Crypto news May 16 – $VEN $TPAY $TRX $GNT $BAT $POWR $XRP south Korea $centra $japan $IBM $AWS

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

I wanna blue you've already got one Oh congratulations I didn't know you were expected jumping must have expanded my foot but I see you must have fallen on your butt a timer behind your back my car is only got half a tank again just

About had enough of you well you wouldn't say that if I came with fries in a medium drink what's going on guys so today we got a lot of good news we've just got a couple bad news reports here and there not to bad market today but

The whole market cap right now sitting at 381 billion we got a Bitcoin dominance of 37.2% so as you could see we're still in a little bearish market right now I expect not the market not to recover for about

Three to four weeks I predict this usually happens every year after consensus I've made a video about this two days ago just look out for the video on my channel ok so let's start off with the news right now though South Korean

Crypto currency exchange executives arrested for stealing user funds the president and executives of HTS equipped the currency exchange in South Korea were arrested this week for manipulating user funds and illegally reallocating

The company's holdings encrypted currency like Bitcoin ether to the personal accounts of executives according to Korean publication token posts so that's what they're doing they were stealing funds and they got caught

For it so that's the good news I guess founders of center tech floyd mayweather's endorsed IC o—- indicted for securities fraud so it's official guys monday was a busy day for center text founders who each found

Themselves on dieded by the grand jury following accusations of attempted death according to the US attorneys for South District of New York the three men were allegedly planning to defraud their investors through a sale of accompanies

Tokens following investigations US attorneys Robert Kazami revealed that authorities have recovered in excess of 60 million in funds from the three co-founders they have all been charged with counts

Of conspiracy the commission of securities and wire fraud so guys hopefully this news deter some bad actors from crypto we've had enough of these scams it's enough enough to know guys I hope I hope they catch them

All because that's stopping a lot of us from making a lot of money in Japan numerous bank announces crypto custody solutions for institutional investors numerous joint venture will be conducted in a partnership with digital asset

Securities company ledger and investment house Global Advisors the new digital asset custody venture is dubbed Camano and will provide the infrastructure and operational framework for the institutional investors to integrate

Their traditional investment vehicles into the frontier of crypto industry so yeah guys a lot of the institutional investors they won't guarantee that their funds aren't gonna be stolen you know and they're not gonna be ripped off

They just want a good way of holding them they want to put their money in places that are safe and it's that's understandable if you got six hundred million dollars you can invest in crypto you want to make sure that no one can

Steal it because there's horror stories and crypto guys always stay safe guys always use a hardware wallet don't leave any money on exchanges which I know a lot of people do you know just get a hardware wallet when I bought my first I

Bought my first cryptocurrency the same day I ordered a hardware wallet just listen to the guys who have been doing it for like five years and they'll tell you you know they all some people have like six of them me change signs of

Partnership with bright foods and it's IT tech subsidiaries Shanghai Shanghai and natto foods to integrate blockchain technology into a bright food group the company's internal management systems be change signs of partnership of bright

Food a significantly owned subsidiary of bright foods which is a woefully owned subsidiary of Shanghai Municipal Government this deal integrates V chain toward blockchain throughout bright foods entire supply chain management and

Data systems in which they control the entire lifecycle of the food product lines from crypto to retail right foods is a global company operating 93 different Chinese domestic and foreign subsidiaries with four public listed

Companies and which is estimated to bring over 160 billion yen that's approximately 25 billion USD guys so that's some very good news from V Shan holders right there token pay as partners but bite BTC and also gets

Listed on the exchange token pay has collaborated with bite et Cie a crypto currency trading platform on which TPA is now listed with this partnership by BTC will provide Swift and safe wire transfers worldwide

Featuring funding and payments through a Visa MasterCard okay pay JCB and alley pay the big and small businesses who are looking for an improved processing platform will benefit from this integration there you have a token to a

Holder so that's good news so Tron launches their new and redesigned website as you all know a while back they changed their sign so I guess they're changing their website too to make it better

I like the Tron group man they're doing a lot of marketing a lot of updates it's a powerhouses machine right there it's got a big following for a reason I think it's gonna surprise everybody we're both surprised everybody lastly I

Think TRX is gonna surprise everybody this year watch let's check out their website don't quit so I guess you can see their new sign they have liked it more I don't want to say animate type but it looks like kind of animate type

Is kind of cool 14 days until main net launcher all right talking about the cryptocurrency right there the blockchain the different nodes on a map as you can see all the countries that

The nodes are located in most of it is the North America will say oh there's only one in Africa come on guys I think that's like South Africa or something I'm not sure but yeah come on net come on Africa Africa is listen and get some

Tron nodes up right I think you're rewarded too if you got some nose running so get your shit together I'm not gonna go through the whole website though guys come here and check it out yourself have a look okay another

Announcement for gold holders it is listed on the London block exchange look out for some price action so congratulations to Gollum so Justin Sun also made an announcement yesterday that they're gonna be giving

Away a dream home hopefully this is what he said last year it was a Maserati and a Mercedes Benz this year we are taking our giveaway to a whole new level your dream home stay tuned so if you aren't following Justin Sun guys follow him on

Twitter he makes a lot of updates a lot of posts a lot of promotion about TRX front and check it out this is awesome for Tron holders they're really really trying hard to really you know get them coming excited and people that be

Excited in Fronk so this is what great a Dream Home if somebody wins that that's that's dope that's awesome so Zeb pay made an announcement they'll be introducing basically content to

Tolkien on Zeb pay that wallets are now open trading starts at 1:00 p.m. on the 17th of May 2018 move your bat to your Zeb pay wall to avoid facing delays and transferring that as for trading starts there you go there you have it guys so I

Guess that's tomorrow power ledger grows 10% in a bear market after being listed on bit thumb guys you guys don't know what bit thumb is I'm pretty sure it's a Korean exchange coins that get listed on their pump like crazy

That's what happened with Ripple last year I think it got listed on bit thumb some of those Korean exchanges and it just went nuts you know I mean so follow that exchange and see what get listed on there man if your coin is lucky enough

To be listed on there oh kudos to you so check it out put an alert on that site not financial advice though guys so more news from bid thumb they have five new cryptocurrencies to their exchange the five cryptocurrencies are

10x wax power ledger loop ring and gift oh so look out for some price action for those cryptocurrencies bid thumb is huge if you're new to crypto you'll learn about bid thumb soon it's important Snoop Dogg performs that ripples

Consensus 2018 after-party now there's a lot of haters above this whole situation guys I know everything about rap and hip-hop I know that Snoop Dogg has been talking about cryptocurrencies for like three years on his show he has up some

Podcasts online he's been a huge promoter of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for years guys this guy loves the crypto space so it's not like he's been a culture vulture or anything like that man like and it's pretty cool that

Ripple is actually throwing a free laughter party for people to enjoy themselves why not have fun and go to the moon like it's you know you don't have to be miserable this whole way and wait for the market to go up people are

Throwing parties people are getting together Kryptos bring out a lot of people together I met some people crypto right now so this is what this whole thing is about it's just to get people together and celebrate be excited

About the company and what they're doing is what it is there's some people who don't like it those people should just go on an island or something and stay away from us so there's great news for Ripple

Noop dog and hip-hop in general Ibn to watch the world's first corporate issue token and it chooses the stellar blockchain platform honestly guys for this news i really don't care about it i don't know why they're choosing stellar

There's a lot of really great blockchains coming like eos i think if everybody was smart they'd be building on their cuz eos looks like a powerhouse and he also has a lot of money to motivate people to develop on their

Platform I'm gonna tell you guys something quick that not a lot of people know and the dot-com boom guys one of the reasons why Amazon survive is because just before that whole crash happened in dot-com boom Amazon raised

Like a couple billion dollars and this money that Amazon had helped Amazon keep going while every company it was just crashing they had a war chest of cash does one of the things that no one talks about he had a huge war chest of cash

And he else has that throng has that yeah I look at people who have money to keep their different blockchains and cryptocurrencies or whatever that those will boot businesses going those kind of situations are recession proof so I try

And look at that too when I'm trying to look at the whole big picture of what a company's doing a word could go the money matters and I'm not saying that stellar is poor or anything I'm just saying that I like big projects that

Have a lot of money behind them and has great smart people who have already shown success in the blockchain space that's yes right there well Amazon is embracing blockchain VI partnership with Cal Idol a consensus company amazon's

Cloud computing division is collaborating with blockchain start-up collider to help clients move their services onto a blockchain Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of eBay song calm it announced a partnership on

Tuesday the same day that Collider was officially launched the syrup offers the kalida blockchain business cloud platform which is an all-in-one blockchain system that seeks to speed up and simplify the enterprise use of

Blockchain the platform represents the first blockchain software as a service Enterprise etherium so there you have it up it the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea has conducted an internal audit amid suspicions of fraud

From national authorities the audit results allegedly disproved the claims that the exchange has falsely reported the amounts of funds it holds this is a good news for South Korea in general it's great to see that people are doing

Things by the book and the last news guys I'm sure you guys heard this by now Microsoft search engine Bing joins Google and Facebook and ban and crypto related ads so I'm not surprised by this guy's a

Couple days ago he saw Bill Gates talking bad about cryptocurrencies with Charlie Munger or whatever his name is it wouldn't surprise me these guys had like 50,000 bitcoins men like I'm serious that's how these guys play

They're not stupid and obviously you don't know why they're seeing this stuff you don't know what kind of price they paid for where they're at today you don't know like who they owe or whatever I think these guys are smart enough to

Know these guys are smart enough to know what the benefits are for cryptocurrency for the average person they're not stupid people they're protecting their own interest or something something's up this is hot this is the type of news

That you just don't listen to one of these guys ever said something that really helped everybody when I can't remember one thing Microsoft just makes the software and it tries to sell to you and tries to grow this company it is

What it is it's trying to protect itself don't listen to all the stupid news that's out there where the gullible mainstream people believe try and think about things for yourself and like I said I wouldn't surprise me if these

Guys had a ton of Bitcoin because they're not stupid guys either this was km from crypto pedia we got more news and cryptocurrency reviews to come and I'm out you

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