Cristiano Ronaldo New hair 2017 – Mens hair buzz reduce

published on July 3, 2020


in a few moments you're going to watch

the latest Christian on mellow hairstyle

I'm Russell's I'm a Milton you're

watching slick and TV today we are

staking things a little bit up so we're

doing my wife's show through the whole

video will be a little bit like a talk

show and in the end of course we'll have

a new surprise for you you'll have a

giveaway so stay tuned through the whole

video you're gonna need an information


hey guys and welcome to flicker TV right

now I am in the studio and waiting for

my new haircut

inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo


so now we are done with the hair wash

and now we are going to cut sugar tears

oh go to my Instagram so today we're

going to cut the excess general and also

latest hair style and we're going to

start by drawing the top and then

trimming the size in 3 millimeters


I'm going to cut the top and I'm going

to make a finger short






gotta give us


okay so now we're done and now I'm going

to file it with tower mate


so now we are done with the haircuts for

today and what do you think about it

sugar I love it oh that's good so thank

you much for watching

yeah and stay tuned on slick hair TV why

and now the big questions should you go

get the new Christian on a low hostile

what you think

I think Turkish rocking his hairstyle

really good it was a shame he didn't

wanted to cut his spirit then he would

have been an exact – enough Ranallo but

if I would get it I don't think so I

think their hair starts to short I like

my French's and besides that if you get

the hair side you have to be aware that

you have to maintain the site properly

every second week and the shrimp line

and brace your line then you have to get

that done as well yeah your hair square

one to two centimeters a month so that

definitely means main things it does and

we would like you guys to come in the

comment section down below if you would

like to get the new crush on another

hairstyle and I know we have the

giveaway and to get into the gather

where you need to write in comment

section your opinion rather than you

have that if you like it or not we just

want your opinion and we want you to get

the discussion rollin and also if you

have any new ideas for us for the next

talk show video then now we got the

craft come and then the comments I can

let us know what do you think we should

do and if you want to see some of the

previous Chris animal hair – we have

free selected iconic hair starts right

here with over 10 million years so

they're gonna check it out click here to

check it out see you next time

see you guys

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