bit
don't edit it yeah what are you gonna do
alright guys time for both yeah you guys
have been awesome thanks to everybody
that came out for the chat
we have 165 people in my chat we only
have 79 likes maybe smash up the likes
guys freakin some like buttons and
subscribes and go follow Danny and go
follow k-dub if you haven't everybody
follow everybody so thank you so much
again Danny it was really awesome man I
definitely want to get up you're doing
really really pretty and other person
yeah man thanks for having me on – yes
thank you thank you everybody

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