Costco Employees Share Secrets

published on July 2, 2020

– You can always buy alcohol

and you don't need a membership for that

(funky music)

– Hi, my name is Ozcar,

and I'm a former employee
at Costco for three years

– Hi, my name is Oscar with an S, not a Z,

and I'm a former Costco employee

of about five and a half years

– My name is Sequoia, and
I'm a current Costco employee

of about 14 years, a
manager of about five years

– And today we're gonna
share some tips and tricks

on how to be a better shopper

– Tip number one:

The best time to shop at
Costco would be early afternoon

or early evening, between
like six and seven

– If you go in the morning,

it's always full of
these hordes of zombies

just waiting for the store to slowly open

and make it impossible to shop in

– Go midday, 'cause everyone's at work,

or they're busy picking
up kids from school,

so anytime between 11:00 to 1:00 pm,

I would suggest you guys go
around that time as well

Tip number two:

You can use your membership
anywhere in the world:

Mexico, China, Australia

– Anywhere there is a Costco

and you're a current Costco member,

you're able to use your Costco card

– [Oscar] Tip number three:

Costco Business Centers are
not just for business owners

– The benefit of the Business
Centers are their hours

You can shop as early
as 7:00 am, roughly,

to about 6:00 pm

– Especially during the pandemic,

it's always good to shop early,

and they always open up earlier

than the regular Costco warehouses

– They're full of lots of people,

and they have better snacks
than the other Costcos

– Tip number four:

You can return nearly anything at Costco

Be mindful that nothing is meant to be

a lifetime warranty

There are certain exceptions also,

in regards to our 90-day return policy

for electronics and things of that sort

– When I was working at Costco,

I remember people returning
half-eaten chickens,

half a case of water
because it tasted funny

– And for me, that means if
I have produce that goes bad

right away, I take it back
and just get a fresh one

– [Producer] Wait, you can do that?

– Yeah, you can return perishables

– [Ozcar] Tip number five:

items are constantly being moved around

– Oh my goodness

I know that it is extremely frustrating

You come in

You see an item in a certain place

You come in the next day,
and it has been moved

I get it

It's extremely frustrating
for us as employees as well

– Costco has this treasure hunt mentality,

where basically, they like to
move things around the store,

have customers look around
for them, so that way,

they're exploring the
store and the merchandise

– And as an employee, that
was the most annoying thing,

because when a customer
comes up to you and asks you,

"Hey, where can I find this?"

it might be in the same place
you thought it was yesterday,

or you know what?

It might be on the other
side of the warehouse

So it's kind of annoying as an employee,

having to always have to move
the whole warehouse around

and products

Tip numbers six: items at
Costco aren't always cheaper

than they are at retailers

For example, markets
usually mark down produce

if they're not in season
or if they're running out,

but at Costco, everything
stays the same price

when it comes to that

– We also have additional
services that are available

for all of our members,

from auto buying, rental
cars, water delivery

Most people don't know about
those things, so dig deep in

– Trust me, it's worth it

– Tip number seven:

If you buy an item before it goes on sale,

you can go back to Costco within 30 days

and get a price adjustment

Costco's really looking
out for you, the customer,

and they want to make
sure that you're happy

at the end of the day

– So you don't have to worry

If you buy something and you
see that it goes on sale,

you can always take your
receipt back and get the refund

– Tip number eight:

If you hear a bell go off in the deli,

it means a new batch of
chicken is coming out

– Rotisserie chickens are
one of our most popular item

They're amazing

You can smell them fresh as
soon as you walk in nearly

– I feel like it's Costco culture

to eat the rotisserie chicken,
just 'cause it's so good

– It's super popular

It's super delicious, juicy, flavorful

I advise you to check it out

Tip number nine:

if you see a price tag ends in a 97,

it's something that has been marked down

– Because it didn't do well,

and the customer is getting
the best price possible

at that point

– So if you see 97,

buy 'cause that is the best
price that you will find

Tip number 10

– If the price ends in
zero-zero, or 88 cents,

it means that it's a manager's special

– Although it's a good deal,
be sure to look them over

before you pick it up,

because you don't know
if it might be returned

or it might be damaged,

and that can happen in various ways

– Tip number 11: If there is
an asterisk on the price tag,

it means the item won't be coming back

This applies a lot to seasonal items

– Whether it's like Halloween
time or Thanksgiving time,

you usually find a lot of
decorations that have an asterisk

because they're only seasonal

So just make sure that you
keep an eye out for that,

because then that means

that we won't be restocking it again

– [Ozcar] Tip number 12:

Almost everything goes on sale eventually

– So if you don't see
something you're looking for,

just hang tight

It'll typically come up
on another coupon mailer

– Just be patient

– Tip number 13: The farther
you walk through the store,

the better deals you'll find

If you notice, at every Costco,

the bestselling item, toilet paper,

is in the back of the store

That way, it gets all the customers

from the front of the store to the back

to explore everything that's going on

– What you want to do is avoid the front,

'cause that usually has
the highest markups

– But the further and
further you go into the store

or the center of the store,

you'll see some of our seasonal promotions

and things like that

– [Ozcar] Tip number 14: If
you don't have a membership,

there's still things you can do and buy

– For example, you can always buy alcohol

and you don't need a membership for that,

which is always great for
those college students

who can't afford a card

Just go there and buy your alcohol

Call it a day

– Also, just a tip

If you don't have a membership

but want to go buy other things,

you can have someone buy
you a Costco gift card

and you can use that to shop in the store

until it runs out

– [Oscar] Tip number 15:

Technically, the samples are unlimited

– Costco encourages all of the vendors

to give samples or as many as they want

– But what you don't want to do

is upset the little old ladies

that are giving you these samples, so–

– Just be mindful of
the people around you

We love for you to try the
items before you buy it

Costco wants you to be
completely satisfied

– Tip number 16:

Some shoppers are actually
undercover security agents

looking out for people
trying to commit theft

or trying to damage the
warehouse in some shape or form

So just one person comes in,

dressed up as a normal
person and walks around

They actually look a little
bit shadier half of the time,

'cause you just see them
casually looking at the items

and then looking over at people

They don't do a very good job at it,

'cause I can always spot them
out whenever I go to a Costco

So if you're walking with your cart,

the person next to you
might be a secret shopper

and might be onto you if you're
trying to steal something,

so don't steal

– Thanks for watching

I hope these tips and secrets

will help you be a
better shopper at Costco

– When you're not trying
to kill each other

over toilet paper

I'm like, I'm not gonna
wake up and stand in line

for two hours to (beep)ing
buy toilet paper

This is ridiculous
– Yes

(upbeat music)

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