Crypto News: Monero, Bakkt, HTC, Monaco, Vechain, China, Coinbase (22nd-28th of October)

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Hello descriptive coins and welcome to another video in my cryptocurrency news update in which I'm looking at most interesting developments and news in the cryptocurrency space that happened this week so today's 28th of October so I'm looking at anything that happened

Between 22nd of October till today as always thank you very much for watching this video and I hope it will be useful indeed who will begin at the market situation let's see how market is doing the market really didn't record any

Almost any changes this week and the price has barely moved there was a small decrease in value but really nothing significant as visible here current prices Bitcoin about between six point four six point five K

Around minus one percent in only three months one percent out some of the outer circle is selling more significant losses but it's always in five percent so nothing really too bad currently the market is sideways meaning

Pretty much any major news could move it however as we have seen in the past in the last few years end of the year tends to be a pretty good time for cryptocurrency so hopefully this trend is gonna continue

This year and we do we do have some pretty big news at the end of the year mostly bucked which I'm going to talk more about just in few minutes so overall I am quite quite positive about what's gonna happen but it's not a

Financial advice but I think it could probably get better as for the actual news we will begin with China and if I the Chinese Court confirmed that Bitcoin is in fact protected by law some 20850 October Shenzhen court of international

Arbitrations wrote that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are legally protected as a property in the case of equity transfer disputes so he said there is no law or regulation that explicitly prohibits parties from

Holding Bitcoin or private transactions in Bitcoin now the ruling made mine actually pave way for the re-emergence of crypto training in China and in turn should be viewed as a positive development in the cryptocurrency world

So that means currently only ICS are illegal obviously accredited investors can still participate and also exchanges are buying to China but Chinese investors can still use foreign

Exchanges even though it's really not that easy to do as a Chinese investor meaning crypto is pretty much still gray area in China what I do feel this is an overall good sign for that market she's very important for crypto currency

Obviously due to the population of China then you have news about Manero and they do have a major updates on the successful executions of the Monaro hard fork on October 18th other transactions fees for the XM art Okun have fallen a

Massive 97 percent from 60 cents to around 2 cents according to the information from coin metrics the reduction comes in the wake of the platform activation of a highly anticipated new form of cryptography

Called bulletproof which is a technology that seeks to make them on your network privacy features more scalable by restructuring how the convolution transactions are verified so the update also contained some of the other

Features intended to improve privacy on the platform as well as new code to determine manufactures from building specialist mining harder formal narrow meaning one can still mind them with their computers now the mineral price

Has been floating around hundred dollars for a while and it is currently a top hand top 10 coin on coin market cap so it's pretty much doing this in the end it is still the most popular privacy coin out there and of this new update

That should certainly make sure it stays that way then we have news about a stable coin u.s. DC which I actually mentioned briefly in my stable convey do so on 21st of October coinbase has announced any US DC stable coin which is

Fully collateralized by US dollars and it's supported by Congress in circle circle is a peer-to-peer payments technology company asked founding members of the central consortium which is like a whole idea behind real-life

Usage of this type of coins to be actually used in payments now USD see it is built on the east cerium Network meaning it can be used with of the ERC 20 wallets which is very very good because there is quite of support for

Those and it serums obviously the more hope you're boxing out there apart from Bitcoin Congress customers and supporting jurisdictions can buy sell send and receive the USD see stable coin on coinbase

And in the coin based apps as well now US customers also in New York can buy and sell and the customers around the world can send and receive so obviously if you're based out to us you cannot use it yet in that way but you should be

Able to do so because I think they're just working on the different laws for different countries to make sure it's illegal and it's all done properly each u.s. DC coin is humps and cauterize by the corresponding USD USD dollars held

In account subject to public reporting something of it will be regularly check the token is already supported by few exchanges Oki X Alito can pull on the X conics and COO coin I'm sure there will be more in

The future because I mean it is a point based coin at the end of the day so there will be popularity now they took in the song 58 on coin market cap with a market cap of 125 million then we have news about bucked and I did make a

Separate video about buck so feel free to check that video out on 22nd of October bug has announced the date it will turn on the lights and begin utilizing the ice exchange family of networks to trade Bitcoin futures

Contracts that date is 12th of December 2018 now initially it's only gonna offer a one-day physically deliver Bitcoin contract along with physical warehousing so it's gonna be like you know not know that much initially but obviously long

Term it's a very ambitious project that could change cryptocurrency as we know it so long term pact is designed to enable customers and institutions to seamlessly buy sell store and spend digital assets obviously real-life usage

Of crypto it's form of the purpose of bringing trust efficiently and efficiency and commerce to digital assets so they seem to develop open technology to connect the listing market and merchant infrastructure on the

Blockchain which is a huge deal and something that I am very excited about personally I do feel this is the biggest news in cryptocurrency in a while but the biggest positive news definitely and the fact that it's

Is gonna be happening so soon it's definitely bullish for me personally now then we have news about phone HTC blocking from being released so customer tag consumer tech giant HTC is officially releasing its first blocking

Naval phone HTC Exodus 1 the phone is available as an early access editions for found it for funds in 54 countries today that includes the US UK Hong Kong and Singapore and obviously many many more

Mostly European countries the device can be only bought with Bitcoin or a theory which is a huge deal you can rebuy it with cash which is good for cryptocurrency but bad for the phone I think because I'm sure there will be

Other people that want to buy the phone even without the cryptocurrency component and that the phone will start shipping by December now the company said they're looking for developers to participate in the early access version

As well now the Exodus one will include a secure anklet on the device that will store a user's cryptocurrency keys and that's like separate from the Android operating system making sure the security that way

HTC also intends to release application program interfaces api's for third-party developers and that's gonna allow them to use that to this one to protect keys and sign transactions now also in the works are plans to push a software

Development kit sdk for its wallet for partners who help HTC expand its blockchain across its overall I don't think this phone is gonna be very popular but I think it's a very good sign that a big company like HTC is

Trying to get into the cryptocurrency space even if it's just over the HTC blockchain phone I think most companies could possibly follow I think the phone will have a very separate average specific number of users that are more

Into cryptocurrency and into blockchain so it's not gonna be like a mentioning phone but I think that they will still find users and the fact that you can buy it only if cryptocurrency is good for cryptocurrency in general that's news

About two different currencies so first of all we have Monaco's on 22nd of October the Monaco visa starting shipping to customers and Singapore so the MCO visa card is prepaid card with no annual or monthly

Limits that have users to use cryptocurrencies in real life so kind of like the necks pretty much a cryptic card well you just hold your crypto in the wallet and then you can spend it in your life so the card is connected and

Ordered using the mobile wallet app that also allows users to certainly buy cell stores and then tracked cryptocurrency their entire system is supported by the MCO token if you want to get the better cards with better limits you need to

Hold tokens in the world it's a really good initiative for people to actually use the tokens and then there's news about V change so during the event Street Superior this week B chain will be show cast with inflation singapore

Sneaker artist as bt g in an initial limited edition collection of sneakers integrating smart chips and oxygen technology now it's not really that big of a deal however the supreme is just a

Collaboration that's supposed to show how the implemented solution can be applied to independently creating or sending goods and collectibles basically making sure everything is legit by storing all the info on the blockchain

Pretty good idea and i think something that a lot of people will look into to make sure the stab lured by are actually legit and not fake as always thank you very much for watching this video I hope it was useful indeed if you have any

Questions or suggestions leave a comment below I love you and have a lovely day

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