Crypto News: Vechain, Stellar, Binance, Modum, Elastos, EtherDelta, SEC (5th – 11th of November)

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

Hello the Decrypter coins and welcome to another video in my cryptocurrency news series in which I'm looking the most interesting news and development in the cryptocurrency world this week so today's event of November so I'm looking at anything between fifth and eleventh

As always thank you very much for watching this video and I hope it will be useful indeed now the market situation is not that interesting so the market didn't move by much there are some gains in the middle of the week as

Visible here on this diagram but since then the price decreased overall there really wasn't that much moving bitcoins pretty much the same price as it was at the same time last week some of the outcomes gained in value like stellar

Repo or a serum saw them lost like neoman arrow or reaching over all that does seem to be some down trade currently what we'd also do have quite a strong support at these levels so it did have a look at some of the most popular

Technical analysis and all seem to be bullish both short and long term so I'm still quite optimistic but if you don't invest make sure you do your own research now until the actual news the first one is about SBC targeting crypto

Exchanges on 8th of November the US Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a fellow named Zachary Coburn who is the founder of crypto token trading class from Easter Delta with operating and unregistered securities

Exchange they said that ether Delta which basically acts as a secondary market for trading year C 20 tokens has been providing a marketplace for buyers and sellers to trade those cerium tokens and SEC redeemed

Some of them digital asset securities which is obviously you do need a special permission for that Coburn has already settled the charges and he paid around 400 thousand US dollars in penalties now this is an

Interesting development because it proves that exchange that are basically decentralized because they're using distributed sets of nodes instead of one server I don't really treated that much

Differently then other centrist exchanges so that should aspire more cryptocurrency companies to avoid having operation in the United States of America even the decentralized one or simply they should ensure that they

Note they do not list security so it's pretty interesting development especially for the decentralize exchanges then you have a pretty major announcements for V change so vision had significant announcements this week the

First one is for invest of Cyprus reaching and cream which is a US registered legal entity so the basic is signed our collaboration are focusing on the blockchain usage in Cyprus or the essence of these partnerships is to

Establish a framework for the basis of cooperation the field of blockchain technologies and related use cases the collaboration signifies the change in a direction to Cyprus basically moving down to the next digital and it's pretty

Interesting development and it does seem to be let's high perch trying to compete with the other very blockchain and cryptocurrency focused countries like multiple example Singapore or Estonia reaching those announced the digital

Carbon path from together with their partners DNV GL and other rich in and other enterprises as well for this platform from businesses and individuals to reduce carbon emissions in a sustainable and rewarding one or

Something interesting they do have a video on YouTube about that so you can pretty much good serge it and you can find it pretty interesting on top of that they have participated in the China international import-export announced by

The Chinese president and in it they show cast called chain logistics solutions that they developed again with DNV GL so again reach and very heavy on partnerships very heavy on announcements and really the pricing move at all

As it really doesn't for b10 anymore I think they would need to provide even more major news for that to happen then you have news about stellar I'm pretty interesting initiative they have which is basically in the air jobs on stinks

Of November as developed SDF also known as star org which is a non stock nonprofit corporation is basically running these star illumines they announced the largest nomen distribution of the date which is gonna be up to half

A million have a billion lumens being distributed to users which because around 125 million US dollars and it's gonna be done through the digital asset world provider blocking dot-com so the aim of this hair job is

To put this turn name out there and the technology in from the blockchain 30 30 million account holders and bring many new users to the ecosystem on top of that Stella will be joining drive super serum Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash ask top

Line options and one of the most popular digital wallets in the world it is estimated that people were elsif up around 25 US dollars worth and star coins after illumines so you know not a lot but something that I you know people

Will definitely look into because it's free money and your registration is currently available on the blockchain good comm website now there's definitely a publicity stunt it does it will probably beneficial for the project

Because it will bring more attention and more users to the project so it's a pretty interesting approach in something that I can see more cryptocurrencies doing as well don't have news about violence embrace Kedar expanding plans

On night of November violence has announced that they are looking into attracting institutional investors using a bunch of different improvements that they have planned so this mean banners will probably try to compete for the

Institutional investors with the likes of bucked who will go live next month and they definitely a serious contender I mean at the end of the day by announced they're up the biggest exchange in the world currently amongst

The recent improvements for institutional investors they included upcoming fear – crypto gateway in Singapore tiered trading fee discount program for high-volume traders a very professional trader that's training a

Lot of money you will get lower fees there's a help they also have a greater support for corporate account holders straightforward registration process if you're in an institution and also API system that makes it easy for businesses

To directly access the finance platform so they do have a bunch of new upcoming features as well up to 200 sub accounts supporters again for companies do use sub-accounts and there will be account and trading activity overview

For sub-accounts again you can pretty much track everything there will be no free transfers between the sub accounts and full control of the sub accounts it's really new resetting two-factor authentication stuff like API keys so

Basically they will have that big institutional account that will have sub accounts for personal users that work for a company that deals with that spend interesting banners they do seem to try to computer back and they do seem to

Stay try to stay on top of all of the exchanges pretty bullish news for B&B which is obviously a balance coin because it does seem like balance they're still trying to be the top exchange as they currently are then you

Have news about a pretty small cryptocurrency that I mentioned few times but I haven't really talked about in a while that B modem and their mod sense being released on the night of November modem which is a turret base

Started providing a digital value chain monitoring solution for technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing they have announced the commercial availability of something called mod sense which is its temperature monitoring solution for the

Pharma supply chain that it did develop under collaboration with pretty significant companies because it's Swiss post and as a piece of pretty big companies pretty big partnership there somewhat sense it does offer several

Improvements over existing processes that are currently used and that includes ease of handling and integration immediately available data automatic validation of the pre-configured quality conditions so

There's definitely less manual import which should be beneficial for you know the project was the release of the mon sense it's now available with a something called the evaluation kit that's gonna have the customers to test

Mode sense in their organization obviously that's mostly aimed at the pharma distributor so those kids should start shipping in december and that should kind of prove that the project is already life and functional making they

Actual more token an interesting option because it's even it's not actually in the top 200 in terms of the market cap and you know modern they will have a working product working products actually being used in real life and

Very significant partnerships are pretty good news for holders of the stock and last but not least another project that does have a working real life product and take a recently on 6th of November to be precise gave more information

About its own axis is a fully decentralized peer-to-peer internet and is that what is they trying to achieve and they provided an outline of the working ecosystem with several live product in a greater deal more in

Development I briefly talked about alaska's in the past but this is pretty interesting overview so i feel it's something we should talk about anyway that's includes alaska's SPG's wallet which is used to enable users to the

Develop inequalities that basically want to connect to the blockchain nothing special then there's a last two clusters blockchain merged mining which we allow pre-existing Bitcoin miners to basically update their clients to simultaneously

Mine alas those without having to expend excess energy something called Alaska's di D sites change service so that's gonna allow for seamless in a probability difficult world between the apps and IDs of the devices as well as

The Stila box which I did mention briefly in the past and also somebody called detail box or the TV box will be capable to work as IP FS notes for supporting the distributed file storage network which is basically like a big

Decentralized internet so each person who have this TV box will be a node for the design choice internet that Erastus is trying to build and then data box is gonna our users to use their personal pcs as those couriers as well as the

Development it does seem to be doing well it's a product the project that does seem to be kind of under the radar for a while and the team already having new products released and also new milestones upcoming or the project is

Currently outside of top 100 but the valuation is quite high nevertheless I do feel like it's a pretty promising project so if you do like the idea and the use case over the center's internet asked us is something to look into if

You don't like it there's of different projects that you can look into that we've done really confident on this aspect anyway otherwise thank you very much for watching this video hope it was useful

And subscribe for more I do love you Cheers and bye

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