Crypto Collectibles & NFT Live Stream with Kenn Bosak

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

What is up crypto gang welcome back to another episode of hacked crypto where we hack our crypto as you occasion and if you guys are brand new here we do a giveaway at the beginning of every single episode and today's winner is Derrick Lindsey thanks so much for

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And subscribe for a chance to win next time and in this special episode I sit down in a livestream with Ken Bozak the man the myth the legend Ken Bozak he is a very influential person in the space

Talks a lot about NF T's and as you guys know I am obsessed with non fungible tokens on various different networks I love talking about them did a whole series on them earlier this year and I'm going to be speaking at n ft NYC this

Week actually so if you guys aren't already going to the event to see me on stage talking about grow your base and non fungible tokens in general game theory and things like that definitely tune in if they're doing a livestream I

Believe but definitely tune in to check that out so without further ado let's dive into the livestream that I did with Sir Ken Bozak we're alive hey how goes it Ken Bozak here to talk about Bitcoin and Bitcoin accessories and today I'm

With my bro bro Steve McGary of hack crypto that's the hack crypto YouTube channel how goes it Steve it goes good Ken thanks for having me man thanks for coming on man I was checking out your channel not too long ago and I

Saw a lot of interesting NFT videos so if you guys are interested in the NFT talk and when a hack your crypto guys definitely check out his youtube videos that's why I reached out this is gonna be awesome

Yeah yeah so introduce yourself to the audience a little bit you know let them know a little bit about like you know who you were before crypto maybe how that led you down the rabbit hole and what you're doing now in the industry

Since falling through the rabbit hole cool cool so as Ken very politely said my name is Steve McGarry and I started creating content in 14 ish around crypto I learned about it when I was living in Cambridge

Massachusetts and we were actually mining Bitcoin out of the Cambridge Innovation Center and we were talking about it a lot in 2013 and things really took off in 2014 we started playing around with all coins back when like

Pink coin X coin and all these what's the charity coin rate by what's his name Danny uh-huh man I just remember seeing coin market cap and being like okay there's x11 coin and I remember I made like quadruple my money on x11 coin and

Then it just vanished and and I remember saying like dude this is this is gonna be something in the future like 2013 you must have been seeing a lot of color coins and things like that to named coin was probably one of them right yeah

That's right yeah they were very very much like you know master coin everything was like coming up on up against Bitcoin and Bitcoin dominance was actually getting kind of threatened and then I got my parents involved in

June of 2014 and then GOx happened easily like a week after I got them to buy Bitcoin on mal Cox no no they had it like stored which was good because I like taught him how to do everything and that was kind of what gave me the bug of

Creating content because they were like hey our generation baby boomers we don't understand this stuff we need physical representation of value and I majored in economics so I was like okay well bitcoins basically the perfect trifecta

Of all of these things with economics and game theory and everything involved in it so why don't we just start making content so I started blogging started making some videos here and there and things obviously really took off in 2017

But in between there I started a peer-to-peer lending company and that was using u.s. dollars but it was very similar in the concept of cryptocurrency of peer-to-peer cash so it was we raise money from investors and we were

Financing students to learn programming so they would go through code bootcamps so they're like three-month programs and the kids and students would learn programming and get a job it's a really low risk profile the

Investors would get you know their money or the capital deployed students would get an education and get a job and it was really a lot of fun and that was when I moved to Silicon Valley and we exited to founder of PayPal Max Levchin

In 2015 and he was like really interested in education and that was after that I said alright peer to peer is the future like it is hands-down gonna be where things move because everybody was interested in taking a

Loan from an individual instead of taking a loan from a bank to do something as basic as education so I said alright well merge my passion of Education and peer-to-peer with the obvious which was cryptocurrency and

Making content about it so fast forwarding to today or the past two years we I really got into NF T's non fungible tokens for anybody that's brand new to that and just a new ICO boom bro like can't fucking tell you how

Many people are in my DMS even on Facebook what's up with these NF T's you know and this virtual world stuff and I'm just well it's the same people that were asking me about X Y & Z I see oh so you know it's really interesting to see

This topic kick off I mean you were here before you know here you were in crypto way before like the first end of T crypto kitties was even a thing when that came out sort of like out of the blue you know how was that you know like

A crypto OG like what was that experience like when you saw these non fungible tokenized assets that you know you couldn't fraction it was just like you could have one crypto kitty you couldn't have a

Tenth of a crypto kitty it was it was exciting seeing crypto kitties go live because it put a beautiful little interface like it as simple as you could imagine an interface being it just gave it a different face to

Simplify that long address and I thought that that was like a great step in the right direction in terms of a way to visualize what's going on mmm Oh Wyn oh yeah I got plenty of kitties I got I love kitties there

There's such a good step in the right direction in terms of like simplifying it down allowing people to understand that scarcity does actually increase you know the value over time I think that the kitties were first great step in

That direction I felt like it was like another version of being able to apply what Bitcoin did so well I thought if I do magic when I looked at it for the first time and I just was like this is empower they doing this yeah yeah and

Fast boarding like all the way to today we launched a platform because I where I've been fans of coinbase I know a lot of people give me flack for that but they brought in millions and millions of people into the space regardless of you

Know if you buy it on there and then move it on to a ledger or treasure or whatever it is to hold your keys after you learn all those concepts and everything getting deep layers in that on-ramp is so so big for first newcomers

That aren't familiar and what we did was we created a platform that is like the coin base earned for NF T's which is called grow your base we work with all the top n ft developers and like we work with splinter lands the awesome banner

Behind UK so you can go learn about splinter lands and actually earn some of like the NF TS yep you earn a $10 starter pack by sharing their their game on social media by subscribing to their email list and following on Twitter and

Basics like that we give you a starter pack so you can start playing the game we've done given away starter packs I'm just gonna fall right everybody to this because every time I give away a starter pack I get all the questions of how to

How to play it anyway as well stored them there so they can learn how to play it and then get the starter pack code yeah yeah because I education is such a gap like it's such a huge gap and when coinbase urn rolled

Out I was like okay these are they're doing it for utility tokens that are trading and there's only like six of them on there and I was like how can we help nft developers and token issuers get more distribution get more users

Like really help educate people and grow the space and just completing simple tasks that everyone can do everybody has social media and basic equity and emails and things like that on the internet so matching the two together was just a

Logical logical step and I love education so it just made sense to make a platform and help people out in terms of the devs and new new users and the monetary incentive I think really what lights of fuel and their people's ask

They like do their own research and you know try to get more education on the environment because of you know it's not just like they have a hearthstone card in a centralized wallet anymore they see that this has actual real world value

And they want to figure out why you know that they look like splitter lanes I have had people like get a card or something or like why is this worth anything like I don't get it how is it worth like ten bucks for one car I'm

Like we'll look up at the circulating supply you know and then you could look at you know how many are being you know bought and sold for on the actual third party markets and they don't they kind of start to learn about supply demands

Scarcity utility and it's all by accident really just because they're playing a game which is I think is NF T's are the on-ramp that a lot of people onstage at conferences are like trying to talk about they just don't realize

That that bridge is built its gaming blockchain gaming is the bridge that is mass adoption that's that's the road that we have to kind of let the masses kind of go to and we'll gamified the education through this process where

It's not as such a stake in their financial pocket but somewhere in the hobbyists side of things we're like you play for tonight you know like neon district and you end up earning from this participation and then that

Incentivizes that do your own research yeah yeah and you've done a great job can you deserve props on playing playing the games showing people that these things are a reality because I'm I'm pretty blown away by like you said I

Think DAP radar came out with an image that said 60% of the entire aetherium transactions in January were gaming yeah and some more than half which says a lot about where things are going a younger generation understands like okay I get

These assets in the game I can trade them buy them it's just it's a much much lower barrier to education if you're earning them in a game and I think it's it is gonna be ground zero for hundreds of millions of younger people especially

Coming into the space yes literally ins has given away already almost about a hundred thousand dollars in a year in tournament prizes and that could be you know kids all around the world earning you know an income by playing a game as

Opposed to taking their mom and dad's credit card while they're sleeping and buying fortnight's skins you know and the jail yeah and then there's that play to play to own concept of literally people that have that scarce amount of

Assets and if you play the game as an early player you can actually share in revenue of the game good point which is mind-bending to think how impactful that could be for all over the world that's right I thought neon district was do

Something really unique by auctioning off like the bosses and stuff like that of like the actual in-game NPCs not playable characters was like genius and I always thought about things like that when I when crypto Kitty's first came

Out I was already you know like that's it I saw the all what is happening right now I already saw the first day crypto Kitty's came out I was just like way too ahead of the times man I was like I'm

Just gonna wait for it I see the potential and I think the games like neon district and and splinter lanes and stuff like that or just that's going to be the paradigm shift that's you know what

We're gonna see a whole new I think definition of what a triple-a game really is yeah yep and a couple of the companies we've worked with like lucid sight and dapper labs and stuff like that like they're they're big

Organizations people people often think that sometimes it's like a developer in a basement that's building us in some cases it is but some of these teams like lucid site the guys behind crypto space commanders MLB champions you know they

Are like a team of 30 or 40 developers in LA that are developing multiple blockchain games and they're proving it out and it's only a matter of time before someone like a blizzard or an EA comes in and says all right guys like

We're you're coming you're coming with us I feel like you got those games though are probably gonna look more closely and we have you know this is a good segue opportunity I guess cuz we've been talking a lot about you know like a

Theory on based NF tees but I even steam ones with splinter lands but what are your thoughts on like NF T is coming from like an engine perspective where they're actually backed by the asset itself and can be melted creating more

Scarcity throughout the environment where I think it adds a unique art versus asset kind of a thing like is this art or is this NFT more valuable than the asset it's backed by like if engine moons

You know this scarce resource in a game stay it's a sword or whatever you know could be more useful in the game or maybe I want to melt it for some get the engine in and sell that on on the exchange and I think that's gonna be

Where I think Blizzard and like fortnight look more closely into when it comes to tokenizing their in-game assets mm-hmm but I'm really quite your thoughts are because a lot of people haven't looked too much into like engine

Recently yeah I love engine I love the fact that they it is going to be almost like a collateralized concept behind these things and it's like a I've I've been working with a lot of tokenized the asset companies like we

Work with a company called Realty which is tokenized real estate on the etherion blockchain that's a big deal they're doing amazing things with tokenizing real estate but I do think with gaming specifically engine is pioneering that

Concept like you brought up melting I think that that is it's just a brilliant mechanism for just moving around with scarcity just playing around with it and seeing seeing what will work what won't and I love that it's it's like such a

Brilliant way of allowing younger people to just immediately play with something and give it liquidity and I think that that technology is is gonna be a big deal there is another one called Stardust yeah I met them before they're

Really cool team and really good guys yeah I really like what they're doing and Kanan is his name and he's a really smart guy and he's been working on that for a while but I do think that that that technology and that ability to do

What engines doing is big I do really like it what the the companies like open sea are doing where they're allowing you to basically like either you or me we could go on to open sea and just very simply create our NFT put the fixed

Supply go on there and sell it and I saw that right before this you did that yes so people I saw people donating like four dollars and 20 cents on YouTube to me a lot and that's kind of like awesome it's kind of like my thing like I'll go

To a youtubers livestream and I'll drop 420 as a super Chet's like Bitcoin banner Omar BAM or crypto blow whoever tone Vaes like I just like to drown 420 and I guess other people have kind of picked up on it I started doing it on my

Channel which is really cool and I'm like well I want a way to that I can kind of give back to those people like you know it's business I couldn't like an Icee oh fuck it's okay basically so for 420 yeah I mean it's a donation

Right so I went to mint a bull dot app and it was like one two I created a hundred NFT tokens listed them on open sea for four dollars and 20 cents and died and people have been purchasing them it's it's really cool

And I'm talking to a 1-up coin I don't know if you're familiar with them no it's like an overlay it is an overlay like super chats for your stream labs or stream elements so if somebody wants to send you a crypto tip like Bitcoin

Bitcoin cash XRP whatever they can go to 1up coin comm / donate / can Bozek or fill in the blank and they can send you a crypto tip and it pops up on your screen on YouTube similar to a super chat except you don't have to worry

About YouTube stealing 30% of your crypto tip and I'm trying to get the automatic like NFT smart contract figured out that when people do send me a 1up coin tip they can redeem an NFT immediately forward like the donation oh

Cool yeah that's really smart is that the the whole concept of like with for example mag and FT are you familiar with them that the magazine for artists so they a highlight NFT artists and what they've done is with their NF tees

They've put a certain amount of their own little currency on there and that could be like a magazine subscription when you redeem it on their site so you buy the NFT on open sea and for everybody that's brand-new – to open sea

It's basically the largest decentralized exchange for all of these these digital assets and when you buy it on there you can move it over to their magazine subscription and you get like this monthly recurring I guess you call it a

Catalogue of the new and up-and-coming crypto artists which is yeah it's it's a cool idea and when you bring artists into a space like this they're gonna have a brilliant outlook on it and really change things away my mom's an

Artist so I'm kind of bullish on on artists starting in a in a space first because they're gonna be the ones that push the envelope with things like crypto voxels indie Central and stuff like that

There's friends of mine on Facebook that are artists you know that I know from high school well sighs I mean that's what these book is still for me is how outside of crypto maybe like one to two percent of

The people that follow me on Facebook or like from crypto Twitter or whatever but it's still friends family and stuff from pre Bitcoin life and a lot of them are artists that I've noticed and they're like I wish I got a dollar for every

Like I got on Facebook on my art like you know or I wish I got you know a dollar for every time somebody stole my art and post it as if it was their own and I'm just like please DM e I will show you how to tokenize and have full

Ownership of these digital arts that you're creating like yes you're onto something here let me show you the solution to the problem that you're actually aware of and I think that that's a better conversation than trying

To educate people on a problem that they're not aware of yet like you know brown rob banks you know centralization Fiat fractional reserve that's not a problem they're aware of it's a problem they're just not aware of it and then

You have to edgy I like to go to the people that already are aware of issues and show them how the tech is a solution and right now it's it is artists that are really trying to figure out what's the next step for them you know and it's

Almost like the paradigm shift that Napster offered during like the Tower Records you know monopoly yeah yeah Napster definitely did a good a good job back in the day I remember LimeWire yes you know Dada right the artist Dada

Art they're using you know tokenization of their art and I thought that was really cool it's like legacy artists you know really trying to figure out how to you know get into the space and it just evens the playing field you

Know it's the art industry is really centralized there's a lot of middlemen it's very bordered to entry very you know discouraging when you learn about like how hard it is to get into a gallery and then you show somebody how

Easy it is to get listed on open sea you know and show them the kind of the way of like VESA and josie and these other amazing artists that are sort of like the forefathers of tokenized art yeah yeah and you have like a lot of money I

Know he did my banner he did your banner lotta money bro I got I got so much love for that dude I've waited over two years for him to make that better and I finally earned it so have you yeah he's great and I got a banner done by him

Like last year and was messaging with him and you know he he's a great example of an amazing artist and then he found out about NF T's and now he's just crushing it on open sea and he's partnering with all these different

Artists to collab with them and it's so cool watching him and go on to a platform like that like you were saying he figured out about it and now he's selling these things for thousands of dollars which is just such an

Inspiration for any artists out there that should check it out because it's it's an amazing and with things like crypto voxels where people are literally having art gallery or art shows in a decentralized virtual world it's like

Mind blow yeah I kind of was already for seeing a lot of that too if it came to like VR tokenization and these uh you know like decentraland crypto voxels like almost like ready player one environments and are you

Familiar with digital or digital bowls they have this free Ross environment kind of built on top of the central land and very similar to the magazine you mentioned when you have the token you get that subscription well if you have

This NFT for free Ross in your meta mask wallet it permits you entry into like a free Ross building and you can kind of like walk around and depending on which NFT you own which floor in the elevator service your gained access to and like

It's really interesting to think of like tokenized tickets to these virtual worlds you know where you know and like crypto voxels imagine being able to have that art gallery but sort of saying well if you

Don't own any of my art you don't have entrance but if you have any of my all right come on into the you know Museum of of my n fps and I think that is actually going to be really powerful for these these digital realms having

The tokenize admission tickets yeah yeah and you when we were in Miami you were telling me about digit digit balls and I never got a chance to connect with them but you were telling me about the the free Ross concept and stuff like that it

Because I have a physical nft the world's first like it's uh you know sort of like a caste casillas queen you know like the big queer it's a physical NFT and then I could peel off the protective layer skin the

Private key and get you know the NFT off of it but until then it's it's cold storage NFT physical you know one of I think five it's right there right off-screen I can't reach it but yeah I I thought you know with the idea of

Physical entities like to that aspect like a vending machines or crane games where you get a crypto Kitty stuffed animal and on the stuffed animal you can peel off and scan it and now you have the NFT and the plushie you know and

Just yes that's I see so much potential with this and it's gonna be a lot of fun yeah yeah and with MLB champions the game by lucid J they grab some of those I have the Phillies I got a couple Phillies and

MLB NF T's that's a great idea – it's like bobbleheads and they passed him out I think it was at a maybe a pager or know the Dodgers game they cast him out at the Dodgers game like on little cards to all the fans in the stadium yeah they

Got their little their little bobble heads I was so jealous of all the non crypto motherfuckers that were just gonna throw that shit away like I'm so mad that I know there was just so many of those like things either thrown away

Or just whatever and I'm just I would have bought them I would have just ah and you couldn't I put out a massive tweet trying to get my hands on one and I couldn't grab them because they were such a you know desired item yeah you

Know so that was cool and I saw if you're familiar with Castle crypto gg I posted an article and I thought that was cool the FC Barcelona announced his partnership with Chile's a platform that just partnered with engine so it looks

Like soccer on tokenized soccer like NF T's nice nice yeah I've I'm familiar with foot battle and nifty football and they're like the soccer management style NF T's and that's a big because that's like isn't it technically the biggest

Sport in the world yeah we call it soccer but it's football football everywhere else foosball foots ball yeah yeah yeah it is it's it's I think the next one is cricket right yeah yeah that's right in one of those different

Sports do piano yeah yeah I just saw has an official NFT coming out too I saw on Twitter I just followed them there's like an official NBA NFT and Stefan he Stefan curry he already has like his own crypto kitty which was genius I thought

That was really smart yeah yeah it's a great idea and one of the one of the things that happened that I felt not many people saw outside of our world are at Ft land was that I don't know if you're familiar with my crypto Heroes

The game based out of Japan but they or they purchased a mobile game that had millions of users called brave frontier and this happened probably two weeks ago we worked with them on grow your base on their launch of brave frontier heroes

And they acquired the game and instantly had millions of active users on this mobile app and then incorporated their NF T's into it that's smart yeah and it was it was very very very well done

And it definitely it definitely flew below the radar for people that are outside of our our space here which I felt was yeah those types of moves should be definitely prey and respected because that was like an

Instant couple million people moved into NF T's overnight was crazy how they did that I was at consensus 28:19 and they had I think it was like it wasn't clash of clans but it was like the next one I forgives like royal clash or clash of

Oil or you know what I mean yeah they had Bitcoin campaigns and tournaments where people could earn crypto playing in the tournament storing consensus and that game has millions of users but it was not really kind of like

You know well-known within our community but when you went outside of it to like the regular gaming industry they were covering it left and right which was really cool to see and I think that's what you know opens up the conversation

Outside of the echo chamber you know when it comes to like what these projects are doing in unique ways almost like happy to hear that it wasn't a part of our you know little echo chamber bubble of information it was outside of

It you know which has a better ripple effect I think yeah you've been playing us Arenado us oh I think that's what it was or call or something it's on my phone it's o'night stories I have I had the OS

Knights on my phone but it's actually called Knights stories and I started playing that and I was my I started trolling their twitter account like where's the clip though where's the blockchain this is just again it's so

Well hidden that you have no clue that any of these assets are tokenized there's any private keys and if you wanted to do that research you could link this game to a wallet and and do more but you don't have to know so much

To play this game it's just just a game and if you look more into the tech you can you know kind of link a wallet too and I thought that was a really convenient way to kind of like trick people into getting into crypt it's like

A low-key game really addictive tap and play game if you guys are like like toilet killer time games that's sort of my go-to on the toilet is my stories and I just you know mine some resources playing a game and try to like forage

Rare assets and stuff and yeah it's just an interesting game to see and that's not so in-your-face crypto here you have to write down your private keys all these assets are scarce and rare don't forget they're worth of about I'm just

Mmm it's just I think we need more of that so I definitely have to check out more games what sure do you play any like go to games like do you have a go to blockchain game that you know if you just like to play outside of like maybe

This is a valuable thing not thinking like financially just engagement wise that you just enjoy um I mean I've definitely been playing brave frontier I have to check that out quite a bit just because it is just like what you talked

About with Knights story where it's you can't tell there's enjoyed by OSF both no it is it is definitely one of those things where when I do see something like Knights story for example right when I see the interface and I see that

It is hidden I'm going to open sea and get in a bundle like one of those one of those bundles on open seat if you guys Wow great frontier right yeah bro I typed in brave and brave frontier came above brave browser it's above brave

Browser in the recommended searches which is really interesting oh 10 yeah 10 million downloads yeah dude they're gigantic I'm loading it right now so I don't forget it but that is that's been my recent go to

Just because helping them with their launch and you know allowing I think we had swords on on courier base where everybody that was going through would earn I think it was like a $25 sword and now it's like I think $60 per sword on

Open sea is that grow your bass calm grow your bass ko ko' okay yep and yeah people could go on there and earn it and you know we would get it to their wallet and everything after they would redeem it and the brave frontier guys they are

The real deal that is i'm impressed by by them and in my creep of heroes is if you go to their either brave frontier heroes or my crypto hero heroes on radar or what's the other one DEP review yeah

That review Castle crypto is a good website for like blotching gaming reviews as well yeah so if anybody goes to any of those like you can see the in their first 24 hours after we launch with them they did

Like and then I mean because they have like he said 10 million downloads on this game and they did over a quarter million dollars worth of just eath transactions on on their their game like in 24 hours their first 24 hours which

Is just Wow crazy but see now you've you've been around the block a while man you know and I remember crypto Kitty's bogging the etherium blockchain so hard that I'm actually concerned about these NFT games getting 10 million users and

Having so much transactions on the blockchain that it could happen again you know like I do worry about you know even at this point I don't want Walmart to accept the Bitcoin it would just that would suck no lightning sure go for it

Don't don't fuck with Bitcoin yet you know Walmart thanks and I feel like the same way when a fortnight you know people are like for tonight should tokenize their egg it's can like do you know how many users you know fortnight

Has and if they all decided to use the theorem Network how expensive it would be to uh you know at first cuz scaling which crypto kitties did encourage the etherion developers to get off their ass and build aetherium up to scale for that

And it's gonna keep encouraging I think that to happen but I knew worried about like these these games taking off and then causing issues because the tech isn't quite ready for that mess adoptive moment yeah yeah and then in like 20

2015 2014 I forgot when but it was around that time on Bitcoin talk people were trying to form like a consultancy type thing where they would go and educate different retailers on accepting Bitcoin

Accepting different currencies and stuff like that and it was almost like a communal effort to try and like for example now the communal effort would be lightning you know instead of Bitcoin instead of

Just being on chain transactions immediately from something like Walmart it would skyrocket costs for everybody so having something like that like a a lightning consultancy where everybody went to these big companies and said

Like this is easy to use and instead of saying immediately using blockchain Bitcoin to immediately accept transactions it was bog everything down that was a really inspiring piece on Bitcoin talk

Back then to see people at least trying it it fizzled out obviously but I think that that would be really cool for the different layered solutions on there to to go to a retailer and say you should use this this is the education about it

Let me teach you let me show you just to avoid what you're talking about what I think a lot of these blockchain games will probably use more side chain solutions things will be a little bit centralized that you know it doesn't and

There's layers to decentralization that don't think people like really like like there's the tribalism of the centralization where everything has to be Satoshi level you know it's decentralized but I feel like a lot of

These games don't won't want that you know we won't see a fortnight utilizing completely decentralization they're gonna have a centralized tokenized asset in a sense where they're utilizing sidechains not so much on chain things

And maybe because they're utilizing like three blocking version you could have the ERC 7:21 version or the the steam vert whatever you you know they're probably gonna use multiple block chains that build on top of that way they're

Not really like cuz we're seeing it happen now we're again for a nice great example they keep fucking segwaying into with those guys but you know they encouraged a multi cross-platform console you know gaming where Xbox

Playstation and PC can now all play at the same time in the same environment and that wasn't even a possibility before they fought for it and I think if you're gonna see tokenized games they're not just going to use one

Chane they're going to try to be as cross-platform as possible moving forward yeah I'm really intrigued by I felt deep deep down the decentraland crypto voxel rabbit hole for a few months now and the interoperability

Between virtual worlds that one to me is just so meta the here you're like jumping from virtual worlds of virtual world and you know whether they're different chains or whatnot but I think that there's so many part of the part of

Almost the issue is that there's so many things it that we can all learn and so many different paths that we can go down is that it's kind of paralyzing sometimes where you're like okay which one do I want to focus on which one do I

Want to really learn and and just dive deep in and I found that allocating like six months of my time – certainly Misha's was how I I got past it of saying like okay I'm gonna focus on you know these decentralized virtual virtual

Worlds and NF T's for the next two years three years and really invest in this and then just learn everything I possibly can about it like the previous year I was doing a lot on masternodes and just really trying to learn all the

Different aspects of it is very daunting for for people but if you just take a little bit of time for each thing and take your time it's it's you can definitely make it happen you can learn all the different

Aspects but one thing I wanted to ask you can was if you were to look at your stack like your of n ft s with crypto are gaming and let's say just collectibles like crypto motors and stuff like that what are your what are

Your favorite projects just to do like shout outs of the artists your your games maybe top two or something of each number one Josie I love her an FPS I have her physical posters that have the NF T's associated with it

I'm a big fan of what she is doing so that's definitely like my most prized possession in my NFTE holding my splinter lance collection I'm pretty proud of I probably only need 50 cards or so to have the complete collection

And then I can work on the gold like cards I almost have like half of all the gold cards so I've been collecting those since their Kickstarter came out you know so that's my second most prized possession I think then I have a

Founders key for neon district that I brag a lot about I get a lot of offers on open sea for it and I'm not letting it go bro it's just not gonna happen so I just like laughs every time I get an email from open seas like you got a 5f

Offer you got a 7/8 offer I'm like it's not even close to tempting so just like you know that's cute oh wait so there's like the top three I guess like of my holdings and and then I have some I'm not so proud of you know like my gods

Unchained hold I'm so embarrassed I gave them any of my f to be honest completely disappointed by that game how long it took them to be actually become a platformer where I could utilize the utility token that I purchased even

Before it was minted into an actual asset so I have my my feels with them now and I do worry about them when it comes to like the sec for using n FPS as security to basically raise funds to build a platform to bring utility to the

Token that they sold so I mean you know if you don't have a platform to give something your utility it's not a utility token it's a security that you used to raise so I mean I just have like that that moral qualms when I look at my

Meta mask wallet and I'm just like I don't even want to sell them because I don't want to do that to anybody I don't want to fuck anybody over getting rid of them either so just like see what happens I hope I wish them the best

Because I would love to make my 8th back but the amount of Earth I invested in it I don't think I'll ever see back and yeah there's are the ones I love the ones that not so much and then I have my own dude I actually have wax NF T's that

I created of myself so like I'm actually on Opie skins if you go on their website it's hilarious cuz they're like og in-game assets kind of a thing and they they got into the tokenize realm with wax and as soon as I saw them get in I

Was just like well I have a cartoon can you tokenize me and they did so that was awesome of them and then I reached out to engine and yeah I got my engine collectible as well and now I'm trying to get one built on Tron that's awesome

Tokenizing yourself I love that yeah I use it you know as sort of like as a meme for now but like you know I did give them real utility like if anybody purchased a Ken collectible you know from the one from open sea is sort of

Like just like a supporter badge and then my steam token I only made four hundred and twenty of them and they're redeemable for an hour of my time so if you wanted to send me one of my own tokens that you got from like the steam

Engine exchange you could schedule an hours it just hang out with me talk to me interview me or play a video game whatever I'm yours for an hour let's hang out so I thought it was just you know a cool way to kind of just

Independently tokenize myself create my own utility token as a service and I mean dude I just loved the idea that I am my own shit coin and everybody in their own shit coin and they should you know an injury that's innopolis gave me

The inspiration I talked to him in Vegas at a hosho con about self sovereignty and independent tokenization and yes like I was all about it and it kind of woke me up that you know in the future you'll see five-year-olds you know

Creating their own NF TS or their own you know tokens for the playground and giving it its own utility that hey if you want me on your dodgeball team you have one of my tokens or otherwise I'm going on the other team or whatever the

Case may be you know the same way we use jelly bracelets for like you know snacks on the playground you know treat you five jelly bracelets for your your pudding cup deal bro there was years ago there was a guy who

There was an article I want to say it was in like the New York Times or something where he IPO it himself and this was a long long this is probably like ten years ago something like that but he IPO to himself where he sold

Shares I think it was up to a million dollars and he had a board of directors and he so he made the the million dollars and it could have been less than that I forgot what the actual amount was but this made me think of it because

Everything that they said was the path of his life so if he had a girlfriend they had to decide if it was good for his career not the tokenize Truman Show exactly exactly that's good we're set for this if anybody out there wants that

Do this with me I will live stream my life 24/7 all of next year we'll work on I would love for people to pick my breakfast for me that would just make my life so much easier dude you should do it again totally do

It because that that when I read that I was like dang this guy a he made like a million dollars really quick and then for the next I think he had a constraint of I think it was like ten years of his life was gonna be entirely decided by

This board of strangers from all over the world that bought a share in him and he like broke up with girlfriends went out on dates took job interviews like they would make sure that he would get like raises and stuff and his job it was

Like gamifying his actual life like Truman Show just like he said I gotta look more into this you know that kind of reminds me of the sea you might know about this some people may not I bet three-d does he's in the chat this guy

Created a website in like the early 90s where he sold like pixels for a dollar a million pixels and he sold all the pixels made a million dollars and it's like one of the oldest you know websites right now like on the internet but you

Know he it was an OG move I see similarly happening in this space you know like where I kind of would like to do the same concept kind of upset I just threw the idea out there but somebody doesn't cool but like make a website

Where there's a hundred pixels each pixels and nft and you create the art behind it uh yeah doing each one as an NF T that has not been done before I remember the million dollar home page when that was like I think I was in he

Middle school or high school when that came out and I was like why why are people buying what is going on the website all the time – watching some of the like random shit pop-up like I think fuck had like one of the biggest spots

For a while and then people outbid the person who bought it so they could replace it to make it like it was kind of very self governed for what it was because if there was toxicity they would try to outbid the owner of it so they

Could replace it with something more welcoming because of the other things around it that didn't want to be associated with the toxicity or the trolling so it was a really interesting display of decentralization

Self-governance and free-market really there's like a great experiment for people to look into it I kind of see a lot of that game theory being displayed now in a tokenized environment especially when it comes to like leasing

NF T's I don't know if this is something that's been on your peripheral but I've been nagging Alec's machine ski of Celsius Network for a good year and a half – let me lease my NF TS through Celsius to earn interest on my my NF t

So through a smart contract I could let you borrow some of my Splinter lands cards and I don't have to worry about getting them back or buying them from you or whatever you can loan you can take a loan out and then you know give

Them back to me to get your your collateral but I earn interest off of my NF T's now so even if I don't play God's Unchained I could lease out those cards still you know have my cake and eat it too so

Speak and I'm really looking forward to seeing an environment where like Grand Theft Auto 25 comes out and there's only like ten Lamborghinis I have one of ten Lamborghinis but I don't play Grand Theft Auto so I just lease it out to

People that need to do challenges and get away from the cops in a fast car yeah yeah and with that said I'm gonna be making an announcement at nft NYC on stage about I won't say if it's about that or not but if you do check out grow

Your basecoat there is a something that's rolling out that has to do with what you just described is it it's a hint I well I won't say it because I don't want to leak before you know everybody there is gets to enjoy it but

Yeah that is very much very much into that space right now given I my background was in peer to peer lending and we're the platform where people go to learn and earn NF T's and build a digital portfolio it's kind of a next

Logical deadly dude especially for a lot of those crypto kiddie hoarders like those dicks don't even fucking use these kiddies bro they got gen zero gen ones that are virgins they've never even bred these cats I'll borrow the cat let me

Breed it let me keep the kittens then you can have your cats back bro you can you can have them back but there's so much I think Dead's dead NF T is because of this and hear me out and I have such a moral qualms when when blotching games

Use this term after they sold we have 10,000 users for our blockchain game no you have 10,000 investors they are not gamers they're not end-users they're probably 99% of the people that invested in your NF t for your game will never

Play your game ever they're all speculators there are not users and unfortunately those investors either lose interest or lose their keys or XY and Z send their smart contract receiving address to an exchange and now

Their NF teaser locked in you know a hot wallet on Finance or something unfortunately III wonder what your thoughts are on you know that you know we're blockchain games use their sales as a projection

For user base yeah I think it's it's definitely very similar to just in traditional startups people will move numbers they will try and make it seem more appealing to get a Jones effect and get more people signing up but it's

Definitely couldn't couldn't be further from the truth active users versus signups versus people like you said that are just investors investors to be players or do we want to make the players the investors yeah I mean that

Whole play to own concept is quite cool it's difficult to message for gamers to just teach someone like hey if you start collecting these items you'll share in our revenue you know that's kind of a difficult concept to grasp for a lot of

People right out of the gate where they're like why would my in-game assets generate passive income for me so I do think that if there is if there is going to be something next week that were to allow someone to free up some of that

Capital by borrowing against their their portfolio of NF T's that would be a really great thing PN YC is going to be lit I'm telling it I mean I think it's because they don't have that whole like consensus vibe to it because you know oh

It's in New York City this that and the other thing but like I was there when they had it at the PlayStation Center and it was just so informative for that environment for like you know a lot of the VCS and the investors that were just

Sort of interested in crypto didn't understand tokenize @ss or didn't really understand the concept of like collectibles on the blockchain and how much they learn at an event like NF t NYC is amazing it's like I praise what

They do because it's I I am so upset that a lot of these conferences don't even utilize the tech for the venues you know like consensus then have an NF T you know ticket I have an NF t ticket for NYC though I mean

It's in my you know meta mask wallet right now and I think even the team that does NF t NYC they actually had the token high swag bags at consensus last year did you see that no no I didn't see that got like a zillion I could redeem

For like earpods I got a token I could redeem for like a book bag or crypto Kitty's onesie I got in my closet I'm saving for the conference next month I even got one-on-one meetings with some really interesting people at consensus

2019 because I had an N F key that was redeemable for one hour of their time cool yeah I like that idea where you said that your your NF T's are redeemable for time because time is easily humans most valuable resource

Hands down without a doubt so yeah that's right like maybe I charge an hour a hundred dollars an hour for consultations or I listed my NF t on open sea for fifty bucks yeah so you can go to open sea and grab an NF t save 50%

Redeem Ian of T for the service and that's just proof of concept really I'm not I'm not serious about a lot of this I'm just like experimenting I'm having a lot of fun but I'm trying to do a lot of like proof-of-concept stuff where I can

Go to like a mom-and-pop shop and try to be like look you could have tokenized loyalty points or tokenized rewards system where you know if i walk into your business and i have can show you my meta mask wallet show you that i have

One of your businesses and if these i can get 10% off my pizza you know because there's only a thousand of these n FTS for local customers to you know invest in your business say you listed them for a hundred bucks on open sea for

One of ten Pizza NF T's I walk into your restaurant I show you the NF t you can see which one of one it is so say it's number forty five of a hundred that has now been maybe I get one slice of pizza a day throughout the year for having

This investment in your business probably not going to go every single day get 300 slices but I invested in you early on and that's what like gift cards are you know and that's what a lot of

These businesses do when they have these third party loyalty point systems except I worked at a small business I learned a lot about the loyalty point industry and it's very border to entry minimum you know six figures to even get one set up

You know so if you're a small mom-and-pop coffee shop you're not really going to be able to get that loyalty point system that Starbucks has you know but now you can because of tokenization so I do try to go to these

Small businesses and just show them look I have my own NFT people can redeem it for this service and this is the proof of concept and I hope you know the see that future soon where maybe Walmart has an NF T that you know you just scan they

Ask for your meta missed public address at the register you show them your public address for meta masks they search your public address for the open ledger they see that you have their NFT maybe the conditions are you had to hold

It for a certain amount of time so you couldn't have just got one off your friend this morning and then you know maybe you have to have it for 72 hours before you can get the discount whatever there's so much potential to that yeah

Yeah and like I mentioned earlier with mag NFT the magazine for NFT artists they're they're very much right there on that bleeding edge of saying hey if you if you buy our NF T it will have a certain amount of our token all in it

And that can redeem and you can shop of our portfolio on our on our site so literally like you buy that barrier for that membership and then you are able to shop around on exclusive items and we launched with them like a week ago and

Over 2,000 people tried to get access to it like on coupon grow your base in 24 hours it was absolutely nuts because people just everybody wants to experiment with this stuff but it's it's borderline ready for primetime I think

Like we were talking about earlier if all of a sudden a million people will go on to the etherion blockchain in an hour you're gonna have some serious serious backlog there but yeah I'm excited for NYC or nft NY you know if

It'll be live-streamed I'm getting questions in the chat and I'm not sure but I'm pretty sure Jerome from blockchain Universe is going to be streaming as much as he can in alt space so have you ever dabbled an alt space is

Sort of like a centralized version of crypto voxels or the central and it's a velar environment I haven't no you can tell your computer you have the windows no I got a Mac yeah I use bootcamp to install Windows 10 on my Mac which is

Super convenient but alts paste dot alt space Viacom alt space and it's a virtual world you can do your coffee you can I do a meet-up there I we do our podcast there once a week so people can hang out in this 3d virtual environment

It's almost like a movie theater setting and then me and my friends are on stage doing a podcast and on the on the screen in the back is an actual like theater two-dimensional display of the YouTube channel video with like what's really

Happening in the real world that's so sick and every time I think about these virtual worlds and I talked to people about them and just go down go off the deep end when I talk about it I mean the idea that we're living in a simulation

That becomes more more of a it's just too tricky do the idea that I think it's 1:1 what's that movie with Leonardo DiCaprio again Inception that Brian it's one more inception layer deep than that I feel as

If we're potentially a simulation within a simulation and we're creating the simulation within that simulated simulation if that makes any sense like worth we're a third party simulation we only have so many layers of

Understanding of the Empire like we don't even like we can't even understand what we don't know that we can't understand what the senses that we're given so like with fourth dimensional like topic of conversation we know

Spirits and things like that is is probably more so code than not especially when you start to see these virtual environments scaling from you know 480 to 4k so quickly and then you know I always joked

About this and it's starting to happen we're like well how long till Google Earth is used in Grand Theft Auto so I could just drive a car in my neighborhood because Google Earth has compiled this virtual environment

Through you know the renderings of Google Earth and it's starting to get so real so immersive that yeah I could see that this is just a simulation within a simulation yeah the Gaia Lex Friedman I think is his name

The artificial intelligence guru guy who has a big youtube following i watch a lot of his content and he just said if you just give simple constraints like birth death there's going to be insane complexity that comes with it if you

Just give a simple simple constraints like that yeah there's a lot of YouTube videos on that AI experiments I've watched where it was like don't die that's like it's only job it's don't die and it figures out just by that one

Simple command to build a border that will protect it from the thing that keeps killing it and how to keep you know adapting to the environment as the environment changes you know with conditioning and yeah it's really

Interesting you know to see that that's really all you need is birth and death for chaos to be in between yeah all sorts of complexities and but yet the I'm super pumped about an FTM I see gonna be doing that announcement about

Something around what you were talking about for grow your base super pumped for that because it's gonna change the game for this base giving people more liquidity giving people access to two more of these rare assets it's super I'm

Excited to meet people from like avatars Jim from avatars is super cool you should check them out there they just launched avatars really excited about them hanging out with people from dapper labs that'll be fun AXI infinity those

Are going to be really fun to hang out with marbled cards crypto motors I got to hang out more cards a few times than their cool team I like those guys yeah yeah it's uh it's gonna be fun just because so many

Talking to so many people on discord and telegram and stuff like that is one thing but meeting them in person is just it's yeah it's definitely a whole nother level and the wealth of information just from like being able to pick people's

Brains on the moment and I mean I can't tell you how much I learned from just being a fly on the wall at conferences you know kind of just almost rubbernecking a lot of the conversations because there's like six CEOs of like

You know what's basically the future of the world industry leaders here and they're in one room together it's almost like you get to spy on their DMS you know and learned a lot just by sitting close to those people and engaging with

Them so it's gonna be fun and I do encourage people that if you're in New York and you can't afford a ticket just hang out outside the smoking section is probably the best marketing networking section ever you know a lot of things

Distract people when they're inside you know but once everyone's outside having that cigarette or doobie that's good marketing that's good networking that's where it's all done for free so if you can't afford a ticket and you're in the

Area definitely just hang outside the venue and meet meet the people you know that are there and yeah I I I wish events were more inclusive when it came to that stuff but unfortunately I know overhead is a bitch especially in New

York yeah New York it's next level and getting all the speakers to come out and get them once to end stuff that's not a cheap move but it's only it was like 300 bucks a ticket and I got a 30% off link so if anybody goes to NFT NYC and wants

30% off my referral link code is free Ross just to help spread some awareness and maybe you could donate 10% of the 30% you saved a free Ross just an idea I guess they wrap things up here I got one last topic my chat wanted us to cover

And maybe you could elaborate on the differences between decentraland and crypto voxels since crypto voxels has seen such utter success financially speaking technologically with their platform just

Being as smooth as it is so early on and seeing a lot of you know liquidity come to their environment where do you see the main differences between the central land and crypto voxels I think that's a that's a tricky one so I know that with

Crypto voxels they've focused a lot on web vr like the browser so you can get it you can access it just with a browser and you can also do it in a headset I do think that with the central land they're focusing on that creation like the

Building the easy to drag-and-drop build on your your parcels so I think that that easy-to-use buildable feature is going to be a big big big differentiator and they just have so much fire power behind be central and in terms of their

Developers in terms of everything and their gates open and what five six days that so super excited about what they're rolling out because it is it's gonna move crypto voxels forward it's gonna move somnium space forward it's gonna

Move all of these these projects forward because they've just spent so much time and calories on on building out the the easy to create concept within the game I don't know I know it's on headsets like your your oculus your HTC vive but I

Don't know if they're doing browser how they're doing the browser on D central and that's something I haven't like I don't have top of mine right now but in terms of the team sizes crypto box well I'm pretty sure as a one-man band

We've been Nolan I'm pretty sure that it's just a guy crushing it I was on open sea looking for the NFP s and it's all coming from his open sea account I'm just like wow this is doing all the work right now yeah yeah man he is his next

Level I've disc ordered with him multiple times and he is a really brilliant guy and there's contributors you know helping obviously with you know trying to play

With things and stuff like that but him is is someone that I love supporting and then you have D Central and that's raised quite a lot of money and they're building out this incredible interface with easy-to-use buildable features on

Your parcels and I think that they're gonna complement each other really well but if you're brand new to it and you don't have that much of a technical background I don't consider myself an expert by any means in all of these

Technical pieces with crypto voxels decentraland is gonna be a great place for beginners to play around with buy a parcel build up a cool little place with Ken bozek's based on it and you know have some milk stand so that's a great

Idea yeah that people can walk around with is like one of those accessories just like a cup of milk in their hand constantly that would be so stick like in order for you know lab with crypto /and do milk stashes that's right that's

Right the avatar has to have a little cup of milk to get into your nightclub yes but yet does it that's my like just off the cuff differences I think from a tech perspective they're probably much different but I think in terms of what

They're trying to accomplish they're very similar one is going to be visually beautiful which is D central and it's gonna be gorgeous and crypto voxels is is building you know they're they're very much in the early stages but they

Deserve praise because they deploy all the time like they are building checking out their browser version and it was as smooth as all space you know just walking around and kind of floating around and going through the things and

It feels like you're walking through a blueprint of something you know like you can you can tell that it's not quite finished but you can sort of see where it's going and I'm excited for voxels but yeah decentraland is killing it I

Can't tell you again like the whole earlier let's talk about these messages about NFT mana I mean I like like I mentioned during the ICO you know bubble everybody asking me about X Y & Z ICO even during like the Bitcoin bull run

People were asking about XRP way more than they were asking me about BTC same thing we're in this bull run now and everyone's asking about mana I have all the DMS about mana and it's just like yeah it's a thing did you play Diablo

Ago I'm the first person shooter player I've only ever really played first person shooters my whole life I've never played much else got it so Diablo in the early 2000s Diablo 2 came out and that like changed my life forever and mana

Was like an energy source in Diablo so when I saw the central lands token was named mana I was like oh my god this is gonna be my next Diablo – this is gonna district my whole life ya know it is it feels like life mana break for

A lady central and it's basically what it is to build one of my buddies I think built his avatar decentraland your songs like 100 pixels or hundred man or something for the pixels or parcels I forget exactly how it's all worded I

Again I feel like I'm one of those people when it comes to those environments right now I'm not the end user I'm just an investor I got mana I have the name for crypto voxels because my buddy got it for me you know Steve I

Got Ken Bozek on crypto voxels before somebody could grab it and steal it from me you know but I'm not using it yet it might be a while until I actually do but I definitely plan on visiting the

Environment and playing around while they're in their development stages but at this point I feel like I'm still just a speculator waiting to be an end user because there's not much to really end use at the moment yeah yeah for it and

You've done a good job of this Ken on your show and everything of making sure that people know that you you don't need to know all the aspects of this stuff before you get involved very similar to a game when you're signing up for any

Video game you don't need to know how everything works but just playing around with it just tinkering is the best way to learn like learn by doing and around with these things you don't need to be a programmer you don't need

To to understand all the complexities that are happening underneath it just play around with this stuff you don't need to be an expert and and you can be anyone any background doesn't matter who you are you can encourage you to fuck up

To make mistakes right now like so many mistakes do them today do it early do things wrong fix it mess up again and try to learn from it all today before you're you know at a point where if that were to happen it would hurt a lot more

You know like people that you know don't go through their own you know learn at least learn from spectating you know they have to learn from doing it themselves and that's why I like to hook people up with a little bit of crypto

And kind of throw them into the wild like alright here you go learn how to do it yourself and people message me here and they're like oh I lost my keys and I don't know what to do I uninstalled this app and I installed

It again but my money's not there and I'm just like alright you just learned a lesson maybe it's a five dollar lesson it's a ten dollar lesson but now look back at 2011 charts and if you would have lost that five dollars how much

Would that five dollars be worth today that might be enough encouragement for them to do their own research and educate themselves so yeah and same thing with Splinter lands like you know in these games where you don't need to

Know anything so much fun so I can just forward everybody to your website from here on out and just you know get them educated get them reward it with these assets when it comes to the brave frontier do you still have any of those

Campaigns going on we sold out pretty quickly of that we had about about 3,000 people well try to earn those assets on grow your base and I think we only had about 50 in inventory and those just went within the first two days so yeah

Occasionally we get launches like that like we launched with a bastarz that's really exciting they're doing altar notifications on then huh yeah yeah pushing uh grow your base dot CC right oh that's Co C I'll

Get it right eventually yeah but we got some a big big announcement coming it n ft and my C and the whole goal here is education we want people to learn and earn by learning about it because blockchain allows us to do that it's

It's super super simple and I think that these NF T's and tokenized assets are going to be ground zero for trillions of dollars in the future of coming into something like the the blockchain space so super bullish yeah look at eSports

Man nobody saw that coming it was a joke it was such a joke it's finally getting the recognition as an industry that it deserves wait until eSports discovers blockchain gaming it that is a very parabolic relationship just waiting to

Take off it's just inevitable of it's a waiting game and I don't think we have to do anything proactive about this just sit back relax let engine and and all these other companies do all the work on ramping developers but Ubisoft and yeah

Just wait that's what I'm doing yeah yeah and also I mean I'd love to to put your your token on grow your base or your NFT on grow your base and send you a few thousand people that are trying to learn about you yeah have you made an NF

T for NF t NYC they have the swag bags so you could actually submit your own NF t to them that they can give to all the people coming and I did that so all the attendees will be getting a Ken Bozek n ft sweet yeah because isn't it Cameron

At NFT cred or is it cred what's the company behind cred yeah cred cred yeah cuz they help you mint on your own like for people like you know anybody could go on there and mint their own if you have like a following or whatnot

Yep and I think that's it's exciting to think that businesses could do that in the future like what you were talking about with membership programs with royal what is it reward programs and loyalty programs

That's super that's a big industry just to have businesses doing that I'm waiting for the legacy content creators like ninja to sort of get this on their peripheral you know where they're just like you know they do private live

Streams for people that are like members of their YouTube's yeah I saw like you're you're you can join I could join your YouTube as a member donate like five bucks a month and maybe you do live streams that are only pervy to those

That have donated the five bucks a month and then you upload that live stream later for those that don't opt in to donate and I think that you know there's a interesting like you know having admission to a virtual world by holding

An NF T the same concept is coming to content creators and streamers with this tokenized admission to private live streams and I think it will probably kick off in the adult entertainment industry I didn't want to get too much

Into that I saved it for the end here guys but I do feel like the adult entertainment industry is probably going to end up tokenizing nudes and you know and things like to that effect you know real soon

So we're gonna see outside of the gaming environment adopt this technology in an interesting way imagine opening up Sports Illustrated and having you know a QR code that you can scan to get a collectible top baseball card or

Something you know it's a really interesting way to look at this outside of like gaming I love the idea of like tokenize everything you know like I'm definitely a tokenize junkie yeah yeah hotel

You know yeah they did that in New York they tokenized the hotel yeah it's a big big potential and it lowers the barrier to you know non-accredited investors and anybody anywhere it's just it's the real deal I think it's gonna be you know

Trillions and trillions okay we didn't even touch on this and I'm just gonna put this out there for the audience but wait until you see crossover you know games or not even crossover games but clones of games like Gaza Unchained

Splinter lands uh you know neon district XYZ all those open-source NF T's yeah anybody can build an environment acknowledge the existence of the asset give it a use case in that platform and now that one NF t that you had for neon

District is now usable in seven cloned versions of it just because it's as easy as a copy-paste much like Mario maker we're gonna see a lot of mario maker esque environments where you could have multiple use cases for these NF TS

Because that's you know it's incentive you know people are gonna be incentivized to build a platform for you to utilize a crypto kitty outside of breeding and I'm already seeing a lot of this I think somebody was walking around

A game the other day with their crypto kitty next to them I can't remember the name of the game but their crypto Kitty was just like standing next to them and walking around like Pikachu and I was so like yes that's the future right there

More use cases so I guess we'll wrap things up here man where can people go to like find you follow you and get in touch with you yeah sure so if you just look me up hack crypto on youtube you can see my my face on on YouTube and

Gregor based Co that's where you can get rewarded for learning about NF T's and tokenized assets it's just like the coinbase earn of NF T's and follow me on Twitter at Steve McGee without the E's STV mcg and yeah I'm pretty active

Regularly all over the place and we're definitely trying to help with education in the space big-time I think that's that's important to leave everybody with is it's okay you can start you don't have to learn everything

Just slow and steady and and you'll be fine and yeah thanks so much for having me Ken do appreciate you taking the time to come on everybody go check out grow your base dot Co so yeah I got it right yeah I totally get it right and ya get

Uh and you know get incentivize to you know learn and maybe you know your shit you know sends some people that don't they're that way so you can play Splinter lands with your friends after

They learned how to play and got their uh got their starter packs thank you very much to sound Jeannie it looks like coin store and somebody else I still pop up as super chats appreciate all the donations

Thank you very much I love you bro bros as always have a day

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Hi i'm brad garland house the ceo here at ripple it's an honor and really a privilege for us to be one of the founding members of the international asso...
Hello the cubicles and welcome to another video maker of the currency event over the series the aim of the series is to find any upcoming the currency events an...
I have to apologize to everybody because I've been promoting a company who only has their best interests at heart top salesmen best interests at heart and n...
It is Monday and you know what that means another episode of Krypto segments what's going out everybody it's your boy Krypto Bobby I hope you were havin...
What's going on everybody Alex back was another cryptocurrency video but today we're going to be talking about how to control yourself how to emotionall...
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Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this stuff boasts a Bitcoin the crease though of creeped up is avoid BK and if you don't like me you must no...
Okay come down here boom that would be picture-perfect beautiful guys look at this we actually have this candle come down right on this line right here right ab...
Wow you guys are going to want to check this out guys as you may know Bitcoin has decreased a few hundred dollars as of about midnight last night we have some i...
What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video today&#3...
Hello tokens and welcome to another video nice update now today's third of June and I'm looking at news that happened from 28th of May until today I alw...
hello it's Brad Lori or blockchain Brad and today we're speaking exclusively with icon many of you know it you've known it for years and they'r...
People what's going on this an update on Tron all right so the market right now market cap is 431 billion we've got a Bitcoin dominance roughly 34 perce...