CryptoCandor | Live with Crypto Zombie, Crypto99, & Crypto Bobby!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

all right we got the cat we got the
canary down on to their lives the
countdown after the countdown for the
let's introduce those style announcement
for announcement for an announcement
that's true you make a valid point so
what is going on everybody thank you for
coming out to the live stream tonight
tonight is a very very special episode
obviously we haven't done one of these
in a while Krypto Bobby in the house
this is going on man how you doing
pretty good
so what is this this is like the East
Coast takeover right now isn't that what
we're doing I mean is it like weird
stuff where's everybody from New York
right New York Newark
Danny Charlotte North Carolina yeah
close enough it's fine
yes East Coast here on our time zone so
that's well below the magical
mason-dixon line so like kind of on a
different planet but it's fine I love it
so what has ever been up to this week
well besought well I was just enjoying
the weekend I don't know about you guys
ever everything what everything was
finally up for a chance you know I it
was that I'm actually getting to the
point where I'm afraid to go to sleep at
night every time I wake up it's just
like more lost systems like always seems
to happen when I sleep I don't know why
though yeah I uh I was shocked to this
weekend that we actually saw a little
bit of a positive move at the end of
yesterday so when I woke up today I also
happier than I was when I went to bed on
Friday so that was good and I didn't do
anything crazy I did a lot of yard work
this weekend I know that's not Krypto
related whatsoever but we're gonna I'm
gonna tokenize yard work here in a
minute get some people do them
I'm coin it start a nice enough long
coin I see a 1 billion dollar heart ket
concern so a billion all right guys I
have the first question on my n from ed
Weezy they say what do you think about
neo starting out centralized and moving
into decentralization based on the
knowledge you guys have is this a
smarter way of going about it I'll let
you leave that one off you're you're
more of a you like neo a lot more than I
do the aficionado over here you
not a neo and ontology said well let you
go alright all okay in my in my opinion
I I i actually i I have stood up for the
fact that neo started out pretty damn
centralized a lot of people gave it a
lot of backlash for example you know you
even what happened recently with the
bank or I don't you guys saw that I
actually had an opportunity to interview
bank or and it's a double-edged sword
because here's the thing if like for
example take the bank or incident if
they had gone completely 100 percent
decentralized and they didn't have these
and encrypt Oh Bobby I know you work for
air swap so I'm very pumped for you to
chime in on this but um so you know they
have a lot of backdoor kind of entrances
in case you know where they can freeze
funds and do all these things that would
essentially make it not really
decentralized however here's the thing
so people that say code is king right so
in that hack hypothetically would it
have been better to just let that guy
make off with the full thirty five
million dollars or whatever it was or is
it better that they had that kind of
kill switch to be able to you know cut
it off because on the flip side what if
that was your money like if that was
your funds then all of a sudden you'd be
like will campaign core do something
about it right so I think it's a very
troubling area and I think what neo was
trying to do is they really they had
seen some of the issues some of the
hiccups that aetherium was having and I
think they were trying to tackle it
before Pandora's box kind of got opened
you know like I say it's a lot easier to
change the engine in a car when it's not
running than when it is you know what
I'm saying and I think that's kind of
the approach though that's my take on it
I would say I mean from-from like this
centralization of decentralization point
I mean there's not many things that are
fully decentralized right now like
Bitcoin is really like number one in
terms of actual decentralization like a
lot of the other platforms that are that
are right now trying to compete either
with Bitcoin or with the theory I'm like
they're sacrificing for scalability with
centralization and neo is just one of
them but you look at yo so you look at a
lot of these other ones with delegated
for mistake whatever it might be they're
sacrificing the actual like
centralization component of it and then
saying hey you know maybe over time this
is going to get more decentralized
nobody knows if that's actually gonna
happen but I think that's happening on
the roadmap with a lot of these projects
is like you can't start off fully
decentralized is you can't really
bootstrap that way but the hope is that
it'll get there although it
uncertain whether or not that will
actually happen for for neo or for a lot
of these projects because there's kind
of that race to actually get there in
time before either the competition beat
some out or they just run out at damn
time yeah I agree I think it's almost
like a I it's um it's like a magical
world of decentralization that we want
to live in but realistically we're not
ready for it in my personal opinion
right now so I think that we have to
kind of work together and figure out
that kind of gray area and you know
we'll see what works we'll see what
doesn't work but for the most part like
you said Bobby I don't I don't think
that there's gonna be a hundred percent
really decentralized you know anything
really you know unless it's what Bitcoin
but I mean even that's got you know a
lot of people controlling certain hash
rates and stuff so it's it's it's very
very difficult you know we do try our
best so yeah I'm sorry we're not gonna
see a truly decentralized nature there's
not enough in the pool to be four enough
projects to be actually be centralized
like you're talking about having Bitcoin
controlled by the hatch rate and like 51
or however many what percent of the
mining does a huge mining Bank and like
was a courier now there's a huge mining
company that controls a big chunk of the
Bitcoin mining a bit me yeah it's bit as
bit mean that's what is the what's the
percentage do you know
well they personally control like 43 but
then they're also affiliated with the
third largest so by connections it's
like 52 or 53 percent or something so
technically you know I mean I don't know
why they would do a 51% attack it would
be unbelievably costly and pointless but
in theory yeah that does exist yeah I
just I think we gotta go we got to get a
little farther down the rabbit hole
before everything is truly decentralized
you got to have the checks in place
before we can work all the kinks out for
lack of a better term mmm absolutely so
as far as some of the some of the things
that have been going on lately we have a
lot of topics one of the things that a
lot of people were discussing was what
do you guys think about these new
exchange models like like the reverse
fee like eff coin where you get paid but
then in turn everybody's just basically
civil attacking the network well you got
what is your take on this I think it's
pretty scammy and I think it's kind of
short-lived like I've talked to a lot of
people about this and
like I've talked to a couple different
like people that are its it seems like
I'm it's been like a pretty big topic
amongst like like crypt lvc guys net fun
guys cuz they've been talking about this
because the the valuations of those
tokens have just absolutely exploded but
I think it's like really short-sighted
and in a lot of cases just encourages
watch trading so I mean it's it's pretty
insane to see like how quick like I
think CET the one token for I don't
remember what exchange it was but the
CET token went from like 1 cent to 5
cent to 15 cents like it just absolutely
went nuts and there's like a bunch of
other ones F coin obviously it's kind of
the big one right now but I think the
models are a little bit a little little
sketchy a little scary
by the same point time I guess if you
can make money from them yeah and they
keep introducing all these different
features to were like now they're
getting mine slowly over time and it's
just yeah they're just really going on I
mean I mean how how complicated do we
need to make an exchange you know I mean
I think you know for example if you kind
of take the finance model you know they
had a small ICO they had a burn you know
what I'm saying I mean it feels like a
lot of a lot of the incentivization is
you can really learn from what's easy
sort of did with that centralized model
so I mean it worked kind of can't argue
that so oh what is everybody's thoughts
on hash graph do you guys have any
opinions on that do you think it's the
killer is it all or is it just what you
guys think I'm not as I might as
educated on hash graph to have a really
intelligent conversation what that's
probably like oh my get shunned in the
comments now the only thing I know as
far as if I remember correctly I was
planning on doing a video on it and I
never really got around to it but I
guess it's it's not auditable which I
guess is a huge problem based on the
technology I don't know enough about it
but I guess it's not audible and it's
also pretty centralized at the time and
they're not it's not open source they're
not like allowing people to see anything
until it's a hundred percent ready to go
which I mean I guess I can understand
the thought process behind that but in
the same light we are in a time when
which being open and honest and being
open source is kind of the whole theory
behind crypto so I don't know I was like
I said I don't know enough but from that
I just think that's kind of like not the
best way to go about things
but I spoke to somebody on my channel a
while ago and I met somebody who was
like the former CMO of hash Graff and I
think like the way they're approaching
it kind of they're really sharp dudes
and effort from the people that looked
at it like a text interesting I do think
it's almost like a little bit of like I
guess maybe now not but I still kind of
think it is kind of like like what
ripple is to Bitcoin where ripple is
kind of like you know maybe people argue
and say XRP isn't ripple but XRP is
ripple but water like ripple is like the
centralized version of kind of Bitcoin
in my mind in some cases ripples kind of
the centralized version of Bitcoin hash
graph is almost like the maybe the more
centralized version of aetherium like
where you said they actually have the
ability they actually have the patent on
the majority of the technology so you
can't fork the technology because they
can actually sue you if you try to fork
the technology so they're trying to
prevent that and they're just trying to
make it like more I would say like
business corporate like so I would say
like like ripples to Bitcoin kind of
hash graph has to aetherium we don't
know whether or not like that might
succeed better be as a theorem is like
decentralized they have the etherion
foundation so hurts more decentralized
hash grabs definitely a lot more
centralized though hmm that makes you
wonder if you know the philosophy of
people like us on these channels with
all of these you know supporters and
people that are you know in it from the
beginning if this will actually matter
you know regardless of how centralizes
is if these enterprises and these
businesses start adopting it anyway you
know what can you really do if that's
what they choose to do I mean I mean as
far as it I can understand I SEOs
keeping it private until they kind of
roll things out I get that if you're in
the process of development you know you
don't wanna make it open source than
someone's just gonna someone that has
better resources just gonna copy you
right off the bat but clearly hash graph
has a lot of resources to begin with and
they're not you don't have that problem
so yeah like you said this could end up
being the ripple of of you know whatever
infrastructure but you know look at
where ripple is today so obviously
somebody somewhere thought it was a good
idea to buy it I mean I don't I don't
only ripple just saying I'm not I'm not
a ripple guy obviously you know you
can't it's number three for some reason
so yeah I love ripples
now like my question is about hash
crafts like why if it is the centralized
version of aetherium why don't we just
go to other hybrid chains or other more
scalable decentralized models like I
know iota gets a lot of for being
iota but why don't we move towards those
instead of introducing a hash graph type
solution into play well F graph is
actually technology-wise more like iota
than it is yeah yeah yeah and I knew
that about it but like why and I know I
mean I guess it has its place because
ripple has its place supposedly but
that's that would be how where I would
lean like I would test every inch of an
iota style or some other you know block
chain 2 3 whatever how many point oh
insert number here now we're on five now
4 and we haven't really fully built out
– so I would go there before I go to
just being a crypto hardcore guy I guess
sure sorry like super odd distracted
over here I'm playing I feel like alex
is just so quiet you're so busy he's
Alfred just so everybody out there knows
crypto candor is like the streaming
master she's streaming on seven
different platforms people having
commits she's she's people right now so
I mean she's very busy she's like no
actually I'm having stream problems my
stream is like not working and it's
choppy and totally bad so I'm trying to
fix it on my own but she's the female
Tai Lopez of crypto that's what she is
I just been way too money on a desktop
computer I'm like the first person
that's bought a desktop computer in like
25 years so that's why I was headline or
me Internet problems cuz I was on a
desktop it's 2000 so I'm everybody
freaked out over that coinbase listing
everything kind of jumped up huh
what did now the thing is we know
they're listing aetherium classic that's
that's gonna happen it's just a matter
of what regions they're gonna roll it
out to first it's already part of the
you know custody wallet etc thing what
what do you guys think
for consideration what do you think is
the ones that could be listed
potentially both out of the five you
want to take that first day in your Alex
yeah Alex take it you see what set out
of the coin base once
yeah like which one do you think would
make the most sense to get listed I
don't know that's a really hard question
to answer because obviously my initial
response I want to say card ah no
because I love the project but I do
still think that it's a bit overvalued
and that they don't really have too much
I mean they have a working they have a
platform but they are not giving what
they're saying they want to give or what
they plan on giving and in the same
I mean to me stellar I think would make
the most sense as far as fast payments
if it's if they're looking for a
transaction coin but yeah I mean what's
the other one like Z cash or something
yeah yeah I don't know anything about 0x
and I just know that Z cash when I did
my quick review of privacy coins that I
wasn't a huge fan I wouldn't doubt if
they added I wouldn't doubt if they add
Z cash first because it's on Gemini I
think that's like one of the only
reasons and they can also require
transparent addresses because Z cache is
a privacy coin but it's optional privacy
and I believe with Gemini itch they
require you use transparent addresses so
you use it on the exchange is actually
not private and then I also think 0x
might be another one – just because
coinbase already acquired para decks and
I think they're a lot of the 0at there's
a lot of familiarity with the coin base
team and the 0x team so I wouldn't doubt
seeing 0x on or ZRX the the actual zr x
token on coin basis well i they're
pretty pretty quickly yeah I read an
article actually that was all rooting
for basic attention token saying that
that was the one that could start the
next bull run because if you could
actually give back that power to content
creators and media exactly what alex is
wearing on her shirt but um I don't do
you guys use the brave thing at all so I
do use it and I signed up and then it
turns out that when you sign up for it
you have to go through a third party
company right and they and for elbow
number one they're not available in New
York which is where
located number two I can't access my
funds whenever I want to they get
released periodically to me so I'm not
even gonna lie to you guys when I saw a
basic attention pump 20% I instantly
hopped until my brave browser wall and I
was like I'm selling it all right now
thanks guys and I couldn't I converted
they convert it to USD 2 which is
annoying because there was a couple
times where like I made like they have
like the pre browsers like a referral
program and I like promoted it and I use
a browser to but I remember thinking
like I got ok like I got the email
saying oh you got paid however many
basic attention token and then basic
attention did well for like a month and
I never went up hold then they go and
uphold afterwards and I see like us our
value I'm like what the hell I didn't
get any of that so every yes same thing
happened to me I actually went up hold
the other day because I had done that
video on it I was just curious to see if
anybody had downloaded the program
through me and I was like oh ok I know I
had like originally when I start I had
like $65 worth of that but I knew that I
had gotten others from people watching
so I going on like wait where why is it
all in the US dollars so I didn't like
that at all yeah it's weird it's it's
weird it's like a decentralized currency
but it's all like everything about it is
like standard centralized processing
like I thought that was the one that was
like the shot out of a cannon for me I
mean you could have probably reasonably
predicted in some way shape or form
either stellar or ripple I'm glad it was
stellar because all everybody just gets
to middle finger ripple for a little
while but you could have predicted card
ah no you probably the 0x already had
its they already talked about that a
couple months ago z cash is on Gemini
could probably predict at that one but
basic attention was kind of the one that
I didn't understand out of the five I
mean it does anybody else think that is
in my way off or right yeah I was going
to say it was just with like that the
browser itself like it's actually does
function as intended I think the road
map itself is pretty interesting
so I get out of utility tokens to me it
seems like one of the few actual tokens
that has some utility and usage up hold
things kind of a mess but outside of
that it's pretty legit yeah it is I just
I don't know how many other if there
were any better projects that could have
you know been a problem
ahead of it in the line for the coinbase
listing but they have their criteria
obviously and that seemed to check as
many boxes as they needed to have it in
the in the running yeah there was a
whole listing complication to where they
were saying basically if iTunes if it
doesn't pass their standards then it's
not gonna pass coinbase standards for
something that you can list as far as
being like a currency and stuff like
that so they have a whole checklist –
for Apple that's why we always get you
notice everything in crypto comes out on
Android then we gotta wait like two
three weeks for Apple iOS all the time
so did oh did you guys real quick before
we move on did you see that whole
conspiracy thing with with the names of
the tokens listed did you saw that yeah
that was pretty funny oh this is a joke
normal and but what did I miss
well they were just saying that the five
coins that are listed so if you take the
first letter so you know you have you
have stellar Z cache of ADA for Cardno
and then basic attention token and zero
exit spells eight is a bow or za bow for
Nick Szabo whatever it is yes I got to
give him a for creativity though I would
have never I'm not like one to pick up
on stupid things like that so I was like
oh that that's pretty coincidental it's
never figured that out got a question
and this actually I will throw it around
cuz easy bit I'm getting a bunch of
people all want me to answer it so he
says what do you guys think about this
idea crypto to crypto trading on Dex's
but if you want to trade it for fiat
then you go to the centralized license
exchange and pay taxes for it but isn't
that kind of what technically is going
on now yes sort of
but when you bring in Jake attacks you
can do crypto to crypto on G decks
so I I guess I know I felt obliged to to
ask it but that's an something a topic
because your talk about decks is earlier
so I guess that's where like it's a
little bit like you know 10 minutes ago
but III like the idea of decentralized
exchanges I mean I don't as far as the
yeah like we basically do kind of have
that because coinbase essentially is an
exchange in a way but they just deal
with direct fiat unless you're going
into coinbase prowler G
so I mean I think we kind of already do
have that but as far as Dex's go um I
like Dex is a lot I used X's I think
that the the issue comes with liquidity
though honestly you know and that's why
there's these other things you know you
have like loop ring protocol and stuff
like that trying to tie and all the
liquidity of all these different places
but this is like your arena crypto Bobby
what is your take on on the whole decks
thing and well yeah yeah I mean I so I
mean I work at err swap so that's it's
coming in it's in that category and
everybody's taking and I got that no I'm
not sure but I mean everything like the
the whole decentralized exchange and
like just decentralized trading I think
that's like something that's like really
interesting but like the industry isn't
there yet like people still prefer to
use buy Nance or pit racks or wherever
else but as the products you know as the
platforms and the products continue to
improve the liquidity gets there and
everybody's taking a different approach
to liquidity some was kind of like user
user some like we're just like err swap
works directly your professional market
makers then there's like loop ring then
like 0x enables people to build real
ayres things like that but at a certain
point in time I think decentralized
trading will get there and then it's
gonna be like you said an issue of like
with fiat trading how do you get Fiat
into that or will people maybe prefer is
there gonna be a stable coyness they're
gonna be like a die or a true USD or
something like that that people can use
with those you know decentralized
exchanges that will make it a little bit
easier for them to so they don't have to
go to centralized exchanges but that's
all getting like built out right now and
just like the volume on a lot of them
it's pretty low in comparison that to
what you see with centralized exchanges
how often do you guys use in comparison
ratio you centralized to decentralized
just curious personal well now that ever
since my Gemini account got locked out
and they like took my funds and I had to
fight them to get them back I really
don't because I kind of just like moved
funds in and out of you know existing
trades I haven't put a ton of new Fiat
in I'd say that I probably used X's and
Finance the most I haven't really used a
centralized kind of Fiats a crypto
gateway in awhile but my go-to normally
just coinbase I know it's expensive and
it's a pain in the butt but it is
consistent I can buy Bitcoin I can get
it off there quick so as far as ease
that's definitely the easiest one for me
yeah definitely I was a big sky for the
longest time then their liquidity sucked
balls when they when they started
cutting off people from actually getting
in a new registration so it was like
just swapping money from going to coin
and there was nothing really going on
there's no new money coming in so the
quiddity was terrible and I just took
everything out went to finance and it
was something obviously way better but I
did the same thing I was on bit ryx
I was on bit ryx when bit ryx was
sketchy and pullin extra whatever was
the one to be on and I never used that
one cuz I just didn't really like the
way it looked so I stayed on bit routes
and I was like one of the last few
people to move over to finance I feel
like because I was really loyal and then
yeah and now which is easier and they're
so much liquidity and they've got that
fancy new future where it takes all your
little dust and it turns it to be in
betoken so after that I was well word on
the street guys is now the new thing is
to charge for deposits right I may or
may not even buying tezo's today and I
mean it's not a big deposit or it's not
like a big – it's like point zero zero
zero six Bitcoin I don't know if math is
on that but I saw that I'm like are you
kidding me you're jus you're the pot
you're charging me to deposit my money
near not just withdraw oh that was I
just I just sweet it back what the
that's crazy
that's the first time I've ever used a
PT say thanks Tesla's I used it though I
used it a long time ago cuz I was just
screwing around with like bit clave or
something and that so only well that's
where it was listed so I just like
popped on there's like I let's try and
put 30 bucks in bit clave in a roll who
cares that was my taser move tasers I
got I gotta look more into Tasos what's
funny is I've had so much time to
research it but that's why I didn't cuz
I just kept pushing it off because it
was like that was the longest IC o—-
not like as in the sense of EOS but as
in the sense of it finished and then
right like you thought you thought when
chain was bad I think this tops the cake
so yeah but we definitely have to see
what those are oh man I'm getting
about EOS on this channel I don't know
every time I bring that every time I
bring that up somebody get it's just and
we're just talking objectively here you
know there's things that are happening
people are talking about it but I don't
know you guys if you want to take that
one over I I don't know the last time we
had a stream I know my opinion still
stands the ICO was exceptionally long to
me it came off very arrogant they
everybody you know from the team and the
community thinks that the project walks
on water don't get me wrong I think that
everybody has those groups that show
certain projects sure I think if you're
given a year and you're given the amount
of money that they are given that they
should have been better prepared for the
ongoing of the ICO and and the way the
project was handled you know Kyle you
made a really good point last time we
streamed you said okay I get updates for
my iPhone constantly obviously
technology is always evolving and
improving and changing sure and most of
us I think are pretty lenient and
understanding about that but like their
black scene froze and was doing all
kinds of weird so like how does that
happen after all that money and all that
you know tech and research done on the
project I don't know I was disappointed
and I just think it's pretty sketchy
yeah well somebody brought it up so we
were just talking about it
let's change time and Larimer in your
back pocket why not after a year and
four billion dollars can you not create
something that functions I don't know
exactly to answer Aaron Lee no I I don't
own any of feely and I I'm not in
aphelion I've looked into it I I'm
interested in the comparisons between
aphelion and you know necks and switchy
oh but I'll get I'll get a look into
that little more so just personal on the
side so what do you guys do you guys
have any projects that you're looking at
specifically any things you think maybe
you're a little undervalued or I mean
that's a very subjective car you know
question but is there anything you're
personally looking at that maybe no
one's really talking about or or no it's
kind of I need to take that one first
I mean Frank I really haven't I've been
so focused on doing content for the
channel and communicating with people
and getting ready to go on vacation in
the last like two weeks and making stuff
I had
time that I haven't had as much free
time as I'd like to be doing research on
stuff I certainly feel like I'm missing
out because there's always there's
always good projects that people are
kind of missing the bow on so I
unfortunately have really nothing to
offer well on a lighter note today I
actually found a project just by brush
and I'm not like endorsing this or
anything but it's called Skynet that's
what that's what they're choosing to
name themselves and apparently that
they're integrating léger nano like
chips into IOT for payment I don't know
some crazy concept but um that was just
something I came across that I haven't
looked into it but but undervalued
projects that that I'm looking into I
mean undervalued is not even a fair
thing to throw around anymore in this
space because technically I think
everything's overvalued and people might
even be like what's it's like well I
mean you have sixteen hundred Kryptos
like let's say 1400 of them don't do
anything and you know the other 200
there's a lot of them are really
struggling to still get that adoption
get to you know what they're trying to
really roll out so I mean right now like
I kind of was looking into a lot of the
Wi-Fi connectivity type issues which
inode apps just don't do well from
investment standpoint so you know I was
looking at nkn and I and I recently did
look into mainframe as well that was a
project I'm kind of looking into so but
you know those are just things I've been
looking into are they undervalued I
don't really know but that's what I've
been looking into stuff like that
research so I'm big on go chain that's
no big secret without doing an entire
live stream on go chain I like the team
is really good they've already got a
working product it seems every single
day they announced they have a new ICO
on their platform they're a hundred
times faster in theory in which 1,300 is
not that fast in the grand scheme of
what like credits wants to do but it's
still way faster so it's greener they
have a new outlook consensus algorithm
it's it's just it's a better version and
it's fully backwards compatible so if
you have a theory and that'd be just
lift it without changing a line of code
put it onto a go chain and it's faster
and takes a lot less energy to mine per
no that's interesting I honestly never
heard of that project it's it was a
it was under the radar until Ian ballina
decided to shill it and then everyone's
like so I mean it's a good project
despite the fact that he talked about it
but that's my shameless shill if all
she'll won it's I got it to test us
recently I didn't participate in the ICL
but I feel like kind of where it's at
where it's sold off after it came out in
the ICO one point one point I think it's
like 1.3 billion dollar market cap in
comparison to the theorem classic in
comparison to neo in comparison the eos
if there's a lot of room in comparison
to card on oh I think it's on like that
card on OE ghost level from a tech
standpoint and it's only traded on gate
gate io and on on chip BTC so I think I
wanted to actually get some liquidity on
Finance or pit racks or any of the
Korean exchanges it's gonna do well and
it also had like a pretty fair ico in
terms of actually like anybody for the
most part being able to to access it so
I think there's like kind of a wider
group of like it wasn't just like hey we
raised two hundred million dollars from
five hedge funds it was hey we raised
two hundred million dollars from a bunch
of people that now have either are
either hate the project or are so deep
emotionally invested into the project
that they're gonna seal it till the end
of time so that's if I'm gonna go on one
and I'm like kind of having a good
amount of conviction and right now I'll
go with tezo so that's my that's my
money bet in my pocket right now yeah I
would I would be pretty deeply
emotionally invested too if I had to say
goodbye to my money for that long not
knowing what was gonna happen I'd
definitely be the same way so I didn't
actually look at the the metrics though
as far as the ICO for Tasos did now is
it is it valued so high right now just
due to the fact that the market has
risen because even though we're down I
know if you still go back to a year one
about a year ago I think we're still
upright one year ago today we were
around like the 4000 mark I think I
could be totally wrong died we had a
year yeah because this was maybe that's
just pre the first like segment below
last year so yeah they raised they
raised last summer I'm trying to see
what the actual they raised it forty day
I co2 47 cents they're at two dollars
right now so it's still five xpl from
the ICO that ain't bad but he also can't
ride up a lot better in the regular
market if your health funds weren't held
hostage by the tezo's foundation for a
whole year well they were in to leave
those legal issues I think it was with
that that's why
yeah they had their they had a tezo's
like they had like the developers and
then they had like a foundation that
managed that like two hundred million
dollars they raised and there was a
disagreement between the two and then
there was a whole legal battle and all
that type of stuff so that was kind of
why it got held up for so long there
part of the reason it yeah
yeah actually it's funny because as far
a lot of people ask me what I do I
actually do swing trading a lot but I
don't talk about it too much on my
channel and the reason that I don't talk
about it is because here's the thing if
I talk about a project like okay let's
be real there's a lot of coins out
there okay and you can kind of like
sense when there's gonna be hype when
there's gonna be a run-up and I and I do
I do take advantage of these on the side
and then I take those and I put them
back into like the gold standard the
blue chips you know what I mean but the
problem is is on my channel the reason I
don't talk about it is because
inevitably somebody will buy in but then
selling right that's the problem so if
you hold for too long then everybody's
like well you told me this was going to
go up and most of my calls do generally
go up but you know it depends so that's
why I kind of refrained from making
those immediate calls on the channel
like I'll be on a few of the projects
like even quark chain right like I was
looking at quark chain the other day and
regardless of what people feel about it
I mean it was just sitting at such an
unbelievably low bottom that I was just
like screw it you know and I and I
bought some in and it's literally up 12%
today you know and these are the these
are the calls I would like to give to
people but unfortunately you know if you
if they don't sell then it turns into
that whole financial advice problem and
I'm the bad guy so you know I don't know
but that's that's basically I know
people get greedy I know because I you
know in the beginning when I started
trading and buying stuff before I got
into crypto YouTube before I really even
knew what was going on I would find
myself in those situations I would buy
something that excited would go up
wouldn't sell it for what
and I don't exactly know and then I
would be like pissed at myself but now
you know now as you it's it's progress
it's getting becoming a ball then it's
experience and people are gonna get
upset because when they get emotional
they want someone to blame unfortunately
and it's gonna be you so you know do it
do whatever you want to do content-wise
on your channel that makes you happy but
people have to understand that
fundamentally we're not financial
advisors and we're all kind of in this
together so you know I mean that's the
way it works yeah I mean for better or
worse like anybody that's watched any of
my stuff they always know like I do give
trades both on YouTube and discord
wherever but I always let people know
like I am getting in this as well and
these are my profit targets and this is
my stop-loss if it works it works if it
doesn't it doesn't so I kind of took
that leap of faith for about why I did
it because I have seen to bear
responsibility for stuff but when things
are going great they're going great but
when they're not and I don't trade a lot
people are like what are you doing why
are you not trading am i well can't
trade all the time yeah I think people
have issues with that – just like
generally speaking like sometimes you
just have to either you know pack your
bags and chill and like wait for certain
things or like you know sometimes not
making a move is that is the best move
and I think you know it's like a super a
DD marketplace where it's like you know
it's 24/7
Chico's crazy but at the same point I'm
like you don't always have to be in a
trade if you don't always have to be
switching up your portfolio if it's like
a medium to long term thing and people
freak out about that but you know it's
tough but you know sometimes just
sitting on your hands is better than
doing it's better than go nuts yeah the
hard way for sure yeah I do respect you
uh crypto Bobby as well because you you
you uh you do like live updates of your
portfolio you're very transparent with
your subscribers and stuff like that
that's really awesome man I'm I'm like
afraid to show people because then I
don't know I just like feel like then
they'll just copy you know and what if I
what if I'm making wrong decisions you
know I don't want to like have you know
30,000 worried so yeah so what Superman
just popped in my trap to say hi to
everyone apparently wait wait wait wait
like the accent it's like it's the fake
seafoam Atticus no it's it's very
verified account sub super hey man your
cryptocurrency superhero I get I get I
get super chats from like a fake
Superman a fakie and ballina feel like
fake accounts I don't know who spends
money on that I know it's him it's cuz
his chat has a checkmark next to it this
is verified so I guess it's actually s
Todd says crypto Bobby just needs a
burrito and that's all he cares about
that's true so my I got a question from
somebody about opinions on substratum
does anybody have any opinions on
substratum I got the same question I got
the same question too wait wait a minute
something here it was an Aussie crypto
yes it was awesome they say hi mate can
you please ask the other panelist what
they think about substratum in all caps
like that makes it just that much yes
very similar we can we can we could talk
about it I mean jeez the gut the guy
went to that extreme because all three
champion that's that's um that's some
heavy grinding have you yelled at me so
I mean I think my opinion of some shots
pretty transparent I did a video on them
I'll be honest I went into the project
and I was skeptical I found the team at
first kind of flighty kind of difficult
to get information out of and then once
I flat-out told them that they were
coming off kind of weird and I didn't
really necessarily like it they were
like all right sorry like we you know we
didn't mean to do that and they were
much more transparent and when I got to
like the bottom of all the information I
was going through in the research and
seeing like that they do live streams
weekly to update the people and the
community and the project about what
they're doing
I was definitely went in with a negative
thought and came out with a positive one
so I like the project the team's very
friendly I think that they're doing
something good and I think that there's
definitely going to be a use for it I'm
more interested to see how they actually
implement the project because right now
it's just like an on and off switch to
kind of tool use it and I don't really
know what it does so I think they need
to make the thing a little bit more user
friendly but I also think that that's
their goal anyways I know that that's
something that they had mentioned so
it's cool and it's it's necessary it's
needed but yeah I feel like twenty
twenty seventeen was the year of the
white paper 2018 is the year of the MVP
hopefully bites
19 will have working products that's all
you know hopefully by 2019 I'll be able
to use some of these damn things so yeah
I mean personally you know I like I said
I spoke about this before I was looking
in the mainframe I was looking into an
KN substrate um they're dealing more I
believe with the the domain layer of
that you know t centralizing all that
but I mean honestly you know I've been
hesitant to bring it up because I know I
know but you know alas dose guys like
let's not forget the ability of last
dose it also has the ability to tackle
this as well you know and a lot of these
things that we've also seen coming
forward with like ERC 7:21 PRC 1155 you
had that come out of engine coin alas
dose is also looking to basically like
help you secure your own digital rights
in this while also building that
infrastructure you know the aircraft
carrier DAP so I've talked about it a
lot on my channel I feel like it is
actually Schilling at this point so I'm
just gonna be respectful but I am a I
believe in alas dose I believe in wrong
gen and I don't think a guy would be
doing this for 15 plus years if he
really didn't see the potential of it so
oh good point there we go
Touche I got I got creeped out cuz Doug
Polk made that video about k2 – and
substratum with all like the creepy
music in it he's absolutely hilarious
I've been trying to get ahold of him and
the dude from crypto Daleks I'm just
dying the talk of what a crypto crypto
daily is a real difficult do to get
ahold of I've I've spoken with his like
assistant really really cool dude must
be nice to have an assistant huh no like
he actually has a guy that goes to
conferences and represents him like
that's like you know you made it I
thought I made it when I had to eat
giveaways underneath me but you know
that's that's next levels are absolutely
hilarious I was watching something today
earlier that he put out and I just I
just love the way he does stuff and he
breaks up the monotony I'd like the
screens and whatever gives me gives me
hope that maybe I can one day be
creative his studio is redic i wonder
how he got all that money for that city
that's not an expensive a studio he's
got he's basically he's everything is
perfect it's her but he showed it in one
video I don't feel saw that video he's
like my new TV and it's one of the
$14,000 TVs what holy
I mean it's uh it's priorities man you
know it's priority life you know it's
whatever you think see me I'm more of
like a puddle dude like I don't buy
anything I'm like the cheapest when I'm
not like a whale by any standards but
like I'm so cheap it's ridiculous like
the one thing that I don't mind paying
for though is like traveling I loved I
love to travel so I'll hold Bitcoin all
my Kryptos and as soon as I get
an opportunity to like let's say go to a
conference or something unfortunately I
was I was thinking about going to the
Korea one but there's just no way I
could pull it off it was just too
last-minute for me but it supposed to be
huge right now Korea blockchain week
that's what I hear yeah I would love to
go to Korea that would be a ton of fun
somebody just super chatted me and wants
to know what we think electro neum I
think we got this last time I don't know
anything about this project how much
it's a Minero yes it's a monaro fork
with like Oldman it was like old Manero
code from like 2014 and they just said I
mean a pumped and if you invest in any
you make money like you didn't lose
money but like thinking that simulating
mining on your phone is somehow going to
increase cryptocurrency adoption and
going to be utilized by the entire world
makes me want to jump out my window
right now yeah I mean it was a phase
where there was a ton of onero Forks
like I didn't know where cuz I got
message I can't email from a bunch of
other like you want to cover us I'm like
yeah there was like four of them back to
back yeah yeah Minari or maseri or some
like that
yeah yeah Rose the wallets last year too
which turned a bunch of people off I
don't know how long they've frozen for
but they opened them up like the
beginning in December and it was onion I
co2 like maybe ten cents and it was
about a ten cents and it would all go
down like three cents in
for hours because people were so pissed
yeah a fan oh I got another question
favorite pizza topping
pineapple no hesitation yeah that's why
that froze recipes down there's Domino's
come on brother I know that I said I
said pineapple and it like a bunch
people throw up in their mouth and then
I like tomato basil that's probably my
favorite I don't have an opinion is that
like weird I'm from New York I like all
types of pizza so I just like any pizza
just give me it
so yeah I'm actually one of the least
picky eaters basically ever so yeah I'll
eat like anything doesn't matter mate is
pineapple question mark kick him out now
that's it dude you're you're getting the
boot now alright so now that we're
talking about pizza trying to think of
some crypto questions right now I know
that everybody is just kind of Oh but
yeah the 10x pumping 75% in a day I
think it was a viable right now it's not
like what's the deal with that 90% the
past 24 hours right now what's so funny
because everybody yesterday I saw a
bunch of tweets like people are talking
about all these coins that have debit
cards where's our 10x cards they got so
mad and then now look at it now it's
going crazy yeah I heard something there
there was some I don't know briefly I
heard somebody say some news but I don't
know what it is and I'm not gonna
pretend like I know I'll probably find
out tomorrow
when it's too late to get in that's as
far as I saw there wasn't any specific
news behind it and like a ton of the
volume was coming out of Korea I think
was mostly on debt home and I saw I saw
people saying there's some apparently
there's some like conspiracy theory
about manipulation on bit home and them
trying to pump specific coins I have no
sounds very conspiracy theory crypto ish
but yeah I don't think it was news base
it just looks like it's just some ass
volume spiked and went nuts yeah well do
you guys raise point 1150 6.1 million
dollars in daily volume from bit thumb
it's 5 times 5 times what bit ryx was
cuz Rickson up it led the way for
a long time on on tonight's I just
pulled it up right now yeah yeah do you
guys remember last year they were doing
that on bit hump they were pumping like
aetherium classic then they would switch
over to litecoin then they were i
remember watching them do that and we're
I'm talking like 80 percent pumps in a
day for no reason and it is awkward if
it was coordinated I actually spoke to
uh I don't know if you guys know spunky
over from South Korea bit gosu he has a
Korean Channel and he was saying that
they're they're you know they do kind of
like hop on this and when they see it
going they will all kind of like fomo
into it because I guess bit hum doesn't
really have a huge selection of coins so
when one does start to pump it kind of
like gets everyone's attention it makes
sense so yeah I mean me personally I've
been burned way too many times getting
into pumps so I just don't do it like if
a coin is pumping I just I just accept
the fact that I missed the boat move on
I don't even touch it anymore so if the
coins pumping my rule of thumb is take
five percent and run for the hills
that's all I do if I see it as long as
it has already gone up a trillion
percent I may take if I'm gonna take a
chance I take like the smallest little
scalp and then run and if it goes up 100
more percent new caters I got my five
I'm done well yeah I mean crypto super
volatile and I think a lot of a lot of
people could potentially make gains if
they weren't so greedy I guess yeah but
I mean that was my biggest pitfall in
crypto isn't buying bad coins it's
holding too long I mean like all of the
coins that I've made my worst decisions
on they were great they pumped but I
just never sold and then it came down
and I was like it'll go back up and then
it went below and I was like what the
hell no back up is like everyone's
famous last words
yeah well everybody knows I mean icon
for me was just ridiculous I mean I I
had icon before $2 watched it go all the
way to $12 I sold about 20 percent of my
icon at $10.50 and I held the other 80%
all the way back down it would
250 or all the way back down yeah but
what are you gonna do I mean if you
believe in the project you know what I
mean is it it doesn't bother me to watch
a coin go down if I do know that there's
fundamentals and that it has you know
yeah they're doing that you know so but
I mean then again you know partnerships
white papers what do they all mean
anymore you know what is what does it
all mean well you wouldn't tweeted a
picture of a V chain ta talking about
support lines or whatever and how it was
gonna fall no I don't know okay because
I saw somebody posted you know lack of
support levels and then became kind of a
tit and so I was curious if any of you
guys had any idea what was going on with
that cuz I actually didn't do any
research I got asked about it today
because I said somewhat – yesterday cuz
the – set up was really nice yesterday
but I didn't find it I didn't really
look too far into it I couldn't really
come up with a good answer as to why it
its technical analysis only gets you so
far yeah I mean I mean it's one of those
things where you're gonna be right some
time you're gonna be wrong some time
whether it's luck or whether it's skill
I don't really know laughs dude who
doesn't a lot like it only gets you to a
certain point of the equation there's
yeah there's a certain gray area that
may or may not happen where you've got a
and that's where the magic happens per
se but well Danny you made a pretty good
call the other day with that that bottom
and you called it I forget what it was
it was one of those day I don't know you
do ta every day so I literally at all
but it all blends into the literally it
just blends into the same chart for me
but I remember one of those days you
called it and I was like is that the
thing with ta like you could be wrong
nine times but if you write that one
time he's a genius
yeah well it's flipped because you could
be right seven times out of nine but the
two times you're wrong you get castrated
by 13 okay cool so yeah nobody's
nobody's perfect man we're all I feel
like we're all in this together I mean
we're all just guessing we're all
throwing darts at a board
it was probably Bitcoin the one that you
saw because I was talking about I
without going too far
I drew a fib on Bitcoin and then
pitchforked it and it's playing out a
bit to the second now as soon as I say
1,700 Koreans are gonna dump all their
Bitcoin and it's gonna go way down 5,200
and I'm gonna get yelled at by everybody
but you know it's not financial advice
disclaimer I feel like you probably must
take the most heat uh all of us I feel
like people who do ta and market
evaluation get more flack from people
than just normal people who do like
reviews and research and and news or
whatever it might be on videos I get a
lot of flack but they know that I do the
trades too like if I'm posting a trade
they know that I'm also doing it so
there's no point of getting mad at me
because I wouldn't post something if I'm
gonna try to lose money on it or
something like they know that I'm
invested in it as well so I get I mean I
do get some flack but it comes to the
territory I took that calculated risk
when I started doing ta yeah I can't I
can't do it man I'm just fundamental
like I don't know how you do ta
personally know just everyone on my
channel where's my crazy shirt literally
everyone on the livestream asked me that
too I don't know I don't know man I'm
boring today I'm just wearing a t-shirt
I got a suit everybody down kid I got a
super chat estimate Nano it says top 40
going down 92 percentage from all-time
high you know what do you think about
what are your thoughts on on Nana Bobby
did you roll your eyes no no baby maybe
I did I said that Bobby looks bored said
he need a beer drinking water cuz I'm
trying to be happy
it's almost healthy and then then not
really that's all right I don't know my
thoughts on nano RI I did a review I
like the project I liked the way it
started I still think it has a good use
case for instant payments but I myself
have personally stated that I'm backing
away from coins that are going to be
currency replacements because I think
the future is multifaceted projects not
just projects that serve on purpose so
although it's good at what it does I
don't really follow it much anymore news
wise so I don't really know what's going
on it's one of those things I mean if
you guys looked at that kid from
Venezuela and they were sending him the
Nano and like he got like 600
box and he was able to like buy enough
food for his village and stuff like that
I mean I'm not gonna like rule it out
and say that Nano doesn't or block
lattice or gag or any of Shannon
consensus even for example without qlc
I'm not gonna rule it out but there is
that issue of vulnerabilities and
securities but we do know that there's
that constant trade-off you know even
the whole eos thing you know you have
speed security you know and and and
centralization and there tends to be
trade-offs depending on which aspects
you really want you know they want to be
felis they want to be as fast as
possible instant basically so some
people say that by having each person
actually have their own chain that
creates a lot of potential
vulnerabilities but I mean it's it's an
argument that we have to see it has to
play out over time it's it really hasn't
been around long enough to really have a
in my opinion a solid just you know
final verdict so I carry all this stuff
needs more time though I mean that's
kind of like everything does I think
people forget how early all of this is
you know it's it's pretty pretty
remarkable and rusical I miss the boat
on XYZ coin no you didn't because
nothing's adapted and such a small
percentage of people know about crypto
and such a small amount of real money is
actually in crypto so we're all thinking
about 24/7 meanwhile there's millions of
people all over the world that have no
idea they should exist
so speaking of adoption Oh God God knows
I say we get like inundated in our
little bubble of we live it eat it and
breathe it and then there are so many
people that have no idea what it is yeah
so it's an early early prepubescent
stage definitely I was just gonna say
real quick about we were talking about
adoption so Finny you know the phone
coming out from Syrian labs they just
released that they're actually coming
out with their official phones in
November and they're gonna be a thousand
dollars a phone right but then in the
same article I found out that HTC is
also looking to release a blockchain
phone and they might be coming out with
their sooner so what do you guys think
what is your opinion on you know what
happens if these bigger players these
like conglomerates the apples the
Google's the Microsoft's you know what
if they basically look at these ideas
and they take them and then they use
them as their own and then they come out
with their products first what does
not gonna do for all these different
projects good good luck beating these
guys that's that's good luck beat an
apple like blockchains cute but like
talking about I don't know how valuable
is Apple like five hundred seven hundred
billion dollars it's like it's more than
it's more than the market cap of crypto
I know that decides to pick up
blockchain tech and run with it I mean
it's gonna be great because it's gonna
get it mainstream but all the projects
of doing anything remotely close to
anything Apple which puts their eyes on
is Sol yeah I think if any mobile
provider goes to blockchain it's gonna
be Apple cuz like I was I was listening
to a guy that speaks at like Microsoft
and Apple all these big companies he
said the difference in Apple and
Microsoft the entire board meeting for
Microsoft was how do we beat Apple the
entire board meeting from for Apple was
how do we get more people to read and
connect more people with technology and
so those two things if they're really
smart they'll take blockchain and run
with it at some point and then who knows
hmm what's what's the benefit with
Seiran labs it's like what what's what's
the benefit of like blockchain on the
phone I don't even I haven't looked into
enough but like you can mine on it
though you can mine a like oh yeah I
knew they they basically were just they
have a phone that from what I was aware
of it has it essentially is so like
imagine yo you have your phone right
here and you know split the phone
directly down the middle and there's
actually two phones in one phone so one
phone is completely encrypted the other
phone is standard and there's actually a
physical toggle switch that you could
switch between fully encrypted and not
fully encrypted when you're fully
encrypted obviously you're limited in
what you can do but it's secure you can
have it's basically like a hard wallet
in your hands that you know I'm saying
so the only way for anybody to
essentially get your funds would be to
somehow be able to rob your phone from
you you know switch it over and then
know how to get into your hardware
wallet itself so I think that's some of
the key features I may be missing some
of them but you know like bobby said you
know what happens you know what happens
when Apple does it went out you know and
and I don't know and it's what you know
it's it's tough cuz they got all the
resources man they got everything they
need to make it work sounds like you
just kind of take a ledger and like tape
it to the back earphone
I think that's what Skynet to doing I
think they need to come out with a
customized phone case for that toggle
switch too because none of the phone
case companies ever make the phone case
just for them people are in trouble but
what if you get out in the water box
yeah yeah what if you what if you break
it question so what's the difference
between having like say that that while
that I reviewed which is the cool wallet
which is a wallet like looks like a
credit card you keep in your wallet you
can access your crypto wallet from your
phone it's simultaneously enough yeah on
an app what would I mean that seen in
phones yeah somebody on my side I don't
know why sli's ten percent off is paid
with searing token does that mean you
get ten percent off the phone if you pay
and see Aaron token or I don't know
that's only $900 cool totally such a
steal so yeah what utility that's great
token economics yeah no absolutely uh
for the guy that asked the question on
the channel John we're not we're not at
all in any way you know slant slandering
or anything like that it's just a
question you have to ask yourself is
when you do have these big powerful
enterprises that have the ability to
pretty much do whatever they want
you know what slander everything so
somebody actually just made a pretty
good comment in my chat they said Apple
and Google aren't incentivized to go
against their Apple Google pay systems
that they have in place they want data
and adding crypto wallets goes against
their interests they have put a lot of
money into having Apple pay in things
and easily accessible I can't imagine
they can just make that into a
blockchain based platform true that's
true but there's got to be a way to add
a blockchain feature into Apple pay I
mean it's the same thing
I mean maybe honestly it'd be if you'd
have to roll out everything that has
Apple pay would have to get new hardware
because I can't just like have a
software patch and magically you have
blockchain integration but maybe that's
where nano comes in done ten time tables
have turned just getting I own zero
nanos so that doesn't benefit me at all
about very little bit from my original
purchase into a but honestly it I bought
so hi now and it's so low that it's just
night and I'm just gonna hang on to it
for eternity probably oh so so why twice
actually responded and he said ten
percent off that paid with Syrian token
Finney's looking to distribute their OS
to other companies as well so it could
be adopted by Apple or anyone there's no
oh there's no toggle on the new finis oh
it's a sliding switch okay so there's a
few classic few clarifications on that
so um someone so somebody actually spoke
to me our recently about this and they
were saying are are these companies
actually incentivized to use blockchain
you know not like within their own
system but to adopt these other things
because the truth is is a lot of these
guys actually benefit from being
centralized like it's better for them
you know so if you have this metalic
state like Amazon if you have this
ultimate centralized power you're like
the biggest online grocery shopping
store of the world and it's alter your
centralized servers you have AWS and all
these other things why are you gonna
like change something that's working
perfectly fine just to be more
decentralized transparent you know
saying like what's their incentive when
they're doing just fine I don't I don't
think there is I don't think there's any
like I know that's like the big rumor
all the time and like James Altucher
those like oh my god Amazon's gonna do
whatever the crypto and blockchain like
I mean I think a lot of these like
companies they're like exploring
blockchain technology and things like
that but when it comes down to it like
what would be like what would Amazon do
like so Amazon I think has blockchain
tech within AWS and they are a huge
provider to like there are so many
crypto projects that literally run their
entire business that are decentralized
Script their projects that run their
entire business on AWS and that's a huge
centralized point of failure but like
for Amazon like what would be that maybe
the big benefit to us would be if Amazon
accepted cryptocurrency but I like you
know they're not I don't think
blockchain technologies in a place where
app like Amazon crashed today during
prime day on their own servers which are
like probably the most scalable servers
in the entire world if you think
blockchain can handle a thousandth of
that like you're crazy
exactly capacities we're not ready for
prime day
yeah I don't know if you guys watch
Richard Richard Hart he had a little bit
of a rant about that as well where he
was arguing that blockchain technology
as soon as you take it out of the
digital world it's useless
he was like all it's basically good for
is you know keeping track of a ledger
that's public that everyone can see and
outside of that we just run into massive
problems so you know I think it has its
applications I think it has its use
cases it's gonna be a very very long
time if ever if we see it totally
replace things although I do see it kind
of sneaking its way in as a substitute
for certain aspects of business so for
example say you're a small business
owner you know accounting for example
right I mean blockchain would be great
for accounting it would be great for
even supply chain logistics boating fly
chain is if we get to that point that's
probably the sector I'm the most bullish
on well us because hey that's my
background be I think it makes the most
sense things like Walton and B chain
Morpheus think we're doing it now like
everything is in development now it's
being utilized and it just it's it's
just easy it just like you said it just
makes sense just works which is really
the key you know I always say people
have to be using crypto without knowing
they're using it so scanning you know
RFID chips ER and Etsy chips or whatever
and just utilizing stuff as an employee
or as a person or whatever not really
knowing is huge that's massive yeah
people underestimate how much money is
wasted in supply chain every single unit
from whether it's just simple waste
whether it's theft whether it's
counterfeit I mean whatever it is people
really underestimate that so that's my
that's why I like well that's one reason
I like Walt so much envy chain and other
projects kind of like that Ambrose this
origin trail there's a whole bunch yeah
hold on sergeant Rosen I can't take
origin trail seriously because I think
an Oregon Trail and how I died you know
like cool whatever it doesn't carry us
every time yes that's very millennial to
me but whatever yes definitely guys any
questions on Bobby's ender I got one
Bobby I love you bro but why is that you
never mention
did you bite oh it has did you buddy
don't you DTV actually here's the funny
thing I've had so many people ask me
about digit by that I've decided to
appease everybody and have a completely
objective standpoint on this I've
actually well I haven't done it but I'm
going to reach out to the ambassador of
Digivice he's on Twitter all the time
somebody told me I should talk to this
guy if he's watching just hit me up
again we're gonna do a live stream and
we're gonna do we're gonna talk we are
gonna talk digit bite I want to get to
the bottom of this right now so let's
say even me I let's do it let's let's do
definitely have me making side comments
in your stream chat yeah well what do
you know I don't know it gets uh it's a
little must be something to it if
everybody's harassing us about it and
you're gonna play Kay everybody so have
at it good for you that's smart I mean
they've been having a really good run
lately so whatever's been going on I
mean I know it's not an old project it
has been around for I think it's like
four years or something like that so I
mean I'll have a look at it so there's
so many coins man I mean you know what
it is it you get that tribalism and it's
that you know as soon as you get that
tribe it's like no matter what you say
it'll just and I'm guilty of it I
remember when that guy Eric wall made
that comment about neo being too
centralized and I came out with a 25
minute video you don't know what you're
talking about it was actually one of my
most popular videos ever also got the
most dislikes but that being said yeah
you know tribalism is a thing and
sometimes we do get really really
obsessed with these projects but I think
lately I've tried to take more of an
objective standpoint and look at them
through a third-party you know take a
step back stop just like being
infatuated with the project and be more
realistic about it and I think if we can
start having that approach and realizing
that it's not your tribe your coin
versus this coin you know I wanna see
these guys work together I want to see
these guys that are going head and head
I want to see the developers get
together and brainstorm now that would
be that would be interesting but I say I
kind of cussin regarding uh your digi
byte live stream says bull move let's
see how it plays out form cotton so if
any would tell me somebody got that
reference cotton out is that all my
watch okay everybody on this livestream
and watching it stop and go watch
dodgeball and then re-watch this oh okay
okay okay I think I'm not like Jason
Bateman's big day never yeah full of
strategy got alright my pop-culture
references are done for today I'm so bad
at pop culture yeah I'm done Dodger and
she can dodge ball
you could dodge you could dodge this
bear market you could dodge anything
yes yeah I love how I started my channel
at the peak of crypto every I started my
channel January 1st and it's literally
been going down ever since so like we
know who's both of those things so yeah
it's my fault guys to everyone out there
that's watching though you guys are
freaking amazing everyone on the live
show right now when this thing turns
around I'm just I love the fact that
you're all here with right now it's
gonna be awesome
so there's obviously a reason we're here
right I mean we have to be here for a
we see value in this so yeah or we're
just all absolutely knots which is also
a very good possibility we could be we
could be completely crazy and you guys
should just definitely run as far as you
can from the four of us this is insane
don't ever watch another that's me oh my
god somebody said do you mean dodgeball
well of course pumping right now
actually yeah what do we ask somebody
she's super drag me a dollar ninety-nine
I said it's because Doge is pumping I'm
rich now
122 percent those clink got me to crypto
Thank You Josh coin much I bought
dogecoin when I first got into crypto I
I didn't know much about market caps or
how anything really worked at all and I
just looked at that I looked at Doge and
I looked how cheap it was and I was like
do you realize if this goes to a dollar
I'm a millionaire like not realizing how
market cap works whatsoever
mm-hm a lot of bad trades what's with
some of your worst trades let's let's
let's talk about that what do you think
is some of the worst purchases you guys
have ever made I'm down to say mine I
mean I've had a few bad i SEOs about a
couple different I SEOs I've got in
just not gotten listed and they're just
like completely a liquid can't dump my
position even if I want to yes those
haven't been fun they didn't even get
listens now now like us bass I cos that
looked like legit projects our legit
projects but just can't get listed so I
was I think one of the not the one that
I lost the most money on but the one I
lost the most percent why is just based
on the way the coin moved honestly was
probably in the beginning was Ripple I
got burned not money-wise but just like
serious percent loss wise hard on ripple
which is probably part of the reason why
I hate the coin but also yeah you know
whatever but yeah so that's that was one
of my not-so-great ones and then as far
as I CEOs go kin which I still think is
may end up doing something since they
have a legitimate project and platform
but I mean I'm like I think it's like
still sitting at IC o praise it to be
honest yeah I haven't lost a lot of
money on one trade and I've lost a lot
of money on a lot of trades combined
just because I use stop losses so much
and I do trade well I've lost the most
money on icon holy moly
oh god I know I've like I just lose
chunks every time like oh this looks
like a good setup yeah this looks good
like I just keep losing 10% every time I
trade I change the opposite shorting
when you think you need to long well
yeah soon as a short icon it's like
everything goes great and it goes it's
God yeah so you got to take one for the
team Danny you got a short icon right
right got it a lot of people are riding
I'll tell you what man when it when it
goes up I'll give you a percentage of
mine house I hope you think you got it
thanks take what's our the team's yeah I
got a Oh God
maybe but yeah that's by far the coin
I've lost the most money on is icon for
ah man so big big topic of the week I
feel like we should say this at least
before we go cuz I'm I feel like it is
getting a little bit late out here and I
know that everyone has things to do but
as far as this whole like ETF I know I
know Bobby seems to think it's gonna get
denied for the billionth time
that's what do you guys think I mean a
lot of people got super pumped over the
Black Rock thing but then I kind of
heard that it wasn't really as serious
they were sort of just looking and
looking looking turned into me yeah you
needed to be the media I don't really
care about the black rock thing at all I
saw it and I was looking it's medium it
was actually I'm gonna pull up but I'm
gonna pull up a tweet and is actually
Nick what's his name his PI wrote this
it was like perfect we mailed it so he's
like you basically said so it's at MVCC
his i zp ie on the PS column but
good dude and he's like this is why it's
hard to take the media stream seriously
our mainstream media seriously first
article Black Rock has a working group
for crypto next article Black Rock has
received no interest from clients
regarding crypto the next article
Bitcoin rallies as black rock confirms
interest in crypto desperate that's
literally what it was it was like black
rocks going on and crypto then it's like
actually the black rocks CEO so there's
zero interest and then it's attributing
it to a 5% game oh my god that's crazy
and that was totally in my news of the
morning so I guess I'll have to uh you
know what will follow that up
tomorrow 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time guys
they are no longer interested yeah I am
bad things change the I think the ETF if
it doesn't get accepted it'll get damn
close and the only reason is they've had
a while to tweak what they need to tweak
and they're trying to work with the SEC
and it's the CBOE asking and I know
they've asked before
we've got denied before but well I think
we're a lot closer to having a Bitcoin
ETF and then we were you know a year ago
versus you have been six months ago were
way closer so I think this one's gonna
happen and maybe that's my natural
bullish bias and if it does happen and I
don't want to make any kind of earnings
claims but it'll be nuts if it happens
it'll be like a repeat of last fall but
I don't know what that will happen to
the altcoin market because I don't know
if it'll tether that way because there's
gonna be so much money flooding into
just Bitcoin it won't be like Bitcoin
and then dispersing it'll be like a
without explaining ETFs if you want to
look at ETF go to mark Moss's Twitter at
least explain it relatively well I don't
know Bobby you replied to him about how
you didn't think it was gonna get
accepted and Mark I don't know if he
replied or not but his explanation of
the ETF was at least relatively valid
I'm like what it is so just yeah my two
cents I think we're like you said I
think we're know what we're we're
definitely in a better position than
ever before as far as an actual chance
at an approval I still don't necessarily
think it's going to happen but yeah like
in the past it was literally just like
oh is there gonna be insurance and the
old like a you know the old application
is like insurance now like now having
actual players for insurance and some
different kind of pieces in place to
mitigate actual retail investors as well
as like the minimum buy-in they're like
the minimum share price supposed to a
hundred fifty K off the top or something
something like to prohibit actual retail
investors from getting in and
speculating with like your TD Ameritrade
account or whatever it might be
but I'm still skeptical on whether it'll
be approved it would I'd love to see it
happen though because like you said I
think I think the market will react
overwhelmingly positively if it does
yeah yeah I mean it would be awesome
obviously there's not gonna be a
downside to that but and I don't know
enough about it so I really understand
like the financial aspects like the
risks and what the reward would be and
why they would or wouldn't approve it so
I know is it would be good and last year
there was a lot of hype around when like
the Winklevoss guys were attempting that
the wincle by I think it'll get accepted
but if it doesn't it's not the end of
the world but actually it might be
because there's so much hyper hump if it
doesn't get accepted people I think
there was more hype around the last one
could be honest with you I feel like
when the Winklevoss were looking into it
was it was on every website on every
news source everybody was talking it was
inset it didn't stop this at least like
I know it's kind of happening but I
don't have a ton of knowledge on it
which can mean means that
there's less information floating around
just because of that because the first
one I didn't really do a lot of research
on but I knew a lot about just cuz I
heard it through the grapevine this one
just doesn't seem to be ads I mean it's
hyped but it's not like the way it was
the first time I don't think we still
have like a month before it happens or
like I think it's what August 10th is
one like that the date is supposed to be
or they supposed to be so you keep
talking about it now it might it might
build up a little bit more like you
can't actually that's one thing that
somebody commented on one of my youtube
videos and they were very colorful in
the language they use but they were
talking about you know as usual yeah
keyboard warriors United on me they said
that you know you can't they're the sec
didn't actually say when they were gonna
decide on it like I couldn't find
anything on their website I read most of
the release about the ETF and the
amendments are the addendums to it they
didn't say anything about August 10th so
I don't know where August 10th actually
came from as anybody know cuz I couldn't
find it it just says we're considering
this the Bitcoin ETF via the CBOE etc
etc etc I couldn't find August 10th on
there maybe I'm crazy but there was a
thing that I read it was a lawyer that
was commenting on reddit he was a
securities lawyer and he was saying
something about how it may not actually
be on the 10th because it has something
to do with a certain day that things are
started they get 45 days yeah I don't I
don't remember where I read it I can't
even think off the top of my head but I
think they said that it could
potentially be after the 10th it could
be like the 16th he said even or I don't
know so it's it's not set in stone
basically so yeah like people have a bad
taste in my mouth for institutional
investing because the what the what
people thought perceived the futures
contracts did to Bitcoin and they're
totally different animals obviously like
futures contracts are not actually
investing in Bitcoin and ETFs are so
they're very different but the just
institutional money I think is is people
or get scared again cuz people have been
commenting in our discord all my stuff
like oh yeah they're gonna do the same
thing that it's just more manipulation
I'm like no the it's it's different it's
not the same but I think I think a lot
of the I think a lot of the big money
man I think it's been I think it's been
creeping it's
way in OTC anyway I don't think that I
think the big the big money coming in
isn't even making headlines personally I
think a lot of the stuff that we're
talking about really like in the grand
scheme of these guys making money
doesn't really matter it's just like fun
stuff to talk about and pump up price
and speculate but um as far as like the
big guys buying I think that they know
when they want to buy in they know when
they're buying in and when they do
they're doing it over the counter so
that's just what I think I don't think
we're seeing it personally being
reflected in the charts in the price so
very true yeah
so let's we should end on something
positive though I feel like before we
get out of here let's talk about uh I
don't know it's been a good week I mean
hey you know let's take the gains when
we get it let's uh it's Monday only mom
oh my god is the longest Monday ever
yeah I know I know I feel the same way
too absolutely
so um I don't know guys I mean I might
take off or you guys feeling pretty good
is everybody I mean I'm gonna not this
week but maybe next week I'm doing
another livestream because I have some
library tokens and some library swag to
give away cuz I'm doing a review for
them yeah I mean that's pretty much the
good news on my own that I have coming
up I'm going on vacation next week so
that's cool enjoy Wednesday so I've got
two more or one more day of one and a
half days per se of who's counting down
not me not me oh I gotta figure out this
dream situation but anyways thank you
guys awesome try me on yeah we like
shooting the thank you thank you to
everybody I appreciate it and you know
obviously Danny Alex this is your know
Alex's like literally she lives in my
channel in like a little corner she's
always we're always doing a live stream
Danny also man thanks again and you know
Bobby appreciate it man first time I
really had a chance to chitchat with you
and you're you're super cool you're
super awesome you know always welcome on
my channel and I really appreciated you
make sure you have me out thanks a lot
guys absolutely so until next time guys
from from Mayan state crypto and
pea-sized prostate

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