Crypto News: 2nd – 8th of July (Market, WePower, BAT, Brave, NEO, Oyster, Cardano, Tron)

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hello disturbance and welcome to another
video in my cryptocurrency news update
now I do apologize for not uploading for
almost two weeks I did not have access
to my computer so I simply could not
create any content now today's 13th of
July and I'm looking at news that
happened in 2nd of July and 8th of July
so it's a bit right but it's you know I
still wanted to do it because then we
have some interesting updates about
different projects as always thank you
very much for watching and I do hope
it's gonna be useful indeed we will
begin with the current market situation
which it's not great but it's not
terrible either so after the good
previous week the market recorded some
losses again but it's still above the
lowest that we had in June so currently
Bitcoin is about 6.2 K in US dollars and
as a PC we did bounce back a little bit
as well so as always when the market is
not doing well out coins are doing worse
than bit going and then the market when
it's actually doing well then Bitcoin is
doing worse then al Cowen's as visible
on this example it does seem to be like
the market is actually stable currently
and we have seen already several bounces
from 6,000 US dollars so I don't think
if that I don't think we're gonna go
under 6 K as long as there are no major
major bad mental always it's not a
financial advice however but I'm
optimistic that from this point we can
either go sideways for a while or we
should go up one of those two scenarios
if there are no major bad events like a
major exchange hug or any type of
legislation legislation update that
wouldn't be favorable for cryptocurrency
then we will the first needs and
includes flow traders and be going into
cryptocurrencies on 5th of July 1 of the
Europe's latest speed trading platforms
and exchange-traded fund flow traders
and V they announced that they are
entering the cryptocurrency space by
offering Bitcoin and cerium
exchange-traded notes also known as ET
ends to their clients now there are
they're based in Amsterdam
flow traders they provide liquidity to
the customer
by providing the traders bid and offer
prices for the ETF's they were founded
in 2004 so it's a pretty long day exist
for a while now and they did become the
top ETF exchanges in Europe and they do
have around 250 million euros in revenue
paneer per year so as you can see they
are pretty pretty significant and that
would be one of the examples of the
institutional money coming in but it
also means more potential price
manipulation so I would say it could be
either a good or a bad thing depending
how you look at it there's definitely be
more money going into crypto this way
but there will also be more price
manipulation because those big players
they do have quite a lot of money to
move around then we have we power update
and they launch their platforms on fifth
of July we power they have announced
that they are launching the alpha
version of their blockchain base energy
trading platform that lists unless the
first energy auctions for the Spanish
soar project so they're mostly start of
Spain our users and they vary from
individuals to the large energy buyers
the likes of investors and traders they
will be able to create accounts browse
through the first renewable energy
auctions available on the platform and
then they can express their interest if
they do want to participate in it in
this initial various six solar projects
developed by one of the Spain's leading
renewable energy developers Konquest I
think that's how we read them have been
added to the we power platform the
company is now entering a new
development phase where they basically
gonna be adding new features and green
energy projects to the platform and to
and it will also be announced new
partnerships with green energy
developers and the market players so
yeah pretty interesting project it make
several videos about it so you can just
check out those videos if you want to
know more then another projects that I
very much like which is basically a
tension token and also brave as a
browser so on 28th of June so a bit
outside the day but I still wanted to
cover it because it's an interesting one
it was announced that a new version of
the browser was really
and it did add the technology called
onion reading from the Tor project and
is basically an option for totally
private browsing
– tor helps to keep the users anonymous
by sharing your internet shuttling your
internet communications for a network of
computers the basically hides your true
address on the Internet and it's making
me it is making it much harder for a
website to basically know that you have
visited it so very useful I just have
downsides it's significant to store some
websites will not work properly and
order will present themselves to you in
a different language obviously because
you cannot visiting from a different
area of the world but if you're evolving
privacy it might all be worth it because
you know it's it's a lot of people
valuing privacy nowadays and when you do
stuff on the internet it's no longer
private at all and brave is one of the
two browsers that offer this function
other one being the actual table router
developed by the people behind the
technology this is also good news for
battle as well since it's like an
integral part of the brave browser then
we have some news about neo so on 4th of
July it was announced by the new
foundation that they have initiated the
election of the new consensus nodes
which basically will start the
decentralization of neo the candidate
know the run by city of Zion after
running smoothly on the test net for
over six months and that was the
consensus note that was erected now if
you don't know whose city of Zion is
like a bunch of developers like in the
Roman team that has been working on the
knee as a side project I would say and
they have been doing a lot of good for
neo in general so it's pretty normal
that they have been selected this is a
part of the entire knee of the
centralization initiative to make sure
that neo is not centralized because as
the whole aim of the decentralized
cryptocurrency block genes on 6 of July
the team finally can ask something
called neo 3.0 which is basically a new
version of the neo among the details and
improvements there are increased
transactions per second so very useful
especially as his auto blockchain still
struggle with it
and that should definitely help with
running a lot of large-scale
applications on neo and furthermore some
of the known bugs and improved system
stability are in the works as well
specifically a major update with of good
stuff in it among some of the new stuff
neo will be not divisible device' ball
so that means you can send for example
0.1 neo instead of just sending one and
the costs of deploying and running small
contracts will be cheaper as well
something that other people were
complaining about it was too expensive
to launch a small contract on neo then
we have knees with the oyster project on
6th of July Easter they have published
another development update in which they
highlighted the finished developments as
well as the upcoming once during that
wheat oyster announce two more Exchange
listing coins supper and cost not made
not major exchanges but still good that
they're you know expanding they're also
the development updates for new features
and the improvement of the existing ones
as well as QA for the database
integration OC teams they do those
updates every week so very active team
and they do follow the long-term plan
that they did last month
so in this long-term plan there are
stuff like new Exchange listing
localization in Japan China and South
Korea which definitely help in the
expansion in those regions they also
have new marketing with a more broader
market awareness for oyster AdWords
conferences in public appearances it's
very promising project that could kinda
revolutionize Internet as we know it we
should probably make a video about it
because I didn't have it redone once so
far but an interesting one and pretty
good one if you're looking for something
that's pretty dull market have long term
in my opinion at least not a financial
advice as always and then we have
updates for two other projects Cardno
and Shawn I put them in one slide
because they're not major updates but
still pretty interesting since those two
projects are pretty well known and very
high market cap so on the 4th of July
charli's Hoskinson who is the come
Carano he released a new video update on
it a lot of diabla Cardinals updated
their interactive roadmap now if you
want to see the video you can just check
out the Twitter they ongoing
developments include multi signature
transactions where multiple users can
have to confirm to actually send the
transaction reject a safety feature and
you wallet initiatives and fees updates
that would encourage users to run full
notes and to fully basically participate
in the protocol then they'll have
quantum resistance signatures something
that I love cryptocurrency people are
worried about in the future when you
have quantum computers while the
available light client support and easy
human friendly interest addresses as
long as they have other stuff as well
but this is like the main features and
then we have Tron TRX
on 3rd of July they haven't asked
exchanges and Wallace completed the main
that update and resumed TRX deposit and
withdrawal so before the swap the TRX
tokens were on the assyrian blockchain
but they are now fully supported on the
Tron blockchain supreme major event
finished for Tron as well now if you
wanted my opinion about both of these
I think Carano has a pretty promising
future both the current valuation in my
opinion is too high and Tron there's a
lot of kind of controversy surrounding
so I'll personally avoid it but again
that's just my opinion so we don't have
to listen to me at all as always thank
you very much for watching this video I
will try to go back to regular uploading
at least like one video every two days I
know the market is not doing that well
and there simply isn't enough content
just to keep on uploading it's not
because you know I don't want to do it
it's just doing that much stuff to talk
about and because cryptocurrencies a
little bit of a downside right now but
you know I do believe still in the
technology and I do think it will get
better as always have a lovely day and I
do love you Cheers and bye

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