Crypto News: 16th – 22nd of July (Coinbase, Samsung, Stellar, Vechain, Genesis, bounty0x, Ethos)

by birtanpublished on September 28, 2020

Hello descriptive coins and welcome to another video in matter of the currency news series in the series I am looking at any currency news that basically happened this week so today's 22nd of July and I am looking at the news that basically happened from 16th until now

It could be anything as long as it's cryptocurrency related so as always thank you very much for watching this video and I do hope it will be useful we will begin with the market situation and the market did record some very nice

Games this week at some point it was going super well but we did have some correction since then but still it does seem to be going upwards in general bitcoin is around 7.5 K and pretty much of the earth coins all the significant

Ones at least did record some gains as well so the market does seem to be quite bullish in general and I do personally believe not a financial rise obviously I do believe they should continue as long as there are no negative news at least

In my opinion then we have the first news in this one is about coin base and the potential security listings on the platform zone 16 of july bloomberg informed that the coin base they did get a green light to move forward with a

Trio of acquisitions that would allow them to become one of the first venues for trading digital coins that are deemed to be securities they're potentially quite a lot of comments like those because it's still a bit of a gray

Area so the fact that they're trying to get that license is very good for coinbase in general so they purchased three different acquisitions I can see them here I'm not gonna read through them but

They could haven't been able to actually offer security tokens and also place the businesses under more federal oversight which is always good you know I know other people are not fun of that but I think if you want to get

More Fiat crypto gateways that are legit and why they accept it it's something that needs to basically happen so come base they provided an update on its ongoing talks with the regulator's showing that they still have some work

To do before the customers can actually trade the security tokens but it do seem to be on the right truck to actually do that ability to provide trading for security tokens is a significant step to crypto adoption

Especially in the USA where there is quite a lot of gray area on you know whether it's possible to buy securities or not so I think this is probably the most significant news this week and I think on base they trying to make sure

They still have that advantage over all the competition by doing this step then we have news about Samsung and something that sounds very very big it's not really but it's still a very bullish sign in my opinion so on the 20th of

July it was reported at Samsung they accept the cryptocurrency payments in three Baltic states using the crypto payment platform copay so you could pretty much treat it as Samsung testing cryptocurrency payments which is very

Good long-term what this news is really not that huge as it appears to be so customers in Estonia Latvia and Estonia will be able to purchase Samsung smartphones tablets were any devices really with cryptocurrency however it's

Only in offline shops and it's only in four biggest cities in those countries so Talia governess and countess I'm not sure how we read that but it was also announced via the press release that cryptocurrency will also soon become an

Accepted method of payment and Samsung online stores but you know the timeline from that is not really known if it happens it will certainly be a massive deal but we don't know well that when that will actually happen while this

Announcement is not really it's that significant considering Sony offline shops in few cities in small countries the overall sign is very bullish especially since Samsung they have always been very bullish about

Cryptocurrency in general because they did enter crypto mining business were through the chip industry and also they have been looking into the usage of blockchain for quite a while so it's a very good sign and I think Samsung they

See the potential here and hopefully we can see a wider absorption of cryptocurrency in Samsung online stores as well then we have news about star and star they seem to be doing very very well

I love the update a lot of very big and so that is very well this week the price increase by quite a lot I believed actually over to glide coin six of the big of cryptocurrency I would have to double check it but overall they

Are doing very well so first of all I being confirmed the increased adoption of star by confirming that the couple of the largest banks are adopting it they didn't know they didn't do any names but you know it's a very bullish sign in

General the star protocol if you don't know what this they facilitate financial settlements at cross-border level which serves as a valid instance for of practical use it's kind of similar to reporting both of those compete directly

With each other to help with the adoption iBM is also exploring crypto currency pegged to the US dollars they will begin testing this all points table coin or so cryptid or kind of similar to tether

But obviously less dodgy and it will be running on this tower block chain Network this table coin is called stronghold USD as a define fin tech startup stronghold that is actually behind this project on top of that

Stellar they have received a certificate of Sharia compliance one which could potentially allow the coin to be used by the most in population so bri-bri it's not that big of a deal really but it's still bullish in general especially if

You combine it with all the positive news about stellar this week then we have news about the good old V chain which covering in that many videos but they have something that you can use as well so which a name publish more

Information about the V chains or wallet and if it but token swap including more information about the X nodes if you don't know X know this I probably need to worry about it but if you do hold the one and if you're applying to run the X

Node you have to make sure to register it as soon as possible I don't know exactly what is the deadline but it should be done at all the information about this is available on the Twitter and their blog the popular exchange well

Of the popular exchanges will swap the tokens automatically but if you want a story chain tokens on ledger or me you will have to do it yourself that's another important thing you have to remember to do it the external

Registering has some price fluctuations says people try to buy dumb to tokens after registering their ex note and then buy them back at lower price meaning which end is actually very cheap right now and if you

Have been thinking of getting into it not a financial advice but it does potentially seem to be like a good entry point those are announced early called Fahrenheit which is an outer

Service-related eco system powered by deeds or blockchain so another thing that's going to be running on the blockchain it's gonna add new markets information channels user experience and services or of that related to the

Automotive aftermarket economy and they're trying to do be the first ones in the world to have that all running on the blockchain I think they have a very good team based on what I quickly had a very quick look on their announcement

Page and all that and on the blog as well and supposed to be very promising in general so I think it's a very bullish sign for reaching as well and they have news about Genesis vision and their partnership with something called

El marks on 16th of July Genesis vision they have announced partnership of Lmax digital it's a platform that combines traders exchanges investors and brokens generals vision that is a market exchange was founded on the other hand

In 2010 as a trading platform with the support of multiple assets since then they have pronounced they have purchased over 10 trillion yes that's trade not million dollars worth of transactions and they do have

Institutional clients in over 100 countries worldwide this is very big news for Genesis vision but also in general for crypto I would say anammox exchange is regulated by the financial conduct authority in the UK and they do

Have MTF for static metals commodities any type of tokens anything like this again this is bullish sign for Genesis vision they trade Bitcoin a serum light going between cash and ripple and they also offer crypto Fiat

Pairs for trading now this is institutional exchange so as a small user you probably can't use it but the volume is super impressive and is aiming to add the field crypto deposits and withdrawals for the genesis

Vision clients as well so like I said before it does seem to be an actual big bigger deal then you would think when you first looked at this partnership so bullish sign for Genesis vision in general and I think it affected the

Price a little bit too okay and last news and as always I do like two different updates for two different currencies here so first of all we have bounties your ex on 18th of July bounties or ex they announced that their

Beta version of the platform is life along many bug fixes and minor improvements since the alpha their beta introduces the highly anticipated County Sherriff's taking functionality meaning from now on users I will just take the

Bounty tokens to review the submissions the next step is beta 2.0 with plenty of new functionalities interesting project pretty cheap in terms of the market cap so far and very unique I do not think they have any competition as of the time

Of this video on 15 of July Easter's on the other hand another partnership of pay rock eaters they're trying to build a bridge between the blockchain and existing financial institutions and systems and all one Universal kinda coin

Based competition sort of really pay Rock is a us-based payment merchant services and payment processing organizations that have 30 K merchants for it in North America and that should certainly help to achieve the goal of

Ethos becoming turn a crypto Fiat you know up or all-in-one and also payment gateways so pretty significant use for eaters in general but in the valuation of ethos is already pretty high and it's mostly based on what it could have been

Instead of all it is something to keep in mind but as always it's just my personal opinion and as always thank you so so much for watching this video I hope it was useful and you have a lovely day

And thank you I did love you Cheers and bye

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