Crypto News: VW, IOTA, Bitcoin ETF, ICON, Walton, Elastos, Boerse Stuttgart (6th – 12th of Aug)

by birtanpublished on September 19, 2020

Hello did you keep the coins and welcome to another video in my cryptocurrency news series now in this series I am looking at the cryptocurrency news that happened this week so today's 14th of August and I'm looking at news that happened between 6th of August and 12th

Of August as always thank you very much for watching this video and I do hope it will be useful indeed who will begin up the market situation I was we always do in the market did record some losses this week but it is now stabilized and

Recorded a little bit as usually whenever the market goes down Bitcoin is the one that suffers at least out coins usually do slightly worse as visible in all of these situations surprisingly sterile lumens is the one that actually

Increased in value and compared to the same time this week stellar has been actually doing extremely well in the last few months if you compare it to the value of the other out coins either way even though we had

Some significant losses mostly at the beginning of the week since then we are slightly recovering we pretty much stabilized at this point but I'm a bit worried that if any negative news comes then the market will go down even more

Because we haven't seen any significant movement even from the positive news which is never a good sign then we have the actual news and the first one is the about VW Group and they are confirming a blockchain usage so on 8th of August for

Dragon or VW whatever you want to call them group they confirm that they are testing the blockchain daj system they have confirmed that the crypt of technology offers enormous potential for maintenance logistics self-driving

Vehicles and specialized solutions such as tamper-proof odometers something that's a pretty big issue around the world so they have said that Doctson technology also offers a lot of opportunities weight when it comes to

Self-driving vehicles it can protect cars from hackers better than any other technologies and helps with automatic payments at fueling stations or car washes no iota as a main focus hence I said da G

Because I obviously doesn't use blockchain and I are a confirmed the partnership with WV with VW area of this week as well but they're also looking into the usage of a cerium mostly for the smart contracts and

Bitcoin as well the usage of those systems seems to be a perfect use case in my opinion for the automotive industry so this is a very good news for crypto in general and hopefully other car makers will follow then you have

News about something that happened last week but I think I didn't recover it last week and I think this is a pretty significant news so on the 2nd of August Germany's second largest stock exchange I'm not sure how to pronounce it that's

A Boris stood guard has announced that they will be entering crypto business so they're applying to create a multilateral regulated trading venue for cryptocurrencies who have safe storage services for digital assets as well so

Diverse they also intend to develop a new platform for conducting initial coins offerings hopefully with less comes because those tend to happen quite a lot nowadays so the use of all these plants

Comes after earlier this year when they said they are developing a new cryptocurrency training up called bison which is expected to offer free access to all crypto investment think of it kind of like coin based competition

Sober Stuttgart came to existence in 1860 and there are actually the ninth biggest exchange in Europe so they're very significant exchange and also I said before the second biggest exchange in Germany and obviously this is a very

Good news after the backed announcement which I covered the last week so if you're interested in that one make sure to check my last video overall very good news that didn't already affect coop the currency market at all a little bit

Worrying because usually whenever there's a good news that tends to move the market then we have news about ETF and something that caused most of the dips this week so on 7 of August SEC so US Securities and Exchange Commission

Delayed a decision on a proposed Bitcoin exchange traded funds also known as ETF which would have been the first financial product of its kind for the investment firm van eck team now who saw it X which is a financial service

Company earlier this year in a bid to launch the ETF that is backed by actual bitcoins instead of the futures so if you know ETF is is essentially a financial product that tracks the price of the

Asset and insisted on an exchange so that means if as an investor you don't actually have to buy the asset you cannot buy the price of the asset if that makes sense which is still very good for the currency if it was approved

Obviously it was delayed which is why they market reacted as it did so ETFs are seen as a way of institutional investors to get into cryptocurrency investing in a safer way they obviously buying bitcoins on the

Crypto estate exchange instead you just simply buy at the price of the asset instead the market reacted badly to this news unexpected even though the etf decision was just delayed instead of not allowed obviously if it wasn't allowed

It will be way worse if it was allowed I would believe the price would increase significantly even though we haven't really seen situations where the good news recently affected the price positively but still it certainly did

Not help the fact that it was delayed then you have news about cryptocurrency which I haven't really mentioned that much recently in this situation is Icahn some senators August Icahn announced a series of updates to the project I'm

Very bullish on icons in general I think it has the potential of reaching the a Syrian market cap long term which is one covering it here now because it's an interesting project so the loop which is the icons foundation main technology

Partner they agreed to rebrand themselves to call themselves icon loop very hot regional aiming the new brand is expected to unify and improve icons brand positioning in Korea and the global market obviously change that

Doesn't really matter but it still could actually affect the way people see icon as a product the icon foundation council members have approved the first icx repurchase program the new RCX repurchase program authorized the

Foundation to repurchase up to 5 million of currently circulating icx obviously whenever there's a buying pressure that should affect the price positively there will also be releasing source codes and the document to the github fruit several

Releases additionally there are several updates the technology and wallet all of that should really improve icons position on the market and allow them to become one of the top block team projects mostly in terms of the market

Capitalization because I personally believe they do belong in that top may be 2010 even which obviously they need to get on with the development the marketing to reach that position still very good project I like it quite a lot

And I do hold a little bit of tokens myself another project which I do hold is Walton chain and they also had several updates so they announced some news and updates this week the first news is that they're self developed RFID

Chip is ready for a production on the chip is smaller than 1 millimeter without the antennas the antennas are separate topic because it depends how the retailer's you know what they need in terms of the range and of the signal

And they are on the chip will cost less than 2 cents per piece so this is a very big deal very cheap chip if you look at the potential other news is that Walden chain CEO mo Bing and subsidiary silly tech they participated in China's

National standardization of the blockchain technology is a very major event the meeting was hosted by China's electronic standardization Institute and organized by he I'm battering on the names

Sorry by EEG and supply chain management industry experts from 4034 blockchain enterprises all of those attend this meeting including walton chain so it was a very major meeting any project that attended it it's a good sign because

That means they came probably do well in the Chinese box industry Walton also recently held a community life AMA and official telegram channel where they were replying to the questions held by the community so if you want to know

More about how they replied you can check their blog and last news about the project which I really haven't mentioned ever lastest update so on 9th of August Erastus has announced a major news about

Mass-produced TV box lastest if you don't know what they are they're trying to build a safe and reliable Internet of the future using the blockchain they will provide the first completely safe environment on the web where a

Decentralized applications will be detached from the actual Internet as we know it so they have announced the TV box which is co-produced by elasto sand its ecosystem strategic collaboration partner called Shanghai Jeju TV now what

Those guys they offer to eat world's leading html5 and the browser's technology in the OTT and Smart TV field so this very good sign now they're also a partner of several top TV manufacturers such as

Samsung LG Hisense and intellectual property carriers of Disney and 10 cent video those guys had to believe own league of Legends a little side fact but either way this is a very good sign for justice as a project and because this

Kind of opens the gates for them to actually find a place and most of the people's homes through that TV box now the box will have a lastest courier installed which in the future work act as in another note on the carrier

Network which is going to make a decentralized web based on elastic so it's a pretty big deal for the project the price reacted quite nicely to these news and overall it seems interesting isn't interesting options if you think

The centralized Internet of the future is a good solution and a use case for blockchain if not then obviously you can ignore this project as always thank you very much for watching and I do these every week so if you like these videos

Give it a thumbs up and subscribe thank you so much for spending time of your day to watch this and I love you as I always do Cheers and bye

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