Crypto News: NYSE, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Vechain, Coinbase, Factom (30th of July – 5th of Aug)

by birtanpublished on September 23, 2020

Hello educator wins and welcome to another video in my career the currency news series in this series I'm looking at the most interesting developments any type of news that happened in the cryptocurrency world this week so today's six of August and I am looking

At news that happened between 30th of July and 5th of August as always thank you very much for checking this video we will begin with the market situation it's not that great at this week so the market recorded some losses with Bitcoin

Being one of the main losers which is actually quite interesting whenever Bitcoin was in value out coins tend to lose even more but this week it was actually different and bet going was one of the most significant loser losers so

As you can see Bitcoin at the moment is around six point nine K and recorded around 40% price decrease when compared to the same time last week then some of the outcomes to nowhere pool – 5 % AC era – 11 % we much all of them recorded

Some type of losses except for buying us out of the top ones which is actually doing very well in the last few months whenever Bitcoin the Christian values about buying us tend to be doing quite well for some reason I think it's one of

The most stable alt coins currently on the market really in my opinion at least so the market stabilized for now as you can see it really hasn't decreased that much in valley in the last two days but it actually didn't move even though we

Had some very positive news which I'm going to talk more about in a minute which is a pretty bad sign because market should should respond positively in to those knees so talking about the news I believe this is the most this is

The most positive one this week and that one it's about IntercontinentalExchange creating a company called bucked I think that's how you pronounce it I'm not entirely sure someone further August they exchanged also known as ice has

Announced that it has plans to form a new company called bucked student who Isis is an American company that owns exchanges for financial and commodity markets and they operate 23 regulated exchanges and marketplaces and that

Includes the famous New York Stock Exchange this is like their mainstream in flagship exchange that they have but they have way more and in general this is a huge eNOS through bucked they are creating an

Open and regulated global ecosystem for digital assets that enables customers and institutions to buy sell store and spend digital assets on a seamless global network now that news in itself is a very big but on but if you look at

The companies that they are actually working with they are working alongside Microsoft Starbucks and BCG which stands for the Boston Consulting Group which is obviously other consulting company with Starbucks for example looking into

Expanding payment options for the customer so we could look in the future potentially Starbucks looking into cryptocurrency to accept it as a payment in their you know shop so that's off pretty good it's pretty big news in

General and appreciate pretty huge news for cryptocurrency and really surprisingly it didn't read that it didn't really have any significant impact on the price which is really not that good news then we have another

Pretty good news which is Northern Trust Corporation also entering cryptos on 2nd of August Northern Trust Corporation a hundred and twenty-nine year old Chicago based investment management asset an administration company they're applying

To enter the crypto business at the end of July next year so in addition to adding a number of new blockchain features for managing into private equity workflow the company they do have ten point seven trillion in assets under

Customs and administration so they quietly opened its fund administration services to a selected group of hedge funds that bet on Bitcoin in theory so companies like Cohen base bid go and others they're also started offering or

Are close to offering a cost of these services for basically institutions that want to invest in the cryptocurrency and those guys are applying to compete with them by having basic you lower fees another bullish sign for crypto in my

Opinion that they didn't really affect the market in any significant way which is not a good sign for the market really when it gets pretty big interesting and very significant news that doesn't really move anything

Terms of the price nothing have pretty big news for V chainsaw on 3rd of August we Chang has announced they are working in partnership with DNV GL on a public election technology usage to basically trace drugs monitors secure and audit

Them this is due to the fact that China is currently facing at relic vaccine scandal when it was recently discovered that the manufacturers provided hundreds and thousands of faulty in false

Document in vaccines to Chinese culture and obviously counterfeiting is a very big problem in China in general and we changed drug and vaccine traceability solution highly sensitive IOT devices will capture and record 3 D D V chain

Saw block chain which is live and operational by the way and it's gonna track all data involved in vaccine manufacturer and transport including you know getting them from the manufacturers store their facilities Coltrain

Distributions hospital and even he says everything will be stored on the V chainsaw roblox chain there are some unofficial links the government and it does sound like a huge news I feel no no more you can kind of look

Into different articles about it so people are trying to trace whether it's it does have any government involvement and it does seem to be like there is some government involvement but it's a bit of a gray area so I'm not gonna

Claim that the race but it's a very big news for V chain in general and they are currently in a 21st place in terms of the market cap I believe there's still of room to grow for that project and I am talking as a reaching holder I do

Believe at the time of the video is my biggest holding so I do hope they're gonna do very well I don't have news about a cerium which is also one of my main holding so first of all it's about the Commonwealth Commonwealth Bank

Blockchain trails so on 30th of July the Commonwealth Bank of Australia also known as CBA has announced the completion of a cross-border shipment that utilizes blockchain to track goods in a supply chain so it's the biggest

Bank in Australia and one of the top hundred in the world actually I believe it's in number ten based on the market cap around hundred and twelve billion u.s. dollars it's a very big bank very

Significant 137 thousand pounds of almonds were shipped from Australia to Germany and they were trucked using the private box chain that was developed by the bank so it doesn't use any official abduction however it is on top of the

Cerium Network which is very good news for cerium they said that abduction based system stores the data of containers documents and financial transactions on a distributed network as such different partners can

Simultaneously view and track all the information about shippment in real time including the shipment status or the temperature for example and the humidity of the containers now I think this is a very good sign also for the blockchain

Logistics project because it's proven that it can work it can be done and there is quite a lot of good projects in that area I'm actually make a video about them at some point well it was a very bullish very bullish sign for each

Cerium as well because obviously that was using a Syrian Network they only have news about coinbase and they're adding more tokens but not on the main college platform but on the coin based custody platform which I'm gonna explain

More about in a second so on 3rd of August Columbus custody has announced that they are exploring a range of new assets initially this is only for storage only so they will be working to add them as quickly and safely as

Possible at this time they have not yet considered those assets for trading so it's basically a custody custodial service for institutional clients that wanna store a large amounts of cryptocurrency in the highly secured way

This is not this doesn't have anything to do the actual app that people can download and use to buy tokens so don't be confused with that they pointed out that the acid acid addition to the coin base custody have no bearing on whether

There will be other to the other corn-based products mostly the app that people can use to buy cryptocurrency but I did think personally anything is gonna be added here will get a little bit of an entrance to other other projects that

Congress has as well and that would be very positive for these kryptos anyway there will be there was a lot of kryptos that applying to add there is a very long list I think over 30 tokens so there's quite a lot of them some of the

Kryptos are ripple euros Monaro cardano's teller lumens neo v chain – name I couldn't steam way more of those some of them very low market cap so pretty interesting selection there that coinbase did for a full list you can

Just check their blog post and last news today and this one is about factum which I will he never talked before so it's good to actually talk about it now son 2nd of August them they filed a new patent with a US patent trademark office

That allows verification of documents on a blockchain with multiple digital signature so on project is looking into data integrity and compliance and are building other platform offerings for government

Businesses and nonprofit organizations the pattern describes a process for peers to verify digital documents with various types of digital signatures additionally multiple signatures of different types for example metadata all

Instructions can be used on a single document so very interesting approach to actually verify everything on the blockchain so while filing for patents is a really controversial subject especially in the blockage in space

Where everything's supposed to be you know free to use that type of a thing it is really normal for them to try to gain advantage of a competition really at this point in blockchain space we are at a race stage where the project will

Try to grab as many patients as possible while we're getting closer to the adoption of the block chaining cryptocurrency in general with the general public so factum is currently on 115 place and some of the market

Capitalization interesting does it for this week quite a lot of very positive news not not a lot of news kind of cryptocurrency related for any specific tokens but quite a lot of good general news for

Blockchain in cryptocurrency in general and still the market into very well so I would say no judge a patient you do think it's probably gonna get better at some point as always thank you very much for watching in the hope that was useful

Subscribe for more and as always I do love you chairs and bye have a lovely day

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