Create A TikTok Pro Account (How & Why) – TikTok Analytics for Maximum Growth

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Everybody welcome back to the channel in this video I want to show you how to set up a tick-tock of business profile so if you're starting off on tick-tock you want to move your business to tick-tock and just kind of capitalize on that new growth potential there then this is

Something that you definitely want to know so in this video I'll show you not only how to set up a tick-tock business profile but also what the analytics look like how you should look at them and what you can expect to learn from them

When you're trying to optimize your growth on this new platform so starting off with why we you would even want to use tick-tock for your business I actually made a separate video on that but to really summarize tick-tock is

Growing at unbelievable rates it's growing faster than any other social media this year and it has over 500 million users right now and so that's obviously going to expand a lot more in the next 20 20 20 21 the next couple

Years there's a lot of growth and there are not a lot of creators on there which means that there's a lot of potential to capture a giant audience with very little effort compared to Instagram or snapchat or Facebook where they're

Already a little bit more saturated this right here is very unsaturated and it's a great time to get into tick-tock now so if you have a business personal brand you know if you are like Walmart it doesn't matter what it is this is how

You're going to set up your business profile so starting off when you download the app you open it up right away it asks what your interests are it doesn't matter probably choose something relevant to whatever you're

Doing for your business just so you can see what other people out there are doing so if I'm making something that is about the outdoors let's just say the only thing I'm interested in is outdoors I don't know let's just say that so then

We're going to go next and it just kind of shows you how to use the app and we're going to not allow tik-tok notifications and yes there we go okay so then once you get into the app if you go over to me on the bottom right it

Actually makes you sign up so interestingly enough tick-tock unlike Instagram and Facebook and snapchat you can use tick-tock and watch a lot of the videos without actually having an account which is really interesting but

If you want to start doing some stuff on there uploading your own stuff you definitely have to create your own account and obviously that's the purpose of this video you definitely want to have an account so for this one right

Here we are going to use phone or email so starting off it asks your birthday so it kind of is more personalized tik-tok is usually a it starts as a personal account you can then turn it into a business account so right now I'm

Just going to set up this personal account okay so once you complete that it brings you to this page right here and what you want to do it's really prompting you at the bottom and just asking you to create a new tick tock

Video so we're not going to do that yet instead obviously what you want to do first you're going to add your profile picture right there by tapping on the face right at the top and then you can go and edit your profile and so

Obviously they want you to change your photo or change your video so let's just allow that right now and use some random video I don't even know whatever this is right here I guess it's like a top spinning whatever so now we have a

Profile video you can have a profile photo video whatever you can change your user name you can change your actual name you can change your bio you can link Instagram and you can link YouTube those are two big ones right there if

You have an Instagram which you probably should link that up right there because that's one of the few ways you can actually link out of tik-tok in any way at all so you can't really be embedding links in here yet that's something that

Is rolling out eventually but for now you want to be able to shift people over to different platforms just because tick tock is new and it is pretty volatile you know it could go down and you know like vine if it goes down suddenly

People that didn't convert to Instagram and you know kind of push their followers in other platforms they were kind of screwed so you want to make sure that whenever you're working with a platform on social media you're pushing

People to other platforms as well okay so once we have all of that set up so you have your profile video you have your profile photo you have your user name you have your name you have your links there for Instagram and for

YouTube the next thing you want to do is actually go up to the top and the write the three dots right there and it brings up the whole menu right here all the settings and everything go to manage my account so the first option right there

Manage my account and from there you can go down to switch to pro account on the very bottom now this is the way that you're going to be switching to the pro accounts what they call it essentially tik-tok business account is what I would

Really refer it to it's kind of synonymous to the Instagram business account or Instagram creator account pretty similar right here for tik-tok pro account so when you it's a free account you can do of course

And you get tools that track your performance aka analytics so we're going to continue with this will show you the analytics and you can choose whatever your category is of course just like you

Could over on Instagram so we're just gonna say public figure for some reason everyone always says public figure I don't know why like I don't think I wouldn't call some Instagram model like public figure but regardless that's what

Everyone uses we're just gonna for this example we're just gonna put that on there so once you have your pro account it'll look something like this you'll see that it really isn't that different but you do now have access to your

Analytics so if you go to the the three dots on the top right there you can you'll see this page right here go to analytics so the fifth option down and the analytics are very similar to Instagram which is nice because it does

Minimize or at least shrink the learning curve here so because it's so similar you really don't have to learn that much new stuff so looking at the first one video views you can look at 28 days or at 7 days and you'll see right here I

Post very inconsistently so looking at you know if you post regularly so one is a two a day three a day whatever it might be you should see some patterns between different days and so you can say you know every time I upload on a

Saturday it does better than a Tuesday so maybe you want to start uploading more on Saturdays because that's when your audience is most active on Tech Talk right so it's a great way to really

Figure out you know when the best time to upload would be and then down here you'll see what your followers aren't so they show you when it goes up and down maybe you could correlate this to the views from above maybe you can correlate

This to the videos that you uploaded and then dive in and figure out what type of video that was and really figure out from that what did you do differently in that video that made more people follow you on tik-tok then we have profile

Views so maybe if you had one post that encouraged people to go and check out your profile you could see that down here and again it is really nice how all the dates line up with these graphs you'll see that as long as you're in the

Same so seven days for each of them you'll see that you can go straight down the line and you'll see like the 28th to 28th to 28th and so you can correlate between graphs even though it's not overlaid it is still very possible to

Look at this and correlate and say like oh if I posted that day I got a lot of views posted that day then I got a lot of followers the next day and you can see a lot of that now going across the top you'll see that

You do have content right there content breaks down a little bit more based on the post they'll show you you know which ones were successful which ones were not successful and how many they got how many views they got in the

Last seven days and so if we just click on one of those it'll open it up or no it'll it'll open it up here we go and again a lot like Instagram I keep saying that guys they show you even more stuff about it so a lot of people saw it they

Show you the traffic source I think that's really interesting there because it kind of breaks down if people saw it from the for you page which is kind of like the Browse page for most people or if it's from your personal profile so if

People went to your profile and then found it that's how you gain views there and above is I'll show you how many total views you have the average watch time which five seconds is really funny on YouTube I'm used to like 5 10 15

Minutes here 5 second watch time like it's just so different right so out of the total play time of 29 minutes it's a it's an eight point nine six second video people watch for five seconds on average and one thing I'm not actually

Sure about is if somebody watches the same video and it kind of loops through I don't know if that counts as multiple views and full view duration for each of them or if it's one view and like sixteen seconds or something right so

I'm not entirely positive on that one I'm not sure how they do that but it also shows you the reached audience based on the territories for me it's almost entirely in the United States and so that's basically all you're going to

Be looking at for the individual posts you can go down there again see all of your posts right there for the last seven days and then of course they prompt you again to create a new post then as we go over you can see your

Followers and they break down kind of the demographics of who's following you so like where they're from and like what gender or sex they are and then how many followers or you have in general so again it's not super in-depth it's not

Anywhere near what you see in analytics from YouTube but it is definitely enough to get you going and figuring out when you should post who likes your content who's following based on which posts and which ones have the best call-to-action

To really get people to follow you so if you tell them to follow you if it's just a really good video and they like it so much that they follow you you got to figure out what you did there so that's how I look at analytics I hope this

Helped you again like I said it's simple to over set up a tick-tock business profile it's really not that complicated but it is definitely something that you should remember to do if you are starting off on tick tock and

You want to make any kind of money or expect to grow as a creator so guys that's what I have to show you in this video comment down below what your thoughts are on tick tock I want to hear from you guys

Do you have one account is it is it successful is it not successful what kind of stuff do you post do you think tick tock is going to be big in the future or not let me know guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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