Crypto News: Bitcoin ETF, Thailand, Australia, Lisk, Ontology, Revolut (20th – 25th of Aug)

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

Hello digital tokens and welcome to another video in my cryptocurrency news series the aim of the series is basically look at what happened this week in a cryptocurrency world so today's 25th of August and I'm looking at any interesting news from 20th to

25th of August which is today like I said before I try to pick the most interesting developments the most interesting things that you guys might enjoy so as always thank you very much for watching this video and we will

Begin up the market situation which the market recorded some overall gains if we compare the beginning of the week to the end of the week we had some major fluctuation as visible here for example but overall it's been going quite well

Especially for Bitcoin now some of the other coins recorded losses we can see a cerium still not doing very well with minus 6% but overall we didn't see that much movement and it seems like it's going up so far so far fully if we don't

Have any major bad news it should probably continue also reaching plus 25 percent by the way quite happy about that as a beating holder then we have the first news which wasn't great and actually I was quite surprised because

The market did not react very badly to it so on 22nd of August the United States Securities and Exchange Commission has issued three published decisions that cover nine different Bitcoin ETFs so those applications were

By Direction pro shares and granites shares and all of them were rejected so we still have the Bitcoin ETF stories so the SEC said that the main reason for rejection is the lack of protection for the investors to stop fragile and and

Manipulative accent practices I kind of agree with that but on the other hand I don't think they should these are people to try to 80s based on this because this is the main reason though they constantly say and this is the main main

Reason for all the rejections so far now the market did dip a little bit because of the news but not as much as I personally expected which means the people don't really care about it is that much anymore however they said that

They might review those decisions and according to the letters they posted on their website on 23rd of August their stuff they do have the authority to make a decision on those up occasions meaning they can review it if

They want to do so so this story is still not over I'm pretty sure we will stay here quite a lot of stuff about Bitcoin ETFs and obviously with the news about their possible review the matter the market actually recorded some gains

As we can I expect it to be honest then we have news about Thailand and theirs their central bank is launching their own cryptocurrency so on 21st of August the silent central bank has announced that they will that it will launch their

Own cryptocurrency so the cryptocurrency will be called central bank digital currency which short C B DC and then we built on the quarter platform built by the d3 company and it's gonna be the cryptocurrency is gonna be issued by the

Central bank itself and however it will not be a legal tender status because I'm gonna depend on the laws and the regulations of the government so I think it's gonna be one of this a bit of a gray area now they're also launched a

Special variant of their token called wholesale CB DC and it is reported that this currency will be mostly is only about financial markets and institutions while the normal version are just the CBD see a normal version it's gonna be

Used by the general public so they're gonna have like two different versions of the same token which is a pretty interesting approach for this project they were partnered with 8 other institutions that include banking bank

Public and HSBC it's a pretty pretty big Bank HSBC obviously so this is pretty interesting usage of blockchain I think blockchain is a very good usage in terms of payment I think it does have their use cases so I personally can definitely

See more banks going that way so we're gonna see I think it's next year especially is gonna be quite interesting here in terms of where blockchain will find more these cases they have news about Australia and Australian users can

Now pay those using Bitcoin so on 24 August country Australia which is a platform for buying selling and trading digital currencies they announced a partnership with go Beale which is a company that deals with autumn

Bill payments and that partnership resulted in allowing people to pay bills using cryptocurrencies under the deal God will never perform they'll be taking user funds and paying bills on their behalf so that means Australians can pay

Any bill within the country through the usage of cryptocurrencies and it doesn't matter if the company doesn't accept crypto because Goebel will take care of that issue so they for example will accept payment in Bitcoin but the actual

Company will get payment in actual fiat money so this is very good news and a very major use case for crypto currency I think if we have more countries like that actually having this type of use cases then it's gonna be a big step

Towards the mass adoption because you can actually use cryptocurrency to pay for stuff and that's the main reason why most of the people really want cryptocurrencies so hopefully more companies will look into solutions like

That in other countries as well then we have news about a specific currency so this one is uncovering risk so 124 DeVargas risk has released another development update in which they inform the investors about the progress

With the project in the preparation for the risk 1.00 migration on the main network was gonna happen just a few days August 29th so other companies all of the components of the risk ecosystem which is the risk core risk elements

Risk commander and this cop they're all being updated and aligned with one another in a preparation for this big migration they also announced partnership with blocked space with the main goal of supporting the adoption of

Blockchain and JavaScript development by providing free education channels complete with JavaScript learning modules so this is big big news especially since disk they have been in the shadows recently but if you look at

Their actual development it's going very well and the team is going forward with the roadmap so even though the price decreased quite a lot this year if you're a disc investor you're probably not very happy but just in the last few

Months it started recover and it seems to be going in the right direction then we have news about another specific project and this one is ontology which I really haven't looked that much into in the past but it seems pretty interesting

Project with quite a high valuation so in Deen of August ontology had the main network launch event in Seoul South Korea so what is ontology if you don't know because I didn't know before I read about it so it's a high-performance

Public blockchain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform that provide high performance public blockchains that include a series of complete distributed Ledger's and smart contract system is basically another

Blockchain but this one concentrates on high performance with some additional features on top of it so on 21st of august they also announced partnership with in life and they're gonna create a design choice healthcare ecosystem and

Smart blockchain network by forming a joint technology team and work on the decentralized applications that's gonna be using ontology blockchain to basically do like a health care stuff so kind of similar to some of the stuff

That we already have but this one will be running on ontology and also on the same day they announced that they engaged something called NCC group which is a global expert in cybersecurity and risk

Mitigation and those guys they reviewed the code base for any problems especially focusing on cryptographic findings and there have you focus on some contracts virtual machines modular consensus and pretty much all the good

Stuff that you would expect a good project to basically be top-notch in every regard so this is very good news from the ontology as well I don't know my personal opinion about ontology this they do seem very promising but I do

Feel the valuation currently it's a bit too high based on what they personally offer and last news is about revolt and if you don't know where evil is I recommend you to look more into it because it's one of my favorite

Solutions that I currently use so they announced on 22nd of August a new metal debit card that's available to Premium customers that are on them to withdraw after one person cash back in either fyodor crypto currency transactions

Outside Europe or 0.1 transaction within Europe now if you don't know where all this digital banking alternative that includes prepaid debit card currency exchange could the currency exchange and

Peered up in basement payment I basically call it internet bank even though technically it's not a bank but in many many ways it's actually superior to probably the bank that you have I mean I've been

Using it for over a year now and they do provide you with a debit card and it all works very well I never had any issues with it it's always in one simple app and you can basically store your money and then spend it using this card and

What's very good is that they give you actual account that you can connect into a coin base so we can sell tokens in coin base and then get money in reveled card that's like that initially so customers can actually purchase

Cryptocurrency using it through the card however it does not allow you to actually access your private keys and you cannot move that cryptocurrency anywhere so you cannot act so you cannot send cryptocurrency to revolt and you

Cannot take the cryptocurrency from revolt it's not that great actually could the currency but they have been trying to embrace it for quite a while and because they're so very popular as a kind of online bank I do think that they

Have the ability to introduce cryptocurrency to the masses by doing different things with it so it's a very good news for cryptocurrency in general and if you own a grave old card it's a pretty good news for you and if you

Don't own one I would recommend you to check it out because I mean this is not sponsored by that they did not pay me but I just like it I like it and every time I have a chance to talk about it I do recommend it that was it

Thank you very much for watching this video I hope it was useful and I hope you have a lovely day and Adobe Cheers and bye

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