Craziest Military Training On Earth

published on July 13, 2020

could you imagine walking on fire crawling over jagged rocks or having real bullets fired at your chest of course not because these acts are insane although apparently nothing is too insane when it comes to military

Training regiments around the world in order to weed out the weak from the strong military units put their applicants through a series of rigorous demanding exercises designed to break both the body and the mind with only the

Bravest left standing the US Navy SEALs as well as armed forces from Russia to Taiwan and through to the Philippines all encompass various training techniques that can only be described as hell on earth for the first leg of our

Excruciating military training journey around the world we find ourselves in Taiwan the military powers on this East Asian island put their soldiers through an exercise known colloquially as the road to heaven sounds friendly but once

You discover what it actually consists of the road to hell seems like a more appropriate title in order to ensure that every soldier can withstand the toughest battle conditions on the most dangerous landscapes and in order to

Graduate the nine week intensive amphibious training program participants must leopard crawl along a 150 foot long path oh when the path is littered with jagged corals and rocks I forgot to mention that part this is all after

They've been forced to stay awake for 4 days non-stop making this not only a severe test of physical fortitude and pain tolerance but also a test of mental resilience if stepping on a Lego was anything to go by there is no way we

Would ever voluntarily give this test to go let's move over to the USA for a moment the Navy SEALs have a reputation for being one of the most advanced military groups not only in the country but worldwide

The Navy even says so themselves seals are expertly trained to deliver highly specialized intensely challenging warfare capabilities that are beyond the means of standard military forces that means as you probably guessed that their

Training regimen is beyond what's expected of standard military forces as well while their missions and directives are often top-secret some of their training techniques have been leaked and they're as intimidating as anything

You'd imagined to qualify to become a Navy SEAL trainees endure extreme water exercises in both pools and in the ocean but we'll talk about that a little later on in a controlled pool environment trainees go

Through what's called cold water conditioning already that does not sound fun the participants must have both legs and both arms bound they call it drown proofing because if you can escape this you can escape anything as part of the

Exercise they have to bob up and down 20 times swim a lap of the pool without scraping the bottom and then retrieve a sunken object that alone is insane but we're not even done yet a basic underwater demolition is also on site to

Deliberately attack the swimming trainees simulating a real-world combat situation as we hop across the pond to the UK the Royal Marines have a grueling training practice of their own specializing in expeditionary and

Amphibious warfare Arctic warfare and force protection these troops are the UK equivalents to America SEALs and they go through training that requires just as much if not more grit and determination for up to 45 minutes the recruits are

Put through all kinds of exhausting physical challenges push-ups crawled along the shoreline on hands and knees sprints and it's part of the dehumanizing ordeal still though that's nothing of the ordinary so what do the

Royal Marine trainers do cover every single participant head to toe in heavy sticky sludge apart from the additional weight they're now carrying the sludge also has a typical foul rotten stench this demanding activity known as the

Sludge run or the mud run is considered the most challenging and trying part of the entire 32 week training course considering that the course aims to turn civilians into commandos did you ever think it would be easy of course not

Over in Belarus they take their military very seriously pushing their soldiers through training courses that take bravery to another level entirely battling against water or mud is one thing most people deal with

These elements on a semi-regular basis well then how about another element fire if you want to be accepted into the interior ministry of belarus 'as elite red beret units you'll have to overcome the searing heats and legitimate risks

Of the open flame to graduate the red beret training course soldiers to be must march over six miles ten kilometers as a warm-up before undertaking a number of hand-to-hand combat acrobatic and high-rise exercises

In some of the most unique conditions including being surrounded by fire while undertaking these tasks commanders add in a little spice to make the participants lose their balance or lose their nerve they've been known to throw

Car tires shoot pellets at the participants and engulf the path on which the trainees are walking on in flames have you ever tried walking a tightrope over burning logs not so easy will tell you protecting one's country

Is important that's why nations have militaries to protect the interest of the people but as we dig deeper we find that there are also agencies responsible for protecting very specific people typically the nation's leaders we've all

Heard of the United States Secret Service they're a subdivision of the Department of Homeland Security tasked with conducting criminal investigations and protecting the nation's leaders and their families that includes

Presidential parties current and former even after a president's term ends protection is promised in any environment including places we would deem relatively harmless like the beach that's why Secret Service created their

Water rescue detail a group of highly trained guards capable of perceiving and stopping any ocean or lake threat of the 3,200 Secret Service agents stationed around the globe just 75 serve on the water rescue detail and to become one of

Them a training program awaits to call that program intense would be an understatement in addition to mastering hand-to-hand and weapon based combat the trainees must pass the initial swim test of covering 2,600 feet in 16 minutes and

Be able to swim the length of an 80-foot pool underwater while holding their breath for separate times with only a minute break between laps we've got an entire video about the Secret Service's training check it out after this one the

Link is in the description compare it to the lakes of the USA the Armed Forces of the Philippines don't garner much of a reputation however as you are about to see they are not to be underestimated one of their programs which has been

Appropriately nicknamed hell week is regarded as one of the toughest military selection programs around the world with an ongoing list of challenges as physically and mentally demanding as any in one basic Naval Special

Operations course only 21 students remain from 79 applicants who began and you're about to learn why throughout hell week seals in training are forced to go sleepless for seven days straight limited to one solitary hour of rest per

Day while they start to hallucinate from lack of slumber and as their body attempts to adjust to unprecedented conditions that's when the madness really begins commanders push them through an intense routine which

Includes vigorous exercise target shooting practice six mile runs and 18 mile swims every drill we've seen so far while crazy in their own right has been justifiable out in the field sleep may be hard to come by fires might appear

Out of nowhere and you could find yourself stuck in the mud if you take a wrong step while unlikely these situations can occur so it's important to practice them and it's not like they're dealing with legitimate

Life-or-death weaponry like juggling live grenades or anything like that wait are they okay it turns out that in China that's exactly what they're doing one particular training exercise required the soldiers standing in groups to pull

The pin on a grenade and pass it around to one another as the seconds tick down the threat of disaster increases then at the very last moment they throw the explosive down a hole and duck for cover it's been dubbed the hot potato hand

Grenade and understandably so many people can't see the validity of such an exercise remember how we mentioned earlier that US Navy SEALs go through both pool and surf training well now it's time to dive into the latter known

As surf conditioning this demanding training technique requires the soldiers to link arms and lie down on their backs with their heads facing the water as the waves crash in and out their heads are submerged again and again and again with

The purpose of proving endurance stamina and resilience they do this for a total of eight minutes before being ordered to stand up spring to the sand dunes and completely cover their wet bodies with sand and then yep do it all over again

As if the freezing waters in constant waterboarding wasn't enough the commanders also force their soldiers to scream hooyah a naval battle cry at the top of their lungs just to make sure that their remaining

Alert and energetic militaries never know when or where a war is going to break out so must expect the unexpected and must train their soldiers for every possible outcome while armies often expose their soldiers to ungodly desert

Heat in places like South Korea they also expose them to freezing cold as part of the training course over 200 soldiers from South Korea's finest Special Forces head to a bitter cold region where temperatures plummet to the

Negative 20s Fahrenheit and negative 30 Celsius while the cold stings their faces and bodies the soldiers wrestled do gymnastics run a marathon and engage in snow combat that might sound like a bit of fun but these are far more

Aggressive than your average snowball fights you didn't think we'd make it all the way through a worldwide display of crazy military tactics without giving at least one mention to the Russian forces did you as a powerful nation with

Approaches sometimes considered divisive the Russian Special Forces must learn to deal with a wide variety of threats both domestic and international that's why the Spetsnaz puts their soldiers through excruciatingly unique and dangerous

Training exercises on the daily what's the best way to practice being on the receiving end of a bullet taking a real one while wearing a bulletproof vest of course that's right one of the most outlandish and daring Spetsnaz routines

Require soldiers to be able to hastily and accurately return fire after taking the full brunt of a speeding projectile astoundingly they barely move an inch out of all of these insane training regimens from around the world that

We've checked out which one do you think is the toughest on the flip side would you be confident enough in yourself to be able to complete any of them let us know in the comments down below don't forget to like this video subscribe to

The channel and as always thanks for checking out the richest see you next time have a great day

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