Crypto Crow Talks Cardano, Bitcoin, & Future of Cryptocurrency

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Realize what you put there on Instagram the picture that you put I look like it goes like could you find it like a worse shot of me to one on is around like crypto crow the cryptocurrency investing giant and I mean physically giant whose real name is Jason Appleton is my guest

On diva on the Block today if you are at all active in the cryptocurrency community you probably already know him and if you don't well you should cryptic row and his family live in Cincinnati Ohio or I

Actually flew to last month to attend his chain wise event today we're going to catch up and things since Cheney wise we also go off the rail to talk about psychology and why it's easier for big boys to cry and why little women act

Tough and then we get back to the crypto stuff so what do you think cryptic rows favorite crypto currency is also what do you think his silly face looks like you gotta stay until the end to find out my name is Kiana Danielle and I'm the

Founder of the invest IVA movement this is my new youtube channel so don't forget to subscribe give this video a thumbs up and share it on Twitter Facebook and even embed it on your blog just go at it now let's go say hi to

Cryptic rau and let's rock like what should I call you like that giant man over there you don't look that dying and I'm YouTube so that's a thing like I didn't know you're this big until

Everybody says that yeah because I mean it's YouTube and the vice-versa happens for me cuz people think I'm much bigger and then when they see me they're like oh my god I had a feeling you were tiny no but no a lot of people don't get it

Especially like they say did they say another camera adds one of our 10 pounds or something when I was on TV I used to get that a lot girl we thought you were like this and there are a lot of like you know people who are tiny but they

Look big and vice versa like Tom Cruise like conquer exactly yeah well that's that's the magic of film right you can pretty much make anything look however you want it alright YouTube doesn't do me any

Favours especially when I my wife dies my beard all the time so that it it's like it all blends and then when it goes gray I looked a hundred years older and my face gets washed out so like no I'm not really fat I just look like it on

YouTube for whatever reason just a little fat not a lot all right all right let's not pick on you let's talk about the real stuff so chain wise it was amazing that was like the best events we had a lot of fun it

Was a lot of fun we I am still waiting on the presentations though I know I just I just did actually my accountant I did his last night so that's gonna publish tomorrow and and then I was actually thinking about doing yours next

Just because I have all of your images and I have a whole bunch of stuff ready for you already alright so if you're posting an image would you mind sending it to me first like a Photoshop maybe yeah really good

Photos it was just ones from the after-party that you didn't like that was horrible like well I would have nightmares if that is how what I I mean I don't want is just anyway so look I was actually gonna

Delete that for you and then change it but my Instagram account was disabled because somebody was impersonating me on Instagram so that I went to report them so they locked up all of the everybody that scripto Crowe on instagram has now

Been deactivated and when I went to try to upload my ID to prove that I'm the real one it fails and it won't let me upload anything oh my gosh that's horrible I know I'm so you see Twitter is a lot better with that cuz Twitter

Actually blocks oh like I having person aiders Twitter Facebook they don't do anything and then they end up I mean they have banned me on Facebook on Instagram but they have banned me from advertising even those are like

Impersonators literally scamming people saying they're investiga and then they ban me it's just Facebook sorry but sucks they all suck yeah and they have too many people to deal with so it's kind of like you know

If somebody some crook I have so many versions of me that aren't me doing all kinds of stuff all over the Internet and there's nothing I can really do about it these platforms sure don't help so but yeah I can't delete the photo because I

Don't even have access to my account now that's alright oh I don't know it'll burn it to burst into flames at some point is it really possible for you to look bad though I mean come on I'm not superficial alright it's okay

Everything now I think nothing like okay what is this photo they're talking about let's go today I actually are creating more everybody go look at it it's gonna be the thumbnail to lead to the video I publish 4chan bars no cheat wives

Actually I mean it went well I was really disappointed in the local crowd though traveled buddy they're traveled hours and hours to be there and the people in my city couldn't care less and I was really

Bummed out about it because I did it for them and it really and you were like why Cincinnati why Cincinnati I'm like because my town sucks so bad and they're so far behind everyone else I wanted to

Do something that would shove it right in their face but unfortunately that meant they had to get in their car and drive five minutes so that was too much to ask but people from Canada can get in their car and drive from Canada but

Cincinnati tri-state folks let them let him remain ignorant forever oh wait so Cincinnati like is there any sort of crypto community there no there's nothing Cincinnati there's unless you're into

Fast food and art galleries there really isn't much it's like it's actually pretty pretty boring pretty yeah I never knew that much about Ohio Cincinnati I was I've recently become addicted to this calm I Netflix the good place I

Don't if you watch it so I became addicted to it two days ago I've been watching like four seasons in the past 48 hours and so they said but it's about like people dying and going to hell or heaven whatever like if you want to go

To hell just anybody's like the most boring place that they have to can allow it if you want to I complain to my wife all the time that I feel just like I live in a little prison here like there's nothing to do

The people are closed-minded and simple and grindy it's like are you sure that's not the reason why they're not coming to her events because you're saying we put so much money and stuff I mean there are billboards everywhere radio television

Everything everybody knew was happening nobody was there was from out of town and yeah I know I complained I complained all the time to my wife like I would love to get out of here and go somewhere fine like I would move pretty

Much I feel like Iowa would be more exciting in Cincinnati honestly but if you want to raise kids and you want them to be corporate clones this is a great place to be I mean there are other places I don't

Know like Westport I live in Connecticut now and kinetic is pretty pretty boring too I'm kind of getting used to it but we did do a book launch so this is what I did I bribed the people in Connecticut and when I

Launched my cryptocurrency missing for dummies book here we had a trial launch so I knew that nobody's gonna care about crypto so we had a launch with another book that was about like brain tumor survival and another person who had a

Podcast a comedy podcast so that's how he did it so people show it up and they were like hey it's the book so he bribed them to come and then we talked about ripped out so I don't know Elton works a little

Better I don't know well I mean you're eben was awesome though so I mean the fact that people came at least we know that your online presence is doing doing its magic so what was the actual let's talk about this so what was the biggest

Takeaway from from Jane wise but if you were are you gonna be are you gonna do another one and I know that you were gonna do a fight match with Charles Huskisson which no well he still wants to do something we're just gonna find

Him someone else we were know what me and Charles are gonna do because he plays the piano and I play the pan is to play the piano like crazy I haven't been playing the piano for a while so I'm so he started playing the piano live on

Twitter I'm like hey like we should do and he's like look oh my god hi like I just commented like we should do something so we're gonna start in January we're gonna keep each other accountable

With playing one piece per month but right now we're not gonna do a faceoff kind of thing cuz I think we're both gonna suck but I think eventually we're gonna it's less intimidating like fighting but yes that's one thing that

We have if you want to sponsor that actually might be my youngest daughter is learning the piano right now just on ya see well I'll throw her into the mix ya know Charles was gonna fight and he he's going through a similar situation I

Went through I think God it's been 10 years I guess and uh you know I was I was like 305 pounds but like borderline diabetic I was drinking a two-liter of Pepsi every day I was a mess I was abstinent for like 7 years I

Didn't leave the house I drank Pepsi and ate fast food I didn't go I was like trying to destroy myself right and then one day I realized my blood sugar was so low and I would like pass out sometimes and I didn't know why and I found out

Why it was like well you're borderline diabetic your blood sugar spike in and then it's crashing you you're passing out and I could kill you like okay cool I'm gonna go join a fight a fight team and I'm gonna get into MMA because I

Need something drastic to motivate me to get out there and lose weight and get back into shape and Charles did something similar where he went to the doctor he said you know your athletic ability for your ages in the 15th

Percentile and that was kind of a rude awakening for him and he's like I'm too young to be this incapable he's like I've got to get some I've got a light a fire why don't we do this in a way that not only helps motivate me to get the

Shape but helps to bring some new people into the space and exposes what we're doing and what we're all about to a new crowd of people how about MMA and and I'm like yeah man you know I was a promoter for six years

I brought in UFC veterans and you know I managed guys got them signed I managed guys from amateurs all the way up to UFC contract so I did all that and you know we had an opponent I'm not even gonna say who but I know everybody knows about

It's all over the news question is who cares about that good why don't you guys fight me and Charles yeah that's why I'm saying oh no that wouldn't be right at all well will you how tall is choice kind of

I mean Charles is like two he's at 220 right now I'm 300 pounds oh so it's not that's why it's not a fair thing well that I have a lot of experience Charles doesn't I was in boxing Muay Thai jiu-jitsu and wrestling

For you watch you guys like not do the things that you've done before like both of you do something of like karate I don't know it's something else like that would be fair for Charles and and that and that's not to say anything you know

He knows this like you it just wouldn't be right and he did say something out here's what's funny well first of all to do an actual MMA match we wouldn't be able to be with it we would have to be within 20 pounds all

Right I would have to like I mean I would have to basically cut both my legs off to meet that weight requirement you know I'm a match that it would be funny though to watch like you and Charles like you would be like I don't know I

Didn't feel right about my competitive fight like you know I fought a guy that was six six he was seven and four it was my debut and I TKO'd him in 35 seconds I felt real I kind of I didn't like the way I felt about it and that's why I

Didn't do it anymore I was like ah that's just it like if you're trying to defend yourself or you know you just you're protecting somebody or something like that that's one thing I just didn't like the way it made me feel for sport

And if I didn't somebody like Charles oh I would probably cry for him like that would just wouldn't work but I mean the thing is the one thing that I did learn about you and King wise is that you actually do cry very easily so what else

I think Charles gain you have to getting said there like instead of you guys if Charles can think of something to make you cry in the middle of the field he's gonna win it like psychological torture or something like that yeah yeah I think

I yeah I am very I am a ver I've always been a very emotional person and you know I was raised by Catholic women so you know they they're just like don't hold it in bu and you know express yourself and this

And that and so I just I was never one of those guys that felt like I had to hold in my emotions to look tough or be tough it's easier for you to say that it's unfair because like somebody like you you look tough so it's easier for

You to balance it out well me because I am tiny and if you ask my husband he's gonna tell you I never ever cry my wife I'm like and like he thinks I'm tough and then he says something and I'm like and then I never cries like oh he's the

One that's tough as nails you know I don't look at her as a little five-foot pretty thing I look at her as like an equal I look at her as like she could do like she's like a little powerhouse of like gent like she trains hard and you

Know she's real aggressive I can't even wrestle with her cuz you're me and I have to basically just be like no no because if I do anything big and if you just do something yeah which is the same way like emotionally she's all

It like I used to call her the ice queen when they're like the first year we dated because she never showed any emotion at all was like her defense because when you're tiny you have to build that kind of wall and then the

Same is true for you now you kind of balance and get out you look tough but anyways we're getting into a weird psychology thing over here we're gonna talk about creepy people on the block I guess what's happening with Bitcoin dude

I'm hoping it's gonna go back down to 3,000 because they really want to buy some more what are your thoughts let's talk about it I don't think it's going back down to 3,000 it's actually back up to 70 100

Right now kicking down honestly I expected this I expected this little pump I don't think it's gonna last I think it's gonna fool people and then we're gonna go back down closer to six

I don't again you know here's the thing when it comes to like Bitcoin predictions there isn't a single person alive that has a clue what's actually gonna happen all they can do is throw random guesses out there and they change

Every single day so everybody's right and wrong at the same time all the time right like everybody so we have these people who are like okay the I'm in the cam that I do think is eventually going to

Go back up but but this is the $6,000 floor that I mean I can actually go ahead and show you but I mean that's absolutely correct so what do you think about the 100 million thing that is going on it's just math according to

John McAfee a hundred million what like so many you're saying the bitcoins gonna be a hundred million dollars uh it was either the market cap that he's saying what is the biginning thing that he's doing he's gonna chew his own dick off

Of oh I saw like if Bitcoin was a the bitcoins gonna be a million dollars by 2020 or he's gonna eat his own wiener yeah um you know it's like look dude the guys so high all the time he doesn't know what he's saying anyway and like I

Mean I like John McAfee for what he is he's just kind of a crazy old dude that's got money and he just he's like a rebel without a cause so you know cool yeah bitcoin is probably gonna get a million dollars in 2020 no but you know

I think that right now like I did a video two months ago where I basically said Bitcoin was gonna come down to fifty five hundred and then it was going to go up to I forget what it was three hundred and forty grand or something

Like that and you know that was two months ago I think Bitcoin was around eighty somethin hundred five hundred maybe I can't remember and we're on our way down and you know we're gonna have these little tick ups and then I think

We're probably gonna go a little low or maybe we stop at six because right over here this has been like this I've been watching because this has been a floor oh my god my assistant is using my trading views

And now I can I'm so yeah this floor has been like a cockroach for the longest time so I'm looking for it I mean but I have by limited orders right over here at 64 yeah but if it breaks below that then I guess

You aren't gonna see another was a 3000 everybody's gonna be like ah and then I'm gonna buy and then it's gonna go back up this is just my wishful thinking I think everything is happening right now specifically to just shake out

Anyone left before people start really accumulating in mass prior to the halving and you know the thing of it is is everybody keeps talking about the having is as being like we're gonna we're gonna go through we're gonna go to

The moon before the having we're not gonna do that the having is not going to really do anything it's two years post having that or all the action happens it's not like you know come come May the having is

Gonna happen and suddenly bitcoins gonna double in price the next day it's not how it works yes buy the rumor sell the sell the news actually if anything is gonna be the opposite right there's ever if you look

Dip eclis there's a little bit of a dip post having but once that dip is concluded that's when we typically seem to enter a solid uptrend and that continues on for the next two years and and and you know we'll see a bit of an

Uptrend before we end up reaching like you know complete parabolic run like we see you know in history now I'm not a financial advisor or anything I'm just some idiot on YouTube but you know it doesn't when

You really kind of learn and understand these cycles and what they mean a lot of the stuff seems to mean look at the stock to flow the stock that flows them pretty accurate it's the greed and fear index seemed to be what shakes up the

Stock to flow you know here and there and and that and that it's it's in those little patches of confusion that you know the weekends get shaken out before the price goes up again and you know it's just the wealthy you

Know learning how to accumulate more at the expense of but not so wealthy and the people that can't afford to risk what they have invested so they sell it a loss when they start to freak out and panic and as many youtubers and people

That are out there telling them not to do that hey don't invest more than you can afford to lose so that you don't panic sell at a loss but just stop panic selling hold relax this is a new age

This is new technology it's a new era of everything all this stuff is new so if you believe in the technology enough long term that it's going to treat you well then get in average in and you know just hold and wait and see what happens

All right so first yes that was a great point that you made that you're not a financial advisor this YouTube channel is not a financial advisor so everybody that you're listening we're just expressing our opinions do not come and

Sue us oh you worried about being sued so make sure that no hey you're on there giving financial advice I'm not giving financial advice I'm an idiot on YouTube nobody should listen to me research but so you do so what what

Is it about because I just realized this is your first time on my channel yeah oh and you know this is my new channel cuz I had a channel before and I listened to bit boy at your chain wise conference it was talking about how YouTube and I'm

One of the victims who was talking about how YouTube you know discriminates and you know he talked about the YouTube shooter YouTube has they they they banned me from monetizing like seven years ago right off the bat when I

Started investing about I don't know why and then I peeled they're like no no okay whatever I don't need the money and then I listen to Big Boi and like you know what I do want the money so I started a new YouTube channel so I'm I

Don't even worry about the monetization on YouTube that's not even I know but I was like you know as I talked a bit boy I talked to mark mom and it's like dude yeah you gotta create an ear so this is a new channel so you we're not gonna get

That many viewers I guess it is actually I started you got me on here you're good this is gonna make it happen dude yeah no I mean is thing doing well in the past we went from zero to eight hundred in three weeks I guess that's like good

Yeah it's not that bad but yeah so what my point though was that lets say your first time on my channel I didn't realize that I normally when I have somebody on the bottom of the block I ask them what is the reason that you're

Interested in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin cuz my honey may not have heard of it I know everybody knows you but just for the sake of people who don't are you I'm in the crypto because I like the idea of eliminating all of the crooked middlemen

You know like I like the idea of decentralized and control and power to the people instead of just centralizing it to one particular group that can call the shots and and ultimately do whatever the hell they want at the expense of the

Rest of the public and you know there's there's so much more than that but that's kind of what it boils down to me so that's Bitcoin right and there are a lot of now other alt coins that are it's not just a Bitcoin that's a lot of these

Projects so what is your most favorite and the least favorite when it comes to cryptic Ronnie which ones are you because I feel like there's so many different cups of currencies that match the ideology of this the centralization

And then there are a lot of them that have other that are optimized for other things that has nothing to do with the centralization but they are cool projects so what are your thoughts and I know you've been diving down into so

Many different crypto asses the past two years so yeah like I there are a lot of projects that I think you know once we start really turning things around market sentiment starts to change there are a lot of projects that I think are

Gonna do well my my favorite you know a lot of people in my community joke and they call me King card ah no because you know I was I was one of the first people to come out like look this project is gonna be ridiculous

And I think cardano's probably my favorite of all crypto like even Bitcoin for that matter like bit as great as a financial you know store value and you know a speculators dream a traders dream but as far as like true use case

And when I see being possible you know I think our Donna is gonna really take the cake when they when they get everything done when Shelly's live that's all done like right now it's intestine ette and people are starting to steak but when

All of it with everything that car Donna has to offer and has in plan launches I think if theorem is gonna take a an ass-whooping I think I think a lot of these projects are really gonna and I see a lot of these gaps that are on the

Etherion blockchain I think I think a lot of these guys are gonna switch over if not at least clone those DAP so they run on card on o as well card Donna's use case is gonna drive up their transactions are gonna go up

Everything's gonna go up and people are going to realize a new king has arrived you know so do you think that will even help with their price or do yes ya know I mean here's the thing right now I don't even think about price of these

All coins everything is bottom dollar every every transaction made in the all coin market is still pretty much purely speculation it's this is like to me in my opinion this is like accumulation time this is

The period where you know our cardano's all-time high was like a dollar 33 it's down to like three four cents so you know it's it's but every project on the in the market is the volume is low across the board

Gordana reach the dollar 33 before they even had even close to a finished project exactly and so and I think I first talked about it at 30 cents so you know and it's like I Cardona wants to go I know Cardinal wants to go for

Aetherium I mean possibly I don't think Charles ever really says like yeah we were going to take you know he said I actually interviewed him before and I feel like I mean that I totally get it I totally agree with you like that is kind

Of the right because he used to be a part of it and now it's like they're making it better right they're taken every fault in every issue that if their game had and they're fixing them and they're adding

Scalability staking and a lot of other fun stuff that people are gonna have FOMO into and and you know and so I've gone on about Cardno quite a bit so but and I that's my favorite project I think card on O is going to change the lives

Of a lot of people in the next big run-up what exactly is it about card ah no what exactly is it yeah so you're gonna do this so well okay right oh is that what this is okay yeah so okay so let's just start with Charles okay yeah

One of the co-creators of etherium which was you know number two and three you know depending on where it was at the time we'll just call it a top five cryptocurrency in the market used to basically fuel an IC o—- rush right

Like nobody's ever seen before a technology that enabled people that aren't accredited to be able to get in and invest in projects that typically would require somebody to be accredited in like an IPO type situation right in

The general traditional markets so this this cryptocurrency that basically introduced smart contracts until Bitcoin ultimately to the next level into the second generation but had a lot of faults had a lot of issues with speed

Transaction costs in some cases depending what's going on scalability kind of sucked I mean there are a lot of issues with the etherium blockchain and so Cardno then said normal Charles then said okay whatever the issues whether

There's some of them were personal or not who knows who cares for that matter he basically goes out and he says you know what I want to get some of the greatest minds in science and technology and development and programming I'm

Gonna bring them all together under one roof and I'm gonna create something that's going to address all of the issues etherium had and then we're going to expand on that make it faster and more scalable more easy to get into

We're gonna set it up so that people can stake it so if you have some it's going to give you more and we're gonna just solve all these problems and get people really excited about it and and it's like if

You read if you sit there you can read through the card ah no roadmap like an encyclopedia you know what I mean it's like they put so much time effort attention a lot of people complain like oh it's taking you so long blah blah

It's never gonna happen people are ignorant everybody's still using this instant gratification they expect I'm gonna put 10 cents in I'm gonna get 50 cents out tomorrow and if I don't you're a scam you know what I mean it's just

Corn itself took forever to actually get to where it is right now right now people are no the instant gratification thing is true and I do believe like the leader of a blockchain is important and I feel like Charles on top of everything

That he knows from a scientific point he's also a good marketer and that is not big Charles really isn't a good marketer at all they don't really even do any marketing technology itself is what has been sold

Cart selling cart dollars okay he's a good so that's the thing marketing is not bad first of all and I think he's a good leader people right people respect Charles and I think that is super important because there are

Other projects out there that you know the leaders they may not even know what they're talking about and everything and they are doing doing the work and doing the best I can but the leaders are not charismatic enough and I believe that

Charles is and I think that's important because because I mean without marketing you can have the most amazing project ever and we do have a not even a blog chain but like think about all these amazing things they've never heard of

Because the marketing sucks or the leaders suck so I believe that I mean on top of the fact that he knows what he's doing and they have this amazing team but I think that him as a leader is also one of the key factors that Cortana

Could go somewhere because I gauge it based on like Twitter interactions and or even YouTube interactions and a lot of these people but the leader is of the blocks and technologies they don't they haven't gained the respect of their

Followers as much as Charles has because pretty much straight up yeah you know and when you know when you're talking about new technology who's your market your markets not the end-user necessarily your market are the

Nerds that are going to use and build upon your technology and those nerds are gonna have the people that market from there right so he caters well to the nerds that want to listen to him and I'm a nerd I'm just a big ogre nerd I'm

Different than a lot of nerds right but like I paint my miniature models and I like my Warhammer 40k novels and stuff you know I'm a total nerd but you know I'm not a developer nerd and that's who he reaches out to and connects with

Without having to spend a dime and those nerds those people those developers those are the people that are gonna adopt what Cardno has to offer build on top of that create applications and apps and things and then they're gonna get

Marketing people to market those stats that's going to further the Cardno blockchain and so yeah I am I one of my biggest problems with crypto right now it's not I don't necessarily care so much about the price of Bitcoin I

Believe firmly it's going up and it you know things are gonna come together the institutions and the banking it's the all that all these people are not doing everything they're doing to establish themselves in the blockchain

Space and accumulate crypto over the counter and this and that because they think it's going to stick at 6,000 or drop to a thousand dollars yada yada yada that shit's not happening so you know all these people are getting I

Don't worry about that what kills me is when I see projects like card on o that I want to see take over the world and it's like it okay I have to sit and wait and and I have to wait for I have to wait for the market to kind of recover

And sentiment to come back a bit so that there's more eyes and ears in the space trying to figure out okay we've been on vacation for two years now we're back what's worth getting into and that's that's gonna be the spot where YouTube

And everything starts to blow up and we're all out there pumping and shilling and talking about our favorite projects again and this is why I'm into this one of the slamming that one you know and it's all going to

Start all over again but it's a calm before the storm comes this is the calm before the storm and I'm an impatient son of a bitch distractions distractions you read a book by models is my distraction this is what I do at night

Tiny little things you can't even see because his blurry okay all right of course you and my husband could get along very well I guess he's I get angry so he pays like this is what he does he goes and buys this gigantic computer is

Haysom gazillion amount of dollars and he's just like I'm look wise for my gaming it he like plays once every year for an hour I'm like did you just spend that much money like anyways you guys are weird

Um so I'm cryptic Road Jason what should I call you I don't even know where you are you didn't you didn't address that early on we still don't know what to call you but yeah I do believe that there are a lot of people who gave up or

Not like as active right now as you said it's the winter it's a crypto winter and so it's the calm before the storm and by the way while we were talking we had him at I don't know if you noticed we had a massive ice storm right behind me I was

Going on as usual everyone it went completely dark we had like ice falling out from the sky and now everything everywhere is white and it's beautiful and sunny so I don't know what happened it's just ridiculous bro

It was a crow flying over sure yeah I'm anyway so thank you so much for joining the ball on the Block today I know the beginning of today's video was a little bit psychological we were talking about and being big and being small and all

These things but uh anyways I just heard what I said and I don't think if it came across nicely but drop the mic okay all right Jason it's nice to see you too and people and I watching today thank

You so much for tuning in I hope you enjoyed it this was a heck of an interview and of course if you liked it you know what to do go subscribe to the channel like it share with your friends I know it's winter in crypto but we want

To keep it going long people to know what's up or try to catch up forever later yeah exactly exactly that's the stuff goldeneye gets thank you so much again I'll see you again next time yeah no no you have to do one thing

First Brianna I always ask my guests to make a silly face oh that was good are you trying to get back at me from not at all but I think it's funny cuz I didn't even know I didn't think anything of it and then you like posted someone

Where's the photo shop but I'm it was Photoshop do I look like and like nine-year-old goes

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Have you ever traveled to a foreign country if you have you probably had to find a currency exchange counter in the airport and you probably noticed screen with...
Excuse me sir yeah also have you ever been to a foreign country I'm American I'll leave this country I have everything I want here we're not like Eu...
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