Crypto Convos | Featuring Alex from Nuggets News 💬

published on August 2, 2020

Live I want to see if people start rolling in see if you get any comments on your end of it they can hear us okay well I'll keep an eye on here as well cool cool so welcome to another crypto combo guys I've got Alex from Nuggets news on first time I'm chatting with him

So this is pretty exciting thanks for going on no llores thanks for having me so yeah I mean what do you want to go over today I guess giving me some background information about how you initially got into the space and how you

Ended up where you are now is always a good starting point yeah definitely so for me I guess my journey started actually back in the financial crisis when I'd been doing a bit of investing and lost a lot of money like a lot like

Most people and I said ask my parents do you have to pay your stockbroker when your stocks all crash 50% and your money manager and they said yeah and I thought geez that's a pretty easy job so I wanted to learn about the world stocks

And money and all that and that took me down the rabbit hole what most people know you start to watch all the documentaries and learn about gold and debt and everything and then I read an article about Bitcoin in 2012 on 0h and

I thought wow you know everything in our world is digital and instant apart from money and although I've been a bit of a gold and silver bug before that but I really got excited on Bitcoin and Bitcoin really had a pretty big

Appearance in Australia even in 2013 and then obviously we had that long crypto winter of 2014 and 15 and then things really started to get exciting again when a theorem came along and showed that you could do more than just money

You could do a program a pool blockchain and then in 2017 as you know the bull market started and we had people asking us a lot of questions so it always done education for friends and family and a few small little Facebook groups we had

At the time but then it just took off in Australia and there was you know overnight there was tens of thousands of people stampeding into the exchanges and into the Facebook groups and I guess the rest is history

Yeah yeah no I mean I definitely think that's I like the fact that you you were like oh that seems like a pretty easy job I have no background in stocks or anything like that I just really kind of got involved by accident um I feel like

I've told the story like a thousand times but basically somebody owed me money they paid me back a Bitcoin and I kind of fell down the rabbit hole pretty much from there it was I had never heard about it knew nothing at all

It was completely brand-new I mean I had to have so he had to walk me through how to set up a coin base Bitcoin wallet because I had no idea what it was so that was that was a pretty interesting happening I guess within itself and what

Kept you down the rabbit hole what did you find most interesting when she starts read about money and all that sort of thing I guess just the limitless ability of the technology and kind of all the different projects and all like

The innovation okay so this person didn't like this project so they forked it and made something else I just thought it was very cool that there was evolution of all of this different tech and it was pretty much if you can think

It you can make it and that seems to be you know the way the space is and that was really something that was interesting for me and then the other thing is that the community in the beginning at least when I started was

Very very nice and very receptive and I learned a lot from from that so I was you know I'm pretty grateful for that yeah is he still working all right on your own I'm just looking at it now and Sue says waiting on YouTube that's all

Oh we definitely lost yeah look oh well yeah it's definitely it's showing live on my channel but you're right on my live event it's not showing streaming which is strange but I see chats hold on a second oh here we go I think it's got

Two different videos that's why there's 18 people watching so oh okay hey Glen hey will thanks for tuning in guys good red candle going on right now so that's probably something we should touch on yeah yeah you actually saw the

Article so if you want to just like lead in yeah so from what I read there was the the block who do some great research found that there was moving in funds or one bank that had frozen funds in it to the tune of seven or eight hundred

Million dollars and so be phoenix juror on their reserves their tether reserves that should be their backing the tether one-for-one and whether or not that was just a temporary theme because one bank account was frozen or whether or not

That's all gone and now they're missing nine hundred million dollars out of the market capital I think around three billion for tether at the moment so I want to more about it but the markets certainly

Fallen off a cliff and it's funny that these things tend to happen at the ideal time isn't it yeah yeah I know you were just saying that you're like oh right before we're going live news is breaking now about tether I did a video quite a

While back on sort of the fear or the issues around stable coins and uh you know like you said there before we went live you'd said well they're just moving money they're not necessarily it's not fraud not necessarily fraudulent money

So there may not be anything to be super worried about but the fact that they had to move you know money from one bank account to another it's kind of concerning though that they didn't have the existing funds or that they're not

Managing their funds well enough to have to not do something like that yeah and I guess I've been trading on big Phoenix for I think five years now and every year there's been a drama or a story or something happened somewhat

Every time I hear something I'm a little bit like oh it's just the latest round of fired because they've survived so many market cycles up and down and if they had have been running fractional reserves or a poor system they probably

Would been found out by now I think but the fact that they just struggle with banks and we know that crypto businesses struggle with banks and particularly when they're dealing with such large amounts I kind of think that's the

Bottleneck an issue rather than the team themselves been fraudulent but hey we might find out differently yeah yeah no I'm I'm sorry I can't can't multitask reading a comment and also trying to talk yeah I know I just you know

Ultimately I hope that if this isn't a catastrophic event or whatever I used to trade on BitFenix as well way back in the day when I thought I was going to learn how to trade and you're right there has been a lot of fun around that

Whole concept because they are they are tether as their main source or their main stable coin right yeah well I think they've adopted a couple of other stable coins now that's probably something else we should mention that there's so many

US dollar stable coins now we know that decentralized ones like make are a cap tree market share I've tether so I was probably better or you know less bad that it happens now when there's all these other options than if it happened

A year or two ago yeah absolutely absolutely so any other one of the projects you've been researching recently or what what do you like about researching projects when you Jim and that sort of thing okay so what

I like about researching projects I think is the fact that it's one of those things that I can this may sound silly but do it my own pace you know I spent a lot of time in school and it was always researching things I didn't necessarily

Like or stuff that I didn't actually really want to learn about but I had to and I like the fact that you know there's all these new projects always coming out there's all this new technology that's always evolving and I

Have the opportunity to sit down and read about something I actually am interested in you know and it took me a long time to get accustomed to white papers because they are so technical and obviously I don't really have a tech

Background but I like the idea that you you may never know right you can open up a white paper and you may have an idea of what you're gonna read about but you you never know until you get into it and it could be something really really cool

That you feel like investing in or it could be something that maybe you're like okay well I'm dodging a bullet here what about you yeah I guess you're always learning something different and weave my portfolio I try to find things

That are in different industries so that if they disrupt that industry they just kept tribute to market share from that field so we can be reading a white paper about an energy project and you learn so much about how that industry works and

You know then logistics and there's so many different industries that are being disrupted now or trying to be disrupted but by blockchain so I think that's what I find exciting when people say how long does it take to research a video or if

It's just about a like our privacy coin and you kind of have all the basics of how crypto works it probably takes a few hours versus if there's a new project in a new industry you don't know much about it can really take a few days before you

Can produce a good video I guess yeah it also depends on how much time you have to dedicate to this kind of stuff right so for me like I'm at work 40 hours a week so I don't have all of the time in the world

Sometimes researching a simpler project like perfect sample like when I did a video out I'm Raven coin I was like okay I understand the concept it's got a couple extras that I really enjoyed learning about but it wasn't an

Overwhelming project so sometimes sometimes I prefer although this may sound like maybe me being lazy but it's not I prefer looking for stuff that's a little bit easier because to me that's more enjoyable because I feel like I can

Really wrap my head around it the projects that are seriously very heavy and very technical it's almost like not dis interesting to me but it's more difficult and requires more time and so because of that I I

Like stuff that's maybe a little bit a little bit easier to understand if that makes sense yeah I'm interested to hear you think about Raven coin because ah that was sort of a monster at least and then it

Got way too overhyped and I thought ah what's this thing that's being shoo by everyone but then I looked at it and thought oh they're using something pretty similar to Bitcoin and just a basic ledger for security tokens which

Is a good concept sometimes it's it's good to keep it simple so what do you think about it um I like that I mean I liked anything that token eise's assets I think that we need to find the best way to do that there's a lot of projects

Obviously that are kind of in that that scope but as you mentioned the fact that they use sort of the bones of Bitcoin for that project makes it easier definitely makes it the tech wise makes it safer because it's proof of work

Right so I like the concept behind it I don't remember to too much about the technicals obviously because I had covered it quite a while ago but I remember I had the same feeling I was like okay well this is so hyped I don't

Know if I really want to cover it because I don't want to be that person that's covering projects when they're only when they're popular but then I had a genuine interest in it so Saqqara whatever I'm just gonna do it anyways

Yeah I think I think you should something really interesting there about proof of work because I think this year we've already seen like a 51% attack on a theorem classic and I think people are gonna really come to terms with how

Important proof of work is so you have chains like Komodo and I think your last dose is just sort of you know piggybacking you can call it off pinpoint security and I think we're really gonna see a lot of 51 percent

Attacks this year on the smaller hash rate coins yeah absolutely I mean unfortunately you know if there's a will there's a way people will do those things if given the opportunity if the opportunity is there it's going to be

Taken advantage of and I'm kind of like I guess hit or miss I'm prefer work yes I know it's definitely more secure but I also think for longevity wise we need to find a more efficient way to go about

Sustaining that because I just don't know if there way that we're doing it right now is realistic for long-term uses yeah I think we're growing in the Renewable space in terms of where we get our energy from faster than a lot of

Other industries or country but then the other day in Australia we see that they're setting up a Bitcoin mining plant next to like a coal power plant because all the base load power is going to waste so when I read stuff like

Coal power plant in Australia I kind of get a little bit cringe but I'd love to see crypto be the first industry to go 100% renewable and then you can kind of take away that energy wasting argument yeah it's actually and you're a hundred

Percent right and I do think that that maybe or at least I'm hoping that that evolution is something that will come about I it's funny that you mentioned that because I actually have solar panels on my house and my mother had

Them installed and I thought there was a point in time where I was like I'm gonna mine Bitcoin but obviously I learned my lesson pretty quickly but I thought I'm like oh well I have solar panels so maybe that will help and then I'm like

Up it's probably still not gonna be the most efficient thing for me to do with my time or my electricity bill yeah I read about a little a box you can buy sighs a bit like have you heard of the Casa nodes

For the Lightning Network it just kind of like a little box you can plug in and it'll set it up for you cuz I'm the same I'm not technical enough to set up and run a pink line own from scratch so you can buy these boxes on thing it was

Pretty expensive like four or five hundred dollars but it'll mine any any coin for you so if you do have a solar setup and one night you can just plug that in and all mine Bitcoin for you so that's something that I'm interested in

But they weren't even available yet it was pre-order only and I think it was called coin mine but you know I think somebody actually sent me a picture of or like a link to it was like what do you think and I didn't have enough time

To go over but it sounds familiar and that's pretty neat actually as far as like if it's really plug and play that's something I might have to look into because then I'll feel like I'm contributing yeah talk about

Decentralization if we have a million people plug in a little node and help support the network then that'll be awesome yeah yes that would be that would be pretty awesome I'm reading through the questions as well as safe'

We've got any good ones coming in yes people were asking about the Bitcoin drop and tether and stuff cuz obviously we already went over that yeah I guess other thing outside ago the guys was I just went to the ED con conference in

Sydney it was all about a theorem and scaling so that was super interesting to me some of those flutter theorem closely for a long time I still wasn't aware that there was lots of teams working on the different scaling

Solutions with their own implementation this is actually sort of two or three lightning networks in two and three plasma and then a lot of teams working on how can we do the shouting and stuff so I think if the Ihram is going to

Scale in the next two years will probably say but I think the first sort of improvements are going to be online in the next couple of months they're talking about which is really cool to hear that's really awesome to hear I am

Theorems my I think that most people when they get into crypto they kind of partner with one project that they become very passionate about and I don't follow the tech closely but when I first got into this space etherium was $17 and

It was one of my first non Bitcoin purchases and so watching it grow and change and then all of the different FUD and everything that's happened in the last two years with it's been very very interesting I mean to see it at 17 and

See it at a thousand was really pretty remarkable yeah yeah I actually missed out because back in the day a lot of other coins were sheet coins and just came along on if you're reading on the Bitcoin reddit everyone was just bashing

It saying this is an LSU coin so I missed out on buying it at say 20 cents or 50 cents and then about a year later so still pretty early but we actually have to do your own research as they say and realize that there was still that

Tribalism early early on and now we see it against the other coin so I'm really excited about EOS and Cardno and these other projects that are trying different things and I are a little bit of those as well but I still see these tribalism

It's as if you can only own one platform yeah I don't I mean I understand that as humans I think that might be in eighth but I think it's pretty silly because you know I've always said bitcoins gonna exist and bitcoins gonna do the job that

It was set out to do but just because Bitcoin exists doesn't mean that other projects can't also exists or coexist and do their own and it doesn't diminish what bitcoins doing and I think the same goes for aetherium and those other

Projects and I'm a big Cardinal fan and so I think that there is a place for most of these projects yes of course there's show coins out there that aren't gonna you know aren't gonna see the light of day or at least hopefully don't

But we also have to keep an open mind about market share right I mean yeah I guess I want to ask you what's it like as well being FEMA because it's even worse when everything gets you know aggressive online and whatnot and it's

Such a male-dominated industry and if you actually raise studies females tend to be better investors because they don't go down that path they tend to be more irrational which is something that's very necessary I think in the

Crypto space yeah I think well for the most part I actually I've had this conversation with people before in the past because I asked me well why did you get into it why do you like it why did you stay and with a major reason for me

Is that I found that I used to play video games I used to do a lot of you know I hadn't a lot of different hobbies and I found that there was a lot more emphasis on gender and those things and I've seen significantly less in the

Crypto space online separate from crypto yes of course there's always going to be like trolls and whatnot but yeah even on like reddit or any forums or Bitcoin talk it says people doesn't don't care what your gender is or what your

Religion is or what whatever is they're more interested in telling you that your project is Queen and this is why and and that's okay because that's just that's level playing fields for everybody so in my experience I actually

Haven't really received much kind of kickback or negative comments for being a female or you know unnecessary comments I think it's so necessary to get to mass adoption that we do include those people and I'm a pharmacist from

That background one of the things that we bits of research that we had was that females do spend a lot of the disposable income because they're taking the kids shopping you know they're buying the clothes and all that sort of things so

If we want crypto to be that currency that everyone spends we have to get it in the hands of the other half of the population yeah I have to agree there and I know some females that are definitely dabbling or interested or

Talk to me about it but predominantly I mean as you said it before that the space is mostly male-dominated yeah exactly exactly so I guess what has having a YouTube channel taught you I'm always interested

About why people make content how they do it why they continue to do it yeah so the first video was just when we were overwhelmed with people saying how do you buy Bitcoin in Australia so we did that and then it led to just

Explaining other things I guess because there's so much to learn when you go into this world I guess or so we made the decision not to do any paid reviews and that's good for some reasons and bad for others but just having to there's

Always people that don't like your video no matter what you do you're never going to get a video that's a hundred percent likes and there's people out there that troll you there's people out there that loved your channel until you covered

Another coin that they don't like and then all of a sudden they'll tow you and the bitcoin casting was funny because we had a lot of people that were giving us grief and there's actually a beep between cash community in Australia so

When you know it was clear that I liked Bitcoin more than Bitcoin cash they started giving us a pretty hard time and then the Bitcoin cash guys fault and now these trolls are giving each other a hard time so it's just funny to watch

All these dynamics of personalities and yeah the law of large numbers once you get to a certain size is going to be people out there that don't like what you do but still follow you anyway yeah well they're gonna follow you just so

They can make sure that they tell you that they don't like you right yeah yeah but I guess responsibilities the the biggie grow even if you like a project and no matter how much you say do your own research

Some people will blindly invest and then if it goes bad they blame you and all that sort of things so really being aware that you've got a lot of responsibility once you get a lot of followers yeah no I agree with you I'd

Have to I'd say that our are things that we've learned a line pretty closely – definitely take things with a grain of salt to understand that you're not going to please everybody all the time and then also yeah responsibility which is

You know even with my disclaimer in the beginning of my videos I know that people are going to make decisions probably based on the videos we make so we always have to be aware and I do do sponsored content but I've always been

Even before that whole uproar with all the YouTube content creators and people were freaking out that they needed to disclose that they had been doing making payment I had was disclosing from the day I started the channel all right well

I'm in the clear I don't have to worry about that and and um are you from like a big city or like a more rural part or whereabouts so I'm about two hours out of New York City so I'm I'm not in New York but I'm

Quite close okay cool yes I want another thing I found was dealing with all these tech startup so it's just different from like my background where I grew up and all of a sudden what you learn is that everyone's

Really nice to you for a reason because they want you to join their group or sure their product or something and that's something something that I wasn't really used to being from a pretty quiet so the country background ya know I'm

Like I said that close to New York so I'm usually pretty good with people trying to get their way or make a point or be a little boisterous so what do you think about the the market at the moment and if you've been in cryptid for a

While I guess you've seen it feel they saw so what do you think we're at how we encrypt isoprene yet I think that that's kind of kind of two answers I think to this question mmm I think that the market is moving in a positive way and I

Do feel just off of you know checking my app every day my Delta app that I'm seeing more green more consistently for sure in the last like I don't know maybe two or three months then we have in a long time I also think that the

Sentiment around the people that are in this space is is obviously very much connected to pricing and I've noticed if nothing else cuz I don't follow prices closely I've noticed a crypto spring in sentiment from the community meaning

Like people are more happy more proactive more positive there's more people talking about investing in things unless sort of like negative comments and I've lost my money or I hate crypto or whatever it might be there's a lot

Less negativity and I think that in itself is a shift so I would have to say that we're definitely I'd say we're moving out of the bear market but I also I'm scared to say maybe necessarily a full on spring yet because it it's just

We still have time I think oh yeah I think I think we're most likely to chop around sideways for a while I actually don't think we're going to make new lows for altcoins because the good old coins have gone up a couple hundred percent

From their lows black finance coin five hundred percent I think the bad coins have probably always been a true flow that was always the plan but maybe for Bitcoin particularly we have a day like this or another bit of

Bad news it's going to hit everything pretty hard bitcoins only sort of 30 or 40 percent off off its lows maybe a little bit more but a lot closer than our coins yeah yeah well I mean I still think that alt coins unfortunately are

Coupled with bitcoins so their bitcoins price obviously affects kind of everything else and speaking of like all coins having all-time highs and or not all-time highs but moving up large percentages that was

Up like 200 or 300 percent I think right from its low but basketball is did you say yeah bad basic attention took and I think I think it was up some crazy amount as of like three or four weeks ago and I forget what the news was that

It's just the fact that I mean corporate incorporated the ads as we're talking about in the pre-interview and that's that's so awesome we actually get a decent amount of revenue so it's only a couple hundred dollars a month but

They're starting to get out there to compete with your YouTube earnings because YouTube page is so little comparatively yeah well as you said we were talking about that beforehand but for the viewers what I've noticed I mean

I'm a big lover of fat and the brave browser I think most people know that but what I've noticed is that the contributions for people that donate back to me monthly it's actually really has surpassed my patron which is not

Surprising because obviously most people in this space would like to contribute or donate with crypto so that makes the most sense but I was I'm impressed by I guess the user activity on the platform I know that they had a good

User base I guess I just didn't realize that it was that much or that oh that many people were actually actively using it on a daily basis so that's impressive and also promising yeah yeah and someone's got a question about using

Crypto when can you use crypto at the local server which is a service station or a gas station now that you call them in America but guys I was think about this the other day I've got four cards now so you know like your 10x card yeah

Your Bitcoin card coin jar so you can already spend crypto at any place that accepts any any card and then we've got our have you heard of living room of Satoshi which lets you pay all your bills online in Australia no how's it so

That's been around for four years and they won best startup business in 2015 and they let you pay any of your bills or bank deposits we I think it's like 14 different coins now oh wow that's awesome

So mass adoption is already here in Australia in terms of what you can do and now it's just up to getting people to use it yeah no yes getting people to use it making it easy I think there's still a

Lot of barriers as far as people just being simply intimidated by the tasks or the way it looks I mean even you know like a Bitcoin address in itself isn't owned ating for the average person to be like okay so what am I supposed to

Memorize this like yeah yeah and and if we live in Australia or America let's be honest card payments are still pretty easy it's these other countries where I see the huge opportunity some of them that don't even have the banking

Infrastructure where bitcoins gonna boom and the local bitcoins volumes already picking up in a lot of those you know African countries developing countries yeah well that's you know and also projects like Ratana which are trying to

Bring banking to the unbanked ideally it will take off in those countries yeah I'm just looking at the Bitcoin chart and it's it's not too bad is it there's a $500 sort of a 10% dump if tether was really about to be

Employed I would have expected it to probably do more than that but I don't know what do you guys think at home and a lot of the stable coins are dropping so someone was asking about die and it's down to 94 cents so I'm just wondering

If there's a scramble towards other coins or out of old coins with a bit of a panic but never a dull day in crypto that's for sure yes no never a dull day at least in news wise – I mean even if the price isn't

Doing something there's always news that's that's interesting yeah yeah what do you think are the biggest news things that have shocked you you know last year we had China banning exchanges and I cos and everyone thought they crypto world

Was dying and then a few weeks later we sort of bounced back and yeah so to me if I'm being completely honest I'm not really much on up on the news as of lately what you had when you had messaged me about the the exchange

Offerings though that was something that I didn't know too much about so I did a little research on I'm pretty interested in the fact that so it can't be it can't be regulated or it can't be what is it by the US because people can

Just engage with the actual exchange instead of needing to buy from a project yes I think by Nance are really playing in a gray area here and that could actually be their downfall in the future but the fact that you're you've KY seed

On an exchange they're based in Malta then buy into saying that the projects that they're working with that all utility tokens so they're trying to stay away from what they think of security so there's a lot of aspects of this that I

Think could change in the future but I really think it's an attempt to garner that ico height and it was a good idea bye-bye ants and they had some pretty good projects that have performed well but now we see every exchange has got

Their own launch pad they're doing one on two of these a week guys there's not ten good projects a week out there for the foreseeable future IBC is gonna crash and burn just like the I SEOs did another thing I'm so wary of is how

Small a percent of tokens they're selling so you know like an IC o—- you look about 50% of the tokens was pretty standard these guys are selling like 5 or 10% of the supplier and then the rest is coming into circulation for the next

Year or two or whatnot but I still don't think people realize that when they're throwing five million dollars or another project grows a hundred million dollars holiday these are just crazy valuations and I think we haven't really learned

Our lesson from the IC over yeah no I mean we definitely haven't learned our lesson and that's interesting I didn't know that they were only selling such a small portion of the tokens I I do like the idea that by Nance it doesn't want

To ruin their reputation on a you know a crappy project so they're gonna ultimately or hopefully vet the project quite well before putting it on launchpad but then now that there's other exchanges doing it that's not to

Say that the other exchanges care as much about the reputation so they may have kind of started something that could take on a life of its own which could be a little worrisome yeah because I think icos themselves were a brilliant

Idea and it worked really well in the early days in 2016 there was awesome projects coming out and then all the scammers and they get rich quick errs got involved so I think all this regulation is actually overkill and I

Think if you had a free market all the people in the Gruber space now are telling their friends you know don't invest in cheap coins and do research and I don't think we'd see another bubble necessarily maybe people

Don't learn their lesson but I think you can't over protect everyone and if we move to all this sto model all of a sudden we only have the rich guys and the credit investors being able to get the good early deals even if the average

Guy can invest in these projects I just see it going back to the way it almost was before yeah yeah I know I mean it is a slippery slope if if exchanges are willing to bet you know that just making money on something and caring less about

The fact that maybe after that exchange offering you know their exchange won't be reputable just like anything else though in this space yeah and there wasn't exchange the other day that pulled the plug last-minute on one of

Their yo-yos that they were about to do so it makes you wonder how much betting they are doing yes yeah I mean other ones like who boy I'd imagine are gonna want to try because they're I believe they're agreed to put thunder on a

Thunder is a pretty interesting project so so that's kind of a good one Oh looks like we have a question so do you consider any crypto do you consider any Kryptos as a safe haven during the market turn alors and other markets you

Would have various safe havens so I'm wondering if he means like stable coins as far as safe havens yeah that's really good questions I think like in a stock market downturn some people view some sectors as safer than others okay like

Gold or bonds for example but I think in crypto it only really is the stable coins as you just mentioned before as much as we love the good projects they just go down 90% if Bitcoin goes down 70% and finance and and maker have

Probably been the two best performers maybe stellar as well up there since this all sort of got really messy and I points went down 90% but even they were down 60 or 70% of their low so it's pretty frustrating to watch and I think

That shows you how the space needs to mantua and recognize that these projects are in individual industries and just because bitcoin goes down and has nothing to do with what another project is doing necessarily so frustrating but

At the moment I think it's only really stable coins and the gold and silver back tokens there's a few of these other more exciting ones coming out we'll have diamonds in the future and a few other you know anything that's

Attached to screen the real real world yeah no I'd have to agree with you there I mean as much as I would say probably tether is not a safe haven but maker and dye are definitely ones that I know that are a little bit more reputable this is

An Australian project called synthetics which started off doing stable coins so they have like an Aussie dollar at US dollar and so on but lately they've came out with like double leveraged triple leveraged etherium inverse Tron so if

You want to bet that Ron's going to go down they've got all these sort of projects that you can make your own little positions you know I guess is the way to think of it so that's very cool so yeah I agree with you sorry I got

Sidetracked um so what do I can't read what do you think about the tethered discussions which are going on again I personally think that most people still don't understand book money what do you mean by book money feel so I think

Tether are in theory I think they do have most of the money there if not all of it if they don't have all of it it's because of the the banking issues and banks freezing their accounts and you gotta remember when how hard is it for a

Business in Australia you know to deal with crypto and to deal with a bank we hear them getting shut down all the time they've got ten different accounts just so they can run their business now think of B Phoenix they've got tens of

Thousands of customers in different countries they're trying to wire money to and all that sort of thing it's no wonder they've had a real hard time I think dealing with all this and I think it's the banks file I don't think these

Rumors of tether printed 300 million out of thin air I just they wouldn't have been able to run that system as I said before for five years and go through these swings and roundabouts and people taking profits and whatnot without it

All collapsing if it was actually a house of cards that's a good point um and to be quite honest I really haven't heard anybody ever make a pro teller argument it's mostly always against but I'd have to

Say that you know that that is pretty good logic as far as the market fluctuating so much and obviously people like you said taking profits they have to have at least something in these mega accounts or else this would have come

Crashing down quite a while ago yeah and the frustrating counter-argument is well why can't they just get audited and they've said that they can't find an auditing firm to do it but then others have got firms to do

Theirs like the USDA oval coin sigh oh god I wish there was more transparency but there's never a simple answer in crypto yeah no absolutely not never never never a simple answer I feel saying the money in your bank

Account is not cash it's mostly backed by us it's loans so that's a really good point that a lot of people don't think about so if you have tether and they let's say they do have 100 million tether and a hundred million dollars in

The bank because of the way banks work with a fractional reserve system there's actually not a hundred million dollars in the bank they would only in theory have ten million dollars with their fractional reserve so that is another

Really interesting point that we think about them whenever we face the banking system we're dealing with fractional reserve so yeah maybe if people do try to take profits they try to withdraw a lot of money on the bank and the bank

Says you know you can't have all that at once or something so I prefer decentralized stable coins like maker in synthetics yes that would be that would be concerning if the if we go to trial work to a decentralized system somebody

Tries to withdraw a lot of tether and then tether can't access their own funds because the banking system wouldn't that be something yeah and maybe that's kind of what's happened who knows I want to do some more research but yeah I

Probably have to look into it as well if we're gonna find good project information well crypto candor and nuggets news I guess but this is so many so many good crypto channels out there if you honestly go and search for a

Reviewer of your project you should be able to find a good review with someone you like and I normally look at the likes two dislikes and you can tell when someone's shirred something pretty quickly yeah I am as far as like I do a

Lot of research obviously and off the top of my head I don't remember the majority of the websites cuz I actually have them bookmarked on my my brave browser but I do find that for research reports crushed crypto writes up some

Really awesome like powerpoints and they do a lot of research and oftentimes they are a really good resource for me so if you're a person that likes to read and not watch crush crypto has their videos but they also have physic

Written up like documents to that you can read yeah and I think reading read it but then reading the opposing reddit so whenever something happens let's say there's an issue with a US governance I'll read what's happening on the EOS

Rabbit and then I'll read what's happening on the etherium rather and you can get both sides of ass argument and start to formulate your opinion yeah absolutely there's there's always three sides of the story right the individual

Is the two sides and then the truth so you got to be careful someone saying I'm looking hella distracted I'm just checking to come in some other screen guys I'm not being rude I promise no I'm trying to multitask too it's not working

Very well for me so what are your favorite projects or do you not want to show show coins well no I think my favorite projects are pretty obvious I mean II theory I'm I've always said it's like my you know my baby coin cuz that's

What I got involved with it early on in the space I love I'm a big supporter of horizon Zen which was then cash I love them because of what they're doing as far as decentralizing mostly I like the fact that they're gonna have a private

Platform for publications so people can it's a safe I think anonymous place to be able to post information like whistleblowers and things like that basic attention tokens obviously one of my favorites because I

Think having control of their ads having private browsing and all that stuff super importance I love library that's another one that that people is I think aren't really paying much attention to but it's like

Dude have you ever heard of them yeah so we covered a few of those library sent is another one but I think those platforms are awesome yeah yeah and that's the one thing I really like about them as their team is very receptive so

There's like this one guy that I always talk to if I run into a problem I'll send him a screenshot he'll walk me through it or I'll help him figure out a bug and they've been they've been really cool and I really wants I'm dying for

Someone to make a social media platform for content creators that is fair for us and fair for the viewers and less about the person that owns the site like YouTube no one I don't think is quite done it yet but library for me would be

The one that's probably closest to being the most successful yeah definitely getting there and as we saw the other day we PewDiePie leaving his streaming platform I think one by one will have these big

Things come up and more people will start to use these other platforms for me personally I just want to start off by saying I've got like 70% has been my rule in Bitcoin in the area maybe litecoin as well because I just think

They're the coins that have just got the biggest communities the oldest coins and people don't realize how risky these icos and small-cap alt coins are so my rule is normally let's say 1% give or take if you want to invest in one of

These because if you're in a good project they normally like in the boom they'll going up you know ten or a hundredfold so they go to a big percentage of your portfolio pretty quickly if you're picking the right ones

And if you if you have a miss it doesn't really matter if you lose one percent of your portfolio that's kind of the way I like to think about it and I own about 30 coins in 30 different industries that's good though breaking things up in

Different industries and that's something that I remember when I first got into the space and I was doing research I didn't understand that there was different projects doing or trying to achieve the same goal so I was very

Confused at first look I don't get it why is there so many projects that are so similar and then realized okay everybody's trying to kind of find the best way about going about doing something so yeah I actually I'm not

Like a I don't just strictly by altcoins but I prefer I guess because the creativity of them but I just I was talking to crypto zombie and he was like oh I'm happy you're finally doing this but I'd mentioned on Twitter that I'm

Dollar-cost averaging into Bitcoin now so every paycheck I just have coinbase taking out money for me because I was always or taking out Bitcoin for me because I was always forgetting so now I feel like no now I'm really part of the

Crypto scene yeah and I think try to say don't dollar-cost average you know wait for the bottom to come in in an uptrend form but a lot of people are busy they work and they're not good at trading and if they've been dollar cost averaging

Their old coins through this crypto winter all of a sudden they jump to hundred percent in four or five weeks and you think geez that was the right move for me so you've got to work out what's best for you

That's exactly why I made that decision because I can't trade I don't have time to watch charts I don't have time to always be on top of the news but I don't also don't want to miss out and I'd rather have it then not have it

I honestly picked a great time to start doing it because it was at a low anyways so I don't feel too too bad but ya know there's there's arguments for both sides if you can trade and you're good at it more power to you but if you're like me

Dollar-cost averaging stuff are the way to go you know I just had a baby our first son I think it was nearly eight weeks ago now and it really aligns with almost when the bottom is and I got anymore Bitcoin and put it in a ledger

To his 18th birthday or not so it turns out that he's actually never seen a bear market which is pretty crazy that's funny that's a great gift though I actually my brother had a child and I'm thinking of buying him a ledger and kind

Of just every holiday maybe putting you know a little bit of Bitcoin into it and then on his 18th birthday or when he goes to college or whatever give it to and be like here you go yeah that's awesome hopefully a lot of people get a

Surprise and that's one thing that people forget how many bitcoins and all Kryptos have been lost like during the bull market we're getting people messengers saying I think I've lost all my power ledger because I tried to buy

It on a third Delta and I don't know what I've done and all those coins are out of circulation forever and I think a lot happens more often than we really think about oh yeah absolutely it's like the guy who had I think he was mining

Bitcoin on his laptop and he threw it out or something like that right yeah and they went and tried to spend millions of dollars finding in the tip because it was worth hundreds of millions of dollars Pizza yeah yes

That's that's not that's not a good outcome library a lot of people talking about library so definitely check out library guys it is a decentralized platform we can upload any any content I just drop the link in there too yeah a

Lot of people have moved over there lark is over there I know that Naomi Brockwell is over there so there's there's there's been quite a handful of people they move d2 is pretty good too but I find that I just don't know ordy

No sorry d2 bendy live the deal I've actually has a lot of traffic on that site which I was pretty surprised by I used to stream to them directly when I was using OBS and stuff but now because of my internet problem I can't I'm

Mostly disappointed about not being able to stream directly to them so there's obiously stream to youtube and day live at once does it so what I would do is I would use yes and this website called restream and

Yes it would go from like YouTube to Twitter to twitch and D live and Facebook so streaming to five places at once which is pretty amazing it's the crazy online world we live in and I think as influences even though

I've kind of hate that word it's because I think we should be trying to help people not influence people I think I think that the world is changing in DC every day less and less people are watching TV and as it's a subscriber

Number grows you think about how many crypto youtubers are out there pushing this message this has never happened before in history we didn't have hundreds or thousands of youtubers saying buy Apple shares or by Google or

Tesla I think this really is a phenomenon that we're gonna see the next way if he's gonna probably surprise people even compared to the last one I sure hope so I remember when Bitcoin hit 20,000

Everybody was freaking out and it to the point where like my grandmother my grandmother was asking me if she should invest I was like no not now now is not the time I'm not a financial adviser but don't do this now yeah we we did post a

Message on I think it was the 13th of December saying you know when everyone's bragging and whatnot this is generally the time to sell and take some profits and if you're desperate to get any crypto dip your toe in the water but

Just wait and dollar-cost average because when the chart goes like that and normally goes down and there was a painter in our sports team so do you know what cricket is that's one of the yeah I know I know of it yeah so I

Remember that was my aha moment there was a guy on our team he was a painter he never had a coupe down he's telling me how much like when he bought it like $500 and I was like he said this is what a bubble looks like so yeah yes

That's oh that's painful mmm let's see if we got any more questions I don't think so I think people I'm here I'm saying that people want to buy their their nieces and nephews and cousins Ledger's now with Bitcoin and it's a

Great gift especially if you're gonna do it when they're young so I'm saying what do you think about 0x that's I love I love that project I think there's so many good stuff already being built on top of it check out a website called

Dydx if you haven't already they're doing like decentralized derivative on top of on top of 0x and aetherium yeah very cool 0x I can't is that atomic swaps it's like that it's the platform for old sort

Of token training can be done on top of it so yeah that's right I remember I think I was gonna do a video on it and I ended up getting sidetracked at some point or something there's too many coins to

Cover that so sure yeah absolutely well if there's no more questions we'd better wrap it up any final thoughts febrero I don't think so I'm just glad you came on I feel like you know you were writing to the blockchain brief we

Were interacting and and it was I'm surprised we'd never streamed before so I'm glad we finally got that one under our belts yeah I always loved doing collabs and tend out very different audiences as well so thanks so

Much for having me of course my pleasure do you have anything else that you'd like to add before we go no I don't really guys just thanks for tuning in and yeah keep up the good work and supporting us little

Crypto youtubers sounds good thank you guys and yeah I'll see you I know I guess the next time I make a video yeah thanks guys

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