Crypto News: Gemini, Ethereum, Walton, Vechain, Monaco, Funfair (2nd-12th of September)

by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

Hello there give the coins and welcome to another video my cryptocurrency news series now in this series I'm looking at the interesting cryptocurrency news and developments that happened last week so today's 12th of September and I'm looking at any developments that happen

Between second and today now I do want to apologize for not uploading this week I simply didn't have access to my computer as always thank you very much for watching this video and as always we'll begin with the markets situation

Which is not very good this week the market recorded some major losses of Bitcoin out from out points even though betwen still lost about 14% most of the outlet lost over 20% has visible shear some of them actually lost quite a lot

Of alyou near for example – 29 even more losses for V Chaney cerium so not a very good week for cryptocurrency the gains from the last weeks has been wiped out in a single week but it does seem like the bleeding has stopped for now so

Hopefully we can see a bit of a reversal going into next week we'll see how we were see was gonna happen basically it's quite difficult to predict and he's at this point because any bad news could result in to either further decreases in

Price now as for the guineas diversity first one is the fact that Gemini has announced something called the Gemini dollar now which is pretty much just another stable coin however there are some differences are pretty major ones

On 10th of September in exchange Gemini has announced something called Gemini dollar G USD which is a trusted and regulated digital representation of the US dollar that moves in open decentralized monitor crypto currency so

It's basically kind of like tether so Gemini door which is a stable value coin often called stable coin is issued by Gemini a New York trust company it's gonna impact one to one to the US dollar as it should have been and it's built on

The cerium Network according to FC Twente standard of tokens so users will be able to convert US doors and their Gemini account into Gemini door and would draw them into the serum address that they specified they also will be

Able to automatically convert Gemini dollars into US dollars by depositing by depositing them entered the Gemini account so the major difference between this for example and tether and any other stable cons really

Is the fact that it is the first stable coin that users can actually buy today and convert to USD whenever they desire so this is actually a very good very big deal something that most of the people don't really realize but this is pretty

Much the first true real stable coin that can be converted into actual fiat money then we have some key theorem updates which is pretty much very important but it's not very effective for the if you don't price at the moment

So a months ago there was more details released about Assyrian 2.0 and a 7th of September there is some additional information I don't know more about that they're very there's a very good medium block about it that explains more

Technology through the technology of the cerium and more detail so this is just a basic highlight so it's in 2.0 combines these key product so first of all they're gonna have something called beacon chain which is a sight proof of

Stake chain so they will have size change something that a little block sooner they try to incorporate as well and also that beacon chain will be the base of the charting system and should improve is you know scalability is

Something that is cerium has struggled in the past so then there's charting which involves building the network into many tiny partitions called shards and each chart contains independent pieces of transaction data again something for

Scalability then I have the Casper which is gonna be partial consensus mechanism it's gonna combine proof of stake so it will no longer be proof of work and it will also have something that new you use is called Byzantine fault tolerant

Consensus technology so that's basically a fancy name for a different system that makes sure nobody steals the network and then something called e/w ASM which is a replacement for the HTM virtual machine and will make a

Significant difference to how many transactions can be processed and subsets and added to the block now despite the Assyrian price struggles based on these new developments their future looks very bright I mean it

Solves the major problem if you serum which is scalability something that this theorem has always been struggling with and all the new developments seem to be a very good way for a serum to make sure to stay on top of the game as the main

Blockchain smart contract platform as to lucky theorem even though the price would be very badly and I definitely still think it has a very bright future and then we have news for Walden change so what doctrine has released some

Updates this week on 3rd of September Walton blockchain Institute together with the Korean standards Association had the first lecture of the six months course in the vault on blockchain Institute after they had centered

Ceremony then a day later one the chain has announced an official release of the whitepaper 2.0 which is basically talking more about the future of Walton and technology behind the project and then all fifth of September so we had

Like one news each day they announced a partnership which is actually a huge deal it's a partnership with I'm not going to attempt to pronounce that but it's a fashion town and it's pretty much the first to initiate the implementation

Of blockchain and RFID solution and South Korea so the fashion town is the largest fashion town district in South Korea and they do have around 55,000 stores in the fashion town and they will look into the usage of while to change

Is very bullish for the press this is huge a lot of people kind of you know ignored it and not paying attention to it but it is the first major application of the RFID and blockchain technology and a

Very big mother a very significant mother so I was actually quite surprised at the price we want to what Walton doesn't worry effect you know wasn't affect that much this is a huge and I think any Walton holder should be very

Happy about this news don't have news about reaching to another project that I very much like and hold quite a lot of it and they have very big news as well so on 2nd of September it was announced that people's insurance company of China

Entered a partnership relationship with DNV GL we change to bring digital transformation to the insurance industry this is actual very big news as well so the ICC is worth 126 billion and they

Will look into production technology for digital transformation resulting in reduced turnaround time criminals prevent fraud and improved that know your customer compliance and claim reference on 3rd of September there was

Another Punisher which is in a bigger deal with B Y D or bid I don't know how to read it which is the world's largest manufacturers of electric vehicles and batteries and it's a global reader and the battery electric buses so they have

Earned 220,000 employees it's you read that right it's a very big company and the revenue was eight point five billion in 2015 is gonna be much bigger this year and in the past previous years as well so this will be pretty much the

First enterprise level application of you know moving the data of million of cars buses trains and other vehicles onto the public blocking path from the very good news VGA vision is pretty much the leader in terms of the partnerships

And news and I'm really saying this project is gonna be like top five cryptocurrency projects very soon if they can keep up of the promises and actually use the partnerships to make sure that their blockchain becomes even

More popular don't have news about Monaco which is a card so on sinks of an 7th of September crypto calm has published some updates on their Monaco produce no cripple the calm is a project is the name of the company is behind the

Monaco project and the market project is basically a debit card that you need to spend cryptocurrency anywhere in any shops so the cars are very close to being released in Singapore with more details to follow they have also removed

The monthly purchase limits and increased the weekly ones of that fire between 1.5 k to 10 K depending what car to get you can get different cars depending on how much Monaco we own the up has also been updated to a system

Status page and more coin update so good new updates for Monaco car I'm actually gonna be ordering when I call card as well I'm not sure which one yet I have to make sure to buy the Monaco tokens amongst other updates this month they

Added light one to the wallet storage so along bitcoin is cerium – coin and obviously Monaco introduced something called crypto invest which allows users to easily buy crypto with super low initial

Contribution there they have reduction of the fees to make sure Monaco stays competitive expanded team had community Q&A and it does seem like the project is doing very well and some of the top cryptic arts projects out there next to

10x probably and obviously there's the wire X which I actually covered in a separate video but it's not really the crypto card because it just urged the sell crypto and then use the cash now with Monaco or 10x you can basically

Store couple currency in the wallet and at the moment of purchase you basically spending crypto for the Fiat so it's a bit different either way Monaco they seem to be doing very well and on top of the game and

We'll see if they can basically stay ahead of the competition I didn't have the last thing is about fun room on 5th of September fund for hazardous and update how the project is doing so they found four is a project where you have

The oxygen casino so the live beta version has continued on main network the team continuing to access new features and implementation of the platforms they do have the correct our license operating license – that allows

The funfair subsidiary to launch their own live casino which should be later this month and by this mod to me September along with that correct our application they're also making good progress with their top tier license

Application including Gibraltar and Malta on the other hand they have withdrawn the application for a remote gambling software operating license in the UK mostly well and that's their explanation it's due to UK not being

Gambling friendly and also breaks it so the team is a bit busy with recruitment and team expansions so I did think of all fanfare seems to be doing well and if you like the idea of blockchain gambling platform fanfare does seem to

Be probably the best option out there and I personally don't hold any tokens because I'm not really into campaign but I think if you like the idea of doing it on the blockchain then it's definitely a very solid option as I thank you very

Much for watching hope it was useful and if you like this video give it a thumbs up and I love you Cheers

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