Crypto News: 18th-24th of June (Tether, Bithumb, Enigma, Stellar, BAT, IOTA, Vechain, Request)

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hello distributor Goins and welcome to
another video in my cryptocurrency news
series in which I am looking at the
recent cryptocurrency news anything
interesting that happened in the
cryptocurrency world so in this video I
am looking at news that happened between
18th of June and 24th of June and
today's 25th of June as always thank you
very much for watching this video and I
do hope it will be useful indeed we'll
begin with the market situation which is
not great but it's not that terrible
anymore so the market did record some
losses this week with Bitcoin actually
going under the support of six thousand
US dollars which kind of meant well in
my opinion that it would probably go
lower what surprised me it actually
recovered and now is above 6 K again as
you can see the current price at the
time of this video is about 6.2 K so you
know it's better than it was but
obviously if we compared to the price in
our last few months it's very bad of the
outcomes recovered losses as well most
of them more significant than Bitcoin
with only Manero actually recording some
very very small gain are the bounce from
the 6k was actually quite weak and
currently the volume of the trading is
very very low so it's actually very
unclear what's gonna happen next
it could go either way we could see a
reversal and we could see the price
increase or you can see now going
underneath 6k again so just be careful
if you're a trader now in terms of the
actual news we're gonna begin with the
probably the biggest one which is the
tether actually confirming the USD
backing so on 20th 20th of June a report
was released by teller in which
Washington based law firm I'm not gonna
read name attested that as of June the
first cryptocurrency firm tether had
enough US dollar reserves to rescue back
to the virtual coins in a 1 to 1 ratio
according to the report that they
released so the FSS report is not really
a full audit of tether
but states the law firm did receive the
statements from Tyler to banks which did
indicate that the company has
approximately 2.5 billion in the
count as a June 11th with a Trojan first
which doesn't mean they should have
enough money to you know support the
tether on one to one ratio they reported
not disclose the names of the banks and
also stated that the FSS did not as a
part of the engagement arrived at any
conclusion asset either compliance with
the applicable laws and regulations in
any jurisdiction service key means it's
not really a food audit a full audit and
some people were Cervelli and unsure
about whether in general it's a very
there's absolutely no doubt about that
but it's certainly a little bit of you
know class for the project in general I
still read on like tether in general but
I do think this is basically a good
thing for cryptocurrency even though
it's not as significant as many people
hoping that audit would be then we have
the bid some news where the basically
were hacked on 28th of June the South
Korean currency exchange bottom has
confirmed that thirty five billion won
Korean Won which is worth about thirty
one point five million u.s. dollars and
virtual coins were stolen by hackers
they said in a notice on the website
that the basically stopped of the
trading for now and that some of
cryptocurrencies worth about thirty five
Korean Won and seized between late
yesterday and early morning today they
did officially state that they will for
compensate the losses of the investors
with company funds and they do have
around 500 billion Korean Won worth in
the fund so they would not struggle
financially because of the hack the hug
actually came only nine days after the
South Korean exchange coin rail was
hacked and those guys was about 37
million u.s. dollars so you know as of
both of those hacks the markets were cut
reacted quite badly which was one of the
reasons why it was doing quite badly
this week for example in my opinion at
least you know any type of major crypto
currency exchange hack will always
result in the market reacting badly we
have seen that multiple times so every
time is gonna happen in the future I'm
sure it will happen again
then you have news about enigma and
their collaboration with Intel so on
20th of June anima has announced that
they are not partnered with intel on
research and development efforts to
advance the development of the
privacy-preserving computation
technology so it says your partnership
as a part of this effort enigma will
utilize Intel SGX which stands for
software guard extensions and they will
focus on birthing of the privacy
technologies Intel what we have I think
animo solution during the keynote speech
on well that was passed I think on cyber
week 2018 in Tel Aviv which I think
already happened
I knew my protocol approach is helping
to solve challenges on the public
blockchain networks and improving data
privacy and smart contract security that
was the vice president of software and
services group and general manager at
the platform security division into
cooperation very very long title the
partnership will mostly concentrate on
solving the largest challenges facing
boxing star like privacy security and
scalability as you have seen all those
free like the main issues with block
chains nowadays so pretty bullish for
enigma in general then you have needs
about star lumens with few updates on 18
of June it was announced that they have
a novitiate approved for trading by New
York financial regulations so this is
because it bit which is the second
largest crypto currency exchange in New
York have announced the addition of star
lumens to the platform due to the state
is that it's bit that they have the
basically a fully regulated crypto
currency exchange so that means any
cryptocurrency offered by them is
approved automatically by New York
financial regulators a pretty pretty
good sign first are other other thing
that they have knows is that they will
have to get their own the central I
start from trading
no-nos s dax very very ready soon so
that star in the centrist exchange again
a bullish sign according to some of the
reports the exchange might be ready to
be launched the next month with the
plans to make changes to the core
protocol which would modify how to buy
and sell orders are carried
out on that stellar based trading
platform so stellar pretty good new
updates pretty good project in general I
did cover it a few times in different
videos so this seems to be pretty
bullish science for stellar for the
future then you have news about brave
browser and the basic attention token
and they are starting the use of trial
so in all 19th of June it was announced
that the brave developers are ready to
start voluntary testing of the ad model
that they have before they scared to the
further use of trials one of the one of
the developers are satisfied to the
performance of that system brave verb
shown directly in the browser in a
private channel to users who may see
content that they want to see them when
a brave art system becomes widely
available users will receive 70% of the
girls out revenue while they also
preserve their privacy so you know
pretty interesting brave does
incorporate obviously the basic I think
should token which is a cryptocurrency
that will be used on the brave and that
cryptocurrency includes a new constant
base constant digital advertising model
that benefits pretty much everyone
including users publishers and
advertisers basically if your dad you
know it records that the fact that you
did watch the ad and you get risky basic
attitude tokens that way so you get paid
to watch ads and the advertisers
basically know that you have seen their
ads so they know that they reach out to
people with their advertisers and then
publishers obviously know as well that
somebody's been watching they can work
closely with the advertisers to make
sure the ads are successful so much
everyone wins in the system it's a very
interesting project and brave in general
is a very good browser as well so I do
recommend you to check it out not
sponsored by the way I just like the
browser I use it on my phone I don't use
it on my PC because the extensions I
don't think it still still work but I
know they're work they're working on
making the Chrome extension to work with
the browser which at this point I
probably will switch in a few months of
developers will start expanding their
user trials will focus on the impact of
rewards and then user centric system
thousands of the
ads will be used in his face and the
users will be able to earn tokens for
viewing them and interacting with them
with other clicks for example not only
watching but also if you click you
probably get paid that way as well
pretty cool system and much better than
the current ads on the internet and then
some general news for some of the
different currencies in this situation
first of all we have V change so it s
Perez o which is av Ching sort of
platform solution for quickly building
doctrine based applications have been
they provide developers enterprises and
organizations for easier and more
elegant ways to quickly build doctrine
based the sensors applications of
bullish sign for reaching and also
interested users is the first solution
on the Vita from like this then we have
news about iota where they have a
partnership of cinepak and the two
parties will collaborate on exploring
the new digital innovation landscape
which should be made possible by the
tango technology cinepak they're the
largest talent based financial holding
companies which operate through the
asia-pacific basically they're exploring
blockchain and distributed ledger
technologies to you know make sure they
have bright future basically and then we
have news about request network where
the users can all send payments requests
on their up that they have like a
testable it's a share live absorb with
the following year Satori in tokens so
they have a cerium obviously request
network khyber dating style die and then
almost say go so that's it again because
Natori is very very active updates in
general and what they're trying to do
they're trying to become a decentralized
it's a pretty interesting project is
actually mentioned in multiple videos in
the past so you can just took them up on
my channel as always that was it thank
you for thank you for watching this
video and I did hope it was useful
indeed and have a lovely day I do love
the chairs and bye

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