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by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

Yay all right let's see here make sure everything is silenced I always end up doing yeah I think I think I'm live too as well cool all right yeah good yeah no I just wait for the chat for everybody to tell me that there's something wrong yeah yeah I normally do that – mic testing can you hear me yeah let's get so good but we're live I think I think what's up yeah hi guys we are live oh it is going on so guys I just saw on my end for everybody I if you don't obviously I think everyone on my channel probably knows new crypto candor is at this point if you guys don't know Omar bomb from

Crypto Kryptos news we had a little bit of an issue with the video on his end because he has like this ridiculously amazing studio so he's a little small but you know what it's about the content guys it's not necessarily about the visuals so see if I had known that I wouldn't have tried to look so pretty with the fancy lights and cameras and I would have just caught on my laptop and recorded that way but next time we'll give you those horrid sights whatever I'm so guys appreciate that your muffs and the microphone and the whole getup so thank you yeah it's been it's been

Slowly adding to it so now that I recently moved I also like I didn't have a studio forever it was always like breaking stuff down in my living room and setting it up but now I have a podcast arm somebody told me you need to get a shock mount so that I stop upsetting them whenever I touch the desk so I got that and LED lights out there to the class here you to space learn about back Lenape yes but it's been coming up so actually it's just like the only way you're not good but like at first six months I was breaking down everything and then reassembling it and

It would take me I don't know three hours to shoot a video which was absurd so I moved everything to a different location of my house got a ring light because Elliott from Fudd TV was like yeah that's my favorite got that have a bunch of other lights and so far so good so it's definitely a yeah learning curve for sure yeah that's hard for you too because would you guys like to introduce yourselves from my channel as well I know you're like a nurse as well as you have a full-time job is that right and you're a dietician dietician so I work I work 40 hours a week on top I do in the

Whole Channel but my name is Alex and I run manage do content for the YouTube crypto kid which is me yeah yeah and for everybody who doesn't know who I am obviously I'm being completely rude and texting on my phone during a live stream but um you know my name is Kay dub I run a channel called crypto zombie I was actually featured on Omar's channel once at consensus that was really cool although I feel like I didn't get a chance to really express who I was very well because I was unbelievably exhausted during that interview and I feel like

Now I'm a lot more level-headed so it's totally awesome – yeah be on your channel thanks man appreciate it yeah it's nice to hang out yeah I like I like having both of you as well and and you're an inspiration as well crypto count Condor because you're working a full time job and doing crypto so people like to make the excuse you know I can't do anything right now because I'm working so that's something to share and then I'm happy to have you back crypto zombie k-dubb because I really enjoyed your energy just meeting you in person and sometimes just seeing people in

Person these these streams can be easier and you can just get a feel but of course it was four of us we were just kind of like detuning and and distressing as it were but you're not you're not tired what time is it where you're at I know where you're at Alex it's 9:30 right he's only like an hour and a half for me oh wow so it's lit thank you guys for for fitting me in there see for me it's 6:30 it's late usually I don't do videos after 5:00 oh wow I feel honored then thank you this is amazing thanks for making time I had no idea I don't worry I'll be the tired

One today because I'm just out of my game a little bit by the time we're done with this it's gonna be 10:30 and I've already had I mean I had my news video this morning I had to do two different interviews I got a lot coming up on my channel as well I'm trying to reach it's a tough time right now you know because of the markets and everything and the sentiment is totally different than it was even just like even a month ago it was bad then it's even worse now you know forget about it like you talked about an ICO and it's just like forget it obviously you talk about positive

News and people tell you that you know don't lie to everybody you talk about negative news and people are like you know how could you I bought all my money I put all my money and so it's like it's tough times right now and I'm just trying to find that middle ground because I I mean I I'm not going anywhere you know I love crypto whether it's up down in the middle I just want to I want to produce content and I want to be here for people so that's why I'm doing a livestream with you guys I'm kind of more interested I guess and what everyone else is kind of thinking

Instead of instead of telling people what to think I'm more interested in what everyone's thinking right now you know what the overall fail is and I think we all come at it from a different way because like you said I've been doing these videos for a while so it's easy for me to get lost in my own little world as well but I try to really understand what is what is the community feeling right now so I think it's important for us as as people who kind of reflect what is going on in the industry people swear that we're trying to change the industry and we're trying

To show this and profit off of it and I think it's for me at least it's more like a mirror feel like I see and I give and I almost try to be more of like a prism for the good ideas but that's like a heavyweight I'm realizing today because I'm like there's so much news that you kind of have to pick what you're gonna do and what if you miss something that's really really cool so I was just stressing about that earlier I was like damn like like it's hard now so I really appreciate seeing more youtubers come up and making this content and and seeing what you guys

Think is cool well you know what I think it is – I think there's a lot of I think like a lot of people because you know when when crypto wasn't really like popping exactly there wasn't really a lot of content and as soon as Bitcoin hit 20k literally anyone with a camera just started making videos and I mean I might be I might be partially responsible as well but I've always been an avid crypto I've been interested in it but I was always on the sidelines I was at my job you know I used to listen to guys like you Omar I always had you in my headphones at work but I but you

Know finally I'm a gardener right or leppe I was a landscaper for 12 years you know it was a family business so it really didn't come down to you know what it was it was just like it was it was I always wanted to do other things but it was kind of like a good fallback plan so to speak you know like if it didn't work out I still had the family business but I always kind of wanted to do all their stuff I've always had excuse me I've always had an interest in tech I've always uh you know I always had to have the new gadget then you gain yeah yeah so I mean when I found out about crypto

Currencies in Bitcoin I was just blown away and it wasn't really about the money in the beginning it turned into it after I it blew up and then I was like well this is crazy like once once I was looking about my portfolio and I think that's what happened with everybody I think everybody just freaked out over the price action and I think that unfortunately what kind of happened was it turned into a lot of greed there was a lot of icos there was a lot of cash grabs there's a lot of scams and there a lot of people investing in stuff that they didn't really 100% understand and I

Think that that had a lot to do with the downfall but like I always tell people the tech didn't change and yeah we have sixteen hundred tokens right now but I think eventually we're going to figure out like the top 25 the ones that serve value the ones that have purpose and I think like once we can finally find the Amazons the Google's the Facebook's etc whatever I think then the space will kind of start to move forward again but I think right now we're in a bit of a discovery there's a discovery zone what everyone call it yeah those are good points I want to just invite everybody

To hit the like button please subscribe to both of their channels they really put out great content if you can just check out crypto Condor and Kate dub right now yeah I'm not gonna blame you if you take time away from the chat right now to just go subscribe and I want to also thank like Timothy and mr. Harry lasagna here well Timothy said he got notifications for all three of our channels he's already subscribed which is sick and then mr. Harry lasagnas and he's in all three chats at the same time so that must be yeah I've got someone over here

To say the same thing I'm in all three chats it's gotta be the same person I'm not sure how one pulls that off actually I can't see what it looks like on your end Omar but I'm sure yours looks freaking phenomenal because you're the CI I just the thing with me is like I don't even focus on the way things look I just get in front of a green screen half the time put up the news and just start talking most of my videos are one-shot take I mean know that occasionally I might have to edit a part like sometimes I do stumble I get excited I mispronounce

Something but for the most part I just go you know I just I just turned the camera on and go cuz I just feel like that's like raw that's me yeah obvious of your skill to do that and that's part of the reason I put out my blooper reel is because when I first started making content everybody was like oh come so easy or you must have a whole group of people helping you and I'm like I'm like recording in my bedroom with like lights that I got off Amazon like I don't understand how people think like this is a big deal so then when I did the blooper reel it proved everybody how

Much effort and how many takes it would take me to get it right and so I think it's important like with you what's what's a blooper reel what do you mean like every time I would I'd mess up or I couldn't get something right or sometimes I'd swear sometimes they'd make a mistake whatever and it's just like it's like a five-minute compilation of like the first 10 videos I did and like all the screw-ups that I did in the process that's cool I love that I wish everybody would do that because it was like colic you said you're content to you it's raw and

That's what the blooper reel was it was me frustrated making mistakes and that's why I put it out cuz I thought I was important yeah exactly I mean I feel like you just have to be creative especially in a bear market it's tough like I've been reaching out to people what kind of content do you want and you know I used to do a lot of instructional type videos comparing different types of consensuses or talking about how to use something but everybody knows how to do that now like we're all we're all kind of intelligent we're just kind of waiting for like that next big catalyst

So yeah man and I it said struggle for me to have like trying to catch on to that sentiment for example on my Facebook group today my girlfriend's a moderator there and we have several moderators who chat in a group and we had we blew like 97 thousand something members during the peak and then like it's been slow trickle since then of new members it was insane we would just have to like you would log in every I think like 20 minutes and have 600 new requests it was it made like no sense sometimes it was like all the time so we had to vet

People and was constantly deleting the posters and trying to figure out what we're gonna do and so we had certain rules in there like you cannot be shilling coins like that's trying to keep the discussion civil no racist people and all that kind of thing and so today sheshe told me that every single post that she saw was a negative post where somebody was saying like why like like why crypto screw crypto like like this is all she could see she said I'm gonna start banning people and deleting all these post and I said you know I don't think that's necessarily the right

Approach because I think it's nice to understand that's the sentiment like let's not beat it down she said yeah but this is a crypto enthusiast group and I'm not trying to knock my girl I'm just sharing what actually happened she's actually here in the chat so she's upstairs so yeah but again we're not here to try to influence things and I don't think we're creating foot or serve by talking about the bad news it's really just trying to gauge what's actually happening we have to rest respect that it has been a bear market it's possible to continue we have to

Realize that be realistic like I don't want to sit here and tell people all everything's perfect the markets great yeah I keep buying through all your money whatever it you know things are happening there's an evolution we're gonna see up we're gonna see down and we all have to take it in stride that's doesn't do anybody any good if we're all kind of being dishonest or you know hiding behind it yeah you know and you still have your full-time job I know you could you quit yours as well right k-dubb so you're working on crypto fully how does that work it's fine honestly

It's fine I'm not worried I'm a simple person like I'm not the Lambo guy so for me like the the even though we're down the games that I made from just last year alone are plenty to get by and for me I'm more about the content it's funny because you actually said like you said influencer before and I actually hate that term even though it's true you know that when we talk when we when I talk about coins I am an influencer people are I think I hate it too yeah it's a good I like it yeah I prefer content creator because for me like okay when I wake up sometimes I get people you know

And I try to include some kind of humor although I know it's hard in these bear markets I'll try to add like a funny intro or put a meme in my video or just something to kind of lighten up the spirits because thing is like it does seem like it's doom and gloom but everyone's going through the exact same thing that we're going through right now it's not like you're the only person like we're all in this together so if it was just me then I'd be depressed I'd be like damn I screwed up but since it's like since it's the whole market as a whole it's like guys like we're in this

Together and guess what yeah it sucks now but when things do turn around the people that are going to actually benefit from it are the people that stayed in it and believed in it and you know got the good projects as well it's actually kind of funny so I actually had somebody on one of my videos I think was two days ago telling me like how dare I stick up for EOS they were like you know they had never go there no well I you know let's talk about it because let's just be that guy they were like you had over it they had over a year they had a four billion dollar ICO and they should

Be absolutely flawless and everything that they're doing should be perfectly fine and then I got accused of holding EOS and trying to convince myself that everything was fine now I just want a public you publicly go on the record and say I don't actually own any EOS whatsoever so I don't know if that affects how people view me so when I speak about EOS and I say things in their defense it's actually just completely objective it has nothing to do with whether or not I own them and to be completely honest with you when I look at Yas compared to other things

Like for example high-performance blockchain which is looking for solutions putting the software and the hardware acceleration together that to me makes a lot more sense so I always try to look at things practically I don't I try not to get into the hype it's hard but I try to be as objective as possible so even if I do talk to like let's say like a start-up or an ICO I do research before I look into them so for example um I recently did an interview with deep cloud AI and the first thing that comes to mind is ok deep cloud okay number one cloud

Computing yeah right we've seen about 10 failed projects ai ha I've had people tell me if it has the word AI literally forget about it throw it in the trash it's not gonna work so I I was like you know what I agree and I found this project and and the CTO Gita she's helped fifteen successful startups and she has 25 years in the industry and when I asked her if she thought there would be any difficulty in load capacity a load balancing she like laughed in my face and was like are you kidding me we've been dealing with billions of customers you know in completely

Different applications before this so I feel like just because you say the word ICO you know people just go no it's it's trash it's not all trash it's just that there's so many of them and I'm right yeah and I think and I think we're moving to a different world too because I remember the first time I ever did any sort of paid interviews I they were a while ago I remember I that cyber and Monico both both of which have returned huge amounts you manique to the investors but at the time I felt like a job it felt like people didn't trust I cos at all it felt like everything was a

Scam but now we're seeing more regulators come in there and they are they have shut down certain projects like Munchie or whatever definitely feels like a little bit like these are actual startups businesses that are trying to produce actual projects and so I think people are a little bit more welcoming if you're doing that kind of content as well nowadays where they really weren't back then at all it was a it was a different world and now I know you did your first I believe sponsored interview was it today mrs. candor Alex or I actually so I have done a couple

Sponsored interviews that's the only content that like I take any form of payment for everything else is just based on interest so yeah I was your experience with those I'm just curious like like these days doing those did you enjoy it how was your audience back like so the the thing that I just did yesterday was my first ico review I'd never reviewed and I see on the channel I was avoiding it because for the exact reason of what happened today I got like my emails and my tweets and DMS literally doubled overnight because I did one ICL review and now everybody's

Like oh my god talk about my ICO but my interview experience has been honestly I liked it at first I was really nervous because I you know I was weird to talk to someone about a project via the internet and then share it on YouTube it just seems strange but now that I've done I don't know probably five or six of them I'm getting more comfortable and I do like picking a project that I'm interested in and then genuinely asking questions that I want answered like it's nice that I have the ability to see a project that I think might be worth investing in and ask questions that are

Going to help me and other people so I definitely like that and it makes for interesting content but you know to speak to your your comments about icos and how they're a little bit more accepted nowadays I think that also has a lot to do with a success rate right so when I SEOs first started happening they were foreign nobody expected to make any money at least it was much higher risk because this was really really new but now we've had I SEOs that have had a crazy return so of course people are gonna be a little bit more comfortable with it which is why I think the you

Know the the culture of crypto has gotten less like volatile around the reaction to the ICO but I think people are getting a lot more harsh on them too like like it's like investing in an IC o—- now it's like convince me bro you know what I mean like before it was like oh yeah this could be the next big thing but now it's kind of like there's like five six seven ten other people doing what you're doing so like why what's so impressive about you guys and unfortunately it was getting to the point where a bunch of guys were getting together producing a

Whitepaper some of them went to some prestigious school you know like one accredited investor gets involved and suddenly you have a 30 million dollar ICO and it's just like okay what the heck are we buying you know and you're giving you're giving these people aetherium the second most valuable cryptocurrency known to the planet earth you're just giving it to them taking tokens that don't even have any value you're just hoping that they're gonna deliver on their promises and I think once enough people got burned I think they got really sick of it so

What I've what i've been doing Rhys it sucks as an American I can't even invest in anything anyway yeah but but I've but what I've been trying to do here we cannot ya know so what I've been trying to do essentially is just find projects so early because one of the biggest complaints that I get is people saying man I just wish I knew about this sooner I didn't know about it so what I've decided to do is take a little bit of a different approach on my channel I've been doing a lot more interviews recently instead of reviews because the review is just me standing in front of

The website going hey look what they said but I want to actually put the CEO in front of you I want you to look at them okay look them in the eyes ask them to ask them the hard questions and then you hear it directly from the source I want you to make your own decisions you do your research and that way if the coin sucks it sucks you know that maybe it does you know what I mean so I just think that I don't think I SEOs are going anywhere I think they're definitely gonna get regulated but I think that you can't just be like oh well because bit connect and Plex coin

Ran off with all my money you know these guys over here aren't doing something legitimate it's not fair it's like you're basically doing guilt you know guilty until proven innocent now is basically the new model essentially so that's fair that's fair and you know we've seen the whole space transition away from like completely decentralized I see us as well like back when the Dow happened or like maker for example you send coins to an address instantly coins are generated and spit spit back out to your wallet and you've invested in a company that has some sort of

Functionality yeah maybe even what might be considered a security novel back then was just really cool and different and didn't really care what the SEC had to say because they weren't part of the conversation so it's it's almost like a completely different world yeah I'm great thanks for inviting me yeah thanks for coming you're welcome do you want introduce ourselves for the for the audience as well yeah of course my name is Tyler Swope of Chico crypto pretty six months old seven month old crypto channel fun some green screen edits go follow him yeah my editor he

Makes my channel fight it wasn't for him I'd probably be suck Tyler change your name from guest to your actual name so people know who you are oh for sure yeah so yeah I wanted invite Tyler onto the chat because he's actually really really intelligent when it comes to a lot of research you know Tyler was one of the few channels along with yours Omar that I used to watch for a lot of my input when I first got into crypto I really appreciated your take on the almost like the the politics of it in a way like coz you know I do like I

Know people hate when you talk politics but there's always politics to it and I liked your values and the way that you kind of assess things and Tyler really impressed me with a lot of his technical analysis essentially so you know between the two of you and crypto candor is kind of like me we're late bloomers so I wanted to get some of the OGS on the channel so we can kind of talk about what's going on right now talk about these markets um yeah well one thing I'd like to say if you guys saw the tweet from coin bases CEO either yesterday or a couple days ago he explained it so

Well I mean being in the market since 2013 I've seen the ups and downs plateaus I've seen all of them the big major ones all four of them and you know this is a blessing in disguise right now the markets are gonna be fine the tech is still there if you can find the solid projects and invest wisely you're gonna be fine and give it a couple years guys it's gonna be amazing yeah it's what Charlie Lisa today I think it was on CNBC where he said you know the fundamentals haven't changed and it's been the same thing that's happened forever and it's like trace Mayer says

As well it's nice to have this cold winter weed out like the scammers the people who really didn't care about the technology and people are becoming educated now so I think it's gonna lead to higher a higher-quality future for crypto and it elevates every single crash right like every single time we come back its elevated there's new stuff there's new ideas there's new people and we have to embrace them as well we can't just reject them as old schoolers yeah that's the biggest prime know it is all these new people that have joined recently and their perception of crypto

Is terrible because all they've done is invest their hard-earned money and lose them and lose their money now the hardest thing to explain is that your money's not really lost it's you still have the coin you see I've actually I take opportunities I think we lost can I think our dog hired a boot I heard her boot she said she was gonna shoot it if it barked so hopefully no don't shoot a dog especially not in my livestream I'll lose all of my followers that'll be so harsh if you do that you ever know you might gain followers this world is pretty crazy

You should bring you could bring the dog in viral you can bring well where's your dog today where's Wallace Wallace right is it Wallace he's not here yeah as well as I was and then um I cannot I have a freaking like 23 pound cat he's so fat like what he does there is that what you're drinking different kinds o sucks I love that one yes I I always drink on my channel well about 50% of the time are you guys both in you guys are both in California right now both of you or where are you for I am yeah yeah I'm in California I'm way up north Chico yeah I'm in LA we guys know yep

Oh really yeah that's hilarious and works out really well I had no idea yeah I'd also like people think it's little boy Krypto because Chico means like little boy in Spanish I think yeah yeah interesting so on yeah man we were talking about we were just talking about so much and then Tyler popped on and it got really exciting somebody on my channel said that was Superman barking outside I'm not too sure on that I mean I actually saw him a few days ago in San Francisco oh yeah how was the UH how was the blockchain economic forum how well it's good I got hammered drunk it was a

Party for me but I had a blast I don't want to tell you all what happened because well I mean I was referring more to the projects and the speakers but sure oh the after-party sounds fun too no I watched a few of the speakers what I really liked was I talked to a chain I really am bullish on a chain now now you aren't now you are before you thought they're a bunch I've helped a small investment I've read up on them but I haven't like put in a big amount but now they're a chain a chain legitimately is doing blockchain as a service perfectly its influence there

It's flawless execution they know their business model and they know what works they are like listen we are simply here to provide blockchain if you have a let's say you have a hospital or university insurance anything you need a blockchain for cars will incubate whatever you need we'll work out the bugs and then that's it we walk away it's a perfectly legitimate model it works it doesn't it did they don't have to over complicate it and I think people they're just like they want more out of it like when is a chain gonna do more it's like they don't have

To do more what they do is fine you provide block chains for businesses and enterprises and then they walk away so since I have don't have any of my followers on this channel right now I don't have an I'm not live streaming on mine I'm gonna let it you guys in on a little something cuz they can't know who II you know who we goin yeah we're we're going we're going a chain I that's a little that makes a lot of sense yes and we're going legit what's hooli I have no idea beside it was a meme coin I created to come after Pied Piper coin yeah that's fair you

Know I one day one of my subscribers airdrop me a bunch of coins she made with like crypto coins like my coins COI PT 0 coin so I literally have 1 million crypto coin damn yeah you should my had this bright idea of making a coin for every single youtuber and personality in Greenville and air dropping everybody a million coins and pointing them to a decentralized exchange to trade them so as he secret everybody well that necessarily because it couldn't screw us all at the same time just to change kind of the way that the perspectives was a crazy idea that I

Just had a while too that is a good idea man well actually on ate talking about a chain have you ever heard a self sell yet no you can't organize yourself and that's what it's for and I uh I ain't prominence in your business and influence YouTube channel it's weird yeah I did I did an interview with self sell actually it was a good you I don't need to watch that it didn't really get a lot of views because people really didn't understand it but when I spoke when I spoke to the you know the CEO the whole idea was essentially your tokenizing

Yourself and the reason that they're doing this is because there's a lot of underprivileged people just around the world you know there's kids that are really really good at soccer but can't ever play soccer because they're either in the wrong place of the world they don't have the financial ability to do so you know you have very talented people it could be anything literally it could be anything it could be music sports acting whatever science anything that you're interested in the idea is that you tokenize yourself and then people invest in you and then as you hit

Milestones for example say you actually like become a football player right then like there's a smart contract that like going once you actually become a football player then you're investors actually get a percentage of your earnings by supporting you up to that point it's really really clever but I think it's one of those things that's like a little it's almost like slightly ahead of its time but I totally see this being a legitimate investment vehicle especially for individuals it's almost like a a more in-depth go fund me on blockchain yes yeah which is actually

Kind of genius because there's definitely always gonna be like a need for that as far as like people making interesting concepts of things that they want to do with it I like seeing weird use cases like that for projects well it'd be interesting to to see like some like say you know eight-year-old soccer football player who's a prodigy but he comes from a low-income area and see what his stock goes for if he saw starts tokenizing himself and see that go boom you know it'd be crazy stock market for people yeah it's that whole that whole fear you hear in the United States

About securities and it sucks that we have to even feel fear like that's why I've been like so crypto anarchist I've been kind of an anarchist obviously my entire life and kind of way I hate being told what they do it's like it's been my pet peeves in school like go do this shut up I'm since I was young go to the principal's office yeah I think I think we all innately are we hate to be told what to do but some of us hate it even more than other people so I've always tried to play the game like understand the rules of the game play it as best as I can when I have to

I think it's important to realize that it is just a game this is all a lie that we live and so it sucks to live in the United States land of the free it really does because I used to be proud to be from here and now it's upsetting like you're cooler because you can invest in an ICO or a company or tokenize yourself but I have to live in fear because I'm you know we have YouTube channel so obviously we'll be first targets I can't just do it it won't be as easy for fur for other for us other people as well I know I have a discord server and I have a lot of

People in there that are from all over the world and they're all talking about the project is investing in or something or and somebody actually asked me like well why do you stay in the US and like well I mean that would be like a huge move but I'm not gonna move out of the country so that I can invest in I SEOs but I understand like your thought process but even still it yeah you know it doesn't just think and and to think that in a couple years it's probably all gonna be figured out in the meantime you know we've probably missed some good

Opportunities it's just unfortunate there are some wonderful reviewed people on the Deep Web that will sell you a passport from another country and I imagine the KYC process that these other individuals who are verifying it's for these guys are doing they're probably just checking to make sure like it the picture of the main hatch is it doesn't like they're not gonna like get a flashlight and check it out even though I'm sure some of these paths and I'm not giving ideas to you guys I could get a European passport I could apply for a European citizenship because my father

Was born in Portugal so no yeah but that would be super illegal and I'm not gonna do that guys it's really easy all you have to do is become an accredited investor you have to have a million dollars worth of liquid assets or make over $200,000 a year come on anyone can pocket any but if you have cryptic and you made those games you're probably not gonna tell everybody that you have that as liquid assets even though you could probably pass with that another thing is you could open a business a corporation in Panama I know some people that are doing that really or somewhere else yes

If you create like an S corporation in Panama you get tax incentives plus you can invest wherever you want as a corporation you can even do trading as well you might have some taxes there but it might work out for you so I thought about that as well people asked me on my channel all the time they're like how do I do this how do I get there how do I buy this and I'm like listen man I can't really say on my channel but if you're really wanted enough there's just too some research there's there's ways around everything yeah avenues to make a ton of money in

This if you want it bad enough you you figure it out I'm not going to it's all you how to do that that's one of the other words you can do it the work and the channel yeah yeah well well the weirdest things is that you know you you can technically say that because it is a First Amendment right so you can technically say it in the United States you could go to the Supreme Court and you probably went but the fact is we're on YouTube as well which is a corporation that has its own rules so we'll get the monetized will get kicked out of YouTube so like corporations live

In their own jurisdictions in their own rules and we have to respect them I know that I actually used to smoke weed on my channel too but I stopped because they're kicking off all the weed puberty Omar what's been happening you said you had a couple instances where they actually D monetize your videos right well it started when I went to consensus last year so I got it well basically the whole story well like the quick rundown actually if the story was I had checked the entire privacy policy all the terms and conditions of the conference and I

Didn't say anything that I couldn't livestream or do anything at all so I did livestream some of the contents out there because their official stream was down hosted by Nasdaq of all people but they couldn't pull off a decent stream unfortunately so in the meantime my stream for everybody who's excited to watch it and on the way back to the airport in LaGuardia New York City to fly to LA in New York I got an email from their head of from the director of operational the head of strategy I'm going to put his name out here but he was the head of strategy at the time and

He said basically I had to take down all of the content that I had created there and I had to do it ASAP so I was like okay cool as soon as I get back whatever like I get it I don't want to have to have any problems I'll do it so I got I got my flight delayed my phone died I didn't have electrical plugs on the phone anything like that on the plane that is and I literally had to get the late I think like six or seven hours so by the time I got back I was really exhausted it was like 4:00 in the morning in LA but time I managed to get home and drive across the city and then

By the time I woke up after my nap and I woke up like 12:30 I had been hit with a bunch of copyright strikes so if you get three copyright strikes they remove your channel completely off of YouTube yeah so I have two copyright strikes from from consensus across the video so I ended up removing all the videos and that takes away your ability to livestream for three months so suck because I enjoyed lie you mean connecting with people like we're doing right now I'm checking out the chat as well here so it kind of bummed me out and I felt a little bit

Negative about it but I thought you know maybe this is an opportunity to grow another way so I ended up making another channel live-streaming on that channel and that channel grew up to like 7000 subscribers now as well so yeah it's like it's a way to give the finger in a way to them – and I went back to consensus this year because I thought it was most important though is the content right so that was one of the times have you guys ever been demonetised so I actually have another channel that I started off with before this one just like vlogging which I was telling you

Before and prior to them changing the requirements to be monetized I had managed to hit you know whatever the requirements were so I was monetized for like six months then I started this channel within like two weeks I hit the requirements to be monetized here they changed the requirements I've been approved since October ish of last year to be approved to be monetized they haven't looked over my application yet but in the meantime they had no problem D monetizing my other channel because they said it no longer met the requirements but the new one does if

They still haven't monetized that one so it's just it's just on YouTube yeah I really dislike YouTube well some people are sitting on my chat why don't you use D Tube I don't mind you – the only problem is is that you can only I think the highest it goes right now is 480p which isn't really a bad thing but I mean you know I'm streaming to do live as we speak yeah I need to do I need to get my account set up I don't even have a steam it I don't have a dive nothing I'm just to do live twitch YouTube and Twitter through periscope at the same time holy

Crap that's good restream which is an application it's like a website that you basically just kind of link all your stuff and then OBS tries used it before in China think I should have done that I'll message it to you yeah yeah that's dope so guys crypto jail and my my side said on what coins are you looking to pick up in this bear market is there anything that you're kind of like excited that it dipped is there anything that you're like yeah and yeah of course I'm still picking up in the end like oh my yeah yeah I'm an ontology and Alaska's those are good coins for me

It's like everything kind of moves in tandem so you could pick a freaking great coin but we all know I'm the best seeing what we've seen before they all go down the aisle go and then irrationally so so we see coins that don't deserve their market cap so it doesn't really matter so what I do is if I just happened to come across something that's really cool the last one was I think there were a few coins that at the top I meant to buy and I forgot to buy so I think I bought engine block net those have done really well as well so I've been pretty content with

Those and I did the I did interviews with both of them as well I think that's how I got excited about them I did the interviews like you were saying Alex you were saying that you enjoy the interviews because you get to ask them questions it's like being in the front lines like I kind of want to know this and I'm sure other people want to know as well so let me get these this info and then I become hyped about it so those are two projects yeah I think right now it's just a good time for accumulation personally I think a lot of people they they tend to think that this

Is the end of everything and you know I mean this is actually quite long for me I I haven't I haven't gone through like the old school bear markets where you had to wait like two years three years I haven't haven't gone through that but I've been through you know all of them that the the China FUD the three Korea floods the Bitcoin cash flood and the major major run up to 20 K and down so I'd have to say at this point I would be quite shocked if something really could happen to this space to really freak me out any more than I've already been freaked out yep so there's a

Consolidation phase you guys I mean I where none of us or mind reader's we can't predict when this bear bearish trend is gonna end but I mean it's gonna end what's what's for you guys the shortest like duration that you think it could last one what's the longest and why six months is all three more months well shortest three weeks longest I'd say six months why why did you pick those well three weeks because I made that prediction a while ago and I just wanted to come through but six months is my more like okay I could see that

Happening like a year long bear market after that run up hmm about you guys experience in the space I haven't been in here long enough and if this is a true bear market this is the first one I've been through so I really don't think I can speak to it I'd like it to be so over soon but you know the world's not perfect yeah I mean I'm not gonna make any predictions I just know that whenever I think I know something it does the complete opposite so like I'll tell you what once everyone agree that bitcoins like once we all

Unanimously agree that we're doomed and it's gotten it's just gonna go to zero that's when it's gonna that's when it's gonna move that I'm telling you it always does the complete opposite like seriously like when you think like like when we were at 20k I was like we're going to a million and then that's when it fell yeah right so I think that you know the problem is is that people don't like to talk about market makers people don't like to talk about that and you talk about and institutional investments coming in right and the thing that I try to explain to people is a lot of the

Institutional money is coming in OTC it's not coming in on the exchanges so these guys are buying up a ton of whatever it is Bitcoin aetherium it's not even making a dent in the market cap it's not even being reflected and the problem that people don't understand is that the market cap doesn't actually reflect the ability to take all that money out it's like a bank you know you can't take all that money out because it's just simply the the accumulation of all the prices on the markets multiplied by how many coins are on and there's slippage so as you sell them the price

Starts dropping and that's why it's impossible to put all the money up you know empires exactly like if we all cashed out and evitable II somebody would be left holding the ultimate bags in the end and they would never have somebody to sell it to if it went to zero I pathetically ya know I know like you can't just it's not like magical BOTS buying everything like people have to be buying it in order to sell it and selling it in order to buy because it's on a computer and a website I don't think people really realize that that's what's going on yeah of course

Winter had an interesting tweet today of CNBC South Africa where he said he knows for a fact that there are a lot of OTC trades that are being put up right to buy though to buy but they're not getting filled cuz you need somebody on the other side so if I'm trying to buy 10,000 Bitcoin or 20,000 Bitcoin not thousand dollars with a Bitcoin but 20,000 Bitcoin which some of these whales are definitely trying to do you need somebody selling 20,000 Bitcoin and if everyone's expecting to like the price to go up and that's why I bought them and I'm not just trying to trade

Back and forth because there are there can be decent fees on these old to you OTC markets right so so if I if people basically what I'm trying to say is people have been accumulating have banished to accumulate what has been sold for the most part by the smart people at the top the og crypto people who had a substantial amounts of Bitcoin or ether so it's probably close that we're at the bottom because of the fact that all these trades that aren't getting bought right now are gonna have to begin by because they can't pick it up on the OTC markets exactly in the

Free markets and hasn't happened yet he was saying which is surprising and I also agree that surprising so it's definitely coming and also look at all these institutional projects I know I know he's talked about it all the time and I know it's like over over done but it's just a fact that's why I can't see this Martin this bear market being like three four or five years like it's more excited about picking it this up now yeah no way no way it's good I mean rocketing off trading in all this goldman sachs everyone i mean hello banks are interested in this yeah but

Think about what you just said though you just said that people are trying to buy OTC and nobody's selling that's kind of a good thing that means people believe in it i mean if i if i didn't believe in it i'd be getting rid of it as fast as I got it but these people if they're not selling it OTC that's kind of a good thing that means they're hot willing that means that they believe in it so if we're reaching a point where these institutions can't buy over-the-counter that's where I'm on to exchanges that's a good sign cuz now you have to buy you got to put in an order

And yeah the price is gonna go up and that's when you're gonna see those candles those green candles that you are crazy for yeah but you look ya know I hit like zero like there's not that thousand Bitcoin available first they wanted 20,000 Bitcoin it's not available I'm sorry I've been waiting for months cuz these these whales wait like they say this is what I want they put in the order they they worry about something else right so they have these orders and they haven't been filled for months now it's either I lower my order right or I just turn it off right like I just shut

It down generally so once once they lower these orders to the point that it's like you know I can just buy it on the free market I think that's what we're gonna begin some real serious runs up yep you know what's an interesting concept too is a lot of people that bought straight into Bitcoin that we're holding and they say that they bought too high and now they're down what's actually quite interesting is if you look at some of the top performing altcoins they've been hit a lot harder than Bitcoin so when you actually compare the two

Side-by-side say you actually did buy Bitcoin way too high and Bitcoin fell do you know that even though you're down so much in Bitcoin if you now take that Bitcoin and invest it into the altcoin that you've been looking at do you know you can actually purchase more now then you could have back then at the all-time high so it's it's all a matter of how you look at it it's all perception I mean realistically even if you bought too high if you put that Bitcoin into the altcoins now you're probably gonna like get I don't know double or triple what you would have

Gotten back then so once the next bull bull run does commence it's not all doom and gloom it's just people are impatient it's donal doesn't want everything fast no no no please please please um what I learned or at least what took me a very long time to learn is when I first started buying stuff I would track my portfolio in USD well boy did that was at a learning curve for me when I figured out what I was doing was wrong so you make a good point and understanding that compared to Bitcoin an altcoin that you've been watching

Could in theory be much lower and value even if it's not showing as much in USD it could in the Bitcoin value and that's something that took me a really long time to understand so like certain coins it says I'm down in USD but I'm actually not if I switch it a Bitcoin so it is important to look at those numbers because yeah if you're cashing out USD or whatever you know your fiat currency is where you live is important but if you're trading in and out and you're investing in stuff and you're buying projects Bitcoin is king and that's what you have to pay attention to yeah no I

Agree with you a hundred percent if I check my portfolio and I'm down USD but I'm relatively the same in BTC I don't freak out it's when I'm down in Bitcoin and dollars that's when I worry and I'm like okay I did something wrong so yeah actually I want a prediction from you guys a high-low for the bare market each of you in Bitcoin high-low I don't do tea a coin equals one Bitcoin no win no it's I don't know when is it gonna you when when I mean obviously we all live in the US and this is kind of a silly thing to say but on my perspective when the weather starts getting cold that

People start slowing down and it's not nice out and they're not outside doing things I think on our end that's when we're gonna see more YouTube views and more interactions more people talking about a more interest so I and that to me it was what I associate with an on bear market is when everybody's constantly talking about it that's very interesting that's like a logic I agree with you that's what I did I was so you know I stopped looking at last weekend it was I just literally turned my blog folio off and I just went to a art museum and I took a bike ride

Literally I just was like nice honestly when it's cold I've got nothing else to do it's like the same thing in the winter I play video games and the summer I don't because I've got other stuff going on so that's just my perspective yeah you know and now really quickly just a touch back on a thought that I had before I would love to comment on it but it's just it's hard to give an accurate timeline it's it's true I mean it could start tomorrow like you literally could start tomorrow for all we know but I can't see that right now happening unless we got some major news

Which would be like what I call a white swan could very well likely happen that's why it's it's hard to make these predictions and we don't really have crystal balls but sometimes you can begin to see certain friends like this institutional thing and how they start to line up and you have to realize that all these institutions are racing each other to put this stuff out there so they can make the most money to allow this kind of trading to happen so that's why sooner rather than later I'm gonna say latest 2020 earliest earliest tomorrow right so yeah that that's

Something but I I guess what I wanted to say is that the term model definitely has to do a lot with the way up maybe even more so than the way down and the reason I say that is because if we're looking at the price of a Bitcoin we're gonna track everything to Bitcoin it's like yeah sure are you really holding Bitcoin though because what we've seen happen before and you've seen some runs up and down all of us have enjoyed mostly a few of these right and so what we see is that everybody kind of invests in Bitcoin first like it tends to lead the market I don't know if it's gonna

Happen again past history is an indicator of future performance yadda yadda but we've seen that Bitcoin tends to lead the way it's got the most pairs it's got the most name recognition why do you pick up some cryptocurrency so like bitcoin yeah why not and get some of this so generally people tend to get Bitcoin is something else as a kind of hedge at the beginning of these so Bitcoin kind of leads the way then we'll see other bigger market cat names come out like maybe aetherium will start shooting up after and we get like these waves right so you'll see

Like privacy coins we'll get like a wave suddenly people discover the privacy coins then they'll discover the YouTube coins are like the Netflix rival coins and so like the tricky part is trying like if you are going to pick up those smaller name coins like you said k-dub here at this point I think it's important to do that sure because yeah you definitely can get huge percentage gains versus Bitcoin but then you have to hot all those and not try to chase that that new fairy or whatever you wanna call it that new unicorn that's what I say stick to your

Guns see does an investment to your investment that's the startups generally take some of my best investments honestly have just been gut it's gut instincts like you just can sense it like we're really good people tend to underestimate our ability to actually kind of like smell you know what I mean and we watch a lot of YouTube videos even videos like my own or yours and the thing is is I noticed that it's difficult on YouTube because a lot of content out there especially content that's paid for sponsored or promoted you're not really getting the

Facts you're just getting that perception that they want you to know you know what I mean like they're being paid to talk about stuff man you know when I first started my channel well this is way back you know I had done some sponsored reviews in the beginning and it was really difficult because you're not really giving a hundred percent your perspective and what's actually interesting is I don't know if you guys know do you guys want Jason Appleton Krypto Crowe do you guys know who he is I know I yeah so what he does actually and this

Is funny he was at the CIA Awards he actually takes the money from these people like he takes the money they're like would you do a sponsored I see how he goes absolutely yeah give me a Bitcoin they're like okay one Bitcoin for a sponsored review and literally if he thinks it's he just makes that just says it's a piece of he'll just say it and like then they get angry and they hit him up like how could you and he's like listen you pay me you paid me to talk about your project I took your money I took your money I bought some more card ah no or I

Bought similar at the area where I bought some more neo an icon and I told people how I felt about your project and I think that his model is funny and I've in a weird way I've considered doing that although that kind of goes a little bit against how I how I normally do things but it's actually kind of a funny concept like yeah sure pay me and I'll tell I'll tell tell exactly how I feel that way when you know this person is reviewing it and I'm looking up you know X Y Z coin I don't just get a list of nothing but positive reviews because these guys and

Like I told you the the the funniest thing is the people that are willing to pay you the most money are usually the project's you should probably stay the farthest away from yes because why do you feel so insecure about the ability of your project or you know I've even heard people argue with EOS you know not to bring up another sore subject and honestly like I said I don't own any this is completely objective but I've had so many people ask me like why do you need that much aetherium shouldn't your token be good enough you know what I mean like you should be holding your

Token for the value that your token can provide but a lot of these smaller I cos the ones that run away the exit scams they they're valuing etherium more than your own token and if you can value aetherium more than your own token then there's a problem because you should believe in your project you should believe that you know you know I'm saying like I don't know maybe I'm rambling yeah I agree with you and I and I think that you know there's really two options in this space when it comes to creating content you either do what crypto CRO is doing and just be defiant

About the fact that you're gonna continue to remain unbiased be yourself or you make content that you don't get paid for and you cover projects that you're interested in or things that you like and then you're opinionated about stuff and you don't feel obligated or you do other content that's like interviews where you do paid stuff in that respect but you only choose projects that you've already vetted so it's hard but I do think that like you said it's really valued because it is frustrating when you google something and you look up something and it's only

Good reviews it's not realistic so mmm you know oh yeah I mean I have no qualms about sponsored content I get it people got monetize their channel but the only qualms I'll have is do your due diligence make sure the projects actually legit are they going to use that money to create something I mean if they are and they're trying to do something good then sure I mean it sponsored content once in a while is fine I just think it's more of putting your money where your mouth is I mean if you're gonna if you're gonna make a video where you're telling somebody that

Like this is the greatest video of all time I mean the thing is is like there's there's there's there's projects that people know I talk about all the time you know I'm a huge fan of neo I'm a huge fan of Ikon I'm a huge fan of the last dose you know what I'm saying and you know high performance blockchain a chain obviously I'm just gonna include Bitcoin aetherium because just the top and everyone literally but you know the thing is is like when the market takes a hit I have a lot of icon guys so like I'm there with you it's not like you know and I'm holding because I

See value in it I see what loop chain is doing I see the connections I see the bridges that they're building you know and I just realized that it's just a it's just a market it's just a downtime that's all it is it's a bear market I put a mailbox p.o box address inside of my description so people could send me stuff so I have a new way for icos to reach me so this was something I just got in the mail well along with a gift gift basket intimate dot IO I literally opened yet I apologize if there's still what I need to do that I want some pretty cool I use it and I've been

Getting all kinds of crypto so I've got my origin Trail sweatshirt on I've got my brave but I'll start doing start start paying me and swag my bitcoin brothers t-shirt I got it's like have a peel box you can suddenly Yeltsin you want sure for sure yeah peel box and actually I was not taking it people wanted to send me stuff and I'm like um I don't really want to give up my home address yeah yeah yeah yeah actually can I cut you guys off somebody on my channel said high-performance blockchain is wreck no way dude no way oh no they are literally they are literally just

You now trust me in fact I actually have an interview coming up with with them I don't we haven't figured out it's because I have to go to I'm going to that conference but our conference a three or an AC three Oh blockchain Connect you should go man blockchain twin I'm going to NAC three I don't know what it is it's in San Fran yeah this one's in San Jose oh really I'll go to that one if it's in San how hell yeah it's uh yeah you should go man I mean oh yeah I had some free tickets but I gave them all away I had five free tickets and again I gave them all away

Yeah hit him up and give something so yeah nope I know Omar said he's taking a break though are you all from conferences yeah I have my other career as well so I'm focusing on that and then we have like you know our time is literally valuable so I like what we do with our time so I'm playing more piano I'm trying to take care of the other crafts that I've done like my original YouTube channel was literally a piano channel first it was a gaming channel Domas piano channel I and in the piano channel I literally would like like smoke weed like I like

2013 like crate cuz I'm a kind of an introvert when I when I smoke so I would just smoke in my room and start like putting trippy milk drop visuals in the background the follow along to what I'm playing and then start creating and then just create stuff and then like I would speed it up to like two times speed and be like yo this is so freakin cool like I've made a bunch of tracks I thought I still think they're sick they don't have any views but I thought they were great and my viewers your way yeah it's still it's still on the same channel but if you search for the fractal pianist you

Will find it no don't do it yeah no it's really bad probably if you listen to it but since I had a connection to them I thought they were cool thank you I yeah come on someone on my channel last thoughts on vivix and I know crypto candor I know you did a kind of a coverage on that yeah I mean I think they're just they're a great privacy option for a coin that's for currency you know I'm kind of moving away of my interest in coins that are only currencies because I feel as though obviously the first like privacy coin you can stake yes they are the first

They do zpus taking I mean I still hold a bunch and I still stake everything I think the project's great the team's amazing they're exceptionally nice and I'm gonna start doing like where are they now like kind of follow-ups for projects that I've covered to see like what's happening six months later and pivots and block net are on the list obviously because those were kind of my first ones I covered but nope Enix is a great project you know again fundamentals haven't changed they're doing what they're doing I think right now their priority is getting adopted

Into actual retail and like they're you know I know that you can like I think it's like in the Barbados you can do like a timeshare with pivots they accept it except they're all over the place so they're doing some pretty cool stuff as far as that goes oh one thing I need you to ask the pivots team I haven't talked to them yeah are they and talks with coin okay I can ask Jim Quinn is the new coin masternode coin that people I invested in it's risky riskiest the team's anonymous right now still it might be a pump and dump like don't and

No one get in on this no one for everyone on my channel I'm just gonna speak for you and say not financial advice plan yeah we're not financial advisors this one's riskiest but it's been pumping lately like I got in at like five something and it's all the way up to 1301 right now and got all the way up to 1900 in this bear market by the team it's it so what they're doing is creating like super simple master notes like stupid and doing that for other master notes like tuvok's okay – all the big ones like the expensive ones and then in about six

Months they're having a shared master note program that's super simple one-click that's what about coins what about projects right now that you guys think are actually doing the most as far as real world use cases are concerned like which ones do you think actually have like Bitcoin well Bitcoin yeah now Bitcoin in that varium yeah I agree I mean you got to define real world in the crypto space in theory 'm has a very real world use case it's mostly the onboarding 4i cos and all the other projects so it's alright crypto space theorem is tons of you know real-world

Use case but outside I don't really know I haven't really been following stuff closely enough to know ya know like I mean if in the real world like adoption like payment for things Bitcoin is king I mean anywhere you go it's outside it's usually only Bitcoin accepted here well I mean like for example you have projects like the key that already have millions of on-boarded users that no one even talks about you know and there's a lot of projects that have kind of not done very well as far as their tokens are concerned but then that does come into play with the I SEOs being

Fundraising versus the utility of the token I mean unfortunately you can still use the blockchain without really having to be invested in the token you know like for example a lot of people ask about Zebby and like Zebby is working perfectly fine they're already linked up with different hospitality institutions land when registry but right now they're their token is virtually useless as far as the average investor is concerned so it's getting dumped but yet they're I mean if you talk to people in India right now especially hotels you've had police

Officers and stuff being like yeah we don't have to you know respond as much because what Zep EES doing you know in the hospitality industry you know they're it's it's tough is there anything you guys use every single day perhaps or something that you like a crypto product the website that you feel like you you need perhaps as part of your life so for me a steam it has become that for example so being able to yeah so I think that's like the blockchain we all still use and it's been around for a while now but is there something else perhaps that that you

Actually use that is out as an app honestly the the engine wallet you know engine coin the engine while their app is phenomenal and I use it and I also use another app called trust and it shows yeah wallet it uses all it shows all your ERC 20 tokens which is awesome and I use them constantly because I get like airdrops or whatever because one of them is attached to my ledger so that I can get airdrops for stuff like that's where like my Pied Piper went and my hooli coin and all that stuff so I got to me that and my Delta app are the ones that I probably use the most as far as

Crypto space I use my bit pay card in my shift card every day yeah I used to until I found out all those are tracked taxable transactions and coinbase is giving away all our information what I've heard is they won't give it away at vert I'm over 25 and they'll hand it over and I screwed up a department I already did that like things like if you buy so even move that amount like you're screwed and it might go lower next year for all you know I'm yeah oh yeah of course 20 last heard they won't give over your information if it's not under 25 for now

But I don't know yeah I mean it's true but like we know that for sure that IRS isn't know I keep Martin Smith I mean I do will not quit large purchases on the payer coinbase card all right yeah I guess then I guess then here's the big question uh-huh would it what do you guys plan on doing I mean if you have to cash out what is that what is your route or do you simply just hold to the point where you're convinced that eventually we'll just use Bitcoin and we do everything we do it like twice and I cash out through coinbase

Yeah that's that's what I do I mean like if I'm on the radar I'm already on the radar destroyed the fees and then I translate USD to my bank account what is it like eight more days and we're on coin based Pro no more GDX yeah yeah I actually got to the point to where I didn't care like originally I had a bi Nance account that was you know unregistered and all this other and then it just got to the point where I was like you know what man at this point I've done so many transactions that can probably figure out who I am so and honestly I need to move more than I used

To be able to because I'm like 99% in crypto like I was telling people how much is in my bank account and they almost laughed at me like I don't even want to say like my bank account is so it's ridiculous I mean it's ridiculous I'm on the mountain just enough to get by I had just enough you might know to buy groceries have a little bit more yeah it's crazy I mean I'm I'm literally all-in and I can prove it to you guys yeah has gold and silver and I started buying stocks at like like I've been buying on the way down more I maxed out my Roth IRA for the last two years even

Though I had sold it like literally to buy a Bitcoin on the way up so I think it's important to follow the trend where I was telling everybody to sell their stocks like when Bitcoin was like 280 bucks and when the etherial was like 8 bucks I was like everybody to sell their stocks let's get out of this that was convinced that that market was gonna crash and they were gonna be able to manipulate it but now I'm like buying it because I realized you know whatever I'll suffer with the people if I lose all my stocks and stuff and whatever crypto is gonna do well but it's

Embarrassing I've made more money on my stocks the whole way down not that much but enough that I'm not holding 90% in crypto anymore like actually oh I don't know about that because I'm not invested in stuff like that but I will tell you that the first three times we had a crash I totally screwed up and just held I got smart the last time and I actually even though there's all this stuff about tether I get it but for me it's just a tool I could give a crap less I don't I would never keep my money in tether but like maybe just for like a couple days so I actually found that I was able to

Do better in bear markets than in bull markets because what I was able to do was once I realized there's I got clear down trend we're going down I literally like it'll just I'll tether and then like if I if it does this and then it starts to do this I just buy back in and I just started doing that and I was able to accumulate so much of my favorite coins right now that I know for a fact that this bear market or if this bull market does come back guys I might just quit I think I'm I I have I have the biggest bags ever like what I'm gonna do when I go into a coin I go hard like I

Don't like I'm not like let me get a little bit of it no I go hard I'm like I need more like you know so for me I'm definitely pumped I mean there's a lot that I've been holding and it doesn't really bother me I'm not that worried about it really if you if you're holding quality and you believe in it you you'll you'll sleep a lot better at night when you're tossing and turning all night wondering what's happening to your investment then you really should probably ask yourself do I do I really believe in this or was I just trying to get a quick flip yeah yeah yeah oh yeah

No I agree I mean in the bull run I got up really high and I was like oh and then on the way down I lost you know 50 60 % of my portfolio but through this bear market I've actually been able to almost get to where I was at yeah I lost a lot to somebody actually we have really good moves on like 0x and stuff oh yeah yeah somebody somebody's asking about icon on my on my channel so I'm just gonna say this out loud not financial advice but every time icon dips below $2 I buy more because there's this strange now you could compare it to Satoshi sure but there's like this $2

Mark where every time icon hits it it just bounces back like it's been doing this for like psychological so like every time it I think the lowest it went once was a dollar 75 and it just always springs back so like I don't have access to that know that you really told me that last week and it worked generally you've reinforced it so it's gonna keep happening what is it what is it right now is it it's probably like a dollar ninety nine dollar ninety nine points and buy right now then I bet you tomorrow it'll be like 205 210 damn not financial advice your pop sale what is

Everybody buying right now why is everybody clicking you guys know I got a bunch of discord mess we're not actually livestream we're actually buying the dip right now this is all just a yeah right no I went over the icon and I looked at in it does look sexy right now yeah I wanted to buy Ikon actually I even told my little brother to buy icon next to me I tell people to buy stuff and then I don't do it and I'm like oh yeah like I should be buying this right now but I'm too lazy to plan it I come in this stuff because I felt like those

Are the ones that I really missed the boat I'm not paying attention to and so you know because of that I just been kind of using that opportunity there's a couple other things that I'd like to buy too but I just I don't know I get so focused on the channel and responding to people and making content for steam it and doing everything else that's like next thing I know I forgot to go buy something it happens all the time that happened to me right now I was on I've been looking at the one the one project that I'm like totally pissed I can't buy right now is nkn I I wanted

I've been wanting to buy in cans sometimes in one word 24 cents and then I looked at it yesterday and it was like 30 30 31 cents it might have taken a pullback or maybe it went to the moon I don't know but I've been trying to get in since 24 cents and I can't get into gay I owe because there's you did just won't let us citizens in and then oh never I know keep going sorry about that no I'm saying like everyone's like try switch yell but they're like oh the liquidity has improved but it's not enough for me like I'm not trying to say AMA well I don't want to disclose but I

Mean I'm trying to go hard I'm not trying to buy 200 bucks of nkn I mean when I go in I'm going in okay I want to buy a stack of NK and there's just not enough company people should go in on this you know what you just said you twist you is that buy right now for what it's doing yeah somebody told me about that coin it was like mad cheap like literally like twenty-eight million I was like I have to register to another exchange that's another thing that you have to do to register at exchange is just a sign-up but I hear that they're they're the

First exchange being built on what was the name of the block I can't remember but it was something new that's been blowing up oh well and which feels on Nia money oh yeah then they exchanged on me oh yeah first on you and it's so solid as of right now they're doing about 600,000 in volume per day well your market caps only like 12 million right now it's it's gone down from that 28 million peak and Khyber Network I know Khyber has bigger partnerships and everything but they only do two hundred thousand volumes through Khyber's Dex Wow I mean

10x it there there's such there's such good solutions out there too there's things that people kind of overlook like even Lou purring like we just totally forgot about it like I feel like we just walked away from Lou purring but like when you look at the loop ring protocol it's amazing how it can actually pull from all the different Dex's or all the different exchanges at the same time and it completely eliminates the issue of liquidity that's one of the biggest problems that you see on these taxes is there's no liquidity so with loop ring you actually put your order in and with

Ring matching they'll actually basically take a snapshot of all the exchanges they'll find me the best prices and they'll they'll make sure that everyone you know I'm saying so like there's so much more this space can do we're so early in it man like we you know we're you're just comparing like apples to oranges but like there's like 40,000 different fruits in the world man there's so many tropical fruits out there you know like I forget that exactly like we were saying well what are people actually using so they're using switchy oh they're using by nan so

That's why bananas coin was up a huge amount today they're actually using these things and the the real use cases you set in investing in icos investing right but we might be seeing even less than that right now but you said it was actually an IC o—- that raised over five hundred million dollars so actually my friend who works with block networks on the team his name is Hany he always sends me like funny stuff he said he sent me this article and it's a ICO that raised 575 million off it's private sale and that's more than he owes and that's more than telegram and

The company's has all of it yeah it's called Tata 2 has no issue in the crypto space nobody you know I know talked on to write no purse on the planet that knows it know pretty much what happened is is they did a little research and they found out that the the people who started the ICO are a European royalty family and they're actually they're from Luxembourg and they're the the royalty family that owns Bacardi and that they've estimated to back the company at a hundred million basically the platform is essentially going to be like a decentralized Netflix

That that's what they're planning to try what's amazing to me is like they raised that much money and no ones no one has any idea no one's even heard about this maybe they just sold it to their rich family and like three people got in and that just was enough to just put the price all the way you know baby that's just it just was crazy when he sent me that line I was like alright yeah I gotta bring that just invest that 1% of what we got absolutely actually I've uh I've actually been pretty pretty much a big advocate of exchange tokens and I know that we're not fans of centralized

Exchanges I get it like I'm in the same camp as you but realistically when you talk about utility exchange tokens have them one of the most utility out of a lot of the tokens right now because they help you with reduced fees they help you with referrals and then also when you refer people some of them based on the amount that you hold you actually get percentages of the trading fees so in a bear market I mean crap people are trading when it's going up people are trading when it's going down so if I have finance I'm winning either way if you're if you're

Panic selling I'm winning and if you're buying the bull run I'm winning so I think I might don't have a young twittg oh here yes which ego is is a good one right yeah I mean 600 the volume is only gonna increase like people are all scared about next and neon meta exchange coming and destroying switch it's not yeah it may come and do more volume but switch Geo's volumes not gonna go down it's only gonna grow with me oh smart Kanna me well I think the thing with necks is that they're they're really trying to push that Fiat on-boarding in there and

They're working with regulations and I think that if if necks can get a Fiat on-ramp that's gonna be tough that's gonna be a year away yeah guarantee it they will not have a Fiat on ramp right when they launch it will just be a crypto Dex yeah you basically have to almost get like a banking license for yeah no they won't have it it'll be probably a year and maybe even for a US banking license to three years hmm so I think switching has time and I mean the Neos smart economy yeah it's small right now there's not as many

Assets aetherium to trade on but as it grows it's there's gonna be room for both necks and switch you and they're only going to increase both the exchanges no one father's going to be room for cool Krypto Pia's but now those are big exchanges now oh yeah that's a good point I had to actually close my crypto Pia cuz I got an email that said somebody kept trying to break into it so finally I just opieop but there was one weird little exchange that I needed for something and I kept getting emails it's like someone's trying to log in from

Hong Kong is this you no it's not me like are you kidding me if I ever logged in anywhere other than where I'm located at ridiculous anyways what is the weirdest thing that's happened to you with crypto in regards to your security and privacy for example like early on I went one day I was on the couch in front of the TV in my boxers with my girlfriend it was like 4:00 in the morning in Miami when ISIL is out there I heard a knock on the door like yeah so I like I freaked out and I just kind of ignored it and it happened again and so I was like and then and then it happened

Again I go from freaking out I was freaking out and so I I went and I grabbed a kitchen knife and I had it like next to me like a sharp one that we don't really use because it's kind of rusty and just old and then I was just like okay okay if they do it again I'm gonna go look so then I heard another knock and I opened the blinds and I didn't see anybody there so I was and then I went to sleep with our door locks which we don't do in our bedroom and I went to see what the knife next to me I know in the morning I was kind of like scared to go out I said I opened up the

Front door like peeking around I opened in there was a box an unmarked box with no address no name on it nothing I was like this is either a bomb so did you open it yeah I use a knife actually and then I popped it was just a t-shirt saying from like your fans here in the Netherlands from from Flores and Eric shoutout to them and it had like it was my first t-shirt ever that I ever got but I was I was like freaked out I had to get robbed I had like four millions of dollars I've seen some crazy what stories you guys have anything like that some weird phone calls and like

People making like pictures of me and stuff like a little weird pictures too like this is weird but block train Brad he's had some guy come to his rouse where he told me about that yeah like what um I can't remember the full story but sat outside and was like waiting for Brad to come outside to talk to him about a project and Brides like not for me yeah I had somebody actually figure out what apartment I live because I used to drive around making my videos and they are and I never and never actually like parked in front of my place and made a video or

Anything like that but they sent me a picture of my like parking spot and like literally in a small building on the beach with ten apartments so it's pretty easy to find me and it said like oh look if I was able to track this using this and this and this and ip's and this then I'm sure somebody else could do that so just be careful and I was like I panicked I don't have any cool stories like you guys like the worst that happens yeah just like a free ether giveaways that's like the mobile you know you know don't worry it's gonna happen you're gonna get some dude

Sending you some weird pictures Oh some dude commented on one of my I don't know where I posted a video left a comment saying that he they didn't like me because I was super mean and then proceeded to like insult me a lot and then when I said okay well I might be mean but I don't go out of my way to insult people they proceeded to like find me on Facebook and started spamming my chat with like threatening messages about like what they were gonna do to my boyfriend and stuff oh my god that's funny so eventually it stopped but people need to find hobbies yes yeah I

Wish I could show you some of the pictures like they're weird like me and like a CT photoshopped and like a king with my shirt off I was like what no that's honestly one of the things I don't know about weird stories but one of the funniest things recently and I wish I could pull it up right now but I can't pull it up right now so if anybody's watching go on my Twitter it's at the crypto zombie scroll down like a couple days ago and I did this review with the liquidity Network CEO and there was this part where he talks about the main net coming out before the actual

Token so this is so good and I got kind of like surprised and somebody took it and like made like a visual meme out of it and put some like Snoop Dogg track in the back and starts like smoking above yeah that was like that was like the coolest thing I've ever seen like somebody put me in like a like a living meme and I felt like four four even just one night I felt like a legend you know but that's about the best not weird cool no that's cool like threatening messages or getting strong current dude who's like I don't want to put I think he's watching this video but I told him to

Stop like he came to to California to try to find me and he's looking for me and Peter Shiff because he thinks that we'll be able to tell everybody that cryptos are all gonna crash and try to save the world through us for the channel it's it's been going on for awhile and at first I was like cordial with the guy cuz I try to be nice to subscribers and he was an early subscriber probably like two and two years ago definitely better out with two and a half years ago I don't even know how long he's been following me but slow like he changed his name on

Facebook he he's changed his name on YouTube several times but his style of writing is just like so odd and so my girlfriend was scared so he's like his girlfriend he claimed he had an ex girlfriend she says she doesn't even know him was hitting up my girlfriend on Facebook saying that he has been stalking her and that he hasn't stopped and he's threatening her boyfriend right now and he's like like the last message she said he thinks it's the adderall that might be affecting him and all this stuff but it's not that at all like I get comments that are like like

Literally message walls I've been getting it like seriously for the last two weeks so I don't know I don't know I was like dude like that's it next time that anything like that I'm gonna or useful FBI because apparently he has a record and they're looking for him in other places you lead a very interesting life Omar you know people will find you eventually and yeah and Chico's a small town I need to move the out of here you shouldn't imagine Chico haha yeah and you said what your name actually means that I know you don't come find me

Good one I don't have anything against I think there's definitely mental issues that can come about so I'm not trying to offend anybody either and to try to like like don't want to have to hurt anybody but I know little brothers in the army we got guns if you're out look so overwhelmed right now oh no I'm all good I listen man my talent I mean what I live it's pretty cool I mean it's whatever nobody cares about crypto here so it's kind of I couldn't imagine somebody coming to my coming to my door and knocking down trying to you know now but I I'm

Paranoid though like I actually had a group of people come to my house they were doing that they actually did a documentary on me which um I they haven't released it yet I've been waiting I've been really excited to show everybody that they like literally filmed me but long story short um they came and the first thing I said to them like I was like I just want to let you know I gave my hardware wallet to my girlfriend and that's at her job which is 45 minutes away like that's like I was like I know that people are coming to my house and I know that they know

That I do crypto so I literally gave my ledger nano to her that was mine yeah cuz I was just like you know about in a bank see you soon son I'm telling ya boney and say I lost all my stuff in a boating accident it fell off yeah oh my god we've talked about that so many times that's not the funniest stories though yeah yeah I just it's like a it's like a transparency thing so it's like I want to be honest with my subscribers but at the same time you're gonna get the IRS and murderers off your back honest I do my stuff's a lot more scattered than it used to be I used to

Be real stupid I used to just keep things on exchanges and have only a couple things but as as you begin to accumulate more and more and more and more of it you start to realize like how valuable that actually is so definitely you know safety is a really important thing and I probably don't have to tell everybody that but yeah you should definitely definitely look in the hardware wallets yeah if you have to I mean you could do paper wallets but that requires a lot of extra work on your part what's your guys's recommendation ledger

Tracey Tracey I haven't worked a treasurer but I do have a ledger and I absolutely love it I mean yeah my my ledger is great I have no issues with it I mean it bases there's pretty much very very few tokens that it doesn't cover and the ones that it doesn't they're usually pretty quick to work with and and add them as long you know with legit projects I mean let's be real they could cover zrc 20s it covers fives that's like most the market yeah you know what I'm saying you have you have Bitcoin and anything off of bitcoins of all of Bitcoin forks all ERC

20s all net fives that that's got to be over 95% of the market yeah so it just sucks not being able to get those air drops here Forex when they come out like you have to wait for nano to to integrate with them or somebody to build a third-party app that plugs into it actually I don't know not to cut you off I just recently did an interview with our kana wallet on my channel and they're not an ICO a lot of people thought they were an ICO there are coming out with a wallet that is doing exactly what you're saying this wallet it's felis transactions within the

Wallet it covers all airdrops it covers all main net swaps and you can trade directly through API so you never have to put your coins on exchange is sweet and it shards your private keys so your private keys are sharded in different locations and when I say this I don't mean hypothetically they actually have several locations around the globe with military-grade cold storage and this is legit and I asked them and I was like can you provide proof can you verify this and they were like yeah definitely like they have they have a thing I think they have some and

Don't quote me on this I want to say Singapore and some other place but yeah it's it's pretty legit man and and and what's even crazier about it is that they're actually doing kyc for it which is crazy because I know you're like well that's centralized but their whole concept is like we're doing what they refer to as transparent centralization so that basically it's like you are a bank so it's everything that you're used to with your bank account now except you are the bank you know what I'm saying so obviously they're not this this type of a project really can't if they can't

Come forward being the totally anonymous thing it's not going to work for them it's not a legitimate approach but you should definitely look into it if you're if you're interested in actually owning your own money owning your own assets have a look at it I pretty brown Saturday and the guys actually gonna do a screen share like the walk through the the beta wallet release in my interested the video will have the the wallet walk their honor which will be pretty cool that's awesome yeah I mean it's kind of what people have been waiting for with ethos I feel ethos has been

We've been waiting for that Universal wallet yeah my I just I don't know what the holdup is I mean I guess it's I guess it's like maybe cool yeah it's in beta testing now I literally I like I literally have it on my phone I've been using it for the past couple days so far so good some like quirks with it but I think the idea of having a mobile wallet like that where you can access everything and it be universal is super important so I'll be interested to see what Arcana has to say comparatively everybody wants to know about elasto so what's up with the

Lastest I'm not into it what what is what is that why do you guys what is plasto's it's a hard project to explain it's basically by Piper coin in real life it's the they're making a p2p file transfer or a new internet combined with the blockchain so anything actually connecting to the internet yeah so when you when you send files you're gonna be sending them through the lastest p2p carrier network and all of its gonna be verified through the last ousmane chain identity chain which is secured by the Bitcoin blockchain oh yeah the other having merged mining and actually Jihan

Woo has already said well I mean he's pretty much said I mean it's like you know it's happening it's not an official handshake but he's pretty much gone you know publicly instead that he plans on switching 50% of the hash power over to the Ella token someone showed that I was talking to from the team because I had them reviewing my write-up they said there's that theoretically it's it's in talks that it might be December is what they're shooting for mm-hmm you guys so smart you know about all these projects that I'll follow anymore because my brain has already failed well let's talk

Let's talk about something that Omar does know Omar I know that you're familiar with engine and you understand ER c720 ones non fungible assets right you know how that works same concept with alas dose the last dose is basically creating an internet where everything is p2p you know I mean they use they call themselves like the aircraft carrier for gaffes I mean that's just a fancy way of wording it but essentially it's like everything is yours so if I sent if I write a book I can I can pub okay like for example like right now if you go buy an e-book

On Amazon you're basically just downloading the same file over over and over and over and over and over again but you're doing it through a centralized service that verifies that on my account I have access to this file whereas whereas on alas dose when you buy a book that's a that's a unique asset that that's its own specific asset as if I had went out and actually took a book off of a library that's pretty sick yes right so if I send that to you you have a completely unique asset that nobody else has so that's one of the advantages of the alas those operating

System as well it's a real where that were the a-train oh yeah the pqp carrier network is functioning right now that is functioning they have a couple apps messenger app right now the biggest thing they're working on is on their main Alaska same right now it is working as just a proof of work on sidechain on top of Bitcoin but they are shooting for a VPS combination proof of work for just a little bit they know they may be slowed cool man my girlfriend just brought me a beer so I don't know if you want to grab another one or what we're doing yeah of course how long are we

Streaming for I mean every day my self out soon because I had to be up wicked or like I have to be up earlier than usual for drink a beer I respect you so much yeah you'll drink you'll drink the beer yeah well I probably got it shut off too she just handed it to me I wasn't gonna drink at all today but um she already opened it so I felt bad by the way of who to arrange your IPA that's what I'm drinking I wish I had like Anita's sucks cuz that's a great beer but uh I guess we could wrap things up it but I want to thank everybody for like you guys shared such

Amazing content that I haven't I don't talk about specific content like specific coins as much anymore so you share with me and the audience at least some information to get started on some new projects including like elasto switch Geo and all these other things so I definitely recommend if you guys are watching my channel to research a little bit more don't just go buy the coin cuz icon is under $1.99 find a reason to invest I would love all of you to pump my sweet sweet icon I still want you to do your research you should definitely do your research and that's the one

Thing I always say I try to tell everybody I think it's just like I do news videos I'll talk about a hundred coins a day I don't own them all I don't I don't know the inner workings of every single project you know so the thing is is if you find something out there that you like just do the research it's not hard most white white papers even though they're a pain in the ass you know if it's something you're interested in just consider that small amount of maybe 15 20 minutes worth of your day you know for the rest of your life with the money

You're investing I think it's worth it to take it all right check out the white paper does it elated did some work you know one recommendation though I will make for research read it use reddit what app people are absolutely scam and read it in a google search and you will find information on the project that I'd promised you that yes you ready and the information from reddit is usually not sponsored or it just probably recently beat some of it started becoming sponsored but if you go back if forum information on a project from a year ago it's gonna be a hundred percent from a

Real person you know definitely um also I wanted to just say right now I kind of like to always become that guy at the end of the live stream I want to say thank you to everyone that's been coming back to my channel everyone that's been liking subscribing commenting not just the four of us that are on here but the people that are on all of the chats on all of the screens right now it's it's a collective community and without you guys I wouldn't I wouldn't I don't I wouldn't be able to do this so I think read yeah this worked out yeah I love the differences of them you know we're

All very unique you know we all have different views on things I mean okay me and Tyler we might kind of slightly have some biases because we we were kind of like neo heads back in the day so it kind of it's a trickle-down thing but I do like to see the difference of opinions and and how everybody views the space and it's funny because we're in a bear market right now and pretty much all four of us are like yeah we're fine okay so absolutely guys thank you so much setting this up miss candor yeah candor thank you so much hey don't you crypto

Peace out guys he saw Chico candor Cato are all right guys I love you very much and now I have to do my awkward ending

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