Crypto News: IOTA, Wanchain, Komodo, Stellar, Circle, Coinbase (27th of Aug – 1st of September)

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

He'll love the Decrypter coins and welcome to another video maker of the currency news series now the aim of this series is to look at any interesting news and development that happened in the cryptocurrency world this week so today's first of September and I'm

Looking at any news that happened between 27th of August and today as always thank you very much for watching this video and as always we will begin with the market situation which actually is pretty good so the market recorded

Some nice gains with out coins or this most of them are doing much better than Bitcoin you can see bit Contras around 7% there are few outcomes added slightly worse a serum ripple for example but overall very good week for outcomes as

Well and as you can see it's going up in general now just about an hour before start recording this video we can see there was a very nice pump happening in general and the market has been doing very well for two weeks now and I

Personally don't really see any signs of stopping obviously any bad news could reverse it and obviously this is not a financial advice other thing anyone can really predict what's gonna happen with the market but I am quite liking what

I'm saying so far and then about the actual news the first one is about the square payment network so the digital payments firm square they won a patent for a payment network that allows the merchants to accept payments and any

Currency in that did not include cryptocurrency as well there likes a bit corn or any other cryptocurrency and general obviously there would not be the first payment processor to allow merchants to accept payments in

Cryptocurrency that are ultimately converted into the local currency we have the likes of big pay that you know they have been doing it since 2011 however this is a pretty significant news anyway because Square is very

Popular now in 2017 they had 2.2 billion revenue so a lot of a lot of money so I think the currency payments in the point-of-sale system would allow millions of merchants in theory to accept Bitcoin or any other

Cryptocurrency without having them to actually use Bitcoin you know or manually for example convert the minor they get from cryptocurrency or for example to use any other payment processes

Basically square payment network makes it much easier to accept anything you want without you having to go any extra steps so this is a huge potential and quite a big opportunity for awhile for wild adoption of cryptocurrency

So hopefully Square will actually start to incorporate that in today network then you have news about coin base and they had a survey on 28th of August coin based partners of a company called curiously to ask students directly about

The thoughts of the crypto in blockchain oh they did a national survey in America of 675 students and the key findings are very impressive however is one thing I'm quite skeptical about is the fact that those surveys they're probably to be the

Reich's they would ask the students where they want to take a survey about blocking for example or cryptocurrency beforehand and obviously the people that are in Tikal doctrine or crypto in general would be more likely to accept

The survey than the people that don't really know what blockchain is in general so the key findings still have very impressive and for example 42 percent of the world's top 50 universities now often least one course

On crypto or blogging 19 percent of the students actually taking cryptocurrency course keep in mind that it's 9 percent of that 675 students that actually did the questionnaire 18 percent out of those actually on cryptocurrency and 26

Percent want to take a cryptocurrency course so you can see there is a very bullish v between the students and in general what we do need to consider that this might be a bit biased then you have some specific cryptocurrency news so the

First one is about qumola which I haven't recovered much in the past but it's a very interesting project so I feel like I need to make a video at least mention it in this video a little bit so Kumada recently announced some

Significant news well the first one being the fact that the comodo platform has recently implemented something called crypto conditions which is a mechanism that allows smart contracts to be developed

On top of Bitcoin protocol based blocks in very big deal I believe this is the first kind of platform that managed to do that now those small contracts will be added to the list of features that come out

Already has up and running on the platform and that includes atomic swaps on-demand scalability features and cross chain syncing all of those are very technically advanced and I think overall has been doing very well in that regard

Now they have also teamed up with something called ideas by nature which is a blockchain focused design product strategy and application development agency that is Beit in USA now what does that mean for Komodo it means that the

Company will help them with the bright eye brand identity and marketing something that Kamala has been struggling for a very long time I mean the marketing is pretty much non-existent not many people talked

About this project even though technologically they're one of the best ones out there so hopefully Rudy come freely you know from the base on what the fact that they were working with that design company they can improve the

Marketing and actually get some more people on board with this project then you have news valve and chain and some updates about this project so 30th of August bunching announced that they have joined the enterprise-e serum Alliance

Also known as IEA which is the world's largest open-source blockchain initiative as a member of it one chain will be able to collaborate with industry leaders obviously in terms of Technology open standards and open

Source reference architectures now the reason why they have joined out and talk about more than a second but on 22nd of August they have also announced a partnership with Cronus which is a financial start from that allows average

Investors to access with training strategies employed by traditional fund managers around the world so again pretty good news from ranging and the reason why the joint EA is the fact that they recently launched bunting 2.0 cross

Chain implementation and that means that vine chained option can actually connect cerium has the first external blockchain so there will be basically tube-top she is talking with each other which is very impressive

Something that Ark for example trying to do which I mentioned in my previous video don't have news about iota president are very much like some 25th of August Trinity that's the beta war it has been released now this is

Following the Trinity mobile wallet that was released earlier this year so the mobile interface has been optimized for desktop with some very interesting addition and also maintaining this similar look so the app has been audited

Also to ensure its security meaning that hopefully there will not be any issues of people losing funds for the usage of this wallet I was very busy with expanding the teams well and the recently added two team members to the I

Gotta foundation board of directors now according to LinkedIn they do have around 60 team members which is actually one of the biggest teams in boxing obviously is very very big project in scope so that team is very much needed

At the beginning of August IATA introduced iota hub also which makes it much easier to integrate iota to any type of service provider so using the half for example an exchange can be ready to support iota in weeks rather

Than months as it was before just by connecting the hub to their existing trading platform so all of these are probably very bullish for iota which is still one of my favorite projects in like a top hundred out of all the

Cryptocurrency projects I did think iota has a very good long-term future even though they do have some technical technological issues that they still have to solve and last but not least another project a very impressive star

And this news is up it's about IBM launching world wire so ABM has released more details about their IBM the auction world wire which is the knee financial rail that's in simultaneously clear and settle cross-border payments

In pretty much real time so they are using blockchain technology for that and these stellar protocol so like I said before stellar marzo be called IBM chain because no those two are connected in so many ways you could even say it's an IBM

Project by so the two financial institutions basically will agree to use a stable coin on the blockchain Central Bank Bank digital currency or any other digital asset as a bridge between the two fiat

Currency so we've sent fiat is being converted into for example star coin and then the other person receives fiat money because the stars getting converted back to fiat at the end as well so the institutions used their

Existing payment system seamlessly to connect to that world wire api's to convert the fish fiat currency into digital asset and their world wire simultaneously converts the digital asset in the second fiat currency that

The other person received so this is like a transactions with everything recorded on the blockchain so this is real-world use case of a blockchain a very impressive one anyway so this is huge considering 97% of the banks are

Hobby M clients and really promising for star which has been doing very good this year even if you compare it to other outcomes especially obviously in terms of his Fiat it lost in its some value like we must all coins dead but if you

Actually look at the body when you compared to other Hodgkin teller has been outperforming most of them since of the most processing promising projects in the auction currently as always not a financial advice and thank you very much

For watching I hope it was useful in Hubbard every day I just love you subscribe for more Cheers and bye

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