Crypto Happy Hour – Bitcoin is Dominating

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

We're having a great day great night wherever you are watching or listening in from and welcome to another episode another edition here of crypto happy-hour it's been a little bit of time since the last fall and so happy to be back on hanging with you guys and a

Lot to cover obviously a lot of questions to talk about and I'm sure there'll be a good amount of Q&A here so excited for that and for a lot more on this episode like the chat is not fully working so I'll put that down

What is going on Kurt what's going on Naima how's it going Dale Matthew hope you guys are having a good one Raymond young and so today we can hop into a number of during questions I talked about Facebook and I'm sure that

Is the last thing anybody wants to talk about on this damn planet right about now so that is one thing we don't necessarily have to touch on too too heavy but we can still certainly go into it a little bit further but one

Important thing to note so the last time I did go live for a crypt a happy hour we were at about nine thousand dollars or so and the second I press record we dipped all the way back down so if you are a smart man or woman and you are a

Betting man or woman and you like to play with high leverage the registered certified financial advisor in me always says to bang 100x short the second I go live because that is usually the smart move to do I see people already in the

Chat mentioning that as well and it's also been awhile since Matthew the jet still stink no they don't like your tongue it's been a while since I've actually had some booze on crypt a happy hour so hey why not we got straight rye

Whiskey Pinhook from somewhere not alone it's got booze and I don't even have a whiskey cap but I have the little metal ice ball so I mean I've never even used these things before so hopefully they actually keep half way cold but it's

Probably gonna be nice warm whiskey you so we'll hop into it all today as people are filing in here the big thing the big thing that's happening right now is Bitcoin is basically dominating and

Eating every single cryptocurrencies lunch outside of Bitcoin when you look at it if you go to Masari right now on chain FX which is my jam as you guys know on chain FX out of the mid to large cap cryptocurrencies there are 68 mid to

Large cap cryptocurrencies according to on chain FX we sort that by BTC there is only one cryptocurrency that has actually only two that have outperformed Bitcoin in the past 24 hours and one is by Nance coin B&B by

Less than a percent the other one is Manero by close to 2% so the just the increase in Bitcoin has seen a lot of the momentum sucked out of the all coins like pretty heavily if you look at my tezo's bag holy that thing is dead

I'm just watching that die and die and die which kind of sucks but there is I would say a lot of kind of consolidation right now happening in Bitcoin and I think that might depending upon what happens I don't think we're just gonna

Go up and break $10,000 but I would expect a lot of empioyed and people have mentioned it on the show before in the comments and other places like that but that $10,000 mark is definitely like a psychological barrier and I think

There's been enough time between the last run in this run in particular where a lot of individuals and you're gonna start seeing even more and more media coverage about it which will be interesting to see what happens with

Bitcoin but now if and when we do get past that $10,000 mark it might be a pretty quick run up after that as well those ice cubes don't work at all those aren't real ice cubes it's just metal I was at why did I think that'd be a good

Idea it was a terrible idea and shout out to everybody who's in the chat right now see a lot of people on as well but want to give a shout out to Jay bags who grew in a super chat even before we started who had mentioned he opened up a

CDP several months ago that was honestly one of my best moves for a lot of you folks who might have seen for all of you folks who might have seen that video back in the heart of the bear market really I think it was December or so

Where I made a video about how to open up a CDP in the price of a theory amor the price of ethat that time was $105 so I think some folks played around with CDP's and and some of the other you know components around defy and and borrowed

Some basically borrowed some money and actually kind of levered up further on eath and obviously if you were to do that with ethat a $105 or $130 wherever it might have been 150 bucks you're sitting pretty nice right now so shout

Out to Jay bags for you know checking out that CDP and going through that process and shout out to fake soup oh man fakie and ballina and fake tone days as well I I don't know who goes to the process of donating money from a fake

Crypto YouTube accounts but six dollars is enough for a burrito for tomorrow no it's enough for half of a burrito for tomorrow's New York City that's just expensive naima how's it goin I appreciate you

Here as always so a good question with a couple good questions here so Freeman young and we could talk about this a little bit more Freeman young mentions this and then whitey says this is well where can we trade coins with no

Buy Nance in September and then also another question related to that is it a good idea for us bag holders do buy more coins before buy Nance dumps us it will whitey I don't necessarily know how that would make much sense if you're

Thinking that buy Nance is gonna dump the market why would why would you buy in anticipation of a market dump why would you not wait till the market actually goes down with that however it's gonna be interesting to see

How buying it shakes out I never really got a chance to talk about this and too much depth so I think it is gonna be really I think it's gonna be pretty fascinating to watch this play out in real time because finance is now or at

Least the way they're positioning it is by Nance is basically going to have a US version of Finance and a lot of the tokens that are on buy Nance right now are not traded on any other US exchange so what I'm expecting to happen I think

What a lot of other people are expecting to happen is you might be able to trade on by Nance in the US and there's gonna be a US version but it's gonna look more like a coin base where you know maybe there's five or ten assets there's not

Gonna be a hundred different coins that you can trade so a couple questions there number one what are those assets that are actually gonna be on Finance u.s. number two is anybody can actually trade on Finance us I think one of the

Big things for me personally or for a lot of other people too when you look at Finance a lot of people went there because you didn't have to kyc you didn't have to kyc for up the to BTC daily withdrawal which I mean 18k daily

Withdrawal is pretty good without kyc so I know a lot of people that have buy Nance accounts with no kyc whatsoever and with that the experience was pretty solid now when you have a buy Nance US version one of the things that you want

To consider as well is the liquidity is likely going to be siphoned you're probably not going to have the same liquidity on both platforms that you would otherwise so you know you might have a ton of volume

On on finance finance but on finance us though order books might be really thin they're likely gonna be bifurcated and that might lead to a detrimental experience and lastly the thing that that really really interests me about

What's up and somebody says God and God bless VPNs yeah that's so two points that I love the questions as always god bless VPNs that is interesting and it's good point and I am curious with finance how aggressively they actually geofence

Because there are some people or some companies that you know they're like alright you can't you can't be a u.s. user but how hard is it for somebody to download a VPN and going through the VPN or alternatively it used to even be in

The case with something like bit max where all you had to do was VPN enduring the account sign up and then after that you could go in through the a u.s. IP anytime you wanted and now not until recently has bit max actually gotten

Pretty strict on the IP addresses people sign in for so that's one thing the second thing is a lot of people look at cz and and talk about cz as kind of this like mythical godlike entrepreneur in the crypto space and that very well may

Be true he has grown by Nance from a from from nothing in early 2017 finance wasn't around until June or July of 2017 the the fact that finance is less than two years old

Is or basically just about two years old is pretty crazy to think about how it's come out of nowhere in two years to kick the out of bitch tracks Polonia axe basically every other all coin exchange and taking a lot of volume from other

Exchanges as well so the question there is not necessarily did did finance grow and have incredible growth yes they obviously did the question is is was the growth due to by Nantz playing on a different regulatory

Setting than a lot of these other cryptocurrency exchanges like a like a bit racks or like Apollonius were they simply just bad businesses or was by Nance that good it was cz that good and I think you're gonna see a little bit of

It when Finance u.s. launches if Finance u.s. comes out and like really flounders out of the gate maybe cz has just been playing on a different playing field than everybody else and it's not as no operating the United States isn't as

Easy as operating in this like game of regulatory or you know jurisdictional regulatory arbitrage or finance comes in starts crushing it and immediately becomes one of the top US exchanges and then shits easy is that good of an

Entrepreneur so it'll be it'll be pretty fascinating to see how it pans out and take a look at some of the questions here so he mentioned full-stack Debs so I had a post today too

And not sure if everybody saw this because I don't think everybody in YouTube follows me and some people on periscope obviously do follow me on Twitter but you'll start seeing this a little bit more from me in the near

Future I'll explain why later but if you do happen to know anybody or yourself happen to be a full-stack engineer or a just in general software engineer that is interested in working the blockchain in crypto space but

Specifically there's an opportunity I know of right now for a company in New York City that is a a very well respected blockchain data company that you probably know of and are familiar with and they're hiring for a full stack

Engineer you can see some of the information just as far as like the comp and equity package but if you are interested reach out my dams are open on Twitter right now but if you actually know somebody I'll pay you a thousand

Bucks in BTC eath or cash for referrals for it so keep that in mind for that or in the future and you'll you'll be finding more out about that later as well but just wanted to bring that up as I saw that as a question in the comments

There too you what's up nasty J Mike a making some steak right now crypto Bobby Flay I am thoroughly jealous of that actually at stake last night I do hello fresh and at

Stake on the menu with hella fresh Oh fresh is awesome I love that thing it's wonderful so somebody says is the Opera browser with free VPN better than a paid VPN personally I use Nord VPN they've

Sponsored the show in the past but I am a fan of of Nord VPN it's pretty damn easy to use very user friendly I like it a lot so I haven't used the built-in VPN with opera I use Nord you

So that's a good question there organic flood what are your thoughts on ripple MoneyGram and Facebook attempting to copy ripple XRP with Libra so I guess you could get into a couple different thoughts with that so number one

MoneyGram itself I think is kind of a dying company I mean it doesn't doesn't take much to look at MoneyGram is the ultimate coin chart in the past ten years so let's look at this you guys aren't familiar

MoneyGram absolutely got murdered in the financial crisis but their stock used to be 200 plus dollars in like 2007 they traded two dollars and 67 cents right now so it's money grandmas is the you know a coin on the Nasdaq but as

Far as the name in the infrastructure that they have obviously they have a distribution system that could help get XRP out and help ripple quite a bit and for the amount of money that ripple spent to essentially acquire a portion

Of money gram for me I mean it's it's not a I'm not gonna sit here and say I think it's probably a decent use of ripples capital I think that when you look at ripple and XRP and what they've spent money on in the past I think this

Is probably a somewhat intelligent utilization of their capital because MoneyGram has the distribution and distribution is is a massive portion of business if they are able to kind of get into the remittance market through

MoneyGram that could be something that is is beneficial for them now Facebook and Libra is a totally different conversation I think however I do believe that they are at the same point in time competitive and in some respects

Against what ripple and XRP are building now when it comes down to it there's a lot of regulatory issues that are happening with Facebook and Libra and I think it's gonna be very interesting to watch this play out I talked about it in

Yesterday's video but when you think about ripple excuse me when you think about Facebook the government multiple governments basically hate Facebook and whether or not they either hate Facebook it's just an easy a lot of people

Dislike Facebook I I don't like Facebook really personally I'm not I'm not a Facebook fan I'm not never gonna sit here and defend Facebook but I do think I you know maybe the one thing I dislike more than Facebook is

Politicians and I think it is a very easy thing for politicians to look at Facebook and say oh wow Facebook is launching this new thing we're gonna put a we're gonna put a line in the sand we're gonna put our foot down and we're

Gonna protect we're gonna protect the people from from big bad Facebook where in reality they're not really protecting the people from Facebook they don't want to lose control so that's one thing but with Libre it is interesting I think the

Only use case I see and the only differentiator that I really see is Facebook's user count obviously that is a massive massive that's just it's a massive that they have there is no other

Cryptocurrency that has multiple billion users that they could wrought a product to they could press a button and have billions you know they could press a button and have hundreds of millions of users for the platform they could do

That nobody else can do that ripple can't do that the CEO Bitcoin can't do that at the Orion can do that nobody can do that now on the other end of the spectrum what's the advantage it's the the biggest thing

The base use case right now for for cryptocurrency in general and my opinion is is speculation you're not gonna speculate on a stable coin you're not gonna speculate on a basket of of of government currencies so

It's not entirely entirely interesting to me I am interested to see how regulators do go after it though because I think there's they're gonna be a battle and I would rather have Facebook fighting a battle in the name of

Cryptocurrency then I'd rather have a company like kin fighting a battle for cryptocurrency a Facebook has better lawyers they have better you know they have they have lobbyists they have money in the bank

They could do that Kim has a $5 and I mean a five million dollar budget to defend crypto you're not gonna defend with five million dollars you one thing I think that's that's pretty

Interesting about the ripple MoneyGram thing though was was XRP really didn't move I thought it would I thought it would move quite a bit harder where we got in the past day went up I don't remember exactly when the announcement

Happened when was the announcement I think it spiked a little bit and is actually down prior or part since the announcement so fundamentally I think it's it's it's I'm not an X R P fan I am NOT a I don't hate Ripple I think but

I'm as far as an investment x RP I'm not like oh my god X RP is the best thing in the world and and you guys know that a lot of you know that I'll need to harp on that and and rub it in and I know a lot of you guys get tired of that but I

Was actually pretty surprised that x RP only rose up like 5% on the news and then basically retraced in less than 24 hours so the crypto market itself did not seem to care too much about this whatsoever

You Austin Feinberg any place to get margin for trading BTC in the US I so one of the things that it'll be interesting to watch is I think a lot of of these companies are trying to now compete so

There's there's kind of two big dogs in the race I think in the in the crypto exchange space and thank you very much for that super chat Austin to big dogs you have bit mechs on the on the derivatives and margin trading leverage

Trading up it max is kind of the big dog there and then you have finance within the all coins you have now BitFenix is launching derivatives in the next three weeks you have by Nantz that is trying to launch margin trading leverage

Trading apparently coin basis said they might get back into margin trading as well so right now I am NOT super familiar with the best place to quote-unquote legally margin trade BTC in the US if you look hard enough I'm

Not gonna do that live on YouTube if you look hard enough there are places that you can margin trade BTC with a VPN and ok what I see and you can certainly go ahead and do that there are also places now it is not it's not Bitcoin but if

You were interested in something like margin trading aetherium you could actually do that with dy/dx which is a noncustodial noncustodial tool it's pretty sweet actually I like it quite a bit but if you were to go ahead and do

That you could do that with dy/dx it allows you to trade with up to 4x leverage long or short on each die or you could do it to us DC or die to USD DC as well so some pretty interesting stuff there

Thank you very much that's super check right and although I appreciate that as well man still in that still in that Bitcoin doll cast that dollar cost average I would stay in a brother I would I mean I've said that and I've

Said it before I'll say it again I dollar-cost average I just it's the easiest most no it's it's the easiest way to approach things dollar cost average just just do it and your life will be a lot easier dollar cost average

On a continual basis and if you see four specific times where crypto is the bed like let's say right now we're up against we're at about ten thousand dollars something happens Bitcoin falls all the way back down to five K you see

Hey it was just a ten thousand dollars and now it's a five K maybe I'll up my dollar cost average 2x or maybe I just got a bonus at work or I have some extra money lying around and I want to put more money into it that's basically my

That's that's basically what I do on a continual basis i dollar cost average every other week and then if the price of crypto just absolutely shits the bed I'll buy more Bitcoin I'll buy more eath Eric John why did the ast air swap sir

Just we have no idea dude no clue so Naomi what is your thoughts so her question is your thoughts on earning interest in Bitcoin lending it for three six months or one year thank you so this is an interesting question it's a it's a

Great question there are a couple different ways you can do this and I think the thing with with lending there are a lot of people that hate Bitcoin lending or just crypto lending and there a lot of people that are totally fine

With it one place I would recommend is go to loan scan if you are actually interested in doing any type of crypto lending this is not a paid thing or anything and you can't even I don't actually I don't know if they do

Anything with this but this is just a a website that compares all the places that you can lend crypto a lot of it is like done on etherium so it's actually done like on the eath protocol but there are also some quote unquote like

Centralized lenders like right now if you were to lend what do we have if you were to lend your Bitcoin to block Phi you to earn 6.2 percent annual interest your to learn that to Celsius you get six point one you could do that on bit

Bit fin axon Polonia axon some other places however there are risks associated with this yes it is nice to earn 6% interest and there are certainly some companies I would trust more with my money than others

I like block Phi I personally know a number of people there I trust them to do the right thing then there's also some places that maybe are not as as as trustable as or as trustworthy one might say and then you also have certain risks

That you would see with polonius where Polonia acts people are lending Bitcoin in their margin lending pool and then the weird stupid thing I'm not sure if everybody saw that but a weird thing happened with clams where basically

There was a pump and dump on clams and Polonia socialized the losses so people actually got like a 15% haircut on their Bitcoin that was only earning like 4% interest they actually lost money and it's it's a risk reward thing for you is

6% risk or is 6% interest on an annual basis in Bitcoin or in another cryptocurrency worth the potential of losing that if there was a solvency issue if there was if something happened to the company that

You gave your Bitcoin to because that's the thing it's it is true it's not your keys not your coin it's something to consider you if anybody's drinking anything good

Definitely let me know again I have some straight rye whiskey it's Pinhook straight rye whiskey it's like 94 proof it is I don't even know where it's from oh it's from from Kentucky of course the only place to have it 24 months

Yada-yada-yada from Kentucky ah but stop at other than the fact that I usually like ice my whiskey and these like metal ice cubes that are supposed to not water it down I'd rather have it watered down because it is not cold whatsoever

You we got apparently it's it's 10k Bitcoin cuz I'm seeing Macallan twelve that's some nice red wine jameson on the rocks we got some we got some good got some good booze in the in the mix here and so

That's a good question to my anti-spam box what's up brother always good to see you as well says when it moves six percent in a day or week who would risk it well the thing with that is when you do land you or bitcoin you're not

Lending it in USD value you're so for example if I were to lend one Bitcoin to a company like to a company let's say in this case like block Phi you're lending one Bitcoin to that company and then you're earning interest in so you'll

Earn interest kind of NPT senior holding the value of that Bitcoin you're not necessarily lending that Bitcoin at seven thousand dollars let's say if Bitcoin says seven thousand dollars the price goes up to ninety five hundred you

Still capture that upside which is one of the advantages of it is if you're just sitting with Bitcoin in your wallet and you're not gonna earn anything off of it you can still sit with it essentially but you can actually earn

Some yield off of your investment as well so that's something that I think is attractive for a lot of people because you still get the upside you also have the downside of Bitcoin price volatility as well but as of 2019 it's mostly been

Upside but you still are able to capture the upside of that investment if you'd like did bit connect give interest on Bitcoin honestly I don't even remember but I mean so the thing to and I think it

Really is a shame to be honest with like what bit connected to the industry for lending purposes because there are a lot of people that aren't necessarily familiar with the just kind of ins and outs of

Borrowing lending and they think that everything that earns some percentage of interest is is big connect but when you look at it it connect literally offer people 1% interest per day so if you gave them $100 you would make a dollar a

Day so over the course of a year you would make a dollar a day if you reinvested that they would compound it's it's it's incredibly unsustainable you would get one dollar per day approximately let's say you would make

Thirty or you know you make thirty bucks in a month if you were to lend Bitcoin or two let's say if you're gonna lend Bitcoin to block fie you would make 6% annually so if all else was equal if you lent a hundred dollars of Bitcoin to

Block I the price stay the same for the entire year you would make six bucks for the entire year that is very different than a dollar a day which is why it sucks that bit connect kind of came in and everybody knows bit connect and you

Know lending and this and that not everything is bit connect it's not it's it's not it's not it's not but it is very obvious when something is a total complete piece of scam like bit connect where you're earning a doubt you

Know 1% interest per day anything above let's say 10% interest is something worth examining why you're getting that much in interest and there are certain places here already you know with where you are getting over ten percent

Interest and that is in certain things like died right now with compound finance you can get you can earn ten percent interest if you lend die but the same point in time for me you know I could lend died at ten percent but then

You're not capturing again then your money sitting and die I don't really want my money sitting and die right now because you're not capturing the upside of the market you

Taking a look at some of these questions as always shout out to everybody that is on twitch shout out to urban hero shout to the folks on periscope as well nobody's drinking Oban single malt scotch whiskey tonight and enjoying

Happy hour that sounds pretty wonderful I'm pretty jealous of that class born when us finance I have no idea I couldn't tell you didn't tell you yeah I'm going back for the Wolverine look maybe we'll see it's not a bear

Market beard it's it's a Leoline beard now I love pissing people off by saying I only oh it's it's kind of fun people either love it or really really hate it and most people really really hate it so

Whatever double IPA it sounds delicious too you it was actually a podcast too if anybody I'm not gonna I already went through the whole Leo shill before but if anybody's

Interested I was actually listening to a podcast earlier today with kyle davies from they pull it out for you it's POV crypto I'll search it here is a POV script I was a solid podcast as well but if you're interested just

Search POV crypto Kyle Davies on Google and it's the second thing that pops it up it's why Leo with Kyle Davies it's interesting so this is a company I've gotten more familiar with over the time but Kyle runs three arrows capital which

Is a market maker and the OTC desk and they do a lot of work in both FX as well as crypto and they're I believe one of the kind of largest players in in Leo right now from from a market making an OTC standpoint and he has a really

Interesting thesis as far as just an interesting thesis and thoughts on Leo in general so I thought it was a really good podcast yeah you know he also the first probably 10-15 minutes he talks about the difference between trading and

And you know being a market maker in FX versus being a market maker and and trading in in the crypto ecosystem so I would definitely recommend just you know take a note and listen to it it's it's a solid it's an informative podcast and it

Talks about the similarities between Leo and B & B and some of the slight differences as well I enjoyed it personally so he's I think a little bit more eloquent on the subject than I am so something to consider there

What's up Stefan good to see you as always brother and somebody else Slayer Fran is drinking bells too hard a tell bells too hard at solid man I'm waiting on the bhabhi effect to happen so you can shore PTC you got to

Do it now right now I I don't know I don't even I would say I don't even know if I can drop the price of Bitcoin right now but we we know that is we know that's always true we know I can always drop the price Bitcoin so Stefan says

Thoughts on all these decks is banning us users by Nance Bank or etc so it's it's interesting to watch I think a lot of people kind of saw it coming in some respects it's it's disappointing to see you know the kind of the common thread

Or the the easy I would say like excuse on the back end is saying you know these you can you know anybody can use these you know anybody can interact with our smart contracts you just can't use the interface you just can't use the front

End it's like well that's what everything is built for is the front end everything's built for your user interface so the fact that yeah we can still interact with your smart contracts but we can't really you know there's no

Clean interface to actually do anything on then that that's disappointing I think there is I hate the word but there's regulatory uncertainty in the United States and I think people now if you look at some of these Dex's that

Don't have a lot of pickup it's not worth the the regulatory risk for them to be operating in the US if you know there's not that much user base there in general so it's disappointing to see it also goes to show that a lot of you know

It sees centralized exchanges aren't very decentralized the the big word I think really in general is a lot of these Dex's themselves should just basically be called non-custodial exchanges because that's essentially

What they are they are a crypto currency exchange where you don't hold where they do not hold custody they are non custodial which is a good thing it is absolutely a good thing you you would I would rather personally have a

Noncustodial exchange than have a custodial exchange I think the industry has the technical capabilities to allow individuals to trade while holding their own assets that is something that there is absolutely a possibility for people

To have so it's it's good that non-custodial exchanges are happening I think a lot of it's just a bad branding thing you know Dex Dex was a hot word in 2017 and everything is the Dex everything is the Dex but is it really

Not really Jeremie see says instead of instead of tanking Bitcoin I'm tanking all coins yes they are all the coins are definitely definitely definitely tanking so

And another good point there I saw an article on coin desk as well on this a shout-out to my friend Craig Wright believe I guess there was a couple thousand downloads which is cool to see so Stefon mentions am i bullish on the

New alpha apps iOS Android 4 main net lightning already tried it out still buggy I have not gotten a chance to try it out yet I was just re gonna I was doing some different stuff in my Cosmo recently so

I've got a chance to try it out but I should download it actually tonight so I'll get that started I'll get that process rolling if anybody else has tried the new lightning app on iPhone or Android let me know would be interested

In hearing your thoughts as well should I do it should I not for me personally I use the just Casa Chrome extension and then I also use the just kind of the the actual app itself and I think I have like point zero to outbound and

Implement point zero to Bitcoin outbound and inbound capacity right now to send transactions so and then I'll use blue wallet occasionally as well if I need to you so that's a good point crypto noob he

Says wonder if an exchange like bisque gets a few more signups once by Nantz us accidents was announced so that's also something I've been thinking about as well and kind of working in the the deck space in general is I don't think it's

Gonna be a massive catalyst for decentralized exchanges but I do think it'll be an overall plus for decentralized exchanges and I think that you're gonna start to see it so it depends – like a lot of the issue is

There's a lack of pairs on Dex's and there's a lack of liquidity for a lot of people but one of the things that I think a lot of decks does have is they have market makers that are making markets from finance so essentially you

Have market makers making markets on Finance and then sourcing that liquidity to some of these Dex's so basically you are going to be able to buy the same assets that are on Finance on some of these Dex's likely with a small spread

Because that's how market makers make money they buy on a buy on Finance they sell it on the decks they take this small spread they hedge it elsewhere and that's kind of how they go about at least in the process of cross exchange

ARB essentially you know basically making markets on on different exchanges in a deck space so I do think it will be a somewhat catalyst for additional volume on on decentralized exchanges but a lot of it does come down to the assets

To and somebody mentioned this right now but if you're enjoying this and hanging out make sure to hit that thumbs up button hit that like button helps to get this video out to as many people as

Possible and I'll stay on here as long as possible because I got going on tonight even so somebody mentioned what am i drinking it is whiskey with on the rocks on metal rocks that are not cold at all I don't know if you guys see this

It looks like to something else's but I also do have a frosted mug in the freezer so maybe I'll refill and get a beer after this because it probably tastes better you

What's that Voss coin Oh Boswell ma'am you a good question Freeman young what exchange are you using ones financed places the ban I don't I don't really know I guess well we'll see what happens

I don't buy that that many altcoins anymore I am mostly in Bitcoin eath unfortunately tezo's right now cuz tez is fully retraced from a pretty good gain in the past like two or three months and I am I am balls deep and Leo

So I am mostly in those and I feel like you know I don't need to be in that I I don't I don't see the market right now is a place where you really want to be in a bunch of different all coin positions I think that Bitcoin I don't

Think that there will ever necessarily be a future where Bitcoin will be the only cryptocurrency but I do see that people are really starting to like accept the Bitcoin use case of like gold 2.0 and starting to get excited about

That and I do think that it is still the most like I would trust Bitcoin to to go the furthest you might not see the massive percentage Gaines's what the hell is eg T that's weird you might not see the massive percentage

Gains of some of these all coins on occasion but you're also not going to see the massive losses that you would see with a lot of these all coins as well so you

Cayla what's up lots of youtubers shouting sell all alts your 10 cents or 2 cents or however many cents so I don't necessarily it's it's a good question I think it's pretty clear right now that bitcoin is is eating a lot of

The market share Bitcoin dominance is is rather strong at this point in time however I still think that there will likely be some type of of portal quote alts season at some point again in the future if we

See another global cryptocurrency mania which i think is is still very much a possibility I've always thought that the 800 billion dollar market cap that we saw in 2017 early 2018 was not the global top of cryptocurrency and I still

Don't think that's true so when I look at you know when I look at how things are and where things are right now I still do think that I don't want to say alts are a good investment per se but I think there might be you know some

Level of a run the one thing that you every time you want to think of when you look at all coins is if you have a big run always take profits like I always take some type of profits people fall in love with altcoins and what happens is

Like what honestly what I anticipate happening for a lot of individuals and a lot of people is I think that there will be another off coin run I think that or just another crypto run obviously you know Bitcoin is crushing right now book

One is that close to ten thousand dollars I tweeted about this before – and it really is interesting let me see if I could pull it up trying so this is when people talk about

And like people look at things Bitcoin has only been around in its lifetime for three about 3800 days out of the 3,800 days there was only a 100 about a hundred day window 110 day window where the price of Bitcoin was

Ever above 9,000 i price of Bitcoin was at nine thousand three hundred dollars or so when I recorded it so there was only a hundred ten day window out of that three thousand eight hundred days where the price of Bitcoin was above

Where it was currently at meaning that basically if you bit bought the coin at any time during essentially 97% of its lifespan you were in profit however there is a really really big deal that's made about the other three percent

Because there was a whole mass media mania about about Bitcoin there was you know that was just when a lot of people got in a cryptocurrency and unfortunately a lot of people lost money however you have to look at the lifetime

Of things and also what do people buy was the Bitcoin was it was it all coins so something something to just consider when you are looking at historical value of this stuff you

Kevin Lewis who pays taxes on crypto well people who don't want to go to jail brother especially people with Public YouTube channels man that's that that's who pays taxes on a crypto it's good

Oh and that's that's what I was getting to OPI or you cuboid I don't know so yeah that's basically the the lesson here I think for for any alt season is and and what I kind of anticipate happening again in the future is you're

Gonna see some type of of Bitcoin run and then when Bitcoin cools off because there's you can see so you can see right now what happens basically we go over to unchain FX you can see Bitcoin goes up three percent essentially Bitcoin is up

Three percent against USD and is sucking money out of the alt coins what happens when Bitcoin goes down three percent does that money is that money leaving the ecosystem is that money going back in the Fiat or is that money going to

Large-cap crypto currencies made caps small caps and that's kind of what happened in in late 2017 early 2018 where you have that Bitcoin run from three thousand dollars straight up to twenty thousand dollars and when Bitcoin

Came down Bitcoin didn't a lot of the money didn't go to you know just the USD or the fiato or to the Korean Won or to whatever it went into alt coins in the alt coins because they were it just doesn't take much to move all coin books

They went sky-high and a lot of people got in early and did not cash out and I cashed out some but you know looking back at it I would have obviously been a lot better if I cashed out a lot more and I think that's something that a lot

Of people will kind of go through the same problem again where everybody looks at this they tell themselves you know if I make a bunch of money this time around I'm gonna cash out I'm gonna cash out but then a lot of people get to the

Point where even if it's Bitcoin or if it's whatever I don't know if it's eath it's if it's anything you get to the point where it's like oh I'm making a hundred percent Oh making two hundred percent Oh making three hundred percent

I all I need is that all I need is another 2x all I need is another 5x and I can retire and I can do this and I can do that and you get to a point where you know you say oh you know all you need is this much more and you never get that

Much more and then it just kind of fully retraces and then you're stuck so ah right P and P star change yes Daniel our chain is is dead it's dead it's done you Jason B so which crypto storage device

Do you recommend personally I like Ledger's but I also know a lot of people like treasure I would say the two industry standard are to use a ledger or a treasure those are what I would use those are what I would recommend I don't

Necessarily think you could go wrong one way or another I would recommend if you have any amount of money and even have this material to you if you lost it I would put that in hardware storage and to that point when you look at you know

When you look at crypto this was so let's see I'm reading this right now and I tweeted about it the other day so this book came out where we got reading it or I'm listening to it actually on on audible right now but so

It's a good book I like it it's from Ben Mezrich who wrote I think it was the we write the social network or he wrote the book that this accidental billionaires which was the social the the book that a social

Network was based off of he also wrote the poker books that I liked busting Vegas straight flush and bringing down the house so he he's an entertaining author at the very least but he talks about the story of kind of the

Winklevoss brothers and their journey into into Bitcoin into crypto and the reason I bring this up right now is the reason I bring this up is because people asked about at crypto storage it's the story that they had in this book that I

Was listening to was they bought a bunch of Bitcoin so the Winklevoss brothers apparently bought about 10 million dollars worth of Bitcoin when Bitcoin was I think around $10 they started buying at least one of theirs around $10

And at one point in time the Winklevoss brothers owned about one percent of the Bitcoin supply of the total supply of available Bitcoin they started buying it about ten bucks and then they just continued to just accumulate the

Out of Bitcoin and what they did the story of them going through and storing their Bitcoin so they realized that like they were just looking at a lot of the stories and things like that of people losing their hard drives or getting

Hacked and getting robbed or whatever it might have been so what they did was they got hexadecimal dice and they had one computer they had one laptop where they they bought brand-new laptops they got a new router they got a brand new

Printer and they bought one computer where they downloaded it hoc computer where they downloaded the Bitcoin software and then they moved that Bitcoin software to a cold computer that had never touched the Internet and then

They took hexadecimal Dicer 16 sided dice or whatever they were took 16 sided dice and they rolled them on a table that they made sure was level to get their private key they enter the private key because they

Didn't want to use any type of random or computer-generated saw force they literally roll dice 16 sided dice to get the private key they taped towels over their windows so that nobody could see anything they turn there they like

Through their phones out of the room so that their phone didn't have any recording anything like that but then the coolest part I thought or the most interesting part was the fact that they went to 12 different regional banks and

They took so they had their private key and they broke it up in three chunks they had alpha Bravo and Charlie and then they went to 12 different banks and they put one shard of a private key in each bank but the reason they didn't

Just do three banks was because in case and they did it on paper storage as somebody mentioned the reason these the reason they did it on 12 banks so they basically did it four times was because you know what happens if there's a

Tornado in the Midwest or if there was a flood on the East Coast or something like that so they basically had multiple redundancy in numerous places for these paper for these shards of paper wallets and even if somebody robbed one bank

Basically and specifically knew that they could go there they would only have 1/3 of their private key in a you know in the in the pry in the safety deposit box but the fact that they basically did it over the course of 72 hours and the

Places they went to it was like bumfuck Iowa and all over the place so I thought that was one of the funnier slash more interesting cooler stories that the Winklevoss brothers were so legit and serious and to the point of a paranoid

To a good thing because it's better to be paranoid encrypted than not and so they were they were so serious about it that they put their private key in a specific methodology with shards in 12 different safety deposit boxes basically

Across the country I'm sure and then somebody was saying it's whatever like you know is is that their OPSEC now it's like you know everybody knows that now it's I'm sure it's evolved since then but that was in like 2012 when you had

You know mark carp Ellis and mal Cox is the highest source of liquidity for crypto so so what's going on here taking a look at some of these questions nasty Jay what's going on man appreciate

That super chat thank you so much Dark Horse double Crooked Tree on me that sounds delightful Bitcoin hex I have no idea but typically anything that has Bitcoin in the name of it and is not Bitcoin I am NOT a fan of

No no Bitcoin Forge that I just think – anything else that has like any other cryptocurrency that has Bitcoin in the name of it I think as basically just trying to hijack the name and usually not a massive fan of it

Lloyd almighty what's up brother caret bank what do you think of KBC I'm not too familiar with it unfortunately Ben Oppenheimer what's up brother just tipping my hat to you thanks for grinding keep us informed thank you so

Much I appreciate that super chat John Oh what do you think will happen to litecoin with the having well I I mean I think it's it's fairly interesting to see like coin is one of the only auth coins that is performing let's let's

Pull up against BTC I mean litecoin has performed extremely extremely well in 2019 not only against the US dollar but also against Bitcoin one of the few all coins that is outpacing Bitcoin I would think that a

Lot of that is due to the halving I think that many people look at having x' and things like that like it's already priced and it's already priced in I don't think it is I I just don't like people already point to Bitcoin and say

The having's priced in I think that's i I don't think people know what they want to eat tomorrow for breakfast let alone can properly value what the subduction and supply of Bitcoin to its miners will have on the

Effective Bitcoin price or on the litecoin price in three months or in 12 months or whatever it might be so I do think that you know any type of supply reductions I think are very underrated in the crypto space so I you know I'm

Not a big like coin fan personally from like an investment perspective or from a use case perspective but I do think a halving is obviously a very bullish thing for a crypto you know any reduction whether it's a theory I'm

Reducing the supply to miners whether it's like coin whether it's Bitcoin in the future with it's having whether it is token burns those are all very important and influential and I do think that that they often go underrated by a

Lot of people in the crypto space what's up Naomi how does B&B still doing well even after they announced they will no longer allow US citizens to trade as of September I mean when it comes down to it a lot of

The stuff that that is providing value to be and be if we're looking at it right now a lot of the things that are providing value to B&B us users don't have access to anyway so I think that one of the big things that

Has pushed forward the the valuation of B&B has been the iOS that buying this has had on their platform the iOS and and the implementation of token offerings on being you know on Finance where you have needed to purchase B and

B to participate in those token sales that has been a very bullish thing for the finance token however as a u.s. user you've never been allowed to access them so I'm sure US users have been buying being being speculating on the price of

B&B but they haven't been the ones perhaps like driving up the bulk of the demand III do ultimately think it is somewhat bearish for by Nance it's just more regulatory BS like you know for them to deal with I think that it's it's

Interesting to watch out I talked about it before is this something where we find out that finance and cz have been crushing it because they've been playing on a different regulatory playing field or do we find out that finance and CC

Have been crushing it P is they are that good and they are that legit at you know as as business operators and and know the crypto space that much better than everybody else so IIIi can't necessarily speak to exactly

Why B&B has done so well post that announcement but it did full you know it did retrace down to you know or went down to thirty bucks or so and it's pretty much fully retraced and it's now at an all-time high as well

Guys give me one second I'm gonna go grab a beer cuz I'm taking my last sip of this so I'm gonna go grab a beer I'll be back in literally 30 seconds so don't go anywhere actually hit the like button while you're there

You and so this my friends is what's worth waiting for I don't love you get see this but it's beautiful that's a frosted mug that's gonna be wonderful there's nothing

Better than beer and then there's nothing better than beer and a frosted mug so I am slightly excited and what am i drinking because why not don't judge me but you can judge me this is a Montauk watermelon session al because

Session al because I am comfortable with my sexuality and I have no problem drinking a pink beer come at me give me a second here you

Call that app or what's the ABV it's 4.9 so it's not terrible it's not it's not an 8% beer but I also was just drinking something with 40 6.75 ABV so I find out we got a we got to cool it off and level out before the end

Of the night Bitcoin f ATF whereas whereas my friends over a coin Center they just published something so if you want to read this I haven't gotten a chance to go through it shout

Out to Peter Van Valkenburg neeraj and the whole crew over at coin Center I think they do God's work so they've talked a little bit about F ATF and why it is not doomsday for crypto and what's happening with that

It's essentially a new regular new inter government regulation that some people are speculating will be highly damaging to cryptocurrency as a whole hold on we get some fear me goddamn that's good

So they're looking at it at least in the u.s. is not a major department not you know not a major departure from a lot of the current change but if you'd like to read the entire thing I would definitely recommend you go ahead and do so if I

Can paste it in there we go it should be in the chat hopefully if not I'm not sure r.i.p my taste buds no way sir you you

So doomed vapor thanks to that Gemini appreciated USA by Nance user selling off alts reason for pump I would I would doubt it but it could be a contributing factor

I mean bitcoin is not up Bitcoin is definitely not up massively since the news of Finance turning back us users I don't think at least but it could be a contributing factor for sure so Nayomi thanks so much for the time is

Always great to see you should be back I should be back with more crypto happy hours after being out of the loop for a little bit so thank you very much for the super chats and generosity there and always good to see you

You so Marsol date says the reason for the pump is that the outer spirals that the black holes aren't as or the black hole aren't as intense and that could very I mean when you look at a lot of I still

Maintain that that's why I talked about dollar cost averaging before and just buying very very large dips if you have the financial capability to do so I still don't think that there is a really strong way to value cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin aetherium a lot of these assets in the near term if you want to point to technical analysis and you have a skill set to do so sure absolutely I do you think technical analysis actually in cryptocurrency

Has a lot more merit than in other places because there is no other way to really like point to an N value these assets outside of of the charts however I don't think that they dominate everything they don't tell the entire

Picture they don't tell the story of one random dude buying a ton of Bitcoin or you know selling a ton of some specific asset they don't tell the story of the Winklevoss twins going and buying you know 1% of this supply back in the

Day all right you know that stuff happens behind the scenes and that does drive things and you know sometimes it can add confirmation bias to somebody's chart or it can support it or it can deny it but there isn't a fantastic way

To to point at this point in time and I don't know if there will be for quite some time to really properly evaluate these assets you Krypto broski how many alts do I have a

Position I think like three or three four you Eric young what do you think the price of Leah will be in the next six months well it's at about a buck 90 right now I

Have no idea I really don't the one thing that that I am interested in watching with Leo personally is two things right now number one are they going to execute on ayios in the platform they had ample forth on

BitFenix I think ample forth was actually a pretty well respected company in the crypto space and I think a lot of people are interested by it I don't believe you needed to own Leo though I don't think Leo was incorporated into

The ample fourth ieo yet well what happens when there are iOS on pin X and Leo is incorporated you either need to buy it and and pay for the ILO and Leo or you need to hold it like the lottery ticket that by Nance asked now that

Drives up demand for things quite a bit so that's something to keep in mind what happens there and then how does the impact of derivatives work with Leo as well derivatives are apparently coming to BitFenix in like three weeks and

They're doing a big platform upgrade the next week so that's something I'm looking at personally I am really bullish on on Leo I just AM you can say you say whatever you want about it I I don't care it is what it is I'm not

Telling you to buy it you can think it's the biggest scam on planet Earth and that you know it's it's a fraud and tether and this and that and the other thing and bad things and yada yada yada you can think that that's fine you're

Entitled to your opinion I'm entitled to my opinion and that's that's the beauty of opinions and it is what it is I just I think the combination of having a company that brought in 400 million dollars and is

Buying back 27 percent of you know gross revenue and then signing the possibility of any level of recovery from the Bitcoin hack that happened in 2016 as well as potentially any level of recovery of the 800 million dollars in

Funds with crypto capital that are both would potentially both be used to buy back leo those buybacks plus the incorporation of new assets into the basically of new things into Leo I'm bullish on it

So what do you think of Krakens equity sale I didn't get a chance to look at it too much to be pretty frank but it is interesting because you know things like DnB and things like leo

Are obviously not equity you you have no ownership rights you you have no you just don't have you don't have investor rights essentially they're kind of faux equity you you in some respects kind of get like exposure to the success of the

Business of Finance would be in bu at you know in some ways get exposure to the success of a bit finex with Leo however you know you certainly don't have like Leo repercussions and things like that that you would with equity

However the upside is I think a lot higher in in many ways with these tokens and then you also have the the option of liquidity as well if you want to get out and get out you

Somebody said where can you store leo good exchange – bye leo it's it's it's like 65% the ERC 20 token and the other I don't know 35 percent of it is on EO so they did a kind of a cross-platform issue it is on a number of of Dex's if

You want it it's on switch you as one of the Dex's you can go to coin marquee cap and see some of the places as well I think it's unlike see to see X or something like that if you just check out coin market cap and check the market

There it's it's actually now I think it just got added to the I want to say it just got added so it's the top 20 yeah it's it's unas said leo so it's it's its lucky number 13 which is oh he's a good sign

But yeah it's unas said leo and if you click on the markets on coin market cap you can see where it's trade it's primarily on Biff next if you're out of the US and you have a kyc to count on Biff and actually you'd buy it there

Outside of that it's not a couple other places like okay X which he o c2c X I think it's on I'd X as well I don't think there's enough volume on I'd X to actually show it here but it is an e rc 20 token so you can buy through a lot of

These Dex's as well you so this is a Manero dinero are you throwing some of your Roth into e e tomorrow so this is definitely something you want to take a look at

There's a couple of reasons why you want to take a look at it number 1 the first buyers of this got erect so let's see see if I can pull this up so grayscale so if you're not familiar greyscale investment trust which is Barry Silbert

It is DCG but grayscale investment trust is one of the companies let me just kind of it just this real quick so grayscale investment Trust is the company that currently offers gbtc

You're not familiar gbtc is one of the only ways right now that you can buy bitcoin exposure through a retail brokerage account it's under the ticker gbtc it's non ETF it is traded on OTC markets and it's it might be confusing

For some people because OTC and the crypto sense means over-the-counter trading there is a company literally called OTC you can go here I actually worked with them or talk to them but it when I worked at Oracle but so they have

Their own markets basically the Pink Sheets their markets huh is what OTC has and so it's it's confused to some people because you have OTC trading like I bought Leo personally on an OTC desk that's OTC has nothing to do with this

Company OTC markets is a I would say like competitor in some respects to New York Stock Exchange NASDAQ but it's like not as well regarded as the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq so you have OTC I'll pull it up here so they

Have gbtc is the grayscale Bitcoin trust it actually trades quite a bit it's five million all right ton but five million dollars in volume in the past 24 I think that's is that five million or five million shares but 5.7 million in volume

In the past 24 hours pretty large market cap as far as just overall the amount of BTC that they have under custody but they just launched today EEE which is the grayscale aetherium trust

And this is actually kind of bad because so let me see if I could find the website here so the one thing to note with both the Bitcoin trust as well as the eath trust

Is you could go on if you have an e trade account or a Scot trade account or a TD Ameritrade account you can actually buy shares in this stuff if you have a 401k actually not probably net 401k but if you're a Roth IRA or something like

That you can actually buy some some shares of this and the thing is that typically trades at a premium to the actual to the actual spot price of crypto of that specific asset and with ithi so I don't know the exact numbers

Here but I believe the one you save and pull this up so I can actually get the math rate for you guys you okay so here we go so one share of ithi represents point zero nine six six

Aetherium so right now the the actual like I believe the the the the true spot value of one share of ithi is about twenty five dollars so if you buy one share of Ethier not buying one aetherium buying point zero nine six two theorem

Is essentially what's happening unfortunately I think somebody didn't know that today when it launched and they bought one share of ithi for three hundred dollars so they bought something that was worth $25 at three hundred

Dollars so hopefully they didn't buy too much because they bought it over a 10x premium but when that actually comes back down to earth and comes back down and normal and it's probably like twenty five or thirty bucks if you are

Interested in ever you know getting some level of exposure in your retirement accounts or something like that to crypto you can do that however you're likely gonna pay a premium the gbtc trades at a significant premium to what

Trade art gbtc trades at a pretty massive premium I think it's about thirty percent – what's buying spot Bitcoin trades app you a proper don't exactly know what that I

G HP I have no idea if that's a token or if that's something else a Stefan what's up brother do I think Libra launches next year I have no clue I would say it's gonna take longer to

Launch Libra then then then people think and I also I talked about this on Twitter but I do think you know people do give Bitcoin and sometimes rightfully so people do give some of these other cryptocurrency like a

Theory em I think Stefan you were and asking it before about you know what I think about the the launch date for a theorem 2.0 and is it gonna happen fast enough people give decentralized projects all the time

And I would say Bitcoin and aetherium are probably the two most decentralized projects I would say Bitcoin is the most decentralized cryptocurrency project in my opinion and I think a theory of a second I think a lot of hardcore

Bitcoiners would point to the token sale of a theorem and say it's it's definitely not decentralized and and it's very centralized and and you know I think the theorem is is likely more centralized than than Bitcoin is in

Terms of development and resources behind it and things like that but I would be interested in like the the Bitcoin maximalist component of like what is the second most decentralized asset outside of Bitcoin I think a lot

Of people would still point to aetherium because I think there's not a lot behind a theorem as far as actual decentralization and there is when you look at the issues that Bitcoin has the issues that

Aetherium has they suffer from their issues they you know they don't move as quickly they don't have they don't push updates as quickly as some of the other assets but there is something to be said about when they do you know decide to do

Something when that you know the governance comes together to do something there's nobody to necessarily like send a cease-and-desist letter to there's there's no bitcoin office there's no aetherium office you have

That with the Facebook coin you have that with Libra if Facebook has put a big target on their back already even if they're not like even when you look at this whole thing and Facebook is only a percentage of like the Libra Association

And a percentage of the foundation because Facebook's involved in PGS Facebook is kind of led the way and it's a Facebook team driving a lot of it people are going to go after it and it's there is an element to decentralization

That is very underrated I believe you Jack mentions could one hold Leo on an off exchange wall yeah you can old leo it's an e rc 20 token if you get the ERC 20 version you can hold it on a ledger

Or treasure you can use it Mehta mask my youth or wallet a paper wallet a paper aetherium wallet it's in the RC 20 token so ugochi just make sure you have the ERC 20 and not the EES version or you have the ES

Version use it Lincoln K what is up my man always good to see you I am such a nerd Thank You Hill outdrink you Lincoln you so taking a look at some of these

Questions here guys ask away if you have if you have them if there's anything you must must have answered throughout in the super chat I always will get to those proper Gaul says I think a lot of people

Are here to troll and I don't like trolls well I love trolls I'm here I'm here to hang out I'm here to have a good time with any any trolls that there might any trolls that there might be so that's the whole point of this thing

You so Chris says is TD Ameritrade going to let users buy and sell Bitcoin or is that just futures we can pull that up right now let's take a look I believe TD Ameritrade was Bitcoin and

And aetherium if I remember correctly let's see unless they invest in air sex you you can actually trade let's see here so the coin trading futures is actually that's something that people have

Pointed to that often that's something that people have pointed to it could be I could have missed that in the news cycle but I feel like that may have been more in the news but Bitcoin futures are now available to

Trade on TD Ameritrade so hi you stephane Mendoza will the Jets be a disappointment again this year hashtag go chiefs hashtag go Giants r.i.p Jets

You can't hashtag go to teams that's that's that's some that's some weak the Giants are absolutely trash Giants are just John people can make fun of the Jets all they want guys are trash you I'm Manning as 97 years old yes the

Chiefs are good yes Pat mahomes is a stud yes Sam Donald is going to be a stud but the Giants are screwed and the Jets are now the toast of the New York town and they will be as Sam Darnell throws Sam Donald's gonna go you can

Quote me on this well it will say 27 tdys 12 interceptions oh yeah and the Jets will go seven and nine and I'll probably be pretty happy and spend a lot of money in jets games this year so hey why not

You guys heads at this point in time I am running down on beer and I'm probably gonna get another one and then kick my feet up on the couch and watch TV because why not but I really do

Appreciate it and took this Krypto happy hour to crypto 80 minute hour so hope you guys enjoyed it and had a good time I really did as well if you enjoyed the video make sure to hit that thumbs up button hit the like button thank you so

Much everybody who's asking questions interacting hopefully you guys enjoyed this as much as I did I will have another video for you tomorrow as well in the meantime crypto bobby sign it out have you gone peace everybody

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