Crypto News: Bitcoin, European Parliament, Ripple, Ark, Payfair, Waves (23rd – 28th of July)

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

Hello descriptive cones and welcome to another video a matter of the currency news series in this series I'm looking at any interesting news that happened in the cryptocurrency world this week now there is usually quite a lot of news so I have to be quite picky so I picked the

Most interesting ones and the most relevant ones so today is 28th of July and I'm looking at news that happened from 23rd of July until today thank you very much for watching this video and I hope it will be useful we will always

Begin with market situation and that it's the case in this video as well so the markets recorded some gains this week with Bitcoin leading the way as expected because of their etf decision which i'm going to talk about more in a

Second so Bitcoin price increase of around 11% most of the out points did not change that much you can see it's in a +1 ripple no change near a she lost some value there are few al Cowen's that did very well be changes the main one

Because of the price being kind of manipulated due to the note snapshots and whatnot and then the rise of balance and stellar both of those has been doing very well in general in the last few weeks especially considering the market

Situation this is where the etf decision happened i will talk more about it in the next slide but in market kinda recorded recovered since then now the etf decision was negative which is why we had the quite significant token dump

But the market still looks quite bullish as you can see it's going quite well especially considering the last few months it is unclear if bitcoin will actually continue to outperform how it's mostly because be in the last few weeks

It was because of that etf bitcoin potentially getting approved now that did not happen so we could see more of an outcome bull run in the upcoming weeks obviously not a financial advice just my

Personal opinion but out points in usually anyway still follow the bitcoin run so usually it's the bitcoin that's kind of increasing your value first and then outputs catching up so it still looks like that could be the case so

Talking about bitcoin in the ETF this is mostly the major the biggest news this week and the reason why we had that credible Bitcoin run in the last few days obviously since then there was a correction because the negative idea of

Decision which I'm gonna talk more now so 96 of July the Securities and Exchange Commission rejected a request from Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss but she can make it was twins to run a Bitcoin related exchange-traded fund

This is a big deal and the obviously news is negative so the SEC was not persuaded that the twins and their company could protect investors from abuse and fraud the agency said it will not approve the first-ever Bitcoin ETF

Because the digital currency is not resistant to manipulation now it's not really resistant to manipulation that's that's the truth but I still think you know any of the ETFs that we already have in existence

Can still be manipulated to some degree so I don't think this really could be a reason to not allow it are the twins they own the crypto currency exchange gemini trust where the ETF would have been traded on so the Commission said

The Commission cannot conclude that the Bitcoin markets are uniquely resistant to manipulation and that was the main reason why why they said it obviously will not take place other can expect the marketer responded very badly as you

Could see in that previous graph you know it was a pretty much an instant instant value decrease of around $500 but there no it actually kind of recovered since then and it's still pretty bullish sign that even because of

This bad news the price is still doing well and one of the reason why is doing well could be this on 25th of July following a detailed review of the industry and its underlying technology their political body of European Union

Has formally acknowledged that crypto currencies such as Bitcoin repo and litecoin do have inherent value and keep in mind all of those are payment oriented cryptocurrencies we're not talking about

The smart contracts so even the fact that they're like those basic cryptocurrencies is a very bullish sign so the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs issued a report

Outlining their expectations of the future for the cryptocurrency industry by stating that cryptocurrencies are digital representations of value the analysts have allowing Bitcoin ripple and all the alkynes with

Fiat currencies the reports is quite positive in general it's a very long report so you can kind of go good and check it out yourself what they said is other innovations of a relevant impact in the financial sector are the new

Crypto currencies like Bitcoin which are digital currencies that operate in a decentralized way by means of peer-to-peer technologies like blockchain and without participation of or supervision by the central bank or

Institution so it's basically they said it's kind of like digital value exchange digital money so it's a very bullish sign for cryptocurrency at least from the European Parliament then we have news about ripple on tweeny on 23rd of

July wire X which is actually made a video about rice a while ago it's like a cryptocurrency card so they announced that the users cannot buy sell exchange in deposit ripple using the Warwick's apps or work is a cryptocurrency card

That allows users to directly sell the crypto through their debit card I recommend you getting it if you have quite a lot of money in crypto that you currently spend in everyday operations they're supporting Bitcoin litecoin and

Now ripple they do plan to add a serum next by adding ripple while rex is currently the only digital money platform that lets users exchange and spend report like a traditional currency both in store and online additional news

For ripple wise ratings a popular website for finance ratings and this is and decision has declared ripple as preferred cryptocurrency for momen digital assets between crypto currency exchanges ripple is currently the third

More variable coin according to the market cap with the market cap of just under 18 billion at the time of this video I'm not a big fan of ripple I personally like stole more but it's still pretty major news for April in

General then we have news about arc which I have already talked about in a long time but I quite like this project and I covered it way way way back in the past some twenty fourth of July arc has released an update explaining that they

Will stop working on the art core version one software backwards compatibility they explained that it would be more beneficial for the project to focus on version 2 and bring it to the main

Network as soon as possible they also released a list of several major technical improvements that proved that the team is working on the project at full speed speed the arc day has been pretty quiet for a while about you know

The updates that they do but they you can tell that they're working very hard on the crypto currency on all this project general so it's a very good news and recently they also announced partnership of highway look io I think

That's how you read it how is a blockchain based hiring apart from focus on helping to find highly qualified candidates for critical openings in the blockchain industry now it's currently an IC o—- it's really not that big of

A deal that partnership but they do know it's still a very good sign for both projects they're actually trying to look into ways to use the power of arc network in the development stage of that marketplace arc is currently in top 80

With market cap of under 130 million pretty interesting project I think the current valuation is quite low considering the incredible potential then we have news of a pipe a fair 7 25th of July paper has released an

Update in which they mentioned a very major exchange am I very much a change to the actual project now if you don't know what paper is it's a dissenters escrow platform and peer to peer exchange that are the users to buy

Cryptocurrency from other users now it can probably be compared the mob to the more popular centralized local bitcoins website which is like the main website where people can buy and sell bitcoins online in order to be competitive with

The competition paper they have moved away from the usual maker fee pricing structure so that means is market makers and advert Creek creators so people that basically try to sell their cryptocurrency are now rewarded with

Zero fee so they do not have to pay fees to sell their crypto this is to encourage listings and increased volume basically on the platform because they kind of struggle with that to be honest now local bitcoins and other

Peer-to-peer exchanges that have fees so in this situation paper is gaining my advantage because people basically have a reason to use it over the competition did some up updates the social media as well mostly reddit

And the token is actually very very cheap it's called the outside of top 700 web the market cap of just under 3 million very low market cap considering they do have a working product but pay for token is not really that much needed

On the platform so I think that's the main issue here and then last news which is about the WAGs project some twenty fourth of July waves has released a major update which is the update 1.0 to the client officially ending the beta

Stage oil's client beta has was first released on 13th of December 2017 with the launch event held in Amsterdam in total they had actually 53 releases of the beta version so quite releases Otherworld the reworked waves the

Central exchange because that's the basically what the project is about making video about waves some point in the past we can check out those videos they both a new interface in the api's improve stability and it also in terms

Of the usage they have the users to store send exchange and issued tokens easily swiftly and securely and you don't really need any technical background so even if you pretty new to cryptocurrency and don't really know

What you're doing it's a pretty easy platform to use so that's pretty good news the dissenters exchange is trying to compete with the most popular crypto changes through simplicity combined with pretty decent liquidity so they have

Around 7 million traded on it on average in 24 hours so pretty decent numbers and very low fees at least when you compare it to the competition other ways token is currently in the top 50 with market cap of around a of around

250 million it's a pretty low valuation if you consider the potential of this platform as always thank you very much for watching this video that was it I do appreciate you taking time every day just to watch me talk to the camera

Very much appreciated I hope you have a lovely day and I do love e shares and bye

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