by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

It has confirmed ladies and germs that juice is loose in this video we're gonna be covering TA and news because I think a healthy mixture is needed is Bitcoin about to break out of this pattern that's been forming for the past day and a half here some tight consolidation is

This pattern going to break up in a large burst or are we going to continue to get some longer and downside as well now the Bitcoin has dropped all the way down to the 3845 dollar level is the bottom in is there

Support or is all of the support just ready to break through where will we be in three months time we got to take a look at that this insane amount of volume on this absolutely crazy day just now two days ago on the 12th of March

All of this seeming support here guys we've seen this story before will this hold true what is going on what levels can we look to hold clearly there are some very important ones that we're still managing to be above and more

Importantly have we done this before has Bitcoin come down to the 200 weekly moving average like you can see highlighted in this oval here before and if so what happened after I sincerely hope that you and your families were

Part of that crowd buying up all that toilet paper because you are going to need it after this episode let's do this Wow my munchers my crunchers and my little baby dunkers welcome back to this exciting episode guys we have a few

Announcements before we really delve in to this technical analysis and the first thing I want to say is well guys is that everything going on in the news all of this absolute fear will pass okay this the worst of it might not be over but

The worst of it could be over okay one thing I think is very important to realize is that the fear is by far more harmful than anything else going on right now the fear is so high guys do I look

Scared that is the secret guys make sure to drink your juice I've been preaching this for months now but again to be honest the fear is what's really causing all this panic and I don't think that the prices will stay this low for very

Long I feel as soon as the fear subsides then we will get back to reality guys will it take a week will it take two or three months we don't know but once the fear is gone the prices will return to normal and in fact I do want to say this

I do think it is possible that we get a little bit worse on that in the term of the fear side before things really start to get better in my humble juicy opinion I do think that the fear will subside sooner rather than

Later with that being said it was brought to my attention by somebody in the DMS here I don't want to call his information out because in the email that he sent me is all his personal information so I don't want to show that

On the screen but basically there's an email under official Tyler s crypto Gmail messaging people pretending to be me they took my you know my my channel art everything to try to look like me none of my emails have my name in it

None of my emails have Tyler s crypto or anything in it and not to mention I will never email you period so never respond to an email from somebody pretending to be me none of these are my emails my emails are all completely different

Random secured emails I would never use something as silly and as obvious as official Tyler s crypto guys that is not me and if you get that please do not open it do not even respond to it as well we will be giving away from this

Ledger in this video as we talked about the last one as well we have this other one to give away so guys if you want to enter for this one I like to do is leave a comment below leave a like subscribe turn on the dings as well I have another

Batch of about four more these Ledger's coming should be here very shortly so we can continue to do these Ledger's and final announcement 50% off guys ending very soon so guys let's start off here this is the brave new coin liquid index

For Bitcoin is the longest Bitcoin chart that we have okay so if we pull this back you can see this goes all the way back to late 2010 you can see this entire thing so have we hit 200 weekly moving average before like we did back

Here and I have this circled back in 2015 in fact we teeter-totter on this moving average for months okay from January of 2015 all the way until October of 2015 so basically entire year testing this okay

We have touches here here here and then like 10 of them right in here so at least for very long touches here on this chart okay so it kept going back to this 200 and then once it finally did get out of it guys was off to the bull market so

What we have here is now the first time since 2018 the very beginning of 2019 where we came down to this moving average you saw we we touched twice here so sort of a double bottom type pattern and then we blast it off to 14k so right

Now we have a similar situation here now guys is it similar that we do get some sort of another similar double bottom pattern okay that's kind of a tongue twister similar to this okay where it goes on for a few weeks before getting

Another blast I think that would line up perfectly with everything fearing in the market I don't think that the prices are gonna go up this week okay we have to keep we have to be realistic we have to realize we're kind of in the middle of

This thing right so it does need some time to play out I say you know at least at least a month on a month and a half maybe two months for this to play out so definitely keep that in mind we had a drastic drop and I do think we'll

Receive a very strong bounce at some point but I do think the healthiest way for this to continue is if we would get maybe some sort of another double bottom here okay maybe even just within the next month or two but getting another

Bottom heel up here to cement this as support and then we can do something similar here and really start this bull run I think the bull run is coming obviously we're still on for that okay we're like only about two months away

From this having and then historically going into the having prices just skyrocket months after the having as you can see on this shirt as well where we are right now again is a very key level that we talked about we were a little

Uncertain when we were down here because this is way below the 200 weekly but now we're actually right on the 200 weekly and you can see that here as well guys right on the 200 weekly moving average very important that we hold this level

Currently um again I do think it's most likely that what we will do over the next coming weeks is maybe get a move up a thousand or so dollars and then come back to test this 200 weekly moving average and to cement a double bottom

Here before really getting this thing started now I do think within that period of time within a month or two I think that it's very likely that some of these fears could subside but we also have to keep in mind that we don't know

Okay the entire economy everything everybody is uncertain about everything so that's kind of just the scenario that makes the most sense but again with Black Swan events like this basically anything could happen if this thing

Follows kind of what Korea and China guys those countries for the most part I don't know if you've been paying attention they've actually been doing very well okay they have a lot of it under control it's about to hit hard

Here but give it a month or two and I think honestly we could very easily have it under control and we can get back on track with these markets right now fear is prevailing fear is dictating everything fear is what allowed this

Crazy crazy move right here okay it's not rational and again TF like we said in the last two updates ta sometimes does fly right out the window but it will come back in okay it will be useful again and I think already we're starting

To see some patterns shape up here now again you see this trend line here going back of this this wedge that we were tracking actually we have it better on this one this this channel right here currently we're still within this

Descending channel that we were part of okay so right here very important to watch I'm currently right around the 54 or so hundred dollar level and you can see you guys here where this immense support here is on the VPD ours right

Here similar to that 3000 $4000 range where we bottomed back at the end of 2018 the beginning of 2019 so absolutely crucial there relate to pay attention to that and as well here guys it's potentially setting up for some kind of

A break out here symmetrical triangle on a very small time frame I don't think this break would be very massive but we could see a move as this pattern is completely consolidating we have all the needed touches okay guys we have one two

Three four five six we have more than enough touches to get a break out of this small pattern again it's probably not going to be a massive move could get $1,000 or so like that but it's not going to be massive but it will be

Interesting to see which way the market does want to push currently okay guys so very important to watch so guys before we do with a giveaway coming right up again I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who's been buying the

Course it's been amazing it's actually the cheapest course I think out of all of them that I've ever seen on YouTube or anything like that and we want to continue adding things but if you buy it once you have it forever currently with

The discount it can be like 60 buckaroo knees okay guys absolutely huge we actually updated a more last night and we have a big update coming very soon as well we're gonna put everything everything it's called t4 we want to put

Everything I know about these markets my way of analyzing the market if you're interested in doing that link is in the description and yes you can pay with Bitcoin okay so out of the last 12 videos let's generate okay so video

Number four so one two three four this is the video right here coin I will touch your toes and maybe I'll do something else live as well okay we will paste that bad boy in here get YouTube comments 120 that was a less

Viewed video okay and let's see who the winner is today Mohammed Suhail Germany accepted Bitcoin as financial instrument good news for crypto Muhammed make sure to message me on Twitter and guys don't

Forget we're still doing giveaway for this other one is what we have for more coming so we continue to do these giveaways Congrats all the winners so far

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