Crypto News: Samsung, Nasdaq, Basic Attention Token and Brave, Wirex, IOTA, Vechain, Ethereum

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Hello capricorns and welcome to another video in my career focusing is series in which I am looking the most interesting news and updates that happened in the cryptocurrency space so today's 6th of March and I'm again – anything that happened basically at the end of

February as always thank you very much for watching and I hope it will be useful first of all democracy tuition where we had some major increases we ignore this bit there was a bag of corn market

Cutlet overall we had some minor increases most of the times as if it comes as 1% ithi and pretty much no change by the way there is theorem heartful quaint without any issues so that's a pretty bullish sign for cerium

Biden's going past 41% pretty good pump not really sure what it was caused by what overall ok week there are many bullish indicator cities in my opinion especially since we had the first bullish month after the bottom

That was potentially rich but however there's still some people that don't believe that we have actually reached the bottom so as always please be careful because it could pretty much go either ways but I'm personally and not a

Financial advice pretty hopeful and I do think have possibly reached the bottom at this point now as for the actual news first of all we have the news about Samsung and their cryptocurrencies or samsung has unveiled their flagship

Phone in Galaxy s8 and in this they revealed the details of the upcoming crypto features in that device or the functions are divided into three main ones so first of all they have payments to merchants digital signatures and

Crypto storage and transfers as well according to the app's Terms & Conditions the blockchain key store generates and stores a private key based on the blockchain technology in a securing clave that's built into the

Device it can securely sign and store crypto currency transactions using blockchain and s10 allows users to store the private keys either in a securing grave or we are the third party service the private key stores in s freaky story

Are backed up in a personal account provided by Samsung which is both good and bad first of all it's good because if you forget for example your first phrase you can basically restore it using the Samsung Account but it's

Really bad because if you're something account get hacked or basically somebody gets your password then you can basically lose your cryptocurrency holdings so it could go both ways so something to consider the app appears to

Support either and bit code by default further there is a cryptocurrency token add button so users will be able to get to add other cryptocurrencies probably ERC 20 tokens the other wall is overall pretty big step for cryptocurrency now

There's some people happy about the fog event something stores the keys for example what I do think it's a good sign then we have news about Nasdaq and their Bitcoin any cerium in dices rescued an aster has person live in New Zealand

Based dogs in data from brave new coin to add Bitcoin any serum indexes to their family of 240 K indexes of Nasdaq which is the second largest Stock Exchange in the world announced on its website that is offering two

Cryptocurrency based indexes on its global data index data service SM the two of them include Bitcoin liquid index and if serum Lagoon index which is gonna basically offer a real-time spot or different race that's going to be

Supplied in the USD for the price of one Bitcoin the one is serum now it's really not that huge big of a deal but on the other hand it's a pretty good sign because now as I theory not new in Africa countries face since they're

Already working with crypto currency exchanges and they also cried Swedish crypto friendly exchange cinnabar last year and they're are so invested in introductions Aries X and enterprise doctrine firm

Symbian so obviously the actual news it's not that huge because basically this allows people to easily check the price of Bitcoin in etherium but it is good that they're looking further into cryptocurrency and it's definitely a

Good sign for the future don't have news about but one of the most promising cryptocurrencies out there so first of all rafts brave software which is the base the makers of bat has announced a

Partnership with top Network which is the advertising a data network that Connect runs towards customers that directly use the options that the partnership will allow the block J they have the brave users to redeem the bat

Tokens for real-world rewards offered by over 250,000 brand partners of the top network as an obtained option to the browsing experience break existing desktop users can choose to view exclusive offers and ads from the top

Brand advertisers that basically will sign that partnership of the top network and that's gonna help them to earn the bat tokens in turn the brand advertisers really top Naruko have the opportunity to reach a guaranteed engaged audience

That has opted in to the viewing advertisers a pretty cool solution to the first step towards adoption of pad and still super early the idea is Burling basically watch ads get tokens and then you can use those

Tokens to get free stuff similar to the things that you saw in the art and this is also very good for advertisers because people can buy more stuff if they're happy with the free sample that they get using the token so but still

Very busy development brave browsers my favorite browser personally so I'm very very bullish on the token but not financially I just my personal opinion that we have news about the yrx cars of our exes a debit card that allows users

To interactivo fiat and digital money recently they had a major release of 3.0 where several things has been updated in the platform including the actual design of the interest everything looks differently now the new release provides

Over-the-counter rates for crypto exchange which should be better than the current was traditional currency exchange at the interbank rate 10 new fiat currencies that includes our different currencies in rhythm new

Instant transfer in and out of your account is in faster payment SEPA and swift and also customizable accounts working choose the currencies you want to display and hide the rest now there are not 600 currencies currently

Supported by Oryx and I'm sure they'll be more in the future now if you are actually looking for the best way to use your crypto currencies is not advertisements it's just my personal opinion you know of crypto currency

Wallet where you can spend it in real-life scenarios and works is I think the best solution for now we'll see what happens in the future Monaco for example looks very interesting but currently wire acts it

Allows you to basically add cryptocurrency to your cart and then exchange it to USD or whatever currency you're using and just buy stuff in the shop so it's pretty much the easiest way to actually use your crypto to buy stuff

Then U is about iota a basically a project update at this point so it has announced the launch of the Z net which is the first iteration of the coordinator les test net and its purpose is to provide a test net for running a

Coordinate LS IOLTA network now the usage of the coordinator run by iota was and still is basically necessary for the network in order to approve transaction but because of that iota couldn't be considered the centralized because

Everything was run by the IATA foundation Notah they also announced as smart city development competition with very significant partner service to this group or know obviously the cars hundred ninety thousand employees and that's

Ended up dragon i was just researching development and expertise and there are 200 employees not that huge but still a significant variables which is water management waste management transport and energy service company with three

Hundred thousand employees and then suppressed area which is an information technology consultancy with forty four thousand employees as you can see very soon which means companies and all of those get involved with iota potentially

Using it in the future and there is a bunch of supporting organizations as well the actual competition is divided into smart mobility buildings energy and district and pretty much fit the use case for a yachtie perfectly all of that

Should ready could actually use the tango if you look at it a pretty good news for iota and still personal opinion token that should easily be and maybe top five currently

Then it's about another token which I'm very bullish at and a high ball has been a lot being be China region they has announced that they are launching an integrated one-click solution into Amazon Web Services of the solution

Combines NFC and arif ID chips the option integration identity verification technology Internet of Things cloud computing and traditional enterprise IT services and all of that is aiming to provide a comprehensive IT solutions

Utilizing blockchain technology notable users of the pre-existing services include BMW BYD audio Auto which is a Chinese automobile manufacturer bright food multinational food and beverages manufacturing company DB Schenker

Division of the German rail operating Deutsche Bahn AG the basically focuses on logistics and di G which I contracted information about any way with this one click solution we change block Singh as a service solution really use the Amazon

Web Services cloud formation to enable the current customers to deploy it in one click which essentially means easy reaching doctrine for everyone which could be bullish in a long run for the beaches own widgets or and actual

Reaching tokens now in the in addition region has expanded the team so overall very good progress for the project they even though the price is not real reflecting it currently they do seem to be moving forward very well the other

News as always thank you very much for watching how was it not really that much happening and a cryptocurrency space in last few weeks which is why I make this video every two weeks instead of every week so look out for more as always

Thank you and I love you Cheers

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