Crypto News: ICOs, EOS, Binance Coin, Kin, OmiseGo, Change, The Ocean, 0x (13th – 19th of Aug)

by birtanpublished on September 17, 2020

Hello district of the coins and welcome to another video in my cryptocurrency news series now in this one I'm looking at any interesting cryptocurrency developments that happened this week so I'm looking at anything from 14th of August until today which is 19 August as

Always thank you very much for watching this video and I hope it will be useful indeed we'll begin with a market situation as we always do it's overall market recorded losses at the beginning of the week as you can see there was a

Major drop of here but kind of recovered since then and overall it did not really moved that much this week so Bitcoin pretty much stayed the same price plus 1% some of the outcomes actually lost in value you can see Syria – 7 % iota – 5 %

Violence – 14 % but also some of the outcomes actually gained quite a lot in value so have each in + 40 percent the likes of ripple for example + 14% so overall the market did not really moved that much some of the Ottomans gained

Some of the outcomes loss about the overall situation as you can see here it's really the same as it was just now about a week ago it seemed that we are still in the recovery phase as a visible here but the current volume is extremely

Low so it's quite difficult to actually predict what's gonna happen next pretty much in my opinion not any financial advice now the actual news we're gonna begin with the IPO market research report so on 13 of August I CEO rating

Which is at a website that rates I cos they released their ICO market research report for the second of quarter 2018 now in that report they outline are the main trends of the ICO markets during that quarter

Overall around eight point three billion US dollars yes that's billion not million was raised by 827 projects over this quarter are the husband 851 percent increase when compared to the second to the first quarter this year so

Overall more money was raised however this is quite misleading because yes pretty much accounted for most of the increases as we know yes they have an icy road that lasted entire

Every year however it was just counted at the end of you know in the second of quarter of this year because it's been a year-long ICO and in that year long ICO they erased around 4 billion US dollars pretty much half of all the money raised

By the icos during the second quarter so even though it's a higher number it's actually a lower number the way I understand it one of the trends in a second of quarter was the increase in the share of tokens

Allocated to private and priests all stages and decreased allocation in the actual crowd sales also on around 7% of the announced ideas were able to actually get listed on exchanges yes that's only 7 percent certified of all

The icos actually failed to even complete the crowdfunding so I think the era of the ICO is pretty much over and last but not least probably the most important factor when it comes down to all of the investors is the fact that –

55 percent that was the overall median return so if you invested money you were more likely to lose it in the ICO didn't actually did gain it so as I explained in the video I made probably around a month ago

I don't reinvest into i ce o–'s anymore because most dozen are simply losing money so it's not working anymore and there's just confirms my theory so no I'm that's why I don't really see I see us reviews on my channel anymore

Then we have news about violence and BMB so on 18 of August at the Liechtenstein kurtosis exchange violence CEO said that 90% of the exchange employees are actually receiving their salaries in BMB bimby is

Obviously the native token of violence exchange which is currently at the town this video the world's largest crypto currency exchange their release the B&B tokens in 2017 and obviously they use them to raise funds for the development

Of the exchange and in return the company has been buying those tokens from the funds they have generated through the exchange fees this makes balance one of the few commercial businesses encrypted actually paid the

Majority of the employees in the cryptocurrency the only other major multi-billion dollar conglomerate that does that is it's Japan's GMO group one of the country's largest technology companies so this is overall very good

News for cryptocurrency and especially for BMB holders because that just means there's more use case and more adoption for the token I like violence I think is my favorite exchange to be honest so I'm very very happy that they're doing that

Well then you have news from Ken which is obviously cryptocurrency released by the kick up which is quite popular still it's not as popular as it used to be but it's still pretty popular so on 15 of August the Keene ecosystem Foundation

Announced that they haven't now accepted those for the developers I'm not sure if you remember I did make a video about it I think a month or two ago where they were doing that Developer Program and they would pay users to kind of

Incorporate Ken and their apps so they have originally said the programs capacity to 25 but due to the high volume and quality of the applications they have received their increase that number to 40 so pretty significant

Increase and that allows more users to develop apps with the Kin a development team will now begin building their proposed use cases and they will participate in a virtual demo day on October the 2nd where they will shoulder

Up and ready to handle real users earning and spending Ken's so it's basically a real-life application of the king cryptocurrency from there they approved apps will go live on the King blockchain and they will receive the

First incentive of 50 million yen which is around seven thousand USD and also actual cash where it's gonna be around 15 thousand USD dollars it's overall this is been used for kin since obviously they're getting closer to the

Real-life usage of the cryptocurrency in variety of apps and I'm quite like this developer program in general I think more critical eye sees should do it something similar then we have news about oMG so as you

Can see this this episode pretty much concentrated on different currencies 77217 of august OMG they released their stable release of their Eve wallet version 1.0.0 and that release includes admin API

Ewald api and admin panel now why is this nice was this a big deal a little big deal because it's a white label a wallet development platform that is meant to connect developers to the OMG network so that so that basically

Means that the companies can use this wallet to create a a wallet with the logo on it and have it basically easily integrated into their network allowing the payments to be processed so it's certainly a very good step for more

Application of the OMG platform now if you don't know OMG is it's a decentralized exchange and payment gateway over the main goal to build a network that would allow people to pay with any tokenized value anytime and

Anywhere in their world is basically an application of a cryptocurrency shop in any of the websites offering you know selling stuff basically they're still gonna stun bank the bank and through the world I'm trying to make the

Cryptocurrency more mainstream and allow people to actually use it in real life so it's very good news for cryptocurrency very solid project oMG I think one of the ones that are currently very overlooked and possibly should be

Doing very well in the future but don't have news about change will be talking to CG on 60 DeVargas change announced that they have changed the policy of how the funds are added to the cryptocurrency up in order to battle the

Crypto currency volatility so what they're gonna do they're gonna use that your header which is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to euro instead of having to select Bitcoin ether lights on a ripple where you basically add money to

Your account you not only have to sell the cryptocurrency so that means you're not gonna lose money when the cryptocurrency decreases in value for example the day before the I mean today after you buy it

Users can now add money to change account using the bank transfer for now only which is why that was the delay when you had the money and had to be accepted but in the future they will have debit cards accept it as well now

The actual app is already in a shop it's working its operational what I'm trying to do they're trying to build a platform users can buy sell crypto and spend it through a debit card they also recently announced that they're working on

Applying for different European licenses that would allow them to become a fully regulated financial institution which would make them basically stand out from the competition because most of the competition does not have those licenses

Now the cg tokens were very little actually when you compared to the likes of the competition like monaco 10x or token card which basically makes it pretty interesting option and a potential steal very risky one but also

One that could pay off quite a few compared the valuation of these projects compare them to the change project and last news is about 0x protocol on 15 august the ocean has been released now ocean is 0 X based wallet – wallet the

Centralized trading platform that is trying to become the world's first the most sophisticated professional a centralized trading platform with more liquidity or fees and less risk than the competition now the reason I'm talking

About 0x here is because there are some platform is he is using 0x which is a open and permissions protocol that allows your C 20 tokens to be traded on the Eastern Block exchange without having to use a centralized exchange

Their competition includes the ledger decks open relay shark relay products and feel more 0x they recently created a Xerox portal which allows crypto wallets to trade on any and all xeric 3 layers so obviously all of that is competition

Of ocean not actual 0x there basically this is just exchanges that are using 0x and in contrast with Sandra's exchanges users can create one account but they can trade on all of these unlike Sandra's exchanges where you have

To create separate accounts for all of the exchanges the sutras exchanges are getting more and more user friendly something that has been an issue for a long time since the centralized exchanges are much

Better in that regardless if you ever tried to use binders compared to any the centrist exchange you're gonna see how much easier it is combined then on those competition but 0x is doing very well I think with their protocol they seem to

Be doing a lot of good for the cryptocurrency world and especially for the centralized exchanges as a whole they do seem to be ahead of the competition of the likes of Kai Burbank or Raiden so they're expressing

Interesting projects if you think the center has exchanges on the future and some of the best investments that you can buy especially since they're connected quite a lot with coinbase so maybe we're gonna see 0x listing on home

Base in the future thank you very much watching those bring much longer video than usually I do love you just have a good day and subscribe for more bye

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