Crypto News: EOS, Waves, IOTA, Genesis Vision, Tezos, Citigroup (10th-16th of September)

by birtanpublished on September 7, 2020

Hello this is criticals and welcome to another video in my cryptocurrency news series now in this series I'm looking at the most interesting cryptocurrency news and developments that happened this week so today's 16 of September and I'm looking at an image that happened

Between 10 and today as always thank you very much for watching this video and I hope it's gonna be useful indeed and we will begin with the market situation so the market recorded some small gains this week but really nothing that's

Significant as you can see on the little diagram here overall the trend seems to be going upward so Bitcoin gained around 2% some of the outcome is actually lost in value some of them gained in Bali for example a serum has been doing very well

Especially when you compared to the last few months where actually they lost quite a lot of value so we have plus 8 this week so the situation does seem to be stabilized for now we have slight upwards movement hopefully this is not

Going to change due to anybody's and we basically start to recover from a very very long bear market then when it comes down to the actual news the first one is about Citigroup potentially entering cryptocurrency on so on 10th of

September some random sources mentioned that us multinational banks Citigroup is trying to develop a cryptocurrency product that will allow the institution of investors to access crypto markets without actually owning any crypto

Currency so crypt Citigroup they do have around 71 billion in revenue per year and over 200,000 employees so it's a very big deal very big company so Citigroup which has previously taken a centralized approach approach to the

Cryptocurrency will repeat will reportedly is a revamped version of something called American Depositary Receipts ADR short which is a type of security issued since 1920s that represents securities of a

Non-us company and that allows investors directly indirectly to try crypto as something called digital asset received the AR which gives the US investors a way to basically own foreign stocks or currencies that they don't otherwise are

Able to trade on US exchanges so there's absolutely no timeframe for this and city go black she declined to comment this news but I feel like it's pretty interesting regardless and if it's actually real there's a huge deal

For cryptocurrency and even if it's not this is certainly something that I think more banks will look into one of the cryptocurrency gained more adoptions and pretty good news regardless don't have first news about us and it's actually

Not that great so on 14th of September it was announced that a gambling application Yeo's bet that is based on the years blockchain has had a flaw in the smart contract system that was exploited so occurred hackers will be

Able were able to make off with two hundred thousand US dollars or four years due to that issue and ears that spoke Persians have stated a few years ago we were attacked and about forty thousand years was taken from a bankroll

This bug was minor as was stated previously and they're still doing forensics and piecing together what basically happened so this is following the attack from tens of September were emerged that another here's based

Betting platform called deals games was hit who have a smart contract attack as well and that led to a series of strange payouts including 24 jackal payments in less than one hour so it seems like there is a common backdoor

For the ears dubs that users able to exploit and this could be a major problem so any developers that are planning to build on yours it didn't react any price abuse and it's the one of the most popular cryptocurrency uh

You know adapt that from in cryptocurrencies in general but certainly something that people must look into then you have news about waves it's a pretty big one actually so on 14th of September are the compression

Rostec which is a Russian state-owned modern manufacturing conglomerate is entering the blockchain fray we had the partnership with waves now rustic was established in 2007 is a pretty new company but they do have a revenue of

Almost 19 billion US dollars and over two hundred four hundred fifty thousand employees is a very absolutely massive company so the project will look into the application of block technology to wrost X operation specifically for

Standardizing collecting and analyzing data other products that are gonna be manufacturing which includes both military and civilian goods so it's kind of like storage of information for the

On the blockchain they also seek to develop solutions for so-called smart cities which leverage data to manage urban resources in a more effective manner to that the project they're going to facilitate sharing of

Data the a blockchain between the governments and citizens all of that supposed to happen on wave such a very big news for wave sonakshi i believe the value of waves increased by 20% based on it i was announced that they're engaging

In negotiation of the Maltese government in an effort to gain or the proper accreditation in order to run their operations Ireland I think Malta is one of the most crypto friendly governments out there so I

Think what I love projects are thinking about moving there it could invite us as far as I know don't have knees about iota and a Kubek projects on 12th of September I thought that they have published a road map update for the

Cubic project what is cubic it's complicated some we're gonna go into details I didn't understand half of it but the enable smart contracts Oracle's also competing and lots more on iota it's like a smart contract platform

That's gonna be running on iota so it provides general purpose cloud or fog based permission lines multi processing capabilities of the tango which is the technology behind iota it'll basically be the foundation of plenty more

Projects that gonna be using Alta and I was a platform for greater community and ecosystems and think of it as a smart contract application for iota that's gonna allow people to develop the center's applications on it

IATA team has recently provided a lot of details on cubic programming language called Umbra the road map shows our specifications compilers development and libraries as well on top of that the road map covers

Cubed protocol cubic tango and the Oracles or the technology behind cubic all that information includes what I also very much like which is a progress level so project followers can buy ski truck what happens and on top of that

IATA also bc they provide regular block updates telling people how the project is doing I do own quite a little bit of iota because I think it's a very interesting option especially if you compare the

Evaluation to some of the other bigger doctrine platforms then I have knees about Genesis vision so on 11th of September Genesis vision has announced the release date of their main platform so it will

Go live on 30th October so not that long actually from now on or they are there our platform for the private trust management market that's built on blockchain technology and smart contracts we trying to combine exchanges

Brokers traders and investors into one big decentralized open and honest network stores on the blockchain obviously pretty interesting project I think it's been flowing on the Dre that especially concerning the valuation the

Team they also announced the overhaul of the interface as well as the highlight of the account type so there will be different accounts on the platform three did three different ones to be precise the first of all they have the base

Account for basic traders no limit account which concentrates on the aspect of the limit order and then hedge account which is very convenient when basically working with expert advisors or using trading robots so basically

Users can pick whatever account fits them the most the platform uses gbt token obviously and that recently increased in price mostly due to different news but it's still not in top 100 and I think if platform takes off it

Does seem to be like a very interesting option I'm not a financial advice obviously and then we have news about Tesla's project that I really haven't talked much about but it's a very popular one so it's a better kind of

Mention is here so I'm version of September tethers has announced that a main network were arrived on 17th of September which at the time of me recording this video is literally tomorrow Tesla's is a platform for

Schmoes contracts just like a cerium and the same source application that will allow something called on chain governance meaning a formal process through which stakeholders can officially govern the protocol and

Implement future innovations it's like a cerium but with that democracy aspect where people can vote on stuff debate Lynette went live on 13th of June and was a fully functional version of the net

But still experimental nature's obviously they had downtime and even imagine hard forks of the network but that means that the life main network should have these issues and you know they should be able to launch quite

Easily successfully the team also published update on 10th where the president of the Telus Foundation published and basically updated the users about the last six months X is a token has been doing quite well recently

And it's currently in the top 20 I think most of this mostly due to those news they seem to be increasing quite nicely in value I think tells us even though I don't own any and even though I still think it's a overvalued it's actually

Pretty good valuation when you're compared to the likes of yours or cardano's so it's a certainly an interesting option and if you like the team behind it and if you like the idea behind it then you know it seems to be

Like a pretty good one not financial being obviously otherwise thank you very much for watching this video I hope it was useful and subscribe for more as always I do love you indeed and see you next time I suppose thank you very

Much I wish I'd made this video ten minutes yes bye

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