CryptoCandor | Live w Crypto Zombie, Sara – Altcoin Buzz Ladies, & Rhode Block!

by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

Out for you and we're successful on your end alright I don't have my second screen pulled up today so what's going on guys it's k-dub here today I have no candor old friend Sarah and of course crypto rose alright um I don't have my second title screen I love today's

What's going on guys a time with what we had so how's it going everybody pretty good good yeah awesome so I can't see it can you guys hear us on our end are we live I can't see on my end right now because I only have one

Screen I am live on my end and I don't know if how my sound is I think I'm life as well from what I can see is it showing your your stream health is green yeah perfect can everybody hear us everybody can hear everybody first time

Doing this UK New York what up it's like let's go battle across the pond awesome awesome so um we have a lot of different people on my channel crypto candor I mean you're more than welcome to introduce

Yourself you're on here quite frequently I do enjoy your company and for the rest of us Sarah and and you know rota would you like to kind of introduce yourselves a little bit yeah sure um so hi everyone I'm Sarah from all combust

Ladies on Twitter all Coon Sarah and any other social media and recording from Birmingham everyone thinks England's only got one city and that's London not from London yeah so we invested into crypto for

Almost a year now and that's me in a quick nutshell hi everyone I'm Rhoda I'm in a space I'm known as crypto roads but I'm pretty new to the scene only enter the space maybe a few months ago although I've had an awareness of it

Like most people for several years now I mean my partner has been dabbling in it for four years I've been kind of having it in the background sort of ignoring it in a way not really paying attention and it was only really this year that I

Really started paying attention when well when I was kind of in a low place that just had another baby and I was feeling a bit helpless about a lot of things happening in the world and my personal life and my partner really

Helped me through he really actually set me down and broke broke everything down to me and made me see that it's not just all about Bitcoin he said look this because I was reap it off one day about Facebook

The whole the whole thing they say to misuse thing and he showed me that social media is changing as well as moving on to the blockchain and he showed me all these you know I joined steam seemed it sorry and applied to be

An alpha tester for how do I downloaded lit and I think I pretty much got open up into the this new world like what is happening came out of the gate quick yeah have you actually have you actually uh you tested how do have you driving as

An alpha tester but as from what I understand that's not what the platform's going to be like it's just to test things like reaction times and stuff like that so yeah it was it was all about finding issues and things that

Needed to be reported but so I don't actually know what the platform the actual platforms going to be like yeah but um yeah it's that was my entry point social media and as a mother I'm in London by the way if you haven't noticed

As a mother of two very young children I became quickly aware that this this new sort of technology is going to be what my kids are going to be growing up in like much like the internet was for us so I've become acutely aware of how this

Is going to affect them and I wanted I didn't want to be disconnected from that and like the way my parents are with the internet now you know I'm still helping my mum and dad send emails and stuff you know what I mean so I really wanted to

Be a part of that and understand it as much as possible even though I don't I really struggle with a lot of the tech stuff and the investments was talk but my partner really helps me that I mean he's been a trader for a few years as

Well in the traditional market so I think I kind of leave all that to him yes yeah traditional markets on steroids though but it's it's kind of similar it's it can be tough and you know it's all right as far as the tech goes yeah

Just take your time day by day I mean I didn't learn everything in a day and I'm still there's still things that confuse the hell out so absolutely but that's cool I mean your your the way

You're seeing it as you wanting to get involved understand it now because you're gonna have kids who are growing up in it I don't have kids so I haven't thought of that in context but that's your I mean you're spot-on that's the

Truth so that's pretty cool that you're kind of trying to make yourself a little bit more involved and just educated so that when it does become more commonplace that you won't be kind of left in the dark

Exactly yeah I'm just enthusiastic about the space I think it's yeah I think they all are so yeah so I had a question for you since now we're talking to people from the UK which you know candour and i are from new york so we have a very

Specific viewpoint on things you know US citizens and all that what is it like in the UK how do you what are your like what is your government stance on it how does it how does your country kind of look at it and do it huh well um I went

To recently to a conference as all converse ladies representative and I thought it would be quite cool to see because I haven't been to one for blotching related stuff and it was more of a really beginner there was a lot of

People who were in a pre I see your face just thinking of creating projects rather than being invested in themselves there was one conference and that sailor was a hundred people and maybe actually 15 of them owned any crypto so I said I

Was a bit weird and I guess it was just sort of a conference that I went to blockchain show but I think the UK is really Pro it from what I've seen in the news they really like blockchain they trying to implement it into as much ways

As they can it's quite a liberal country over here so it's my take on it well you're um are you guys allowed to participate in the majority of AI cos I mean if you can yeah yeah yes I'm very envious or we

Probably are both very envious because in the United States we were basically can't do anything so I mean right now it might be a godsend because none of these ICS are doing well so on in that in that hand I think now it worked in our favor

But last year when they were absolutely smashing it I'm some Louis yeah yeah I agree but I mean like coinbase recently added the possibility to exchange your pants back in two pounds straight into where

Previously you had to do it too pretty sure I do two euros and then you had to bring it some other platform to actually withdraw funds from crypto to Fiat so that thing just shows that even if Congress getting involved in it that UK

Is becoming a big player in the scene yeah I mean local one of my local grocery stores there's a billboard outside an electric one and it says you can advertise here pick my paper with Bitcoin

Etherium or litecoin and a shop like a corner shop a little further up the road from me has a crypto like cash machine thing ATM that's so cool yeah yeah I've seen those pop-up I'm in a lot of like Asian countries or people who like

They're on vacation and they'll posted I'm like reddit I've seen that the ATMs I haven't seen any of the United States obviously but uh I know they exist yeah everyone there's one this shop the most the least shop I would expect to sell

Bitcoin and actually have it exactly a thing these are just weird-looking things I don't know I haven't experienced it yet because I know the fees that they take are just enormous oh yeah I mean there's got to be an

Incentive right there it's probably a liability for them to to create them and get license to have them out there and get them regulated or whatever so they're gonna have to try to make money in some capacity

Absolutely so what do you guys I mean as far as this crazy dip so I mean I know Rhoda you just got into it recently so what do you think of this like I mean so many people got involved in this you know december/january time and now with

Everything that's going on in the markets what do you think I mean how do you feel about it well I new to the space so I actually entered the space in a an aberrant I suppose just what I've seen in I know

It's not the same as in traditional markets because it's a lot more volatile but from what I've seen with my partner's work it's all swings and roundabouts it's always up and down up and down isn't it so I know how the news

Can affect about geopolitical tensions and everything can affect the traditional markets and this particular market the the current news it seems to especially with the sex stuff that's happening not SEC SEC stuff I mean

Technically you're not that off I mean they did have a partnership so well it's okay I mean yeah well a lot of things that they're talking about right now for example the big thing is the whole ETF situation I'm you know I read an article

This morning that they were saying they're thinking that it might not get approved because of the crazy manipulation and you saw what happened with bit Mex when they shut down and it just instantly spiked up and then as

Soon as it came back it instantly went back down again so I mean what's your stance on it do you even think that we need an ETF or what is your opinion on it as far as like what do you think in general is gonna help bring people into

This space that we need I'm not sure about the ETF thing because I'm kind of split because I understand that it will bring other people into this space I don't know the whole thing about the space is meant to be about

Decentralization so yeah my I'm somewhat – I kind of think that Isis that society kind of needs centralization in a way but I read an article earlier that Andreas Antonopoulos was saying that he thinks it's a bad idea and because of

The manipulation that it's gonna create so I think what the project should focus more is an actual innovation and working products and proving that they can deliver instead of focusing on ETFs and what the government's will do because

They'll have to sort something out because it's such a volatile market but the fact that we need working products doesn't change the fact that they need to keep on working and improving their own projects because there's so many

Assets without working projects that people are invested a lot of money in and it's time to show if it actually works I think do you guys have ethos does it work for you can you good you have a fiat trading in and out where you

Are sorry do you guys have for ethos can you use the fiat ramp in and out in the in the the Gateway yeah I I don't even know that they had the Gateway up and running yet oh it's not okay I don't know the

Only reason I know this is cuz I just did that damn video but they um that's like they just partnered with somebody to set up the Gateway but it's not currently active but it is coming up I think like it's pretty close on the

Roadmap as far as priorities for them and I'm sure like if they're already allowing if they're liberal with icos and other things so the gateways probably going to be accessible for you guys but as far as the ETF goes I guess

My view is very similar to rotas like it's good in a sense that some centralization will bring in like older people who are maybe more skeptical of the space and don't feel comfortable investing but in the same light you know

I agree with Sarah and and that we should be focused on projects that are actually doing what they're say they're gonna do because eventually the government and everybody else is going to just have to figure it out and follow

Suit and accept it or not find a way to regulate it or not and I think it's hard to to put this space in a box and say ok we need an ETF we need you know SEC regulations when this is the first time the space has ever been in existence and

Forcing other regulations that fit other things onto this may not be the best way to go about it if that makes sense but yeah I don't know I just think that this is kind of its own beast and it needs to kind of grow and become its own

Thing before we start to try to you know make it into something else I guess it's alright sorry no go ahead and I on this channel ethers just stroked of Mesa go if anyone's still interested oh do they really I'm gonna go check that out yeah

I have that I'm getting the airdrops myself Oh somebody asked real quick Rhoda you said you had a lit a people want to know how they can follow you on lit what's your user name oh she froze oh no she's frozen

Okay okay I'm crypto roads and crypto roads and all of the all of the social media sites 0 as the oh yeah I've did me I downloaded the lit up I haven't used it much sorry guys because it's more of a stories platform

And I'm not that's not really me I had to look around but I'm not really one of those people that likes to upload stories so sorry you'll find me but you won't find much so I wanted to ask you Rhoda real quick just because you're you

Are extremely new to this face which is why I wanted to have you on the channel because I mean you only you only have a couple videos up and I found your content to be really good right off right out the gate okay I wanted to ask

You is this like what are you doing cuz I know you you are you still doing acting as well because you also do white papers you read white papers yeah yeah so when I entered the space because I knew pretty much nothing I the first

White paper I tried to read was Bitcoin that was the woman at my partner and told me to read he said he well you if you're going to read one might as well start with a v1 and because I've got two very young kids one of them's three and

The other one was just a baby at the time well he's still a baby now I actually listened to an audio version of it online and I found that easier while I had the kids I could just you know listen to it as I did stuff and I

Thought that that was a really good way for me to to learn like why not do audio recordings of these white papers so my partner who was very supportive of this he said rather than telling me which one to to record he said well why don't you

Look around and pick one so the first one I recorded was Eden chain that was really technical I couldn't regretted it straight away although it took me ages but I on the more like 50% mathematics so like how do

You go around that you just skip it I don't well I googled a lot to see how to how to say safe safe you know pronounce the formulas of however but if they if I got really stuck I'd say please refer to equation on page 10 but

Yeah I still I'm still acting I took a few years out just because I had I had to focus on being a mum and they I just needed to have a break because the last job I did the last proper job I did was it

Belgium and I was back and forth and really it really killed me being away from my son and now I've got a second son I just I really like taking taking my time to be in my kids so can't even imagine yeah yeah yeah exactly

But I did tell my agent like obviously if star wars like knocking on the door I won't say no to addition but I'm slowly slowly going back to to work now and yeah it's gonna be interesting not to cut everybody off but on my side since

You're a lot of new faces on the channel they're interested in what projects do you like what what projects are you looking at so do you guys want to kind I mean everybody knows on my channel two things I like but what do you guys

Really looking at right now what's are you buying anything on the dip are you waiting or or just fundamentally what do you like I'm ambassador neo yeah it's one of the first projects I invested in and it's just it's just close to my

Heart for that reason I'm also extremely bullish on V Jane if you follow me you know about how crazy I am with V chain and I'll think of the third one once Rhoda says because I had one of you make it a good pic though you can you've had

A hundred percent increase oh yeah so kudos to anyone holding that seriously a card honor yes o card oh no no yes yes I'm right there with you I yeah kind of made a I think everybody sort of knows it like the way you know

K-dubb likes neo is the way I like karna know and well I I saw one of this Austin oh yeah yeah you cut out a little bit which would you say I guess I was think to kinda I saw her review and her interview Charles Wisconsin there's one

Of the first things I saw no great stuff so when I was very impressed thank you I was petrified the entire time in Charles had set up the Google hangout so that we could stream and that was the

Only time I had ever used Google Hangouts and I didn't know that like he needed to change the setting on his side so it only streamed him the whole time which was I ended up being a blessing because it was a two-hour interview and

I was like like I was probably shaking through most of it because I was just so nervous I went from like making little videos in my kitchen to all of a sudden live-streaming with Charles Hoskins and I'm like I don't I think I'm in the

Wrong place I'm sure he asked the right person so ya know it was it was cool um you know it's kind of to speak to what you said about being new in the space and now you let you know feeling like there's so much more you don't know you

May always feel like that because I've been in here doing this for a year and a half now and I still find that there's so much that I still need to learn or still need to really understand or there's always more information which is

Also kind of the cool thing about it is that there's always something to research and learn more about yeah definitely the more you go into it the more you realize that it's crazy and at first I used to get really obsessed with

The tech and I still am but now I kind of agree with Sara that I think Sara I need to UM sorry she said she had a thing about earlier before we go haha you have to pronounce it's Sara right yes Sara Sara I don't know it's my New

York accent I guess I say it wrong but but yeah when it went you know what I forgot to train my train of thought anyway but what I was gonna say was for me personally as you get deeper into the tech you start to realize that

Eventually you do need that adoption and you need it to be something where you you know I always like to go back to what Steve Jobs said where it's about the Y you know it's not the what like you can try to sell people tech all day

But if it doesn't make their life easier if it's not more convenient for them if it's not something that's applicable you know it's really difficult to convince someone to just switch over to something that they're not used to just because of

Like oh one time there was a privacy you know it has to be more than just that and I think that that's the that's where we're at right now and I'm it's a gamble and it's more or less for example you said Cardno and they're one of those

Scholar types where everything has to kind of get peer-reviewed everything has to get so it takes time and I think what crypto we expected that the tech was going to move as fast as the price was back in December and then when it didn't

Everybody got super depressed so I don't know it sucks but unfortunately you look at companies like the ones that are the big ones now everybody talks about Amazon Facebook Google they didn't become you know Neal has only been

Around for you know naughty I don't know when it first did there I see oh but you know I know alas dose they just had their anniversary yesterday one year and everyone's like oh well what do you expect it's been one year guys you know

So you know here is nothing no absolutely it's not especially considering the kind of disruptive technology we're trying to like rebuild everything that we've been using for the last like 50 or 60 years that it's just

Pretty pretty unbelievable to think that people can be so impulsive about kind of how they feel about projects and why they're taking so long and I I mean I've done it too I can't you know pretend that I'm better in the process of having

Patience but it's you know it's important to remember again that it's this is so so early on in this space you know that's the cool part about it is we're all early adopters whether or not you started yesterday or today or you

Started two three years ago you know we've got a a long time of growth before this becomes mainstream absolutely a lot of questions on my end about EOS do you have any opinions on them I know I know did I just start the war on the but do

You guys what do you think well considering how much money they managed to race and how it all started off I'm a bit disappointed to be fair yeah but that's just my opinion it's tough I mean cuz like here's the

Thing so you've had a project like Tron right which is not they didn't have like the ICO but a lot of people were saying that Tron got hyped up out of nowhere it was you know paper where they had nothing right but the thing is is that

Tron actually in a weird way they they had a super high market cap right there was so much FOMO into it and then Justin son actually started utilizing some of that money to start developing the Tron

Virtual machine the stuff so like in a sense it's like you hear people say like oh I hate these guys that like they just pump their coins for no reason but then on the other hand it's like I like the guys that just put their head down and

Do the tech but as long as they're like utilizing it and being smart with it like I think Tron actually like went well I'm not gonna lie when Tron first came out I was the for I laughed at it I was just like okay whatever but now that

I see how serious they are and they're actually using their funds they've acquired bit right you know they have Tron chat that just came out and they're doing that thing with seed it now there's a bit

Yeah so I mean note that to me that's those are things people can use I mean down you know get seeded gone Twitter and send a tip anyone could do that you know and and and that's the adoption that I think that's really gonna help

Push it forward not you know okay get your twelve passwords seed phrase download your pneumonic this put it on a hardware then transfer here I mean most people are just used to going to the bank you know now I got to do twelve

More steps to get my money you know what I mean it's like crazy well that's like the thing that I always I feel like I say this and like every stream because someone always asks like what's your thought on you know the space growing

And how is it gonna being start being used by people and it's always my response is always it we have to be using it in a way that people don't realize that they're using blockchain tech yeah it has to be seamlessly

Effortlessly you open up your phone you use an app and the app works and it just happens to be a blockchain based project so when it's like live example that's like your Instagram even like the the EOS or the ethos wallet being able to

Open it up by crypto do atomic swaps on the platform keep it all there you know invest in other things like that to me is like a much easier use case than going on Queen base and buying it and sending it to finance and buying it and

Sending to the watt on your computer like it's it we have to decrease steps yeah it's a huge process and it's intimidating I mean the first time I ever sent a transaction unlike the etherium network like what is this

Address like the average person is not going to feel comfortable dealing with stuff like that you know yeah do you guys know like four times the address before you actually send the funds or is it just me panicking they're gonna send

It somewhere else yeah that happened to me the other day I did it for the first time and I was so nervous because if it if it went to the wrong address then it's completely my fault oh yeah there's nothing you can do about

It right exactly so yeah totally I did say you know that's the thing is like now you actually are your own bank so the responsibilities on you I've seen a few of these different projects for example byte ball they recently came out

With an address is now where you can you can but you can buy one from it's really cheap it's like I think maybe forty bucks or something and invite and you just get at so you could actually have like at crypto roads and oh you

Still that you still have your private key on it for yourself but like your public address and stuff you can just tell somebody like oh just send it to a crypto roads and then it'll redirect it to your address so it's those types of

Things that make it easier you know most people don't want to carry around fifty seven letter number digit copy-paste you know and then you have that then if you're if you do have to copy paste you got it your phone maybe somebody copies

That steals it right or something like that so you can actually do that on my ether wallet you come I like that yeah yeah yeah so it would be like you know the crypto zombie eath so in full disclosure I tried to buy crypto candor

Eve and I couldn't figure out how to do it because there's like a three day waiting period and then you have to wait and you have to like bid on it and I kept trying I did it like three or four times and I couldn't figure it out so

Either I don't know what I'm doing or it's just difficult but it wasn't it was it was a pain to try to get the name and I thought that would be cool okay well then I'll just have my name Eve but there are some services that do like the

Name instead of instead of like a long address yeah I've seen a lot of projects doing that even like comodo you know I was speaking to the team I'm actually trying to get an interview with jl 777 he's the anonymous so i have to do it

Through discord and ask me for text only so i'm probably do that like next week but even these guys are like yeah you know we kind of need a brand refresh we need to you know cuz even like the user the ux is the UI is what everyone call

And like they're trying to make the experience easier and you know it's like well it works but it's difficult and they need it to be more like one push button type thing you know like what we're familiar with now and i'm actually

Seeing a lot of projects realize that and I actually wouldn't be surprised if the remainder of this year we see projects really pushing like user experience user interface because I think they like have the int now so I

Think that's something they're definitely going to be doing moving forward absolutely um what else tonight I had a question uh II was gonna ask you oh I had a question actually because this is the first time I've ever done it

Like guys like all girls okay so I get this thing on my videos because I always start off with like what's going on guys it's k-dub here and like every couple of I always get somebody like stop saying guys there's girls here – are you

Offended by that as women did that bother you because like if you look in the dictionary definition like that the first definition is men and the second definition is a group of people collectively does not have to be I

Always thought it was like a neutral term I say guys or I call people guys are bro or dude or and like I say that's like my female friends so I mean I may not be the best person to ask but I don't I don't think so I don't know I my

In choice hey guys it's Sarah from all campus ladies so no I'm not okay good cuz I'm gonna definitely point that out and I'm gonna remember reference this because the next time somebody says this I'll be like watch the video they don't

Care yeah like do like the link in your description like to this moment in the video yeah see see I asked I'm good one of the reasons though that I really wanted to get all of you guys on the channel is because no well not just

Because you know a lot of people in the chatter making you know comments about that it's all females but really I like that you do informational educational content on your channels and I think that there needs to be more of that in

The space like I love to do top tens I do them sometimes you know and yeah I interview projects and sometimes you get a little high P&ID news but education you know like what good is like I do news great but what good is my channel

Gonna do to somebody who just came in great the news how are you use it how do I get involved you know so I really do appreciate that and I think it's important and I think that that's what the space is missing in my opinion so

I'd wanted to say thank you for what you are doing for helping everyone I mean I actually I wrote I watched your video where you like kind of think to Kyler's or whatever for yeah yeah his like shout out and it reminded me of the reason I

Started my channel which was when I got into the space there just wasn't a lot of entry-level content it was either like your reading articles about like what is ëthere 'i'm or you're watching like a seven-minute video where someone

Breaks down the tech or talks about the news and it was really hard to find content that was like okay speak to me like an adult but also you know make it so that it's digestible and that's what I wanted to do and so it's cool to see

Other people doing that too because I really think that there's a need for education I mean education is the whole space anyways but education in a sense that's like like perfect example the Charles Hoskinson

Interview he was he's brilliant but he's brilliant in a way that sometimes it doesn't translate so we need people to translate that and make it easy for the average person so I think it's that's very important definitely

I found that long videos don't speak to me so the way I try to do mine is unless it's a live stream I try to get on like until like below ten minutes so I can keep the people interested by also know I wouldn't bore myself if I had to

Listen to it because if you go into too much detail if people just lose the interest or it just gets too complicated for it to just listen without asking the questions so I think as long as we keep it short people will be more interested

To expand their knowledge about different projects and that that's my strategy for winning all the projects people yeah I I try to to explain it to someone like me if I can understand it then I'm sure you can yeah yeah but

That's like Krum Nathan from crypto nuts he always goes I try to do it as if I'm explaining it to a twelve-year-old that's what he says like a lot of times like especially in my older videos when I first got started if I don't

Understand what the word is I'll stop and define it in the video be like okay so I just used this term and this word means whatever because I don't know cuz sometimes you don't want to stop the video and go figure out what it means

It's just easier if people kind of break it all down so yeah twelve twelve year old is definitely a good age to try to lecture – yeah and another thing too when you think about it you know you've looked at all these um you kind of my

Mind was wandering thinking about the educational aspect of it and even just the simple fact that people don't truly understand like even like I use my dad for example he really thinks that Bitcoin goes inside of a wallet and and

Really in reality the the bitcoins the crypto there on the blockchain your private keys are essentially like a door that lets you into the blockchain you know so he's like oh what if I lose my wallet it's like I mean unless you

Lose the actual keys like the numbers but then people leave it on the exchanges and exchange get back so we had the big mountain ox I don't know if you recently saw that there the trusty came out and now people are

Trying to come back into you know baby basically you can claim loss but now people have pissed off because here's the issue they're trying to pay them back in the cash amount that it was worth when it got hacked and they're

Pissed off because they're like yeah but that Bitcoin has like ten xed or 15 20 X since that I don't know the exact numbers so they're trying to get paid out it's like when pit Connect paid everybody out in BCC yeah yeah yeah

There's no it's not even a token that has a use case so those are things also you know you have to let new people because I think that they get a lot of scams I saw with the the big connect leader that got taken down and then

There was a post in India totally misconstrued the information and they were reporting in India headlines that Satoshi Nakamoto had been arrested and he was in jail and finally the Bitcoin Ponzi had been taken down and is just

Like Noah's they're not related at all right and and and it's not misinformation that I don't want the public being afraid to get involved because that's gonna turn everybody off and that's not the case I mean it's like

It's like airplanes you know like people are afraid to fly but how often do planes actually crash you know what I'm saying like I don't know but ya know I mean I think we get with your point though but yeah it's uh it is scary to

Come into space and not realize like or just be kind of not gullible but just unaware oh this says it's gonna make me you know X amount of returns and all I have to do is like send it some ethers and it's a Bitcoin you know the average

Person doesn't really know that that's a lie especially if you're not around it you know we said the reason those twitter east scams still exists and they're still doing it is because they must be making money still I mean if it

Wasn't lucrative they would have stopped at this point so there's definitely still parrot need the education and the assistance yes Elon Musk I was gonna say he got hacked its Twitter got hacked deep really yeah

He's first tweet about actually crypto was how amazed he was about the etherion BOTS and how they work and how Twitter can actually go around it that it blows my mind that twitter has got so many employees and they can't go over Syrian

Boats I don't know it's just me but it's you know it goes beyond us it goes beyond that to Sarah because even just like I try to do polls for like vote for your next I'll let the community vote what do you want for my

Next video review right and I've seen my own polls get manipulated by box like like I'll have four and like one will clearly be losing and then all of a sudden like 15 minutes before it's done it'll just get like a hundred and fifty

Views out of nowhere like the whole finance thing I mean are these how do you even do these now I think that's the nother the other thing with the blockchain too is like being able to do voting and things like that because look

At this centralized system is how easy they are to manipulate you can't even trust polls it's just I don't know well clear people is actually supposed to be pointing out their initial like alpha platform I guess and I'm interested into

Looking into that cuz I think that is really really cool and I would love to see pulling or any sort of like governmental aspect in that way to be taken on by the blockchain because I think with the US and a whole election

This past or two years ago now whatever we could benefit for some transparency in our polling systems I think I think what's just Florida I think as long as Florida doesn't get a right to vote no offense to everybody in Florida but it

Seems to always be some confusion down south I don't know what is look your voting machines but you guys breakfast that's true oh yeah they talk about Greg Z can you guys first I can give us a little information because that's huge

Right it's a big option I actually made a video about brexit and how it's gonna influence a crypto so if you want to check it out with everyone you can do it but basically it's a there's gonna be some significant changes in the

Government and with the taxes I'm not really too good with Texas my mom is an accountant so she usually does it but there's gonna be big implementations that I think people involved with the crypto actually need to get they hard

Head around it it's not just that the economy is gonna be down and I'm obviously against brexit cuz I'm not know English as you know Kyle not English and so round all worried about what up don't say yeah

Oh sorry okay it's out but yeah I'm also worried about like my job and stuff so it's not just an implementation of the crypto approaching to realize that it's gonna get difficult I think people actually

Realize it but a real one I took it's much more brexit okay I personally didn't really know much about eight because it kind of didn't really affect me you know what I mean so I know that sounds kind of messed up plus it's like

Trying to get involved in anything that's not crypto related for me is like I was a real world and somebody will be like hey did you see what happened with Trump and I'm just like no and they're like oh well he's our president and it's

Really important I'm like I don't watch the news I literally just do crypto I don't he's our promoter all the time I watch all the crypto news but note telling us they're just boring just all the same

Stuff crypto so what I found is you know Rota when you were saying that you were listening to like audio versions of the the white paper originally because that was the best way for you to kind of consume information I'm the same way so

I work 40 hours a week and so it was easier for me to listen to podcasts or audiobooks to get into kind of crypto in general so that's what I do know during the week oh when I'm driving our community to work I listen to podcasts

And then I'll do audiobooks a couple books on Bitcoin that I've you know read or listen to so that's like the only way I can consume new information now because I don't have time but yeah I mean taking in any info outside of

Crypto is whether it's political or whatever else is hard because this is such like a fast-paced you know a week is like an eternity in crypto adjust the terms so yeah I noticed yeah I actually just found a cool

Article on crypto that apparently South Korea political parties are turning to blockchain to start working towards their voting system I guess there's advocates that are calling for the introduction of blockchain power

Voting in South Korea so that's pretty neat yep yes who's working well I kind of like on Luke just saying guys I know everyone's like oh you talk about icon icon crashed it's like what didn't crash like it's not just icon I mean literally

There's no no crypto survived any crypto they like I think that one of the coins that did like the best was actually finance if you look at finance over the past six months it actually had a really good trajectory so

Finance was one of the best pics but other than that everybody just got wrecked so but I've actually started to accumulate I don't know about you guys I started picking up more elasto size I picked up a little more icon actually

These is a new project that I think is has a very very very low market cap it's only about 10 million right now so that's one that I'm looking at um yeah that's really it right now still holding my Bitcoin now because you got a whole

Big so yeah my portfolios like now what's going down cuz I've used my Bitcoin for other stuff looks like 18% Bitcoin I think right now hmm it's tough because big boring people don't get the massive gains but then you

Also don't get those massive losses too so if you kind of hedge against it I mean so you you in the UK you can get involved in I cos have you have you bought any studios have you ever bought one what was your experience whether it

Did it was it good I'm not invested in it as though unfortunate that question sorry I was just curious to see how they've been going for people that have invested in ICS personally you know I have you done any icos right oh yeah I

Mean my partner have done some yeah actually the last one you don't have to name it if you don't want to yes it was yeah there was the last one we did was kind of recently and it was in one of the net five ones

And so kind of giving hints there and it it hasn't done as well as we were expecting it to so but we're still waiting well here's the biggest issue – if you notice a lot of these investments the I SEOs take aetherium they take

Ether well ether fell from 500 to 250 in the course of almost a week at half in price so right there by default if you're buying a certain amount of tokens for ether at 500 and now ether drop right

You know I'm saying so that alone yeah the etherium thing man well the only ID thing of beating I participated in was the kin IC o—- and I was pretty excited about but it's been I mean it dropped way

Below the ico price and then basically everybody sold but actually more recently they just released their there's an app now that you can like take surveys and do like daily stuff and earn kin and then buy gift cards with

That which is pretty stuck in it can it yeah I just downloaded it the other day and I've been using it um so I mean it didn't do you know it didn't go 10x like everything else and I didn't sell I still hold all the original but I just

Felt like it was like the only one that the US could participate in so I was like screw it I'm gonna do it I mean that's my thought process right go just do everyone in my live stream keeps telling me to report they're basically

Telling me what the hell am i doing on this live stream I'm essentially like the ugliest person so we need to go there we need to get another I don't belong on this live stream I don't know I just figured out we just people I'm

Not trying I didn't do it to be like oh hey you know I think it's either stream of the same people anyways cuz it's easier to just chat with somebody that you've already chatted with but it's important to bring on other people that

Are good and different and have a different point of view and you guys are and like I said the other side of the pond so you definitely have a view on things that we don't have over here which i think is really cool but going

Back to I cos I think when we invest in AI cos we choose projects that we really believe in we're not investing to flip it so I think there's a difference where we actually are true believers in it and we're in it for the long haul if that

Makes sense so what's the way to I mean ultimately that's the smarter way to go about doing it because if you're in a bear market like we are now if you invest it and I see all on fundamentals not with the intention of 10 Xing you're

Gonna have a time in the long run if that's kind of the way you the way you feel somebody is yelling Kyle for you to wear a wig somebody told me to put a paper bag on – thank you appreciate it

Appreciate all the nice comments on my channel guys I appreciate well you know though getting back on that topic of investing in things that you believe in and what thank you Eduardo I appreciate he says I'm pretty thank you

So they one of the things that really bothered me like when I went to consensus I really got you know cuz I do love the tech of course I want to make money I'm not gonna sit here and pretend like I thought I'd be lying to say that

I don't care about any what tech but the thing is is like when I went there the problem was is like you go to this event and it's designed for networking and meeting people and the problem was is that every single person

That came up to me was more concerned about what could be done for them instead of what they can do for me and I found that to be really selfish like it was a bunch of guy I mean I don't know I don't really know who's

People where they kind of came out of the Woodworks it's all everybody's wearing business suits and it's all about like oh I'm gonna invest in this and flip this and how can you make me rich and this and I was like you know

Maybe that's why everything crashed after consensus because it was a really depressing i opening fact that all these retail people that came in later they're only concerned about money and inevitably if you're only if all you're

Concerned about is greed the greed is going to tear it down I think that losses and sellout so that's actually a very good point Colin and think that about that but yeah I mean fundamentally if you start really breaking down

Conversations with people you'll find out what their priorities are and most of the time it's usually you know finance based which is fine and whatever but this market we know we're it's a little small for everybody to just be

Selling on getting out of it because the prices aren't great so fundamentals are important all right yeah like these emails that you get you know from these random ICO projects and literally the first thing that it says is like

Sponsored paid ICO with like exclamation points and it's just like that's the that's how you're gonna introduce yourself to me you know and like even you go on these late these websites for these new IC OS and honestly if I click

On a website and the first thing I see is the token sale I'm out that should be the last thing that should not be I mean the token sale should be the most difficult part of your website to find you know what I'm saying

Like I should have information on the front page so sometimes you can just tell just by looking at these projects like which ones are the cash grabs and unfortunately it has become ridiculously easy for people that have absolutely

Nothing but a white paper to raise millions of dollars which in traditional if you have an IPO you know you have to be established for that you know and that's my problem as well as my little bud bear as well and I really love the

Fact that you guys are doing this token tank thing because we kind of needed it in this space I love the idea that I think I respect any project or any CEO who agrees to go in your token tank and just be asked

You know really put on the spot and grilled because the simplest way I could break break down the whole ico process how it should be when it comes to asking for an investment was like the Sharks tank or in the you case we call it the

Dragons Den you think you're gonna ask for money you go to the Dragons Den will the Sharks tank and you got you go with an idea you go not just with an idea and a white paper say oh this is this is my idea and this

Is my white paper they know they get grill don't really get grill think that they they have to show a minimal minimal Viable Product they have to show records they have to show projections they have to you know they ask they get asked if

They're in debt you know how much of their profits are going in debt they get are so many questions and there isn't enough of that in this space so I think your token tank is a really good step towards something like that well that's

The thing that's different too is like we don't prep the questions you know like it's not sponsored they don't pay for it and they don't know what we're gonna ask them that's more you know like I've done interviews where I understand

If there's a language barrier that's understandable you need to prep because you I've had some that they just don't speak English that well but some people like no like let me revise that I would I don't want to answer that you know and

It's just like now you're not doing an interview now you're basically doing like a shell you're you you want to come on my channel just like literally just show your project you're not realistic you're not talking about problems you're

Not talking about concerns and that really like pisses me off personally and that's why I unrealistic with the people that I speak with you know especially if they're trying to tell me like you know we're gonna provide you with the list of

Questions it's like that's not an interview that's it's designed it's like a script you know and I just think there's that people don't need that I think people need more transparency actually a couple people over here have

Been asking about hadera Alec Alex you were in the the token tank as well I mean I kind of gave my opinion on it does everybody do you guys have an opinion on hadera some people think it's too centralized and they don't like the

Fact that it was kept completely private I mean I said that I think I said this at the end of the video but my fault on it is that you know okay so yeah cryptocurrency was born out of a want and need for decentralization of our

Hands-off approach and that's fine and there's thousands of projects that are trying to do that and I think that hadera is pretty much focused on Enterprise Solution for transactions per second and for speed and provide within

A corporate setting I think that there's a space for everything they're very honest about the fact that they're not necessarily planning to be a public chain and a lot of the reason that their transaction per second are so quick is

Because the nodes are more controlled and things like that so I don't I mean if you're looking at hadera and you're comparing it to Bitcoin you're doing it wrong it's like apples and oranges so I think what it's doing the goal it's

Trying to you know succeed with is fine it's not a public sale yeah that was kind of crummy and but also I don't think they necessarily want the general public in it if it's an enterprise solution so to each their own there's a

Space for everything it doesn't everything that you have to be decentralized and Bitcoin like what Alex isn't it isn't it ironic though that you you have people hating on hadera because of what they're doing with those at 50

Was it fifty one knows I don't remember some 59 I think 59 or something and then you have EOS with the twenty one block producers but you have Yas doing the year-long ICO where literally anyone could participate in the whole world or

A year long and everyone's like screw that that's stuck that's a scam model they wasted much money and then you have hadera doing the absolute opposite screw that that's not fair I couldn't get into an argument with somebody on the chat

Because somebody just said to me don't you think it's irresponsible of you guys to promote hadera with how they handled their token sale and I wanted to say no because there's people all over YouTube promoting EOS which had a year-long

Public ICO and they don't even they barely have a working product and if their projects like falling through the cracks and there can't manage the centralization of their nodes so no I don't think it's it's again there's a

Space for everything and we're we're as you said Kyle you know there's always going to be an update and edits needed to a project that's the reason why the iPhone gets push updates all the time from Apple there's nothing is perfect so

We have to be patient and understand that like sometimes there's projects out there that aren't gonna be for us and their purpose is something else entirely yeah you know we all have like this mindset that everything has to be

Decentralized and blockchain is a tech that's good for a lot of use cases they don't all have to be public yeah it doesn't rate use cases right now like like right now like literally right now you can use it for voting you can use it

For supply chain logistics you can technically use it as a store of value and a way of p2p transfer it has used cases I liked your recent video when you mention about charity as well because

That's something that's quite close to my heart and being used in charity like what knowing where the money's going I'm not gonna name any names because I don't know who watches these videos that knows why I'm personally but you know um there

Are some charities that that we have had in our community questionable of where what are these people doing because of the people that all of a sudden they have these charities right and then all of a sudden two weeks later they're

Taking a vacation in the Bahamas and stuff like that it's like wow that's really convenient that two weeks after the charity you guys are taking the kids going and I mean and it's just kind of like I really wish I could see where my

Money's going and you got look oh sorry actually uncle today don't you guys Rosen no you're good okay cool and so do you guys have black Bible do you know what a lot by boys at the website okay yeah okay so they basically made an

Article today saying that there was a couple who raised two hundred thousand pounds for a homeless person and they quit their jobs to do it and to give a good lot and guy and you start and as soon as they finished and that I'm

Having two casts and going on five holidays and the homeless guy only got 25k from it so that's what that's what I mean like how would never happen on blockchain like that there's just no chance it's come like that would go

Through unless some important I don't know out of box moves so yeah I totally agree that charity is a great help for blockchain yeah boxing is a great helpful charity the other way well that's like I forget what project I

Think it was request Network where they were talking about how if you know if they were used within like municipal regulations like within a towns or whatever if they use them for the money that they bring in on taxes and we could

Show exactly where their taxes are going instead of there being dishonesty and like where the money is going actually in our government which i think is another great use case because obviously with like all of them

Inflation that we have in people buying other people off it's very easy for when you have that much money for greed to set in and for you to be dishonest you know it's especially if you don't think anybody's watching yeah and that's

The issue with the centralized systems is that we don't know where they're going and we don't know what they're doing so those are just some of the solutions that blockchain could definitely help um I just I wanted to

Ask you a question Sarah real quickly you were talking about how you really really like neo and we were talking earlier about the tech and I meant to ask this question but I don't want to interrupt um yeah so how do you feel

About talking about oh there's all these bugs I think I think candor brought it up she said there's bugs and there's all these issues and people you know they're losing their faith and stuff like that so how do you feel about all this neo

Flood that's been going on recently I mean in one hand people are like oh they keep finding all these issues they fork they weren't supposed to than a couple times you had issues with a node shutting down remember they got frozen

On a few icy OS but my question is does that mean that neo is like garbage and we should just throw it out or do you think that it's a good thing I mean I would rather find these bugs now then fine yeah I think I think bugs is the

Best thing that could happen to a project it's like the silver lining of a project because you find out how like we're in an early adoption now like maybe a little bit later on but basically if they find it now I rather

Than find it now before they go on to a thorium scale and they have that many project being built and upon them rather than but so I'm trying to get to the point that they just starting gladly finding all those bugs because that

Means they can fix them I'll get worried when they won't be able to fix them and when the when the production of ICS will be impossible upon them so I'm personally not worried about it I think they just as long as they sorted out

They'll be fine and if their homes got some scalability issues as well so no single blocking platform is safe from bugs that's just my take on it and while there was some project recently the hell loads of bugs and I was really happy

About it I can't recall it now but there are projects who constantly find them and they don't repair them and that's when I lose faith into them that's I think yeah I mean I think I'm in repairing them finding them is the

Better part because if they're finding in means that the team is actively trying to improve the project they're working on it that's a good thing if they were sitting there saying there's nothing

Wrong with our project it's perfect that's like McAfee is wallet if anybody can inhabit whatever it's unhackable instead of them trying to because they probably didn't even test it then trying to test it improve it and be able to

Show people the effort that they put it in forth and making it unhackable but instead they promote it as such and lie to people about it so I'd rather see transparency humility okay our projects not perfect here are bugs here's what

We're fixing and honestly Neos like they're there updates that they do on our actual website that they see you know do monthly updates very thorough I mean they put everything that they find that is wrong everything that they're

Working on and I would much rather that than then try to hide it I mean I think that's a pro yeah they're no they're really quick to jump in on it like right first SEC you know Eric Zhong I mean name one time that neo has an issue that

Not within a matter of literally hours they're addressing it working on it fixing yeah we my partner put it to me in a really simple way to understand like he he used the example of like our child our baby like they have they come

Out into this world with no immunity that immune system and they pick up bugs and it's what makes them stronger what makes them better and I think it's the same thing with these these projects are coming into the space these bugs are

Actually helping that's gonna make that make the project stronger and it's like like Sarah said as the the earlier that it happens the better that's why I like these these projects like quant stamp and sir Sir dick sir Takei whatever

They're calling themselves because they're actually looking to look into the you know look into the bugs they're trying to find them and that's becoming something you know auditing smart contracts so I think that's gonna be a

Niche market of its own that people that's going to be really important personally absolutely alright well this has been a pretty fun free fun ride I don't know are there any questions from the chat I mean the chat got kind of

Quiet everybody was really asking a lot of questions I think the whole markets got everybody kind of into like a bit of a mood right now you know we're all just kind of trying to figure out what we're doing where we belong and how to really

Benefit from this I mean it's it's funny cuz I would keep saying buy the dip and then it dips or by the dip and then it did s'more but you know I mean if you do look at Bitcoin I'm not really good with with ta

Right now so I'm not gonna pretend that I do technical analysis I'm not gonna pretend to be that guy but if you do look at it it's been going sideways for like quite some time now and in the past although it might not

Repeat itself I've noticed that it usually does something I hope it goes this way though but we'll see so rollin in Avalon I think it's gonna I think it's gonna explode it's just a matter of time and I mean I don't do ta and I'm

Just speaking from a gut feelings to you know do your own research don't trade on my advice whatever whatever but no I mean based on last year you know when we saw that the increase to almost 20k or whatever that you know that's that was

Just enthusiasm and that was a drop in a bucket compared to the amount of people that are still out there that are maybe debating on getting into crypto or haven't heard of it yeah and I mean I think the future is gonna be quite

Bright I just think that these pull backs and this bear market is healthy it's it's got to happen it's unrealistic for us to thank you know Ruth oh yeah we can't have that kind of growth all the time it's just not real the interesting

Thing is if you don't just look at the price you look at the volume you'll see that the volume is growing which means that there's more transactions happening more people are actually using crypto even though the prices are the lowest

They've been like well not the lowest they've been all year but almost the lowest they've been but the volume is is way bigger than it used to be crypto daily actually I watched a video a couple days ago and he said it's like

Yeah you know that that the price isn't going anywhere but if you look at like the actual volume trading over the last like two years it's steadily increasing so it's there you know the markets they read about I made a tweet about the Wow

About the volumes trading volumes and I said it before I found the tweet okay so in 2014 an average daily volume was fifteen million dollars in 2017 it was 2.2 billion and in 2019 we don't really know what's it gonna be so it's just

Going up exactly and volume means speaks for itself I think laud and anything else can yeah absolutely yeah definitely because I mean prices just over election of whatever like when you really think about it all it is is the

Last price multiplied by how many coins you know it's difficult to get I mean in reality the scary thing actually about the market cap I don't know how many people know this but if everybody was to try to cash out at once wouldn't be able

To the on the market cap doesn't truly reflect how much money is actually in crypto it's actually arguably inflated I've heard people say up to even 50x of the actual amount of money you could take out at once which is very

Interesting because you always have a buy in a sell unless you're doing OTC so inevitably if you're gonna cash out you'd have to do it you know I don't know it would drive it down and buy the audio whatever so yeah I mean that's

Kind of that's actually scary thinking that it's even lower than what we're looking at because you look at how these guys are manipulating it right now imagine if it was even lower than that and that's the thing is like the whole

Reason that I got into this whole decentralized stuff was because I wanted to get away from the bank's I want to get away from the centralization and it seems like the more we keep selling our Bitcoin cheap to these guys on the other

End we don't know who they are we're giving that power back to them and they're just gonna the same problems that we have in the real world we're gonna have in crypto if we don't start taking back the power ourselves you know

And why everyone needs to hold a little bit of Bitcoin not financial advice but just hold some stop giving it away to these you know yeah absolutely for sure so is there anything else we've been going for about an hour I've really

Appreciated this I actually have to I'm going to New York City I don't know if you guys know Jeff from quanta Lass's he's getting married oh and he's having a bachelor party so I'm gonna go see Jeff in the city

Tonight I'm gonna go get hot-air balloons so that's my place I don't know if you guys have anything else to add otherwise I'm pretty much good on my end I can't think of anything well I'll say something definitely you know you know

Wrote wrote a new channel just got into crypto everybody please go support her I appreciate her coming ten I think it's really good so check it out and you know the links in description go follow everybody we're all a happy crypto

Family here so there you go thank you thank you thanks for that absolutely and obviously to everybody that came out in the chat obviously I love you guys awesome we had some kind of funny funny comments in the chat today but I know

You guys are just playing around so still still a pleasure and honor to have everybody on so thanks everybody really really awesome I'd love to do something like this again at some point definitely yeah you should girlfriend

Yeah alright guys there you go great night alright talk to you later bye guys

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