Crypto News: 9th – 15th of July (Coinbase, Cobinhood, Bancor, Kin, Litecoin, BCH, Ambrosus, Gifto)

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

hello descriptions and welcome to
another video in my cryptocurrency news
series in which I'm looking the cryptic
inducing years that happened this week
or in this situation last week so there
is sixteen of July and I'm looking at
news that happened between 9th of July
and 15th of July as always thank you
very much for watching this video and we
will begin with the market situation
were basically market recorded some lost
this week but it wasn't that bad
especially considering we are currently
well at the time of this video in a
pretty sharp recovery session as visible
on the picture here you see that thing
at the end pretty sharp so the Bitcoin
price is around 6 point 6 K which is
around 3% losses when compared at the
same time last week in cerium has $473
at the time of this video as you can see
most of the cryptocurrencies recorded
some losses v chain is an interesting
one because the very significant loss
this is because there is some price
manipulation due to the snapshots for
the X nodes taking place so probably V
chain team doesn't do it the best way as
they should have probably they shouldn't
announce what the snapshots will be
taking place because obviously people
will be selling the tokens after the
snapshot and trying to buy them before
the other snapshot so not the best way
to do it but it is what it is other
reaching holder
I don't remind because I'm in it for the
long term anyway at the time of this
video the recovery has slowed down since
the Bitcoin good other board at the bot
at the top of the you know purchase
price but the trend still seems to be
positive in general and hopefully this
recovery will get back in us in the
7-thousand territory for Bitcoin at
least and 540 theorem then when it comes
down to the actual news of first of all
we do have new coin base to these things
at least potential listings of these are
not confirmed yet on 13th of July coin
base has announced they are considering
listings of several new assets and will
be working with local banks and
regulators to add them as as many
jurisdictions as possible obviously this
is because
this is very heavily regulated so you do
have to make sure everything is done
properly so that you have the likes of
card on oh that's the first one that
they're considering one of the most
promising boxing projects out there with
functioning wallet and basic operational
maintenance now the cardinal price in my
opinion is or a little bit too high
especially considering how far it is in
the development but still pretty
promising anyway then we have basic
attention token which is basically the
in turn integral token of the brave
browser which I didn't mention few times
in different videos are they do have
that token already functioning and
incorporated in the browser so again
pretty interesting project you can kind
of tell they're basically considering
the projects with the biggest potential
or the ones that are the farthest in the
development already we have stellar
lumens which is an open source protocol
for value exchange that's already very
far in the development the very
promising project in general with a
partnership with IBM then we have zika's
which is a cryptocurrency which uses
recent advances in cryptography to other
users to protect the privacy of the
transactions that is kinda interesting
one because I would expect mineiro to be
the choice but Z cash you know it's
another interesting one and then we have
zero X which is an open protocol that
allows the ERC to e tokens to be traded
on the a cinema blockchain it's already
used by some of the dissenters exchanges
so it's one of the few projects that
actually delivered from their ICO
promises so pretty interesting choice of
tokens all of them are pretty
interesting products in general and you
can cannot tell what Congress is trying
to do the trying to pay cryptocurrencies
that would definitely increase the usage
of their own platform and other we have
to say but any of the projects that will
be added to coinbase
will increase in price significantly so
it would be you know pretty good choice
to buy them the morning the announcement
is made then we have copy node which is
basically the sensor it's a zero fee
crypto currency exchange it's not really
centralized but they're planning to go
it's centralized in the future so on
12th of July
common hood zero feature the currency
exchange announced the launch of the
Fiat trading which makes that legal
tender can be covered through you know
cryptocurrencies and Fiat and vice versa
so basically you can trade Fiat you can
basically buy cryptocurrencies afeared
and then if you call two
cryptocurrencies you can sell them for
fiat currencies as well so they had
secured an agreement to the company IPE
that provides a seamless payment
interface for the its operators the
company also recently unveiled plans to
create a decentralized exchange but
raccattack you mentioned before are they
planning to go to centers in the future
that US dollar deposit so initially it
will be US dollars but I'm sure they
moved to yours and maybe pounds who
knows will be accepted from July the
20th so pretty pretty soon the exchange
is supported by John token they do have
their own token which allows the users
to 50 percent of margin trading loan
interest and also the users can can will
be able to get the future
ICO tokens through the common hood at
significantly lower rights I don't
really like the coming who token at all
to be honest I don't think there's
enough initiatives to hold it like there
is a bi nurse or kou-kun for example but
still you know they they have it because
they need that money to raise the
exchange and that to exchange even
though the volume is pretty low seems
decent their 24-hour volume of under 1
million it's not significant at all
don't have news about Bank or protocol
in it's not very good news at all
because they were hacked so night of
June banker project which is a
decentralized market maker for smaller
cryptocurrencies and crypto assets as
well as you can use bankroll to create
new tokens so they can they have
confirmed their Twitter flowers on
Twitter there was a security breach and
they announced their own app will be
down for maintenance to gonna make sure
they don't lose too much through the
bridge after they after that on Tuesday
they published the details about the
bridge so a wallet he used to upgrade
these mod contracts was calm
premised and the hackers used that to
steal 3.2 million in the B and T tokens
so it's referred to million BNC tokens
which is worth about ten million twenty
five thousand Assyrians which is about
12.5 million and two hundred and thirty
million and P X X s first time I even
heard about that token by the way but
those were be worth about 1 million so
they lost about 23 and a half million in
u.s. dollars which is quite a lot of
money if you think about it
so Bank who they said they have frozen
PN T tokens to prevent their loss and
infirmed again that the actual user
funds were not compromised which is the
company funds that was compromised they
said that the funds were stolen from the
BN t connector balance that served as a
reserve and small contracts accessed by
the wallet so user funds would not
compromise still not a very good news
that obviously affected the market a
little bit especially to BN t tokens
lost a lot of value but you know it's a
lesson for them they have to make sure
the security is top-notch then have news
about King where they have the
development programs on 11th of July
keen foundation has announced on Twitter
D launch of the King Developer Program
in this program they will choose 25
developers to receive grants for
creating customer applications of kin
subsidy trying to get more people
working with their project they've
accepted the program the developers were
receive King grants up to 60,000 US
dollars and 400 million kin as well as
numerous resources to help with the
development that their life with
applications 10th of August so this
means that around 3 million in fear the
crypto will be used to administer to
those developers and creating up to 25
marketplaces that will only use kin so
these marketplaces basically could be
used for anything from places to buy
access live video chat for YouTube for
example very any type of rare stickers
any type of cosmetics for games anything
like this really obviously all that will
be digital only now the projects will be
likely to be using the can up kick up
sorry but they can also be using other
absolute risk with an interesting
approach maybe they want to make sure
cane as a currency becomes popular not
only on the kick up but also on other
apps as well good news for cane in
general because it shows that developers
care about the project then we have
write code in Bitcoin added to Robin
Hood not to be confused with common good
which I covered literally
few minutes ago so on 12 of July Robin
Hood has announced that users can buy
and sell litecoin in Bitcoin cash
commission free Sir Robin Hood also
claimed in our has over five million
users it's a very very popular app but
it's mostly used to trade stocks so
there are 5 million users on the
platform following the expansion of his
crypto training service to 17 US states
so they're not available outside USA so
far they're also providing
cryptocurrency news and create price
alerts for 16 coins if you wanna know
the coins you can you can just check the
announcement that they made I would say
it's safe to assume new additions apart
from life on Bitcoin cash will be from
that group of 16 coins and every time
that coin would be added appreciate it
would be a big deal for that coin in
terms of the price so the company CEO
and the name previously said that he
expects Robin Hood crypto to be able to
cover the entire US by the end of 2018
enough and obviously in the future go
outside USA as well because they're
planning to become one of the largest
cryptocurrency platforms what is it is
longer than it should have been
ultimately Robin Hood plans to compete
with coinbase and they're planning to do
it for zero fees whereas Combes fees are
you 1.5 percent to 4 percent depending
on the user's payment method and then we
have news about two other
cryptocurrencies my like updates I
usually do and the unity beta first of
all have Ambrosius on 10th of July the
Ambrosius iris SDK was released github
it makes it easy for iOS app developers
to create their own apps powered by the
amp net I'm net API basically give
access to assets and events tracked by
if you don't know Ambrose
I made a lot of videos about it it's
gonna be like a cryptocurrency project
our auction project that keeps tracking
things during shipments of the SDK they
can create iOS apps whoever the end so
head tracking of any assets stored on
the MDOT pump network and then we have
news about gift Oh both projects are
very promising by the way I like them
both on 9th of July gift uh publish an
update about the recent developments and
updates they took part in two major
boxing events as well as secured several
major partnerships in Korea and Thai one
so gift of 2.0 as a vision of a token
for entertainment with the sensual as
apps for content creators gaming charity
in commerce that live the development of
becoming very well homeless died there
when I was trying to say that word both
brothers very promising both projects
very very busy and terms of the
development thank you very much for in
this video if you want more videos like
these make sure to subscribe and press
the bell button to get alerts I love you
as always and do have a lovely day
Cheers and bye

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