CryptoCandor | Live w Crypto Zombie & Captain Crypto from Cryptonauts!

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

so what's going on guys we're doing a live stream tonight I've been very skeptical on doing these because of the issues I've been having with my computer but I think we're alright right now so surprise it's Friday night what's going

On everybody eyes done still out over here in last night what's up crypto cheese or how's it going buddy so for everybody on my side this is captain crypto he runs the crypto not Channel I love their style

It's really cool you guys so much more professional than my channel the way that you guys film and edit um you guys got like drones flying around I don't know that but it's pretty cool so I wanted to sort of bring you on the

Channel you know along with candor and maybe discuss recently so you actually went to Singapore right uh Nathan yeah yeah what the Singapore it was it was a trip so so alright so you want the story of the scoop of how I ended up in

Singapore yeah then I I think it's insane like I yeah there's off Instagram post really really though I put this question that says should I go visit all why was ninety five percent said yes and then like maybe three hours later blog

Clouds bought my ticket well that's pretty cool leaving on the 20th so I did the AMA with shoe over there so I was like just just give me a one-way I'll figure it out you know and then uh and then the next thing is here's the ticket

Right and then I'm on the plane like so 16 hours later I'm on the plane 17-hour flight I'm like dead fly I landed and I met all my buzz what do you do for seventeen hours on a plane dude I literally just talked to these two

Ladies like next to me they're like from Houston from the same where I was born I was born in Houston and raised and like Little Rock Arkansas so you know we're just talking very cool but yeah yes so Singapore turned out to

Be the number one blockchain city in the world well what was it like what was it like at the altcoin Buzz headquarters like gladden is it busy a lot of stuff going on or what I mean I'd like to make it out there sometime so you gotta go

Check it out he's like busy all the time by a meeting after meeting like every time like that we did that other toget tank I ran down there to get him first through his meeting are you gonna do this things like what no I was just like

All right you know we've gotta call Brett and so he's just like he's busy he's got a lot of people putting out content I remember like he said they're in the bull run they're putting up nine videos a day that's crazy

He's got all coin buzz there's like well what is there like 38 people that works on something 36 people yeah 36 people working for all coin buzz so listen man if I have 36 people I'm sure I could put out more than two videos a day I mean

It's a lot it's like seven hours worth of work for two videos so it definitely is a lot so okay cool we finally got some people rolling into the chat we were just had some kind of pointless banter in the beginning so what's going

On everybody how are you guys doing it's Friday it's the weekend hopefully everyone's enjoying themselves but if not hey you know here we are on the live stream so I kind of wanted to talk about I briefly brushed upon it in my news

Today but I didn't really dive super deep into it so I wanted to sort of talk about the big news today what's been happening with the you know ice the New York Stock Exchange how they're gonna be dealing

With basically us well you can actually compare it almost to like the Lightning Network where they're looking to have like a second layer solution for Bitcoin and things of that nature where you know even when they have their futures

They're gonna have them settled within 24 hours so that's really different than what we've seen from the other Bitcoin future so if you look back in time when that futures those contracts started that was literally at the peak that was

The peak at the highest point and that's when everything started to fall but the difference is people are a lot more bullish on this because now these people are gonna be dealing with actual Bitcoin instead of just cash settled yeah back

And forth I'm just saying oh it's gonna go this high it's gonna go this you know and then whoever's right gets gets cash and but but in this case we're talking about Bitcoin so they're gonna be utilizing Microsoft you have Starbucks

On board I mean I don't know if any you guys looked into this it's it's really really probably some of the best news we've heard and crypto in quite some time well there's this app that I use for for

News I'm gonna try to pull it up quick so shout out the name it's called coin feed and and it pulls it's kind of like a like an aggregator it pulls a lot of different sources and I one of the first

Things I saw when I opened up the feed was you're gonna be able to probably buy your latte at Starbucks with Bitcoin and then I kind of was reading about that and how they might be adding the capability to do that and I was reading

About the new futures and the ice contracts and stuff and it's pretty amazing how it feels like overnight all of a sudden there's all this talk because you know as we were just talking about before the stream started the

Platform that they're going to be using for ice is called backs which I still think this is our name but they're gonna be leveraging Microsoft's cloud services basically so we go from you know there being a bear market to Microsoft

Starbucks you know New York Stock Exchange Bitcoin futures like out of nowhere and it's funny cuz if you look on any crypto website any news site right now that's like all the articles are about that yeah and I just want to

Stress to everybody watching right now you know like I said I didn't put enough emphasis on it this morning but they're actually building this thing called the Omnibus which is gonna sit on top of the Bitcoin blockchain this is huge so it's

It's almost like they they might they might actually do this technically before the Lightning Network now guys we're gonna admit it has many centralized components to it I mean clearly but just think about that

Though I mean you know you want it to be adoption but it's not going to go instantly centralized to instant instantly decentralized there's gonna be that that middle ground you know what I'm saying so I think I think this is

Huge news I can't stress it enough um I'm gonna keep an eye on it definitely I'm gonna see what keeps rolling out maybe tomorrow I'll go into a little bit more detail in my news videos but um what's God so what is it like in a

Nutshell like if I was like 12 years old how would you describe it oh it's it's just a fancy term that's all it is it's just like a second layer like imagine anything that sits on top of a block chain like seller network or Trinity or

Raiden you know it's a second layer solution but other thing is these guys are developing it so it's not like a crypto it's not like a tradeable token I mean it's like a it's like a centralized like you know protocol layer so really

Yeah it's crazy bro it's it really interesting so I mean as far as the markets go did you guys see that today Queen market cab had a glitch they think it Heather do with tether cuz the price went up to like one dollar and

Eight cents somebody tweeted me out of nowhere which is like oh my God look at corn market cab and I was busy at work so I couldn't and then I saw it all over read and everybody was panicking like coins were up like eight hundred percent

Like yeah what a time to be alive that would have been nice yeah well I don't know what was worse seeing that or then having to watch it you know plummet all the way back down so that was crazy absolutely so um we actually recently

Just recorded our ontology token tank in case everybody out there was wondering but we're probably not gonna put it out until Monday there was a lot of technical issues unfortunately with Julie's well apparently the guy has 10 G

4G 5g 10 G 10 G but yes oh yeah it was a lot of issues and there's a lot of editing that had to get done which is one of the reasons why a lot of people are like why don't you do these token tanks live because of stuff like that

When you have five different you know providers and sources and that's exactly so that's what kind of sucks about that somebody was asking me I will for the record be on a token tank at some point what happened was I was on vacation for

Two weeks they started doing it and then I just I've been trying to catch up with other cons and stuff that I need to get out of the way first but I will be joining these fine individuals on one and I look forward to it cuz I think

It's gonna be fun like a lot of fun yeah the whole idea is really I mean it was crazy we just kind of came up with the idea one day it was you know we were just talking it was like Brad and lark and everybody and you

Know we were just like why don't we just do a interview type you know shark tank show but we rotate the hosts and we don't tell the project's the questions beforehand and we just keep it totally community like we don't vote we don't

Pick winners you know we just literally ask the questions and then that's it you know and I don't think anyone's really done that so no they keep it fresh because sometimes that's part of the reason why we do these live streams with

Different people's because we like to you know it can be monotonous for people who are viewing and also for creators to be doing the same stuff all the time so it's nice to like do something different yeah so I just found this this really I

Don't know if this necessarily would be a big news for you cow because you don't have like a web store but apparently coinbase is launching a crypto plugin for a popular the the WooCommerce which is like basically a website that you can

Sync with your existing website that allows you to bring in merchandise and other things to sell so like I use Shopify which is very similar to walk on earth and so I guess coinbase is gonna be providing a payment system for

Upwards of they're saying twenty percent of all those web stores which is pretty amazing and so the plug-in I guess is available on github now I I hadn't heard about this until I started googling but that's pretty awesome because I I i

Right now have the request network plug-in on Shopify so you can use requests if you want to pay me no one's done it because I think it's a little confusing um but it's pretty neat that coinbase is gonna be doing that yeah

That'd be quick yeah cooperating it pretty quick yeah the cool thing about it is they're using a wordpress plugin so it's just like a plug-and-play it's just one button so you literally just add the

Button to your to your website and they do all the work for you so you know that's the thing as people are lazy it like you said request networks confusing so people aren't using it yeah you know WordPress is simple it's just a boom

Button so people are using it yeah that's always the way it's always the way it works right people are yeah definitely so aside from all those other predictions you have UBS saying that if Bitcoin reaches two hundred and thirteen

Thousand dollars apparently it can officially be able to like replace the US dollar talked about so now we did we just got to get past ten grand I'll be happy you know for your 2014 it's crazy that's I mean I'm sure there's gonna be

A day that that's gonna happen but even still that's pretty nuts crypto crypto God says aetherium classic is a scam I don't know it's not a scam it's just uh it's kind of one of those projects that you just it its sole purpose of existing

Was just to make sure people didn't lose their money back when the Dow got hacked and and you know beyond that most people tend to just work on aetherium I don't see a lot of aetherium classic developers I don't really

See much coming out of the commute now I know there's hardcore etc' people that are gonna hate on me but I mean I come on I mean it's been it's been it's been like a year oh you you're an aetherium classic Geyer well he bought just

Kinston so I like he said I'm a hospice advance oh I didn't know that he was asleep though he's the etc' guy so then obviously I jumped on the bus yeah I'm he created card on oh yeah it's one of the projects that's managed by IO HK

Yeah yeah and because of the heck he's gonna make sure that card oh no does not get hacked yeah that's what I mean it was just a big philosophical split it was a philosophical fork basically is why it happened but I think

That I mean there's kind of a place for everything I don't know long term if he you know if you know classics really I wouldn't say to rip off and it's not a scam because it's definitely doing what it's saying it's gonna do but I don't

Know usability and functionality how long-term a project like that will be around I mean I don't want to you go ahead bro it's gonna hit coinbase and so I don't wanna base it went so I'm gonna sell it right back to the theorem by the

Buy the rumor sell the news on aetherium classic I think um I think with aetherium classic I think he could potentially act the same way as litecoin did for so many years for for Bitcoin where it's more of like if they wanted

To they're they're probably not gonna take it in that route they probably want to like maintain their own dignity and their own you know concepts but if they did use it as a test net for a theory oh it would be good you know you could try

Things on aetherium classic before you know putting it on putting them on aetherium kind of like what litecoin was for a while so yeah that's an option it's a possibility but um elf is running on a different EVM

That wasn't it it's like it's gonna I think in classic yeah I think it's like you can't switch to proof of stake oh dude I don't know that I I really I don't really know much about aetherium classic this never it's never really

Interested me unfortunately but you know what I don't want to steal your thunder I know you've been actually doing a lot of cardinal research lately you were telling me about it like what's going on man what's the what is the good news

Deck card I know it's legit it's just like I think it's it's it's it's my main my main squeeze yeah well you and me both I'm excited cuz I've seen I love that update to the roadmap I actually just

Recently did an updated video on them like a kind of follow up and I love the new roadmap because it shows like the progressive change by percents so it's nice that you can kind of follow along and and they're constantly updating it

I'm trying to pull up my write-up to see what I put down for because I know there was some stuff I wanted to grab you see what they they audited themself they have a auto report out I don't think I saw that pretty dope if you want to pull

That up so they they they got a company to come in and audit it and they found all the bugs and stuff and then IOH they had to respond to each problem to make sure they say this I got to do more research on card on oh I feel like I

Haven't really done justice to my to my channel really because for the longest time Cardinal was really just like a wallet you know like it really was and it's I didn't have any um you know I didn't I don't have an issue with

Charles at all I think he's a really intelligent dude I think hard ah no they just they're like the academics you know I mean everything's got to kind of go through a voting process everything's got a which is good because that that

Means when they do release their products they're gonna be good they're not gonna have loopholes or not have you know bugs and this other stuff but it takes a long time but then again when you really think about it when you

Compare things in crypto everybody wants things so fast but when you look at even something for example like the internet you know when it was developed you know with DARPA in the military and you know that was coming out in the 60s and then

You know look how long that took to evolve to what we have today it took it took decades so yeah you know oh card oh no you know all that you know I mean oh it's been a year oh this is cool Nathan it there's a big audit report they do a

Table of contents explaining by Flags by code by quality documentation and then in a summary it'll show that I look at links IOH k's direct response to the code and states whether it's so low priority acknowledged in progress that's

Awesome will review later you're doing everybody that's why I love Cortana because yeah they're academics and it may take forever but when it gets done it's going to be perfect

Yeah and also you know the code they're using a Pascal and Haskell that input an output so it's a shorter code so it won't get hacked and also just the whole the whole system the whole names like Cardona was the first person who in

History and the 1603 card ah no and then died analyst was a Chris's father who built from the wings I said don't fly too high so gqc yeah well I know that ADA was like one of the first polymaths which is what I like so that's why that

Coin is named it after Ada Lovelace yeah that's the confusing thing they're naming every single thing they come out with has a different name it's named after somebody IO Tex is doing the same thing they're naming all of their tests

Nets and stuff after I think cryptographers and stuff like that they did they did stone van was the first one and then they just did another one too which I don't really remember right now but and the thing about peer review it's

I you know for me I never really with the college but I do see you me and my dad used to get into arguments cuz my dad has a PhD in computer engineering oh I don't think you know but you were always somebody to double-check my work

And I would never double-check my work but like that's what peer review is it's just like you give it to another set of eyes another PhD and they just make sure that there's no mistakes well yeah because the thing is is like

You got to think about these guys I'm not a coder I'm not a developer but I can only imagine if I'm just sitting in front of a screen all day long and I'm just looking at all these different characters and letters and numbers

Eventually like you gotta kind of like you're got a bug out after a while you know and you know show it to somebody else let them look at it I mean that happens with me with my videos I'll be at he's gonna say that yeah and then

I'll put my video out like today for example I put my video out and like I watched it and I like I misspelled a word in the beginning and I'm like yeah I know some troll is gonna be like that's not how you spell it you know

Yeah yeah that happens to meet you sometimes like if I have a video that ends up being like over ten minutes as much as I may want to put it out the night that I make it sometimes I'll just wait til the next day go to work come

Home and and start editing again and go over it because like I'll make little tiny errors clearly just out of the fact that I've been editing for too long in my eyes hurt so obviously like I'm not coder and me comparing my video editing

To like writing code is clearly not like a perfect example but I'm the same way you know I own ever second checked would go over my work a second time and that would be the reason why I always had errors so it reviews where it's at yeah

Yep as much as you don't want to do it but uh oh oh in Singapore there's something called Tim blockchain it's legit like yeah I've heard about that it's like talking I am or something or what is it about what exactly is it cuz

I've heard of that money and so it's this guy named Popeye so I met him and he taught me he gave me crypto one on one I just sat there I've had to learn everything he's so smart he just sits there just coats and they're doing geo

Geo splitting dag so like you know you need a start car a key to you know like a like a Lamborghini or like a like Ultima you need the key in the car to push start yeah so you need location to do the transactions geo squiding oh

That's kind of cool it's a super block method so like you have the DAGs on the bottom right the DAGs collecting this transaction super fast that shoot that like a well and a point and then the bags of coins get collected into the

Super block every five seconds so it's like it's not that you full-blown panicking in my chat right now screaming that Tim is a scam apparently I mean Duty Andre from crypto briefing can't even go through the code right now so if

You want to go through the code bro see if you what as in esident it's too complicated for him right yeah so you look through the code though it's there it's in the github so Tim Boetsch can look it up like the encoder look it up

Look up the github and look over the code and you tell me because I know the code is real I saw it so yeah absolutely that's the thing is like unfortunately um you know as far as developers they're far and few between when it comes to

Finding people that can do code and actually validate stuff so it's really difficult especially from my perspective when people ask me to do reviews on projects the thing is is I can only review it from my standpoint of reading

A paper and what conversations I've had with the team you know what I mean but for all you know that white paper could be pure crap it could just be a bunch of pointless mathematical equations that mean

Absolutely nothing and I think that code is is king in a sense and I think moving forward especially with a lot of these projects and people being really pissed off with icos I think the code is gonna become much more important than anything

Else like you know like you kind of had that old-school way of looking at a project where you look at the team you look at their past experiences you dive deep into the white paper and the tech I think now people are just gonna

Straight-up start looking at code you know what I mean cuz there's like a hundred different projects with the same white paper well that's like I said on the running joke was they just copy and paste everything and every issue that

They've had in every hack is that the guy doesn't really go in and resolve the issue for the code is just trying to take more code from somewhere else so I mean if you're looking at the skeleton if you look into the bones of a project

With the code is where it's operating if you can read it you can understand it you will log up over everybody else I'm envious of those can do I don't know anything about it it's very like I said I don't need vision I don't even know

How code works like I look at it and I just like like really from a financial perspective how do you how do you turn a bunch of symbols into like a full-fledged application like how is so mind-blowing to me man

I remake zeros and ones you know the matrix code that's like machine code is at the bottom yes well and then yeah I mean it's it's legit I think the I always say this because you know the Bitcoin protocol was the one was one of

The very few project I think it might be the only one that was the code was written first in the white became second yeah that's actually true they developed they had a working product 100% working before they even wrote about it yeah

That's a good call dude on a side note I saw I was checking out the the ice and they they actually do have arm it says a multi asset multi venue data with 25 cryptocurrency trading venues they have Bitcoin Bitcoin cash – EOS a theory of

Aetherium classic litecoin Manero neo Oh music Oh cute um ripples stellar tether and Zee cash so I don't know if that means that that's all going to be on this thing that they're doing with back but I know Bitcoin will but these might

Be the potential ones to get added so that's just something to keep in mind but I don't know you mean I'm just looking at the website it doesn't doesn't guarantee but they're definitely gonna be working

With Bitcoin so I think that's the most important thing because bitcoin is you know that's the one that everybody knows anyway so yeah oh so look can I do this giveaway quick before I forget yeah yeah sure thank you

So I'll give you the UH so somebody want me to bring up the library anyways I just got a message in the chat so there's this platform that's like a little decentralized YouTube basically and it operates on your computer and not

On a website but they are building that in the process they're in the process of doing that it's a project I've been a kind of on and putting my content on for like eight months now I love it team's great I did

A review of them not too long ago and they gave me some LBC which is their token to give away and also two t-shirts so I did a raffle and people have signed up for it so I'm gonna do the giveaway so that we can see who wins cuz I did it

Like two weeks ago and I forgot so well the problem is I actually it says four prizes left so here's the deal I thought they were sending me three shirts they did send me three shirts but one of them was for me to wear in the

Video so the first two prizes each the first two raffles are gonna be two extra-large shirts and then the third raffle is gonna be the LBC tokens instead of the t-shirt so I'm just gonna do the first three and the only rule is

You guys got to contact me within 24 hours you know telling me that you want your stuff giving me a shipping address or an LBC wallet if you don't I will redraw winners so yeah so let's do this let's see this is the first time I've

Used this winners to draw one look I warned your tokens is do we say lease I got to start doing more fun giveaways on my channel I feel like I haven't done anything since I hit alright so I've given a bunch of want a neo away back

It's cool it's cool breaks it up and it's fun if people are gonna just give you stuff to give away so eco I don't I don't want a butcher this person's last name but you won a extra large shirts so message me if you want it

Draw winners let's see winners to draw one how many you got do three of these yes so this is the second one I got one more yeah how about them Big Mac clean young rogue oh I totally Swartz join the crypto Canada score and I guess that's

What he did you get a t-shirt so message me your stuff and the last person is gonna get some LBC tokens so I think it's 50 lbc tokens I got to look back and John Doerr vol yeah you get LBC so hit me up and I'm gonna screenshot this

Just so I know for sure that I have it saved hey Alex Craig on my channel says quit giving away crypto and buy something with it that would actually do something for the space hey man I do buy it I'm giving

Away free stuff I'm trying to be nice but uh yeah absolutely I'll I'll tell you guys what I'll tell you guys what I don't have any crazy milestone as far as subscribers but I'm really really really close to hitting 2 million views on my

Channel like 2 million video views so I'll tell you guys what anybody that's watching right now okay when I hit 2 million I will do a livestream and I'll do a I don't know man what do you guys want you guys want some neo you guys

Want some what do you guys want yeah bitcoin will take way too long to stand I could send some ether or something like that it don't really matter you guys are gonna sell it for whatever you want anyway yeah I like this I like

Giving away neo cuz it's cool cuz it's like one whole neo and it just whatever the price is like sometimes it's 30 bucks sometimes it's 45 I just like giving away one neo you know the uptake though they're making it too visible

Right Oh what ok ok ok but did you or did you hear about the black hole addresses know that 208 is talking about so basically what will happen is you know there's like Bitcoin addresses that are lost forever no one will ever access

Them right well Bitcoin doesn't receive dividends but gas is distributed on the network to neo holders and also when you when you execute smart contracts that gas that's used to execute the contract is what's distributed back to the

Holders so the thing is is if all of these holders have the neo and they lose their private keys they're still going to get distributed the gas so they're saying that there's like black hole wallets that'll eventually over time end

Up sucking up massive quantities of gas and could deplete the entire ecosystem it's pretty crazy bro I did a whole thing on it I saw the the the video title for that mic that looks enticing I need to watch

That and then I got sidetracked to something that's crazy that's a really valid point though I never thought of that and it's not fun either that's directly from the Dante like directly from him he's like he's concerned about

It so that's causing why yesterday there in the bear market to put into ontology he looked and card on oh of course everything's awesome yeah I totally they look a bunch of car a da or a de whatever last week I had a buy order in

And then we had like that two weeks where everything went up again and I'm like are I'm just gonna leave this here I'm not touching it cuz it's gonna come back down and it came back down and hit my buy out

Her so I'm pretty proud of myself control Alex ever since you switched your camera there's a little bit of a lag on your on my end but I mean it's not a big deal I guess I'll know how it interacts once we stop streaming and i

Rewatch it yeah it's fine oh yeah and shout out to whoever bought me this webcam off my Amazon wishlist if you're watching or you see this video you rule my camera quality is friggin amazing and I love you so thanks what are you eating

It up are you kidding on 24 frames no it's literally a webcam that attaches to my IMAX it's a fork a wide-angle like streaming webcam because the imac camera stinks and so i was doing research on

McCall right I'll try buying this but it was like $200 I'm like it couldn't really rationalize it cuz all my cameras work it just wasn't great quality and then it came in the mail because I'm an Amazon wishlist so somebody just bought

It for me which is amazing so any anyone can see your Amazon wishlist mhm the address is private but I can like add like I have like crypto t-shirts and stuff on there but that's pretty much it but yeah people can just buy it and

It'll just ship it to me automatically which is pretty cool Amazon's amazing Amazon so yeah how do you guys feel about the space this is January now do you think it's like now it's just like the arc or

The original holders and all the I think I think a lot of the people that came in definitely that got wrecked and burned they're out because I could tell by my youtube I mean even the people on the channel right now you know

Saying it's um it's definitely different you know the views don't come in as fast and you know and then there's a lot of negative sentiment as well but the thing that I think is happening right now is it's one of those situations where it

Sucks when you have to be the one going through it like but when we look back on it I think that what's happening right now is really necessary I think we need to put ourselves in check we need to be a little more realistic okay not every

Single thing is gonna change the world like it's not like oh like this blockchain now all of a sudden the kids have food like no you still need real people at to do like here's an example that I give okay so you hear about or

Oracle's and smart contracts right so smart contracts are awesome think about all the things you can eliminate right you don't need to have a broker you don't need to have a lawyer right you can get rid of all these third parties

But at the same time smart contracts also like don't think for themselves right they have they have code they have directions and they follow them that's it so so what's the problem now we have to create these Oracle's so now you have

You know the Oracle service is coming in right we've seen that even with you know chain-link they're pushing that to the forefront okay great so now we have Oracle's but what's the problem with the Oracle's well where are they getting

Their information from so say for example I have something like augur like a prediction market right and say tomorrow if it rains execute this smart contract shut them all down close them all it's raining right so we don't have

To have people show up but what about if you have a bad actor that's you know feeding them the wrong information and saying oh it was really sunny today right smart contract says Google it's it's sunny let's open them all up right

Nobody nobody goes in there no business you know I'm saying like so we still have to deal with people human interaction like I know that I've talked to a lot of developers in the space like even Rowling Chive from IO Tex he was

Talking about how in the you know in the future it's all gonna be robots running everything I don't think so I think we'll never lose the human element like there are things about people like irrationality right acting nonsensical

That's the the human spirit and I think that that will never be replaced by a machine by an algorithm by a ledger you know to mean so having opinions you know I don't think I don't even think I like even remotely

To them oh my hair is looking not too good guys little JD but I don't even think I remotely touched on the question hat and took off I know and I started talking about something totally different

Okay about the actual market themselves right what do you think I'm talking too much you guys you guys the perspective on it the market or just anything in general crypto how do you feel I think it's it's starting to before it's just

Like the bog West you just can't you can't make 37 X anymore you know a lot of stuff is going to private sales so a lot of ice cubes have been more private sales than they are probably a lot more lock ups and then yeah I mean I think I

Didn't know what else yeah I didn't know I mean are you there I mean so much money yeah my by this and now I gotta sell it they rent you know so it's just like yeah I used to get pissed about that ICO stuff now it's like whatever I

Get why they're doing it you know what I mean like I get it you know it's it's they don't want to deal with the u.s. the u.s. is being crazy also they were getting a lot of flack for these ridiculously high valuations you know I

Mean you had ICO is raising hundreds of millions of dollars for what yeah you're a piece of paper yeah you said the best take the human touch on was just inside you see that you see that thing where they were like they were saying that

Justin Sun might actually be Satoshi Nakamoto and and I'm like dude you you know how old he is right now if he was Satoshi he would've been fifteen years old when he made Bitcoin that's apparently not saying that he didn't but

You know yeah who do you guys thinks it's a a my theory is and it is that it was more than one person that's always my minds area I mean I read the book that told me all the history about how it started you know who started it the

Whole original the IRC chat and all that stuff and but I don't remember any of the names that originally were in the book so I can't specifically quote people but the theory at the end of it was it they believed that it was

Probably a couple people working together I don't know yeah zombie whoo it probably was a few people working together a lot of people think it was a that Nick Szabo guy makes a voz whatever

But he says obviously it wasn't him I think I don't know because somebody just brought up in the chat before about they were saying Tron and card ah no we're saying that one of the best things about Bitcoin is the fact that the founders

Anonymous and that's what actually makes it so strong but it's difficult now because it seems like now now with like Bitcoin is the only project that that actually works with all the other projects they want a figurehead I mean

Look at it card on oh right would card on oh really be as successful if it didn't have Charles would etherium not to stay successful but I mean think about it like etherium you think vitalic right

Neo you think to Hong Fei ontology Jun Li elasto is wrong Chen like they have figure heads now Charlie Li light coins so it would be difficult for there to be another anonymous crypto the closest crypto that I could think of sort of

Would be like on komodo because they have an anonymous founder but the team still speaks with him like he'll talk to them via chat and stuff but he won't release who he is to the public actually it's funny because I see if I'm

Remembering correctly and if there's anybody in the chat if I'm wrong feel free to let me know but I recall when I did my research on deke red that deke red actually been around for a very long time and it started anonymously they

Don't as far as I know they don't know who created the project it was in like the Bitcoin talk forum and people were helping to work on it and then it just kind of took on a life of its own and I don't think the original creator is

Still associated with the project interest yes yeah someone someone's talking about Jim is talking about the the down alt claim cycle I don't know how long everyone on the channels been in Bitcoin I've only I've only

Personally been invested in Bitcoin for about a year and a half I've known about it for longer but I was hesitant to best cuz you know it's scary but the thing is is I've noticed that we do follow these cycles which and I'm not just saying

This to just repeat what other people say it's true I've seen it this is probably like my fifth time now of you know Bitcoin season all coin season Bitcoin season altcoin season and right now I personally don't think that the

Alt coins are gonna rally until Bitcoin makes a significant move or something happens to Bitcoin first that's is my personal opinion I would love to be wrong because I know a lot of people have all coin bags but I really truly

Think that right now we're all looking at Bitcoin I think it's just we need Bitcoin to move we need it to get adopted you know we need this thing coming out from ice from the NY NY I see yeah

We need a catalyst and then after we do that once it blasts off then yeah people people are gonna have their profits and then the all coins are gonna get it's gonna get redistributed that's what always happen I agree with you I think

It I think that you know we took off in January everything was so high and now the markets just completely plummeted and and you know as Nathan was saying he's like do you think it's just the original holders and yeah I think we're

Honest precipice right now that in order to validate crypto currencies to the people that were in originally in January that might be sour and to new people we have to move further past like our you know our last good thing was up

An all-time high okay well that's great but we need to move past to like another checkpoint it has to be something else new that brings crypto into the daily news stream for people that is big enough to get them to come back and take

A look or get more people in do you know any mean like we need like we need something new and I think the the futures and this whole Starbucks thing and everything else is definitely going to at least get people interested in

Looking and that's you know that's the way it starts so and then if all those up all that stuff ends up coming to fruition and being created even better for all of us you guys don't have tens arm works zombie I know you didn't move

Alive with them right yeah yeah did you did you spit you spoke with them as well right man yes so they drew it out for me and it's uh it's like you know how we chat works right you just scan it and you can go into wherever so that's kind

Of what it is so you just scan it so they're looking to onboard the next hundred million users so my mom can use it my grandma can use it my aunt can use it you just scan it and use it yeah no I I

Did an interview yeah I did an interview with them it's pretty cool uh that's their whole thing there the whole thing is it's just it's still too complicated um it just is man I mean you know like just because we know how to most people

Care it has to be easier but when you were talking about the Bitcoin adoption and and what's gonna really make the markets move you have to have use cases I forget who it was in the chat earlier that said jokingly stop giving away

Crypto and start spending it yeah yeah realistically that's how you're gonna do it you got to start using it you have to start using the actual crypto currencies and for the longest time really all we saw people do is just huddle huddle

Huddle right so you're just basically sitting on stacks of Kryptos and you're just watching them you're not spending them you're not using them you're not doing anything you're just looking at your block folio and just like looking

At the number like it's gonna go up is it gonna go down and that's not how money works especially I'll concede like you know I mean you have to spend money to live you have to pay bills yeah so I think when it gets that when it gets to

That point and that catalyst is not here yet and until it does we're not gonna see a lot of these alts rally there's no point there's no purpose for him what's the point and adapt that no-one's gonna use because no-one's even

Using the infrastructure who's using the infrastructure and most people many a theory is in Bitcoin how are we gonna get people to use a dab if people still are using Bitcoin like let's be realistic forty million people that know

About forty million people that use nothing that's like point one population of the world yeah yeah Tarek Tarek J just said I don't know how people are selling at these prices I'm with you there brother I'm not selling anything

At this point I've been buying no way this month this is like so actually the bottom like I can't even do ta but I can look at a graph and tell you that this is not time to sell my month I'm not telling anyone to buy anything but I am

Saying if there's something you truly think is undervalued I would I would I would personally not financial advice but you know dollar cost average started up again you know a couple hundred bucks every Friday into you know maybe a

Little into carboneau little into Bitcoin a little bit into whatever whatever it is that you think is the one that you know but personally I would keep some people say like 50 percent of your portfolio in Bitcoin

Which at this point I think I agree I usually i usually keep between like 25 percent thirty three percent but mine's a bit yeah I have it right now I think what are you a forty in Bitcoin yeah it's actually sad I was looking at

I was looking at my Bitcoin total I'm not gonna go into the specifics I'm gonna give away how much I would have but let's just say I should have just held Bitcoin because I looked at the past few months and I just see like my

Bitcoin dominance is just going down down down down down down down I'm like Jesus like I don't actually get mad when I lose dollar amounts I get pissed when I lose Bitcoin amounts I don't know what yeah yeah yeah like if Bitcoin goes down

And all the dollars go down it's like fine but if my Bitcoin value goes down then I'm pissed because I'm like well then what the hell was I trading all these alts for I should have just held my Bitcoin yeah yeah I lost half a big

One MIT's when Bitcoin Kashuk coinbase I was like that's the last time I ever traded yeah no I did the same thing I mean I was stuck in the flash crash that happened on gee tax it was related to eath when I was trading back in the day

And I had a margin position open and once I you know almost lost all of my eath I got it back because they they started a lawsuit and you know coinbase reimbursed everybody but in theory I would have lost like Ethier that I had

Started buying at $17 so that was my wake up so lose yeah I bought my first pitch is at use it was $17 yes so that's part of partially the reason why I love East to like everybody's got like that one coin at like like I love

Card ah no is a new investment but my original like ogee what really got me into crypto is Heath area so cardano's even one for me because I got an a theory I'm late you know quite honestly it went from 17 and then it jumped quick

It was like 17 and next day I looked it was like 150 and then it was like 250 and then we went that like bull run to 500 and it was just insane so that's kind I think I think people get really emotional when it comes to their first

Coin that like mooned like like everybody remembers their first coin that they like bought and then they check the next day and they were like holy crap I'm rich right and I I mean for me it was neo cuz that you know that

Was everybody on my channel knows you know I bought at ant shares and you know I still do love me oh but wait you know it's just like the thing is is like every the only thing I hear from everybody is Icahn is dead neo is dead

Alas dose is dead Carr Donahoe is dead guys it's not dead because the place went down Bitcoin is dead right how dead it's not like the guys it's not like everybody at card ah no just like took a look at like coin market Kaplan like

Well guys we're dead yeah you know yeah that's it we're going we're going home got a big no ooh Aires that hum how many times is it 320 three times the last time I checked what's it up to today like 340 yeah so it just keeps

Dying you kept those zombie that's where your name came from huh what yeah that's it zombie right because the Bitcoin just keeps dying what I know as far as undervalued coins is something that I might be picking up not financial

Advice personal opinion is probably more V chain did anybody capitalize on the by Nance V chain Thor airdrop because I did know what what you're given be trained when they swept to their maintenance was doing the their their V chain to their

Vet tokens on Finance if you kept your V chain on there after the original main net token swap they air dropped you the V chain Thor which is like Neos gas basically and so I got a bunch of that because because I kept all of it on

Buying it and then I just moved everything to the V chain Thor mobile wallet and now every day I go in and I see B train Thor it's taking and just like my numbers going up so if anybody has V train I would strongly suggest

Putting it on the V chain wallets the mobile wallet backing it up and being smart about it because you'll get dividends so I moved to Exodus yeah yeah get her off Exodus I don't think you're gonna be getting any any B chain Thor

Staking either I didn't actually own any V chain leading up to that and it's not because I don't like V chain I actually really like of each game there's a lot of projects I really really like I just never got invested in and the thing with

V chain is I noticed with a lot of these like airdrop type things or stuff it's usually the buy the rumor sell the news thing so I find that sometimes people capitalize on everybody rushing in to buy it and then right before the airdrop

They'll just sell and I just not in the mood to lose any more money so I was just like you know what I don't own any V chain I'll just sit this one out you know let everyone else that's been a hard

Or supporter you know you guys deserve the airdrop and I'll just sit this one out so yeah I do right before they drop I just conveniently bought some about three weeks ago and found out about the airdrop and was like wow perfect timing

No did anybody go into there by Nance within this past month and randomly have being betoken like a small percentage that just showed up out of nowhere because I I went in there randomly it was like two weeks ago and all of a

Sudden I had like it was like 9:00 B&B randomly which isn't a lot but I was like where the heck that was no explanation there was no it didn't you don't have anybody to sign up underneath you have you looked at your referrals

Cuz I can think of I don't think I have a lot of referrals I mean I put my links on every video but I don't think I have a lot of people that sign up because that's cuz I login I'll be like why do I have three a da I'm like what is what is

This lingering amount of a da my wall and then I see it's because I've got I've got like four people sign up underneath me undermine answer I I mean I make like over the course of six months a comic like four dollars but it

Is interesting to dis actually I actually have a confession to make I never told everybody this but uh what I actually do is I I don't really make a lot of money on my referral links so what I actually do is I let it

Accumulate and and whatever I make I actually use those for my giveaways so yeah I've never really like admitted that but yeah so pretty much like she's resourceful there's nothing wrong thank you thank you to everybody that supports

Me so anybody that actually uses my affiliate links that money goes back to you guys so I don't I don't take any of the money so I use the mark yeah I mean then you can do giveaways so it's like a way of saying thank you for being part

Of the community and it really doesn't cost me anything so it's the circle of life man you know just go man crypto Oh COC I could somebody said it could have been trading fees refunded from the early July hack oh oh that's

That's insightful maybe I could be it too as well oh I so there's an article that came out and says that conservatives like Bitcoin liberals like ethereal how do you guys feel about that seriously in our kiss like

Eero well I mean the third one probably that makes sense but I don't really how I don't really see I was actually on the phone with somebody earlier and I was having this conversation and I asked me why I liked crypto and I said that I

Felt like crypto often kind of although you can get kind of tribalists within the cryptocurrency itself when you get involved in creeped out like transcends if you're a liberal if you're if you're a conservative you're a Republican

Democrat whatever it like it doesn't seem like that's ever kind of a discussion that's brought up I mean if you like eath and your Bitcoin maximalist there's gonna be problems but like in real life there's not problems

There's just like internet problems so I'm surprised to hear that people have made that association what how did they get that I don't know that you said like conservatives prefer Bitcoin and I mean conservatives are you know they're

They're you want to be smart and safe and Bitcoin out of all those things is the story that is the safest most reliable so I guess that would make sense anything it's definitely just like a like a lottery ticket yeah so i'm for

'if and my dad likes bitcoin so there's there's the use case right just be the Millennials in there and baby boomers oh it could be I like aetherium because it functions as a better like well a faster currency than Bitcoin and it also can be

Used as fund raising but here's the thing I think that if people say well what if cerium gets taken down like what if you know a better project takes its place I actually still think that aetherium regardless of what it aims to

Be I still think it's gonna have its place as far as like you know like the does the recent standards that have come out lately like oh I've been talking about it a lot on my channel like GRC 7:21 GRC 11:55 so I do think that that

Will be a thing because we are very digital now we're very digital people we don't I mean there are physical things but not as many people are going out and buying physical trading cards you know what I'm saying they're not really doing

That so what I think is these good things about these er c720 ones is that you actually have like a crypto kitties you know you have tradable x' and you can you have you know things that are specific to you so one cool thing that I

Do about a theorem that I could see it being around for a while is say I have ownership to something like say I bought something at an auction and it's a really expensive piece of artwork or

Something like that I could be the owner of the ERC 7:21 and that could be the certificate that proves my personal ownership and then when I transfer that ownership to you or even if it's a virtual thing I could send that to you

Specifically so I don't I think that that's a good use case and I think that attitude that alone will keep aetherium in the game for a long time to come but as far as smart contract platforms there is a lot of competition yeah you don't

Say no I agree you tokenizing real-world assets for sale or for investment or for collector's items I mean that's awesome that's that's a great way to utilize the theorems platform but I know scaling and all that that jazz I'm interested in

Like I feel like we've been waiting for like sharding and Casper for like any time yeah where is this well I was speaking to Moe from cellar networking I don't know if you guys know there they're doing a second layer scaling

Solution as well and you know he was pretty much saying to me like it's gonna be damn near impossible to scale any block chain on chain to meet the needs of the real world retail users you know you're looking at something I don't know

Off the top of my head but Visa does like 45,000 or something per second around there there that is just not gonna happen on chain for a long long time and that's why you're seeing a lot of these guys move to other things like

You're seeing a lot of dag protocol a lot of DAGs about um cash graph to even they're like yeah hash graph I really meant I keep it on my list I have a Trello that I keep track of all the things that I want to talk about and

Like break it down and hash craft has been on my list of things to cover for like ages so I really want to fully grasp the difference between that and dag tech I don't really I know that one is currently like open source technology

And one is currently sort of private like I know hash graph is not publicly releasing their technology yet so that's the only major difference I know yeah well hash graph yeah I mean they're kind of pulling a little bit of the eos thing

Where they're keeping the code kind of secret you know what I mean while they're developing and I mean I get listen in one hand I get why people hate it I'm not sticking up for hash crap I

Obviously don't own any there's like literally no way I can even get into the ico if I wanted to but in a sense if you are developing something that you personally believe is like super super super revolutionary like I understand

Why you don't want people just like copying the code right now while you're in the process of developing it but that's just business you know they're just being impaired substratum did the same thing so stratum kept most of their

Stuff private they're their github everything was private up until like a week before I covered them and I waited because I knew that they were gonna release everything but uh yeah I mean in this space that makes sense because if

It's proprietary information and you want to keep it valuable and you want to get it out before anybody else it makes sense but unfortunately crypto is has that movement of being open source being public being free and kind of being like

For the masses so when people don't make it open source I think it kind of has a tendency to rub the community the wrong way even though it shouldn't because everybody's entitled to starting their own business in their own way I suppose

But you know look at look at the projects in crypto right now right every wildy centralized this decentralized that's well who's the most who's doing the who's doing the best right now right finance centralized coinbase centralized

You know so like you have to be realistic like we have to I know I know finance is working towards decentralization but it's you're not gonna go from centralized to decentralized overnight and I think it's

It's really it's ambitious but it's not realistic yeah though you know statistically next year if it keeps going if it keeps going like the way it is there should be 60,000 coins and there's will be 14,000 exchanges have

You asked about that well if there's 14,000 exchanges you can wave bye-bye to liquidity and you're most certainly gonna need these these things like 0x and loop ring because there's gonna be no way to tie in all the orders lock and

All that stock net yeah Chuck I don't know why I always forget block like blocking the only one I remember I always forget loop ring and block yeah but I feel like block net is like doing the most like I just actually

I just reported did you see sis coin they used the ex router to do a transaction yeah successfully so that's freaking crazy I mean that that's the real tech that's like that's actually the tech

Matters but it was the router to do transactions well yeah without having to download the entire blockchain which is crazy because yeah I mean think about think about Bitcoin right think about how long that blockchain is I mean I

Made the reference people on my channel know how long it took them just to download the freaking a chain wallet that's what I'm like three days right with an X rest terrible yeah I didn't even I've never bought Mineiro I've

Never I've never bought a privacy coin in the whole life never bought any I was pretty pretty heavily into privacy coins they're getting a lot of pivots a lot of Mon arrow and then I just kind of moved out well I still my favorite privacy

Project now is probably Zen cache but I've gone on a tangent about this before it's because it's doing currency but also platforms and also publishing and also other things that will be anonymous it's not just a currency but I mean

Whenever I feel like it's one of those projects it's never gonna go anywhere but I also don't know realistically how people are really gonna use it it took me like four days to download the wallet no wha well Zen cache now that you

Brought that up they're doing like a little they're not doing like a rebranding they're doing like a resampling right I'm sure something like car yeah refreshing the brand that's it they're there they're like real brick

Rebranding but keeping the name I guess yeah so one thing in Singapore that I noticed is like you can pay with your face now oh shoot you can use your face dude it's like it's like I took a

Picture of it there's like this machine it's called face pay like all the McDonald's you can order online like on the side and then you just pay there that's pronounced it you just like put your face up to it and then you can pay

With it like yo like you know in your iPhone yeah can you um I was talking to cortex cortex they do AI and Z chichen he was saying he was telling me about the whole face pay and stuff but he said that it requires a lot of processing so

Like he was saying like even on phones for example um like you know for like if you're doing like face to unlock a phone they have to actually put a completely separate chip just for that like in other words it takes so much processing

Power to like do facial recognition that it has to come with its own specific chip so I guess that's why they're so expensive Oh brand expansion that's what it's called Rancic's – no basic podcast

Friends are in the chat and they just recently talked to rob on their podcast PS this is a totally nonchalant plug if anybody listens to podcasts and anybody wants good content that's reliable and unbiased and they are consistent go

Listen to the crypto basic podcast they're awesome but they just interviewed rob from zen cash and he was talking about the brand that's awesome yeah I had him on the channel the other day talking about it as well and yeah

Those guys are really good with their I have – they're really easy to reach for like like yeah speaking with like I have to say out of most the complex um companies like they won't even like talk to you and it's like I just want to ask

You a question you know but like you reach out to Zen cash and they're like yeah sure why not tomorrow I'll hop on the show right away I'm like you guys Rock like they're always down they're always

There and I think you've got to answer the community man you got to be transparent and vocal because you can't you can't hide through the community without home phase like that – I went to some of the meetups rumor he's just

Chills outside it just meets everybody yeah that was really cool actually got to got to hang out with him like at a at after party which is crazy the guys like my idol and like I'm just sitting there like having a beer with him it's like

What up da like this is awesome this is birthday – right was it was that yeah you know it was his birthday you were there were you there it's where I miss you fool I might shut the ontology meeting it oh that's right we

Did meet there damn freaking God crypto moves so fast yeah dude it feels like forever since then but you know definitely so um yeah anyway guys I'm actually gonna go write I got to take off if you guys don't mind you're more

Than welcome to keep the stream running I just got to take off I got some stuff to do I have to actually we're working on the the Oh for everyone watching guys that the token tank is done we recorded it with Jun Li if you didn't catch it

Captain crypto was on we had crypto LARC and we also had Chico crypto on as well so we're looking to drop that Monday night so anybody that wants to see that with ontology we took all of the community questions and you know we've

Especially Nathan man you freakin hammered in the big questions maybe ask the hard questions I'd do it because I because they might he's always asking the tough questions I'm not gonna give it away you guys you guys can watch the

Show yourself but Manny I thought Jimmy was gonna just start sweating bullets some of those questions you ask them but the point of it yeah like for the anchor one zombie just went in he's like all right I'll bet off the table this is

What we gonna talk about we gonna talk about this right now this is a problem and I actually next and then blushing bride was dominant I actually felt kind of bad I thought maybe that was like I kind of came a little too attack dog in

The beginning I was a little too aggressive but I was really concerned about that because I looked at anchor as kind of being like the high-performance block chain of cloud computing you know they're utilizing the trusted hardware

So I had done research on the Intel SGX ha's and there were people that were worried that there were some security vulnerabilities and these are like credible sources like people that work in the industry so but but it's but the

Story did come out several months ago so it was an older article but I just wanted to be sure because that's the last thing you want is everybody's running anchor on these you know Intel SGX is and all of a sudden like you

Imagine like if they got hacked or there was an issue or something went wrong you know I mean you knew about it but you didn't say anything that's even worse than that's I'd feel like a total dick yeah if I didn't bring that up like how

Could I you know like I had to ask so maybe maybe I came across a little aggressive but I I thought it was like all of us it's just like I was just like all right let's go so why did you get hacked by the Lincoln yeah hey you know

Yeah yeah won't it helped like just to have somebody just like jump in like that we should start off like that definitely man thanks I appreciate it man cuz I was a little worried myself but so dude it just enabled us okay yeah

Thanks for the live stream guys I love you everyone you're all awesome okay you're all great guys I hope everybody has a really great night enjoy your weekend and I'm actually happy that I can finally live stream again and my

Computer's not messed up anymore so that only stopped for like two weeks I couldn't live stream so happy to be back guys I will see you all soon I guess yep absolutely so I will I'll talk to you later Turtles

Take care

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