.Crypto Unstoppable Domains Tutorial & My Valuable Tips EXPOSED

by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

In this video I'm gonna show you how to claim your dark crypto domain but also store it in your decentralized wallet coming up now let me show you how you guys can actually find some gems and I'm going to give away one in this video it's a safer investment than trading

Cryptocurrency it's safer than investing into an IC o—- but I'm gonna give you a domain that is used by a very popular youtuber let's say for that even invested into aftermarket tokens I'm gonna give you another one for free

Another one for free bro this is what I do here on this channel so check this out so let's head on over to the market please welcome back to another video if this is your first time here my name is Francis and if you want to learn the

Importance of decentralisation and other cryptocurrency related to stop then do that by subscribing and hit a bell notification button so you don't miss anything not only am I going to show you how to send your dark crypto domain to

Your meta mask wallet where you have full control of it but I'm also gonna share with everybody my strategies on tips on how I found some gems the tools I use and the marketplace where you could actually go and sell your

Unstoppable domain okay if it's right here we're gonna get into all of that but first let me show you how to actually claim officially claim your daughter crypt of the mane so you're going to need banner mask as you can see

I have that right here in the top right hand corner and then we're going to come here we're gonna click on domains okay and this is something I have found in my vigorous research okay so for dot-com websites what holds value are businesses

That are established and has some sort of revenue floor okay if we visit flippa.com which is the world's second largest website flippin marketplace okay there's websites that are charging all kinds of like three hundred thousand

Dollars five hundred thousand dollars sing things of this nature because of the business model it's the already functional business now how could we apply those same principles towards dark crypto domains it's not so much about

The name it is yes obviously if you could solidify and secure a brand or a company's if famous company's name that's going to provide you a lot of money okay that's going to be very valuable however what's also will

Provide value is the use ability or the user readability of the address so as you can see here I have easy to send dot crypto or easy to send crypto meaning whenever I want you to send me Bitcoin or if furia more like

Coin I don't have to give you my you know seg wits address right 3w b VZ v 3 whatever for Bitcoin or for aetherium o X whatever whatever whatever I could tell everybody easy to send dot crypto all right and that was there you know

Upon other searches which we will do later on it's very hard to find like you know easy BTC is not there send me easy sending is not there right but let's get into this part first so in order to send this to your meta

Mask you're going to do this we're gonna click on this box ok says unclean because I didn't claim it as yet and I'm gonna make sure my meta mask is open which it is ok and simply I'm going to click claim crypto connect on a theory

And web 3 wallet to claim your domains we're using meta mascara I mean you could use ledger but for this example we will be using this ok I want to double check something here I'm gonna open that up yep 9 ec2 9 ec2 and I'm gonna click

Understand and confirm ok so there was one domain that I tested this out last night and you know this process right here did take some time this is network congestion you know the theorem network does have a

Lot of D apps on it and it says right here claim process started ok your domains are now being deployed on the blockchain and into your wallet ok so this is similar to me sending you a theorem and you know we're waiting for

The confirmations to go into effect right this is exactly what that is it's very important to know what people don't really understand this look the blockchain is like the operating system see it's like your phone it's like the

Operating system and there's many different applications on the blockchain that are assets okay currency is just one of many different applications and I know that you know that doesn't make much sense right now

Because we're only used to currencies but you could tokenize anything real estate insurance and now we're seeing domains right so you guys need to and the value this provides and if that didn't really click in a while we wait

For this to actually be sent our meta mass which I'll show you guys once it's finalized let's head on over to the marketplace or first let me show you how you guys can actually find some gems and I'm gonna give away one in this video

I'm gonna give you a gem right well I shouldn't say it's a gem but I'm gonna give you a domain that is used by a very popular youtuber okay again if you guys see the value in unstoppable domains the link will be provided for you in the

Description box and the comment section below but this is what I do okay so let's head on over to the market place right so this is a real market place it's opera was it open C dot IO over here you're gonna see a plethora of

Different unstoppable domains being sold all of these prices are an ethereal so right here by T's dot crypto is selling for a point zero six nine okay now the good the cool thing about this

Marketplace is you can actually search by a name and again in my vigorous research what I have found is the word cannabis whatever that for whatever reason is a very valuable word so look it's one of the highest domains selling

At ten thousand dollars okay that's not Zil imagine what dot crypto would be so are sold for now here in canada they legalized cannabis okay matter and medical marijuana is and that's been legalized long time ago not for

Recreational purposes that's legalized so now that word cannabis holds so much more value due to the legalization and this is why cost ten thousand dollars okay now let's search if anybody has cannabis here cannabis Canada I thought

I saw that you could actually search it by name right so cannabis and this guy here is selling cannabis seed bank for a nine point two two two five etherium and I believe this is an auction yeah on auction right and it tells you

Everything when they were created and when they were being sent out on processed you know buyer and seller it's a pretty cool damn marketplace guys so let's see here once again okay so cannabis right we know cannabis is a

Keyword or it's uh it's a domain name that holds a lot of value could we find some well let's first see this and this is a tool that I use okay and it could show me a number of different things such as

Volume keyword searches so this particular keyword corn market Capcom gets searched twenty four thousand seven hundred times a month however I'm really interested in their visits how many people are coming to their website and

When we look at the SERP overview it's given me eight point five key visits per month so I know that that's decent traffic for a crypto site obviously corn market cap is not available now let's look for something like cannabis but

We're gonna actually search by domain name cannabis dot-com actually goes to weed maps so and so weed maps owns cannabis calm okay so let's type in read Maps here see if it's available it's protected okay this

Is the process you're gonna have to go through you're just gonna have to find comb and see what happens right fine comb fine comb and you will find some gems now I did see I was going to give away some buddies so I'm gonna give this

The way guys if you actually made it this far into the video congratulations so check this out do you guys know what this is 100 X 100 X advisors look at this dark crypto is available and look at this you know who

That is the 100 X dot-com we got him it's Ian's Bolinas website it's available I'm giving you guys this for free if you guys are this this has value to it go buy it right now and come over here to where we open CDOT are you and

You could sell it let the market decide how much it's worth put up an option free just you know if you guys are interested and you see the value in this I got the link below yes I do make a small Commission but hey if I'm

Providing value to you why not write you scratch mines I scratch yours and I'm buying these domains left right and center myself okay and I mean I'm continuously not only just buying a bit of researching for more valuable

Um names so I would do you know in the future we could do some live streams on this certainly again here open sea calm look we're seeing names like Tim's wallet dot crypto selling for two e theorems let's get a closer look at that

So remember all of these figures are in etho cable wrapped eat the same okay so Tim's wallet crypto whoever bought this he wants to sell it to you for two aetherium okay there also is an auction the highest bidder will

Automatically win in a month okay now if we come back here you know these these are roughly good for two bucks I started for two II theorems wallet such as George wallet crypto simon's wallet crypto Paul's wallet crypto things like

That alright so let's head back on over to unstoppable demeans let's see if this was if that has come in now has the blocks been confirmed nope so pending claims still okay this is roughly the same process it took me last night to

Get my domain out okay so the ethereal network is somewhat busy now in the meantime we're gonna actually head back over where we here let's find these really convenient usability type of addresses cuz this is where the value is

Imagine if you could get a domain like send me crypto right there's a reason why this is still on a waiting list is because this is going to be a very valuable domain name for crypto domains why because this is now your depositing

Address right send me crypto so someone asks what is your depositing address send me send me crypto but put a dot before the crypto send me dot crypto right that's why it's going to be so valuable because of the

Readability the usability and the convenience I hope that makes sense okay you need to compare the dot-com DNS servers and what makes those valuable to this it's similar but yet different if you could

Differentiate the two and bring them together you can make some money man I'm telling you guys do it keep a lookout on my future videos I will be showing you guys what I'm doing my strategy is I'm sharing my tips with you all this is not

A token for investing in so in my opinion it's it's a safer investment than trading cryptocurrency it's safer than investing into an IC o—- it's safer than even invested into aftermarket tokens in my humbled opinion

This is a tangible asset class okay domains web hosting servers all of that are is big huge businesses and this is something that's a revolutionising that entire space people are looking for virtual private servers they don't even

Know the centralized domains exist in for them so much more privacy and an amenity and full control than actual VPS is okay so this is going to be in my opinion this is going to blow up in the future and I'm secure in my bags now if

You guys want to the link is below once again okay so let's try another user-friendly domain name that would have value right so again crypto domains the value comes by the convenience of it or if you could secure an existing brand

Or company's name right so let's go like this um send send me crypto which we already did send me BTC taken right all of these convenient like names are gone all right and people are probably gonna go sell it in these secondary markets

Okay so if you guys can find something like that you're in business I'm gonna give you another one for free another one for free bro this is what I do here on this channel so check this out is my wallet available no but guess what is my

My address well somebody just took this dude this was available last night I'm not even kidding you Wow somebody took it this was available just last night I'm not you guys so this is what you need to do look there's

A lot more videos coming out about unstoppable domains people are interested and well you know what does that mean people are gonna come here and they're gonna solidify these domains that are still available okay guys so

Make sure you get yours now let's see if that actually arrived by now and now as I open up meta maths can I access ether scan dot IO I can see right here dot crypto in brackets u D okay unstoppable domain that's what that

Stands for I have now received my unstoppable domain in my possession Mathematica guys now we're ready to rock and roll I hope this video provided you with some value and you understand you know what unsolvable demeans is but more

Importantly how you could actually make a profit off of this okay so let's reiterate I showed you guys how to clean your dark crypto the mean by having your meta mask wallet open okay and then I showed you guys the secondary

Market right here where you could go to and actually see if you find a valuable domain what is a valuable I mean you want to find one that actually has an existing brand or possibly a company okay go to youtube go

To coin market Capcom do what you gotta do and then compare them over here to see if it's already listed or something that's relevant now you guys obviously don't have this tool but I do have it there are various

Different free versions out there which will limit you but I use this to see the traffic source a lot of other cool information I can't cover in one video okay but this does gives me data-driven decisions to go with okay and it helps

Me out a ton in my next video I will show you guys how to send your crypto currency using unstoppable domains wallet in your human readable wallet so for me it was easy to send crypto right so you know what then

Really much stuff to see other than till the next video you're on your own later

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