Crypto News: Ethereum, IOTA, CyberMiles, Brave, BAT, SEC, Fidelity (15th-21st of October)

by birtanpublished on September 3, 2020

Hello descriptive coins and welcome to another video in my cryptocurrency news series in which I'm again most interesting developments and use an extra currency world that happened this week so I'm looking at anything between 15th of October till today which is 21st

Of October as always thank you very much for watching this video and I hope it will be useful indeed we will begin with the market situation and the market is doing ok ish this week I mean increased slightly in value but the change really

Wasn't that significant after that situation is slowly stabilizing with either increasing in value a little bit so the difference between the USD and the USD T pairings are decreasing because teller like I said it's more

Stable now so overall we can see most of the cryptocurrencies increased in value just a little bit no actual Bitcoin is still around 6.5 K is there your floating error or just over $200 so overall it's not too bad now the

Currently the market is pretty much sideways with no major movement and pretty much no volume at all meaning pretty much any major news couldn't move it significantly in either directions I think the next step is gonna be mostly

Concentrating on what news we have then we have pretty much major news about the fidelity launching institutional platform so this week fidelity investments which administers more than 7.2 trillion and clean assets announced

A new and separate company called fidelity digital asset services the film will handle custody for cata currencies such as Bitcoin and will execute trades on multiple exchanges for investors such as hedge funds and family offices now

Fidelity is a pretty big company they have revenue of over 18 billion in 2017 with the operating income of around 5.3 billion so like I said a lot of money being involved there what they said and by day I mean the fidelity investment

Chairman and CEO Abigail Johnson he said our goal or she I'm so I'm not sure our goal is to make digital a night of assets just Bitcoin more accessible to investors we expect to continue investing and experimenting over the

Long term with ways to make this managing asset class easier for our clients to understand and use so this is pretty much another huge news almost as big as back probably not as big but nearly and that kind of proves that

Cryptocurrency is still doing good despite the price decrease and I think the future is looking quite bright for all the people that hold cryptocurrency in general don't have news about it cerium and that github activity or

Github has raised its annual state of the October's report which ranks a cerium gift client as the fifth fastest growing open source project on github with the two times changed in 2018 this report also lists the fastest-growing

Topics in which the center's applications are a fourth only after her rocktober first pie torture machine surprisingly cryptocurrency round six and smart contracts 9 under this I mean there is still a lot of interest in the

Subject of cryptocurrency blockchain and smart contract despite again market not doing that well the gift client had had on almost even cake comments which basically means the changes or revisions made to the codebase so like I said a

Lot of activity with 345 contributors that coal-based has had over 220 1k stars over 7k Forks and 150 pull requests which means the changes to the repository anyway it means there is quite a lot of activity now but gonna

Still the most popular since Bitcoin they had way more comments with more contributors but still I think this means that a serum is definitely not dying even though price obviously has been struggling for quite a while now

But are there still of development other stuff activity in the ECM not if you don't know it happens basically and most of the people put their coat on I think the most popular code platform so it's a very good way of seeing which projects

Are active and which ones are not then you have news about SEC creating something called fin hub on Asian of October the US Securities and Exchange Commission SEC announced that they're launching these

Such as a hub for innovation and financial technology called fin hub the fin hub will connect and update the public and SEC regulation issues and initiative distributed laser technology that

Obviously includes blockchain cryptocurrencies automated investment advice digital microplates financing and artificial intelligence on the main objective of this project is to provide a portal for industry and the public to

Engage directly with the SEC staff promote information regarding the SEC activities and serve as a liaison to other domestic and international regulators in the FinTech field very bullish news in general the riddle of

The fing hub stated by launch will help we hope to provide a clear path for the engine nurse developers and their advisors to engage with the SEC staff seek input and test ideas so that means they're definitely opened to the

Cryptocurrency blockchain and pretty much ICO investing side of things and that's pretty good step forward for them to be more precise and more open to actually work with I CEOs instead of just closing them because of the ICS

Offering securities so two very bullish sign and very good news for cryptocurrency again one that a lot of people don't even realize that happened so privileged sign they have news about more specific cryptocurrency first of

All we have I oughta birthday I am past project on 15 of October it has a lot of tango technology will power a new biometric authentication system that uses a person's palm vein pattern as a means of

Identification the project is called an impasse proof-of-concept and using biometric technology a bicycie scans the structure of the veins inside a person's hand to create a unique identity for each users and that should enable easy

Identification and verification of the people the technology oftens an advanced solution for generating immutable audit trails for high security environments including places like data centers airport or

Stadiums by employing something called M a.m. which is mass called indicated messaging streams for access points now at least a very fancy way of identifying people and something that hasn't been done yet and definitely could be done in

The future an improved version of the fair game print it's gonna use the iota permission is distributed ledger to make and a identity not only portable but also give users access and ownership of their own

Data definitely does seem to be like any interesting news case for iota and it's good that I oughta actually has more projects running on it because it's a very interesting product I actually hold qualify of the tokens myself so I I do

Believe in the project and I think it's one the most promising in a cryptocurrency space I think projects like these actually using the tango a bullish sign for it as well then use about a project cyber

Mouse and network going live I already haven't talked about seven miles ever I don't think but it's a pretty interesting project so tonight fifteenth of October sad mass has announced that they have successfully deployed their

Main networks Alamos is a decentralized ocean protocol specifically designed and optimized for online marketplaces essentially smart contracts for e-commerce created by the company that runs a fairly popular foul-mouth

Marketplace now farmhouse is a peer-to-peer marketplace and they plan to become the first decentralized app to use cyber Mars mainstream blockchain technology for real-world businesses they used based company will migrate

It's 15 million existing users so quite a lot of users that file five miles platform already hearts along with more than three billion in marketplace transactions on annually now thats a bomb-ass main network has been released

Are we going to transport everything to the main network well no natural being life they tried to provide a promising alternative choice for assyrian application developers that mostly considered in commerce of this platform

World can i try to tackle all the appropriate blogging platforms but they do have that advantage because they already have something is gonna be running on the main network now some mars is ranking on 17 place with around

90 million market cap so i think there's a lot of room to grow in that regard probably one of the more promising boxing projects out there my personal opinion i don't hold any tokens but I still think it's a very promising

Project nevertheless then have news about another very promising project with actually switch to this week so break browser impact on 18th of October break browser announce the general availability of the latest

Browser brave 0.55 now this is chromium based desktop version that replaces the previous move on base browser which is not available for download on the brave side the upgrade comes with significant performance boost as confirm as

Different tests the biggest deal however in my personal opinion is the fact that break now works with Google extensions something that was the main reason why I didn't use brave brave browser before because I simply couldn't use any of my

Google chrome extensions now now that they work I personally switch to brave just few days ago and I'm very happy with how far you know it's worth how so far it's working obviously I didn't doing specific tests if it's faster or

Not but at this time we encountered any issues and everything seems to be working very well now the other important upgrade was to the bet which is a basic attention token reward system making it more intuitive the team has

Introduced brave Ward's beta that will replace brave payments granting more usability visibility and new features it's a very bullish update robot which is my opinion of the main candidates also for combat it's listening after the

0x talk that already happened you know because I really have a working product it's a very promising token in general with quite a lot of usage that's overall very very promising if you want to download brave brows I'm gonna put a

Link in the description below with like my referral so if you miss for me but overall I think break browser does seem to be a very good alternative to the likes of Chrome and Firefox and especially if you are into

Cryptocurrencies it's basically definitely a project that he will be probably very good idea to support because it's one of the main cryptocurrency adoption that we currently are

Witnessing as always thank you very much for watching this video I hope it was useful subscribe for more and I do love you Cheers and bye

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