Crypto Happy Hour – Bitcoin and Alts Down

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Is you boy crypto Bobby I hope you were having a great day great night wherever you're watching or listening in from and welcome to another episode another edition of crypto happy hour I know it's been a while apologies for some of the delay will

Obviously get into a lot of what's been going on for me what's been going on for you and a lot more what is up Michael I hope you guys are having a good one so far can talk a little bit about what's happening with

The market in general right now Bitcoin down about five percent and the day a theory I'm down quite a bit all the other alt coins down basically across the board outside of etc' so we have some things to cover today so it should

Be a pretty good conversation then as always as always interacting hanging out answering as many questions as you guys might have and kind of hanging out in the comments here and what's up Muhammad what's up handsome man and hope you guys

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And yeah as my man XR pew Florida said big XRP fen as you guys all know of me hit that like button hit that thumbs up button if you're just joining the show and tonight I wasn't gonna drink anything but then I said hey why the

Hell not it's Wednesday even though it doesn't feel like it cuz the weeks moving so damn fast but I got myself a Montauk somewhere L coz I'm a big for whatever reason I'm a big Montauk beer fan literally have to close I own in my

Wardrobe or Montauk beer shirts so that's just whatever and we'll get into will hop into everything today and obviously you guys like I said if you're just joining make sure to start sounding off asking those questions and we'll

Dive into all that as well and if you are drinking something good let me know what you are sipping on whether it's beer water wine coffee apple juice I don't really care so we can kick things off today a little

Bit around the market movements and I think you know you have Bitcoin right now down about 6% against the USD in the past 24 hours according to on chain FX which as always is my go-to on data if your iam is down in a pretty equivalent

Manner down 6% XR P is actually up a little bit against Bitcoin but down against USD basically everything is down against USD in the past 24 hours so you might be thinking yourself you might be wondering you know what's what's

Happening right now why is the market down is there anything in particular that's really driving this you know driving this from a sentiment perspective driving this from a fundamental standpoint and at a high

Level I don't think there's anything like sentiment wise that's really driving kind of Bitcoin lower I think if anything there's a lot of there's a lot of kind of negative there's a lot of things that are happening externally at

A macro level that are a positive potentially positive for Bitcoin as a whole and we'll dive into a little bit around just your thoughts about kind of the investment stance on Bitcoin because I do think that it is interesting at a

High level but a lot of things happening at a macro level you're looking at negative yields 15 trillion dollars or whatever it is in negative yield a lot of other kind of components that are happening with Trump with just the

Global economy at large the Federal Reserve tweets about the Federal Reserve today a lot of crazy things that are going on right now with Trump the US economy the global economy it's things things seem like they're at this kind of

Weird eerie boiling point you have every single person on the planet calling for a recession now you have every person calling for a major economic pullback so it leads to the point of if everybody expects something happen is it actually

Gonna happen who knows but when I look at that and I kind of think about everything here you have Bitcoin and a lot of people point to Bitcoin is this no fantastic global macro hedge you know you have it a couple people have called

This the schmuck insurance I I forget I think it was Chamath formerly of Facebook if I remember I'm not I'm gonna butcher the pronunciation of his last name so I'm not even a try Jamal P but you have Jamal who I think

Really coined the term previously about Bitcoin being schmuck insurance and Marquess Co said that recently as well from Morgan Creek digital Bitcoin could very much be schmuck insurer insurance especially when you have the the things

That are happening right now at that macro level all the craziness that's happening you have basically the Federal Reserve treating you know this kind of just current environment with the same way that they did in 2008-2009 which is

A little a little crazy and and it would make sense logically for for Bitcoin to be a a really solid hedge because it doesn't have no it's not affected at a high level the supplier schedule and what happens with Bitcoin it does not is

Not affected by the Federal Reserve or anything that happens with the EU or China or trade tensions or whatever it is to supply the supply schedule is the supply schedule so you have you have that going on and when you look at that

I think that bitcoin is that kind of logic Bitcoin is potentially one of those illogical hedges as quote-unquote digital gold but you also have to think of kind of what what's the counter-argument if the economy is

Really falling to the if everything is collapsing if the world is going to hell in a handbasket like everybody's calling for right now if things are about to implode are people really going to put their assets into

What a lot of people still consider to be magic internet money and and that I think is the big big question I do think that the macro environment is setting things up to be really positive for Bitcoin and negative for a lot of other

Things in the world negative for a lot of other assets and you can look across the board just that like the frothiness of the market and I think a lot of things in particular are pretty messed up so I do think bitcoin is an

Really interesting position and we're also seeing obviously the divergence between Bitcoin and all coins and how that pairs out how that ends up panning out in the future I think will be something that obviously is gonna be a

Lot of I'm sure a lot of you are going to be watching and keeping a close eye on you our C phantom says a couple different things so there's a couple interest in

Comments here RC phantom is drinking Miller Lite I'm actually a Miller High Life guy myself / Miller Lite you know champagne of beers all that jazz being in Brooklyn for whatever reason Miller High Life is like the go-to hipster beer

And I kind of love it so um that's Miller High Life is my jam but RC fandom says can't DCA any more my coin basis my bank doesn't allow purchases WTF that might be an individual Bank thing I would I would

Check that out I would also check out square in the cash app I don't know what your DCA in I don't know what your dollar cost averaging into but I also hooked up a square cash app account and you can buy Bitcoin directly you just

Have to manually set the reminders because I don't think there are recurring buys right now with Square but if you want to do it manually you can do that if it might be an issue with your bank and maybe not on coin basis then

Probably not on coin missus n I would say one complaint that I actually had and have with coinbase I know if anybody else has experienced this and I'm typically you know really big coin based fan I know a lot of people give them

Crap and have had bad experiences with them for the most part I've had nothing but good experience this with coinbase so I mean knock on wood that's that's kind of been my experience but a few days ago I think it was on Thursday or

Friday of last week or actually you know earlier but is about seven days ago I was going out of town and I wanted to top up some Ethan to my CD P because the price of eath is going down quite a bit and my liquidation price is like 50

Bucks away so I want to put some more–the in there just to make sure that I love that that liquidation price as much as possible and everything's okay and I go to withdraw the eath from my coin base account and coinbase I

Guess I signed in and withdrew too quickly so coinbase just delayed the withdrawal for 72 hours and there's nothing I could do about it which I found to be wildly wildly frustrating as somebody who has kind of all the

Authentication all the verification treats my account safely the fact that I withdrew you know when is Mike and tried to withdraw money and they just said hey no you can't do this for seventy four three days like if my what

If my CDP went busto then like I would have been really pissed so that's at something that for me is was a little bit frustrating don't know if anybody else had that experience but I think it's something that hopefully coinbase

Can improve on I'm sure somebody had mentioned afterwards I think it was a BTC Kyle or Kyle if anybody follows him but I think Kyle had mentioned that if you log into if you log into your coinbase account and like very quickly

Just withdraw money they might time it out and that was probably what happened but like I wasn't just going in to sit and stare Michael in Mason County I knew what I wanted to do I want to take my teeth and put in my CDP and

Unfortunately they said no no boy you can't do that you and so gordy boy says Bob why is the correlation between Bitcoin and alts gone to and we can let's see if we

Can pull that up so where market cap data is typically crap as I'm sure many of you know but one thing that is sometimes 69 nice nice nice that's that's my maturity level there for you folks

But the Bitcoin dominance has really been on has done nothing but move up since May of 2018 there was there was obviously a massive off coin bubble in twenty eight twenty seventeen early 2018 that brought the Bitcoin dominance all

The way down to 33% and then you had another kind of mini altcoin bubble in March and even it's a little bit into April II was into April of 2018 there was a nice little pop where a lot of money kind of cycled out at Bitcoin and

It's altcoins and since then since that just really the last day of April in 2018 you've had this kind of consistent consistent consistent bleed out and all coins into two Bitcoin and it's due I think to a number of reasons number one

I think a lot of people a lot of people out there look at Bitcoin as the as something that is exactly what it says it is and it's not trying to be anything else and you have a growing number of firm believers in what Bitcoin is as

Well as a growing number of or a growing amount of infrastructure around investing in Bitcoin and not necessarily as much in investing in other crypto assets Bitcoin remains the most liquid by far

Bitcoin remains having from an investment perspective the most kind of investment options built out for it especially from an institutional standpoint and then also when you're looking at Bitcoin or you know Bitcoin

Dominance increasing you have the fact that many auth poins out there were either outright scams or things that simply were did not need a blockchain didn't I meet in the ERC 20 token did not need a token and that kind

Of realization is slowly occurred over time you know if you're if you're looking at the vast majority of icos that occurred on aetherium or on a variety of other platforms you know they might be companies that have great

Intentions they might be building interesting technology but the fact is I don't think any teams have necessarily nailed quote-unquote token economics well like their there are minimal teams that really have have a strong incentive

Around token economics and if you look at those teams I think it is mostly geared towards centralized exchange tokens and coins because they are the only things that out there that kind of have a reason to own those assets for

The most part where most ERC 20 tokens the utility tokens but nobody's actually using them for the the intended purpose you look at something like B&B yes you can certainly argue that finance might you might not like everything that

Finance does you might not like certain elements of their business but the fact that they buy tokens back the fact that they burn them when you use them for fees there is a reason to buy B and B there is a reason to hold B and B for a

Lot of different people and that actually affects supply and demand same thing like a lot of people don't like BitFenix don't like tether whatever stuff with Leo Leo is also another thing where the buyback the supply and demand

Of that asset to me is one of the only kind of clear other assets out there where it might make sense to to buy it from a speculative perspective yeah there's a lot of risk there associated with tether and the nyo AG and a lot of

Other things there but definitely something that I think is kind of worth keeping in mind you so Stephan Mendoza shout out man going on always good to talk to you and

So two two things and then they're both actually on coin desk here so this is something that I think is is sweet so if you guys don't have lollies yet I would recommend you get it just go to crypto Bobby comm slash lolly lol Li that's my

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Lollies really been crushing it with partnerships alex Adelman who i have in the show before super super nice guy they were executing really well like he's done this before they're gonna do it again this is one of those business

Ideas at least in my mind that like so obvious so so smart of them to do and they just are nailing it right now so I hope they continue to crush it but yeah with lolly that's definitely a big partnership and I think it's pretty

Awesome and it's cool to see them continually roll out new you know new news new partnerships and have a product that you can use in quote unquote stacks that's with and do some really awesome things and then on the other end of the

Spectrum too so I tweeted about this a little bit today somebody else mentioned it now let's see so if you guys don't have this one it's kind of similar to lolly we have talked about this in a previous episode but if if you don't

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It's these plaid which is a multi billion-dollar banking API company like super super common well used it's used by betterment acorns and a bunch of other companies out there American Express you can see here coinbase so

Pretty legit as far as like the technology provider they use to connect your bank so people had some questions about that but yeah we check out pay just go to get paid com2 and then type in Bobby that's a great way to just

Earned yourself a little extra Bitcoin in addition to lolly as well and then ya going off going off of that when Stefan says crypto Bobby will have reached Urbana when lollie adds in New York Jets well I actually typically buy Jets

Tickets on StubHub and they have StubHub so we're good I can I can earn Bitcoin back buying Jets tickets now which is pretty sweet but going into the other questions about this a little bit yesterday

Whereas where's a man so square made a cool higher mat Corallo I talked about this yesterday and then I also talked about this a little bit in my line of work newsletter if any of you guys don't read this I'll post it in the chat here

For you so you can take a look so I'll post it in the chat so I actually read in news it's a it's a biweekly newsletter now apparently I can actually write English on on paper too in addition to talking and drinking beer

But I write a little newsletter now about the things that are happening in the crypto space where you know that involved talent hiring you know salaries careers that type of thing so I called a line of work get it

Hit call the line at work and I'll put in a you put put in that link there so you can actually subscribe to it if you want it in your newsletter or you can just read it on my website when it comes out but there were a couple different

Things that I thought were pretty interesting this week from like a talent perspective and one of those things was indeed the hiring of of Matt Corallo at square and why I think that's cool is a couple different things so if you're not

Familiar with with Matt Correll he's on Twitter I believe at the blue Matt and I heard him speak at a lightening meetup a while ago I really liked what he had to say he just had like a super refreshing take on development and kind of the pace

Of Bitcoin and and what what his interest were and it was like a very non combative you should just seemed like a really genuine nice guy and I kind of liked his approach to things so I was really excited when I saw he was hired

By Square and chain code labs which is his former employer was super complimentary of it as well it seems like they had a pretty amicable parting which is always great to see but the reason I think this is cool too

Because Square if you're not familiar Square they're a multi-billion dollar company they do over three billion dollars in revenue a year a lot of that with their point-of-sale system if you're in the US and you ever swipe your

Credit card at a coffee shop whatever square probably powers a good amount of that now so they have this massive business and then they have this tiny tiny little piece of hi that's Bitcoin related with a square

Cash app that they built where you know you have the cash app and you can buy Bitcoin through the square cash app people have started to do that more and more often they like the service that they get so they have a good time

Pea shooter McGavin thanks for joining it on Twitch brother take it easy man so they have this they have the square cash app and why I think it's cool that they kind of have why their approach is interesting why their approach is cool

Is because they have this massive business they don't necessarily need to rush into things they don't need to rush into adding a bunch of assets they don't need to do anything that might compromise their morals or do anything

For the sake of profit or pleasing investors because their entire business is built on crypto or you know get a ton of pressure when when things go bad with the market because they're basically insulated from the market because it's

Kind of a small arm of of square they can really be they can move slowly move intentionally play the long game which i think is a different approach than most of the crypto companies because you have all these crypto companies that are in

This like head-to-head competition they all have a lot of them have VC investors I'm sure they're getting a ton of pressure from investors maybe they're trying to go public at some point in time whatever it might be it's a very

Competitive environment and they might do things that other people in the industry might not agree with maybe their own employees don't even agree with it but they're trying to just stay as competitive as possible and square

Can kind of let other people make mistakes while they move slowly and intentionally and so in addition to that too one of the other cool things that I saw or that I thought in the newsletter and haven't

Really talked about on the channel at all yet but if you guys are familiar with block stack so block stack is a platform that allows app developers to to build on top of it pretty interesting stuff they also have their token

Approved by the SEC – or their token offering approved by the SEC or unaccredited investors so they spend a lot of money worked with a lot of lawyers so that unaccredited investors could buy the stacked stokin but outside

Of that they had something that I thought was pretty interesting where they just partnered recently with lamda school so if you guys haven't seen lamda school they're CEOs always all over Twitter and lamda school is a coding

Bootcamp and instead of people paying for the bootcamp said if you having to pay money and travel to a place you can participate in the lamda through an income share agreement meaning they get a percentage of your future salary for a

Number of years based upon you getting a job in engineering after you finish the the coding bootcamp and the partnership is is cool and and unique I think because they're it's mutually beneficial it solves two problems for four-block

Stack they need developers to build applications on top of their on top of blocks back on the other end lamda school needs technology and something interesting for their students to kind of hack on and learn while they're with

The program but I think it's really advantageous to block stack because you're getting people that are really early on in their programming you know in their programming careers and their software development careers and you're

Exposing them to you're exposing them to block stack and you're allowing them to build on top of you know on top of the platform and it's even pretty interesting too because block stack has this like app mining rewards program

Where right now they give away two hundred thousand dollars a month to the top apps that are listed in their App Store and they're I think moving that up to like a million dollars so if you are a student you're developing and lambda

School and you build an app that all of a sudden rises to the top and you start making whatever it is 10 15 $20,000 a month $5,000 a month who knows but making money in stacks tokens through that you know that might be

Something where hey there all of a sudden you have you just have this feeder program so I think it's a really interesting way for them to kind of kickstart the network and also get in early why they have these people doing

This so yeah I would definitely you know check out the newsletter if you don't check it out I put a link to it put a link to it in the comments and then yeah you know if you guys have any questions about proof of work as well oh she's

Mean proof of work a line of work and proof of town I'm getting all mixed up of my own company but if you have any questions about proof of talent always happy to answer those two but yeah it's been it's been super fun building

You so Stephan Mendoza mentions what are your thoughts on coin based acquiring zap oh good and bad I'm oh I'm in Stefan spinning good bad they're a somewhat trusted custodian so better business for

Them but also more centralization of the coins so we can see if we can pull that up those of you who don't know who's a PO is there if you've been in the industry holy crap it is pouring rain in New York

Right now I just looked out my window and it's just it's pouring and it wasn't a second you sorry but for those of you don't know zap oh they are one of the most I would say like well respected companies in the

Bitcoin space they are like the og of Bitcoin custody they have been around since 2013 when sis Casares who was one of the most like well known in earliest Bitcoin entrepreneurs are like earliest like established legit like real

Operator not like 22 year old kid who had no idea what he was doing but struck lightning cuz his Bitcoin crushed it I mean once his cos are winces cos are struck lightning with Bitcoin for sure but he had struck lightning previously

He was a you know an entrepreneur who had success building other businesses those Oppo super legit let's see if we can actually pull up to as you can see here – if we pull this up the Swiss the title of this was a quartz

Article from 2017 the secret Swiss Mountain bunker where millionaires stashed their Bitcoin and that was a Zappos Swiss vault so literally in an indoor vault in the middle of nowhere and like a former like nuclear silo was

Where they have secured their Bitcoin and the custody business that they had was actually acquired by coinbase so believe it was about they brought over I don't remember exactly how many billion dollars it was but if I kind of read all

The way through let's see about five point three billion dollars was was being stored in Bitcoin with Zappo and coinbase acquired that business for about 55 Quimby acquired that business for about 55 million dollars and it's

It's interesting for a couple different reasons coin basis definitely started to grow their Quinn base has started to grow their custody business really heavily but custody as a whole is kind of a business that's trending towards

Zero and what I mean by that is that custody the fees at least in custody are getting cheaper and cheaper and cheaper it used to be rather expensive for wealthy individuals to to store their Bitcoin and now because of the

Competition what do you do when you're competing against people you know if you're let's just say in the past year coinbase against Oppo against BIC oh maybe you all have pretty similar security methodologies maybe you you

Know have somewhat and have equal processes and procedures what leverage do you have to win new customers in many cases that's the fee and instead of making it you know 0.5% a year or something like that you might make it

Point to 0.2% or 0.25 percent or 0.1 percent and then you just kind of have this you know race to zero where who can have the cheapest offering that can kind of stay in business with auxilary products and things like that and that's

Kind of where the custody business is going to but you're also seeing that consolidation like Stephan mentioned which isn't necessarily great because what happens if God forbid coinbase custody somehow gets hacked but at the

Same point in time I don't want to say that I have like full faith in coinbase to to not get hacked but I would think that the amount of money that they keep in hot wallets it is so damn minimal so I don't know there's Thurs that there's

A number of things to think about here is what it is like you can't really change it I think people are a little bit upset because zoppo is an OG of the business and and there's a lot of of things that people don't like about

Coinbase so some people weren't happy and in bit go specifically at a marketing campaign around telling people hey you can move you know if your zoppo customer and you don't want to you know do anything with

Coinbase and you don't want to keep your money there you can come on over to us and deposit your Bitcoin here and we'll well transfer for free and we'll do it for free for a little bit so it's it's all

In competition it's all people aggressively making moves in business which is awesome brain although what's going on thank you very much for that super chat man five bucks I super much appreciate that I can

Buy buy myself another Montauk summer L with this or at least out this probably cost like 15 bucks so we'll get there but yeah Renaldo says what's up Bobby hope you're a great funny thing I turned out my eath minors yesterday morning

Watch your video in the afternoon stacks s yeah well I mean I guess if you're if you're mining either you're kind of weighing way unless you're converting that I'm immediately to Bitcoin but yeah I'm I'm still pretty positive about II

From the long run I know there's a lot of like super strong negativity and people getting pretty angry but I still like both I like that coin I like aetherium it is what it is I know I know I know that's passe and not a lot you

Have to like one or the other and you have to want to beat somebody over the head who likes the you know likes the opposite but I kind of like both so that's that's what I'm sticking with that's what I like

Freeman young says this what are your thoughts on B&B being included or by Nance us and then I'll get to Brian because he talked about cuz he talked about crypto Pia and and not knowing what's going on behind closed doors

So Freeman says what are your thoughts on B&B being included for by Nance us and we'll take a look here see if we can get the the picture of assets that were mentioned by good old cz area on wonderful coin Telegraph so

The tokens under consideration none of them are necessarily a massive massive surprise here so you have things like Bitcoin which is on obviously I don't know why that's even under consideration you're obviously getting

Include Bitcoin you have a theory I'm I'm sure you're gonna include aetherium to me this looks very similar to the coin based pro list so if you want to pop over here we'll take a look at coin based pro

And we'll take a look at the markets the market information there are a solid number of assets that are trading on their trading a coin based pro that are being considered by finance finance us specifically when I look at this though

The question specifically was what are your thoughts on B&B being included four by Nance us and I am personally doubtful of that I think that there are elements of B M B's token that finance would be to me pretty pretty aggressive as far as

AZ listing B&B in the United States it'll be interesting to watch but I would say I feel like 90 90 plus percent chance it is not listed in the United States because there are elements I feel like that make it a potential security

And if they're opening up being be in the US I don't think that they would be or they're opening a finance in the US I don't think that they'd want to kick that off on the right foot they're on the wrong foot with you know

With B&B listed there and having a potential security or something that's a straight forward with the buy back that they have and with the just general exposure and kind of quasi security nature of the B&B token I would be

Shocked if financed list B&B in the United States on day one like app really really shocked so I don't know if that's something that you guys agree with what you think about but I mean I would love to hear two in the comments so I don't

Know what you're thinking there but I would be I would be pretty shocked about B&B being listed in the US also though I think that they do minuses have a good team the new finance US CEO Catherine Cooley is somebody who I think has a lot

Of respect in the crypto industry I was actually meeting yesterday with somebody who runs a who's been in the crypto industry for a long time runs a an exchange a regulated exchange in the United

States and was was saying very positive things about Katherine and her ability to execute so it'll be interesting to watch how buying in fairs in the US I think it's going to be it's gonna be pretty fascinating to watch

Because you also have to think about you also have to think a little bit about liquidity so a lot of people have talked about the bifurcation of liquidity basically what that means is that you are going to have a 1 pool of liquidity

On Finance traditional – normal – and gonna have another pool of liquidity on buying its us meaning the order books for the same token pairs might not be the same you might have a BTC 2 USD tea or a BTC – USD C whatever you whatever a

Bitcoin – stable coin token pair you might have that in or to the dollar you might have a Bitcoin to us DC token pair in finance us and you might have the same thing in finance but the actual liquidity behind that is gonna be

Different the market makers they're probably gonna be different because it presents regulatory issues if you're sharing liquidity from an offshore place to an onshore place so that's also something to think about I don't know

How often they get spoken about but just because there's a ton of volume on Finance you err on finance comm doesn't mean by Nance dot us or whatever it's gonna be it's gonna have that same level of liquidity so what happens if there's

Not a ton of liquidity there we'll have to see but if anybody can incentivize market makers to bring liquidity to the platform I'm sure by Nance's is well capable of doing that and well capable of providing

Incentives in the structure in place but another just thing to just generally keep in mind as you look at what's happening you so Chicago crypto hustler says that's

Weird because they have B and B at the ATMs in Chicago I wonder how they're around getting around listing it for a purchase on a cryptocurrency ATMs so I highly doubt that Finance has anything to do with the activities that are

Happening at a cryptocurrency ATMs in Chicago that to me is something that finance probably doesn't have necessarily any in any specific control over and some some Bitcoin ATMs and some crypto ATMs are pretty well regulated

Others are really like kind of fly-by-night operations and it depends so I I can't speak to the the specifics of those those ATMs in Chicago but I doubt that this this sale of being betoken on a crypto ATM in Chicago is an

Officially sanctioned thing bye bye bye Nance corporate at all and so Brian mentioned this previously when we're talking about coinbase and SAPO and just my general I think confidence level and coinbase from a

Security standpoint and so Brian says you really don't know what's going on behind closed doors could be like crypto Pia it could it could but it's not I'll just say that like this the sophistication the talent behind

Coinbase whether or not you like coinbase the sophistication and the talent that is is behind coinbase and working on their product is lightyears ahead of anything that was done it at crypto Pia like literally light years

Ahead of what they've done granted everything is not perfect there it's not fit you know everything is not fantastic but the amount of funding that they have the sophistication the talent they're there coin basis in a situation

Where they have a lot more resources at their disposal to better secure crypto assets than crypto Pia did and and better kind of infrastructure built so I would be vastly vastly disappointed in coinbase if they had any if they were in

The same ballpark you're in the same if they were 10 ballparks away from crypto Pia I would be vastly disappointed you so expat ran what's that brother said hey Bobby the SCC is registered

Securitized as a transfer agent what does that mean for the space so securitizers is a you know interesting company I've had a chance to interact with them in the past when working at Lowood a–they the team at securitize

They're really solid folks Carlos Dominguez Carlos Domingo the CEO and a few other folks there I'll also work with a city block capital who actually issued their issued their security token through securitized so was one of their

Initial you know one of their initial customers spirit I think is like 43 customers according to this and they've helped companies raise two hundred million dollars to their platform there are a number of things that happen

Behind the scenes when you transfer ownership of a security token transfer a security token at least in the United States a quote unquote a real security token is a security it is a regulated it is a regulated asset and you cannot just

Send those around willy-nilly in a standard ERC 20 token from one person to another without restrictions otherwise somebody's gonna be in trouble and it's it's probably either the issuer or somebody behind the token so there are a

Number of things that you need to do from a record-keeping standpoint from a centralization standpoint and one of those things is actually recording the transfer of the stock between individuals and kind of how that works

And securitized has gone through the process of being regulated to actually transfer those those stocks and initially they've started off with the issuance of of securities but now they're getting a little bit more in

Depth and farther down the stack so what does it mean for the space for you right now unless you are an accredited investor probably nothing but it's good to see the continued advancement of the security token industry it's still for

Me it's really far away like security token sirs securitized is probably executing as well as anybody in the security token space but it's still I would say like a somewhat niche industry that most people that are watching this

Channel right now we're not gonna have a ton of exposure into you uh so Stephane mentions thoughts on on backed thing initially they weren't

Gonna allow margin trading and then this week said they might allow margin trading big change in messaging with what their intentions were to be honest I really haven't kept up a ton of you know with the ton of the backed up dates

It's just been there's there's a lot that have happened and there's there's a lot that's changed so I really haven't kept up with all of it I can't speak too well to all the updates it's just funny though pious I was I was scrolling back

In time into something and I came across I think I came across an old tweet or just an old article about that and it was like over a year ago and they were talking about launching you know they were talking about like launching in

December I think was of last year or something funny like that so just kind of seeing where we are now looking for a September launch date it was definitely taking time and I think that's also what a lot of people underestimate in the

Space when you're doing things by the book and we were doing things in a regulated manner it's gonna take a lot of time to move things forward and most people don't like that most people are impatient but you know it is what it is

Sall locking back in after one and a half years welcome back I hope you're most I hope most of your money was in Bitcoin because if not you might not have much money left but it was a it was grits it's great to see after a year and

A half and cheers welcome back you maximilien herb says hey Bobby what must happen that you turn into a Bitcoin maximalist you know I've allah i for me i i think

That there can be other i think that the space is big enough that there will be other assets that fulfill different use cases outside of bitcoin to me I am most confident in Bitcoin I think Bitcoin has the clearest use

Case I think Bitcoin has the clearest path forward I think there coin has the most adoption so in that like sense I would say I am I have the strongest conviction and belief in Bitcoin that said I also think that there there could

Be the OP there could be an opportunity for other assets or for other alternative not necessarily competitors against Bitcoin but for other use cases to get filled in the industry whether that's something like a theory 'm or

Some other platform i I don't know that's kind of where my money is I think both Bitcoin in a theorem can coexist might be really stupid of me that very possible I think they can coexist and that that's kind of my thought process

In general I think they fulfill different use cases but you know I I look at this just too in a lot of cases as like my my speculative plays and that just kind of on in fun investing for me so

So Devi mentions that can you explain what BTC maximalism actually means I think what Bitcoin maximalism actually means is different for every person first of all I think Bitcoin maximalism in general is is

Something that I think some people view as a derogatory term we're you know with with Bitcoin maximalism it was something that I think I want to say vitalik initially lit called it maximalism and so a lot of people point back to that

And say you know this was something that the the maximals term was something I was created to justify the creation of another asset in this case aetherium and obviously that the creation of aetherium was was very profitable for anybody

Involved in that specifically Vitalik so a lot of people point a lot of traditional bitcoiners so it's an oil or remove maximals and from that a lot of bitcoiners point to the creation of aetherium and vittala kind of coining

That the maximalism term as a derogatory thing now some people have kind of taken hold of it and said hey you know what it is what it is people are starting to use this we're not gonna fight the term anymore so we'll go there from me what

What do I think like Bitcoin maximalism is I first of all and I've said this yesterday painting people the broad brush is is is a it's an effort in futility it's it's a waste of time for the most part there are some people that

Have 100 percent of their money in Bitcoin or at least 100 money in crypto assets in Bitcoin they only believe in Bitcoin they think it is going to be the you know the the path forward and they are most confident in what Bitcoin does

And they have no interest in holding or trading any other crypto assets ever then you have some people who are like a a kind of vocal there are certain people that are very vocal that are of that ilk but in addition to you know only having

Interest in Bitcoin they also think that every other crypto asset is a scam or you know is is bad and anybody who disagrees with their thesis on Bitcoin is a a bad person that must be silenced or whatever it might be there are

Basically I think like when you think about Bitcoin maximalism it's it's somebody who who is 100% into Bitcoin and only likes Bitcoin there are different flavors of Bitcoin Bitcoin errs some people are

Maybe a little bit like more extreme in their views than others it doesn't mean anybody's right or wrong but like for me I mean that's it it is what it is like everybody is entitled to their own opinion doesn't mean it's

Right doesn't mean it's wrong some people are more outspoken than others some people have a larger platform to portray those views to so they it just kind of gets spread out I also think the third class of people that are quote

Unquote maximalist and this is the worst to me this is the worst class of Maximus is the kind of direct altcoin buyer and the person that hops from ship to ship to ship and you know they they bought off coins and they got their faces

Ripped off and now there now now there now they're the Bitcoin heroes and I I take some issue to that because I think there are some people out there that try to pretend like they never did what they did and now they're you know now they're

Like you know I am I'm in this Bitcoin maximals camp and I'm safe and you can't hurt me here and then they're just the true oh geez that I've kind of always been into this stuff and and have kind of been standing up for it but like I

There are there's definitely an element now of a fake maximalism from some people because I do think it is the cool thing to do like I think in 20 you know 2017 I think the 2017 there was a time or

Like I mean previously previously but like 2017 was definitely a time where like Bitcoin maximalism was in the minority because you had to be very principled to not be making money on coin pumps like all coins were

Pumping through the roof crazy things were happening people are making 510 X's on I cos making a ton of money you basically had to have like really really strong principles and saying you know what I don't agree with this stuff I

Think these are illegal security offerings I think they're a scam I think people are gonna think retail investors need wrecked off this whatever it is but certain bitcoin investors we're like you know what I don't agree with this stuff

I want to stay away from it and I'm gonna go through that and not you know I'm not going to touch it and I'm gonna all the stuff out there there are a lot of vocal people that are vocal back then and they're still vocal now and to them

I have every single bit of respect there are also like I said there are some people that you know played around and made money in in altcoins and and then like lost a little bit of money and now now that altcoin investing or coin

Investing isn't cool or the hot thing to do now they're you know all mister you know kind of Bitcoin maximalism and and those are those are the types of like people that I have less respect for personally but I think those are also

The types of people that win if I guess there's a pretty big if now it feels like a pretty big if if there ever is a comeback of alternative crypto currencies they'd probably be right back in there trying to buy the top and then

Also getting wrecked again so you LaRue says something and says Bitcoin maximalism equals you have a big bag of Bitcoin and you want it to ultimately be worth a lot more than you bought it at I

Mean I think that's every bag holder in a crypto space that it self describes every person that owns an asset in the crypto world it can be Bitcoin maximalism that can be a theorem that could be XRP that could be ren and that

Could be chain-link that could be anything it's anybody who's super super vocal about their you know asset and they want to run around and and pop up at some point in time sell for more than they bought it for so

You Reinaldo thanks again for the super chat man appreciate it if you guys have anything that absolutely must be answered throughout the super channel and get to it but read all dimensions

What are your thoughts on Raven lately our Raven coin I haven't looked into Raven coin much recently interestingly as you bring that up it was on the we see by Nance considering an asset for launched in the

US I personally wouldn't doubt if Raven is one of the ones that gets listed in the u.s. that wouldn't surprise me mostly because Raven had a pretty fair launch out consider Ravens launched to

Be fairly fair fairly fair that makes no sense right but fairly fair because it wasn't like a pre mine it wasn't an ICO it was a fair launch proof-of-work you know proof of where crypto but outside of that like I don't I don't

Really foresee anybody like for me raven coin is competitive with securitized and these type of guys like i if you're looking at the security token industry I would bet on securitize over I over betting on Raven like ten

Times out of ten eleven times out of ten one hundred times out of ten I would bet on a company like securitized that has centralized leadership and can get things approved and can can execute and can handle business development I would

Bet on them having success in the security token space in the asset tokenization space over Raven coin that would be my take andrew river says seriously what happened to the verge army used to be so

Strong they spent all their money on the old pornhub partnership i was very fruitful but they they spent all their money there you so expat Ron said T zero just at a raven

I'm still so like I said the security token industry is really far away from I think having like mainstream adoption like we're in the the absolute nascent stages of security tokens kind of being publicly traded and and just being

Demanded for that so you know you have right now things like open finance which is a open finance Network which is a competitive a competitive applicant or not applicant tracking system alternative trading system ATS so in

Securities you have to trade these things on ATS light license ATS Azure alternative trading systems and there are right now three different ones that are registered you have open finance t0 and shares post none of them are really

Doing all that much as far as training goes like the volume is paltry pretty small so we're like really really in the early outset of things and I don't know I mean we'll see how things pan out but I mean t0 adding Raven is

Like there's I let's see if we could find that easier volume you let's see customer portal come on give me a demo with cowboy Oh apparently not

You so taking a look at some of these questions just to see what's going on in the chat urges the 69 position on Cologne market cap nice would make sense those

Partnerships right you yeah expat Ron says you know he's God I guess got a pretty penny on the 80s for the long run some patience pays yeah this is definitely a game of patience in

The security token space cuz like you know like Stephon was mentioning before you backed things are taking a really long time with backed but that's because it is a heavily regulated crypto exchange so you have to think about that

And you have to think about the length of time that it takes to get something approved by regulators and that is even more so right now or you know similarly so with these security token exchanges because you are dealing with the SEC who

Are dealing with securities aka the Securities Exchange Commission so Simon DV I bet on chain link to make me rich what do you think I would say you should have that on chain link a few months ago I don't know I'm not like

Massively some marketing Capucine link right now where we at I mean chain-link is worth 775 million dollars in liquid market cap is pretty outrageous there's a ton of volume too

On Finance which is pretty crazy I don't know I mean I think I think chain links already had its pump I think here if you're betting on chain link to make you rich I think the move to bet on chain link was in a timeframe before it

Already pulled a 500 to 1000 X when it did that over the course of a year I don't want to say you're buying the absolute top but I also would say that there's a long way down to go Asha's my personal opinion

You I do think Oracle's are starting to have a really if you guys are paying attention or like really deep into the etherium ecosystem right now Oracle's are having a really interesting

Discussion but I do think that other so you like compound finance so compound finance released this the other day and they open sourced their Oracle which is a price feed so if you guys aren't familiar with us to like

Chain link is something that sure a lot of people know just from the the link token and have seen that but like what isn't working at a high level it's a feed from an external place outside of the blockchain and that's the big thing

That like chain link is trying to do and why I think you know previously and in looking at in the past chain link is has made a lot of sense or really resonates with people outside of them having a massive 4chan armie is

With you know with Oracle's it's a very logical use case for the blockchain for it's a very necessary and logical thing to incorporate into a blockchain ecosystem because you need you need that data feed into the blockchain ecosystem

So in this case of compound there's a lot of these other assets you need a price feed and the price feed comes from external places but there are issues with Oracle's because things can be manipulated things can be kind of

Affected in negative ways and especially with a growing dphi space that i've talked about in the past and kind of had conversations on but with the defy space growing as it is there are and there have been these like Oracle attacks that

Have happened where people have manipulated the price of basically manipulating the price feed to affect the application so it's something that I think is Oracle's themselves are going to be a really big topic of discussion

As the quote/unquote defy space continues to mature and other products and platforms start to utilize whether its price feeds or different types of data feeds externally into their ecosystem you're gonna start to see that

Happen more and more often the thing that I think you want to watch is whether or not chain link is what these people use or if it's just some type of open source tool through something like compound finance built or

Maker Dow builds or whatever you Kevin from VT says I think alts with no working product will die off soon I think that's an accurate assumption I also do think so the the crypto world is

Interesting because there's almost a perverse incentive I mean there there are many perverse incentives when you look at AI cos so there there are a lot of issues with I SEOs in general you basically have all this funding upfront

Before you actually build anything so what's you give somebody funding upfront like let's say you give somebody 15 million dollars in an IC o—- given 15 million bucks and they have this white paper and they say hey we're gonna go

Build this what's their incentive to actually build that once they get that money well the incentives are misalign they already have the money so what's the incentive mostly the incentive at that

Point in time is number one just earnestness and actually wanting to deliver something which most people do like I think in in a crypto space there there is a sense of of most I don't a good amount of people are good actors

And they are acting in good faith but they participate in this system with misaligned incentives on the other in the spectrum though when you look at delivering a product you've kind of seen it happen over and over and over again

But when you actually deliver a product or when there is no product delivered like let's say okay so you go through the process and you have 15 million dollars you raised in an IC o—- and I mean this is mostly like passed up there

Aren't that many ICO is being raised anymore but like let's let's say just reviewing things from the past you got 50 million bucks you raise an ICO you have a white paper now you have all these investors quote-unquote investors

They're not actually investors they're people that should be using the token for its intended purpose but they're not actually using the token for its intended purpose they're speculating on the asset they're speculating on your

Ability to actually create something so you invested in this thing you put your money into it your eath into it and you're like okay I'm gonna go make money or you know I'm gonna go I'm gonna hold this token and I'm gonna sit here and

I'm gonna be really you know interested and curious and watch them to develop this thing and as you sit there and you watch you know you watch people develop it and you hear he's different you know updates you get

Excited typically like that's the period where where things go well for the most part I mean external market conditions removing external market conditions from it you have people getting excited about it they're excited about a product

Release they think something good is coming and then when the product actually gets released they realize hey either I'm never gonna use this thing or maybe nobody's actually using this thing maybe there's no need for it there are a

Billion things that people realize but for the most part what happens when people actually deliver products in the crypto space is it's kind of crickets on users and the the good actors that actually were

Well-intentioned and wanted to build something and executed and delivered on something you know built something cool build something great but either nobody's using it or people are using it but the token that they created didn't

Have the right incentive structures in place to actually maintain the value at the little at though at the best case maintain the value of the token at the worst case it no it drops off the face to the earth so

Proof of buffalo chicken wrap coin is a go absolutely it is a no joke I had a buffalo chicken wrap for lunch if you guys if you guys don't believe me let me let me pull this bad boy up I'll uh let's see if we can

Me let me get this for you you order today was gotta love it you here we are my buffalo wrap I went

Really wimpy today that I went grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken which was not a great move I didn't really enjoy that but yeah grilled fingers with the Nashville dumb sauce as you can see them very generous

Tipper 2 dollars and 35 cents 15% or whatever was real hero you so crypto-fascist says ico is superior to crowdfunding because at least investors can sell if they no longer

Like the project that is a I guess that you know that is an interesting point about liquidity for the most part you always have option I wouldn't say for the most part initially in like 2017 there was almost

Instant liquidity and a lot of projects where as you know you invested in ICO you put your money in an ICO and you probably got that within a few weeks like at the max there were times where you know you had things like like

Sparkster whatever it was where you know you somebody put money into a token and they waited months and months and months for that token and by the time that token came out the market had completely changed and nobody had any confidence

And I SEOs anymore and nobody had any confidence and like sparkster to execute and that token was down 90 percent the second nothing listed and then investors were screwed like you couldn't even do anything I think was just dead there was

No liquidity it didn't get listened anywhere like there was a time where yes there was liquidity for these tokens but in some cases there were definitely a lot there were there were a good number of tokens where people raised money and

Then they you know never provided an avenue for liquidity and liquidity is king that's also why bitcoin is still king to this day because liquidity is king and if you can move in and out of positions with relative ease and low

Slippage you're gonna be fine but if you are in a the an altcoin at the 700 position on when market cap that raised 30 million dollars in an ICO and now trades it you know five hundred thousand dollar market cap and only trades on

Idec's for $75 a day you know your investments out of luck at this point time unfortunately you a hunter Layton hey Bobby long time listener big fan thank you I appreciate

That man do you see XRP you sitting at its lowest it's been in two years I think it could go lower unless to me unless ripple stop selling XRP or yeah basically and until ripples stop selling a couple hundred

Million dollars of XRP a quarter I I don't think the xrp market is going many places that's just my personal opinion you so expat rune says this when you think tokens with actual use case and approved

By regulators will be valued appropriately so I have no idea about approved by regulators because I don't know what tokens are trying to be approved by regulators or what regulators but let's just say this when

Will they be valued appropriately well that's the first question how do you value a token how do you value any of these assets there is no clear specific way to really value any of these assets outside of honestly maybe some of the

Exchange tokens like there are some ways where you can maybe more clearly run analysis on finance in the B&B token due to volume or projected volume and their revenue and how much they're gonna burn you can do something similar with

BitFenix and Leo you do something similar with some of the other you know some of the other excuse me some of the other exchange tokens out there but for an IRC 20 token or for a even for Bitcoin how do you accurately value

Bitcoin as an asset do you use on chain data do you use I like there is no clear specific way that somebody can look to and say okay this is really how much Bitcoin should be valued at look at the theory and look at XRP look at basically

Everything out there there isn't necessarily a specific way that somebody and that people have come together and say this is what we're looking at from a valuation perspective this is overvalued this is undervalued

It's also why technical analysis and the crypto space is still like a relevant thing because most people don't know how to value these assets otherwise so when you don't have clear guidance and from certain respects you can look at a chart

And maybe it more accurately predict things Murrell how is proof of talent going Bobby proof now it's going really well if you guys don't know I launched a recruiting firm in the blockchain

Industry so I right now I work with eight different companies in the crypto space actually nine as of today nine companies in the crypto space about seven of them in New York and and a few in San Francisco in Boston so I work

With companies that are trying to hire people for their for open opportunities for open roles and try to match talent that is looking with people in the space so I'm basically a headhunter is kind of what I am and I have a few people that I

Work with as well so if you are ever looking for so yeah right now I have eight different clients in the crypto space these companies have like a hundred forty plus million dollars in funding most them are vc-backed seed

Level series a all the way up to a little bit higher than that as well have at this point time over 15 positions that I'm working on so if you are interested in working full time in the crypto industry you go over to proof of

Talent coats not comics Co but if you click on the careers page and you could submit your resume I need to update some of the positions here as well but if you click Submit your resume here I'll take a look and see if I have anything

Available and if you have anybody especially software engineers that are looking I have a ton of opportunities for software engineers throughout the US and then if you're watching this now and by any chance you are a big-time like

Big-time quantitative researcher had a lot of experience in basically I have to have prior Wall Street trading experience to have a lot of knowledge around just Wall Street trading in general and then the crypto space I'm

Working with a company that is one of the coolest companies in New York operating crypto they build crypto trading software and they are hiring for a head of data and research somebody to build something similar to like a bit

Max research or a circle research for their clients as well as just for like external marketing so have some awesome opportunities right now it's been it's been a ton of fun and I think one of the like one of the cooler

Parts to me at least about like recruiting as a bunch of different connotations and things like that but one of the coolest parts about me is that I get a really good like behind the scenes view of things now like I get to

Hear about what companies are doing well what companies are hiring a lot I also get to hear about some of the companies that are having difficulties behind the scenes that people might now not know about and some of the companies that you

Know aren't having as much traction and people are kind of starting to leave out of as well so that type of thing is fun for me just to have kind of a different view of the industry that I previously had so yeah it's it's proved down has

Been great so if you are by any chance looking for a job in crypto reach out to me at any point in time my Twitter dmsr open my emails open whatever you need I get a lot of outreach but we'll definitely try to you know get to it as

Quickly as possible and definitely appreciate all the people that there's a lot of people I've seen in the Chaffin event had a chance to talk to and and help out a little bit hopefully but yeah it's been going very

Well so far could shoot it over men crypto bowl coins can you sign up as a gem hunter I don't have any opportunities right now for a crypto gem hunter there might be a few telegram

Groups that are hiring for that but as far as venture back startups I don't know if we have any opportunities there I can look into it though for you a couple different people asks are we

Headed for a recession I mean I talked about it a little bit in the beginning of the video everybody so the thing about right now it's everybody all signs point to bad things like it seems like everything everything points to to

Negativity in the everything seems to be pointing to to negativity in the crypto space or not in the crypto space excuse me negativity and just the global markets from a macro standpoint a lot of things

That don't look too hot but you have every single person on the planet calling for a recession at this point time or damn near close to it if everybody's doing it like if everybody's saying it is is that actually gonna come

True or is this just so blatantly obvious that it's gonna be negative so yeah something I think I I mean if I if I knew if we had if we're gonna have a recession I'd probably be doing something different but I mean for me

Like my retirement accounts and all that type of stuff I'm just chilling in me and I'm not retiring for 30 years so I'm not too worried about it haha proper Gaul said he lives in North Korea not North Carolina oh I thought it

Was North Carolina North Korea I don't even know if you're legally allowed to be watching this right now but Cheers you guys at this point in time I am uh I'm about to relax get myself some dinner I appreciate you all hanging out

With me for the past hour so if you enjoyed this video make sure to hit that thumbs up button you listed on the podcast later thank you as well and if you are new to the channel by any chance on the planet make sure you hit that

Subscribe button thank you guys so much for your time thanks again to today's sponsor on the video eToro check out eToro Krypto Bobby comm slash eToro but I hope you all have a good one take it easy peace

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