Crypto News: 11th-17th of June (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, IOTA, Vechain, Overstock, ETC, OceanEx)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hello parents and welcome to another
video in my cryptocurrency series in
which I am looking at the most
interesting is that happened this week
in the cryptocurrency world so today is
17 of June and I'm looking at news that
happened from 11th of June to today
which is 17 of June as always thank you
very much for watching this video and we
will begin with the market situation
which is not that great this week so the
market has recorded some significant
losses this week making the market cup
of all the epic insists together one of
the lowest ones in the last few months
so the current prices for example
bitcoin is 7 its 6.5 FK which is around
minus 10% to what it was when compared
to last week al Cowen's suffered a bit
more around 15 to 20 percent loss with
exception with violence we actually
increased in price by 10% which is very
very impressive but overall not that
great week it does seem like the
bleeding has stopped that's visible here
the price has been stable for about a
day and it does seem like it's very
slowly recovering but it's still unclear
whether the continue damped will
actually still be there or whether we
can see a reversal and an increase of
price so be careful now and when it
comes to the actual news so first of all
probably the main news this week and
it's basically the fact the Bitcoin and
Easter are not classified as security so
on 14th of June William Heinemann the
director of division of corporation
finance at SEC said that bitcoin and
Easter are not securities but many if
not all i ciose are securities and will
come under the regularity control of the
SEC and relevant securities law so he
specifically said that bitcoin is not a
security because it is decentralized and
there is no central party whose efforts
are the key to basically to determine
that it's an enterprise and also
ether is not a security because the
serum network is also the centralized so
it does seem like the key to being
considered a security is basically not
being centralized me in the center eyes
instead arrogant I SEOs he acknowledged
that some of the digital assets could be
structured more like
consumer item than a security especially
if the asset is purchased for personal
use and it's not intended as an
investment so all those tokens that are
functional and play a role within the
ecosystem basically he has knowledge
that many that you know there's still
confusion on how to determine if the
coop during currencies and I see us our
securities but you know they're trying
to work on it and they're trying to look
into its overall I would say it's very
bullish sign because you know the main
to cryptocurrencies in the world we know
that they're not securities and it
doesn't kind of showing that they are
looking into kind of making sure that
they look more into Isis as well and if
there's any functional token it probably
will not be classified as a security so
this news is overall very very good then
we have news about by Nance and they
will be offering Euro trading pairs on
11th of June balance which is considered
the world largest exchange in terms of
the trading volume they have another
they will start euro trading Paris this
week the news was announced by the
bynars chief executive officer cz2
Bloomberg so the crypto fiat trading
pair would start from there Malta
headquarters where how they moved
basically from Japan and March after the
crypto currency exchange regulation have
tightens there so they were soon receive
an exchange dicing from Jersey in the
Channel Island and plans to open office
there as well so it does seem like a
very good news in balance for banners in
general which would kind of explain the
increase of the price for the bynars
coin as well
there is also say that they plan to add
other fiat crypto trading pairs to in
the future I think the other one was GBP
as well many exchanges prefer being
cryptic to crypto because there is rare
let the rest
regularity restrictions and the truth –
was providing so far this is why also I
love them provide tether for example
because they don't have to have to
actually USD they can just provide the
USD tether which kind of works in a
similar way now if we had two crypto
would be the first for finance and I
moved I'll probably make one of the
biggest group I mean sorry the British
crypto currency exchange but it would
take them even further ahead of the
competition because not many of the big
exchanges of the
actually provide that service so very
good news for BMB in general then we
have news for Italian classic which will
be listed on coinbase on June 11th
it was another coin base will add
support for the team classic in the
coming months so purchase progress they
have started the engineering work for
supporting interim classic which
shouldn't be that difficult because it's
basically and it seemed fork as a part
of this process customers can expect to
see public facing API and other signs of
the asset being added slowly obviously
in the process should take few months
and they will publicly announce a launch
date for trading with a blog and Twitter
so this is something that if you look if
a quid profit you probably should look
into because we the price will probably
increase the moment this announcement is
made so first of all it will be added on
all the coin based apps and product the
stuff like custard custody markets pro
prime asset management and eventually
you know after the evaluate of the
factors such as liquidity price
stability and other market health
metrics they will choose to add it to
the main app that you can download now
on on your iPhone on Android and then
that that main app is the big deal
because that means people that are not
really into cryptocurrency can still
purchase a stadium classic through the
app but because it's very simple but
first of all they will add it to all the
side apps that are providing two more
professional cryptocurrency investors I
would say the president increase once
the announcement was made but probably
not as much as many people expected
because I think the big deal is they do
have to announce that it will be added
to that main hub and because they
haven't done that yet the price really
haven't increased by that much then we
have news for IOT ignore the titles
could be the one from the last one on
11th of June IO 10-fold V EE were
demonstrating a proof-of-concept that
uses iota tango
system for autonomous cars at the CeBIT
2018 expo in germany so the proof of
concept enables fall dragon to use iota
Stangl architecture to transfer software
updates over the air
as a part of the cars manufacturers new
connected car systems at the planning to
implement according to the prefer
concert press release for our vision is
to use tango to securely and wire see
distribute data whether it's developing
smart Konami some industry experts
expect over 250 million connected cards
cars on the road to be by 2020 so in the
next two and a half years raising the
need for frequent remote software
updates and transparent data access on a
large scale so that sounds like a
perfect use case for tango which is why
I oughta probably decided to have that
partnership or a fault wagon tango can
also be used for trip planning booking
and payment services within the smart
vehicle ecosystem as stated by the iota
news release now this news is bigger
than many people think it's actually a
huge deal for a ootah in general and I
was surprised that it wasn't really
reflected that much in the price I still
very bullish sign for your town general
I do hold some of those tokens not as
much as I would like to but I do think
it's one of the most promising projects
currently on the market even though they
still have some problems with actual
technology if they can make it work the
partnerships by themselves should be
able to carry it to the next level then
we have news about and
it's not sponsored right I didn't tell
me to do this I think it's an
interesting news though so on 12th of
June Jonathan Johnson who is a member of
the board of directors of overstock
which is their 1 billion online retailer
company based in the US they stated that
they could he stated that the
cryptocurrency is a much better payment
method then credit cards for mentioned
so he said that they have somewhere
around 68 220 130 thousand dollars a
week and cryptocurrency revving is a
pretty solid figure obviously compared
to the total revenue that they have it's
not solid at all but in terms of the
concurrency figures it's a pretty good
figure so people are buying stuff like
sheet toasters using Bitcoin or a cerium
and other coins as well and he said that
it's over over 0.2%
his total revenue streams not that much
but it's still very beginning stage for
cryptocurrency acceptance in general so
it is a very good number anyway and he
emphasizes in the figure is still
growing this part of the cron encrypt
evaluation so this is a big deal as well
meaning if the price of crypto goes up
people are more likely to use it
overstock is one of the few publicly
traded companies that they have adopted
cryptocurrency like this the optimistic
development in overstock
cryptocurrencies venires ventures that
these shares of Ovid Research burn more
than 11% now you know it's not a big
company when compared to the likes of
Amazon but it's still very bullish sign
because if other companies see that
overstock we do is doing very well in
terms of cryptocurrency usage we can
expect even bigger company to use crypto
as a form of payment last news who is
the ocean X exchange we just announced
on the 15 of June it will be a crypto
currency exchange and asset management
that from launched by bit ocean Global
that will serve as an exchange trading
platform and asset management tasks from
within Divi chains or ecosystem so it
will be running on B chain so–but ocean
is an ATM ATM solution selling
cryptocurrencies nationwide across both
China and Japan the partnership between
B chain and ocean X was announced in
December 2017 and obviously since then
they have taken it a step further back
she provided the exchange that will be
running on VGA the platform will be
fortified by artificial intelligence
which provides an actively profit
protected and ultra liquid crypto
currency trading market full-fledged
trading capabilities and a rich set of
tools and products to meet a wide
spectrum of investment strategies from
all the different investors from the
beginners to advanced users so it's
going to be divided into several parts
you know no more just check out the
website have a very good blog post
explaining everything and overall it's a
super bullish sign for V chain because
we can expect more projects to use the
chain instead of the likes of etherium
for example which to me I'm a pretty big
pitching holder so it's a very good sign
in general thank you very much for
watching those like the main news for
this week
always thank you thank you so much for
watching this stuff and I do appreciate
it as always and I do hope you have a
lovely day and I love you too

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